Hurry Up And Be Patient Already!

Posted May 14, 2013


Patience has never been my strong suit. I’ve always despised the process involved in getting somewhere or creating something and when things take longer than I want, I can become very antsy. It happened when I was a little girl and I quit jazz ballet because I didn’t want to learn the steps – I just wanted to dance already, and it’s happening still to this day. Being such a big lesson I clearly need to learn, the universe keeps putting me in situations where I have the chance to learn it.

If spending two years at home committed to a healing regime isn’t enough to teach you patience, I don’t know what is. However, I still struggle with it. Case in point: my recent endeavour buying a house. We had been looking for a house to buy for about nine months, and I loved every single house we looked at. Even if it was so crappy that the whole thing needed to be torn down. Part of this was due to optimism and my belief that we could make something beautiful out of the rubble, and part of this was just because I wanted to buy a house already! As the months went by and we weren’t finding the perfect house, I was getting frustrated. We had our hearts set on a couple and missed out on getting them, and then I would get even more frustrated. I knew that it was just because our house was still out there waiting for us, and that perhaps the timing just wasn’t perfect yet, but that logic all went out the window most of the time. Still, I told myself that everything happens in the perfect time, and instructed myself to just take a deep breath and trust.

Then, when we did eventually find the perfect house and we bought it for the exact price I was manifesting hard core on, it all made sense. We missed out on the other houses we liked because the universe was protecting us. It knew that our house was still out there, and that it was much better than any of the others we were looking at.

It was the same when it came to landing a book deal. This is something I wanted so badly for ages, and I actually wrote two other books prior to the one that was picked up by Hay House. Every time a publisher turned me down, my heart sank. Now I know that those books that I was pitching aren’t the books that need to be out in the world yet. The book deal was always going to come, but the universe was waiting to deliver it to me at the right time and for the right book.

I know consciously that there’s no point to being anything but patient, but it’s something I need to remind myself of often to avoid getting caught up in anxiety and stand firm in the truth that everything is unfolding in the perfect way at the perfect time. Being impatient isn’t going to make things happen any faster – it’s just going to screw around with the perfect order of things.

Seeing as patience is something I struggle most with, I have quotes plastered all over my vision board reminding me of why it’s such an important quality to cultivate. I want to share a couple with you, just in case this is something you resonate with.

“Adopt the pace of nature, her secret is patience.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Patience child, patience. Remember, life is a journey. If you got everything you wanted all at once there’d be no point to living. Enjoy the ride, and in the end you’ll see these “setbacks” as giant leaps forward, only you couldn’t see the bigger picture in the moment. Remain calm, all is within reach; all you have to do is show up every day, stay true to your path and you’ll surely find the treasure that you seek.” – Jackson Kiddard

And this is one from my Doreen Virtue book, Daily Guidance From Your Angels:

Take It Easy

“Sometimes you struggle and strain to achieve so much that you unwittingly block yourself. This is especially true when you want something so bad that you try over and over again to make it happen.

The universe responds to the fear imprinted into the energy of struggle. This underlying anxiety that maybe what you desire won’t materialise is mirrored back to you in the form of limitations, delays, and unsatisfactory manifestations.

That’s why surrendering brings about immediate results. When you deliver your wish to the universe, you also release the fears that previously blocked you. Letting go is a statement that says, “I know my wish is manifesting in the best possible way, even if I’m not certain exactly how it will happen.” This faith is akin to opening the front door and welcoming your desire into your home.

Take it easy today, and allow the universe to do the work of creating your dreams. Your job was done once you made the wish, so turn it over to God and enjoy the creative ways in which your prayers are answered.”

How’s your patience? Do you get frustrated when things take longer that you would like?


Positive affirmation for the day: I relax and surrender all of my desires to the universe.

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Jess, I loved this post. Patience is also not my strong virtue and I don’t take setbacks easily. I’m trying to practice that every setback is actually an opportunity but it’s hard. I love hearing your story because it shows that with determination and perseverance good things happen. Often we just see the end result, just like with your book deal, but it gave me hope when I learned that you had to be patient and try. Cheers!

