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A Case Of Fitspo Comparison-itis

Posted March 12, 2014

Have fitspo images ever made you feel like crap? I’m totally guilty of inflicting these feelings of inadequacy onto myself. At the start of last year I set an intention to move my body every single day. It would have been a wonderful intention, if the real motivation behind it hadn’t been to sculpt my body into the Victoria’s Secret model shape I was stalking on Instagram.

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You’ve ditched the pill…now you’re losing your hair?!

Posted February 27, 2014

Whether it’s long lustrous locks or a cute pixie crop, great hair is usually pretty high up on most women’s beauty wish-lists. Which is why the prospect of starting to lose your hair after going off the pill seems shocking. But the truth is it’s shockingly common. It’s even listed as a side-effect of the pill.

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Hydrate Your Skin From the Inside Out

Posted February 26, 2014

Our skin may be the largest organ in our bodies, but it’s also the last place to receive nutrients. So, if your skin is supple, and looks all dewy and glowing, it generally means that your insides are in pretty good shape. After all of the travel I’ve been doing recently, my skin wasn’t faring too well. It was dry and breaking out. This meant it was time for some serious attention in the form of hydration.

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Why Your Body Loves A Juice Cleanse

Posted February 24, 2014
Monday_juice cleanse

A week ago I did a 48-hour I did a 48-hour juice cleanse. Nothing but juice (and a couple of green smoothies) for two whole days.

After posting about my efforts on Instagram, I had several people asking me to clarify why I’d need to do a cleanse when my I’m already so clean. The answer to this is two-fold. First, I’d just returned from three weeks of travel. As much as I love travelling, I also know that it can take a toll on our health if we’re not careful. My body was telling me that it needed to detoxify all of the gunk it absorbed on airplanes. Second, everyone, no matter how clean their diet is, will benefit from giving their digestive system a short break.

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Make Peace With Your Plate: Change Your Life One Meal At A Time

Posted November 5, 2013
MPWYP_Sidebar_BuyNow 600

Oh, happy day! My very first book (published through Hay House!), Make Peace With Your Plate, is officially out now. It’s been making its way into stores across Australia all this month, and by now it should be available everywhere you can buy books. The dream I’ve had since I was six years old has been manifested!

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“Back In My Day …” 8 Valuable Lifestyle Lessons From Our Elders

Posted October 8, 2013

It’s hard to deny that we have things pretty sweet these days. We don’t have to rely on snail mail to connect with our friends and family, we don’t have to wee in a tin shed out in the backyard, and we don’t have to spend months at sea if we want to visit our international neighbours. Heck, we don’t even have to wait in line at the post office without tapping into some form of entertainment via iPhone.

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My Coconut Milk Kefir Experiment

Posted October 2, 2013

I’ve been wanting to make kefir for ages, having been told numerous times of its incredibly powerful probiotic effects. However, traditionally being made from cow’s milk, I’ve been resistant to give it a go. I’m not a fan of moo juice, for various reasons. But I am a fan of coconut milk, and when I discovered that kefir can also be made on this delicious nectar, I jumped straight online to buy some kefir grains and give it a go. The result was a success, and 24 hours after the experiment I was drinking the delicious, tangy, gut-loving elixir.

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Ditching The Diet Dogma

Posted October 1, 2013
Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 3.41.03 PM

I ate an egg the other day. Actually, two eggs. Actually, I also ate some calamari about a month ago. While I’m here confessing my sins I might as well be honest. It seems ridiculous to label these events as “sins”, but judging by the mental guilt that started to seep in when I first entertained the idea of eating something other than plants, you’d think I’d been considering eating my dog.

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Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Guide to Organic Foods

Posted September 26, 2013
Post by
Kris Carr

It’s time that we had a serious talk. The source of my distress? Pesticides, herbicides and all the other icky -icides and chemicals that make their way onto our plates from the grocery store from industrial farming. Organic foods are part of a movement near and dear to my heart, so this week, we’re continuing our focus on prevention by shifting our gaze to the ground—right to the roots of a problem that we all face every time we eat. Let’s dig in and demystify what’s behind the price tags, politics and progress of organic foods and how it affects our health, our environment, our wallets and our rights.

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5 Ways To Live Like A Farmer In The City

Posted September 19, 2013

I have just returned from a weekend on BeLove Farm on the outskirts of San Fran. Mathew and Terces Engelhart are the founders of the famous organic/vegan Café Gratitude and authors of transformative books such as The Abounding River Log Book, Sacred Commerce and Kindred Spirits: Fulfilling Loves Promise. When they are not travelling the United States teaching workshops designed to facilitate people’s growth and awareness around heath, abundance and conscious relationships with people, money and the world, they are on the farm tending the animals and land.

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