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Posted April 1, 2013


I recently wrote a post outlining my pick of the best blenders on the market, and it was so popular that it sparked requests for the juicer equivalent of such a review. So, here it is! I’ve got a more in-depth guide to buying the right juicer inside The Lifestyle Transformation Guide, but for now here’s a quick overview of the top juicers I recommend.

For me, a good juicer is just as important to my kitchen as a fridge or stove – so I have no qualms about paying what is necessary to make sure I’m drinking the best quality (and best tasting) juice. Daily juicing is my health insurance. This is why I recommend juicers that earn their hefty price tags. However, you’ll find a list of budget juicers at the bottom if you’re not ready to make the investment.



The Norwalk is easily the best juicer on the market. It is also the must-have juicer when you commit to Gerson Therapy, and for good reason. In a two-step process, The Norwalk will gently grind your produce into a pulp where it is caught by a cheesecloth bag. The bag is then placed under the press section where the juice is pressed out of the bag. You are left with nothing but dry pulp in the bag, and a jug full of super nutrients to drink. This juicer produces 50-100 percent more juice, which contains 3-5 times the vitamins and minerals than juice from other machines. However, this is a heavy machine that is not ideal for travelling (I have a separate juicer to take with me on the road).

Cost: $2500 – however those of us not in the US have to factor in the cost of shipping and customs as well. Ours cost us about $4500 all up. I recommend looking on eBay or Gumtree for a cheaper, second hand one.
Warranty: 12 years

Here’s a video of me using the Norwalk to make green juice.



After the Norwalk, The Angel is my top pick. It’s small enough to be mobile, it looks gorgeous sitting on the kitchen bench, and it produces amazing juice and dry pulp (meaning all of the juice, vitamins and minerals are extracted). The Angel is a twin-gear juicer meaning that it produces juice by pressing produce between two interlocking roller gears. The juice is slowly squeezed out and the pulp is gently discarded. The main reason why I would choose The Angel over the other juicers is that, like the Norwalk, it is completely made from stainless steel.

Cost: From $1395
Warranty: 5 years



I love this juicer. It sits vertically and compact on your bench, gently grinds your veggies, and produces yummy juice. I think it’s super great value for it’s price. It comes in a few different versions, but they are all great and all affordable.

Cost: From $399
Warranty: 10 years on motor, 2 years on parts



The Champion was my very first “proper” juicer and it served us well, all the way up until we graduated to a Norwalk at the beginning of Gerson Therapy. While the pulp that this juicer spits out isn’t as dry as The Angel, it’s still a really good juicer. This is a masticating juicer that gently grinds up the produce.

Cost: $549
Warranty: 10 years



The Oscar Neo is very similar to the Champion and choosing between the two would be based purely on personal preference. Many of my friends have Oscars though and it’s very handy to be able to use them as my juicers away from home when I stay at their places.

Cost: $529
Warranty: 20 years motor, 10 years parts


All of the juicers I’ve mentioned above can be used for so much more than juice. You can use them to make ice creams, nut butters, hummus, and grind up flour.


As you can see, a good juicer isn’t cheap. If you’re at the beginning of your wellness journey you may be having a hard time justifying the spend. Luckily, there are cheaper juicers available. These guys are centrifugal juicers, and they can be a great starting point. Just keep in mind that centrifugal juicers don’t do well when juicing greens, and they are much rougher on your produce. They introduce more heat and oxygen into the process, which means that you’ll lose nutrients. A more expensive juicer will last longer and extract more juice from your produce, which saves you money in the long run.



Cost: $99.95
Warranty: 1 year


Cost: Between $179 and $249.95
Warranty:2 years


Have you used any of the juicers in this list? What is your favourite? I would love for you to add to the conversation in the comments below!


Positive affirmation for the day: I find joy and pleasure in the day’s simple beauty.

