Diary Of A Mirena Sufferer… And Why Mirena Is Worse Than The Pill

Posted April 11, 2013


My inbox is a busy place, but this email I received a few weeks back stopped me in my tracks. I asked if I could share it with you all because I think it’s absolutely essential for women to read and learn from this situation. Please share this one around – this woman’s story simply must be heard. Here goes:

“Last year I never got back to you about wanting to know some info. I kept meaning to but you know how life can get… [more to that shortly] Anyway, in early August 2012, I had a very large fibroid removed that had been above the uterus and was causing my body issues. I was on six weeks bed rest after the operation and it was during that time I found your blog.

They had put a Mirena in after the fibroid was removed and it was not by my request. I have had heavy and regular periods since I was 11and they suggested I should have a Mirena to deal with the heavy periods. I was not 100% wanting to have it, but I guess they talked me into it. I was feeling so unwell with the fibroid that I really wasn’t thinking it through the way I normally would. So, I agreed.

They put it in and afterwards when I found and read your blog a few weeks later, I was thinking ‘Oh dear this Mirena may cause me drama’. I kept meaning to get back to you and ask you if you thought I should get it removed etc. I have not felt good about having it in there since then and not having a period exactly 28 days every cycle has been upsetting. I still get the awful cramps etc. but no blood. I don’t miss the blood, but I have been worrying what the Mirena could do to mess what was a perfect cycle for the past 25 years.

I decided that I knew you would say to get it out and I respect your opinion more than any western medical doctor. So, I went to my GP who tried seven times to remove it. She said, “I can not feel the string”. She suggested I ask the doctor at my follow up surgery appointment to remove it, which was in October. They said the same thing about the string and sent me for an ultrasound to see where the string was exactly. I didn’t get to see them again until January. They told me I needed to come back in February to see if some special doctir could get it out or else it has to be removed by surgery.

I saw that doctor on Friday and he was not impressed. He said there is no way he was attempting as it was clear it has to come out via surgery. He didn’t know why they bothered to muck me around over this.  He also asked why I had it in if I want it out already. I told him why and also said how all the medical people I have dealt with over the removal have said they think I am crazy for wanting it out. His response was, “Why would you want something man made in there? The sooner it is out the better.” He said I am doing the right thing wanting it removed. I was shocked – a western medicine doctor thinking so differently. Mind you, all the others I have dealt with including the ultrasound person who have told me I was crazy have all been women! I am now on the waiting list for this to be removed in surgery. So not for a few months!

I don’t want to share my story online with my name anywhere, but I sure as hell think you need to strongly keep advocating that this little object can cause more issues than people are aware. I pray that my periods will resume as they were before and that the Mirena has not caused me any other issues. But the string itself has caused me to now have to have surgery and keep it inside me for months more. So much for easy to be removed! I am so glad that I found your blog when I did and you are the reason it is eventually going to come out. I thank you for educating women about the reality of these things.”

I still have tears in my eyes re-reading her story. What an amazing amount of courage and intuition this woman found. We could all learn a thing or two from her – I hope you are encouraged by her strength.

There are two main things I want to touch on in regard to her story. Firstly – she took her health into her own hands. Nobody knows your body better that you do. Nobody can tell you how you are feeling and what is more, you will always, always, always have your own intuition to guide you. There isn’t another single person on this planet who can tune their channel in and take the reigns like you can. Self-education is so important for all women to have a basic understanding of how their body is guiding them to wellness.

And then there is the Mirena! Let’s explore her shall we?

She’s a plastic apparatus that is inserted into the womb. She’s a T-shaped instrument made of plastic; the stem is a storage compartment containing a hormone which is slowly released. It is the same hormone you will find in the oral contraceptive pill – however the Mirena has been suggested as being ‘much better’ as it is a lower dose compared with that which you will find in the pill.

This direct release of the hormone into your womb has several actions in preventing pregnancy – it increases the thickness of the cervical mucus making implantation far more difficult. It thins your uterine lining, making implantation near impossible and for some women it stops ovulation.

Is the Mirena better than the pill?

It’s like asking if tea (not herbal obviously) is better than coffee. They both contain the same chemicals and toxins, they are just different products and work slightly different on the body (and black tea in its dry form does have a higher caffeine content compared to coffee you know?)

Hormone contraceptives are all the same. Unfortunately not one is better than the other because they all contain synthetic hormones. What worries me most about the Mirena are the side effects I see in the clinic AND the location of the device being in the actual womb. It is directly acting on your uterus, locally.

Many women report to me they bleed the entire month round with the Mirena. It kind of leaves me scratching my head – if you’re using it for contraceptive purposes but you can never have sex because you’re always bleeding… what’s the point?

You know I’ve written on the pill so many times – you can check back on a few of those posts here, here, here, here and here. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the Mirena – open up the comments section below and get some discussion going around the subject. Women really need to get savvy with their fertility – it’s up to each of us to make sure the word is spread wide and far!

Positive affirmation for the day: The health of my body is a reflection of the lifestyle choices I make.

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Felicity says:

Thanks for posting this Jess. I it is just what I needed to hear right now.

I made the difficult decision to go against my intuition and get the Mirena 3 years ago due do a lifelong problem with very heavy periods that was leaving me with extreme lethargy. I have never felt comfortable with this piece of chemical emitting plastic being stuck inside of me but I know that without it my life was a mess.

I want it out, I have been trying to prioritise it, but I am just terrified of going back to that lethargic, emaciated, frustrated person who used to have a period that was just unmanageable without it.

I would love to know if there is anything that can be done naturally to reduce the severity of my periods once I have the Mirena removed. I would love to know if there is anyone else out there like me who has managed to reduce the severity of their periods with a natural approach. I feel kind of helpless about all of this.

Cat says:

Hi, I too had the mirena inserted about 4 years ago to help easy very heavy bleeding which left me very anemic. I also had a bout of severe anxiety. I was not sure about the mirena but my doc assured me it was my best option.By the time I had it put in my anxiety was improving due to many natural things I was now doing including yoga and meditation.
My first experience with the mirena was actually quite good. It was a relief to not bleed and my iron levels improved. After about a year I started to have tiredness again but different from when my iron was low. I was irritable, bloated and lacking in energy.I also felt very uneasy about the mirena.
I found a great doctor who was is a medical and natural doc. He agreed with me that I should have the mirena out.
Almost straight away after it came out I felt different.I can’t explain the difference – it was just I felt I had my body back. I now have lots of energy, am motivated and feel fine about having a period again.In fact the first 3 or 4 I looked forward to.It just feels so much more natural.
I would like to know what I can do other than good diet to keep my iron levels healthy and also what to do about contraception?? Condoms are the pits!

Jenna says:

Felicity – I think there has to be a more natural option out there for you. My first bit of advice – push your doctors to get a diagnosis of why you have such heavy and debilitating periods. Is it endo, PCOS, another body imbalance that is expressing iteslf this way, are you type O blood, do you have a bleeding disorder? (In case you’re wondering, those last two can happen to women and do effect menstrual cycles. I should know, its my why on heavy horrible periods)? Without the reason, you can’t treat it. Western medicine does have a bit of a history of merely treating the symptoms, so you may need to push for a conclusive diagnosis. In terms of treatment when you know the reason why its happening, you may need to look outside the box for options. For me, I’ve found paleo-ish eating helpful, along with exercising well and green smoothies (vit K assists in blood coagulation).

Best wishes for finding some answers.

Cheryl says:

I had my mirena removed around a year ago after having it inserted for around 2 years. I only initially got it as an “easy” way to provide contraceptives. I have since then gone the heath path and wanted this “invader” out of my body. I also had trouble having it removed and had to go to a specialist (couldn’t see the string, but my husband could feel it – ouch!!) I had a couple of heavy bleeds after it was removed but then my body settled into a normal routine. Now I use “Toms” or “Cottons” and I have heard that the standard brands actually have a chemical in them to induce extra bleeding (more bleeding – more products used – that’s pharma industries!). I am not sure if this is correct or not though.
All I can say is I am 100% happy with the removal, and will never go that path again.

Mish says:

Hi Felicity!
Definitely get in contact with Nat through her website above and call her clinic for an appointment. She’s in Melbourne but also does Skype and phone consults if you’re not down there (I’ve had one and it’s great and not expensive either!) There’s loads she will help you with to get to the true cause of your lethargy and will support your body healing itself with herbs. Give her a call today so you can get in ASAP :)
Sending you much energy on your journey xx

Belinda says:

This is my first ever time of posting anything but have just read this and feel we need to help each other by sharing our stories.

My story is very long so I’ll try and give you a very quick version. After having my two children (now 13 & 14 yrs) I suffered from endometriosis for about two years before getting a diagnosis and then over the next five years had four surgeries for removal as it kept growing back. Not to mention the various medication’s I was on like the pill, Synarel and Danazol.

After the third surgery I just thought there must be other options out there and thank goodness there was. I did a whole lot of work on alternative therapies and read a lot to educate myself. The most important thing that worked for me was herbal treatment by my Naturopath.

Anyway, the reason for my post was after the third surgery they convinced me to have a Mirena inserted. My Doctor is a Professor specialising mainly in endometriosis and I trust him, so agreed to it. Within weeks of it being inserted I was a hormonal mess – turned into a crazy woman. I got lots of headaches and couldn’t cope with life and that was just not like me. I asked my husband and closest friends their honest opinion to tell me if I had changed since having it and they all said yes, not to mention my Naturopath was extremely vocal on it being used in the first place.

I booked back into the Doctor and go it removed then and there in his rooms. The change felt almost instant – I turned back into my normal self! I can’t begin to tell you how it played with my emotional state. I always strongly suggest friends don’t have them inserted in the first place, but if they choose to, I tell them that if they have any changes in anyway – get it removed immediately!

Just a side note – when I had my forth surgery I had been on alternative therapies for a short time, they found no active endometriosis. I was amazed – something I had battled with for over ten years had started to come to an end. I say started because it can always come back to haunt you – it’s a long hard road of self discovery and education that is a constant maintenance program. If you turn your back on it, you know what’s going to happen. If you want wellness for good you need to make life changes.

Sandy says:

Hi Felicity, So many women have the same issues and yet all the doctors I saw only ever wanted to ‘put a bandaide’ on the symptoms not actually do anything about fixing these issues we all seem to be facing. Well, I did my own research and I have to say for the past 5 years I have a normal cycle (which I have NEVER had before or after my children – that 8 years to get) I had also had issues with cycst and endometriosis. This has all been turned around – natural to no ill effect to my body, no hash chemcials to cause more problems down the tract or plastic objects. Very happy with my decision to check things out for myslef and happy to share with anybody wanting a natural alternative :) feel free to email me x o x o

Kristy says:

Hi Sandy, What is your advice for me, I have endometriosis and had two ops to remove cysts, going on third, the Mirena is not working, what natural therapy do you recomend? Kristy

Carla says:

Hi Natalie, what is your opinion of a copper IUD. Is it better as it is non hormonal??

Absolutely there is so much you can do naturally. Heavy periods are simply your body telling you something isn’t quite right.

amber says:

Can I have the Mirena removed and wait a couple days to get something put back in without getting pregnant of course no see during that time …but I’m in pain and need it out today. I will think about what I want then go back to the doctor.

Alison says:

Hi there lovely lady :)
I too have had a bad experience with the Mirena. I was advised by my GP to have one put in and had issues right from the start. When it was inserted the had to try 4 or 5 times as they could not get it in right. This caused me such incredible pain that I passed out. For the rest of that day I was so unwell and shaken up by the whole event. A couple of days went by and I just did not feel right, I had also discovered that the string had disappeared. I went to my GP and had an ultrasound and ended up having to get the Mirena surgically removed. Since then I have had ongoing issues, heavier bleeding and terrible pain to the point i am in tears and can not move. This has been a nightmare and have also since been diagnosed with PMDD (Pre Menstrual Dysphoric Disorder) and been put on Prozac which is supposedly going to help with all of my symptoms. It has been a year and if anything I feel worse. I want more than anything to get off the Prozac and live a better life but each time I go to my GP she does just not help.

May I suggest sourcing a natural fertility specialist to help you? This is treatable.

Bridget says:

Hi Alison, this is slightly off-topic to the Mirena, but your mention of Premenstrual Disphoric Disorder (PMDD) caught my attention. I was recently (5 days ago to be exact) diagnosed by a doctor as having this condition. I had never heard of it before. I had thought perhaps I had depression. I’d also brushed it off at times as having low-blood sugar. My parter (who recently left me because he couldn’t cope and thought I was just plain nasty) off-handedly commented once that the mood swings happened without fail every month, but I didn’t really put two and two together. And the swings were severe, the slightest thing would set me off, and I would go into these mad rages. I was completely irrational and out of control. At times it was like I had stepped outside my body and was observing from afar, other times I just felt like ripping my skin off because it was like I had stepped into someone else’s body.

Anyway, the doctor (a woman specialising in women’s health) was very quick to prescribe what she called an SSRI (selective seratonin reuptake inhibitor). She mentioned the drug had been around for a while and had proved effective for women with PMDD. Sounded good to me. It wasn’t until I was getting the prescription filled that I found out it was prozac (the doctor had called it something else, some generic name). While I bought it, I had pretty much already made up my mind that I wasn’t going to take it. I didn’t really know much about it, but the name “Prozac” and “anti-depressant” just had bad connotations in my head. Interestingly, both the doctor and the chemist mentioned there were side effects basically told me not to read about them, as they generally don’t happen. So, of course, I did…and that really firmed up my decision. I’ve only just started researching PMDD, but it seems like there are a lot of healthy alternatives to taking Prozac (or the other big fix – the hysterectomy).

Without even realising what was happening, PMDD has really hindered my life. When I think back over uni, my relationships, work, I can see the damage its done. A couple of the words I keep reading are “insidious” and “debilitating”.

In terms of managing it, the information I’ve found so far suggests that changes to diet and exercising are beneficial, as well as some supplements such as Magnesium and Calcium, among others. So I’m going to control it, instead of it controlling me.

Kimberly says:

I got the Mirena for the same reasons as Felicity. Horrible periods my whole life– totally erratic and extremely painful. Some would last for weeks, then I wouldn’t have one for two months. I used to lay on the cold, dark bathroom floor because I was so nauseous.
I have now had my Mirena for about a year after having the Paragard removed (it only made my periods heavier and more painful) and am beginning to experience all kinds of side effects. My food cravings and mood swings are so intense I feel like a different person has taken over my body. I ear very healthy, exercise daily, avoid caffeine, sugar and alcohol, along with dairy and gluten, but when those cravings come I literally feel like I have no control over my body or mind. The mood swings are so intense I have to take time away from my husband and daughter because I become so irrational, and it’s not fair to subject them to that side of me. It’s absolutely horrible and literally at times ruining my life. I CANNOT WAIT to get it out, two weeks cannot come soon enough. I pray it’s an easy procedure and not like the poor woman in this article.
I have told and will continue to ise every opportunity possible to urge people to stay away from it. Keep the synthetic hormones OUT!!

Sarah says:

Great reading and I too have just had my mirena removed after 2 and half years. I was talked into the mirena by my doctor as a more “natural” form of contraceptive to the pill. I would get occasional spotting but otherwise that was it with very little other side effects.

5 weeks ago I got it removed due to wanting to get my body back to its natural state in preparation for wanting to start a family next year. The nurse removed it easily and I asked what I should expect and she said my periods should return to normal very quickly.

5 weeks later I am still bleeding, it went from spotting to pouring with clots and bright red in colour. I am now booked in for an ultrasound to determine what the cause of this is. It has scared the life out of me I will not return to normal and/or have effect on my fertility.

I will never get this again and just hope it has not caused permanent damage.

It would be great to get some acupuncture to see if you could stop the bleeding. Maca is also excellent assist in balancing your hormones. All the best – this is treatable.

Belinda says:

I am so glad this information is getting out there, Nat is amazing! I had a Mirena put in after an operation to remove large cysts off my ovaries (caused by Implenon) but luckily my body rejected it! Also luckily my gyno decided that the best course of action would be to listen to my body and go contraception free. That was 4.5 years ago, I feel healthier, no bad period pain or hormonal acne anymore and no unwanted pregnancies. Women need to get in touch with their bodies again and learn about themselves for better health.

danella says:

Thanks for posting this, I think its so important to be informed about these things. I dont know how common the copper IUD is in Australia but I would love to learn more about this if you have an opinion.

CHar says:

I would also like to know more about the copper IUD. I had one put in about 10 months ago. I now have periods that come and go over 2 weeks, whereas before i had easy, ‘normal’ periods, I got it for the ease of contraception. I don’t get cramps, I just don’t know when my periods are coming or going – sometimes ill have a break of 2 days and it will start again. I have also lost weight – which is most likely unrelated, as i have moved towns so there are a few other factors (new job, food sources, etc.).
I am OK with the erratic timing of my periods but i too would like to know more about it – eg. long term affects on health and fertility. AND if it could be behind my weight loss as i cant really afford to loose any more. I had a pain-free easy insertion, which the doctor said is lucky, not everyone has that.
Thanks for the article! I almost forgot how big a decision this should have been.

Claire – I have something about this coming up on my blog on monday!

Leah says:

I have personally very lucky with the Mirena. After 12 months on it, I still get the phycological symptons of PMS without actually menstruating. I find that I definitley have less fluid retention, compared with being on the pill – and in general very happy with everything.

I have a great Doctor, who I get 6 monthly checks ups with – to ensure everything is how it should.

Something positve needs to be said about the most words most popular form of contraception.