Brooke says:

Wow, Jess I thank the Universe for this post this morning! Patience is something I have huge challenge with – I want my desires manifested now. This morning I woke up feeling frustrated at having to wait on something by my graphic designer and have been trying to cultivate patience. Then your article shows up in my news feed! Thank you Universe. And you ;) x

Kibby says:

Oh, how I can relate, my dear! I have been learning this lately too and keep saying, “there is a reason for this situation and just flow with it. The Universe KNOWS BEST for me.” I will be sharing this on my Thoughtful Thursday post this week. Perfect for us all to remember. Thanks and congrats on all your success and for shining your bright light outward. XO

Jess, this is such a beautiful, beautiful post and as always, very timely! Patience and wanting things to happen instantly is a constant struggle for me (spot the Aquarius!), but I find that the more I believe that the universe has it all figured out, the more I learn to trust in this divine timing and let go. I’ve found asking the universe or your angels for help is also a great way to practise patience and trust that everything is unfolding beautifully.

Such a great post- thank you Jess! x

Kirst says:

It feels like your post was made for me today Jess. We are trying to conceive a sibling for our beautiful daughter after two miscarriages. I need to learn to surrender and not let the fear take over. Thank you for this message, I’ll be keeping the Virtue excerpt close at hand. Love.

Aimee says:

Great post Jess. Patience is definitely not one of the virtues I possess and it was a timely reminder that sometimes the universe likes to deliver what we need in unexpected ways. I had a psychic reading the other day and she told me that one of my big lessons coming up from the universe is persistence and to not give up when I get disheartened. I think patience ties in nicely with this and not necessarily giving up but as you said surrendering to the universe and believing it has your best interests at heart. xx

Katie says:

I love this post – patience is not one of my virtues.. My husband and I have been trying for a baby for 2 years now and it seems the more I try the further away it gets! I am now working with my intergrative doctor and naturopath on some inhibiting health issues (that my doctor didn’t pick up on go figure) and they always say to me that I need to be patient and let my body work its magic. I’m now trying to (although I’m not very good at it) surrender to the universe and let it happen in its own good time :-) Thanks for the reminder!

Jenna says:

Jess – I could’ve written this. Completely. I hate the waiting, having to take time, the allowing others and the world to contribute in its own way. I like making decisions, then getting on with it dammit! My pet frustration at the moment is work, its getting in the way of my own healing and wellness. But without it, I can’t afford all the things I need to get better. Hmm. And I know what you’ve written about, really, but its taking its own sweet time to sink in…

Josephine says:

So true. Can relate to every word of this post. Has happened to me time and time again. The universe always has my back but I never see it like that at the time. The ‘missed’ opportunities HAVE ALWAYS resulted in something far better than I could have imagined at the time! Thanks for the reminder. xx

Maria says:

I love this post. Today I recived some mesages about this, It is amazing.

Thank a lot.


Rebecca says:

Your page comes up now with much of the text missing. This has only happened since you moved to your new page design. Just letting you know!

Hi Rebecca, that’s so weird. Thanks for letting me know. I’ll have it looked into.

Courtney says:

Thanks Jess! I heard a quote once that our patience is directly proportional our level of trust and faith in life’s flow. We have all the patience in the world for the things we KNOW will unfold. Patience is the signpost to dive deeper into trust. It is our friend not our enemy. Meditation is the greatest way to learn to rest in trust and patience.
Love Love Love xxx

Hayley says:

So true Courtney, what a great perspective.

Emily says:

What a great post! We all need reminding of these things from time to time. I used to be SO impatient to find the perfect guy after years of searching & let downs, (I finally found him early last year!) then I was impatient to get engaged (he proposed last year also!) then I was impatient to get married (we were married in March!) then I was impatient to get pregnant (which I am now after 6 months of trying) – life is a journey and we just have to love and embrace the highs and lows. Good luck to anyone needing patience in any area; I hope everyone finds the happiness they seek. Great post Jess, thank you! xxx

Maria says:

Exactly what I needed to hear today. Beautiful and eloquent post, and excellent reminder that patience is a virtue! Thanks, Jess!

I am getting much better at waiting for the universe, but it has taken a while!

Great post Jess -I think lack of patience is something many people struggle with. After a few setbacks (including buying a house) I have learnt the importance of being patient and while I certainly haven’t completely mastered it yet, I’m much better.

Lyn says:

Thank you so much Jess. I have been really impatient lately with my business thinking I really want overnight success so I love’d that quote that said if we got it all at once it wouldn’t be living! I so need to learn patience and enjoy the process. Good and bad! Thank you my love!