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narelle says:

Thanks Jess – we picked up a Breville Juice fountain at a garage sale which had been used once – for $5.
It’s not the top of the range juicer – but at least it is something until we upgrade… Money should be no excuse for getting juice into you…. start small if you need and build up to the good stuff : )
It may also cost a bit for all the different ingredients – we started with carrots and apples (yep carrot and apple juice every day) – 20kg carrots – $16.00 apples (organic) $10. So for $26 a week our family of 5 has 300ml of juice each day : )

As of yet I only have a centrifugal juicer. I am finding it hard to commit to anything more but am crushing very hard on the Norwalk one. My current definitely lacks oompf and gives me very wet pulp but it does the trick. I recently purchased a Vitamix (amazing!), so am tending towards green smoothies and not so much juices. Onto the vision board goes that gorgeous Norwalk. Thanks, Jess! xo

Evergreen says:


Some people will put the wet centrifugal pulp in a nut milk or nylon bag and squeeze out the remaining juice. Sure it’s extra work, but it can be one of those extra things you do which make all the difference in the long run :)

Susan says:

I have a vitamix and I use it for smoothies also. But I’ve recently started making juice with it by putting it in a nut milk bag and squeezing out the juice, it only takes a few minutes extra and you can make the pulp pretty dry.

Jo says:

I use my Vitamix also for juicing. You just pour into a nutmilk bag & squeeze till pulp is quite dry. Its quick & easy to clean up. Good option while you save up for for something better then centrifugal.

Evergreen says:


I use the Champion juicer. The juice is awesome but it is a high-maintenance machine. I would love to graduate to a Norwalk juicer one day. Still I think the best juicer is the one you use :)

Great line-up Jess. I started with the Champion, then graduated to the Angel, and now I’m blessed to use the Norwalk (I was introduced to it when I was caring for a friend who was doing Gerson). Thumbs up for the Norwalk – its quality and taste make it well worth the price, and definitely worth saving up for.

Becky says:

Suzanne, which juicer is easier to clean up; Norwalk or SuperAngel? Also which juicer produces a greater flavored juice. I understand that the SA produces pulp and this might yield a more flavorful result as the pulp contains its own nutrients. Thanks in advance. Mahalo.

BenW says:

Where are the vertical single auger slow juicers in your review. . . . ?!

Excellent all round juicers from fruits to leafy greens :)

Michele says:

I did tons of research and ended up buying the Omega 8005 masticating juicer. For the price it’s really good. I had a Breville before and you can’t beat it for price and convenience, but it doesn’t compare to the Omega… the first time I tasted the Omega juice, wow, what a difference. The pulp is drier, the juice more pigmented and doesn’t separate or foam as much. The warranty is 15 years which is amazing. I’ve heard good things about the Omega Vrt HD too.

tash says:

Hi Jess,
I have heaps of green smoothies and juices but have been doing them in the blender until it broke. I am looking at getting a magimix blender, what d you think of these?

Jess says:

tash » Hi Tash, this one is a juicer so it won’t make smoothies. It’s also a centrifugal juicer, so it will have trouble juicing greens. x

Katie says:

Which is the easiest to clean?

Jess says:

Katie » They are all pretty easy to clean. x

tash says:

Sorry, my post was confusing.. I was just after a juicer :-) NOt sure why i mentioned smoothies, lol

Hmmm, how do I tell when one is a centrifugal juicer?

Jess says:

tash » You can usually tell by the price, but also if it isn’t centrifugal, it will say that it’s a cold-press juicer. x

tash says:

Awesome, thank you x

Oh baby, I LONG to own a cold-pressed juicer soon.

Next on the list in a Vitamix, and then we’ll set our sights on one of these bad boys xxx

Hi Jess,

My first juicer was a centrifugal Panasonic juicer, which served me well for a while, but it’s quite fiddly to clean, and of course the juice is not the best quality. I’ve owned a Champion for several years, and I find the juice gets a bit warm, and I find it physically hard to push the juice through. This one’s also a bit fiddly to clean, but it makes AWESOME pure fruit ice cream.

I got a Juicepresso earlier this year (for my birthday) and I’ve found it pretty good. The juice comes out cool, because it spins at only 40rpm, and being a vertical (single auger) juicer, I find it easier to feed things in. I’m pretty happy with it, although I’ve yet to find one that’s fast and easy to clean! (I’m not a big fan of cleaning – can you tell?)

Note: If any of your readers are interested, I had a bit of a rave about mine a couple of months ago on my blog

Thanks for your review of the best juicers. You’re certainly in a position to know what works, and I love that your top two are the ones at the top of my wishlist as well. One day I’ll get myself a Norwalk!



