Thinking Of Getting The Flu Shot? Do This Instead

Posted May 8, 2013


It’s that time of year again here in Australia. Every time we turn on the telly we’re inundated with pleas to rush to the doctor to have a flu jab. God forbid we let our immune systems do their jobs! It peeves me off something fierce.

Our bodies are equipped for protection. When we do right by them, they’ll carry us through winter without too much of a hitch. Sure, we may get a minor cold, the sniffles, or a fever, but that isn’t really anything to panic over. These are just symptoms of our bodies cleansing themselves and bringing themselves back to homeostasis. When we suppress this process with drugs – or try to stop it from occurring altogether with a vaccine – we’re messing with a natural process that really only has our best interest at heart. The band-aid is applied and we haven’t dealt with the root cause.

We get sick when our immune systems aren’t functioning properly. So, it only makes sense that in order to prevent sickness, we should boost our immune systems. Right? I’m just a humble blogger who has trouble adding up without a calculator and even I can figure out that one.

What’s in the flu vaccine?

I want the rest of this post to be positive, so I’m not going to go into all of the nasty side effects associated to the list of chemicals contained in the flu vaccine. However, if you would like to see a list of what’s actually going into your body when you get the jab, click here and scroll to the last page. I ran all of the ingredients though Google and discovered this: They are ALL chemicals. They ALL have toxic effects (there’s not one drug on the planet that doesn’t). Some of them are carcinogenic – aka they cause cancer.

How to boost your immunity and naturally ward off colds and flus:

1. Eat tonnes of veggies

Fresh, organic vegetables are true superfoods when it comes to building up your immune system. Vitamin C loaded veggies are particularly powerful, so load up on capsicum, kale, cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts and fruits like papaya, strawberries, kiwi fruit, oranges and lemons.

2. Drink veggie juices and smoothies every day

The quickest and best way to get the nutrients held in fresh veggies into your system is by juicing them. A juicer will turn your veggies into a potent, magical, life-boosting elixir.

Smoothies are also awesome, especially when you add superfoods like green powders, camu camu berry (high in vitamin C) and gubinge (super high in vitamin C).

3. Drink cold & flu fighting tonics

I love drinking teas made from lemon, ginger and honey in the cooler months. These ingredients are immunising, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral.

4. The real flu shot

Combine this in a shot glass: Ginger juice, lemon juice, raw honey, and a drop of oregano oil. Shot it down and let it work its magic.

5. Essential oils

I add a drop or two of oregano oil to my coconut oil each morning when I do my oil pulling. Oil of oregano powerfully targets sinus congestion, colds, sore and throats.

I also love adding oils like peppermint, lavender or citrus to my diffuser and having them naturally medicate my air supply through the day.

6. Listen to your body

The biggest gift you can give your body during the cooler months is to listen to it. Generally, this is the season when we need more rest. We should ultimately go into a bit of hibernation – just like the bears. I always let my body sleep longer during winter, and I listen carefully when it starts telling me it needs rest. Grant it its wishes.

7. Get your daily dose of vitamin D

Vitamin D is super important for immunity – to ALL illnesses and diseases. Just because the weather is cooler doesn’t mean we should stop exposing our skin to sunlight. No sunlight? Ask your naturopath for a good vitamin D3 supplement.

8. Take some supplements

When your immune system is under threat, supplementation can be handy. Good ones in particular include zinc, vitamin C and a good probiotic. Click here to read my post on choosing the best supplements.

9. Eat loads of garlic

Garlic can help relieve symptoms from colds or other mild upper respiratory tract infections, supports general immune function and relieves mucous congestion and coughs. It also has a natural antibacterial and antifungal action, acts as an antiseptic, fights infection and contains chemicals that help to prevent cancer.

10. Visit a homeopath

If you’re really worried about contracting influenza this winter, visit a homeopath and have a discussion about homeopathic vaccinations.

What’s your opinion of the flu shot? How do you choose to build up your immune system? Talk to me by leaving a comment below.

Positive affirmation for the day: My body knows what it’s doing.

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Maddison says:

I’ve never felt the need to get a flu shot at all. Wouldn’t want to – particularly because I dislike needles haha.

Your advice just sounds plain and simple ways to keep us healthy over any period of time.

Jenni says:

I build up my immune system by eating nutrient-dense meals packed with colorful produce! I think proper nutrition and getting plenty of rest is the best way to build up immunity. Good sleep and healthy food can do wonders!

kylie says:

i love your blog :) wish i could share it with others too but it wont let me :(

Donna says:

never had the flu shot..once at work I was the only one who didnt and strangley was the only one who wasnt sick..go figure..but a timely post as I woke this morning with a drippping nose and leaky more hayfever than a cold I think, but yep to to attack..garlic, juices nomnomnom

Iris says:

Most workplaces fund the flu shot and my colleagues think I’m crazy to pass up a freebie. I can’t remember the last time I’ve been to the doctor with the flu so I think it’s even crazier to inject chemicals. My diet isn’t always 100% perfect but I do believe in the healing power of my body.

Timely post Jess and thanks for the reminder to listen to my body. I often have so much energy that I refuse to think I would ever get tired. It is ok to sleep in now and then!

I think probiotics are the key – I have not had a serious cold or flu since taking them regularly. I also take homeopathic immune boost drops . No need for flu shots at all!!

Great post Jess! Just as an added FYI, here in the U.S. this season’s flu shot was highly ineffective. Many who got the shot still got the flu and it was pretty nasty.

Tali says:

Hi Jess did you have any vaccines before you went to Bali?

Stela Ili says:

Hi Jess,

I useto work in an airport environment & was encouraged to take the flu shot every year, to prevent getting sick. I noticed each time I would have the flu shot I was sick for weeks & also noticed I was getting the flu more often than without the flu shot !

It’s been 3 years since I stopped the shot ! & have never felt better, instead I build my immune system by eating vegies, vitamin C rich fruits, garlic and exercise.

It really made me think – what exactly is in the flu shot …… !

Kristen says:

Love this post Jess! Family around me that been talking about why I should get the flu shot and I have been saying a big fat no! because I didnt feel it was in any way good for my body. Ill pass this info along next time :)
Your new website looks beautiful.

Lone says:

Great post Jess.I eat garlic everyday & first up in the morning drink a warm lemon ( from my tree) juice drink. During the colder season I load up on Garlic & Onions, they are the fighters against infections. I have never had the flu injection. I don’t believe in it.

Couldnt think of anything worse then getting my arm pumped full of ‘flu fighting’ chemicals. I’ll take the au natural route any day.

Midge says:

Hi Jess Great post.. I have a question that I have been keen to ask you for a while now. Its a little off topic I don’t know where else to direct my question so here goes… I know you are all for natural and alternative therapies so I am curious if you do the following:
1.) Do you visit the Dentist?
2.) Do you get Pap Smears?
Sorry if its a little personal but with all the conflicting information out in cyber space I am unsure what to do. Appreciate your opinion

Hi Midge, I haven’t been to the dentist in years and I haven’t had a pap smear in about 5 years or so. However, I’m going to see a dentist soon – but it will be a holistic one that doesn’t use fluoride. And even though I don’t get pap smears, I don’t see any issues with other people getting them. They’re great for peace of mind. However, since I’m on a cancer-healing program that heals the body of ALL cancers, I don’t see the need to have pap smears. x

Midge says:

Appreciate your reply Jess thank you. It is hard to find Holistic Dentists there are none in Adelaide where I live. Also would love it if you did a post soon where your readers could ask you random questions that would be great

Vicki says:

Hi Jess. Why wouldn’t you have a Pap smear? It’s simply screening for pre-cancerous cells? I’m not challenging, I am just curious about your perspective.

