The 6 Steps To Becoming A Modern Mystic

Posted May 9, 2013



Do you know that you’re a mystic? That you’re psychic and can see energy fields, know people’s thoughts and feelings and communicate with your deceased loved ones?

You are also able to see the auras of animals and plants, heal yourself and others…

Just because you haven’t been able to do this yet, doesn’t mean you can’t.
You can. You just need to learn how.

We have lost our psychic ability

Within only a couple of days of being in Lajamanu, an Aboriginal community on the Northern Territory/Western Australian border, I heard people talking about seeing spirits and the dead.

My father – a flying doctor – worked in many remote Aboriginal communities in the Australian desert, and I was out there with him, when a primary school group going for a walk in the bush abandoned their ‘nature walk’ because the children could see spirits hiding behind the trees. The group had congregated outside the clinic and were chatting excitedly about what they’d seen, the clinic aid workers hurrying to join them, not wanting to miss the ‘ghost gossip.’

I spent that afternoon listening to story after story about ghosts, ancestors, curses, spirits and witch doctors. (I was lucky to have found a particularly chatty Aboriginal aid worker. Most Aboriginal people would not ‘open up’ to a white fellow about these things.)

I was astounded that being psychic was normal here. Not only that, but from time to time other people would listen in on our conversation and offer stories. While I was in this community, many ‘white fellows’ told me how they never believed in spirits and psychic ability before but quickly changed their mind once they came to Lajamanu!

I asked Nancy, the aid worker, if most Aboriginal people could ‘see’ or ‘sense’ spirits. “Of course we can, “ she replied, “because we still have the eyes to see. You white fellas have lost the eyes.”

You need to ‘find your eyes’

In my last blog post, I spoke about how important it is to reclaim your inner visionary and dreamer. I explained that without doing this, you would find it difficult to open up chakra 6 and become psychic.

For so long, many of us have been conditioned to ignore our inner dreamer. To ignite the energy of chakra 6, you need to embrace this part of yourself and give it attention because chakra 6 is where our imagination lives, and it is through unlocking and strengthening our imagination that we begin to become psychic again.

But how do we do this? How do we reawaken our 6th chakra and return to our natural state of ‘psychicness’?

Step 1: Intend to become psychic

This may sound obvious, but setting the intent to ‘becoming psychic’ will bring focus to your intention, allowing it to manifest quickly. The thing we don’t realise is that we set intentions all the time, in every moment. We intend to be compassionate when we listen to somebody’s problems, engaging when we give a speech or focused when playing chess. More often than not we’re not aware what we are ‘intending’ at that moment. We are simply bringing a different energy, a different part of ourselves to certain tasks and situations in order to get them done well.

Becoming psychic is no different. To start, we simply need to set the intent to ‘be psychic.’

This makes it clear in your mind as well as in the mind of the Universe that this is what you will accomplish. You can write your intent and hang it somewhere where you’ll look at it everyday. Or you can pin it to your vision board. You can affirm it to yourself throughout the day, or you can chant it as a mantra when you meditate. It doesn’t matter how you ‘set your intent’ and remind yourself of it, but it does matter that you do it. Setting the intent to ‘be psychic’ is the springboard for diving into the depths of your powerful psychic abilities, and you need to be committed to taking the dive.

Step 2: Sink into the silence

Now that you have set the intent and the Universe knows what you have set out to accomplish, you can help bring this intent to fruition by sinking into the stillness.

In order to see and sense energy fields or perceive spirits that live in another vibrational dimension (angels, spirit guides and the like), you need to quiet your noisy mind. (You aren’t the only one with a noisy mind! We all have one).
A noisy mind and psychic ability are mutually exclusive.  As in, you cannot access information and receive impressions when your mind is bombarding you with thoughts.

To be receptive to energy and other vibrational dimensions you need to have a clear mind.

You need to work with a clear slate; this is the only way you will be able to discern whether what you’re seeing is generated by your noisy mind or is really genuine information about someone or something else.

Meditation is the best way to clear your mind. Meditation clears your mind of thoughts and opens you up to being receptive.

