The Great Blender Review

Posted March 20, 2013


It’s no secret I’m a fan of the smoothie. Every second picture I post on Instagram is a visual nod to the great, blended drink. Smoothies are a staple of my diet. Green ones, in particular, but I also love a good berry or cacao dessert-type smoothie on occasion. Barely a day goes by that I don’t use my blender, and I even have an e-book with over 80 green smoothie recipes that you will score for free when you sign up for my newsletters. So, it’s no surprise that I’m constantly being asked for advice on which blender to buy.

This blender review is purely my personal opinion, and you may feel differently when you get the chance to try out different machines. But based on my personal experience and research, this is my list of the best blenders on the market.



I love my Vitamix and I don’t know anyone who has used this machine and not become instantly besotted with it. It blends so quick and smooth, making it super easy to whip up smoothies that taste amazing. No fibrous bits! This baby also makes cashew cream and other raw desserts like ice cream and cheesecake. It also has a great cusiony handle I’ve not seen on other blenders.

Cost: Between $850-$1000
Warranty: 7 years



This is an awesome blender as well, and I know people who actually prefer it to the Vitamix. It’s benefits include being slightly cheaper, slightly more quiet, and it comes with a wider based jug, making it easier to scoop out bits of raw dessert that may be stuck to the bottom.

Cost: Between $799-$879
Warranty: 7 years



I was sent one of these bad boys recently and I have to say I was pretty impressed. It made a bit more noise than my Vitamix, and it doesn’t have the soft handle, but it’s whiz-power was up there and it produced a super-smooth smoothie. If you don’t want to spend the higher price, but you still want a great blender, this is an awesome option.

Cost: $255-$265
Warranty: 3 years



This is the first blender we ever bought, and despite its small size, it served us well … until I burnt out the motor attempting to make cacao balls in it. Still, it’s an awesome machine to take with you when you’re travelling, or for just making salad dressings and single-servings of smoothies.

Cost: $109-$165
Warranty: 1 year
You may be wondering why I haven’t included the Thermomix on my list and this is purely because I don’t have one and I have never used one. I know many people who are Thermomix devotees though. They are basically an all-in-one machine, and the only downside I’ve heard is that they aren’t as good as the Vitamix at making extremely smooth smoothies.
I hope this post helps you with your blender-deciding process. If you’re trying to justify spending so much on a kitchen appliance, I have to say that it’s a decision I doubt you will regret. A good quality blender makes your time in the kitchen so much easier!

What’s your favourite blender? Have you tried these ones? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


Positive affirmation for the day: Thank you.

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Alana says:

This is SO helpful Jess! I had a blender explosion a couple of weeks ago and am in the market for a new one :) I did see a Vitamix at Mrs Flannerys in Wynnum (Brisbane) for around $775 last week, if anyone is keen I think that is a good deal. Still out of my range though, I might give the Omni a go!

Rachael says:

Perfect Affirmation to match your post : Thank you! I only ever hear about the Vitamix and never about other options. Now I know I could do well with other brands too.

Great review! I’ve got a Vitamix and use it daily (sometimes even more than that!) I’ve not used a Blendtec before but as you say, I know people that are equally as passionate about theirs as I am about my Vitamix. I’ve yet to have any problems with it (and am hoping it stays that way!)

Miriam says:

Late last year I purchased my Vitamix from and I highly recommend them, they are currently offering a special on various Vitamix packages, worth taking a look. Their personal service was great, and they included extra goodies that I wasn’t expecting.

Another great post Jess :) take care.

Hi Jess,
Love your work! I have an Optimum, which looks like an Omni but heaps more power, less noisy than a Vitamix and cheaper. Thank you, Romi

Dana says:

I’m a Vitamix girl myself. I love that I can stir things up inside the blender without taking the lid off (or even stopping the machine, depending on what I’m blending.) The plunger they provide is long enough to swirl things around near the bottom (through the lid) but NOT long enough to get pulverized by the blades at the very bottom of the pitcher. Perfect when I’m making something (like pureed frozen strawberries) that need a little extra encouragement to blend. :)

Sarah says:

Hi Jess, love your site and look forward to reading your daily posts. I personally have a Thermomix and just love it! The price is more expensive than a Vitamix, however with a Thermomix you get around 20 appliances in 1 machine (I kid you not), plus it also replaces your stove top for when you use the heating element to heat your food. The Thermomix’s blades will even pulverize raspberry and strawberry seeds. :)

Bron says:

I also have an Optimum which I purchased from ( I have only had it a couple of weeks but am truly in love with what I can make in it. A couple of times a day it is used for smoothies, or whole-fruit slushies for the kiddies, a batch of almond milk every couple of days and have also given hot soup and nut butters a whirl.

