healthtalks: How And Why To Eat Clay

Posted April 9, 2013


I’ve spoken about how drinking a spoonful of clay in water is part of my daily morning routine, but today on healthtalks I’m giving you a quick demo and even more of an explanation of why this simple act is so beneficial.

Nat sits down with me as we discuss what kind of affect the clay has on the body, what type of clay is best to ingest, a few tips for maximising the clay’s detoxification potential and, of course, how to do it.

Click here to watch:

Check out this blog post I wrote about eating clay.

What did you think of this episode? Have you eaten clay before? Is this something you’re keen to have a go at? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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Natasha W says:

I have a tub of Bentonite clay in my pantry and was always a little weirded out by the thought of drinking it….but I’m going to give it a go tomorrow morning.
Thanks for posting.

Paula says:

Did you do this when doing the Gerson therapy?

Cindel says:

Hi Jess & Nat,

Loved the segment! I’ve read that you should drink clay on an empty stomach and then not consume food for at least an hour afterwards- can you shed some light on this for me? I’ve been drinking clay now for about a month and have noticed a huge difference in my skin!


Jess says:

Cindel » Thanks Cindel! Yes, that’s correct. It’s best to have on an empty stomach. I would wait about 30 minutes before consuming anything else. x

ann says:

love your stories Jess! Haven’t tried this but will give it a go. I wish my mornings where longer. By the time I do oil pulling, morning exercise, make my green smoothie and have breakfast, there is time left as I have to be out of the house for work by 7. If you incorporate this into your morning routine, I am assuming it would be done after oil pulling but before the green smoothie?

Jess says:

ann » Hi Ann, I do this first up, so before the oil pulling. It only takes a couple of seconds extra. x

jordan says:

Hi Jess.
I tried Bentonite in my early stages and found it was very rough on my irritated intestines. For anyone with IBS or a Leaky Gut i’d go slow on it for sure. In saying that, I think it might be time for another go after a few years of healing. I saw you mentioned the heavy metals in your body from chemo. Any chance of a heavy metal detox video in the coming months?
Thanks for sharing

narelle says:

I’ll go with the clay before I try the enema…
Thank you ladies for educating and inspiring healthy options in
our families life.

Michelle says:

Hi Narelle

Try the enema. I did. It is scary at first but now I love it. I only have time to do it once or twice a week…….but I actually look forward to that day now!


Michelle says:

Hi Jess

I have been oil pulling, dry body brushing and having warm lemon juice in the mornings. I would like to give the clay a try. Can I ask what is the order of your morning routine?


Ananda says:

Great question! I was wondering the same thing.

Jess says:

Sure! At the moment it’s like this: exercise, clay, oil pulling, dry brush, shower, meditate, lemon water, green juice. x

Michelle says:

Thanks Jess!

Cheryl says:

And where do you fit the enema into your schedule?
Thanks for this video!

Toni says:

I started this and only made it three days before I changed to liquid bentonite. Mine looked a bit different and was so hard to dissolve but the liquid is plenty doable. I also take mine with ground flax seeds followed by warm lemon water.

I finally took the plunge after reading your other blog post on clay and I’ve been drinking clay every day since! I really feel as though my body is lighter and I don’t seem to have as many digestive troubles as I used to. Good advice about the metal spoon though- so important!

Thanks so much Jess- woohoo for clay! xx

Tina Jensen says:

I have been using Bentonite clay for about one month, as well as modified citrus pectin. I have developed a rash on one arm that is really itchy, and since these 2 things are all that I am doing differently….it might just be a detox effect I am not sure, but it is very annoying. I wan the heavy metals out, but do I need to to slow down on the clay? I am also doing weekly Vitamin C IV’s as well. Any ideas?

Jess says:

Hi Tina, it could be as a result of the detox. I would slow down on the detox, or add in enemas to help your liver process all of the toxins that are being stirred up. It sounds like they could be going through the blood system and coming out through the skin. x

Rachael says:

This is way too simple NOT to try. Do you think daily is too much for a beginner? Are there any side effects to worry about?