Mish says:

Haha I even rushed through reading the quotes and had to take a breath and read them again. We are very much the generation o “instant gratification”. I mean imagine if this page took 10minuted to load?! No one would bother waiting and getting the gold in the message :) great reminder thank you xx

Jess, I said yesterday, in my comments, that I wasn’t buying any more books for a while, but I NEED that book by Doreen Virtue. I love all the quotes, but that one especially spoke to me. I think patience is the hardest thing to learn, but if we just relax and flow along with the process a bit, life is so much easier. I’m looking forward to seeing photos of your new home. xxoo

And of course I’ll be buying your book when it comes out Jess! xxoo

Libby Taylor says:

Wow! What a simply awesome and true post Jess. I have three kids under the age of 5 so I have countless opportunities in every single day to work on my patience muscle! :) Sometimes it really helps to just stop and really allow myself to breathe and remind myself that I am doing a great and important job to the best of my ability! Congrats on buying your house! That is so super exciting :) Love Libby x

Clare says:

Wow! I am completely on the same page as you here Jess. My partner and I were living in a less-than ideal situation while we looked for a house for 18 months. My heart ached because I wanted it so badly! It took a long time, but we are now living in the house of our dreams. Because we waited so long, we were able to save so much more money, and have our businesses at a more stable place. Now I can see that all those houses we missed out on before were not meant for us- our house was still out there waiting for us. Thanks for reminding me to apply this lesson to other areas of my life xxx

Esther says:

Wow. Just book marked it.
Soo what I need to hear.. the majority of the time! Haha
I have been trying to manifest a few things and its been making me cranky because I’m not seeing what a want to see happen, but what I really need to do is to just calm down and leave it up to the universe now.. and to know that its not me giving up on my dreams its just trusting that it will come to you. Awesome. Thanksyou Jess!

Tash Chi says:

Were you writing this to me Jess? Haha this is especially appropriate for me today!! Thanks for sharing your wisdom and helping others :) Xx

Dana says:

Timely post, Jess– I just finished reading Gabrielle Bernstein’s book “Add More ~Ing to your Life” and the last chapter was all about having patience and not letting impatience get in the way of manifesting or receiving what you truly want. Whenever I find myself feeling impatient, I like to take a step back and remember something that unfolded *exactly when it needed to* in the past. This helps me remember that the Universe has my back and that whatever I’m waiting for is on its way (and will be awesome when it arrives!)

Great post Jess. Fear can play a big part in triggering impatience. Sometimes, when patience doesn’t come easy, it can be really helpful to ask ourselves, “What am I afraid of?” The answer can offer powerful insight.

Sam says:

I’m hearing ya sista! All through my life if I have wanted something I make it happen immediately and if it didn’t I would get frustrated and upset. Then I had my daughter and had no option. I have had to let my body heal slowly and be patient with other dreams I have as they will take longer now I have this beautiful angel tugging at my leg. This morning my house is a crazy mess something I used to be so anal about but instead I made our first cardboard cubby house and danced our hearts out to Bombay bicycle club watching her do dizzy whizzys for the first time makes me stop breathe and thank the the universe namaste Jess your posts rock and get me though each day x

Tash says:

Talk about synchronicity! Patience is not my strong point and I know I’m going through what I’m going through to learn patience! Of late I’ve been anxious n I have no idea why but also knowing deep down its to do with patience. So this was just what I needed this morning! Thank you Jess n thank you universe for once again showing me patience is important.

Chantelle says:

Haha, I loved this post Jess as I am the same. I want it all now, now, now! It is only in recent years that I have come to the understanding that if you push it, it will just all blow up in your face and I have surrendered to the will of the universe and when I have faith it’s amazing what the universe provides, even the little things that happen each day to make you smile are a gift from the universe.

The “P” word has always been a struggle but finally now I get it but its still a challenge. I think when i was shapping for my attributes before I came to this plane, either patience was not on the shelf or it fell out of my cart before check out….well its another journey for me to take while I am visiting Spaceship Earth…..glad to know I am not alone! PS I want it yesterday!

Sarah says:

The timing of this post couldn’t be any better Jess, thank you so much.
My husband & I have been trying to conceive for 3 years now – had our first treatment with IVF last month, and over the weekend found out that it wasn’t successful. I’ve been quite down about it.
But maybe this is just the universe working it’s magic. I need to just go with the flow, and try not to get too caught up in it all. Good will come out of this, somehow.
Thanks Jess, the post has really brought me comfort at a time when it has been hard to get out of bed and face the day.

dianne says:

I don’t know how you do it Jess but every time I am feeling exactly the way you are writing about….wham… there it is in front of me to read. You reminding me to trust the Universe. You are such an inspiration to me to keep on healing…THE BIGGEST THANK YOU.