Georgia says:

I completely agree with Leah. I have had my mirena in place for two years now and I love it. I still have the symptoms of pre-period PMS, bloating etc and have a very light period once a month and it seems that everything is okay. A mirena may not be right for some but for others they are the perfect solution to the pill. I do feel horrible for the women above who have had bad experience but I think that we also need to remember that there are positives and negatives for everything and instilling fear into women about which contraceptives to choose isn’t the right way to go. Being smart with what you put in your body is the main thing as well as educating yourself on side effects and having regular check ups. Good luck out there ladies! x

Linda says:

Hi I too wanted to share something positive. I have two children and trusted my doctor about the Mirena. I researched and asked questions they were answered honestly and with an understanding that I am on a healthy life path and do not like ‘toxins’ of any sort in my body yet, for me this was the option I chose – I am happy, my body has not rejected it nor do I feel any physical changes since it was put in 2yrs ago. Since, I have changed my eating habits, life style and onto a healthier path and future for myself and my family – I believe this has kept my body it a good state. I am sorry to read all the despair and take into consideration my circumstances may change although for now, I am keeping mine in. We are all different and react differently.

Brady says:

I Have had the Mirena in since Jan 09 (4 years in Jan14) And it has worked out great for me! It felt uncomfortable getting it inserted but I got a papsmear at the same time so really it felt the same for me… & I got my periods for the first 5 months but slowly went away but I still go through all the other physcial and emotional cycles monthly – crying, pimples etc. Just No need for tampons or blood! Only just now are my periods returning VERY slightly ( dam) But Never had a pain never had a problem and Im only 26 and was 23years when I had it inserted and no children and the pain and bleeding was minimal on the day and love it! I dont want Jan15 to come – ill be 28years and have to decide if kids are a factor … hahah :)

Ange says:

I had the Mirena inserted 12months ago after my third child, heavy periods for years with alot of pain and ovulation pain with adhesions from my first c-section birth. I don’t like the pill – of any kind, be it the bloating, the hormones, the craziness or just trying to remember to take the damn things. I chose the Mirena after careful research and I have loved it.
I’ve only just started getting light periods now and despite a bit of discomfort around ovulation time when I know my cervix is sitting lower therefore the Mirena is too – other than that my experience has been positive.
For me the alternative is tubal ligation – so until I gather the courage to do that – which again is inserting something “unnatural” into my body – the Mirena is suiting me well.

Lana says:

I had the marina in for about 10 months and it was a really terrible experience. After 10 months I had turned into an emotional wreck and cried daily. My relationship was on the verge of ending as my boyfriend could not handle my extreme mood swings and my friendships were strained as I either complained about life or snapped at them constantly – I didn’t know who i had become. I put on 6 kilos, had no motivation to exercise, got acne as well painful cramps. At the time I didn’t know why I was like this until a friend suggested that it may be the marina.

The marina fell out when I was on a over seas trip and it took about 6 months for me to feel totally normal.

nita says:

HI Jess , I got my mirena taken out after reading your posts , it was due to come out and I asked my doctor to tie my tubes as I’ve finished having children. it turned out to be more invasive as they couldn’t find it and ended up having to do more and then I got a infection etc. So I wish I never went down that path in the first place as I never wanted the mirena and always had a inkling it was no good But on the happy side I feel more control of my body now, I get heavy periods and fell blah but its my blah not from chemicals. After getting it out I suffered from bad pms and bloating and sore boobs to the point I was anxious and hated people around me, but I never regrated getting it out as I realised my body was mixed up but I spoke to a lovely lady at my health food store and she suggested chaste berry and its been my saviour, that and evening primrose oil.
what are your thoughts on chaste berry jess?

Monique says:

My personal experience with the mirena left my body and mind totally off whack. It did evil things to me. I am unsure of why they are legal. Unexplained anger, sadness, extremely tired, no libido and pain were my side effects. Thank goodness I listened to my body screaming at me to have it removed (after 4 very bad months)That was a good day. I later learnt that the silicone in the Mirena can leach into your body and cause symptoms of silicone toxicity.hmmmm. Mirena sux.

Michelle says:

I had a Mirena inserted about 2 years ago for heavy periods. I rarely get any bleeding anymore but I get severe cramps that sometime stop me in my tracks. I also feel like I am constantly PMSing. My moods are shot. Anything (and I mean anything) will bring me to the verge of tears. I screamed at my husband for something stupid. Lucky he loves me. (see now here come the tears again!) I am going to get it removed and seek alternative ways to hopefully deal with the heavy bleeding.

Beke says:

I too have had Mirena implanted against my better judgement – I have gained a substantial amount of weight – have constanly aching breasts, lumpy lymphatic system, bloating, tired.
My periods show up when ever they feel like it. I have had life long period issues along with undiagnosed pelvic pain. I have Factor V Leiden mutation with history of Pulmonary emboli triggered by pregnancy- so cannot take contraceptives. My youngest daughter has Cerebral Palsy bought on by undiagnosed ecoli scepticaemia during pregnancy, we almost lost both of us due to medical mismanagement. I have no idea what else I could/should do…Beke

Jodie says:

Hello all, this story is too common, sadly! I also have the mirena (as of 2 months ago) and felt as though I agreed to it out of frustration and feelings of helplessness. Let me back up a bit… I’ve never had a regular period. In fact, for many years, I enjoyed not having any period at all, no cramps, no pms, it was great. My partner and I do not want children, and even after lengthy discussions, if we decide in the next couple years to change our mind, she would be the one to carry the baby. So, neither birth control nor fertility are issues for me. I enjoyed not having a period! But then almost 2 years ago, my period came back… and with a vengeance. I feel like it’s making up for 20 years of “rarely ever showing up to the party” by appearing for month-long benders at my uterus’ expense! All of a sudden, at the age of 33, I was having those horrific period incidents that you think are reserved for young teenagers just starting to learn their cycles! It’s been horrible!!! And, to top it all off… nothing would add up in my mind. I am very active, I exercise very regularly, I eat 99% organic and a largely plant-based diet, I have a crazy job, but I’m happy, I feel like I’m making a difference with my work, and my partner and I are content. Why was this happening? To top it all off, I started gaining weight… and very strangely too. My diet hadn’t changed. My exercise schedule hadn’t changed. Why, then? So, after numerous visits to doctors and endocrinologists (mind you, I’ve never been a fan of Western medicine but living in a new city, I had to start somewhere), and re-explaining my whole history over and over again… sitting in waiting rooms for hours and hours, getting ultrasoudns done to confirm PCOS and my 4.5-times larger ovary and uterine fibroids, and then finally after a year of this, getting an appointment for the surgery to remove the fibroids, dilation and curettage, and mirena implant. Now, here I am, more cramping than ever, non-stop bleeding (I think I’ve had 6 period-free days in the past 2 months), and more weight gain. I haven’t changed anything else in my life. The doctors tell me it’ll take another 4 months for my body to settle down with the mirena… 4 more months of this, I ask? Well, you can also go on the pill, they tell me, but that’ll probably result in more weight gain even thought it may slow down the bleeding a bit. Um… isn’t that why we were installing the mirena in the first place? I can’t help but have these feelings of “unfair” in my head. Of course I wouldn’t wish this on anyone, but I take such good care of my body… inside and out… the thought of having a chemical emitting plastic device in my body does scare me. It goes against my values and way of life, absolutely, but I don’t know what else to do now. I still believe that our bodies can heal themselves and re-right themselves even after a disturbance. What am I missing? If anyone has any advice or can connect me with a good naturopath, I’d be hugely grateful.

Jodie says:

I also had a Mirena fitted to combat fibroids at the suggestion of my gynea. He did not suggest the removal of the fibroids before the insertion of the Mirena – which I did think at the time was a little strange but as I am not a gynae and he is I felt I had to go with the suggestion. I had the device for just under 12 months in which time I had irregular and heavy bleeding – so no improvement at all to my fibroid symptoms. In fact, they got worse.

I ended up booking in to see my IVF specialist as I was not getting any satisfaction from my gynae – who was refusing to remove my fibroids himself and suggesting either I have a procedure done interstate (with a 6 week recovery period) or to ‘just have a hysterectomy’ as it has the same recovery period !! My IVF specialist had removed my initial fibroids during exploratory surgery prior to my IVF journey year priod. When I went to visit him he was puzzled as to the use of the Mirena to prevent fibroids particularly as they had not been removed first and also as to why my gynae could not have removed the fibroids during a simple hysteroscopic procedure… He was also horrified at the suggestion of a hysterectomy (I was 38 at the time). He removed the fibroids and the Mirena by hysteroscopy in the day surgery unit and I have felt much better since. The fibroids will eventually return but I can have them removed with the same simple procedure. No Mirena for me ever again thanks very much …

Sal says:

It is interesting to hear other peoples views on the mirena, I’m 26 and have now had a mirena for 5 years, with a change once after the first year all done under anaesthetics. I again didn’t have much of a choice, with a diagnosis of endometriosis, endolsalpingiosis and adenomyosis I was told it was the only option to save my uterus until I wanted to concieve. I have had many issues with bleeding etc and severe imblance in hormones which made me very anxious, and with skin problems which now leaves me with a mirena and also the use of the oral contraceptive pill. I had a hope that I would be able to manage with just the mirena but emotionally I couldn’t. I would love to know of another way of managing this condition.. I’m due for removal/change next year and still pondering what to do next.

Hannah says:

I would love to know your thoughts on the copper IUD.

Ellen says:

Hi there Hannah,

I had the Copper IUD in for 18 months, and taken out about 9 months ago. I was incredibly hopeful and optimistic, and my reason for trialling it was because I had firmly decided against artificial hormones (the pill etc.) after trying these before, and in principle.

My experience in summary:
* Prior to insertion, and without having been on hormonal contraception for three years, I had 7(ish) day periods, usually fairly heavy, usually no clotting, cramp pains for the first 36-48 hours
* Post insertion I had 14-16 day periods for the first 8 months. Following this the shortest period was 11 days but usually around 13
* I had intense pain for the first 5-ish days of each period, and usually had what I called ‘phantom pains’ between periods – I’d describe it as feeling like a deep abdominal muscle had been pulled or strained or torn, and would flare up regularly and stop me in my tracks momentarily through the day
* My relationship was strained because I was constantly in pain and even when I didn’t have my period, I didn’t feel like being intimate because I felt like I was gently but definitely ‘recovering’ in the short space between them
* I kept it in hoping my body would adjust and calm down after several months, but this didn’t happen
* As soon as I got it out I felt enormously better. I didn’t realise how different I felt with it in until I had it taken out. I felt a sense of great relief, freedom, energy and really enjoyed the lack of pain!! I still get my 2-ish days of normal period pain, but it is nothing compared to the pain I experienced with the copper IUD in

This is just my experience of course. I’ve heard countless other that are similar, but I’ve also read many that have felt that it’s been a success for them.

Hannah says:

Hey! Thanks so much for the reply. I got the copper after saying a big NO to messing with my hormones. Got the initial pain and heavy periods, but now it’s totally manageable. I could have it in there for the next 5 years – as far as pain is concerned. BUT I’m wondering about health, yes, there’s no hormones, but even still – it is Copper, a metal, and it is a foreign object in my uterus – I’d like to know if there are any known side effects to this – for fertility, or long term well being?

Sara says:

Me too!

I was on the pill for several years before deciding that I had to stop using oral contraceptives. I’m with a long term partner, so STDs etc aren’t a concern for me, but using condoms all the time isn’t practical, and neither is a thermometer!

I’ve been using a non-hormonal copper-t since September last year. The first few days after having it inserted was the worst thing I’ve ever experienced, but after the cramping and bleeding subsided, I haven’t experienced any adverse symptoms. I still worry about it at times though, because I can definitely feel it moving around inside me during intercourse and also some forms of exercise (eg yoga).

Not sure what other’s have experienced using the copper-t?

Biljana says:

Heavy periods, clotting, extreme pain, fibroids, PCOS, shortened cycles are all symptoms of estrogen dominance & progesterone deficiency so helping the body to clear estrogen is vital.
I’m a naturopath that works in a naturopathic hormone clinic in Sydney & we treat these conditions successfully every day, for articles & info please go to http://www.sensible-alternative.com.au

Blessings & good health to you all.

Sharon says:

I too had a terrible experience with the mirena, and can tell you of at least 3 women I know that have also had terrible experiences with mirena.
I could never tolerate any form of pill (psycho woman from hell on any form of hormone!), so my hubby & I just ‘winged it’ until we tried to fall pregnant, rather than risk a breakdown of our marriage because I was a totally different person when I was on the pill. We learnt about chemical free living and introduced a lot of changes at home so we could be ‘clean’ and chemical free (?reduced) before we fell pregnant. Short story, after chubby bubby arrived, post-natal check with obgyn and was told I MUST consider a contraceptive now so I didn’t risk falling pregnant again soon. I opted for the mirena, having been told that a locally released hormone wouldn’t give me the ‘psycho’ behaviours of the pill. How wrong she was. But I had NO idea because I was caught in that erratic hormonal behaviour again. It settled down, to an extent. But then I went to get it removed because we wanted to start trying for number 2. Lo and behold, no string, cannot be pulled out easily. I ended up having an ultrasound, to which it was determined that I was actually suffering from PCOS, which explained a lot anyway. Then my specialist ob gyn had a special ‘hook’ that he used to extract the IUD. It felt like giving birth, without ANY reward. Then, the hormones went crazy again, and I was completely forgetful, moody, emotional and psycho. My body was desperately trying to adjust. I basically lost my job because I couldn’t focus at work and my forgetfulness was embarrassing!
After the second child, I chose to get the multi-load put in, as I suffered terribly with depression post baby (managed by exercise, diet, vit&mineral and Vit D supps), and was desperate not to fall pregnant as I was so scared I wouldn’t be able to cope with another child. So far, hormonally it has been fine. My body is in a good rhythm, I have regular cycles (first time in my life!) and I am doing fine with it. But I have been wondering about how healthy having a man-made device is when it is living in my uterus. But I am scared that I don’t have any options except ‘winging it’ if I have it removed. Which is worse? Suffering from severe stress and depression with a third child, or having an IUD? We are constantly improving our diet at home and eat a pre-dominantly raw diet, very, very minimal processed foods. So I can imagine I am probably healthier than I’ve ever been (and probably just as fertile lol!). But I keep thinking that my options are severely limited.
As an aside, when the Dr put the MultiLoad IUD in, he asked why I wasn’t going with the Mirena. I explained my bad hormonal experience and that’s why I went ‘hormone free’ with this IUD. His response was “Oh I would have just given you the Mirena and a low dose anti-depressant to balance it out.” Needless to say, I haven’t been back to him, and I certainly would not recommend him to anyone.
I can honestly say, I am scared to get this one removed. Fear drove me to get it, fear drives me to get it removed.

Kyla says:

Hi Jess
This topic of Mirena is very timely for me, as my doctor has prescribed Mirena but I have put it off a few times now as I feel its the wrong thing to do. I have had very heavy periods since having my daughter 6 years ago, the periods are so heavy that I cannot lead a normal life when its that time of the month and I get so lethargic and tired. I’d like to know what I can do naturally to reduce such heavy periods as I have been thinking of having a hysterectomy if I can’t get this sorted. It seems to be a big problem for women now having heavy periods, do you think that this has anything to do with the chemical ladened foods etc.?

Trish says:

I had a mirena fitted when I was 21 and used it 13 years. I couldn’t take the pill and suffered from endometriosis. The mirena was a god send and I loved it. I also have many other friends who have it fitted and also love it. people are happy to share the negative experiences but there are just as many positive experiences out there.

Trish – you might also like to know that endometriosis is just your bodies way of communicating that your hormones aren’t right. It is very treatable – something you might like to explore. Thanks for your input.

Jodie says:

Hi Nat and Trish
I just want to echo what Trish wrote in that sometimes the Mirena can be helpful. I too have struggled with endometriosis for many years, have had surgery, changed my diet to a pale way of eating, tried many alternative and lifestyle therapies. While all of these helped a little my life was just being impacted so badly by the endo, i couldn’t get out of bed for 2 weeks out of every 4, I was constantly in pain and bloated and lethargic. I couldn’t live an active life anymore or be a happy wife and mother. The mirena was my last resort, a step I didn’t take lightly. I still don’t like having it in, but at least I can live my life now.
I find it a little patronising to say that endo is just your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong – if you have endo you know this all too well. The trouble is people say that there are natural ways of balancing this out, but in my experience nobody can every follow through with anything that actually works. Please if anyone has any experience out there with natural remedies to balance homones and help with endo I will be all ears!

Anon. says:

Thank you Jess for sharing my story via Nat. I am pleased that this horrid thing will be leaving me via Surgery on April 22nd. That was just a quick, rushed email to Nat. But I do hope that ya’ll will share this post – I don’t want others to go down this path.

Jacque says:

I would never recommend the Mirena to anyone. After 15 years of very heavy, very painful periods, at 29 (no kids yet) I was recommend by my OBGYN to have mirena inserted, at the same time I was having a laparoscopy for possible endo. My results came back all clear for endo, so the mirena was inserted. I have never really been on the pill. I was on it back in my early 20s for a very short period of time, but had never used any other contraception methods other than external means of contraception, as my naturopath had always told me I was hormone sensitive and also suffered from bad PMS.
From the moment I had the mirena, it was a nightmare. 3 months of continuous bleeding and cramps. ‘Its normal’ says my OBGYN, ‘the uterus is merely trying to get rid of a foreign object by clamping down on it..’ Finally I got back to my normal 30-31 cycle (even though I had painful periods, they were as regular as clockwork). Bleeding has substantially subsided, but I swear I could FEEL my ovaries aching, constantly. Sexual relations with my partner in certain positions were excruciating if he directly hit the Mirena, and then I would cramp uncontrollably for hours afterwards. I was moody, irritable, I couldn’t cope with anything, constantly bursting in tears for no reason. After having a complete mental episode whilst working away from home, I quit my job. Booked myself in for the removal and within HOURS I felt normal again. I only lasted 7 months on the Mirena, and I feel it took another 6-12months for my body to go back to normal.
2 years on and yes I still have terribly painful and heavy periods, but that’s my body, I have to learn to cope. I will never ever go on an implant or pill ever again, and I am astounded that GP’s and medical professionals are still recommending these products to women. There must be a better answer.