Jess says:

Nope, daily is fine even for a beginning. There shouldn’t be any side effects – just drink plenty of water to flush out the toxins. x

Joanna says:

Hi Jess,

Firstly, I just want to say that I love receiving your emails everyday and I find myself heading to my PC to watch your vids rather than do the things I ought to be doing ;) I find you a breath of fresh air. You’re honest, unapologetic and I admire your strong convictions. So thank you for inspiring me to eat clean, to think about what I’m doing to (and putting in) my body and for realising that we’re only here once in this world so making the right decisions for our body is imperative for a healthy and longer retirement ;). Like you, I have a pull every morning ;) and do the green smoothie thing. And shall now incorporate drinking clay. I love all that you do and thank you for sharing your wisdom.

Kelly says:

Hi Jess,

Many thanks to you and Nat for this weeks healthtalks. You inspired me to do daily coffee enemas and clay drinking and i always feel so much better when they are a part of my day :) You are absolutely awesome and inspiring!!! x

Kris says:

Hi, like Michelle I would like to know the order or a morning routine as well. I do Oil pulling (b4 u injest even a glass of water), so thought Clay would have to follow the Oil routine. Thankx

Dannii says:

Great Episode Nat and Jess! I drank Bentonite at a detox retreat in Thailand a few years back, but because I was doing a fast etc. at the time aswell I couldn’t gauge the potency of the clay drinking alone. Therefore, how detoxifying would you say it is? I tried oil pulling back when you did your video on it and found I felt really wiped out the whole day -obviously how detoxifying it was – but also because I had recently started a candida diet and rid my body of all grains, processed foods, sugars etc. so my body was already detoxing that sort of stuff. My Naturopath advised to dome something like oil pulling (and possibly she would say the same about clay drinking) when not in the early stages of a cleanse/detox because it may be too much for my body. Interesting point to remind people I guess, cos if people are ‘gung ho’ all-in types like me and get excited about this sorta stuff :D, they will want to try all sorts of detoxifying methods at once! And that can be a bit much on the body if you are trying to carry out your day to day responsibilities. That said, I can’t wait to try oil pulling (again) and clay drinking once my body has rid itself of the initial rubbish soon :) Woohoo! Great Health talk ladies!!

I’ve recently added eating clay to my health repertoire, it’s helped my eczema SO much!

Alice says:

Hi Jess, love the website, very inspiring!
Like Michelle, I have warm water and lemon juice in the mornings, would you recommend drinking clay before consuming lemon juice and water or substitute one or the other?

Jess says:

Hi Alice, yep clay should always come first. This is my order: exercise, clay, oil pulling, dry brush, shower, meditate, lemon water, green juice. x

Christine says:

Hi Jess,
My sister has been talking about clay for years and swears by it for any skin problems however, I have never used it internally. I shall now buy some and start using it. Also you talk about enemas. This is something I have almost tempted to try except, I was advised to give myself 1Ltr/water enema first, flush it out then 1Ltr coffee finishing with another 1Ltr water. All which would take almost 11/2hours. Is this how you do it?

Jess says:

Hi Christine, no I don’t flush out with a water enema. I only do coffee enemas. x

Carly Morgan says:

You know when you hear/see something for the third time around and you just know it’s now your turn to hop on the bandwagon? clay it is!! Thanks for posting <3 xx

Karen says:

Hi Jess, thanks for the demo. One question… I’ve been told to put a teaspoon of psyllium husks in the water too. In your opinion, is there a benefit to this?

Jess says:

Karen » I’ve not done this before, so I’m not too sure. But that would clean out the intestines! x

Sammy says:

Hi Jess :) Absolutely love you page and your commitment to your health :) Where do you buy this clay from and what brand is best to use? Thank you

Jess says:

Sammy » Thanks Sammy! Just look online or at the health food store for Bentonite or montmorillonite x

Lin says:

Hi Jess, thank you for sharing you healthy ideas. I am going to try the clay, however there are cosmetic use for bentonite clay, is it the same one you are talking about? Is it that edible?

natasha tully says:

Hi Jess just wondering what brand you use? i have just googled it and there are a few claiming they do it all and more, if you dont mind that would be fantastic :-) thanks

Jess says:

natasha tully » Mine doesn’t have a brand. Just look for Bentonite or montmorillonite x

Jane says:

I tried it a while back and found it so rich I would gag, however, from the consistency of your drinks it looks like I may have used much more than the teaspoon of clay that you used. (I made a big batch of it, and I can’t remember how much clay I used, to how much water). It looked a lot thicker than yours and I had to use the stick blender in the end to get all of the lumps out. Your drinks looked much more palatable and you even managed to smile afterwards. I’m going to have to give it another go!