Every single gifted psychic I’ve spoken to or read about practises meditation. I meditate every day and sink shortly into silence before every session. Meditating may sound boring or a like chore at first, but the good news is that it’s actually not either of these things. I look forward to my meditation. It is not a chore but in fact a beautiful spring of peace and concentration. And it can be that for you too!

You can achieve this state with any practice you chose. The practice I work with – the Chakra Practice laid out in my free Chakra course – allows you to see results very quickly, which gives you ample fuel to want to do your meditation. You actually begin to look forward to it, because you notice your life changing, and what’s better than that? So give it a go and see for yourself…

Step 3: Heighten your senses

We not only need a clear mind to become psychic, we also need heightened senses. Through your senses, you receive psychic impressions and information. It is the way we see, sense and interpret energy. Being psychic not only means being able to ‘see,’ it also means being able to sense, hear, touch, taste and know. It is a full-bodied, sensory experience.

When I read a person’s energy field, I am bombarded with impressions about them. I receive visual images, audio messages, feelings and emotions, physical senses in my body and sometimes even scents. (I have a very acute sense of smell and often derive my information from it. I remember reading one man via phone, who’d been out drinking the night before. As soon as he picked up the phone to take my call, I could smell the alcohol on his breath. He’d also quickly puffed on a cigarette beforehand in an attempt to calm his nerves, and I said to him – jokingly – “You’re not in great shape this morning, are you? Too much to drink the previous night, and a nervous fag before the session?” He roared with laughter at this, and we had a great call.)

By becoming more aware of your senses, you can begin to become more psychic right away, and you can start now by spending more time being aware of how you receive impressions and information about the world.

Exercise 1 – How do I perceive the world?

We all perceive the world differently. Some of us are very visual, and some of us are primarily auditory. Some of us are very kinetic (‘feels’ and ‘senses’). And some of us have an acute sense of smell. More often than not, our predominant way of perceiving the world is a mixture of two senses. You can begin to become more psychic by becoming aware of what senses you use to perceive the world. Once you know what your dominant senses are, spend time observing the world through your not-so-dominant senses. E.g. If you are a very visual person, spend time ‘sensing’ the world around you; even close your eyes. If you are a very kinetic person, spend time ‘hearing’ the world around you.

When you become aware of your senses and engage them in this way, you notice so much more about life. Not only that, but they also become a well-tuned antennae, able to pick up the most subtle of vibrations.

Once you have practiced exercise 1 for some time, you can move on to exercise 2.

Exercise 2 – What information am I picking up?

Take an object and place it in your hand. It can be alive (leaf, insect) or innate (golf ball, picture). Then, observe it using your five senses.

Ask yourself these questions:

What do I see?
What can I smell?
How does it feel?
How does it taste? (but for God’s sake, don’t taste anything poisonous or crawly.)
What can I hear?

Take your time doing this and trying this out with different objects and things. This is a sure way to build your sensory-psychic muscles.

Once you have practiced this for a while (a couple of days if done a few times a day, a couple of weeks if not practiced so regularly), you can move onto step 4.

Step 4: Be aware of what and how you ‘see’ in meditation

This step requires you to be aware of what you see and sense when you meditate. In step 3, you heighten and attune your senses so that you are able to pick up more. Now, you use your newly-acquired antennas to pick up subtle vibrations in meditation.

You can practice any type of meditation you chose, but make sure it always begins it with a relaxation. Also meditate with your eyes closed, because this step requires you to use your 3rd eye.
Once you have meditated, sit in the silence (with closed eyes) and use your senses to pick up what is happening around as well as within you. Use the sense questions from Step 3/Exercise 2, and see what you can see, sense, hear, touch, smell and taste while you sit quietly in a meditative state.

Step 5: Work directly on chakra 6

NOTE: Chakras 1 – 5 need to be stable and balanced before one attempts to work directly on chakra 6. If you are feeling ‘emotionally unstable’; suffer mood swings, are going through a difficult life phase, or are depressed, I do NOT recommend that you begin working directly with chakra 6.