Melisa says:

I was anaemic for many years from heavy bleeding caused by uterine fibroids. After trying several things, I finally got a prescription for progesterone cream, filled by a compounding pharmacy. Problem solved.

I wish the progesterone cream had been prescribed way earlier. My ObGyn also wanted to insert a Mirena device, but my instincts told me “no”. He should have been the one to suggest natural progesterone …

Kirsty says:

It is really distressing to hear how difficult it can be make informed decisions when doctors don’t necessarily provide you with all of the information, or discuss with you all of the options for your health situation. I have been in the same situation where I have been advised to take one line of action to address my health situation (surgery), only to get a second opinion from another doctor who advised that the risks of surgery outweighed the benefits and that in fact the surgery would likely have the opposite outcome that what we would be aiming to achieve in doing surgery!

Claire says:

I really enjoy reading this website and visit often after mine own health issues in the last couple of years. I feel that this post makes me feel a bit sad, as it could have the potential to really panic people. I myself have a Mirena after being diagnosed with Endometriosis and could not go on the pill because I have a bone marrow disorder also. I have never had any troubles (fingers crossed) and my pain has really decreased. For people reading this please keep an open mind and make decisions that are right for you in consultation with your health care team.

Thanks Claire – might i encourage you to treat the endometriosis? That would be a great solution for you.

Vlasta says:

Hi ladies, I had Mirena inserted during my laparoscopy in February. I am 33 and not likely to have kids in the next year or two… I have been diagnosed with Endometriosis at the age of 31. I tried Zoladex which worked perfectly for me until I decided to go without and endo has come back. Anyway, I agreed to Mirena. I stopped bleeding for all of a week out of 7, I am currently living on painkillers each day and the cramp are just a daily thing… I have just about had enough. My specialist put me on Norethisterone to stop bleeding and cramping and allow Mirena to settle in. I have trust in him so I agreed. Day three on Norethisterone and bleeding hasn’t even reduced and cramps are very intense, I had 3 tramadols today and I am still in pain. I am willing to give this a bit longer but the way I feel now is that I just want the damn thing out at this stage :(

Gabrielle says:

Have it removed asap! IMHO those symptoms are your body trying to reject it. Like everyone else, I’m sure you will almost instantly feel better when it is removed. Good luck :)

Leesa says:

HI ladies,

I also wanted to post a POSITIVE response. I have had my Mirena in now for 4 1/2 years, and about to have another one put in.

The reason I have one was the onset of menopause at 30 something!!! I had blood tests that indicated I was not producing enough estogen, and even with support from my natropath I was so exhausted I needed help. I would have period for 2-10 days, 5 days or so in between, then period again. If I was lucky it may be 2 weeks between periods. As well as exhausted I was emotionally up and down, yet healthy enough.

At first I really doubted this and was very unsure about a ‘man made thing’ in my body! But I took the approach of this is an experiment for quality of life. For the first 3 months I was a little anxious, but decided I needed to give it a go. After 6 months I felt wonderful. I don’t have a period, which is fine for me now (I am 44 years and have two beautiful children), and very occasionally I may get a bit of spotting- maybe annually? Very rare.

I am not sure if I will get another one this September, and think I might make an appointment to speak with Natalie about this. I am open to what ever, but please LADIES….there is a lot of anti stuff out there. Do your homework and do what is right for you. After all- everyone agrees….we are the best at knowing what is right for us! Take care of yourselves…what is good for one person is not always great for someone else!

Felicity says:

It is so amazing to hear all of these stories. I am so pleased that you posted this Jess and I have learned a lot from both the post and the comments. Thanks to everyone for your suggestions on how to deal with the removal. I think I have the little kick up the bum I need to get this thing out once and for all :)

Irene says:

I have had Mirena in for over five years, from I was about 18 and before that I got the contraceptive hormone injection! I was the biggest promoter of this stuff even after I became much more focused on health and wellness! After reading The Wellness Warrior and what Jess and her mom had to say about Mirena I finally came to my senses and decided to have it removed! :-)
I was surprised though of how reluctant the doctor was to remove it! she urged me that there are ‘no medical benefits of having your period’ but I just smiled and to myself I thought ‘well at least having my period won’t do me any harm either’.
I haven’t had my period for over 7 years! To me that is crazy! I can’t even remember ever having a regular period.. It’s been about 4 weeks since I had Mirena removed and I am worried it has messed up my body so bad that I won’t ever have a normal cycle..
Thanks for writing about this though! If it wasn’t for this blog opening my eyes I might still be promoting this awful contraceptive!

Megan says:

I originally had my first Mirena inserted after having my second child 10 years ago. I remember thinking I was going through child birth when having it inserted (something the dr told me was due to the way my cervix was positioned). After the first year of erratic cycles (up to 60 days), I then started to have a regular period every 26-34 days. The only side effect I found that bothered me was my skin started playing up.
After 6 years, I decided to have a replacement inserted. This time the insertion was way more excruitating, and I nearly passed out. The dr tried and tried again but due to the way my cervix was located it was extrememly hard. The dr was devistated that in his 20 years of practice he’d never not been able to insert. He advised the only option was for me to go under a general anaesthetic, to which he never charged me due to what he’d put me through, and he got a very good rate for this to be done the next week at a private hospital even though I didn’t have private health insurance.
Things settled pretty quickly this time and I’ve had it now for 2 years with 28-32 day cycles which are very light and last 4-6 days. This time around though I’ve had MAJOR issues with my skin. I’m 36 years old, and before having kids I used to be told how beautiful my skin was. Now due the Mirena (and especially the 2nd one) I have constant really bad break outs. I’ve been to a naturopath and we’ve cleared up everything else, and I eat extremely healthy and drink lots of water, and she’s advised there’s no other reason for it than the Mirena. It seems to really worsen during ovulation and the period itself.
So…. I’m booked in for next Tues to get it out!!! Very excited!!! I’m hoping that from Tues I will be freed of bad skin and can finally stop hearing people saying ‘What’s wrong with your skin?’ and ‘Gee, your skin looks really bad, are you okay, are you sick?’.
After discussion with my naturopath, we decided that in this time of my life and where I’m at best option would be natural, but this could take years of diarising my cycle to get it right and avoid pregnancy, which would only increase my anxiety again. So, she’s recommended I go onto a pill call YAZ which is a milder form of the pill and very good for the skin, and to combat the negatives of the pill by taking Premular or Indolplex available from the Health food store.
So I’m now on a countdown till Tuesday!! :)

Brandy says:

Be careful of Yaz/Yazmin. I was taking it for several years. I loved it at first, my skin was amazing, regular periods, etc. However, the last 9 months of taking it I started to get really bad mood swings then eventually getting migraines every 3-4 weeks with an aura. My boyfriend had noticed that during the time I was taking the pill (21 days) I was extremely moody and irritable. Then, when I would stop the pill for 7 days to get my period, I was sweet as could be. After consulting with my doctor, I finally went off the pill and I went back to normal within a couple of months.

I had the Mirena put in about 8 months later. The first few months (after my body adjusted) I loved it and at times I would forget that I even had anything inside me. After having it for almost 9 months I will be having it removed asap due to mood swings and just not feeling right. I have also been getting sharp pains in my lower left abdomen that’s lasting a couple of days. To add to my not so great experience, my skin has done a complete 180 since the day I got the Mirena inserted. My doctor prescribed me with an acne cream and even that has barely done anything so I can’t imagine how I would look without using it. I’m 25 and knowing how my skin is on AND off the pill, I know for a fact that it’s the Mirena even though my doctor doesn’t agree and says that this is how my skin is when it doesn’t have hormones coursing through my system.

I honestly think that doctors will do just about anything to make you thing that it’s “all in your head” or find anything BUT the Mirena as an excuse as to why you’re not feeling well. I know my doctor will be questioning me up and down when I tell her I want it removed but hopefully she will be understanding.

Sharyn says:

I would just like to say for me after having the Mirena in for 5yrs and then having it out and not been checked for copper toxicity at the time, I was Estrogen dominant & Progesterone deficient,I now have Breast Cancer.The Mirena is Progesterone (and the wrong type, that I know now) and without Progesterone and being copper toxic it was like putting fuel on the fire.Copper sits in the breast,ovaries and brain.

Jane says:

Very timely! I had a Mirena inserted 9 years ago after an unplanned pregnancy and subsequent termination at age 42. I too had a lifetime of heavy debilitating periods and disagreeable contraceptives. Over the years from about 14/15 I tried most pills, another IUD after my second child, that disastrous injection (name??) and then finally the Mirena was touted as the saviour. I have to say I thought it has been ‘ok’ although, yes I may have gained weight, yes may have experienced hormonal emotions, yes libido may have diminished, but I attributed all that to age, lifestyle,stress etc factors. Yes the string did get lost and I had to have an ultrasound a couple of years ago to assess it was in fact still in situ. My dr’s advice was to leave it there for the time being and its lifespan might get me through to menopause without replacement. For the last 9 years I had a fairly regular 23ish day cycle with light/med flow for 3/4 days. Then in Feb I had a ‘normal’ period, then another within 2 weeks again, then a few days break then a really heavy 5/6 days stretch. I saw my GP, she suggested to remove it and start progesterone. Because the string was lost she couldn’t remove it in the surgery so booked me into a gynae on Monday. He thought the reason for the sudden heavy, frequent period was the Mirena had ‘stopped working’. He couldn’t promise what the outcome would be with it removed. I could ‘never’ have another period (being 51) I could continue to have regular light periods or I could have irregular and/or heavy periods until menopause. He suggested that he would take it out and somewhere along the way the original plan was lost and I agreed to have a new one inserted. Problem was HE couldn’t extract it either, despite a LOT of prodding and poking. So now I am booked into have it removed in day surgery in a couple of weeks. Since then I had been re-thinking the wisdom of a new one after all. Weighing it up I was thinking well if I was already under GA for the removal I could have it inserted and if I found it to be a concern could have it out again fairly easily?? Now I’m not sure which way to go! I’m back to the GP on Monday so will discuss at length with her after doing some more research of my own between now and then. I’m leaning towards simply removing it and hoping the hormones settle quickly enough :)

I just forwarded this post to 5 of my girlfriends…scary stuff!

Carolyn says:

I don’t understand why the merina coil was fitted following the removal of fibroids since the fibroid was likely the cause of the heavy periods and should have eliminated the problem in itself. I had 5 fibroids removed 3 weeks ago. There was never any suggestion of the fitting me with a coil and I have just had my first normal period in years.

kim says:

What do you think of non-hormonal IUD’s? Copper T’s for example?

Claire says:

Arrrrrgh merina, I just have to see this word and shudder!
I went to have this in last year after the birth of my second child. My reasons were that I have PCOS and supposedly would have difficulty getting pregnant, which we have discovered is far from the case after a couple of lovely suprises! I wasn’t good at remembering to take the pill, we’re not fans of condoms, not ready for my husband to have the snip etc and we thought this sounded like a good form of contraception for us that we could easily have removed if we happened to decide to expand the fam.
So…I went in and was one of the cases where various ‘techiques’ to insert didnt work. And to put it bluntly, as nice as my obstetrician is, it was an excrutiating, embarassing and bloody mess that didnt get any less painful with a local anesthethic. I needed a vomit bag whilst in stirups! They decided it wasnt going to work and scheduled surgery for me instead – I left the clinic and cancelled it the next day. There’s no way I was going through surgery for that!
And the funny thing is it was about that same time at home with my newborn that I discovered your blog Jess (and later Nat!) and it really refocussed me with my health and listening to my body. The idea of the pill or other hormonal contraceptives really freak me out now. I have a regular cycle these days and we now ‘practice’ withdrawl and refraining around my fertile time. There is a chance we will have an accident which isnt part of the plan but would be still be a lovely thing to happen.
I think everything happens for a reason – and thank my little crevix so much for not cooperating!

Sarah says:

I’ve had my mirena in for nearly a year now. After two kids I had a ‘scare’ as had become hopeless at remembering to take my pill. Looking down the barrel of that gun I figured I needed to do something more permanent. I was very lucky in that I never had any fertility issues (despite 10 years on the pill previously) and being rather fertile + not wanting more kids lead to mirena.
So far, so good. Bleeding is very infrequent & light but I still ovulate (I get very strong ovulation pain so know EXACTLY when it is going to happen). So not all bad news…..

Lesley-Anne Mayer says:

Hi All Ladies, I would love to tell you about my fabulous experience with the Merina. I have 3 kids ages 7,8,9years, and as you can imagine, I would not like to have more kids right now. The Merina was the safest and best option to getting steralised. I am on my second Merina, since the birth of my son aged 7. I have had no issues, feel fabulous, no bloating, no bleeding , no PMS and no issues with string disappearing. It all depends on the doctor who is doing the insertion, that the process is done well. I dont have to remember to take a pill, and run the risk of another unexpected pregnancy. When I am ready to have another child, I will have it removed. Or when my husband decides to have the snip! Until then I am a HAPPY user of the MERINA! Lesley-Anne Mayer from CTown

Zizi says:

I just want to say that endocrine system is an extremely complex feature of a human body. Messign up with it is a very very bad idea. Hormones you are putting in your body being from the pill, HRT or any other medium stuff up complex system and there will be a bad ending eventually – you WILL get cancer (sorry to say) – maybe not now but in years time…Just think about it – there is nothing natural about hormonal remedies. You are just a cash cow for medical and pharmaceutical industires.

Bek says:

Thanks so much for starting this discussion…
…having had two beautiful children, I was looking for a more permanent contraceptive, and my GP suggested rather strongly that Mirena would be great (since I have very heavy periods and have struggled with terrible moods and emotional craziness we few rare times I’ve tried going on the pill.
I read a lot and chatted t everyone I could find…I heard some good stories about Mirena, and some dreadful ones! I decided I was not at all prepared to risk having something so foreign in my body. But what now!?

I would love to hear your suggestions for naturally assisting with heavy and painful periods, and even more some suggestions for permanent contraceptive. Is tubal ligation a good option? Other IUDs? (these don’t really appeal to e)

Thanks for a great post!

Amanda says:

I recently had a mirena put in and was talking to my mentor about them. She’s been using it for 15 years and hasn’t had a problem with it and i’m currently loving hassle free contraception. Unless my strings move, I’m happy with it.

Cora says:

Hi Jess,

Sorry if this was posted elsewhere but I didn’t have time to read all of the comments.

I do not have Mirena, however I use another type of IUD that does not contain ANY hormones. It is made of copper. I have always had MAJOR issues being on the pill and in my early twenties I said enough was enough. I was advised to get an IUD and was offered Mirena, but I already knew enough to stay away from anything with hormones.

So my question to you is, what do you think about a non-hormonal IUD? I know it is not ideal to have any foreign man made object living in my uterus but so far (I have had 2, over the last 5 years) it is working really well for me, as far as I know.

Would love your feedback!


Jacque says:

Leesa, there is a lot of negative responses and feedback out there because simple tests to determine Estrogen dominance/deficiency or Progesterone dominance/deficiency are not being undertaken by GPs or OBGYN’s before the pill or an implant is considered. It just being flouted as the only option to consider. Why are we not treating the cause and only the symptoms?! You have acne, take the pill. You have a heavy period, get an implant. WHY are these things occurring in the first instance? It is clearly evident that the negative side effects of these products are not being taken into consideration. The ‘side effects’ are only minor and outweigh the ‘positives’, which is what exactly?.. I cannot find any positive, besides avoiding unwanted pregnancy which can be simply avoided with a non latex condom. We need to get this message out to the general public. It’s not scare mongering, it’s about education. I feel women in general do not understand their bodies, their function. But there is also very little information available, why is this? Every 2nd person on the planet is female!
Women are not being informed, and when we question, we are the ones to be made feel ridiculous and silly but WE know our bodies best.
I’m glad that you feel you have had a positive experience however as you are unfortunately in the minority, the bigger issue has to be considered. These options should only be secondary after ALL other options and treatments have been utilised. I visit an OBGYN as I expect expert advice, not just to be given an implant or a pill.

I had my annual check up about 4 months ago, and my Dr suggested I consider getting the Mirena implant instead of relying on other forms of birth control. I strongly dislike taking any synthetic, man made substances & was very adamant that I was not interested in Mirena in the slightest, but he was really pushing the “benefits”. I’m thankful I stood my ground & did not let myself get talked into something I knew wasn’t right for me. I’m sorry the author of this email has had such a horrible time, my thoughts go out to her!

Elisha says:

Thank you for posting this! More women need to know about this horrible little thing. I am still recovering from the impact of having this. I wasn’t in good decision-making mode when my doctor suggested putting it in (new baby, father-in-law just passed). I begged to have it removed after a couple of months but it was 18 months before a doctor would remove it. They all kept saying it would be ok. I had heavy bleeding for the whole time, almost complete iron depletion (resulting in a transfusion – another non-natural thing in my body) and so many residual health issues. I know so many people who have had really awful experiences. I don’t like to interfere with other people’s free will but I will always be blunt about mirena if asked! Love ya work, Jess.