Yasmin says:

I have a Juicepresso machine, which I got specifically to make green juices. It is very good at juicing everything including kale. It doesn’t take up much room on the bench. I usually run the pulp through the juicer a second time, and it comes out very dry. i’ll upgrade to a Norwalk when I can, but the Juicepresso is great for now.

Annalise says:

I love the Juicepresso by Coway. Not too expensive, and makes an awesome cold pressed juice!

Rebecca says:

How much was it?

John says:

Hi Jess,

I have been juicing for the last month or so and put an awful lot of research into it before deciding on the Omega Vrt 350 HD (actually the 352 for 220V). It does everything that I can put into it and spits out nice dry pulp, flavours are sensational.

Would have liked the Norwalk or Angel but price was a factor in my decision. As it was I was able to have it shipped here to Aust for $490 inclusive while the cheapest price I could find for the same model here was $795 + shipping from memory.

Am very happy with my choice. :-)


Deborah says:

Green Star is a good juicer for the price – just under $500 (US)

Janke says:

Hi Jess,

Have you ever travelled by plane and take your juicer? I have the oscar, but I’m too scared to take it with me as handluggage, not sure If they let me take it on the plane.. And I won’t put it in my suitcase as you know how they trow around with them.. Any experiences?


narelle says:

G’day Janke – we took our la pavoni coffee machine (cast brass) to China – in our luggage. We had it wrapped in clothes and packed in pretty tight in our suitcase. Try emailing the airline your flying with and ask. Have a fun trip : )

Jess says:

Janke » Hi Janke, yep I sure have! I have an Angel juicer as my travel juicer and I take this on the plane. I just make sure I pack it in a lot of bubble wrap!! x

Astrid Van Der Linden says:

Thanks Jess, a great post once again! I love our Oscar Neo juicer and you are right it is worth every penny. Have felt the difference since juicing each day. Feeling more energetic and alive and my children look forward to their juices each day too. So happy they love their vegetables in this way and know its sooo good for them.

Recently, I also discovered the ecojarz that are so handy to store your juice while travelling. Such a great idea.

Kathleen says:

I only use my very powerful and inexpensive centrifugal juicer to make a celery base juice for my vitamix green smoothies. It is enough for now. I had a champion for years and it was a lot of work…

Jennifer says:

Great article! I have a Norwalk (in storage!!). I used it a handful of times and became a little impatient with the mess of it. I felt that I used a tremendous amount of produce to get very little juice, so when I moved and the had the option to bring it to my new apartment that has very little counter space I opted for storage and bought a Breville. I enjoy the Breville because it’s so quick and simple and can be stored away. But I must admit that listening to your description of the Norwalk I’m wondering if I wasn’t using it properly and I should get it out of storage!!!!
I will keep you posted on my new experiences with it and if you could offer any suggestions on usage they would be greatly appreciated!!!
Thanks, have a wonderful day :-)

Heather says:

Oh my goodness… a Norwalk… in storage?? I’m sure you’d have PLENTY of candidates to take it off your hands for you so it no longer collects any more dust! …but I would recommend to dust it off and reap the benefits!!

Cheryl says:

I’ve got the Omega VRT330 masticating juicer and love it. Works great, takes up minimal space, and it’s easy to clean.

Brianna says:

The Omega J8004 masticating juicer cost me $199 here in the US through Amazon. I love it! I wish I could have a Norwalk but this was good starting one for me.

Nakita says:

We use Hurom Slow Juicer and think its great, but have yet to use any of the juicers you mentioned. It was around $290 from ebay and the quality of juice is so much better than the previous juicer we got from Big W!!

Celine says:

hey Nakita, can you also juice greens with the Harom ?

Hi Jess! Thanks for this post – very helpful! Have you or anyone else heard of the Ladyship blender? A friend of mine has one and swears by it and I’m considering buying one myself. It’s also quite a good price – most expensive is $795, second $379 and third $249. If anyone is interested in checking it out, the website is :-)

Annette says:

I love my Green Life juicer….had it for over 10 years now. It’s one of those things I’d grab if a fire broke out!!