Before you can begin chakra 6 work, you need to get chakras 1 – 5 balanced. Click here to access the free 7 Day Chakra Course, which teaches you how to do this.

After you have spent some time building you psychic muscles through engaging your senses, you are ready to work with chakra 6 directly. Chakra 6, also commonly called the 3rd eye, is located at the centre of your forehead and it’s job is to strengthen your intuition, enable you to dream and envision as well as to ‘plug you into’ other vibrational dimensions (angels, spirit guides, and the like.) It’s job is to get your psychic juices flowing.

You can begin to work directly on chakra 6 by drawing your awareness to your brow. When you draw your attention to your brow and hold the point of focus there, chakra 6 starts to open up. If you have taken my free online chakra course, you will know that we balance and cleanse our chakras through holding our focus on the point where they’re located. When you concentrate on your brow point, your 6th chakra immediately begins to spin faster, and this opens up the chakra. When the chakra opens, it takes in more light (prana, energy) from the Universe, which balances and cleanses the chakra.

The way to most easily open up chakra 6 is by concentrating on the brow-point during or after your meditation. Simply hold your focus on your brow and breathe gently and calmly. This is all you need to do! Make this a regular practice and watch yourself open up psychically. (I know this sounds simple but the great things in life are simple. Try it out for a couple of weeks and watch what starts to happen!)

Step 6 – Start sharing your impressions

The final step requires you to try out your newly acquired psychic muscles on friends and family. This way, you can get feedback about the accuracy of what you pick up. There is a downside to this though: you know you’re friends and family, so it’s hard to know whether you are picking up real information or just recycling what you already know about them. So, try to find a family member or friend (or friend of a friend) that you don’t know well, and tell them you are ‘practicing’ your psychic prowess. (I hope you have open-minded people in your life!)

Start by sinking into the silence and clearing your mind. Then, set the intention to ‘see and sense’ their energy field. (Remember, the information and impressions will likely come through all of your senses). The thing to do next is to see and sense their energy field. What do you pick up about them?
Don’t worry if you can’t actually see their energy field – most people can’t – just run with whatever impressions you are receiving about them. Then, share these impressions with your guinea pig. (Your eager recipient!) It doesn’t matter if you only get a flash of a feeling, like anger or sadness, or an image, or a few words. Share them anyway.

You are just starting out, so make it clear to yourself as well as to your friend that that is the case. That way, you both won’t have unrealistic expectations about what you’re doing. Starting out this way is the best way I know of. Yes, it feels like jumping in the deep-end without a bathing suit on, but sharing your impressions grows psychic muscles and confidence VERY quickly.

Don’t just try it out on one person, try it out on many! If you really want to become psychic again (you always were), print this blog post and use it as a reference. If you adhere to the 6 steps in the way that I’ve laid them out, you will unlock your natural psychic gifts.

I have been teaching these 6 steps for many years now, and even the most resistant and self-professed ‘psychic dummy’ has been able to become more psychic by following them. People say to me all the time “you could never make me psychic!” I have a great track record, so if you don’t want to become psychic, don’t follow the 6 steps!

Wishing you great success in your psychicness!

in White Light,

PS. In the comments below, share with me how your psychicness is going? Have you already embraced and discovered your mystic nature?


Positive affirmation for the day: Through stillness, I connect to everything that is true.

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I have goosebumps…

I absolutely love, love, love this post- thank you so much for sharing your story and tips Belinda (and thank you Jess for publishing it!). I truly believe that children see and sense things that adults can’t- I think we’re encouraged to lose a lot of this magic as adults or feel as if we’re a bit ‘weird’, so push these gifts away. (So sad!)

Will definitely be printing this out and experimenting a little bit- so excited!