Jennifer Ball says:

I too have the Mirena, in fact, I’m on my second one. I had the copper one and hated it, as it gave me wacky periods and major cramping. So I’m on my 8th year consecutively of the mirena, and that means no period for 8 years….really, nothing. Is this a bad thing? I’m sure it is, silly question, but how bad is that? Also, I struggle with migraine headaches and cannot attribute them to anything particular, food, time of month, anything as I log them and have tried many dietary changes and lifestyle changes to rid myself of them. Do you think the mirena could be to blame? Or not having a period for so long, is that damaging? My husband and I have a 16 year old and are done. I told him today after reading this that he needs to make an appointment to have a vasectomy as we are not wanting more children and it’s his turn to prevent them! But I guess I’m hesitant to discover what might happen to my body after it’s removed? what should I expect? Any help is much appreciated! Thanks so much!

narelle says:

Thank you all these wonderful ladies who have posted stories to help educate all of us.
My love to you all
Narelle x

Dynella says:

I had my mirena put in nearly 5 years ago. I was having constant spotting and bleeding between periods and often having periods every 2 – 3 weeks. I had it inserted the same day as I saw my gyno without being given other options or diagnosis. Doctor told me she had saved me from having a hyserectomy. Was extremely painful and a very upsetting day. I have never felt the same since, it feels like my body is not mine! I went back to my GP about 2 years later asking for it to be removed – had an ultrasound but they talked me into keeping it as everything was working properly and it was all in place.
I also started having back pain a couple of months after this was put in – have never suffered before and believe it to be my sciatica nerve. I can’t wait to have this ‘thing’ taken out but also petrified as still remeber the pain of having it put in!

Miranda says:

Couldn’t agree more. I had the Mirena inserted and my body instantly reacted. The hormones created inbalances to my body and emotions. I also got POS because of it. After 12 months got it removed and voila! All problems gone!

Michele says:

I had the mirena- was moving in with my bf and couldn’t take the pill due to other meds. Anyway I had terrible cramping the first several months then lost my period entirely. I got acne which I’ve never had, and even after being off it 8 months my skin still isn’t the same. I’m vegan, gluten-free, high raw and supplement with probiotics, etc. Its getting better but I’d advise against mirena.

Stephanie says:

I love the Fact that you ladies cover issues that really matter. This is such a big topic for me. Im forever trying to share and inform my girlfriends about the dangers.


Kristin says:

Yes, this is so true! I had such an awful time of it on the Mirena-so much worse than I ever did on the pill. Thanks for educating more women!

Gabrielle says:

I have had lots of surgical procedures at the Royal women’s Hospital here in Melbourne, most of them minor. Since I was was 22. I’ve had more appointments there than most women will ever have. Which is okay (not complaining!)

Years ago, at every appt they (the gynae.s and other doctors I would see, there) would try to get me to go on the pill and would tell me all my problems would be solved by the pill. I had to argue with them, literally shout at them, at times. I had been on the pill before and did not want to go on it again. It is not a cure. It only masks symptoms, and you never get the actual treatment you need.

Last time I was booked for a procedure, November 2009, the gynae said very casually, “Oh, and we’ll put a Mirena in while we’re doing the surgery. Might as well. Just sign here”. She would not tell me what a Mirena was. After several minutes questioning here, I almost shouted at her, “It’s an IUD isn’t it? I’m not here for contraception! Why are you trying to deceive me into having something implanted in my body that I don’t need, didn’t ask for and you won’t even discuss it with me? Are you being paid by the company that manufactures Mirenas?”

Last year, my sister, who lives in NZ, was told by her gynae that a Mirena would be implanted during her upcoming surgery. My sister didn’t know what it was and didn’t believe me when I said she didn’t need it and that she should think for herself instead of following everything some doctor tells her. I had to shout at my sister on the phone to google Mirena and read all the stories for herself.


Sorry for shouting but this makes me SO angry. It’s an abuse of our bodies and it’s an abuse of our trust of medical people. They should be educating us and empowering us, not taking advantage of us when we’re vulnerable and unwell, just so they can put nasty things in our bodies to shut us up, so that we stop complaining. IMHO it’s misogyny.

Do they sneak artificial devices into men’s genitals when men seek medical treatment for treatable things?

Sorry people, it just makes me so angry.

Gabrielle says:

btw I have been drinking up to 1 litre a day of Bonsoy soy milk for years. It’s expensive but it totally changed my life — regular periods, a lot less heavy, and virtually no PMS.
I’ve still had endometriosis and two cysts removed, but once those things are taken care of, my whole cycle is so much more manageable.
If I stop drinking the soy milk, I turn back into hormonal devil woman who is impossible to live with.
So, soy works for me.

I’ve recommended iron supplement and Vit B supplement to lots of women friends in the past. Every single one of them that started taking these found a huge difference in energy levels and positive mood.

What I’m taking now. (these are available to buy online, they are NZ products sent to me by a relative, and are better than the ones I was taking up to that time):

Red Seal Executive Stress Vitamin B — contains very good doses of the B vitamins, plus iron, plus other good stuff – one tablet after breakfast 6 days a week.

Red Seal Women’s Multivitamin. — one tablet one day a week, after breakfast. Contains very good mix of vitamins, plus higher dose of iron, plus women’s herbs. Very good. I find it too strong to take every day, but once a week seems right for me.

There are prob better things out there, but these things are working for me atm

Anne says:

Hi Gabrielle, from what I have read, soy has high levels, of oestrogen which you may be low in -that may be a contributing factor as to why soy works for you.

Monique says:

Hi Natalie,
I agree that any version of the pill is not the best long-term solution for the body, however what would you recommend for contraception as an alternative? I’m currently on the pill purely for contraceptive reasons (i.e. not for heavy periods or the likes) as barrier methods weren’t an option in my circumstances, but have had side effects I’m not comfortable with and would like a better alternative. What would you recommend?

Joan says:

I have had complete success with my mirena, I am on my second oneI & ready to go a third. I will have some time off first & see how I feel. I had years of cripling period pain & headaches with my period & they lasted at least 9 days each month, very heavy bleading mood swings of a mad woman, husband & 4 kids & worked full time. I took 2 different types of pain killers so I could keep the pain to a minimum, that was for the whole 9 day’s each month. One of the tablets had to be taken on a full stomach so I would force myself to eat something during the night in a half sleep. It was another 5 or 6 years before I got the courage up to try the mirena & I haven’t looked back. For me it was a life saver, I must admit it took a bit of getting use to but no period pain, mood swings or head aches helped me adjust to the situation.(also I saved a fortune not having to buy pain killers,pads & meds with my weekly shop) My husband raves about it & suggests all women should try one for house hold happiness. I have had 9 wonderful sane years & I am frightened of taking it out & not replacing it. Good for some ,bad for others.

Kat says:

I really empathize with everyone who has had a bad experience with the Mirena. I’ve been using it for eight years now and apart from the insertion of the second one (which was a tad uncomfortable) its been great. I was first advised to use a Mirena due to extreme heavy bleeding which would last for nearly two weeks and cause me to feel like absolute crap. Each month I would become anxious when I knew my period was due because I knew what to expect. Migraines, fatigue, nausea, becoming an emotional mess for three days etc,etc,etc.

After the birth of my third child I decided to get a Mirena, I had failed at the pill (I always forgot to take it – welcome to the world baby 1 and 2) and the injection made me bleed like a tap.

Sooo eight years later here I am with my second Mirena and no complaints.

What I have noticed is after having the first Mirena inserted the Dr, internet, pamphlets etc told me my periods would stop. The weird thing is they never did. Each month over the last eight years I have had a period but because of the Mirena it is lighter and I don’t get killer migraines. I still get emotional, at times feel overly tired and my period can last for about five days, but I really don’t mind considering what I have endured in the past.

For me it has worked well but I will be honest and admit that after reading the comments in this forum I didn’t even know the Mirena had caused so many problems or potential future problems.

I’m starting to feel a bit uneasy.

What to do, what to do????????

kara says:

I had the mirena put in after my doctor kept hounding me every time i went to see him after having my 3rd child, saying that it is the best thing out and safe easily put in and removed, from day 1 of him putting it in i felt uncomfortable and was having light bleeding, they told me that was normal and a bit of spotting for the first 3 months was normal. well a week later i was still needing to wear pads and was having back pain and lower tummy pain, (ive never have tummy pain with any of my periods and the back pain was worse then normal) I think it was about after 2 months i went back to see my doctor and said i hated it and i havent stopped bleeding and i have back and tummy pain and all round just feel off, he said this time well it can take up to 3 to 6 months for it to settle and your body to be use to it… :I I left not happy and as my doctor is a bit smug and jokes about things a bit to much. I waited the 3 months still feeling terrible and i think i got to 4 months and went back to my doctor and said i want it out now. he was like its only been 4 months you have to give it time, I said look my period was normal every 28 days had a normal period for 5-6 days with slight back pain, even with having my children it was only back pain, now since having this im 24-7 bloated with bad tummy cramps and pack pain and have been bleeding for 4 months now… I want it out. his was well like i said you need to give it at lease 6 months, well what are you going to use then? the pill? Really i dont like any, I got it out and seriously was still bleeding for quite a few weeks later, and took quite a lot of months to start to feel like my body was back to normal again, was not a happy lady, I would never ever recommend anyone getting the mirena. really i would rather have another child then go through the pain and stress that caused me. It was more pressure from the doctor and nurses that talked me into it, rather then listening to my own body. well never again, i have been on nothing since 2 years later now and am back on a normal cycle, and if i was to fall pregnant at least i know its a natural part of life and a normal thing to be in my body, i would never put something man made in my body ever again. and recommend all women doing there research before having a doctor put something in you and telling you its normal to feel horrible and a bit of plastic and string needs time to settle in your body. us women know our bodies and if something isn’t right follow it, same with our kids no one knows your kids like a mother, we need to listen to that little voice inside that tells us when we don’t think something is right, i know since then that voice is the first to have a say. =)

Natalie says:

I had my Mirena out day before yesterday after only three months. My skin had become a mess of awful, awful acne the likes of which I’ve never had before, not even as a teenager. Cramps in my abdomen, never ending spotting… but the skin was the worst part. And the crazy part was my GP wanted me to keep the Mirena and take antibiotics for the acne instead – which is exactly the kind of Band Aid solution wrong with the whole industry. Find a symptom, take a drug! Two days on and I still have pregnancy-like nausea, but doing everything I can to re-balance my body. Ladies, please get the word out to your friends and warn them not to muck around with the balance of their bodies.

Amy says:

Ladies i to had the mirena Dec 2012 & it has been a nightmare. I gained weight, became depressed, extremely bloated, always wanted to eat, painful intercourse, bleeding on and off, abdomen sore., & my husband constantly complained about it. I had no energy & felt like I was pregnant. June 2013 after numerous complaining to gyn he decided to remove it. Well after numerous painful attempts my gyn told me it was embedded in my uterus. My surgery was scheduled a week later. The mirena crash then kicked it, but after a week I started to feel great. I was getting back to normal. I had my energy back, not so moody & depressed. I lost 7 lbs & was feeling great. Well went for my post op check up & as soon as the gyn touched me internally the tears started & the pain was back. Sharp shooting pains in lower left abdomen & so do sore to the touch. Gyn says oh maybe still healing. Its been 5 weeks since surgery why would I be in so much pain once the Dr checked me internally??? I feel like these mirena complications has taken over me!!! I just want to have me back!!

Cheyenne says:

What would you suggest, I was about to get Mirena and am now not after reading all these lovely posts! Condoms are not useful, yet I do not want more children! :(

Marie says:

Hi ladies
I’m glad to have found this site
To make it short and sweet the Mirena has been my absolute nightmare!! I’ve lost half of my hair in a year!!! I have acne which I have never experienced. My depression was to the point I wanted to harm myself and never have I ever experienced this. I’m an absolute mess and just thought it was because i had 3 kids at home and it was too much. I’m getting it out this week and have finally convinced hubby to get the snip. It’s time men take on something because us women go through to much. We are done with children and its time my body gets some rest and go natural
The mirena is the absolute worst… It destroyed me

Kristen says:

I’ve been bleeding for 9 weeks now and always after intercourse, every test i had came back normal or negative. (ultrasound, pap smear, blood,urine) I was on primulot tablets for a week and bleeding stopped considerably but always came back after intercourse. Im on a year waiting list to have a test for endometriosis and the gyno suggested my options were the mirena or taking two pills a day along with the primulot to stop bleeding… all those pills sounded like alot of chemicals/mood swings coming my way. I decided to have the mirena put in and apparently because i have not had a baby that is why i got extreme cramping the rest of the day, its now been a week with steady bleeding and quite painful cramping. I’m just wanting to know if anyone has any advise or any similar issues. Its been so emotionally frustrating, my partner has been amazing but at a certain point I’m worried will that spark die if we can never be intimate

Goodbye Mirena says:

I fell pregnant whilst on Celeste pill five years ago, however I miscarried and the hospital fitted me with the Mirena coil, soon afterwards, my periods stopped. I have just had the Mirena removed today as I’d had it in place for five years. The removal was uncomfortable, but not painful. I know a lot of women have problems with the Mirena, however I thought it was fantastic, as it never caused me any pain or discomfort. Even though my periods stopped completely, I got used to not having them.
However, I have decided that I want my body back and have opted for no contraception methods other than the use of condoms. I have been with my partner for nearly 10 years, and have decided to let my body adjust to it’s own natural way. I am looking forward to being myself again.

Rena says:

Hi Jess,
Just a quick note about the Mirena, My doctor insisted at the age of 40 that I was to old to stay on the pill, as well as the fact I smoke ( ok I know not good) so refused to give me script for the pill hence I had the mirena inserted.
I have had bad skin break outs, hair loss, weight gain & ovarian cyst. Tonight whilst surfing the net I stumbled across a Major Lawsuit that is currently taking place here is the web site http://www.drugrisk.com/mirena

I am definitely having mine removed, I just wanted to let you & the group know the real effects that the company kept on the QT.


Chali says:

Hi there, l’m wondering if anyone has had any luck counteracting the effects of the Mirena. I ‘m still dealing with the skin irritations (prickly skin) drives me crazy sometimes….other symtoms as well. I only had it in for six weeks and it came out 2yrs ago. I have just had a mensutural cycle the first for 12 months and was surprised to get it because l’m 55yrs but also it was intense…vertualy no blood but wow! every other nasty side effect…of a cycle and a Mirena…. anyway is it excess progesterone that we are dealing with or kidney or liver dysfunction maybe…has anyone worked it out yet….l would dearly love some feedback…..thanks….P.S> I would never suggest a Mirena for any woman under any circumstance…l only went ahead with it because l was bleeding so heavily that my Herbalist suggested l go ahead with it and for that reason l didn’t research it…never again…menopause brain is no better than baby brain…worse actually…if you can imagine that…ha ha ha ha…l hope to hear some great news really soon…cheers to you all..xx

Elisa says:

I had mirena put In June 2013 it was the worst thngg I ever did I gained 9 kg in 8 weeks I have had severe depression and bleed every week non stop I think the whole time I had it in a was blood free for five days all up. So what’s the point having it in if u bleed or the time. I had it removed today be interesting to see if the weight goes considering I diet and exercise all the time. Worst thing I ever did keep away from it.

Chelsie says:

So I have Factor 5 Heterozygous Laiden Mutation, and have tried a number of contraceptions. the Pill sent me completely crazy, suicidal, and I piled on the kilos and got depression (mind u I had amazing boobs from it lol), I had the Implanon put in and assured it was safe for me (I have Factor 5 heterozygous laiden mutation & a history of seizures) turns out it could of given me blood clots very easily, and it did give me a seizure after not having one for almost 3-4 years. So I had tests and told Iwas infertile (at age 17) and I had a steady partner so I didn’t use protection. lo and behold I wasn’t infertile and had a lil girl at 18. so I got the mirena 6 weeks later. it was great, no period at all. Mind u looking back I went nuts, but I thought it was just circumstantial. I got it pulled out 2 years later because I decided to have a another child. had bubby, got another in and from the moment of insertion I was I pain. I felt like I had just given birth again. I had constant pain from sex, I was certain it was puncturing something. so I went to a different doctor and she assured me it was put in wrong. so I had it removed and I lost 5-6 kilos, but just thought the baby weight was coming off finally b4 my wedding. I went on to hav another one inserted 3 months later after giving my body a break. it was ok to start with however, iv now noticed that no matter what I eat and how well I look after myself, im actually huge for my personal weight and am officially overweight. I was heartbroken as iv never been over 55kgs without being pregnant. I was 58kgs with my first child at 9months pregnant and 62 with my second at nine months. so for me to hit a massive 69 kgs I feel horrendous. I was in agony after being intimate with my husband afew weeks ago and haven’t gone near him since for fear of more pain. I almost went to hospital but was able to control the pain with panadol. after speaking to my mum yesterday, we put all the pieces of the puzzle together and realised that all my issues (including mega headaches, let down feeling in boobs, the weight, dizzy spells, mega moodiness, sugar cravings) all pointed to this one device, so I got off the fone to mum and got straight onto the doctor to get it pulled out. Nxt Thursday it will be gone and I couldn’t be happier to have this foreign thing OUT of my uterus. Im really worried about contraception now tho. I would really like to have my tubes done but iv been told a million times by ppl that they wont do it for me bcoz im 24 which I think it horrible. its my body and my life. I should be able to make that decision. I looked into ESSURE (which BTW u should do a segment on too) but it causes horrific outcomes. hubby wont have a vasectomy, so I think I may have to get a lady-comp. Anyways just wanted to give my story. mirena is nasty. and im pretty sure its punctured the top of my uterus, but I will be demanding a ultrasound to make sure I don’t have PCOD or and cysts, after that its bye bye hormones.