Hi Vicki, I didn’t say that there is anything wrong with pap smears and I don’t advise others against having them. I just don’t have them personally because I’ve already been diagnosed with cancer, I’m on a cancer-healing program, and I have many other tests to check up on the state of my body. Gerson Therapy is a therapy that heals the body as a whole – it doesn’t heal one disease and leave others. If I’m healing one cancer there is no way I can have another one. Therefore, I don’t see the point in having a pap smear.

Kendall says:

Midge there is one holistic dental practice in Adelaide! It’s called Ozone Dental and it’s in Hackney.

Kathryn says:

Random, Jess, but when having lemon in hot water, do you want the whole slice of lemon in there or just squeeze the juice? Does the peel have good stuff I want in my cuppa too? x

As long as your lemons are organic, you can use the whole slice – peel and all! xx

Kathryn says:

Great, thanks Jess! x

Cass says:

Thank you for this post Jess.
It sickens me the way government bodies play on our fears to encourage us to “protect” themselves, when in reality this can end up making us sicker.
Let’s stop interfering with nature and let our bodies do what they are born to do :)

Cass says:

* Ourselves :/

Ashlea says:

I unfortunately took up the option of the free work flu shot a few years back…allergic reaction! Took a few days to get over for me.
Will definitely be using the great tips in this article :-)

Interestingly my boyfriend got bailed up my his doctor the other day to get one. When he said he didn’t want it, and the doctor got quite antsy and went on a rant about the risk of NOT getting it. Lucky we know better!

Nicole says:

I never get flu shots or take any medication. If I feel anything coming on, I grab a shot of wheatgrass juice in addition to my morning green juice, chug some apple cider vinegar mixed with water throughout the day.

An acupuncture treatment followed by a nice long epsom salt bath always feels nice on the body as well.

If it worsens, I’ll take garlic supplements or add some to my juice. That is some powerful stuff!

Thanks for the tips on oil of oregano. I have some but never thought to use it with the oil pull.

Celeste says:

Hey Jess,
This may be a silly question, but how do you get ginger juice?

Just put your ginger through a juicer! xx

Claire says:

Jess this is a brilliant post and perfect for me right now.
I’ve been on a bit of a self-healing, hate to say the word but – ‘journey’ this year and it’s the first year I’ve said no to the flu shot. My family is very medical-minded and think I’m nuts but I think we all need to learn to trust our bodies.
Thanks for all the tips too. Last week I felt like I was getting a cold so scoffed a few crushed cloves of garlic in honey and it fixed me right up. I also love cinnamon and honey. It’s meant to be good to scare away the winter bugs too.
Love today’s positive affirmation (and yesterdays!).

A girlfriend of mine had the flu shot last week and she has had migraines and been so incredibly sick ever since. Go figure!

Sophie says:

Jess! I love your website and am a firm believer that nutrition can prevent and treat most diseases!!! As a doctor this is not necessarily a common belief either. However, vaccination isn’t something that protects just yourself, but those around you too. Vaccinations are designed to protect te community as a whole (herd immunity – as I’m sure you’ve heard!). And whilst it is so amazing to treat yourself and keep yourself healthy with ALL the above mentioned options…it is also important to think of those around you who don’t have the same option. I myself work with the elderly, immune compromised, children and pregnant women…and if despite my best efforts I was to contract influenza, and give it to someone else, the outcomes could be catastrophic. I think it’s important to think of this, and the community as a whole, when talking about such issues (and giving advice on it!)…as its often easy to forget what the initial aims of modern medicine are!

Jan says:

I completely agree Sophie – vaccinations play an extremely important role in protecting the community as a whole and Fluvax should not be discounted entirely, especially for those who work in healthcare or area where possible contraction of a serious flu strain is heightened. The circumstances of the individual must be considered.

Hi Sophie, Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts! I still don’t think the answer is to inject toxic chemicals into our bodies – toxic chemicals that have many side-effects. If you were to contract influenza (which would be less likely if your immune system was supported enough to do its job), it would be more wise to just stay away from these people while you have the virus. I have so much respect for doctors like you who place importance on nutrition, but I think modern medicine has things very backwards much of the time. It’s lost respect for nature and it’s power. You only have to read stories from people getting super sick from the flu shot to know that it’s a crazy concept. x

Алина says:

Funny, i was just thinking about the same issues. I have a 2 years old and i would love her doctors to be vaccinated. They are around infection all the time, they can have viruses and because their immune systems are so accustomed to those viruses they can just carry them with no symptoms. But little kids are so vulnerable…

Алина says:

At the same time, i love your tips. They are great for improving your immunity. Very useful really

Lyall Kristine Sempf says:

Most adjuvants and preservatives used in vaccines are toxic, and many ingredients are also toxic. To make matters worse, the vaccine manufacturers can not separate the virus (live, dead, or fragmented) from the biological medium in which they are ‘propagated’. This biological matter can cause auto-immune disease. The Fluvax insert/data-sheet states that Fluvax ® vaccine may also contain trace amounts of egg protein. It DOES contain trace amounts of egg protein – totally unwise to even consider injecting biological matter into the blood. Modern medicine can do some amazing things, however it sure has got it wrong with vaccinations. The ‘vaccine industry’ is very lucrative and can afford some very good propaganda in their mission to sell their products.

Narelle says:

I agree, Sophie and feel it’s inappropriate for non medically trained people to tell doctors things they are already aware of

Tara Bliss says:

Non-medically trained doctors?

I would love to see how many doctors have naturally cured themselves on cancer. I think Jess is more of an expert on this than you’re giving her credit for

narelle says:

Tara, I’ve been following Jess’s blog for some time, and I agree with natural therapies in most instances, except for immunisation-which is the topic of this blog.

Jo says:

No way I’m having the fluvax again. My mum got sick from it this year. I just spent last night with a 38.5 degree temp. And you know what, I was actually kinda happy about it. It means my immune system is working. It’s supposed to heat up your body and fight shit off. If I’m sick, I stay away from people so I don’t spread my germs.

I take homeopathy for viruses, olive leaf and echinacea (I always spell that wrong), and feel much better for it. I’m going ot try some of these other tips too. Thanks Jess.

What truth! Awesome reminder that there is always another way :)

Celena says:

People think I’m crazy that I refuse to get flu shots. Most of my office gets them and guess what? They all get the flu! I’m the only one who is rarely ever sick, even when they are unloading all their germs all over the office (they also insist on coming to work sick). I highly highly highly recommend Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s book, Super Immunity. It is so amazing and really explains the science behind our immune system and how to really make the most of it, without dangerous vaccines. Eat your GOMBBS! Check it out. Jess, you would LOVE it. Cheers!