Amelia says:

Great post Jess and Nat! :)

Where is the best place to buy the clay from? A health food shop? xx

Jess says:

Amelia » Just a health food store or online. x

Ally says:

Hi Jess

Love love love LOVE your site, attitude and all the amazing information I have learned from you. I started drinking clay after I read your blog post about it a month or so ago and have found my skin looking much better. Just wondering, you mention that you drink warm water with lemon; what are your thoughts on drinking apple cider vinegar in the mornings? Also, do you do coffee enemas everyday or just a few times a week? xxx

Sandra says:

Edible clay is amazing. It has lots of benefits for your health including detoxing your body. There is a great website This site has lots of information on edible clay, its uses and you can even buy a great quality clay from this site. Take a look.

Julie Jansen says:

Hi Sandra, I jut clicked on that link, FYI it’s not up anymore. Thought I should update.

Louisa says:

Just clicked on the website and it works ;)

Marie says:

Hey Jess! I’ve been doing coffee enemas for about a month now! (Once a day) I also make sure I do the veggie juices as well to replace the lost electrolytes. Sometimes I feel great afterwards and other times I feel really wiped out and have horrible headaches along with bloating. Do you think this is a detox effect, and should I try to up the enemas to twice a day? Thanks for the clay post as well. I will have to try that!

Nichola says:

Fantastic segment Jess – I love watching Health Talks – you bring everything to life beautifully and explain everything so articulately.

I have just ordered some clay and will give it a whirl :-) You are a huge inspiration Jess, I read your blogs every day and have done so for a long time – thanks so much for being such an invaluable resource to us all and working so hard bringing this information to us, it is hugely appreciated xxxxx

marcie says:

Hi, I have just found your website and I love it!
In regards to drinking clay, I found other sites in which they do not recommend as it could be dangerous, could start bowel cancer…. could be addictive….so I’m still in two minds about it….
I have read comments from lots of people in your blog and they are all positive…. Also,
I have been having hot water with lemon and ginger first thing in morning, then green juice and then green smoothie…. I would also like to incorporate oil pulling which I have just learnt about. Is olive oil OK to use?

Keep up the good work, you’re inspirational!!!!!!

Lowri says:

Hi Jess
Great post, just have a quick question……when I try to dissolve the clay in warm water it gets v lumpy and doesnt dissolve properly…any tips?

Maria says:

hi Jess,
i would love to use clay, but once i googled it, it turns out that the clays can be dangerous for the consumption if they are not from ‘reputable’ sellers. Now how do you determine a good product?
thank you so much for sharing your opinion about the above link…

I’m in the UK as well and scared to buy clay because of those warnings. If you find out a safe place to get it from, let me know!

nicki says:

Thanks for sharing all this info!!
and making it so easy for us to try and get healthy!
A quick question about the clay…you mentioned how it pulls metals from your body, I still have amalgam/ mercury fillings in my mouth.
Do you know if I should wait to do the clay until they are removed?
I’m concerned if I will be drawing out more mercury and sending it into my system since the clay drink would wash over my teeth.
I am doing the coffee enemas tho…wonder if I should be cautious of that too?
hmmmm…any thoughts are very much appreciated!
Thanks again for sharing what you know.