Amy says:

i have a Juice Buddy that i got from it was about $200 i think. great little cold press juicer for the beginner/budget conscious buyer :)

Anna says:

Hello, I just purchased the Omega 8006 as I want to get my entire family to start drinking green juice. Is this a good option? If not, would you tell me why not? I just bought it and it sits in the original box so I could return it for a better option so I don’t spend the money only to wish I had bought something else. Would greatly appreciate your opinion.

Heather says:

Hey Jess,

What about the Omega’s? I’ve done a ton of research, but would love your opinion… I found that the best “bang for your buck” was the Omega 350vert or the Omega 8005. Both are masticating, single gear juicers and I totally agree with your top of line suggestions you listed here, but just wondering for those on a budget, getting started, yet don’t want to “go down” to a centrifugal.

Looking forward to your feedback <3

Love & Blessings,


Tami says:

I started juicing with a Juiceman Jr. It was my first juicer. Although it was a very basic inexspensive inefficient centrifugal juicer it got me started on juicing. I am about to start Gerson and got a Norwalk 280. Wow! I am in juice heaven. It took a couple times of cleaning greens and carrots off the ceiling before I got the hang of it. The juice is very clean and full of flavor. The difference in the amount of juice I get from the Norwalk versus the same amount of produce in the old juicer is amazing. I felt guilty for wasting so much all those years. The clean up is easy now that I have it all figured out. Its really quite a lovely piece of equipment.

Sarah says:

Hi Jess, just wondering if you have heard of the Green Star juicer ( This is the one that I was recommended and I wanted to see if you had any thoughts on it. Thank you! x

Jess says:

Sarah » I’ve not used it personally, but I’ve heard good things about this one too! x

Kelly says:

Hi Jess,
Thanks for the review! I am just a little bit excited as I recently brought myself the Oscar Neo after having a breville for 10years. I love it and use it several times a day. So glad you talked about traveling, as I recently went to NZ and missed my juicer every day! Thanks again :)

Miranda says:

I am researching juicers and have a couple of questions please:
1. I found a ceramic juicer – has anyone heard anything about this or have experience
of one
2. why does juice taste different between juicers?

nicole says:

when making a vegie juice is it best to keep it simple. i have been having a juice with cucumber zucchini celery carrot and beetroot with a bit of apple of lime juice. Is this too many veggies. Most sites only use 2 or 3 vegies. is there a reason for this.

Peter hammer says:

Hi Jess, My wife and I started going raw second week in January until I watched Fat,Sick…decided to juice the next day. I had a Jack Lalane juicer in storage we started with that, two weeks later we bought the Breville which was a definite step up, we both juiced for 21 strait days felt unbelievably Great lost weight and decided juicing is part of our healthy life. In March we got the Angel 5500 and are loving it, the juice is darker with more substance and there is such little pulp(dry) compared to the centrifical units. For those who are contemplating the more expensive ones, Angel, Norfolk…and the price is holding you back just remember with the price of organic produce(New York thru the roof) and the amount of money you save by using less produce pays for the more expensive machine.Thanks Jess Happy Juicing, Peter

Kristy Blaikie says:

I’m in love with my Oscar neo great live greens, veges even wheatgrass and only takes 60 sec to clean and put back together. The only slight downfall is the smaller whole on the feeder. Oh I also love the sorbet it can make and my 2 year old can use it without danger and make juice all by himself. A winner for me!

marcy says:

Has anyone ever used the Dash Slow Squeeze Juicer (JB350SS)? If so, would you recommend? It’s a 250-watt slow-masticating juicer…

Chadwick says:

I received my dash slow juicer in the mail today. Retailed for $280 but I got mine off groupon for $100. I juiced beets, carrots, celery, lemons, ginger root, kale, spinach, & apples. It performed great. Claims to be able to make nut butters and pastas but I haven’t tried them yet.

la-a says:

the dash juicer (JB350SS) is phenominal! does everything it claims and MORE! highly recommend and has a great retail value!

Cassandra says:

I use my Vitamix instead of my juicer now, then strain it with a nut milk bag. Much quicker and easier, for the making and the cleaning.

