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Recipe of the week: Spirulina super dog treats

Posted October 28, 2011

  I was walking along the beach with my little pug girl Edie yesterday afternoon, thinking about what I should do about this skin condition she’s had for a year or so now, when I had an epiphany. Instead of taking her back to the vet to be given more useless creams, drops and shampoos,… Read More

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The healing power of potassium

Posted October 6, 2011

According to Dr Max Gerson (the genius who devised the healing modality that is currently reversing my cancer), one of the major keys to giving the body what it needs to heal itself is to eat a diet that is really high in potassium and really low in sodium. In the book, Healing The Gerson… Read More

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Q&A with C Coconut Water founder Adam Abrams

Posted September 15, 2011
C Coconut Water founders: Adam Abrams, Zac Jex and Julian Tobias

  C Coconut Water founders, Adam Abrams, Zac Jex and Julian Tobias When it comes to coconut water, I have two very different (but not necessarily that far removed) associations with it. The first time I fell in love with coconut water was in Thailand, when we sucked it back straight from a coconut to… Read More

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Potato: Friend or Foe?

Posted January 24, 2011

While I’m the Gerson Therapy I have to eat potatoes for both lunch and dinner – every single day. That is a lot of potatoes. Upon hearing this, most people begin to question why a cancer program would include so many potatoes. After all, potatoes are evil, aren’t they? I blame Dr Atkins and his… Read More

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