Linda says:


Do you feel the same about immunisation and vaccination? I dont know much about these topics and it was interesting to hear your take on the flu shot, you hear so many people having an opinion about it but you actually back yours up. I will never get it again!


Hi Linda, I don’t speak about vaccinations much because it’s such a touchy subject with many people. Whenever I mention them, I get slammed. However, I’m all about being honest with my opinions no matter how unpopular they are so I have to say that I do feel the same about vaccinations. I don’t have children, so many people think I’m unfit to have an opinion on this, but when I do have children, I won’t be having them vaccinated. This is based on all of the research I’ve done so far, and the decision I feel is the right one for me and my future family. It’s such a personal decision though, and it should be an informed one. I can’t and won’t tell people to not have their children vaccinated, but I strongly encourage them to do their own research (away from sources that have a vested interest in vaccines – it’s very big, lucrative business) and make their own conclusions on them. I hope this helps! xx

Linda says:

Thanks for your honest reply Jess. It has definitely opened my eyes, especially when I have kids. I dont think you need to have kids to be entitled to an opinion. xx

Narelle says:

Jess, I think the reason you get slammed about the anti vax debate is because you’re not a medically trained person and therefore shouldn’t advise others on vaccinations. Ideally, the anti vaxers provide some sort of material for pro vax, as responsible and influential writers. I haven’t seen this when you write about vaccines. I don’t believe in Big Pharma myself and the articles that are anti vax are not peer reviewed. I have a background working with children with autism and back that knowledge up with being pro vax. On most other topics, I side with alternative therapies.

I personally have had no side effects from the flu vaccine. I have had bronchitis since childhood during winter and wouldn’t make myself potentially sicker. I take supplements year round and eat the best I can in winter. I think it should be up to the individual on whether they have the shot as well as following the natural therapies as well.

Camille says:

Jess, I’m an avid reader of your site, and I’ve made some wonderful changes in my family in line with your previous posts – but you’ve totally lost me on this one. Not so much on your views on the flu shot, but the idea that vaccinations for babies/children should be avoided. It is only because of vaccinations that we don’t have the infant mortality rates of a few generations ago. Polio survivors are the largest single physical disability group in Australia. Whooping cough is currently still being contracted – and do you know that there is no cure? I don’t know how you can possibly suggest that the risks associated with vaccination outweigh the risk of death or permanent disability? I understand that we can build our health from the inside and trust our immune system, but babies can’t do this and it’s completely irresponsible of you to suggest they shouldn’t be vaccinated. It’s no wonder you get slammed on this issue.

Instead of Googling Fluvax ingredients, have a look at some videos of babies with Whooping Cough.

Hi Camille, I appreciate your honesty and really value your opinion. As for vaccines, I’ve not written about my opinion children’s vaccines before and I’ve not ever told anyone that they shouldn’t have their children vaccinated. I’ve done my own research (as everyone should) and based on what I’ve sourced so far, I wouldn’t have my children vaccinated the conventional way. I don’t judge other parents for doing so though – it’s such a personal subject and I have no right to say whether it’s the right decision for them. However, just some of the research I’ve done concludes that the diseases vaccines claim to prevent actually started declining before the introduction of that certain vaccine. If whooping cough vaccines are effective, why are babies still getting it? And how does an un-vaccinated baby put a vaccinated baby at risk when the vaccines are designed to protect those vaccinated babies? Babies do actually have immune systems – they are born with them and then strengthened from breast feeding – and the strength of them depends on the immune system of the mother. Their immune systems are completely ravaged by the amount of vaccines they are subjected to as soon as they come into the world. The amount of unnecessary vaccines babies are given is ridiculous. There are other ways of protecting our babies. Homeopathic vaccines are something I will consider when I have children. These are effective and they don’t destroy the immune system. As I said, I really do appreciate you speaking up. I also appreciate your support of my blog so far, and if my personal views on this topic end that support that’s something I will take. xx

Tara Bliss says:

I love you Jess- your conviction- your diligence, all of it. I think a lot of your readers are taking on your findings as personal attacks on them and the choices they’ve made, and I know for a fact that that’s not your intention.

I was vaccinated as child. I will not be vaccinating my children. I’ll be breastfeeding my little heart out x

Amanda says:

Parents in the USA who want to send their kids to school do not get a choice to immunize their child, vaccinate or else. I think it is sad to force this upon people. One state decided to make it mandatory to give their students the HPV vaccination. Taking away the parents right to decide and giving children a vaccination that had yet to be on the market for longer than a year was super upsetting to me. It made me glad I had no children at the time.
This issue is very controversial, but I agree with Jess, if we take care of our bodies as we should it will take care of us in return. Sad to hear you get bashed because they do not agree with your opinion, I always believed the beauty of opinions is that they are never wrong…

Thank you so much for this very informative post. It’s hard to buck what society thinks as ” norm” which is depending on chemicals to help the body. Thanks for some solid and helpful info. I’m pinning this post so I can find at flu season in the US.

Kylie says:

This is just what I needed to read this morning. I just got a note in my daughters pocket at kindy warning about the flu season and I was thinking of ways to prevent it naturally on the drive home. And here it all is! Thank you!

Vicki says:

My G.P is an integrative medical practitioner and won’t give flu shots…he reckons they’re full of heavy metals.

Sally says:

Your doctor doesn’t happen to be in Brisbane does he? I’d love to be able to take my children to an open minded doctor.

Angie says:

Before I knew anything about real health, I received the flu shot in 2007… I can tell you after that, never again!! I got sick for 2 weeks, could not get out of bed for 2 weeks. Since cleaning up my lifestyle, I have never been sick. I may get a sniffle, but that goes away when I up my nutrition. I make an awesome raw soup of broccoli, avocado, garlic, lemon and spices which boosts the immune system. It’s definitely all about what we put into our bodies and how we treat ourselves.

Your blog is awesome, I have read every post. Thank you for all your hard work <3

Michele says:

Here in NZ we are cautioned against the flu vax if we are allergic to formaldehyde. :-/ If that’s not enough to make people at least question it, I don’t know what is.

Btw, love the new look here and it doesn’t make my iPad crash anymore. Yay!

Naomi says:

Thanks for sharing this Jess. Some Winters I get really sick from the flu, some Winters I don’t. Have been contemplating getting the flu shot this year but I’m going to take the organic approach after reading this.

Mia says:

I have never had the flu shot and I have never had the flu only the occasional cold which never lasts for more than a day. However a lot of my friends who do get it, seem to get the flu every 2 months, just goes to show that there is really no point to it!

Karen says:

A great reminder to trust our bodies!

Loved this post Jess + definitely agree that natural way is the better way to go! It’s scary to think the kind of chemicals people are injecting in themselves in order to ‘be well’. Wow.

Stef says:

Hi Jess,

I’d be really interested to hear which probiotic you take. And also if you know any really good naturopaths on the Gold Coast.

Thanks for all of your great advice and information!
Stef x

Hi Stef, the probiotic brand I have at the moment is Medicines From Nature. Metagenics is also great though, and so is Natren. Leisa Wheeler is a good naturopath on the Gold Coast: xx

Stef says:

Hi Jess,

Thanks so much for your reply. Have a fantastic day : )

Stef x

Tara Bliss says:

Stef, I recently saw Tanya Goldie at Paradise Point on the GC, and she is PHENOMENAL! She’s also an iridologist, and she’s very intuitive. (And she’s CHEAP- $80 for a consult). You’ll adore her.