Iris says:

I don’t know why but I started crying when I read this – it really struck a chord. I’m an achiever and take pride in producing results effectively and efficiently. I strive to make it happen damnit! A timely reminder not to lose faith.

Zizi says:

Hi Jess, I think this is not as simple. In your case if you were just sitting at home and waiting for things to happen (with open heart, mind, door etc) you would have never found your house. It is about hard work, investment and desperate desire for something that triggers Universe to make it happen.

Monique Moorfield says:

Exactly what I needed to hear today! Thanks Jess x

Jemma says:

My boyfriend and I have been recently looking at buying a block of land to build a house, he went to apply for the loan about 4 weeks ago and he couldn’t get one because someone had stolen his identity and put a black mark against his credit rating, it is an awful setback and we are currently in the process of fixing it. As bad of a set back as it is, it has made me realise that we really are rushing into things and just yesterday I had the ephiphony that I am really not ready for this and he isn’t either. I am taking this black mark as the universes way of buying me more time to think, and protecting me from my own impatience. Besides living with his parents isn’t quite so bad :) thanks Jess xox

B says:

Why do we struggle with this so much – even when we know the universe knows better than we do?? Perfect timing to read this piece today Jess, I’ve been living in my own head these past few months trying to get some ideas off the ground and almost sending myself crazy at the same time – and today I just surrendered – stopped – handed it over cos I am so sick of going in circles! Then to read this as a gentle reminder this afternoon is just great. Thank you.

Jessa says:

This is definitely something that has resonated with me. I’m quite possibly the most impatient person I know- to the point where, after reading this post and looking back, I can see exactly how this impatience has impacted my life and my choices. I have to keep reminding myself just to breathe and calm down a little- I don’t need everything all at once!

Thank you so much for your posts Jess. I always find they’re so timely and I always need to remember the lesson you’ve written about.

Good luck with your new house!

Suzie says:

A great post and so relevant to what I needed to read today, Jess. I am at university part time and am always stressing about picking up the pace to full time… I so badly want it finished! Today I need to enroll in my subjects for the next term. However, will three young children and other commitments it is always so stressful when I take on full time. I need to take on board that I am still in the process of realising my dream, and to enjoy the journey! ♥

THANK YOU Jess! This was such a perfect post for where I am at right now. Patience is difficult for me in so many ways. I need to practice it daily with my children, and also while building my blog and business. That Doreen Virtue passage was exactly what I needed to read. Thank you so much for sharing. xx
ps. And a huge congratulations again on finding your dream home. x

Simone says:

I am so impatienyt all the time and it is definitely one of my worst qualities that I also need to work on. My logical brain tells me to trust the Universe and trust in the process, while my emotional side just wants everything to be just right, right NOW. I also hate disappointments, and my impatience doubles when I do face a setback. It can definitely be difficult to live with grace and faith, and is also soemthing I work on every day.

Claire says:

Hi Jess, this post is so perfectly timed for me, it’s almost as if you have read my mind. We (my husband and 3 children) have applied to migrate to Perth Australia. 2 years ago this month I was diagnosed with stage 1b triple negative breast cancer, aged 36. Naturally at the time if seemed like a life sentence, but now after all the treatment is finished, all my hair has grown back (wild and curly) and life feels good again. However whilst we have ticked all the migration boxes, our case has been referred to the medical officer of the commonwealth to determine if they will allow me a visa based on my medical history. That was 18 weeks and 1 day ago so we are very patiently waiting and waiting and praying they bless us with the grant of our visas. I’m in the uk, so wake to your emails each morning and this one this morning really helped me overcome the gradual sad vibe which was overtaking me each morning when I would check the status of our application and see that nothing has changed. I am a miracle magnet and I’ve asked the universe to grant my wish, now I must continue to wait and know that the universe is working its magic. Thank you Jess xx

Claire says:

Just an update on my post Jess, the night I posted this I went to bed repeating my wish to the universe and asking it to work it’s magic for me while I slept. Yesterday morning we woke to the news our visas had been granted so we are moving to Perth!! How exciting, I am a miracle magnet and the universe heard my prayers. I don’t care how cheesy I sound, I believe xx

Clare says:

Congratulations Claire – you definitely are a miracle magnet! I’m from Perth and it’s a fantastic place to live and bring up kids (I have 2 little munchkins). All the best for the big move. Clare

Karin says:

Thank you, wow exactly what I needed to hear…I am struggling with patience constantly…I have no patience and now I have been put on the biggest test…I finally made my dream come true to complete a yoga teacher training and just when I was ready to start teaching and sharing my passion, I sprained my foot very badly…doctors prediction – 12 weeks!!! my only thought was – I DO NOT HAVE 12 WEEKS!!!!
but day by day I am learning and becoming becoming more patient…
thank you for reminding and speaking out…

Jaclyn Tam says:

Hi Jess

This post could not have come at a better time. My partner and I have just started house hunting. I went to a home open over the weekend and i absolutely loved the house, it was love at first sight. Without hesitation i placed an offer down . I received a call last night saying our offer was rejected only by a small margin and i was so devastated. But you are right… everything will happen in the right time. I have to be patient and just keep looking and trust fate. x

Daniela says:

Jess, this post is so true!! I’m struggling to find a job and I’m getting so frustraded :( I can’t see the beauty which surrounds me because I’m too angry! I think it’s high time to relax and surrender! Thak you for sharing this amazing post!

derek says:

A motto that I learnt and adopted over the years when missing out on a house purchase or similar is that “I wasn’t meant to have it” – and moved on with life.

Tara Hunt says:

What perfect timing for me to open your patience post Jess.
We have been looking for our new house for what seems an eternity.
On the weekend we missed out on what seemed to us to be the most perfect house..we were both just gutted and so low about it.
After reading some of the comments I realize its just a house and we are so incredibly lucky to be all well and happy.
Patience is a real challenge for me but I will continue to choose to focus on what I do have rather than yern for what I don’t.
Thanks for your perfectly timed snippet of wisdom.
We missed out on what we considered to be the perfect house for us

Jess, this post definitely struck a cord with me. I used to be very impatient, but I’d like to believe that I’ve become much better at it over the years ;)
Once I started trusting that the Universe would find its way to fulfill my deepest desires without me trying to force it, it made a huge difference in my life: I changed countries again, met the right man for me, and we’re now married and expecting our first baby! I’m so grateful :)
How I got here? I started with yoga and embarked on a quest for personal development! Blogs like yours help keep me on that track :)

eimear says:

Wow, I loved that quote from Jackson Kiddard. Another one I like is, ‘rejection is God’s protection’. Thanks so much for this article, it’s good to know it’s not just me!

Sarah says:

Patience is a week spot for me. Thank you for this Jess. Often I feel so low because I think to myself “why is this not happening now for me”! I obviously need to be patient, put the positives into the world and wait for my turn… I know it will come!

Liz says:

I had such a similar experience when looking for our home~we just moved in 3 weeks ago and we love it but I found so many that I got all excited about, many of them I liked and wanted but for some reason or another things fell through..although I believed in my heart that it would all fall into place, it didn’t keep my mind from running wild at which point I would have to turn to meditation or yoga to help return me to my peace. Best with your move!

Chauvy Soeur says:

I like this post, it seems that you reminded me of myself. You have to be patience, if things did not happen, then its not meant for you.

Susan says:

Im the least patient person ever. Great post!

Celine says:

great post Jess and congrta son the house. I lately went tough an injury and my doctor told me it will take 6 weeks to heal. I couldnt believe that I would not be able to walk, run, do yoga and have a normal life for 6 weeks…. 2 months down the road, I am now grateful for this time when I took care of my body and understood the importance of not taking walking, running and doing yoga for granted;-) Peace and love from Berlin.

Lyall Kristine Sempf says:

Wow Jess, what a great post, and lots of interesting comments and sharings. Some call Him the ‘universe’, some call him God’, some have another belief, and everyone’s views and beliefs are to be fully respected.
I call Him God and/or Jesus Christ, and He sure looks after us, and He sure teaches me patience. Blessings, Lyall oo

Nicole says:

No I can’t really say that patience is my strong point either. I am driven and inspired, creative and spontaneous but I can certainly learn a lot about the admin, the hard yards and the waiting for the right time. The tension created by the frustration can be useful if it is harnessed into drive and motivation to do the little things. I loved your post,

Kamina says:

Jess, it’s great to read about people’s experiences that so deeply reflect your own. I loved reading this post, and was very pleasantly surprised to see the subject heading in my inbox because only a few days before I wrote about a similar topic on my blog! Funny how the universe sends similar messages out into the world. If you have time I’d love if you had a look: Hope you enjoy it x Kamina @ The Glow Seeker

Thanks for posting this Jess. It was exactly what I needed to hear, especially at this particular point in my life. You’re a true inspiration :)