Kerry Jones says:

I’ve got a Vitamix …. bought it online. $200 cheaper than the shops………… love it.
But I would also like to get a Tribest Personal Blender for holidays.
Can I by that one in the shops or only on line ?????

Peta says:

Hi Kerry,
I am a flight attendant and have a tribest blender. It is fantastic for for making smoothies in my hotel room. I love it and highly recommend getting one. It blends ice well too. I bought mine online from as i couldn’t find it in any health food stores. I also needed to make sure I had at least 220v as I travel to Europe and they run off 220v as well.

Good luck and enjoy

Michelle Pacheco says:

I love my vitamix and the customer service is amazing. After 5 years of daily use, my container got a chip in it and I called them and they immediately shipped out a brand new container free of charge. Loved them already, but that just made it that much more.

Jess says:

Great review Jess. We adore our vitamix but we have friends who we have tried to ‘convert’ to green smoothie lovers that understandably see price as big barrier. Fantastic to know there are choices out there and price shouldn’t be a barrier to feeling awesome!

Johnathon Reeves says:
I have just purchased one of these – it easily compares with my parents Vitamix. Another option

marion says:

love your emails anyways i say for those who want a vitamix or blend tech look on ebay ( also yes ladies i am giving you all the best tip haha for anything u want to buy go to the side called THE FIND thats it THE FIND type in what u want and u see many many stores its crazy yet all different prices for the smae item i do this with everything due that i am stucked in my hospice case 24/7 so i buy everything online) i got a montel williams mixer 2 years ago and i like it on sale was $299.00 however i do hospice and right now i like the tiny red bella i bought on sale for $29.99 because its perfect just 1 cup of juice saves me a lot of cleaning u all have a great blessed day!! ps jessica i am not in to e books can u buy your books in a book? thanks

Jess says:

Thanks Marion! My books are just in digital format at the moment, but Make Peace With Your Plate will be out as a regular book later this year. xx

Lisa says:

Everyone seems to comment that the Vitamix makes a smooth smoothie – just wondering if it blends everything up really well – I have a thing about lumpy bits in my smoothies, I like everything to be totally smooth – is it like this? A weird question, but I have a thing about the texture of my smoothies!

Jess says:

Yep it sure does! It makes the smoothest everything. Even my cheesecakes are lump-free out of the Vitamix. xx

Yes! It makes smoothies really smooth and creaming in about a 10th of the time. Vitamix were kind enough to send me a blender last week and I’ve been having a ball using it. I highly recommend it!

Jo says:

Froothie = BPA In the jug. Ominblend = BPA in the jug. Blendtec say BPA Free but don’t name the plastic.

For this reason alone, the Vitamix stands out on top. If you’re making health smoothies, the BPA status of the jug is of utmost importance.

Morgan says:

Both the Optimum Blender from Froothie and the Omniblend have BPA free options.

elizabeth says:

Hi Jess,
Should we be worried about using a plastic jug on a blender even if it is BPA free. New research seems to be querying exactly what is in the BPA free plastic and what it’s health risks are. Especially if the machine heats the food as well. Should we be concerned or do the benefits of all the extra nutrients out weigh the risks? Love your site. Thank you.

lana says:

Great review! The thermo blitzs like you have no idea. I would be surprised if it wasnt the same or smoother then the vitamix, just in case anyone was wondering. lol ;)

Jade says:

I agree Lana! I was very surprised that somebody would say that! ;-)

pippa says:

Nope, I have both a Thermomix and a Vitamix. We struggled with green smoothie success in our house for a while… The thermomix will eventually get the green smoothie smooth, but a vitamix does a superlative job. I think the difference is that the vitamix smoothie looks and tastes more emulsified than the thermomix version. Now – just try dealing with vitamix for a jug malfunction, and the gloss will wear off, I promise!

Rebecca bell says:

Thanks Jess – I love my Thermomix too for smoothies. I was wondering if you can do a similar thing for juicing. I purchased a ladyship juicer in jan but don’t like it. Would really love to know what a good one to buy is. Thank you

John says:


Interesting stats between the Vitamax and Optimum?