Alice says:

I’m hoping to purchase a vitamix soon as I follow Kimberly Snyders program. Using a nut bag to get the juice out sounds like a great alternative! Thanks for sharing everyone and special thanks Cassandra :-)

e says:

Hello!.. Im really getting into my green juices!.. love them!.. though I cannot see anywhere what ‘base’ I should be using.. Ive used 4 bunches of spinach, 3 of broccoli.. Just this week!.. If I keep this up I will be poor!.. Thanks in advance!.. xxxe

Jess says:

e » I’m not too sure what you mean by base, but this is a good green juice recipe: 1 green apple, 1 cucumber, 1 stalk celery, a handful of Cos lettice, a handful of kale. xx

e says:

Thanks for getting back to me so soon!.. sorry… base as in water or something.. when i have been juicing it doesn’t even fill half a cup!.. Ill give your suggestion a whirl!.. ThankYou! xxxe

e says:

ThankYou!.. worked it out… Ill try using the BLENDER.. NOT the juicer!.. :) ThankYou!.. xxxe

Greg says:

Has anyone had any experience with this ceramic juicer?

I don’t think this model has been around for long but the videos of it being used look good.

Am finding it hard deciding between a vertical auger juicer or the Oscar Neo.

Louise says:

Great review, love it! I would personally suggest THE ANGEL. As you have mentioned it looks really gorgeous and is a great juicer too plus not to forget it is easy to use. Worth every cent! I’m personally using it and I can say it really WOWed me. I strongly recommend you check the full features and benefits of the ANGEL at Thanks Jess!

Brian says:

I would say the best quality juice you can get for the most affordable price as compared to the juicers you have listed, would be a combination of two juicers, which would act as a Norwalk juicer, and give you just as good quality (if not better) than the Norwalk. The combination would be:

Omega 8004/8006 juicer using the blank screen for masticating – masticates at a lower RPM (80 RPM) than the Norwalk, for less oxidation during the first process of the juicing stage, then get yourself a Welles Press for $399.99 with 2 tons of hydraulic pressure that will turn your masticated produce into sawdust. Superior quality, and higher yield than any not Norwalk juicer, and at LEAST as good as the Norwalk for a price of around $650.00. This is less than 1/4 the price of a Norwalk, and even less than half the price of an Angel, for better quality and yield of an Angel.

Shannon says:

Hi Jess,
I am looking to buy a juicer and like the Champion, however does it use cold press technology? It seems to be all the rage at the moment and I would love your advice if there is any difference?

Yep a Champion is a cold press juicer! x

smith says:

good review friend.. this good article. juicer reviews. provide information to visitors who are interested in your product review. very innovative and provide its own assessment to make visitors can choose which products should be chosen appropriately

Ron Clarke says:

Interesting site,enjoyed what I saw.I have a norwalk for sale ,it was bought in 1986 by the previous owner,who visited America at that time,met with Norman Walker,and purchased the juicer new.I bought it off him in 1994 and its worked flawlessly since then.Back then You could only buy american voltage machines,so it has a transformer separate to the machine to make it suitable for our 240 power.Price is 1200 dollars for the juicer and transformer.I live on the south coast of nsw near 0418449246.

I just bought one of the Neo Oscar juicers! It’s my first ‘proper’ juicer. I’m mildly scared I just spent a heap of money on a juicer that I won’t love but also excited. Daily green juices here we come! :)

Thanks for the advice Jess, your site is always such a pleasure to read.

Lana says:

Hey Matthew,

I’m interested in buying an Oscar Neo juicer but on a website I found that its great as an all rounder, but not ideal for soft fruit. Just wondering what your experience with it has been so far with it? What do you juice? Thanks :)

yana says:

what do you think of the healthstart ceramic slow juicer?

Lucy says:

Hey Jess! Love your work and all that you do for the wellness community. I’m just trying to track down any journal articles or links to studies on the difference between cold pressed and centrifugal juices and the effect heat has on the vitamins when juices centrifugally. Just have someone who says its bs and want to back myself :-)

Gian franco says:

What do you think of the Hurom?

Hi Gian, I’ve just tried it and it’s great as well. I’m going to add it to my list of recommended juicers.

shannon says:

hi all – to those who have owned an oscar neo or a champion, which would you recommend for daily green juicing? both juicers are within my budget and am hoping to make the right choice. shannon x

Good list. On our website the Breville 800JEXl is the best seller and it was featured in the movie Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.



