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Five Tools To Make 2014 Awesome

Posted January 13, 2014

We’ve already chewed away a couple of weeks in 2014. Have you been living them at the standard you set when you made your New Year’s intentions? Are you on track for your goals? Most importantly, do you feel the way you want to feel? If not, this post has some simple tools you can implement to keep you sailing in the right direction each moment, every day of the year.

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My 3 Guiding Themes For 2013

Posted January 7, 2013

For the past three years (and actually a whole lot longer before that too) it’s felt like the dictating themes of my life have been structure, discipline and healing. Those themes served me then, being what was needed to initiate my complete lifestyle transformation, but I feel like I’ve now outgrown them. In fact, at the moment I feel as though structure is one theme that will work against me if I don’t let go of it to a certain extent. My body is craving freedom. It’s craving the unbounded bliss that ricochets from pure, unrestricted fun.

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My Intentions for 2012

Posted January 3, 2012

  From the time I was age 13 right up until about 22 I always had the same three New Year’s resolutions: eat less junk, exercise more, work hard and stay focused on career goals. I had high ambitions, but I was only ever able to stick to one of the three resolutions. Eating junk… Read More

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