Carolyn says:

I’m 29 and I got the Mirena almost 2 years ago after becoming pregnant twice on two different birth control pills and having a miscarriage both times (at 8 weeks and at 12 weeks). I didn’t want to go through the emotional pain of another miscarriage, so I got a Mirena inserted. I have not gotten pregnant since and no longer have my period. I do spot from time to time for a day or less, but that is quite rare. So, those are the good qualities of Mirena.
I had terrible pelvic pain that felt like contractions for about 6 months after having it inserted. I still occasionally get similar pains, but not as severe. I have gained a significant amount of weight since it was inserted, although I can’t really prove it is due to Mirena. I have frequent ovarian cysts, but they always rupture on their own, so they’re painful but don’t require surgery.
I am no longer in a relationship, I ended a 10 year relationship a few months ago, so I don’t need the Mirena for birth control any more. I kind of like not having a period, though. I am completely undecided whether to have it removed.

Amanda says:

I am currently having insane problems with my mirena and cant find a doctor willing to take it out because it was subsidised… Any advice?

Maria A. says:

I had the Mirena taken out a year after my daughter was born in 06. Ever since I never got a period and needed to go on birth control pills to regulate my periods in order to get pregnant. I stopped taking the pills, because it was making me gain weight. I have symptoms of pregnancy and the pregnancy tests been negative. It’s 2013 and no periods yet. I’m extremely depressed because I want to have another child but it’s extremely hard for me. I really don’t understand why? I really lost and don’t know what to do. Any advice?

Renae says:

As soon as I had the Mirena inserted I started experiencing panic attacks for the first time in my life. I only had it in 10 days then had it removed. As soon as I did the panic attacks disappeared. After a whole year of struggling with a messed up cycle from the Mirena my doc put me on Zoely. It seemed to be good for about 2 months but come the 3rd I was feeling numb to everything. I couldn’t experience any highs and lows and I lost my libido. Also, the entire time on Zoely I had bloating pain in my lower abdomen and sore breasts. One day after stopping it I felt mostly back to normal. Now just going through the hormonal ups and downs of going off it as I only stopped about a week ago. Zoely was the last form of birth control I hadn’t tried and it was the last I will ever try. Natural from here on out! Despite what doctor’s say about the Mirena being effective and a low-dose and shouldn’t cause problems, please take with a grain of salt ladies. I only had it in for 10 days and a year later I am still regretting that decision!!

Emma says:

hey guys,
getting the mirena on wednesday! i have been suffering heavy periods for a while now which is effecting my work ect. i have been on the pill for 2 years now and my period seems to be alot heavier the past few months. my friends have told me that the mirena is a good option as it stops the period for upto 5yr. i am quite scared for wednesday as i have new had a child and i say it will be fairly painful for the insertion of the coil. any suggestions on how to relax(less pain!!)
i have read up alot about the mirena on websites, but they are usually all negative so it has got me thinking?…..
should i go ahead or not?

Elizabeth says:

I had Mirena inserted Sept 6, 2013. My Dr. Recommended it after I had been experiencing continual bleeding for a year that did not get better after a D&C. She had just diagnosed me as having fibroids, and convinced me that having a Mirena put in when she did the second D&C would be the best solution to my problem. And I was convinced for the first couple of days–no more bleeding! And then, about four days after surgery, I felt like I was being “pinched” down there any time I stood up or walked. Dr. said I showed no signs of infection, but gave me samples to treat a bladder infection. I did feel better taking the med, but wasn’t convinced that was the problem. After finishing the meds, I started bleeding and cramping. Light at first, I wasn’t too concerned. But the bleeding has increased, and I am having excruciating pain in my back and hips that doesn’t get better with over the counter pain meds. I actually had to take a day off from work the pain is so bad I can hardly move. Broke down and used the percoset the Dr. had prescribed for use post surgery. I don’t know what to do, don’t want to take narcotics all the time, but pain is awful. Also I am having “PMS from hell” as my husband called it. Not sure if it is from the Mirena or Percoset but I hate being this moody! Also, the pinching feeling is back. My Dr. says things will get better with time, but the more I read about Mirena, I am not convinced. I can’t keep taking time off from work to deal with this either! I tried to explain the pain to my Dr. I feel like I am in labor(even though I’ve never experienced it) with the backaches, cramps, and a feeling like I need to “push”. She looked at me like I was crazy! I am only 12 days post insertion. Is this going to get better or should I demand she remove it?

Amber says:

I am 9 days post insert of the mirena and I am still experiencing heavy bleeding and extremely painful cramping. I am really irritable and tired. The dr talked me into to “help” with irregular heavy periods. As of right now it is worse than any period I have had before, and I have had periods leave me in bed for 2-3 days. Over the counter meds are not even touching the pain and the dr told me that it should subside but it has only gotten worse. I have 3 children and my husband has a vasectomy so I don’t need it for the prevention of pregnancy so I guess I’m confused on why she talked me into the mirena instead of the abulation procedure they had suggested first. Any thoughts or suggestions would be very helpful. Thank you!

Laraine says:

My 18 yo daughter has had severe endometriosis for 2 years to the point that she was misdiagnosed with fibromyalgia. recently she saw a female gyno surgeon who has booked her in for a laparoscopy endo. because of the bad periods and pain they are going to put in a mirena. will this stop the endo from returning and make her periods lighter with less pain. desperate mother

Dee says:

I had the mirena in for only 10 weeks in which time I put on 7.5kilos, massive mood swings and adult acne started. It was simply the worse thing I have ever done and would never ever recommend this to anyone.

Michelle says:

Hi, I’ve had a mirena for 4 months and during that time have been in constant pain and have bled for 3 weeks out of every 4. I went to get it remove as I was so fed up with the pain and the bleeding, but it has gone missing. I am waiting for a scan to locate it and have been told it is likely to require surgery to remove it.
I had it put in on the (pushy) recommendation of my GP and was reluctant but was told it was the only solution for the heavy, painful periods I was having which are due to endometriosis. It took 15 minutes of pleading and tears to get the doctor to agree to remove it, and then she discovered it was missing. If I had let her talk me out of removing it, I’m not sure how long it would have taken to find out it was missing.
My advice to all women is don’t get a mirena. I’ll let you know what happens after the scan.

Carra says:

I really liked the idea of The Mirena at first because after 3 children I just wanted something that I didn’t have to think about. I am allergic to Latex and knew that I couldn’t trust myself with having to take a pill everyday. However after constant, constant problems I went to have it taken out and like above they couldn’t find the strings and I had to have an X-ray. It is there but I have to have it surgically removed which has left me feeling very unimpressed. Now I am trying to decide what form of contraception I will go on and I am prone to gaining weight easily so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :) Thanks

Cassie says:

I have a mirena and it’s been great- but these “horror stories” (and that’s not in inverted commas for irony – they are horrific) are too common. I feel like one of the lucky ones, and Mirena has worked very well for me. I had no bleeding/spotting and only have ovulation pain, which is preferable to the unbearable periods I had prior to that. Furthermore, Mirena is a very low dose of hormones delivered exactly to the source, rather than travelling through your bloodstream – so it works quite well for people who are sensitive to hormones. Everyone should keep in mind, that hormonal contraception is HORMONAL – so they will all do bizarre, often unwelcome things to our body. It’s a matter of finding out what works for you personally. Mirena is not a solution for everyone – but for me it’s been a god send. And I think it’s VERY important to hear both sides of the story.

Georgina says:

I wish I had read this blog before I had the Mirena fitted! Other contraceptives had not worked for me in the past, so I got the Mirena fitted early this year as a last resort as gyne doctors had only positive things to say about this form of contraceptive. Shortly after having it fitted I contracted Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID), due to the Mirena insertion, not due to an STI. Once the PID was cleared the Mirena continued to give me severe pain/cramping during intercourse and my boyfriend could feel the sharp threads. I have had it out for 3 months now and any pain I had before has disappeared. My advice would be do not let doctors persuade you into having the Mirena fitted if you are not comfortable with the idea. Although doctors put the pain I had down to the Mirena ‘settling in’ I believe my body was trying to reject the plastic foreign body. No more synthetic hormones for me anymore.

Mommy of two says:

I can honestly say after my first daughter I got the
mirena and I had it
Around 3 years. I got cysts on my ovaries but
that is all. I had it taken out and about 2 months
Later I learned I was pregnant with baby #2
After having my second daughter we decided
To get the mirena put in again because the
Only problem I ever had was cysts but at least I
Don’t have to try and remember to take a
Pill every day

haley says:

I’ve had my Mirena in for 4 years now and it has been wonderful. I have no period, no cramping, and best of all, no babies. I have had no negative side effects and would get another one inserted in a heart beat. I’m interested to learn more about long term effects like potential bone density loss, because my health is my priority. I’m also interested to hear about natural birth control like you mentioned in another article, but I don’t know what those are and I have a hard time believing they are as easy and effective as the Mirena has been for me.

Cate says:

Hi there, This is also my first time writing on here.
I too grew up having problems with my periods… i never minded the bleeding, it was just the horrible cramps,back pains, tiredness, moody-ness and low iron that was hard for me to handle.
After years of having a lot of pain i finally when to a lady doctor and explained my situation.
It wasn’t until they finally thought that it could be Endo… because i had so many symptoms that they all seemed to be to do with my monthly cycle… they said that they would do an opp to look through my belly button and see what was all wrong with my stomach area and down.
They put the Mirena inside, but i wasnt aware of the symptoms…
i had done some researching and had a meeting or two but none said that you could possible find yourself super moody and Hormonal.
It seemed to be fine for about 3 months, but from then onwards, i didnt enjoy having it it… everything came back, my cycles were all over the place and i have started to get very tired again. Its been a year since i have had it put in…. and its been a year of horribleness!!
My hormones have been all over the place and i have felt pretty low at times… not knowing why!
I explained to my woman doctor that i havent felt normal since having it in and that i wanted it out but she just told me to give it time to adjust.
I have been to the hospital twice to get it removed and they couldnt find it….Which for me makes me upset.. because i just want the thing out!
I am now on a waiting list and they also said they will do an ultra sound to try find it! But now that i have been through this year of having it in…I agree now… dont put something in your body that isnt meant to be inside you..! but at the time i didnt think much of it!

I would say to someone that is thinking about having the Mirena inside… Do your research, and ask lots of questions first. Try other period pills first.
I mean It deff feels better not worrying about having to take the pill daily, but i would rather be on the pill, then go through all this again.. Because i wouldnt recommend it!

I am looking forward to not having inside any longer… but i am a lil nervous to see how my body will react with not having anything inside to help!

I wish everyone all the best!

JT says:

I’m almost 44 and have had Mirena for almost 3 years. Before I had a painless insertion, I suffered from endo and fibroids, anemia and could not take BC because of antiphospholipid antibody syndrome (aka clotting disorder). Mirena was nice at first because it cut my periods down and made them less painful, but as time went on they came back heavier and LONGER – like 9-10 days each month with dribble in between. I get maybe 4 days a month if I’m lucky, without anything coming out of me. Also, this Mirena causes me to bleed during sex when it’s not even close to being my period time. Like BLEEDING. Oh, and how about gaining 24 pounds the first year I had it? All is normal supposedly, but man I am looking to get it out in January once I have insurance and getting the Essure procedure instead.

Jules says:

Such good reading.. I have had the marina in for just over a month and have gained nearly 5kgs!! I know this isnt much, but I exercise every day and compete in marathons, watch what I eat and bam! I have a jiggly middle section!! I am a naturally thin person, so this doesnt sit well with me, I feel uncomfortable and unhealthy. My breasts are so damn sore!! Ive stopped bleeding so far, but I havnt had it in long enough to see that benefit yet. Im thinking about getting it removed..simply for the fact I work so damn hard and this thing, in 5 weeks, has taken all my hard work away and the scales climb every day! Anyone else having weight dramas? Thanks girls, so good to read your stories!

mckenna says:

thanks for posting this. i got my Mirena placed about 2 years ago, while i was in college. After having it in for 2 years, i realized i NEVER wanted to have sex, i was sluggish, i was tired all the time, just a bunch of crap i had gotten “use to”, but that my husband hated. so i got it removed about 7 weeks ago. i got my first period just a few days later (and it was a totally normal period for me, about 3 days and very light, I’ve always been like that! Lucky me!) and then i obviously ovulated, and then NO period, two weeks, 5 home pregnancy tests, and 1 doctors visit, and still NO period. then yesterday Aunty Flow decided to show up, and she brought her attitude. I have had to change my tampon every hour or so, i keep joking that I’m going to bleed out and die. all jokes aside, i feel like crap- I’m so glad i got this thing out of me, i just wish i had done it sooner- or better yet, NOT gotten it put in. i cannot wait for my body to return to normal, and i am officially done using my body as a lab rat, putting in hormones and chemicals that no one really knows what might happen. I’m only 23 but i hope this hasn’t totally changed my fertility for the rest of my life.

Patty says:

I have had the Mirena in for a year and a half and I am sooooooo ready to get it out! I chose this option because my obgyn suggested it due to my heavy periods. 100% Id rather deal with a 5 day heavy period than having a light period EVERY OTHER WEEK! Mirena is literally causing problems in my marriage, my husband cannot believe how often I am bleeding. Thankfully I have an appointment next week and good bye and good riddens!!

Chantal says:

Hi, I am reading this blog because I am considering the IUD as a contraceptive method… I’ve stopped taking the pill 1 year ago and had terrible mood swings, hair loss, and irregular periods for 6 months after. I’m afraid to try Mirena because last time I put fake hormones in my body the side effects were not pretty. Some people are all for it, then there are a lot of blogs like this one that say not to do it. I’m looking for some more advice… As far as contraception goes, what other options are there other than condoms?
Does any one know anything about the copper IUD? I hear it causes heavier periods and worst cramping… any experience on this?

Kellie says:

Hi Chantal, I have had similar side effects on the mirena. They assured me the hormone was localised but I finally found a health dept admitting that some hormone does enter your bloodstream. I will be researching alternatives as well x

Victoria says:

I got the Mirena 4 years because of heavy bleeding. For the first four years everything was great, no bleeding, no headaches, no sign of cramping or anything. Now I am having real bad headaches, spotting, extreme cramping
Even sick on my stomach. When I ask my doctor to remove it the Mirena he told me to wait to see if these systems would go away. Well they have not. So I see my doctor next month to have this devise removed! Can’t wait

Sasha says:

I feel like I have a odd case with my Mirena. I gave birth to my daughter in Aug 2012 and nursed her until she was 9 months old. Since I was nursing my daughter my ob/gyn put me on a low estrogen birth control pill. I had major problems controlling my bleeding while on it and I had started to develop a mild depression. My ob/gyn then put me on the Mirena saying it was a good choice because I was nursing and it would help control the bleeding a lot more. The incertion of the IUD went smooth. I didn’t feel any of the incertion or the preparation for the incertion (mind you I have a HUGE pain tolerance. I gave birth 100% all natural). The first month or so I had bleeding on and off, the usual after IUD implantation. 6 months rolled around and I was still bleeding on and off, except it started to become heavier. My daughter had her 6 month appointment and we found out that she literally had not gained any weight from her last appointment. I was completely devastated. I had to start her on cereal and purees along with nursing her after that. At her 9 month check she finally gained weight, but the doctor started to question my milk. The lactation consultant told me that my milk had literally no nutrients in it. I found this to be very strange because while I was still on the pill, the same consultant said my milk was so rich and I was producing so much that she had joked about me being able to sell it on the black market. Now there isn’t anything of nutritional value to it? Well I ended up stopping my nursing and putting my baby on formula. The only thing I could think of was he Mirena being the culprit. Well its 10 months now of having my Mirena implanted and things are only getting worse for me. I bleed for weeks start every month with maybe a possibility of a week free of bleeding. If I’m not bleeding and I have intercourse with my husband, I instantly start bleeding. I’ve called my Doctor several times about it and all she ever says is its normal. I actually havent been able to feel the strings since the 2nd month of having it but the Doctor also said thats normal. I want to remove it but my husband tells me to wait until its been a year to see if things change but I don’t feel they will. I’m just ready to have it removed! I want to be done bleeding 24/7! What do you think I should do? Any suggestions that bit might sound like something else is going on?

Gemma says:

Argh! I had my mirena put in nearly 2 year ago after my second child was born- initially had no issues with it and thought it was a great contraception. About 6 months ago I started getting uncomfortable pains in my stomach and after docs visits, referrals and ct scans found an ovarian cyst the size of an orange. After doing research I found one of major side effects of the mirena is ovarian cysts, something that despite being listed in the mirena information booklet (which you don’t get given you are supposed to go and find it yourself online) 3 doctors told me the miren couldn’t be responsible. So I had the cyst removed and have been talked ou of removing the iud twice I finally insisted I wanted it gone (along with te depression, anxiety and anger that I have come to discover so many other women get with the mirena- I thought I was going crazy) Now finally I was strong to insist on having it removed and the doctor can’t find the strings and couldn’t remove it for me!! So no more scans and money to follow in praying I don’t have to have another operation to have it removed- I’m so gutted- this thing has caused so much anguish and expense – I just hope she can find it and remove it next visit- fingers crossed!

Aryn says:

I personally am on my 2nd placed Mirena. I have the first one placed, shortly after my oldest (now almost 8) was born, and about 4 years after it was placed, my husband and I decided to have another. Within one month of the removal I already had a positive pregnancy test. The pregnancy was absolutely fine and then at 6 weeks, I had my second placed. My son is now almost 3 years old and I can’t imagine using anything else! I understand it’s not for everyone, but then when I talk about how well it has worked for me, I get talked down too like “Oh, I can’t believe you have that in there!” So this card is for sure, two sided and it seems that for the most part only one side is ever on the internet. So I for one am one happy Mirena camper!

Coreen says:

Very interesting to read all of the Mirena stories, mine is quite different. Although I suffered very heavy/crampy periods (including fibroids) my whole life it wasn’t until menopause that I got my Mirena, hence post period days. Menopause hit me bad, especially the night sweats!!! I was getting NO SLEEP, up every two hours or so “drenched” feeling like a radiator. I refused to go on pharmaceutical hormones so searched out (not an easy task) a female gyno that administered bio-identicals. Only problem “she”
had her own way of doing so. She did not believe in oral progesterone so she insisted I get the Mirena to protect my uterus from the Estradiol pills she prescribed me. I fought this but she wouldn’t treat me unless I did it her way.

