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My 3 Favourite Cacao Fixes

Posted June 19, 2014

Sometimes, chocolate is the only solution. Any wellness warrior worth their kale crown knows that chocolate is no longer the guilty pleasure we once thought it was, back when we were shamefully ripping back the foil on blocks of Cadburys.

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Foodie Friday: Sarah Ranawake

Posted June 13, 2014
Sarah featured

This week’s Foodie Friday is one of my best friends in the world. I met Sarah Ranawake when I was an ambitious magazine intern, spending three weeks working at a magazine in Sydney during my final year of university. Sarah worked at the magazine and we connected instantly. She told her bosses that they had to give me a job, and the rest was history. As I changed my lifestyle post diagnosis, Sarah was one of my friends who embraced all of the changes with me and has been an epic support. Sarah is now the editorial director and partner (along with Bianca Cheah) of, which is home to her personal blog Stylish Wellbeing.

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Foodie Friday: James Lonergan

Posted June 6, 2014

This week’s Foodie Friday features the person responsible for a huge majority of the food I eat. Not only is James Lonergan the owner of my favourite cafe, Ground Organics, but he also happens to be my roomie which means I’m lucky enough to have his culinary genius in my home. I became friends with James simply because I ate his cafe so much, and over time he’s become one of the people I admire and draw inspiration from most. You guys are in for a real treat today! This may just be my favourite Foodie Friday yet.

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Foodie Friday: Hannah Millerick

Posted May 30, 2014
Hannah featured

Hannah Millerick is a lifestyle photographer and the founder of Nourishing Cells, an online hub devoted to natural health. Hannah is also the author of Nourished Woman, a beautiful e-book filled with whole food recipes and wellness wisdom inspired by Hannah’s own journey back to health after struggling with an eating disorder. Hannah says she is on a mission is to inspire others to live super-charged, luminous and meaningful lives. Let’s meet this special woman!

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Foodie Friday: Renee Leonard-Stainton

Posted May 9, 2014
Renee Naturally

Renee Leonard-Stainton is a naturopath, nutritionist, writer and presenter. Through her blog, Renee Naturally, she is dedicated to providing dynamic, realistic, and credible wellbeing and sustainable lifestyle info to help people on their path to a more healthy and earth-friendly existence. She brings a balanced, first-hand approach to her posts to inspire, avoiding the ‘health purist’ tag, while still retaining the authority of a qualified practitioner.

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Foodie Friday: Brooke Toholka and Sally Barnes

Posted April 4, 2014
organic sisters featured

This week we’re treating you to an awesome foodie sister act. Brooke Toholka and Sally Barnes the (literally) yummy mummies behind Organic Sisters,, a beautiful food blog that inspires readers to get creative in the kitchen and nourish themselves, and their families, with wholefoods. Let’s meet these talented siblings!

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Foodie Friday: Bannie Williams

Posted March 28, 2014

Model-turned-nutritionist Bannie Williams is a master of healthy food porn. As the founder of The Healthy Ingredient, Bannie creates clean culinary offerings that are nutritionally dense, mouth wateringly delicious and beautifully styled. Bannie also runs a Melbourne-based consultancy and is the resident nutritionist for CLEO magazine and The Carousel’s nutrition editor.

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Foodie Friday: Tess Ulvesund

Posted March 21, 2014

This week’s Foodie Friday proves just how sweet living a healthy life can be. Born in Sweden and now based in Sydney, Tess Ulvesund is the culinary genius behind WellnessByTess, a range of handmade organic vegan treats. All of Tess’ creations are gluten-free, made without refined sugar and seriously delish.

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Foodie Friday: Dr Libby Weaver

Posted March 14, 2014

We’re not ashamed to admit it: there are a few Dr Libby fan girls here at The Wellness Warrior HQ! The nutritional biochemist is a five times best-selling author and a true wellness game changer. Not only does Dr Libby have an incredible knowledge of nutrition, but she also communicates her holistic health messages in a way that’s totally down-to-earth and relatable. Starting to see why we think Dr Libby’s so awesome?! After reading this interview we think you’ll be a fan too!

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Foodie Friday: Cyndi O’Meara

Posted February 7, 2014

If you’re regular fan of this blog you’ll probably be familiar with this week’s Foodie Friday already. Cyndi O’Mera is one of Australia’s leading nutritionists, and a huge inspiration to all of us here at The Wellness Warrior HQ, thanks to her unique and surprisingly simple approach to food and vibrant health. Since launching her bestselling book, Changing Habits Changing Lives, over 15 years ago, Cyndi has guided thousands to eliminate unhealthy habits and make smarter choices about how they choose to nourish their bodies. We’re so excited to share more of Cyndi’s dietary philosophy and how she lives her life as a Wellness Warrior.

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