Ibrahim says:

Hi Jess,
Your blog seems to serve well to me as a healthcare professional, so kudos to you! I wanted to ask I am tossing up between a Angel or a Omega 8006 cold press. I am doing more wheatgrass as
1. I can grow it organically easily
2. it is jam packed with goodness (some say 30ml=1kg green leafys)
But also occasionally (2-3times a week) do vegetables carrots, celery, broccoli, apple, spinach, kale etc.
Im not sure if the $600+ price difference is going to be worth going to an Angel? unless it extracts much better and gets much more nutrients out then the omega? Thank you

Nic says:

Hi, congratulations on the article. However may I just point out to the readers that the Champion juicer generally isn’t regarded as a “proper” juicer in the industry as it operates at over 1,000 rpm and cannot juice greens and wheat grass very well if not at all. For anyone who is interested I recently wrote this short article titled What is a cold press juicer –

Thank you

Stephen T says:

Has anyone got a Green Power Kempo Juicer?,it seems pretty good for the money ($595 AU shipped),l like it because of the twin rotor system.

Tracey says:

Hi Jess – if I was to use the Angel Juicer for the Gerson Therapy would I need to also get a hydraulic press to remove the rest of the juice? Thanks so much, I have been following your posts and your a true inspiration – love to you

Gerson would say that you do, however the Angel is still a really great juicer and the pulp is super dry! It’s totally up to you. xx

David says:

Thank you a lot for sharing. The juicer produces essences that are incredibly intense, alive, and bright. The flavor is main-lined. I was totally into it. Beyond the fruits and vegetables, I experimented with grains and nuts.

Elena says:

What do you think about the New Wave Slow juice extractor? Is it better to have a lower or higher RPM motor?

ella says:

Hi everybody, I can’t decide between the Oscar Neo DA1000 and the Omega 8006, any idea? ;)

Jo says:

Ella, I’m very happy with our Omega 8004. I did a lot of reading before buying it. I’m sure the Norwalk is the gold standard and if I needed to follow the Gerson treatment or similar I would get it. I see there a quite a few comments asking Jess for her feedback on the Omegas but she doesn’t respond to them. Maybe Jess could clarify if she is in some way affiliated with the juicers she does recommend. Not unusual these days. I’ve seen other bloggers be upfront about this and or if they make small percentage with each juicer or product purchased via their website – every bit helps I I imagine. As a small business owner I get the need for good partnerships.

Good luck Ella. I’m sure the juicers Jess has listed are great as well. Check for good used ones if budget is an issue or you’re just new to juicing. : )

I agree, I bought a $50 one from Kmart. When I divorced. It was a god send. It was better than nothing true you miss some of the fibre. Some is better than none.

I found it was best to remove the skin off oranges other than that I would say it is worth the $50 I spent. Now I’m in the process of looking for a new cold press juicer now I can afford then next level


joliza says:

hi! currently I’m using a champion juicer. but its hard to juice leafy veggies like kale, red beets, lettuce to name few, it stuck up most of the time and less juice coming out. what can you recommend? i’m looking for a masticating cold pressed juicer. im choosing between hurom and omega . thanks!

Sesé says:

I have heard (and read) lots of good things about the HUROM HG600 and THE ANGEL…
I really hesitate between the neutral INOX or the low speed of the 42rpm…
Could someone help deciding?

Ed says:

Hi Jess:
I have had a Norwalk for about two years but have to admit for the past year or so I have not used it too much.. lots of work and cleanup. What I am thinking about doing is trying to juice every day instead of once a week; perhaps it would be faster and the juice would be more nutritious. My other option is to sell the Norwalk and purchase an Angel.. What do you think?

Peter Endisch says:

Jess, your site caught my eye. So many wellness “gurus” promote nilly willy centrifugal juicers mainly – just because they’re much cheaper – and pretty much NONE mentions the issues of plastic coming in contact with food. Hey, 10 years ago, all the companies would tell you their products were 100% safe. Now we finally blew the lid on BPA. So now we know those same products were nto safe before (there is no safe level of BPA in your body!). And now that supposedly they took out BPA, who knows what they replaced it with! Even MSDS won’t tell the whole story, since manufacturers can hide ingredients in their plastic due to “trade secrets”. I just plain simply don’t trust plastic touching food – especially something that moves, like shafts and rotors in juicers.