I was desperate so in I go for the Mirena insertion to be able to start my hormone therapy. I have a tipped uterus so my plumbing is complicated.
I am so retrograded that the Dr. was on the floor trying to insert this thing. With the first very long and intense try (with no drugs have you) the applicator broke inside of me. I heard the loud snap and felt the ting!! Now I have to go back and go through all of this again, ugh. Okay next day, next try works, Mirena is in. I have to say I had none of the hormonal side effects that others have expressed. But I also think this is because I was already in menopause, so I wasn’t getting a double dose of progesterone because my body was already low on that hormone.

Fast forward, now they can’t get this thing out of me–it will need surgical removal. Not only that, seems that it may be inbedded in my rather large 10.5 cm fibroid/and or uterus, UGH. Why is this device still on the market?? The major percentage of bloggers had the same complaint, seems it quite often has to be removed surgically. My situation is a double whammy because with the probability (through ultrasound) of it being imbedded they no longer will consider removing it vaginally. I was just told I need to actually be admitted into the hospital (not an outpatient facility) and be prepped for real surgery~~as they won’t know till they go in if laparoscopy will work or if I will need to be cut larger like having a “C” section.

I read “all” of the posted comments, and only a handful of women didn’t have a problem with the removal of this device. The majority of women did indeed have to have it removed surgically. Well female cohorts PLEASE consider the angst and “cost”!! of removal before putting this thing in your body.

Charlotte Harri94 says:

Hi! I had the coil fitted in May of this year. Having suffered heavy periods and having had three children in under five years (by choice). I was assured by friends and family it was amazing. First month I felt amazing! Then it all started wrong. I couldn’t function as I was bleeding so much, and my hair fell out. I don’t mean a few strands. It was as though I was having treatment for cancer! I had bald patches. It was thin, straggly and greasy. I developed awful headaches, so awful I blacked out and knocked myself out. I didn’t want to do anything! I lost weight very quickly (a stone and half in a month) and developed huge, boil like spots. I bruised when touched and cried all the time.

In October the crunch came. 5 months of the device (but 4 of feeling terrible) I felt a pain in my tummy, thinking I may need the toilet I sat down and expelled what felt like a huge clot. I bled so much I fainted on the toilet and it honestly looked like a murder scene. Not one doctor in this 4 months believed me. They all said the coil is amazing, the coil is great blah blah blah. I phoned the clinic where I had it fitted the next morning. I managed to beg the receptionist to let me speak to the doctor who fitted it directly. I was asked to describe symptoms.

Within an hour I was legs a kimber with two nurses holding my hands as a doctor attempting to remove the device. I screamed the place down… I’ve had three children naturally with no drugs so I’m old with pain! This was unbearable. One of the nurses shouted stop this is cruel, and I was given a sedative (Valium) and a local anethesic injection. I still felt the tugging and then it seemed to come out. I smelt burning which I now know to be that machine that burns blod vessels to stop bleeding.

I fainted (the coil has caused my blood pressure to be low) and upon coming round the nurse on my left looked as white as a sheet.
I never asked to see the device I was simply told it had embedded itself.
To be honest I was pleased the thing was out and I could go back to normal!!

Oh how wrong I was! It’s now two months and one natural period since the coil was removed and I’m worse than before. I really can’t cope much more and to make it worse no one in my medical dominated family believes me. They all think I’m suffering from mental illness and because the coil is out I’m fine there can be no effects!!
My children are what keep me going, without I’d stay in all day!
I’m training for a triathlon for next year. (Maybe I am mental?!) and I can hardly run… I can do 2 k before my legs turn to jelly. I only have to touch myself to bruise badly. My skin is still bad, I look pale… I have blinding headaches, mood swings, fatigue, and my heartbreak is that my hair is so thin I’ve had to have it all cut off and use special spray that colours the balding patches. I’m 30 years old!

I really could do with some help, ASAP! I don’t know who to speak to or what sort of doctor to get help from. I’m fortunate to have private health cover as without the NHS laugh at me. Privately they respect me. Funny that!! Please please please if anyone can help, I would be so grateful.

Kellie says:

A couple of days after having the mirena inserted I had episodes of losing my vision. The hospital sent me for an MRI to look for a blood clot and then told me I’d experienced my first ever migraine. Things settled down but I wondered did they really… Somewhere in this period I lost hair, so noticeable that my hairdresser saw a whole heap of new hair coming through and it was sticking up from my scalp. I became moody, disappointed whereas before the mirena I couldn’t possibly feel that way as my children always brought joy to my heart. Then BANG! crossed the three year mark and my world tumbled from view, extreme fatigue and I mean the sort where you are scared driving, down moods and reflux beyond belief. The doctor diagnosis, a virus that hasn’t fully expressed itself. Then add rapid heartbeat, doctor diagnosis: anxiety and referral to psych. I have had a difficult year so accepted the diagnosis, I also had a lot of bloods, heart holter etc. I asked the dr about the mirena, answer was no. Now I am diarising the cycles: fuzzy head, mild stomach cramps, palpitation, teary/depressed mood for a couple of days, sore breasts. I am trying to see if it happens in regular, set cycles. Just as an added side note spoke to another woman and she was advised to swap the mirena 3 yearly… For some reason the side effects worsen after this period. I will be investigating further.

SB says:

I have had the Mirena now for a little over a year and a half. I wasn’t sold on it when I finally had it inserted (which was crazy painful since I have not had any kids). The first week I had it I checked like they tell you to make sure it is still there. Neither my husband or I could feel anything so I went in for an ultrasound. It was there still. I was extremely uncomfortable for a few weeks after. My periods finally stopped until 6 months ago. Now they come whenever. Still not as heavy as they were before Mirena but something just doesn’t feel right. I’m going in for my yearly next week and am ready to talk about getting it removed. I am extremely frightened though since the strings are not visible for the dr. Does this mean it has to be removed surgically?!? My emotions and labido also have been off and getting worse the longer I have it. Last year I was told the Mirena did not affect any of this but I am thinking differently. Ready but nervous for my appt next week.

Laura says:

I feel as if mirena is gettin a bad rep here I’m already on my 2nd because the pill makes me suffer low blood pressure! I’m only 26 and have no kids yet but im glad to know from my doctor that when I do want kids my fertility will return to normal rather than on the pill when it can take at least a year! And on the plus side I’ve had no bleeding or cramps or hormonal crap to deal with! I think every woman has there own experience and no website should throw them in a diff direction only ur own doctor can do that

andy says:

I’ve read up a lot about Mirena. The concept of it migrating to other areas of the abdomen which is apparently rare, seems to actually be quite a common occurance. However, many of the cases of migration include a woman who has had the IUS inserted after delivery or some other kind of surgery, or when the practitioner that inserted the device was not well trained in doing so and actually inserted the device into the uterine wall (which clearly explains y it would have moved becasue the uterus would have expelled it). I’m wondering if the chance of migration has something to do with the shrinking or re-sizing of the uterus (back to its origional size) after birth, or the healing process which happens after surgery? There has to be some cause of migration.

I personally hate any form of chemical with a passion. I was previously using the rhythm method. Trying to find a suitable form of contraception… My mom thinks I should go for the copper T, I think the Mirena is more reliable.. Do both have the same chance of migrating?

I’ve never used a blog before, I’m probably commenting in the wrong place. Any help would be appreciated. :) x

Ash says:

i cannot have the pill. The estrogen in the pill actually make my already high estrogen levels worse and i get physical ill for two weeks a month. Condoms do not work against pregnancy i have fallen pregnant 3 times and miscarried all four babies across two years to three different partners. My mother had the mirena and she had no problem with it. she also had endometriosis and it slowed down the endometriosis and after 6 years she was able to conceive my sister and she got told before she had a mirena that she had a 3% chance on conceiving at all because of the endometriosis and after 4 misscarriages she had mirena. I currently have a mirena because It is a progesterone hormone only and i actually havent had a problem with it until now. Beside condoms this is the only contraception method i can have besides the bar in the arm and that fried a part of my friends cervix and she had to have a curette to get that part of her cervix out. she was 18. The only problem i have with the mirena is as i write this after three months i think it is falling out. My periods actually lightened after the first one, they gave me a light anaestetic at insertion to help the pain and it did and because i have a retroverted womb my pelvic muscles are even tighter then they were but the sex is even better. When you get a mirena inserted, if the doctor did their job right they inform you of all the risks. I had this mirena put in three months after my last miscarrage because if i have anymore there is a high chance that i could bleed out and die but the curious thing is no one can tell me why i keep having miscarraiges. i don’t smoke or drink i always eat veggies and drink a lot of water and i go to the gym twice a week. Where i live in australia is very hot so we have aircon gyms so we do not pass out working up a sweat. so mirena or the bar were my two options since depo shot had estrogen init and i was not going to be physically ill for three months straight and risking my cervix getting fried. all of the females doctors i spoke too actually were surprised that the bar did that to my friend and they were actually telling me to go the bar becauese they were saying at 19 i was too young for mirena but family planning queensland in rockhampton the doctor i saw explained all the risks and complications and everything has gone smootly until now. i only found your article because i was not sure whether i should go to the hospital at this time of night because it may be falling out and the only reason i can understand this is that the threads seems to be getting longer and they were cut off at 3cm. i have never felt the threads but since yesty my partner has said he doesn’t need to go deep penetration to feel it and we tried to have sexx tonight and i could feel the thread only having my finger into the bend part of my finger.so i disagree with mirena being a bad thing even though it possibly falling out because i do not get sick with my periods no cramping light bleeding which i havent ever had since my first two periods i ever had and my periods only last 4 days instead of 8-11 days being heavy for 8 and also my periods have bcome regular for once in my life. Mirena is for woman like me who need theri hormones balanced nd it will also slow down endometriosis when i start to develop it which i will because mum and her two olders sister all have it and her eldest sister had a hysterectomy in her early 30 because endometriosis was very bad. i understand you may be against mirena but i thought you would like to know what it is like for someone who needed it and it has done its job until tonight. there is two sides of a story and i needed something progesterone only to sort my body out and this has. i am devastated that it is falling out because i have never felt so well and my hormones have never been so balanced. here the story of a girl who needed this to help her body and it saved my life. it is ealing my body so i may carry full term becasue first trimester my baby’s either fall out ofr like my last one my womb was shut and died insdide and the doctors can’t ecplain it. they say i am perfectly fertile and my body is normal for my age. three different partner so it cant be the bloke it has to be me and somethings wrong and the docs don’t know. so mirena may actually be the only thing to heal my body hell stopping me ovulating gives my body a break and gives it a chance to heal so i can have kids. if i lose too many more i can die. i am 19 getting married in july and i want to be a mom and i love kids and it devastates me that i mat not be able too. this was my chance and it falling out i may have to wait to get another put in because my body needs to heal

June says:

Hi I had a mirena for 2.5 years. I removed it myself after dealing with frequent mood swings up/down. I was linking it to maybe just ME but 3 months later I am starting to feel a lot more normal. I still am a very sensitive person and I can get thrown off if I am too tired when stress strikes but I can actually sense my body again. I realise now that with the mirena in I felt numb to what was going on, and it was easier to just place blame elsewhere. I felt my intuition was lowered as well. I chose to take it out myself after reading online about it and not wanting to wait to go to the doctor. I started taking potassium & magnesium pills for a month after as I had read this can help to counteract the “mirena removal depression” that some women experience and I believe it has helped! I used to get into an episode every week, now I am back to once a month (I attach this to normal PMS.) It feels good to be me again. I loved the ease of mirena but I am considering the copper iud in the future! For reference for other women’s comparison: Light-Med flow, average 4 days period total, every 30-35 days, maybe 1 day of light cramping if that, general down mood/dry skin a week before period, day of period I feel 75% better, days right after period I feel BEST!, This is what my menstrual cycle is like when I am on no BC.

Michaela says:

Is the Marena safer than the Depo shot

christina says:

Hi, I just got this yesterday and I have looked at how many people suffer with acne afterwards and silicone toxicity. I already have thyoid issues and autoimmune, drys kin etc, will this make it worst? I am already nervous about having this in. My body is already in very critical health.

T Pierre says:

Wow! Where to start. I had my first mirena put in after my son was born in 2006 had it for 3 years and had no complaints. Had my daughter in 2010 and got my 2nd mirena put in. I’m finally now coming to realize that a lot of what I’ve been experiencing the past couple years could be the mirena effects. I’ve had minor depression and major anxiety past couple years, breaking out more, gained 30 lbs and no matter what I do it will not come off ( I was going to a gym 4 days a week and eating right) and it just was not going anywhere. I suddenly started spotting and getting my period back after 2 years of not having it, I have major mood swings (and I’m on Wellbutrin) and worst of all…I have been getting what I thought was bacterial vaginosis at least 2-3 times a month with a disgusting foul odor and no other symptoms, I would get it treated and it would return. I told my doctor and he said he doesn’t think it is BV he thinks it is hormonal. And I’m convinced it is this mirena…causing my hormones to get all outta Wack and causing this odor constantly. I cry about it, I’m a very clean person and take care of myself. I am very sexually active with my husband and this is so embarrassing to me and hurts my self esteem. My hubby is so sweet and understanding but I’m done with this thing. It is the culprit of so many issues I’ve been having and the Drs never tell us about these side effects when getting it inserted. I did like the mirena and I was a big supporter of it but it took years of issues and no answers to realize this is the only remaining thing that could be causing these issues. I am getting it out on Jan 24,2014 and getting my tubes tied with an endometrial ablation so I pray my hormones will level out again and that I will finally be able to Lose this weight and get back to normal. Good luck to u all. Please don’t tell me I’m the only one enduring all this?

Gracie says:

I had the mirena in for the entire 5 yrs and was told i wouldnt have my reg periods and every month infact i did, regular just as always. Now 2 years later am having difficulties concieving, I really believe the mirina had alot to do with it all.

Ashley says:

I had my daughter 10/15/13, bled for almost 7 weeks, started my “period” on 12/21/13 and had mirena inserted on 12/23/13…Its not 01/24/14 and I am still bleeding. I haven’t had any cramping or heavy bleeding, but it’s enough that the Mirena is pointless… I go to see my GYN on Feb 3rd and am thinking about having him remove it. I just really want to stop bleeding, and to be honest it wouldn’t break my heart to get pregnant again. Anything I should know before I have my doc take it out?

jamie says:

Had mirnea put in on 1-6-14 and still!l bleeding, I made an appointment today to go in next Monday to have it removed, will not even be a month. I can’t hndle it. Bleeding g, moody, uncomfortable, no sex drive. I feel totally off balance and tired all the time. I knew I shouldn’t do it but felt it was the better alternative to a hysterectomy. My gut said no, I should have listened!I just hope my drDr agrees to take it out and things go back to what they were, it wasn’t normal but I didn’t feel like this either

Scuba says:

Don’t get mirena! After reading the articles on this thread, I just had my mirena taken out and I IMMEDIATELY felt better. I checked the blog because, after having mirena for a month, I was bleeding every day, had the worst cramping of my life, was exceptionally moody, had a huge appetite and something just generally felt WRONG. I even took a pregnancy test because it just felt like something was UP with my body. I have been eating healthy (macrobiotic, plant-based) for ten years, maybe it would have been different if I was eating denser food and the Standard American Diet, but I can TOTALLY relate to the other women feeling like there was a FOREIGN INVADER in my uterus. Call me sensitive, call me granola, but once that thing was removed I felt INSTANTLY lighter and calmer. Sometimes it is not the scientific data that matters, but just what OUR BODIES TELL US IS RIGHT. With it out of my body, I finally feel myself again, and back to feeling AMAZING ABOUT LIFE. =)

Jane says:

Hi there
I had a mirena put in after the birth of my second child. All went really well for the first 9 months, regular very light periods with minimal cramping. Then I got my period on month number 9 I didn’t stop bleeding (mainly spotting) until seeing a dr 25 days later. I was put on something to stop the bleeding for 10 days and then the pill for 2 months. My periods were ok while on the pill, I still had occasional bouts of cramping, once I stopped taking the pill the next month was fairly regular, however I has severe cramping but not continued bleeding. The following month I started spotting and cramping terribly for 15 days until my actual period arrived. Once it arrived some 10 days later I was put back on the pill to regulate my periods once again.
I want the mirena out, I have done since the first lot of trouble with it some months ago, it is not working for me and I do not understand why it worked so well for the first 9 months.
I need something more reliable than the pill, what suggestions do you have that I could try? I am now looking at the implanon rod to be a more permanent form of contraception.
Please help!