Thanks ladies! xx

This stuff is so fascinating to me. I’ve just recently completed your chakra course Belinda + so looking forward to diving a little deeper as soon as I learn to calm those crazy monkeys bouncing around in my head! x

Hi Belinda, this is very interesting to me. I am just starting to discover my psycic nature. I am in my 30′s and an INFJ myers Briggs type. I have been diagnosed as having generalised anxiety and am medicated for it. I don’t have anything to be anxious about though! My psychologist says I am an intuitive empath. So basically I am getting sick by picking up on other peoples emotions constantly. I am just starting to open up to the idea of my psychic nature as I do definetly have moments with loved ones, when I know things are happening. I have always pushed it aside and used my brain to make decisions, but in the last 6 months have stopped and let the “gut feel” take over if it is telling me something strongly. I also find my psychic nature talks alot in dreams to me. For example we are looking at buying an old house to refurb. We looked at one that my brain LOVED but it made me feel a bit creepy. The next week after I had nightmares every night about it, something horrible telling me to stay away. I took that as a sign to stay away ;p Someone also suggested Vipassana meditation. Have you heard of this? There is a Buddhist centre down the road that runs free sessions.

Hey Laura..
You sound very similar to me! I am in the same boat with GA and been told I’m very intuitive.. I recommend holistic counselling. My counsellor has told me half of my problems is supressed emotions from when I was younger, the other half is not setting a “invisible boundary” around myself when i’m around other people.. since doing this have felt a million times better!

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift
and the rational mind is a faithful servant.
We have created a society that honors the
servant and has forgotten the gift.”
–Albert Einstein

Wow thanks for such an amazing post Belinda. It’s so perfectly timely for me right now as this is something I’m bee much focusing and working on. Thanks for the great tips – looking forward to putting them into practice. Thank you + much love xx

Fabulous! Thank you very much.

Belinda & Jess,

Thanks for this, fascinating. I am so glad that talk of the divine/psychic realm is coming up more and more – I can feel it – our society is letting it rise up out of the taboo and it feels so right . Posts like this are helping that emergence!

much love,

Lisa xx

Love! I did not know that about the Aboriginal culture, what a gift!
And “Have you already embraced and discovered your mystic nature?” – yes, absolutely! <3

This couldn’t come at a more convenient time, today is the day I woke up, decided to shake off my funk and get to work on clearing and balancing! The chakra course is just what I’ve been looking for, funny how the universe works to give us exactly what we need when we need it :p (also as a side note – this font is RAD!)

yes! the woo-woo! I love it. xx

Hi Jess,

I absolutely love your blog and your story. You have inspired me greatly and I think it is amazing how many people you are reaching out to so thank you so much for all your hard work!

What I find so brilliant about this blog is that it is accessible to everyone, all ages and walks of life. Your story speaks for itself and enables you to convey a simple pure message of heath and love that cannot be denied.

What concerns me about this particular post is that it appears to be talking about a spiritual belief as if it is fact – as if everyone that is interested in wellness is capable of and should desire to be a mystic, and that this is tied in with being well. I totally appreciate that health and spirituality are inextricably linked however this post seems to take that a step further and I would hate to see this blog become something that people couldnt access because of spiritual differences. At the same time I don’t believe you should hold back from sharing your personal beliefs and spiritual journey if thats what you feel is right. I just think there is a fine line between stating something as fact and openly discussing beliefs (a balance I think you achieved fantastically in your flu shot article!)

It may be helpful to explain my personal perspective, I have experienced what you might call a ‘spiritual awakening’ over the past couple of years and have found truth in the Christian faith. At the same time I have awakened to every other area of my life including my health and the world around me. I have found it really surprising how difficult it is to find information on health and wellness that is not tied up with spiritual beliefs or dogma.

I feel there could be a whole bunch of people missing out on wellness for this reason. I for one would like to challenge that fear- by example I try everyday to breakdown those barriers holding people back from the enormous benefits of yoga and meditation. Your blog is such an inspiration to me for this and I would hate to see it become a platform for people to push their personal spiritual beliefs as fact. I appreciate it may be difficult to do this as as we become awakened we have a natural urge to share – I just hope you can keep focused on the beautiful, healthy, nutritious messages that I have experienced from you so far!

Namaste lovely Jess, I pray for continued Peace and healing for you xxx

Ps. I am off to Bali for 2 months on sunday – lots of yoga, coconuts and a trip to Temple Lodge thanks to you ;)