I am selling my vitamix. Getting instead a waring stainless steel mixer. Got my Angel juicer a week ago. Now learning all about juicing and loving it! I’ll certainly keep an eye out on your site! Cheers

P.S. Love your motto!

AM says:

hi, i have just bought a conway cold press juicer but it doesn’t handle celery. do the above juicers handle celery?

Jonathan says:

We favour the vertical slow juicer like the Hurom you have above, mainly due to the easy cleaning and good all round juicing capabilities. Since juicing every day, we have felt amazing benefits and our health as improved dramatically. We also find most juices are very tasty and the more you juice the more accustomed to the flavours you get and the ‘greener’ juices are even tasty after a while. We think everyone should get a juice habit and try and juice every day, you will love it. Thanks for the great blog and getting the awareness out there for such a wonderful way to live.

Tricia says:

I use the Tribest Greenstar. It also has stainless steel twin gears. It is easy to use and quick to clean.

Chris says:

Thank you :)
Nice blog indeed!
Been through a centrifugal, tried a Norwalk (via family) and after reading and searching, ended up with a Hurom Slow Juicer – which as this review nicely states in each case! – nice machine, especially for the price.

Norwalk is the way to go, its not just an investment in to health, but the difference in produce and waste compared to the Hurom, well, it’s pay’s itself off. As does the Hurom compared to a centrifugal…

Calculate into this, how often you will juice, the quality of what you will juice – and that way you will line yourself up nicely to get the most out of your money as well as help your health… :) Happy juicing folks!

Celine says:

HI Chris, how did you choose between all the different Hurom machines ?


Melissa B says:

I have stage 3c breast cancer and am going to kick it naturally. I am looking to upgrade my juicer. Will the angel be sufficient or do I need to get the Norwalk?

Hi Melissa,
The Angel is a good choice if you are looking to upgrade your juicer. Although the Norwalk is a bit better, it also more expensive. They are both great options though and either one should be sufficient

– The Wellness Warrior Team

I like this juicers. Thank you for the different juicers you’ve shared.

Sara says:

Hi guys & Jess,
My lovely man just bought me an Optimum Cold press Slow juicer from Froothie for my birthday. Anybody else own or used one? Pulp does come out pretty dry and has lots of fandangle parts for different juice. I’m just wondering if anyone has experience with it?
Ps Jess love your book. X

Tara says:

I have an Oscar Neo as it was the best I could afford to buy whilst avoiding a centrifuge juicer. It gets more juice out than my old secondhand centrifuge juicer that was a nightmare to clean so it didn’t get used very often. The Oscar is easy to clean and is also used for making ‘ice cream’ out of frozen fruit pulp like mango. In the past 18 months or so it has had a LOT of use. Haven’t bothered to try making nut butters with it as yet.

Lynne' says:

I started out with a Champion. Once we realized that we were juicing every day, the Norwalk was a must. What a great investment. My daughter took the Champion to college with her!

Danielle says:

Hi Jess,
I recently bought a Bio chef cold press slow juicer, brand new for just over $200. Gives a good result and highly recommend to those on a budget!

Tracey Rose says:

Which would u choice between an Oscar and a Champion? I want to juice hard veg and leafy greens but also am interested in a flour mill which I believe can be purchased as an attachment for the champion. A long warrantee on motor and parts is also attractive.
Thanks for any advice x

Wendy Garbett says:

Is the Bio Chef which chops and squeezes the juice out of the fruits and vegetables the modern equivalent of the large heavy juicers Gerson Institute approves of.

Hi Wendy, the Bio Chef is a blender, so it does differ to juicers. The juicers Jess has listed on this blog post are her personal recommendations if you’re after a great juicer for your health. Hope you find what you’re after – happy juicing! Ilsa – The Wellness Warrior Team.

Adam Ata says:

The biochef makes a variety of appliances. One being a slow juicer. I couldn’t be happier with a juicer that I’ve never had to put into reverse. Hearing is extremely powerful

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