Tara Bliss says:

Hell yeah sister girl! Bring on winter, I say! I’m up for the challenge of good-winter-health x

sandra frankel says:

Great job, Jess, on this very important topic.
I think it is just disgusting how aggressively the pharmaceutical companies advertise the flu shot. $$$. There is no science behind it. mad- science.
There is really good info. btw on stories of the flu shot gone wrong.
Thank you for your loving and wise voice. This world needs it.

BTW I did not vaccinate my 11 year old boy. He is wonderful. and much more healthy than many of his peers. So many kids have respiratory illness and immune problems for which they take medication !!
Dr Jay Gordon, a respected ( or hated) pediatrician in Santa Monica, CA says that he can tell from examining a child, the extent of vaccinations the kid has had, by both his physical and neurological development.
Also, on is a great series of interviews by Dr Larry Pavelsky, a pediatrician in New York, who used to vaccinate, but stopped- after coming to the conclusion, in the course of his practice, that the shots were harmful.
Keep speaking your truth. When you do have a child, you will be the best mother ever ! :)

Melissa says:

Very interesting :)

Amy says:

I am so glad I read this, today is the day my work is giving free flu shots and I have decided against it. It just feels so unnatural! And you’re right, our body has an immune system for a reason and if its not working properly there is something wrong. I am new to your website, but have already picked up so many amazing tips! Thanks for a few extra that I will certainly try. As I watch people all day line up at the first aid room, a few desks over from me, to get their injection of chemicals I will know I made the right decision :)

Thanks Jess xx

Leeanne says:

Morning All. Perfect timing of your post Jess as yesterday my whole work place had their flu injection except me. I was asked why not by many and told them that’s what my immune system is for. Some may have thought about my answer for a second but most have no comprehension of what my answer meant. Sad.

This post couldn’t have come at a better time- thank you Jess. I’ve been trying to convince my fiancé (who’s never been sick a day in his life) that just because his company is offering the vaccine for free doesn’t mean he should feel obliged to take it. Will definitely show him the attachment with the ingredients in it- hhhhhmmm!

Thanks so much for blazing the trail, Jess! xx

Emily says:

Everyone I know who has gotten a flu shot has then come down with the flu! Why would I want to put myself through that? Take care of yourself and there is not need for such drastic measures. There is a time and a place for immunizations but preventing the common flu is not one of them.


Katy says:

I am reading your post as I rest on the couch with a minor cold. Everyone at work asks if I’ve had the flu shot & look horrified when I say I haven’t & never will. Thank you for your get well suggestions. I am going to try some of them :-)

Melissa says:

I work in Aged Care…Does that say enough?
I wish you had posted this sooner Jess. I got swept up in the “moral duty’ hype to protect the oldies, whom don’t care about their health at all. Generational?
So sucker me got the flu jab :(
Everyday is a test for me, we pump them full of meds, which their doctors prescribe and on top of it they live on white bread….not a veggie in sight and heaven forbid they should drink water… crazy.
P.S staff members are just as bad, especially nurses.

I don’t say anything now, just sit back with my green smoothies :)

Emma says:

Hi Melissa, i am a nurse and you voiced my exact thoughts. its incredible what the ‘health system’ is doing. i am always encouraging family members to bring in some healthy food for my patients. most people though dont understand that their health (the reason they are in hospital to begin with) is related to their poor diet….i am slowly educating my peers on our breaks with my green smoothies. i dont get vaccinated, fortunately its not mandatory, and i agree with jess that every time you raise the idea that vaccines have toxic ingredients and question their safety you get slammed. i read an article yesterday where the author likened the current doctor-vaccine relationship to times when doctors used to encourage smoking and endorse cigarette adds….they are not always right just because they have studied a medical degree.

Laura says:

Flu shots are ridiculous. I’ve never had one and never will. Everyone I know that has them yearly gets so incredibly sick afterwards, crazy!! I find the most important thing in winter is good gut health. I take Intestamine powder daily (contains tumeric). All viruses/colds start in the gut. And I ramp up my intake of green smoothies (but don’t add any ice) and lots and lots of garlic and hot curries. Cold drinks/food in winter aren’t good for the body. We need warm foods to keep the body warm and then the body doesn’t need to use as much energy to keep us warm. So, lots of yummy soups and curries.

Michaela says:

Love this post :-) It made me feel all wintry and cosy for some reason!

Nigel Coates says:

I had to massage at a Pharmacy convention, where they were offering free flu shots to attendees. They were all swarming for one. I thought they would be the most educated to the nasty elements of this process – but alas… they are the one who dispense and propogate the ‘quick and easy fix’ all day long. So Sad…

Bec says:

Thanks for this, I totally agree!

Jasmine says:

Thank you for being brave enough to talk about topics like this … I know what it is like to get slammed ;) xx

E.Riggs says:

Day 11 of the flu…it hit me like a runaway train and I am sick as a dog. Two days in bed muscles as weak as jelly. I eat fruit and vegies twice a day every day I do not drink or smioke I exercise every day rain hail or shine. I got the flu from friends who were passing it through their family of 6 adults when they invited me to dinner without telling me!!!

Melissa says:

Hi Jess,
Great post! I’m a 24 year old female and have never had the flu shot nor do I intend on getting it this year. Your advice is amazing however I have difficulty following it..I developed a fructose malabsorption a few years ago which stops me from eating a whole range of foods:
-various veggies e.g. onion, garlic, broccoli, beetroot etc.
-various fruits e.g. apples, pears, watermelon, mangos etc.
– other foods e.g. honey, coconut products, nuts
I understand that I am missing out on some vital nutrients and therefore get sick (cold, flu, sore throat etc.) quite often.
Is there anything you can recommend? Could you please do a post on fructose malabsorption?


Emma says:

Hi Jess,
I’m going to forward this on to my family.
I have the juice of half a lemon or lime with warm water every day. I just had a minor cold last year over winter, I thought I did pretty well :) I also love adding fresh ginger, fresh lemongrass & lemon to a tea pot of hot water and sip on it through the day :)

Thanks for this Jess. I have never had a flu shot and never intend to. I eat the foods you have discussed here to boost my immunity. I make a herbal tea regularly that contains ginger, cloves and cinnamon. I also make an immune boosting stir fry: onion, ginger, garlic, spinach, tamari, served over brown rice and garnished with pepita seeds toasted in coconut oil. Yum!