Below is a factual comparison between the:


Motor: 1,492 Watt 2,238 Watts

Speed: 30,000 rpm 44,000 rpm

Noise: Over 100dB 80dB

Grade: Domestic Domestic & Commercial

Blades: 4 Blade Assembly 6 Blade Assembly

Blade quality: Stainless Steel Stainless Steel

Jug: Separate Wet/Dry(BPA Free) One Jug Wet/Dry(BPA Free Optional)

Warranty: 7 years 7 years

Just comparing………………

Scotty says:

Hey John, where did you get this information from??? How interesting! Just wanting to know as I am in the market for a new blender due to a kitchen explosion. hahaha. From what I know Vitamix is commercial as well as domestic. It’s the number one selling commercial blender in the world. It’s been around for 90 years!! Would be great to hear from you. Cheers.

Lisa says:

Hi Scotty,

I think John found the information at this site:

I have been comparing blenders all morning after this little blog – have always wanted one but just didn’t want to outlay the cost if the blender didn’t do what the companies said it would do! Everyone’s feedback on this blog has made it so much easier, to hear from people that use them daily. I think I have decided on the Optimum 9900 to purchase.

This site also gives a 30-day money back guarantee with return postage included – so they must be pretty sure it will stand up to your expectations!

Hope this helps.

Di says:

This is a great review as I’ve been considering buying a Vitamix for quite a few weeks and even went along to a demonstration which I was really impressed with. My food processor has almost died and I have a cheap smoothie maker from Aldi which is quite good but want something does everything. After reading about the Optimum I’ve decided I’m going to go with this, but here’s some interesting information I’ve just found on the Froothie website –

“The 9900/9900A is designed predominantly for drinks, and while it is capable of achieving the same functions as the 9200 and 9400 in a domestic environment, it is not designed for that purpose.”

So therefore, it’s not worth buying the 9900 if you want to use it as as a blender for making nut butter and grinding, it sounds like you can save money and buy the 9400, which is what I’m going to to do. If this is the case, they shouldn’t list all these things in the Domestic Functions of the 9900 blender if they then say it isn’t designed to perform them!

Happy blending everyone. :)

Simone says:

Jess I think you are absolutely amazing!! So beautiful inside and out and you just inspire me to be the best person I possibly can be… Love your work!

But just going to throw in another blender option and say a Thermomix. I have never used a vitamix so I can comment on how it compares but I can comment on how amazing a thermomix is. Blends smoothies at high speeds, can do your nuts and deserts like sorbet. But it can also cook, kneed dough, steam and soooo much more! Would definitely reccommend anyone looking for a new blender to check out a thermomix.

Nuria says:

Hi Simone, I am from Spain (Europe) and all my friends and family has a Thermomix and they are in love. I was thinking about buy Thermomix or Vitamix or Blendect and the only think that makes me fill hesitating from Thermomix is because I don’t know which materal (BPA free or not) i made it. Do you know it?

Annalise says:

I love the Sunbeam Cafe Series blender. It has a 2 litre capacity, looks great, and blends quickly and very effectively. I’m sure the Vitamix is better, but I’m not a fan of the look of it (or the price!)

Anna says:

Hi, I just discovered this review – does anybody know if the Blendtec blends as smooth as the Vitamix. I hate lumpy bits of vegetables in my smoothie, and I also hate it when the smoothie is very frothy.

Trish says:

Hi Anna

I chose Blendtec over Vitamix after much research. I haven’t used a Vitamix but looked at many videos on youtube and felt that the Blendtech was the one for me. I haven’t regretted the decision and use the Blendtech every day. It’s easy to clean after use in warm water and I occasionally put it through the dishwasher for a really thorough wash. I use it everyday and worth every penny paid.

Liz says:

Love this review! I have the Biochef Blender and I actually prefer it to the Vitamix as it is commercial quality and a whopping 3HP! My local organic grocery supplier got me onto it as this is the only baby capable of churning out all of their raw food on a daily basis (their vitamix burned out after 3 months!) Love it!

Natasha says:

Hi Liz, I was looking at Biochef blenders and it’s good to hear from someone who has one that they work well. How long have you had your biochef for?? Anything you don’t like about it? Thanks!

Liz says:

Hi Natasha, I’ve had it for 3 months now and use it constantly every day for everything from silky smooth green smoothies to nut butters & nut milk. There’s honestly nothing that I don’t like about it, it’s super fast and not as loud as my previous blender. My friends who own the organic shop produce raw sweets and sauces for sale on a daily basis and they previously used a vitamix – though when that died they asked for their money back and got the biochef. In their words it has ‘a lot more grunt’ – hope this helps :)

Emma Jamieson says:

Great post Jess! Was wondering if you could produce a sequel.. about great juicers! I would love that :)=)
Emma xx

Trileenie says:

I know the raw vegans who are running a marathon a day around Australia (yes amazing isn’t it!!! are using the Froothie and I know they give it one hell of a workout with whole fruits including citrus. This is a lesser known brand I think but they have been around for over 30 years making parts for the other blender companies. I personally use a Blendtec and I LOVE it for all the reasons you mention, though my Vitamix (yes I have both- it was second hand!) I find is much better for desserts and butters as it has the 4 blades including 2 horizontal and 2 vertical (or at least, on different angles!) My advice is, you get what you pay for in blenders especially if you have high demands!

