Make Peace With Your Plate: Change Your Life One Meal At A Time

mpwypMake Peace With Your Plate is part memoir and part exploration into the possibility of ditching diets and mending our torturous relationships with food. It’s about getting back to basics, eating real food, loving and accepting ourselves, and establishing a relationship with food where the love is a two-way street. We can love food that loves us back.

This book also covers the lifestyle, diet and mindset changes that keep me thriving, six years after my incurable cancer diagnosis at 22 years old.

Inside Make Peace With Your Plate, you’ll find:

+ Vital foods for a healthy body and clear mind

+ How to create a sustainable healthy lifestyle transformation

+ Essential elements, apart from food, that contribute to your wellbeing

+ Simple, daily practices to keep you looking and feeling amazing

+ Easy-to-follow-and-create recipes that are super tasty, super healthy and super impressive

Change Your Life One Meal At A Time

Make Peace With Your Plate is my message to the universe. It’s five years of lessons that have not only saved my life, but have enabled me to live with the kind of vibrancy and happiness that I didn’t know existed.

This book is not the same as the original e-book (digital) version. It’s an extension of the original e-book, about three times as long and with a lot more depth into the topics I discuss. So if you already have the e-book, don’t let that deter you from proudly displaying the hard copy on your bookshelf.

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What Folks Are Saying About Make Peace With Your Plate



“Jess is a TRUE inspiration and has written a personal and candid book to help others wake up to their own healing potential. We’ve got to keep building this army of awesome, conscious, vibrant, healthy people to fight the good fight. Make Peace with your Plate is just the publication to inspire us all!”

Sarah Britton


Make Peace With Your Plate is seriously the best e-book I have ever come across, and I am a bit of an e-book hoarder! If you want to feel amazing, look great and never go on a diet again, then this book is a must. Jess gently guides you through everything you need to know about what you are putting in to your body and how to find true peace, happiness and perfect health within.”

Amanda Rootsey


Make Peace with Your Plate cuts through all the diet bull with a no nonsense approach, while offering gold mines of nutritional information you won’t find in a standard diet book. Jess offers positive, effective and achievable lifestyle solutions that set the foundation for a lifetime of wellness, all the while inspiring and enlightening the reader as she shares her journey from cancer to vibrancy. It’s a must-read no matter where you are in your diet or wellness journey. Jess is living proof that what she teaches works.”

Shannon Dunn


“Jess Ainscough is a wellness warrior of the finest kind. Her journey will deeply inspire you to transform your life.”

Kris Carr – New York Times best selling author, Crazy Sexy Kitchen


“As a fellow health coach I can honestly say that Jess – her story, her motivation and her knowledge – inspired me to realise my own goals. She demonstrates that by simply treating the body, mind and spirit with respect and love that you too can lead an exceptional life. Her book is down to earth and honest… which is exactly what we need when it comes to sorting out our relationship with food! It is clear, educational, easy to read and even a little humorous. There is a heap of stuff in there that I know will come as a surprise but it’s fact and it’s the information we all need to hear to realise an energetic, happy, healthy and full life. A go-to guide that you should keep forever and use as your little ‘cheat-sheet’.”

Claire Obeid

Melissa Ambrosini

Make Peace With Your Plate, is a powerful message to get people to take ownership of their health. It’s packed with an abundance of easy to digest (pun intended) information, mouth-watering recipes, helpful tips and tricks and much more.”

Melissa Ambrosini


“In this e-book, Jess speaks to you as though she’s one of your girlfriends trying to snap you out of your nutritional nightmare, instead of a white coat rattling off all the facts. She is the perfect advocate for a wholesome lifestyle that is rejected by many of us, but it’s not too late! Ditch all that processed white death, grab your greens and with Jess as your guide, become a Wellness Warrior!”

Tara Bliss


Make Peace with your Plate clearly explains the fundamental basics of eating well and living consciously. It is a fantastic reminder that if we follow our heart and tune into our wisdom, that deep deep down, we know what is good for us which helps us to make better choices and live with joy.”

Polly Noble


“Once I started reading Jessica’s book, I couldn’t put it down. Make Peace with Your Plate, is a succinct look at food and health. It is a wonderful introduction to anyone who needs to be awakened to the benefits of healthy eating and creating a healthy lifestyle – physically, chemically, emotionally and spiritually.”

Cyndi O’Meara


“This is the book women everywhere have been waiting for – no more deprecation or self-loathing. Jessica has found the perfect recipe for making women appreciate and LOVE their bodies through positive affirmation instead of your normal limitations. There’s nothing WRONG with you, it’s remembering how to love yourself to grow – kudos, Jessica.”

Kathryn Budig


“Inspiring, practical, funny & heart wrenching. A no-nonsense guide to eating clean and feeling great. Make Peace With Your Plate makes eating healthy fun! Cancer Thriver turned Wellness Warrior Jess Ainscough takes you on her miraculous journey with food. You’ll discover her secrets to eating like a clean queen.”

James Colquhoun – International Best-Selling Filmmaker Food Matters & Hungry For Change


“Jess is a leading force in the new way of thinking about health and wellness. Make Peace With Your Plate will not only inspire you, but it will give you the tools you truly need to make sustainable changes to your life.”

Dr Frank Lipman – Integrative Doctor & Author


Make Peace With Your Plate is a truly awesome look into health and food. It’s full of great tips, recipes, resources and even an entire chapter dedicated to poop (my personal favourite chapter)! The information Jessica presents is easy to understand, non-preachy, and makes a whole lot of sense. If you care about your health, what you put into your body or even what comes out of it – read this book!”

Paul Jarvis


“The last thing the world (and we all!) need is another diet book that promotes the torture of counting calories and that we must be a certain weight or size to be happy and healthy. Beautiful, healthy people come in all shapes and sizes and I’m so glad that Make Peace With Your Plate recognises that. This is not another diet book, rather the inspirational suggestions of Jessica Ainscough that we all consider introducing more whole and natural foods into our diet and that we become more conscious of what truly makes up highly processed foods. There’s a delicious side serving of the importance of self-love as well – something that is always at the top of my recommended list with every client I work with.”

Julie Parker

Freelance Photographer - Hannah Millerick

Make Peace With Your Plate will boldly and lovingly prise you open, inspiring you to take hold of your health – on every level.

From start to finish, Jess’ brave cancer story and hard-won wellness wisdom will touch your heart – and at the same time, stoke a big ol’ fire in your belly. As you land on those final pages, you’ll feel revved up and ready to make changes to your health and your life. You’ll have a new-found respect for your body. You’ll have deepened your relationship with yourself. You’ll be left feeling excited and truly empowered, just like I was.

Whether you’ve been on the path to better health for some time or you’ve just hit the point of ‘enough is enough,’ let this brilliant book be your trusty companion on the journey. Jess Ainscough is an incredible woman sharing a hugely important message with the world.”

Rachel MacDonald