Deb says:

Hi Guys,
I have had the flu shot in the past, but only when I was working as a carer and it was a requirment of the job and when a doctor bailed me up and practically forced me to have it. Each and everytime I have had a flu shot I have ended up sick, then the doctors have tried to tell me that it can’t be from the flu shot. Now I fill myself up with as much fruit and vegies as I can (I have a pretty restircted diet as it is) and wehen we get a virus or are feeling unwell I boil up some chopped up ginger, strain that off and drink that for a few days and we are right as rain :)

Linda DC says:

Love this post,I have always been against flu shots,so great to have affirmation and know someone else agrees with me. Love the tips to boost immune system. I recently read a fantastic book called “Digestive Wellness” it explains how important probiotics are for the immune system and we need to get the gut working right for the immune system to work.Now I need to convince my 75 year old mum to stop getting the flu shots her doctor recommends every year!

jazziefizzle says:

Thanks for some wonderful suggestions Jess – I am all for immune boosting using foods – my go-to when I feel the start of a cold is to down some zinc and vitamin C supplements (I use a powder) – it has been shown to reduce the length and severity of symptoms. I also eat lots of seasonal fruit (mandarines and oranges etc) but I don’t know if that actually helps, but it makes me feel like I am doing something!

Another way to stimulate your immune system is to undertake regular gentle exercise – not while sick but at all other times.

With regards to the flu-vax, I do have to take the medical stand-point, as unfortunately for some people (extremes of age and immunosuppressed) the flu is much more than just a sniffle and a few days laid up in bed. Particularly for elderly people it can be life threatening – in my limited time in the medical world I have already seen many people require ICU admission for the flu, so it can be a lot worse than we young healthy people experience.

For this reason the flu-vax is recommended for elderly people, and for those of us who work/study in healthcare – and I chose to get it as I didn’t want to put others at risk, particularly when visiting multiple patients in a day.

Like everything (medications, vaccines, even natural therapies) there are risks and side effects of the flu vaccination, most of these are rare, but they should be weighed up by the individual as compared to the potential benefits.

The flu-vax is also not 100% effective, and it only covers for certain strains of flu (meaning any new strains that have only developed this year you would still be susceptible to even if vaccinated).

I totally respect your reasons for not getting vaccinated yourself, and definitely encourage others to follow your advice on staying as healthy as possible to avoid infection throughout the flu season, however I also do believe that there are situations where the flu-vax is appropriate and the benefits do outweigh the risks.

Thanks again for an interesting read, useful advice and some healthy debate!

Hi Jess, love this post. We just scheduled our immunity booster blog post for next week (ours is based around food….of course!) We are going add a link to this post if that is ok!! Have a lovely afternoon! e & c

Vicki says:

I’m in a predicament here. I have not had the flu shot before, but this winter I am pregnant. The mother hen in me tells me to get it – to protect my body from influenza (which is potentially harmful to unborn babies) – and being a primary school teacher I am a place where I am in constant contact with germs, so the chance of contracting it is far greater with contact of 400+ children and their parents and family members. Reading this, I don’t want to do it, and would feel guilty would I. But the ‘what ifs’ otherwise frighten me like nothing else. I’ve been warned off many natural remedies I typically take as there is not enough evidence that these a safe to use while pregnant, or they are determined not safe to use (as they do such things as provoke pre term labour etc.) Damned if I do? Damned if I don’t? Has anyone any experience or advice???

Hi Vicki, doing everything in your power to naturally boost your immune system (with the list of things above) would not only protect you, but it would also protect your baby. It’s also smart to be extra careful during flu season when it comes to hygiene. I’m not able to tell you what to do in your situation, but I would recommend seeing a naturopath or integrative doctor to see what options you have available to you. There are also homeopathic vaccines which could be worth looking into. xx

Celeste D says:

Hi Vicki, you have touched on a very passionate subject of mine! I have just started giving presentations to expectant parents here on the Sunshine Coast regarding vaccines in the hope that more parents can make informed choices. Pregnancy and birth are natural processes that our bodies go through, so is immunity. Stay as natural as you can by following Jess’ tips and you will protect your baby more than any flu shot can. I would highly recommend a homeopath as well as they have many many options for pregnant women. I used homeopathics all through my pregnancies and I continue to use them for my children. I was never vaccinated while I was pregnant and I my children aren’t vaccinated. I have done years of research in to this subject and I am so happy that we chose not to vaccinate. As Jess has said previously, you really need to do your own research to make the decision that best suits you and your family.
Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy, birth and baby! x

Алина says:

I wouldn’t get the flu shot in your situation because you have never had one and you don’t know how your body will react to it. I don’t think this is the right time to get one. All the best with your pregnancy. Think positive, it will collect good energy and protect you both.

Dianne says:

Hi Jess, love the new site. Read you are going to a dentist soon. Do you know of any recommended biological dentists on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast areas. Please!

Hi Dianne, this is the one I’m looking at going to. A member of my team has been and recommends it: x

Алина says:

Hi, Jess. I have just checked this dental practice. It looks great. I have also checked their free book. It lists 4 common mistakes. One of those is the following:
“Finally, the use of lemon juice and apple cider vinegar for prolonged periods to alkaline your body. Although effective, this habit is carried out on rising when your saliva flow is lowest and your tooth tissue cannot cope with this major acidic assault , leading to sensitivity , root decay and dissolving of resin fillings
and your own enamel. If you cannot give this discipline up immediately I urge you not to brush your teeth for 40 minutes as you will brush your teeth away, literally. A bicarbonate of soda solution can be held in your mouth for 1 minute to alkaline your oral environment straight after taking it.”
No lemon juice?????? Just thought you might find it interesting :)
I always use a straw for any juice to protect my teeth. What do you do? You have had lots of juice in your life, as i heard? :)

Leman says:

Wanted to ask if the oregano oil you add to your coconut oil for oil pulling is actually an essential oil?

Annette says:

My opinion?? Flu shot sucks big time! Green juice, lypospheric vitamin C, quercetin, turmeric, garlic, onion, and herbs is how I keep myself well through winter…and all year really! :) Great blog Jess!

Amanda says:

Great post Jess! They just sent out to all of our office ‘the free flue vacc’ to book in and why you need to. it made me so mad! The way the wrote it was It’s so frustrating. Making you feel this is the only way. So I printed a poster and stuck it next to it with pretty much what you wrote haha!! Did it go down well…hmmm well see;-) xx

John B says:

I want the rest of this post to be positive, so I’m not going to go into all of the nasty side effects associated to the list of chemicals contained in the flu vaccine. I ran all of the ingredients though Google and discovered this: They are ALL chemicals. They ALL have side effect (there’s not one drug on the planet that doesn’t).
Hi Jess – Comment: In 1964, at University of Cape Town med school pharmacology Prof Norman Sapeika taught us to use the phrase toxic effects. At the time TB was rampant, and part of the treatment was antibiotic Streptomycin. Dose higher than therapeutic tends to cause deafness. Much better to use a slightly lower dose and then attend to nutrition etc for healing. Weigh up the risks against the benefits. Never use the phrase side effects, use toxic effects. That was his advice in 1964.
Further Comment from Perth WA: I like your style. Keep up the good work. Fruit & Veg with a vengeance !

Thanks for the tip John!

Narelle says:

Jess, thanks love all your information. There is no way I would get a flu shot.

Grace says:

Hi Jess,
With both bird and pig flus prevalent this year, what would you recommend to someone who frequently travels to mthere countries?

Hi Grace, I would suggest looking into homeopathic vaccines. x

Grace says:

Thank you so much. Research to be done… X

Ness says:

While I agree that you should heal yourself from the inside, and try to prevent illnesses, I had the flu shot this year and will continue to have it while I work in the job I do-and love.
I work with kids with disabilities, many of whom have suppressed immune systems or other health issues-reduced lung function etc. these kids can-and DO die from simple colds and flus. I would never forgive myself if I had the flu and passed it on to a child I teach.