Jessica says:

Thanks Trileenie! It’s great to come upon a really valuable perspective by one who has her cake AND drinks it X 2! Refreshing, especially after wading through copious amounts of identical Vitamix fanmail. We get it! You’re in love, You’ve never felt or looked better & Your life will never be the same again. Ahhh well, positive energy kicks ass any day -So keep spreading the love & the almond butter :-)

Melisa says:

I’m looking for a blender that works like a Vitamix, but that has a glass jug / pitcher. Does something like this exist”


Jessica says:

Hey Melisa, Seeings as your post was 4 months ago, I hope you’ve managed to work something out. For anyone else; I came across the Magimix blender with a square, glass (corner pour). I think it was 1200 watts & on sale for $250 (usually $300) on homemakers or kitchen direct site. I read a lot of really good reviews & was surprised by it’s capabilities (crushes ice & many of the usual high powered functions). Obviously Magimix is right up there when it comes to FP’s, I just got a red one, so I did have thoughts about colour matching ;-) Decided against it because for that money you can get a full powered blender (eg. Omniblend) which is what I want. But if glass is your mission & it was proving hard to find, I’d definitely consider it & She’s gorgeous! The warranty was 3 yrs =good mid-range blender.

Owh! After thought: You gotta (if you can cope with serious second hand) check out the vintage numbers on ebay -Sooo damn cute! There’s quite a lot been popping up during my own blender hunt, some even seem to be Vitamix! AND they’re cheap as! Like, it’s ridiculous -$10, $50 -yeah, they’re bidding but it doesn’t feel like they’ll go much over $120/30! & that’d be a good one!

Goodluck Glass Maiden!

Mariah says:

Yep! I love my Vitamix! I use it twice a day!

louise says:

Hi all!
I have had an OmniBlend for about a year and it certainly does the job. I make raw cheesecakes and smoothies with nuts in mine. Just be careful where you buy it from – I bought mine from national kitchen equipment, who I later found out have a shorter warranty than other places, and when I wanted to buy new blades (after getting some dents from accidentally blending a few things like wooden spoons and hard plastic…whoops!) they were going to charge me $40 plus delivery, when OmniBlend Australia charged $30 inc. Delivery and tool to change it. Research the company’s warranty fine print! It definitely makes a smooth smoothie though :)

Jules says:

Hey Jess, do you know which of these blenders has a dishwasher-friendly jug, blade, etc? I’m terrible at washing up and often leave my current (non-dishwasher-friendly) blender pieces festering in the sink! I would love to hear what you think about cold press juicers too :)

Jess says:

Jules » Hi Jules, blenders are super easy to clean! All we do is put water in it with a little bit of detergent (natural, of course) and then blend it up and rinse it out. Easy peasy!! x

Peta says:

OMG, Jules… I have been looking for your reply on your B-School post about Social Accountability. There were hundreds of replies and I couldn’t single out only one conversation. Have you put together your program yet? Would love to find out more info. Your idea was such a brilliant one. Cheers

Jade says:

Sorry Jess but I’m a loyal Thermomix lady!! GO THERMOMIX!!!! ;-)

Michele says:

I hesitated forever before buying my vitamix and I love it like my child. Like, if I had a child, I’m sure I would love it more. But, until that day, vitamix is my offspring. Ok this is getting weird sounding.
I got it on the U.S. site refurbished for 325$ (U.S.), and I haven’t had any problems. The warranty is the same so look out for refurbished options. I use it honestly at least twice a day.

Aloha Jess, this post answered a lot of questions for me. Thanks so much.

Yum!! My blender is starting to get incredibly clunky. I’ve only had it for 12 months but it was definitely a cheap and nasty purchase! I might have to start saving the pennies for one of these bad boys… Can’t get enough of my green smoothies, and to imagine them actually being SMOOTH instead of chunky.. amazing!

Barb Hagger says:

I have both a Thermomix, which I couldn’t live without, and a Vitamix, and love it too. But for smoothies the Vitamix certainly does a better job. The Thermomix is my kitchen for everything else.