Mae says:

I’m 18 and am on the track to an amazing military career, and once i enlisted in the United States Army Reserves, I went to my doctors to talk birth control, they put me on a pill that made me have my period a week prior to the placebo week and it lasted for two weeks. However it wasn’t just a form of birth control, it was also for regulatory purposes due to the fact that I was diagnosed with amenorrhea as I had not had a period, ever. So the fact that I was sexually active, not menstruating, and told by my doctor that I was fertile, really freaked me out. I let the first month slide because my mom had convinced me that it was just my body getting used to the idea of actually having a period, the different hormone levels, and whatever else was going on. My period was really heavy (I bled trough a super tampon within 30-45 minutes three or four consecutive times and had to wear pads with the tampons. So the next month, I started my period at the scheduled time but it was still extremely heavy, and I set up an appointment with my GP who now diagnosed me with menorrhagia switched the prescription I was taking, and it’s still giving me really heavy periods, horrible cramps and an excessive amount of clotting. I’m now down to five months before I ship to Basic Training and really considering the Mirena IUD and have been doing a significant amount of research on it, but this blog and all of these horror stories have scared me and are almost deterring me from doing so. I’m going back to my doctor tomorrow to discuss my options, and this article really opened my eyes to all of the risks. However I have noticed that most of the women on here have either had children, or have carried fetuses, have been diagnosed with or removed fibroids, or other issues with their system, I don’t know If I’d call it a trend or not. I do have low blood sugar, O positive blood type (that one comment about blood type) and cysts that my doctor considered not worry some and I don’t have any other symptoms to PCOD (he said the cysts may be because of the inactivity of my ovaries). I’m actually really stuck right now because daily life is hard because of these periods and I know that if they continue, any form of training will be next to impossible while dealing with them, and that would be an extreme hinderance to my career…

Josiane says:

I’ve had the mirena for about 2.5 years now. I only had 1 period following the insertion of it, which in my book was great. I noticed after a few months i started having swelling issues in my legs. I have currently been to 6 different doctors about it, had my kidneys examined, an ultra sound of my saltveins in my legs, seen a cardiologist and the only thing they could tell me was eat less

Cynthia says:

It is great that people are finally letting others know about this stuff. I had the Merina for 4 years. I actually finally JUST took it out myself. So far I have experienced weight gain, acne, pregnancy symptoms, nerve pains, and cysts. The cysts have only gotten worse since I started getting them. I have five that I can feel with my fingers. I have no idea how many I have inner uterine and this scares me. I am only 23 years old and I REALLY hope that this horrible device hasn’t left me unable to bear children. My younger and only sibling has already been left unfertile because of radiation therapy she was forced to have because of Graves Disease.

Kristen A says:

I’ve had the Mirena for 4 months now and so far I hate it. My acne from high school is back en force, I bled every day for the first 2 months and now it’s 2 weeks out of the month, but it comes and goes so I have to be ‘prepared’ all the time just in case. The first two months I lost handfuls of hair every morning and my stomach bloated up like I was pregnant. Apparently you aren’t supposed ot be able to get it unless you have had a child but I’m 36 with no children and they offered it to me. I mentioned my side effects at the last appointment to check my strings and I got the token ‘it shouldn’t affect anything outside your uterus’ speech and I was dismissed to ‘give it a couple more months’. I’ve heard of people pullings theirs out themselves but I’m scared to do so. As far as I’m concerned the acne is the worst part – I don’t even want to leave the house. How do you force medical professionals to do something? I’d rather have my heavy periods than almost constant spotting and cystic acne everywhere.

Laura says:

I have had the Mirena in for going on two years in March 2014. I am currently going to be contacting my PCP to have it removed as I have become convinced that this little piece of plastic has been the source of my sudden weight gain, acne (which I have NEVER suffered from), mood swings, tiredness, and overall just unhappiness with MYSELF and LIFE in general.

My main question for you ladies is; what are your thoughts about the ParaGard IUD which is copper and non-hormonal? I need some form of reliable birth control and I DO NOT want to use ANYTHING with any sort of hormones in it. Thus far, ParaGard is looking like my best option but your mention of NOT having anything foreign in your uterus has got me questioning my choices in getting the ParaGard. BUT, then I am left with the “what will I do to prevent pregnancy” issue.

BTW, I am a married mother of two children, not planning any pregnancies for the near future but don’t want to do anything to PERMANENTLY prevent them.

Suggestions? Anything! Thank you all!

Trina says:

I had a HORRIBLE experience with Mirena!! I’m a very active person and I eat really healthy. I’ll make this brief: First I bled like crazy for maybe six months. Then started the acne (I never get acne). Then after maybe 3 years I started getting REALLY bad headaches. Like someone WHALED me with a bat on the right side of my head. They were constant and NOTHING helped. Dr. said it could NOT be the Mirena. After realizing many other people online had similar problems, I had it removed. Headaches and acne subsided gradually, and completely gone in about 2-3 months. Since Oct 2013 I’ve been without contraceptive because we want to have another child. I was once VERY fertile and now it seems as if I’m unable to get pregnant! I don’t think doctors realize how bad the Mirena is and I would advise women to look for other contraceptive options. Know what it is that you’re putting in your body.

Olivia says:

I am in desperate need of some guidance…so about 4 years ago i went on the contraceptive pill microgynon and after about 6 months it messed with my psychological state and so i immediately came off it. I then went on yasmin (stupidly because i get migranes and headaches) and although it made my headaches and migranes worse, my moods seemed ok (or so i thought), but now on reflection i did have moments of real sadness. After 2 years on yasmin, i had increased lethargy and tiredness, my moods were getting awful and i was taking it out on my boyfriend, and i had next to no motivation with my life. So i came off yasmin and looked into the coil. I decided to get the mirena so as to have light infrequent periods, and got it fitted 3 months ago. But as a recovered acne patient, my skin has got terrible and over the past month, i have been getting mood swings again. I am running out of options, deducing that no contraceptive method works for me. PLease someone help!

Jurgita says:


I had mirena after my second child.I had it for almost three years but it was enough to ruin my life and almost my family. One year after using it i started having strange heart palpitations, headaches my hair was falling out badly. Back pain was amazing together with pelvic pain i thought i had some inflamation so i went to doctor for testing but all results were normal accept really low pottasium level. Later i started having regular feeling of wanting to vomit, pelvic pain was getting stronger i had severe sweating all the time specially night sweats. I was having from time to time occuring depression episodes, my skin get really bad i was having eczema in serveral places my muscle from time to time felt like totally rubber my legs were shaky i had a strange sensation like baby kicks in stomach but definatelly i was not pregnant, my breast was becoming so small that my relatives made jokes that im becoming a boy . Now im three years post mirena still having severe panic attacks , strugling with back pain, eczema never went away, heart palpitations are the issue im still dealing with my liver was damaged due to estrogen dominance caused by mirena so i have to be always carefull what i eat. I still have depression episodes, hypokalemia, during ovulation i cant even go out from my house i have extreme abdominal pain back pain extreme heart palpitations like my heart sometimes stops and than starts working again leaving me totally dizzy and shaky after that . During those three years ive bene in a hospital emergency room i guess about twenty times. So i wonder does the Bayer company have some other medical product which could help me and millions of woman who suffer after mirena to recover i really miss the old me young healthy woman who could work in two jobs before but now feels like an old lady with bunch of health problems. Thanks to mirena i lost six best years of my life now im only 32 but health is totally ruined.

Debbie says:

I am living thru hell after the mirena iud. I now face taking oral hormones that cause me to break out in a rash and gain weight or hemorrhage again. I am 47 years old and had the mirena inserted for heavy bleeding. Had it for 4 years then my fibroids enlarged and basically expelled it which led to a ridiculous amount of bleeding. I am scared. I am going thru the crash and now am hemorraging and am a hormonal mess. I would not wish this on anyone. Have an appt with gyn on Thursday to discuss options cry all the time now.

Maria says:

I was 48 and I couldn’t get surgery because of scar tissue, didn’t qualify for pills, patches, or the shot. I also have highblood pressure and I didn’t like to insert a ring. That was the only option for me. If you’re young you have many options when you are older you don’t.

Haley says:

I had the Mirena as well. After having my child at my 6 week checkup they told me that it would be best if I got the Mirena. I was worried about it, but yes they know how to talk you into things. After it being put in I still bled and bled and I hurt and hurt and my pains kept getting worse so after having it for 3 months and dealing with all the pain I said I couldn’t take it anymore. I made an appointment to get it taken out. They tried to tell me they would give me medicine for the pain and that I shouldn’t get it taken out. I said I didn’t pay this much money for an appointment for you to just give me medicine, I want it taken out. I told them I have not stopped bleeding after having my child so I pretty much bled for 4 months straight. When taking the Mirena out my doctor said well I guess it’s a good thing because there is pressure being put on it and you have a lot of blood drainage. Thankfully I got it taken out and everything is better now.

Cheryl says:

I am 49 years old and had the Mirena inserted in Nov 2012. I have had fibroids removed ( 2006) and suffered from frequent heavy periods. During a routine physical exam, my GP couldnt find my copper IUD. I was sent for an ultrasound to determine where it had disappeared to and it was just ..missing ? Apparently my body had somehow expelled it without my knowing. Anyway….with my previous menstrual history my GP advised that I get Mirena which would help alleviate the heavy constant periods that I had been subject to. It was inserted in Nov 2012 and I had no side effects and my periods did not change either – still frequent, heavy bleeding and massive blood clots.
In late January 2014, I broke out in a skin rash all over my chest and stomach area and my body was so itchy !!! Skin lesions would rise and bleed during the itchy spells. Some parts of my body – elbows, small of back and upper chest area just below the shoulder on both sides became almost scaly and a dry itch whereas my groin, stomach, breasts and neck had a rash with these lesions. I went to the after hours clinic twice and my own doctor within a 3 week period and I was told an allergic reaction, eczema and inconclusive with a skin biopsy from my forearm. My skin biopsy also came back inconclusive.
It was then that I had that A-HA moment !!! This rash and itchiness started in late January when I was due to have my period – and it was the first time since the Mirena was inserted in 2012 that I didnt have my period !!!!!
I told my GP what I thought it was and she seemed disinterested…..so I am now going to monitor WHEN I should be getting my period, the symptoms that I have during this time and control the itchiness with benadryl. My GP did mention a reaction to progresterone so I ran with it and came up with APD …Autoimmune progesterone dermatitis.
It completely describes me !! The only thing I can think of why the delay from 2012 until Jan 2014 is that the hormones were changing in my body and since my periods have now stopped, I am having a reaction to the excess progesterone.
Does this makes sense ? Has anyone else had the same symptoms ?
Any insight would be appreciated :)

Diane says:

Hi I just wanted to let you know of a positive experience with mirena. I am on my second mirena implant, so I have had one now for about seven years and I have to say it’s been the best decision I ever made. I’d like to ask if most of the people that are having problems, did your gyno ultrasound your womb before inserting to see how your womb lies, as my gyno has removed and reinserted many womens mirena’a that had been incorrectly inserted. Because not all womens wombs lie the same and inserted incorrectly can cause pain. I have tried many contraceptives and had to keep changing because of reactions, but with the mirena within a month my periods had virtually diss appeared and I haven’t had periods for years. The amount of money I am saving on sanitary products is great. I am going thru menopause now and after what my mother went thru and my gyno said I would have gone thru the same because of they way my womb was I am so happy that I have the mirena. It is such a low dose of progesterone compared to all the pills out there, I feel it is a much better alternative if you are going to take a contraceptive. There is many women I know who were having problems with menopause who have had this inserted and it has solved the problem. I realise it’s not for everyone but for some its great.

Donna says:

I am having my Mirena removed because of certain side effects. The first 7 months I’d say were fine except for the acne which I have grown to live with. I say this because I have tried many different pills over time and have always had acne. The side effect that has been killing me is the bloating and weight gain. Mind you I am a very fit person. I eat a very clean diet and work out sometimes twice a day. I looked at my situation and the only thing that has changed for me was having Mirena. The funny part was that I did not see this until about 7 months in. Has any one else seen this? Mr Dr doesn’t seem to think Mirena is the cause. I just can’t figure out what it can be. When I look online I see that bloating is very common. I have always had 6 pack abs and to have a bloated stomach to me is very noticeable. I have also been very tired. I have a period every month which never comes at the same time. It has been just over a year and I am having it removed. My first attempt at removal it could not be found. I had to go for an Ultrasound. My second attempt at removal will be this Thursday. The Dr suggested Lo Loestrin BC to see if it helps with my symptoms after Mirena before jumping right into tubal ligation.

What do you guys think?

Clair says:

Oh my gosh, just because it’s bad for you, doesn’t mean it’s the worst thing on the market. It’s perfect for me and several other people I know. Some bodies just don’t want a foreign object in them and will protest with horrible side effects until it’s out. It sucks, and you have to find something else, but don’t act like the IUD is a monstrosity that needs to go.

nikki says:

Hi, I just found your blog today. I read the above story and I have a similar story. I am now trying to get my Iud removed but they had issues finding the string, couldn’t locate the Iud, then told me it fell out so he put me on the pill just incase. (My family has strong cancer jeans double hormones is not good) and now I am feeling certain things with my body that I do not like and feel comfortable with. And I am getting the same run around that she has recieved. I do not recommend the iud.

Albs says:

After many friends have had theirs removed, I am still quite unsure about the Mirena but I am hopeless at remembering to take the pill too. (It could be subconscious, as after having 2 children and being in my mid 30’s I resent that the responsibility falls on me at all really…vasectomy, I say..)
I am curious though. My doctor is insisting that I remain on the pill for 4 months and keep a diary (not happening as I hardly remember to take the pill, let alone find the time to write about it!) then she says I need to have an ultrasound to ensure my uterus lining has thinned then possibly a curette if it hasn’t (?!?) And finally, have the Mirena inserted..
Has this been the case for anyone else? Does this even sound right? It is all becoming a bit too hard, maybe abstinence is just the easier option…

Treasure says:

Hi, I’m only 19 and I’ll have the mirena for a year the end of next month.. I got it as a solution for heavy periods as they’ve been horrible since I was 13 causing vomiting and going unconscious every month as well as severe pain. My body stopped responding to the medicine I was given so my gp suggested the mirena. Being contraception as well was a bonus so I went for it.

When they first tried to put it in I jumped back at the shock of pain then passed out twice. The second time they put it in they used anesthetic so the pain was less but I still passed out. Like I said it’s coming a year and I’ve basically bled nonstop for most of it. I was put on the pill at one point which did help regulate it but now the blood flow is heavier and none stop. I want to take it out but I don’t know any other option.

Although painful, my period was consistent and always on time. Then I was on the combined pill before the mirena and that messed up my cycle and now with the mirena I wouldn’t even say I have a cycle. I know it works for some people and I wish I was one of them but sadly I’m not :(

Michelle says:

When I initially had Mirena put in (May 2012) I bleed for a month and a half straight and then started getting either light or heavy periods sporadically (somewhat monthly) lasting for 4 to 11 days. About six months ago I started having periods that lasted 7 to 10 days and came about every two weeks. Through tout my journey I’ve had a very open dialog with my doctor and actually suggested a removal August 2013 because of the various symptoms I was having… so almost a year later after unexplained fatigue, the flutters, ridiculous bloating and almost constant periods… The mirena is out (June 17) since then I bleed very heavy two days post removal for one day and started a very heavy period on June 29. I’m still experiencing some bloating but my energy is up… I hope they do more research in this product and properly inform women with the results not just the rare ideal results

Stacia says:

Perspective on this is very important. Look, the device shouldn’t be blamed for poor action on the physicians’ part. The patient had to have agreed to it as her own advocate in order for it to be inserted. My mother had large fibroids, they don’t make you lose touch with options set before you. Everything comes with risks. That said, this story of failure to be ones own advocate reflects nothing on the IUD. If a doctor brushes off the removal of something you *want* removed, you don’t just go with it and wait around for someone to pay attention. It’s really not fair to put all the blame on a device that works beautifully for a lot of people. Not everything works for everyone. You always, always take a risk to get a benefit with medication. I cannot accidentally become pregnant. I take medication for MS that would make a broken condom accident devastating and stressful. So I got a Mirena. And the way my mind is put as ease is so beneficial. People have bad experiences with everything. But this story is less IUD danger than it is a lack of action on the patient’s part. If something is wrong, you MAKE SURE to be heard. THAT is the blog that needs to be written. Not this blameshifting.

Stacia says:

And if the idea of plastic being in your body is unsettling, think about how many times you’ve put bleached cotton in your vagina for extended periods of time.

mariaan says:

I am struggling with the decision to go on the pill or get a Mirena.
I used the pill for 14 years and did not have any problems. A year ago I started having bad headaches and pains in legs. Went for tests and found that I have a Protein C deficiency. According to the dr. it was nothing to worry about, but I did a bit of reading and found out that it could cause blood clots. And by using the pill it can put me at a greater risk for clots.

I need to get something the work. But I dont know what.

Any advice??

Gemma says:

Hello, thank you so much for your insightful blog! I’m 18 and have a retroverted uterus and have had the mirena iud for about 8 months. I kept going to my doctor and telling her that the cramping is still very awful however there is less or no blood. I would always feel the awful cramping under my belly button area and my doctor told me it’s because of my retroverted uterus. It’s been 8 months and I can’t help but feeling the cramping keeps getting worse. My doctor keeps telling me it’ll go away but I’m unsure ;/.

Alexandra says:

Hello, thank you so much for your insightful blog! I’m 18 and have a retroverted uterus and have had the mirena iud for about 8 months. I kept going to my doctor and telling her that the cramping is still very awful however there is less or no blood. I would always feel the awful cramping under my belly button area and my doctor told me it’s because of my retroverted uterus. It’s been 8 months and I can’t help but feeling the cramping keeps getting worse. My doctor keeps telling me it’ll go away but I’m unsure ;/.

Jamie says:

Glad I found this and read this post. Made me want to share my story.. even though im not fully sure I even have one. March 8th 2011. I got the iud in place by my OB. (Had my daughter via c-section Sept 2010) I thought it was the greatest thing ever (still do) I wouldnt get my period, no chance of getting pregnant. (Im not ready for another child) I have had mirerna for about 2 years now. I have had NO problems what so ever. I hear all these horror stories of this iud causing major problems. Am I the only person who has had no issues, I check the string constantly just to make sure its there. Ever since getting the iud my periods have been better. Ive never had a regular period even before the iud so tracking my period has always been difficult. Usually I get it around the 10th. (Sorry if thats too much info) Around that time or few days earlier, I will get spotting just for a couple hours or even a day. The odd month I will bleed a little more but not usually. Now.. because my periods are irregular. I cant tell the difference (go figure) I have been bleeding, and I mean bleeding, little clots, Its a lot to what im used to getting now. It is around the time of month where I would get my period. I dont have bad cramps like I used to. Its now day 5 and I am still heavy bleeding witch is very unusually for me since for the past 2 years I have never bled this much and for this many days.. My hubby is worried and is going insane thinking im pregnant or something even worse. But since it is around the time of my period I simply tell him thats what it is, because I think thats what it is. Is this normal, Ive tried looking it up but, google has more info than I can handle and different situations. I have got it checked out by an OB and everything seems to be working fine.. I hope this wasnt too long of a comment, just figured i would get it all out. Thank you for your time!