Vaccinations work on a herd immunity. There need to be a certain amount of people immunized to protect those who are vulnerable-babies, immune suppressed people and the elderly. Vaccinations aren’t perfect, and they can cause problems in a tiny minority of people, but they are there to protect those most at risk.

Narelle says:

I agree, I don’t think others have any idea (unless they have works with children, or used public transport and worked in a large office in a city at the same time) that it can be quite selfish not to think of others’ health, especially in winter)

Celeste D says:

Love this post Jess! Reading through all the comments I’m blown away by how many people are saying no to the flu shot! I love that people are finally starting to question their Dr.s and make informed choices. Especially when 5 flu shots in a row will increase one’s chances of Alzheimers by 10 fold!
Thanks for having the guts to mention vaccines, I know it can be a hard topic to talk about, and the more information people have the better choices they can make :)

Sarah says:

Your post was very timely. We had flu shots provided at work today and I declined. I am glad I did!

Dan says:

Great info again Jess, couldn’t agree more. I work where they give out free jabs and I’m amazed how many people line up for it.

Gayle says:

I have this debate every year at work when the annual “free flu shot” email comes around. My work mates can’t understand why I refuse to have it. Why would I when my natural immunity will protect me.
P.S. Jess… loving your blogs… I look forward to my morning dose of inspirations

Tegan says:

I am hoping to get pregnant in the next year and have never had chicken pox before, I have felt a lot of pressure from my GP and others to get the vaccine but I just don’t feel right about it or understand enough. Any thoughts?

Jen says:

I wonder just how many of you who are posting have had the actual flu. Lost of these comments seem to be relating a bad or even severe cold with the flu shot and that isn’t what it is designed to combat. Personally I don’t judge the choices of others to have or not have the flu shot, but I do believe there are some cases where immunisations can perhaps be seen as a necessary evil, for instance where the use of chemotherapy drugs are unavoidable… Please be careful Jess, that you don’t inadvertently offend those of your readers who perhaps feel stuck between a rock and a hard place, your blog can be a place of inspiration but you have a platform that can make others feel judged, if unconsciously done.

Sharyn says:

What a great, concise article Jess! I have only jsut discovered your website. I’ll keep an eye out for oregano oil. I haven’t had a cold in 3 years and can’t remember ever having the flu. My workplace offers the flu shot, but I don’t bother with it. I eat well and am pretty healthy so don’t think there’s a need.

Emma says:

a bit off the flu shot subject but here is a link to the petition the avn started yesterday to voice concerns over the media push for mandatory vaccinations…..if you agree that everyone has the right to make informed decisions be it to vaccinate or not then sign it!

Mike says:

I don’t ever get a flu shot. Mainly because it only works against specific strains, and you can still get the flu. I would much rather just try to improve my overall health and boost my immune system naturally like you have said.

Jessa says:

I’ve never had a flu shot, and I don’t think I ever will. I’ve watched my mother get it every year (as she works in a school and they’re all offered it free -and encouraged to get it), and every year without fail, she gets sick. The flu vaccine is not infallible and won’t cover new strains, so I don’t see the point.

Every time I so much as get a sniffle, my mother also encourages me to take a panadol- for what reason, I’m not sure, but she literally thinks it’s the cure for everything. It’s sad how the majority of society now lives to eat (not eats to live), but refuses to acknowledge just how important WHAT you eat is to your health. sigh. Food can be our greatest poison or greatest medicine, and I’m going to make it my healer.

Marg says:

Hi Jess. Love your work! I work with words: ‘VACCINE’ comes from the word ‘cow’, which not only means a female bovine animal, but also means ‘to depress with fear, oppress, and tyrannise over’ (Oxford Dictionary of Etymology). IMMUNE VACCINES DEPRESS, OPPRESS AND TYRANNISE THE PROTECTIVE IMMUNE SYSTEM. Synchronistically, I’m writing about the immune system in my weekly newsletter this week. The immune system is the nurturing ‘mother system’ within. We feed the immune system when we ‘love’ our bodies. As we send loving vibrations through every fibre of our being, we increase the supplies of unconditional love within our immune system. Thus, the immune system is the inner mother nurturing us with unconditional love. Keep topping it up with love…this is the best protection of all. Love yourself to health.

Alina says:

I commend you for your courage…although many of us know the truth in what you are sharing, it takes courage to stand up against what mainstream medicine tells the masses.

Cherine says:

Jess, as I read this I thought of all the places I have been and all the vaccinations I have had, flu vaccinations, the free Gardasil installments to having rabies immunisations, yellow fever vaccinations as well as several hepatitis and whooping cough (etc, etc, etc) taking antibiotics as a preventative measure against malaria and once I had an immunoglobulin injection as a preventative measure. I have fund raised for Rotary and their world wide push to eradicate Polio. My parents made choices for me, and later I made them for myself, weighing the risks. When you go against what is medically researched and supported then some criticism should be expected, because you are criticising the norm. The pendulum is swinging against all vaccinations, not just flu vaccinations, and people are choosing their own way based on popular opinion (eg, you), their own research or no research at all, which is okay as we live in a relatively free society. However no action comes without consequences, and some of these consequences are truly heartbreaking and terrible, which is why this issue is so derisive.

Sal says:

Great work Jess. You are so brave. I’m glad you didn’t say (in a comment reply) that you would vaccinate possible future children just to keep everyone happy. I read a blog post recently much to that effect from someone who I viewed as a leader in the natural blogging world and I was hugely disappointed. And it didn’t feel truthful either. People like you make me think that this world can change, and for the better. Everyone needs to get outside; eat clean & breath clean. Why is this so hard for people to do? Thank you for your honesty and all the work you put into this amazing website. Love the new look.

Thank you so much Sal! xxx

Steph says:

I got the flu shot once, didn’t do much as I still got a pretty serious cold (fever and the whole shebang) and then had a cough for months.
There’s also the point that any vaccine you get is of the old virus strain. the flu virus is super adaptive and changes each year so you keep getting it. Either way a flu shot is pretty much pointless because it only protects you from the virus strain your body has probably already build up an immunity to.

Frank says:

Hi Jessica, just read your post about beeing authentic. We need more people like you. I Could not agree more with what your saying about flu jab and always speak your truth. I live in germany where it is not as easy to get all this valuable information. hopefully in the near future i can fill that gap. Thanks for your inspiration, love Frank xxx

Vicki says:

Thank you for this! I have severe aniphilactic reactions to random drugs at random times, I’m not allowed to have antibiotic, anti inflams, codiene or penicillin unless I’m in a hospital! I’m too scared to have the flu shot! My last ‘so called safe’ drug I took was nurofen and stopped breathing completely due to swollen throat, 7 shots of adrenalin and the got me back, knocked me flat for weeks!
I’d love you to email me any other gems you have for winter!

Trish says:

I stopped getting the flu shot about 5 years ago. I have only gotten the flu once since then. I use to get the flu every year. Around that time, I also adopted a healthier diet and lifestyle. So, I agree with your article Jess. It is how we support and build up our own immune systems naturally that make the difference- not the injection of chemicals.