Mariah says:

Hi Jess,
I have been reading your posts for quite some time. This is the topic I have had the most questions about. Thanks so much for doing a video on it. It is “clear as mud” now! Or should I say “clear as clay”. LOL I know I am such a geek :)

Kimberley says:

Hi Jess,
Many years ago I went to health retreat in KinKin to detox. Part of their program was daily drinking of bentonite clay. They mixed their clay in apple juice or pineapple juice ( if you had candida). They also mixed in psyllium husks – then drink, drink ,drink to flush through. It was remarkable! My question is, what are your thoughts on using a juice with it? Or – would you simply stick with water?
Also I think what you are doing is fabulous! You ALWAYS omit a genuine compassion and excitement for others in your vids!
Cheers Kimberley

So fascinated by this!! I love the candid discussion and am warming up to the idea of trying this :) Can’t hurt to eat a little dirt, right?!

Karen says:

Hi Jess, Just wondering…I’ve looked at a couple of clay products and they say ‘not for consumption’ is it still OK to take it if it say this? thanks

Zizi says:

Jess, I have discovered clay through your website. It is a marvelous remedy and now staple in my pantry. Fantastic for stomach upsets. My whole family uses it. Thank you!

Rebecca says:

The only stuff I could find was hydronated (made up in water). Is that any better or not as good? The two health food shops I tried only had that type or they had some clay that was for skin care use only?

Rebecca says:

Plus do you have an idea on dose for this type consuming the clay?

Nichola says:

Hi Jess,

My clay has come but it is a light off white colour, is that OK as it looks very different to yours?

Lucy says:

Thank you Jess, another fantastic health tip, thank you for keeping us inspired to do the best things by our bodies xx

Ang says:

Going to do this in the mornings
And take it travelling didn’t think I could but I will

Ang says:

Thanks Jess x
Does it matter if you do this at night or is morning best to drink water etc
Thanks in and an
Well also google this x

Dustin says:

Hey! Just curious if you ladies tried bentonite clay enemas?!

Louisa says:

Thought I’d share useful links – I’ve inquired into & found a reputable source to buy clay for internal use and it is sourced right here in Australia. There is a wealth of knowledge about clay & its internal uses… so if you need to know more about it…check it out…heaps of info here and here
And to purchase it from
I wrote to Healing Clay about the awareness of & possible heavy metals in their clay and this is their response;
Hello Louisa,
Thank you for you email. We are aware of these types of warnings in the UK and USA. I can’t speak for others but our product is classified as food quality under FSANZ “Food Standards Australian and New Zealand”. It is safe to ingest. A standard serve is 5 g, approx. 1 teaspoon once or twice per day.

Matthew Mason
Australian Healing Clay
Ph 07 3829 1933 Fax 07 3829 1922

eddie says:

hello.i have question if i have amalgams in my mouth is it safe to drink clay?tnks.

Tammy says:

Thanks so much very informative. I am taking this at this time due to late stage lymes disease. Have a blessed day.

Termaine says:

If you would please answer this for me. I’ve been looking to get into this as a vegan form or lifestyle. I’m currently not a vegan of course. Do you replace food with clay or is it only a supplement in addition to your regular food intake? Thank you!!

El says:

Hi, thanks for the video. Was just wandering why you’ve used a brown coloured clay? I’ve just started on the French healing clay which is green and researched that green is the way to go internally? Thanks

Karon says:

I purchased bentonite. Got it home and saw on label contains lead! Guess that is normal in all bentonite a??
Thank you for a answer to that

Karon says:

Bentonite have lead in ?

Sujin says:

what brand of clay do you eat?
whats your sources? brand and such?
would they have it at whole foods?

Hi Sujin, it’s a brand called Edible Earth. I’m not sure if it’s available at Whole Foods sorry? Thanks xx

nic says:

I just stumbled upon your website today. I had a friend send me a link a while ago and I have spent my entire night going through it all. I love your site!
I am just wondering can you drink the clay when you are pregnant? I am 17 weeks and finding as much resource as possible to make the changes to my diet necessary for the best outcome for bubs. My first baby has been riddled with allergies so I am finding this information out for the first time and wondering if it would be fine to do?

jeff says:

In the mornings do you do the oil pulling before the clay drinking ? I assume that you do both of these detox methods one after the other in the mornings before eating breakfast. Does it matter whether you do these practices later on in the day and/or night time or just before breakfast? Which detox method do you do first when you do it?