Peta says:

I had the mirena put in 4 months ago because of heavy periods. I bled most of the time it was in. I wanted it out after two month and my doctor told me I needed to wait the 3 months and see my gyn. 4 months later I seen my gyn, and made him remove it. I have been bleeding for over a week now. I’ve always had a heavy period since I’ve had children, but this is gushing. It’s like a tap. I’ve lost a few clots. I’m feeling weak! For the whole time it was in there my husband said my attitude changed. And I wasn’t very nice to be around. I’m glad it’s out. I’ll never have that crap in me again. I just hope my period stops soon.

Bri says:

I had the mirena placed in 2006 the first time, amazing. No problems ever and no pain. Had my second child following the timely removal of said product and no placing in my second mirena. I really hope to have the same experience as the first, as it was such a good one…

J.O says:

hello all, im speaking this from a mans point of view, im 31, been married for almost 13/14 yrs, 3 kids, my wife got the mirena almost 3 years ago, we have been going on a downward spiral and we are almost at point of separation, if not there already.

The feelings that have changed are not related to the mirena, but I cant help but feel it has been a contributing factor, when we were on good terms she was very moody, sometimes good sometimes very upset, would get mad for the smallest things, many times I felt like her frustrations regarding anything (work/life) were directed at me, and I felt like somehow she was blaming me,

I was an alcoholic for some years and ive stopped almost 6 months ago, but it seems even that gets her terribly upset, she has much resentment.

The things ive done that annoy her/get her upset for example are when I go exercise, I sell things online to make extra money for something I wanted to get her and even that annoys her, just little things that I don’t see why.

It could be that the love is lost or gone, but I don’t know..

shes had bouts of fatigue, on numerous occasions she has severe nausea, light headed, shakiness, to the point we went to the hospital once and all her vitals were good.

The nurse suggested we get the mirena removed, but he said it in a deliberate way and me and my wife immediately noticed he almost said it in a manner where he was trying to make sure nobody else (other nurses, docs) heard him say it.

For a while we thought it could be sugar level, blood pressue etc but everything checked out good at the hospital, and we were there right about the time she was having one of the worst bouts of the nausea/dizziness. She will randomly get acne when as before she wouldn’t, among other

I cant help but feel the mirena is an underlying reason to the way she acts, to making me feel like I cant talk to her about anything because she immediately gets upset,

It could very well be its not the mirena, but both me and her have talked about it in the past and at times have agreed it could very well be the mirena causing mood swings.

Can any ladies that have been thru this or something similar please advise? I mean am I just looking to blame mirena for this or could it really be a factor? please email me to [email protected]

thank you all

Mirena lover says:

I felt the need to chime in here and give what is a 3 year long blissful relationship with mirena the praise it deserves. I originally got the mirena due to a inherited gene that causes uterine cancer. As I decide if I’m done having children, and ultimately have a partially hysterectomy, the mirena prevents the uterine wall from overuse (monthly cycle) which our bodies were never meant to undergo. Historically, women had many children through their 20’s and 30’s which meant the number of cycles they experienced were very minimal in comparison to today.

While this miracle device potentially prevents precancerous cells from forming it has other benefits too. The mirena has been wonderful, no periods, no bloating, no weight gain, and no pregnancy. It is more effective against pregnancy than sterilization. More effective than a condom. It is the SINGLE MOST EFFECTIVE birth control ever created. In a world where resources are limited (money, parental time) I don’t believe that it is fair, to any child I might convince while I’m not prepare, or to myself, or my family to take chances with birth control.

Trust me, there are far more hazardous chemicals in the water you drink, the air you breath and by in far in the food you eat than in birth control. Ask yourself, are you actually that organic? Is your diet truly that clean?

Just my 2 cents.

Sarah says:

Hi mirena lover.some of us have suffered horribly and this may not be the place for you.

Carina says:

I have had the mirena for a little over four years, I hate it it has ruined my sex drive plus not to mention the disgusting brown discharge I get a couple times a month.. I have finally got insurance and I am getting it removed (thank goodness) and I do not want any more children 3 is enough. So I have decided to have either Essure or Laparoscopy done. I was wondering what you thought? I am 100% sure I am done with babies so I know I want something permanent and my doctor recommended Essure but I am unsure.

Carmen says:

Somebody please help me. Sept 17 will mark my 2nd year of having the mirena. Now I had it for really bad cramps, I never bled that bad the pain was just unbearable and I have a history of ovarian cysts. The first few months I spotted around time for my period but I noticed it seem like I had the blues. I struggle with anxiety and depression so I thought maybe it was just me. Anyway it has helped with the pain and has stopped my period almost all together. The downside is my depression and anxiety are worse. I have emotional symptoms and I feel like I am turning into Satan himself. I have had a very stressful year but I can’t help but think this Morena is making my mood worse. I go back for my annual in the next month so now I have to decide whether to suffer physically or mentally and I am leaning toward going back to the horrible cramps. Please tell me I’m not alone and I am not going crazy! Has anybody dealt with this? Thanks!!

dena says:

It put me into a 5 yr depression and almost ruined my life. i also thought it was just the stress of my life but i know now it was mirena. get rid of it.

anonymous says:

I have mirena and have had it since febuary of 2010. It is now about to go into 2015, yet its only sept of 2014. Tonight i started to have a regular period after my cycle disappearing immediately after insertion. Does this mean im pregnant or does it just mean the hormones that created the disappearance in the first place are wearing off and i should have it replaced and/or have a new method started as i dont really like mirena.

Anonymous says:

I got the mirena 4 years ago. The following spring had to have tonsils out. The following winter I was diagnosed hypopituitary. I chose mirena because the hormones were low dose and localized to the uterus. (After my one year on the pill, I learned I could not tolerate high doses of systemic hormones.) I gradually started feeling worse and worse…joint pain, hair loss, migraines, low energy, mood swings to the point I could no longer get out of bed. I had classic hypothyroid symptoms. The doc found low free t3, low free t4 with low normal TSH and my body has zero progesterone. My doc told me it was common for mirena to suppress progesterone, but I have read that our bodies also need it to flush estrogen. When we don’t have enough progesterone, that estrogen binds the t3 and t4, leaving not enough free t3 and free t4 to help our body function. That is exactly what my labs and symptoms are telling me is happening…getting this thing out ASAP!

chris says:

6 weeks bedrest after getting a fibroid removed. Im and RN and have never heard of that. your up and at it shortly after almost all surgeries including heart surgery. 6 weeks is a recipe for a blood clot, and I know no doctor would recomend that !

Shadawn Aiken says:

i am 24 and i have been using mirena since january 2014. when i first got it inserted i was bleeding and the doctor said that was good because my period would stop sooner…it didnt stop until march! now my period comes whenever it wants. i like the fact that it doesnt come every month though. however sometimes its heavy and lasts about a week…sometimes when it comes its light and last a few days. i think i am gonna get it removed because its driving me crazy!!

Lou says:

I feel compelled to write about my experience of the mirena after weeks and months of relentlessly scrolling the internet to try and figure out whats wrong with me. Can someone please tell me if they have experiences similar while on this horrible device because right now my doctor thinks im crazy for suggesting anything of the sort. I had my mirena removed 7 days ago. After removal I experienced the worst mirena crash ever, I was an emotional wreck for 4 days straight. I couldn’t stop crying and I was so irrational. I got the mirena 3 months after giving birth to my first child and had it in for just under a year. Apart from the unbelievable mood swings and emotional outbursts, my biggest problem was silent reflux/acid reflux. I developed a severe sore throat after 3-4 months of having the mirena inserted. Due to my increased anxiety I straighaway thought I was dying of throat cancer. My anxiety levels have sky rocketed since I had the mirena. This throat thing continued to get worse and after an endoscopy procedure, the doc mentioned diagnosed acid reflux. I was/am very upset over this. I cut out almost every type of spicy/fatty/sugary foods from my diet and lived mainly on plain foods but my condition still didn’t improve. I became extremely depressed and constantly thought that I am too young for this (23 years old) and I am going to die in 20-30 years from throat or esophageal cancer. Finally after a lot of research I thought the mirena could be causing the reflux. I finally felt hopeful and got it removed immediately. However, since removal the reflux has turned into full blown heartburn and again this has made me so so sad, worrried and upset. Is this a case of it has to get worse before it gets better? Did anyone ever experience this on the mirena? If so , does it eventually go away? Getting the mirena has been the biggest regret of my life, it has runined my health and my skin. Please somebody offer me some hope :(

Sarah Evans says:

I too was talked into having the mirena coil when I was at my lowest point, I was just about to go into have a laproscopy surgery. I felt pain with the coil instantly but was told it was going to go away and it never did. After 3 months on the 7th October I finally had it out by a Doctor at a clinic in a very painful experience only to find that it was twisted and not in the correct position. That was Tuesday and I went back on the mini-pill, but I am still bleeding. Can anyone help and tell me how long it will before I stop.

Sarah says:

The mirena was a horrifying disaster. I had periods every two weeks for a year and my mental health plummeted. I felt better within a couple of days after having it removed . All my doctor said was “huh, I wonder why it didn’t work”. I don’t think that everything that went wrong that year can be blamed on the mirena but the severe depression I experienced and the endless bleeding all stopped once it was out.

dena says:

i was researching the mirena’s possible side effects they dont tell you about and found this blog. Oh boy have my eyes been opened today and now i feel i need to tell my story about my life and my mirena.
So i have my second implant. the first i had put in after my separation from a very unstable husband, who had just been imprisoned. I was happy to get out alive with my 4 kids and our pets, but lost most everything else. I didn’t care though because he was gone and i could start new for us and i was happier, very motivated and more positive than ever before. About a year later the ex gets out, the divorce is finally finalized and my life that was going great starts to crumble.
The paranoia and anxiety starts, wicked mood swings. One minute im happy then in a flash im ready to rip someone’s face off the next im crying. within weeks im depressed and losing control of my life. I can no longer function normally. As the years go on im having panic attacks and can barely work without feeling like everyone is out to get me. The issues with my ex get worse and i just cant handle dealing with it. i am normally a very strong willed, positive person and im a fighter. Put any issue in front of me and i will deal with it so i can move onto my happy place. i fight my way through everything, i never give up. But i was so lost and so confused and didn’t know how to deal with anything anymore. i started drinking to calm myself down and of course the more i drank the more depressed i got. Work got harder to deal with, my coworkers became untrustworthy. i was sick constantly, headaches constantly, missing tons of work making it harder to pay my bills causing me more stress and my life to finally hit rock bottom. i was no longer functioning as a mother, an employee, a sane person. 5 yrs of this and my counselor finally convinced me to leave my job, instead i transferred to a smaller yard with less employees a couple towns over. i took a pretty big pay cut and lost hrs. BUT after a couple months i started to notice a little happiness returning. i started enjoying things again i had lost my love for and little by little my life started to brighten up. i stopped going out and drinking. i could help my kids with homework without wanting to rip their heads off. Its now been 2 1/2 yrs since i transferred. im back to working as much as i can, im back in my kids lives, i am doing all the things ive always wanted to do and i am stronger and happier and more positive than i have ever been in my entire life.
So now with the love of my life, we’ve decided i should get back on the mirena so no more babies. I had it put in a lil over 3 weeks ago and guess whats happening. Im getting angry all the time, very short tempered, wicked paranoid, crying, worrying, anxious, having a hard time dealing with things i was laughing about 2 wks ago. It all came rushing back and i just realized today that 7 yrs ago when i got so lost that my life fell apart, it was NOT the stress from my personal life it was my friggen birth control. i am so pissed off right now at the realization that had i any idea that my depression was caused by the mirena i could’ve had it removed immediately and saved myself and my children from all those yrs of hell. Grrrrrrrr. So tomorrow i am calling my dr. and setting up an appointment to have it removed because i will never go back to that hell again.

lecia says:

Hi been reading your blogs and I am troubling with the same problem its a lose lose situation
I can’t seem to get a rein on this thing its taking over my life the moods swings are just overwhelming if I were my spouse I wouldn’t want to be with me I am so sick and tired of this thing in me .
Worst of all its suppose to promote wellbeing but its getting the best of me its cause weight gain so how can something that is suppose help u do the same exact thing like the condition you are so desparetely trying to fix and deal with?
This is all so very confusing and taxing please give me some insight

andrea says:

Well I’ve had mirena for 2.5 years.. I’ve been having heart palpitations bad but they come like a period.. I get them bad for 5 days then nothing for a few weeks. I got the mirena because I started getting periods every four months and it was solo bad I had 2 blood transfusions. Since the mirena I haven’t had 1 period but I’m certain the mirena is what is causing me problems. I’m 37. The doctors all say the palpitations are nothing to worry about. I am on a beta blocker due to having s.v.t. before. What do u think?

Laura says:

I had horrible mood swings with deep-provera YEARS AGO (in the 1990’s), I was fine on oral BCP, then i had 2 children, had my tubes tied, and had almost 3 years of completely normal periods. I went through a VERY stressful spring/summer, and my body went crazy, i literally spotted and had irregular and heavy periods off and on since May, It’s now December. After trying oral BCP to regulate, and going to see and OBGYN, they immediately suggested a Mirena, i was not SOLD on it, but they made me feel like my other options were and ablation, which may then lead to hysterectomy… neither of which i wanted to do… So I tried it! we are on day 3 and i am an emotional WRECK… i’m hoping it’s my body adjusting to being OFF the oral BCP, and just the progesterone but if this continues i will need this thing out of me!

Steph says:

I have the same thing happen to me. I went to get it out (after a year and a half of 28 days a month bleeding) and the string was gone. I have had the ultrasound and have to have surgery too. I am so sad and angry! I can’t believe they allow this product with all the problems it causes. I want to cry. I have two kids and don’t want more. I forgot to take the pill so wanted something more effective. I had the bar in my arm but had that removed as I suffered significant bleeding too. This sucks so much! I feel so let down!

Angelika says:

My obgyn surgeon adviced me of my options today. I am a 50’year old, white female that was born with Tedralogy of Fallot. I have a very complicated body with multiple issues. I suppose to have Fibroids in my uterus, also a Cysts growing on my left ovary. I m premenopausal. I have ofher problems such. As digestive problems and also Lymne disease for which I been presently treated. She says it would be better for me to process my meno pausal symptoms. Recently I had heart surgery Nov 13 of this year. I have questions I do not need birth control.Has a women with seveal issues I am not interested in struggling anymore health issues. What is your take on this?

Molly says:

Hi. My name is Molly and I have recently had my Mirena removed after about 4 and ahalf years of still having a period, as well as sometimes experiencing problems here and there, and eventually wanting to start a family.
Mirena was suggested to me right around its initial big break in contraceptive medicine and I actually remember my gynecologist saying to me that she didn’t “know how it worked exactly, but that it’s a more consistent option than the pill”, but as I was only in highschool at the time, my mom was the one who would have to pay insurance, so I just went with what she thought would be best on her wallet, though my input was still a heavy factor. At the time I did feel comfortable about the joint decision, but later found out the hard way that ‘better’ is just a synonym for ‘more consistent’, as I still had a period literally every single month til removal. At 21, I have now been Mirena free for just over 2 months, with the majority of the exit process bleeding taking place directly afterward. All in all, it only lasted a week, so I initially thought no harm, no foul. But now we’re here. I’ve been waiting on my period for over a month. I’m not pregnant, as I’ve taken two early response pregnancy tests, both coming back with a sound negative, and I might just be anxious about all the stories of how this ‘miracle drug’ has later caused infertility altogether, but I was wondering if you had any advice for how I should realistically be going about this, aside from scheduling an appointment with my OB which I have already done.
I have never been more anxious to have a period in my life. I can’t help but think I’ve ruined my body or that something is wrong. Any kind words or reassurance that I’m not going to spontaneously combust would be lovely. Ughhhhhhhhhhh. Thankyou.

Jack says:

Hi ladies,
I have had the mirena in for over 2 years now. But the last 6 months I have had cramping and lower back pain along with feeling depressed anxious ect. Could the mirena be causing this or general life stress. If so why didn’t it start from the beginning?
Any feed back greatly appreciated :-)

Silvi says:

Hello everyone. I thought I would share by Mirena experience so far. I am going to be fifty next month and wanted birth control as well as no more periods so the Mirena was the best option. The insertion of the Mirena was a lot more painful than I thought it would be. I thought I was in labor, the pain was bad but only because I have a “curved uterus” so it was harder to put in. I didn’t know I had a curved uterus until the Mirena was on its way in. Once in though the pain subsided and thre was a minimal amount of bleeding for one day. I have had it for only three weeks and did get a headache a couple times which I normally don’t get and I am waking up sweating at night but that could be menopause too. I read a lot of horror stories of prolonged bleeding, headaches, mood swings, weight gain, acne, dizziness and lack of sex drive. I am going to give my body some time to adjust to the Mirena as I do think it will be great for me. I still need to get an ultrasound to ensure that Mirena was placed correctly but that won’t be for another few weeks. I hope I don’t get any more periods, I have had enough of those in my life and don’t want that anymore and I certainly don’t want any children at my age (I already have three). I will post again in a month or so.