Jess says:

This post is so timely, I am 19Weeks pregnant and Monday I went to my doctor to check some pain I was having, while I was there she recommended I get the flu immunisation!!! I said “no I don’t think I will” she then challenged my answer and made me feel like I was putting my baby at risk, I found myself doubting my own true decision.

Marian says:

I did one flu shot way too many years ago and still got sick. I like and understand your ideas. Never did it again and seem to get healthier every flu season since radically changing our lifestyle after my husband had cancer 10 years ago. He is doing nicely without chemo. Plan to try coffee enemas soon. He picked up apricot seeds from an enlightened MD in South Africa four years ago and chews them regularly.

Katy says:

Generally like your blog Jess but this post is disappointing, along with what it implies. Being vaccinated if you are a normal, healthy person actually helps people with compromised immune systems (like myself) who unfortunately can’t be vaccinated. I won’t use this forum to explain how herd immunity works. Just feel like I should let it be known that no amount of garlic or essential oils is going to help me this winter.

Ananda says:

I had a very busy week and missed my daily Wellness Warrior so i’m catching up now and boy oh boy!

People need to understand this is a blog! This is not Jess telling you what to do or what not to do. People need to read the information supplied and make up their own minds. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and everyone has a right to voice their opinion. We are lucky that Jess voices her opinion so openly and that she doesn’t just write pretty little meaningless posts to please people. We need more people that speak their own truth and are not afraid of backlash or criticism.

As Jess always says “do your own research”

Thank you Jess xx

narelle says:

Ananda, respondents have said that they find Jess informative and inspirational but disagree for personal/professional reasons in this post. I’m pro vax, but I do believe in natural therapies for many things. I find people who have put other dangerous substances (ie illicit drugs) through their bodies over the years before cleaning their bodies up, but argue about the dangers of vaccines quite contradictary at times.

The pro vaxers haven’t been disrespectful in their posts, they have explained how they have come to disagree with the topic and that the level of Jess’s influence has responsibility attached to it. I have seen this argument escalate much higher in other forums.

Narelle, when you know better you do better and just because I once took illicit drugs doesn’t mean I don’t have the right to share my opinion of the flu vax. That would be like saying that just because I used to eat McDonalds I don’t have the right to talk about the benefits of eating organic food. I don’t think I’m being contradictory at all. My opinions are based on my experiences and the extensive research I’ve done over the past 5 years, and these days I don’t so much as take Panadol. I take my influence very seriously, which is why I won’t stop speaking my truth – even when it’s unpopular with the masses. This is my blog and it would be irresponsible of me to censor my content just to suit others. Imagine if no one had had the guts to suggest that perhaps smoking while pregnant wasn’t such a good idea. There are many crazy concepts that were once accepted by the masses that have turned out to be completely wrong and dangerous. I don’t expect everyone to agree with me – in fact I encourage everyone to do their own research and draw their own conclusions. But please, don’t oppose everyone who is kind enough to stand up for me. I appreciate you not being disrespectful in your opposition of my post, but you have no idea just how many pro-vax comments I’ve had to trash because of just how disrespectful and personally hurtful they are.

Thank you so much Ananda! You’re awesome. xx

narelle says:

Jess, as I mentioned, I have followed your blog for a while and rarely comment unless I feel strongly about something. I have worked in the autism field, and lived around people with substance abuse issues who preach tolerance to others. My mother had whooping cough before a vaccine existed. It was eradicated in Australia for a time, and has had a resurgence, people have pointed to groups who refuse to vaccinate. I don’t speak out of ignorance. I also do my research. I am not discouraging those who agree with you, but I don’t think comments that belittle those who choose what a large group do are sheep-they are making their own decision.

Robert says:

Jess your blog concerns me greatly. You say you speak your truth, sounds commendable but what if you are wrong ? You are influencing people. Five years of research is meaningless if those five years were spent confirming your own bias. Please contemplate the scientific method and how it applies to health, double blind studies and peer review exist to eliminate bias. We are subjective by nature so science seems counter intuitive but it is a path to enlightenment, there was even a period in history called the enlightenment which brought an end to hundreds of years of superstition and myths. I believe you are sincere in your quest, but don’t be afraid to consider everything you believe might be wrong. Life is cause and effect, the Buddha discovered this beneath the bodhi tree all those years ago, it’s the same truth scientists pursue through the scientific method. That’s a truth you should speak and embrace, beliefs and ideology constrain and blind us all.

Hi Robert, thanks for your comment. I really appreciate what you’re saying, but I just want you to know that I do question everything I believe to be true. It wasn’t so long ago that I believed in what science and our doctors are telling us, and I seriously resisted discovering that they could be wrong. No one likes to realise that everything they believed to be true is wrong, and I was one of those people. If I’m wrong about the things I write now, I will be the first to admit it. However, what if science is wrong? Yes, there are double blind and peer review studies, but when there is bias involved (which there absolutely is when it comes to vaccinations and the money they bring into the pharmaceutical industry) these studies can be swayed to prove whatever the person funding the study wants. I believe there are too many case studies and too much evidence questioning the safety and validity of vaccines for us not to question them and not to try and work out a better, safer way of protecting our health.

Kathy says:

If a person has medical problems , eg, diabetic, heart problems, a flu shot would be recommended. But otherwise I don’t believe in flu shots for children or adults if they have no medical issues. By eating healthy, some exercise, good sleep and basically looking after yourself will do wonders. I have never had the flu shot and I never had the flu. I do catch colds about 3 times in a year, and use natural remedies to fight it.

Robert says:

Hi jess,

Thank you for your reply, I admire that you allow criticism on your blog. The scientific method eliminates bias through its methodology. Peer review ruthlessly looks for bias, no one scientists bias can survive this process. A double blind study is more accurate the larger the sample size. I think you may be projecting your understanding and view point onto science, we are by our nature pattern seeking creatures we seek out patterns to confirm our prior beliefs – to eliminate this is precisely why the scientific method was created. You should always check the quality of the study before accepting the outcome.

There is a saying I love – extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. I don’t think that is an unreasonable position to take. You seem like a very honest and compassionate person but I think in following your passion for life and health you owe it to everyone who is listening to you to spend a little time playing devils advocate and go back and try and find the science behind all that you believe and say to be true. Find the large scale double blind studies, the criticism. Please hold your beliefs up to the light and have the courage to abandon them if they disintegrate under scrutiny. Your life and the lives of others is at stake.

Nadine says:

Hi Jess,

I respect your right to have an opinion on this topic, but I’d like to tell you about a situation my family found ourselves in last year. I was initially anti-vax for children, I have a friend with an autistic child that swears her daughter changed forever after the vaccination and I must admit I knew the child and she did seem to change. However as a first time mum I found myself being bullied into having my son vaccinated for whooping cough. He was already somewhat protected by my breast feeding him… We had the one month and six month jabs. I hated it. It felt 100% wrong while it was happening.

Two months later my little guy contracted whooping cough from a little girl in his play group. He hadn’t finished the full course of immunisations, he had one to go. He came so close to dying, we spent so many nights quarantined in the hospital, I co slept and breast fed so I was there every second. I was told by so many people that had my son not had his first two vaccinations there is no way his body would have been able to fight of the disease, and those two heart breaking jabs, did infant prepare his body for something that did come and saved his life.

I’m not an advocate for giving kids jabs for any old thing, things that are unlikely to kill them I couldn’t care less, chicken pox, even the flu… But whooping cough, polio some of the big diseases I implore you and anyone else considering it to please please consider vaccinating your kid, you don’t have to do all the jabs at once, you can have them spaced out to not over burden the body… But please, from one mum that almost lost her baby, consider it.


(Sorry I posted this elsewhere I meant to post it here!)

Peggi says:

can u plz submit the portions for the real flu shot …how much of ginger and lemon juice and hney

Can you tell me what I can do if I have already had the flu shot.
Iam a type 2 diabetic on insulin injections . I have High cholestrol and Bp medication. Knee injury which is painfull on walking.

Katie says:

Can you buy oregano oil or can I make it?

Katherine says:

When I lived in Canada, I used to get the flu shot every year, and ever year it made me sick within a couple of weeks. I get far fewer colds and flus since I stopped getting the shots. Now that I have been doing oil pulling and juicing and just eating better in general I have been able to avoid getting sick so far this year. I have felt a little sore throat now and then but I just do the oil pulling that morning and it goes away. Usually when this happens it’s because I have missed a day or 2 of juicing and oil in the morning.

Kellie says:

Your understanding of the flu shot is completely wrong.
A flu shot does not mean we don’t “let the immune system do its job”, in fact it RELIES on our immune system to work and hence why you must have a good immune system for it to work. Do your research before you go misleading others.
Not only does the flu vaccine protect yourself from getting Influenza A and B (which is much worse the sniffles that come with the common cold which you described), it also protects those much more vulnerable than you from catching it by reducing the viral reservoir. Think of the elderly, or of children, or others with a suppressed immunity such as those with HIV.
By all means, the alternative therapies are surely helpful, but should definitely NOT be advised as an alternative and the fact that you are encouraging others against the vaccine with no medical background and obviously not enough knowledge on the matter is not acceptable.

Leah says:

Oh god. This thread makes my heart sad. Jess, you disappoint me with your lack of understanding although very well meaning intentions surrounding the vaccination topic. Time and time again I see the old beliefs trundled out, beliefs that have been long disproved and yet they keep turning up.

I note with annoyance that your supporters keep turning up to say how wonderful you are when someone dares to challenge what you’re preaching but more annoying is those that challenge other responders. (It would behoove Ms Bliss to understand that there are indeed many non medically trained doctors in existence. My husband is one of them, his doctorate being in chemistry). This carry on isn’t being kind. It certainly isn’t brave either. What it is…is disappointing. I don’t understand why people are allowed to comment when clearly there’s an agenda pertaining to the type of comments that are lauded and those that are not.

I lost my 4 year old to a disease which could have been prevented via vaccination. We have always lived a vegan lifestyle, have always eaten well and heartily and blissfully thought that vaccines were unnecessary because our bodies “know what to do”. It’s a bit more complicated than that. Just because you experienced cancer doesn’t make you an immunologist. I am sorry if this sounds harsh. You will understand that I have a few emotions vested in this topic.

Jess, it’s not a crime to assist our bodies in fighting disease. It doesn’t mean that our lifestyles are somehow bad or that we have failed in some way if we catch the flu, pertussis, diptheria, varicella, herpes et al. It is, I feel, a crime though to declare that vaccination is not necessary. While I ardently admire your journey and have grown very fond of your writing, the bottom line is that you are not a medical doctor, you have no clinical training or experience in the field of medicine and your questions to others have clearly illustrated that you lack the depth of knowledge that is required to comment authoritatively on the subject.

I am all for opinions that adhere to your life. But you do a great disservice to us all when you use your power to try to apply them to ours.

I really hope that I won’t have to read a thread like this again.

With kindest regards,
L. Rhodda

iwanttobehealthy says:

I completely agree with you. Jess is great, but she’s not an expert.

Victoria says:

Hi Jess! Winter is coming here in Argentina so I could not have found this article at a better time. Quick question: when looking for oregano oil to include in the ginger tea, should it be essential oil or plain old oregano oil? Thanks!

Hi Victoria, look for oil of oregano. It can be an essential oil (therapeutic grade) or I have one that is diluted with olive oil as its carrier. Always use organic as well. x

iwanttobehealthy says:

Flu shots build up your immune system- they are good for you. Juice won’t help.

iwanttobehealthy says:

Flu shots have been proved to build up our immune systems, making us strong enough to fight off the flu. I have a healthy diet, forgot to get my flu vac last year and fell violently ill for 2 weeks. Antibiotics is what got me out of bed, is what made me better. Shots are heavily recommended because THEY WORK. I saw someones comment on how schools in the US are making in compulsory to have your kids vaccinated. This makes sense to me. It’s fine if you don’t want your kids to be vaccinated, but that could potentially spread the flu, making dozens of other kids sick. Would you want that for your child and for others? Flu vaccinations, I believe are the best choice for Australian children. It is, of course, a matter of opinion and everyone is entitled to their beliefs. Eating healthily to build up your immune system is good, as well, however this combined with the flu shot is probably the smartest option. I could be wrong, so talk to me. What are your beliefs? Why? Thanks.

For me the flu isn’t sniffles. It’s instant hospitalisation, chronic chest infection, inability to breathe, inflamed heart and lungs, and central nervous system malfunctioning. I have lupus, an autoimmune condition. I have to take immune suppressants like methotrexate and steroids. I don’t want to, but if I don’t I can’t walk, talk, breathe, see, hear, think, go to the toilet or feed myself. I eat an extremely healthy raw food diet, no dairy. I use spices, and herbs as medicine. I have juices, and smoothies. I eat and live organically. There has not been a chemical in my home or on my body since I left home twenty years ago. But this is my illness. If I take things to increase my immune system, my body attacks its own organs. Because I have to suppress my immune system so my body doesn’t kill itself, I catch everything people sneeze or cough onto me. The flu can and does kill. I have lost 4 friends to the flu, all had autoimmune or chronic illnesses. If you have a ‘sniffle’ please stay home, you never know who you are at risk of killing.

Lauren says:

I find this post very interesting! I am an allied health professional to be and even though I have studied to death the science behind the flu shot, I refuse to get one myself. However, the emphasise on FLU is important – other vaccinations are critical and essential to stop the spread and resurgence of some very nasty diseases, something that becomes a greater threat as the world becomes a smaller place!

Love the advice on natural alternatives to Flu!

Bodhi says:

Jessica homeopathic remedies are placebos, research the Avogadro limit. You could swap any homeopathic rememedy for water and no one would notice because the solutions are diluted beyond the point where anything remains. All of your convictions about health seem to come from the notion of innate healing – eat and live healthy and no harm will come which to a degree is true however remember that viruses are natural and have survived billions of years by knowing how to defeat how immune systems – even when all we had was organic food. A vaccine gives your body the information it needs to combat a virus should it encounter it. I know there is no shifting your position however I felt your post was dangerous and should be held to scrutiny.