Simone says:

I have been using an Omniblend for two years now and love it! So much cheaper than a Vitamix with the same results as far as I can tell. The tribest mini-blenders are also fab- so handy for travelling and smaller quantities liek dressings or grinding flax seeds. Great little review Jess!

Kisane says:

Well LOVE THIS post thanks Jessica!!!

I was so confused about what to get and if I needed to get a better blender for ages. I finally did all the research, found the comparison that John found above and settled on the FROOTHIE!!! I teach Raw Vegan cooking demos and have just started doing little free mini UNcooking demos with the Froothie!! It is the best investment I have ever made!! And this is said with a BLUSH as for the first year I taught these classes I told everyone you can do raw vegan without a high speed blender! I was right BUT it’s waaaaay better with one!!! Love the Froothie so much now I share it with everyone and distribute it through my business site…

ENJOY a machine that works for your needs but I can’t go past the FROOTHIE OPTIMUM range, I have a 9900!!

Thanks again for a great article!

Zane xx

Roechelle says:

As i am a wellness shop I have access to wholesale – if you are keen to get a Vitamix for under $700 I just need three people to order – send me an e-mail if you are in.

Sherie Noble says:

Defiantly interested in this offer! Have u found enough people yet?

Roechelle says:

email you details roechelle at and I can see what I can do

Roechelle says:

Putting the order in today if you are in

Anna says:

Hi I am definately interested. Can it be picked up or is there postage involved.

Roechelle says:

You can pick it up… email your details roechelle at and I can see what I can do if we have 3 people it is a go ahead!

Roechelle says:

Putting the order in today if you are in

Hi Roechelle
That would be fantastic if you are still running this offer can I please put my name down for when you have 3 names. Also how much do the dry food mixer jugs work out to?

gerri murphy says:

I want a Vitamix but find it too expensive at over $900 Australian

Joe says:

I have the Optimum 9900, got it from Would be great to have a review for that as well as it seems up there with the best (never tried Blendtec or Omniblender)

I agree with Jonathan, easily compares with a Vitamix, and makes green smoothies and hot soups a lot quicker which is great. They look very similar, not sure if it’s the same manufacturer

Great comparison Jess! Love your recipes :)

Scotty says:

Hi Joe,

It’s definitely a different manufacturer. Vitamix has been made in Cleveland OHIO for 90 years and is still going strong! You can’t beat that! Optimum – 9900 doesn’t even mention on their site where it is made….

Sarah says:

Hi Scotty, Vitamix is not entirely made from the US, 30% is made in other countries, and I have been told that some parts do come from China (not sure how true this is). They do however have a great 90 Year History guaranteeing great quality

I found this regarding the Optimum 9900, who offer a 10 year Warranty as well:

“The manufacturers of the Optimum brand are some of the world’s most recognised manufacturers in the industry with a solid 30-year reputation; responsible for manufacturing parts for some of the industry’s most-respected brands with tremendous success in Europe, the United States and Japan. Froothie is proud to have those manufacturers as partners as we expand globally, step by step, competing with very powerful brands in an increasingly monopolised industry.

The manufacturers make use of state of the art equipment and engineering, with most parts being of either German, Taiwanese or Japanese origin. So much is certainly evident within the high grade stainless steel used for several of the Optimum’s components, as well as in the self-compensating and highly energy efficient motor.”

I have a Vitamix and I’m very happy with it, but there’s definitely other brands out there worth considering

Dannii says:

Hey Jess,
Can you recommend a type of Vitamix by any chance – I mean the model? I have been looking around and there are variable speed ones -which seem preferable..and also Professional series versus (I presume) just normal amateur home ones! hehe Which do you have?
Thanks :)

I need a Vitamix in my life! Our blender just died – cause of death? Excessive Use. Thanks for this great round up sweets xx

Betsy says:

I too have bought the Optimum 9200 and LOVE IT!! it has a bigger horsepower motor than Vitamix, 7 year warranty and is fabulous – I got it delivered for $560 and I think definitely worth checking out!

Jade says:

As much as I hate to do this Jess, I really have to question your integrity with regards to the Thermomix reference.

My thermomix green smoothies could not get any smoother! So I really have to ask where you heard that they don’t come out as smooth as the vitamix?? It honestly sounds to me like your hoping they’ll send you a free one to prove you wrong. Just because Vitamix sent you a free one doesn’t mean you should get a Thermomix for nothing while the rest of us have to work and save hard to afford such luxuries!

I’m sorry if this sounds offensive but I sincerely do hope that my speculation is wrong, considering how many people look up to you.

Jade says:

Darn it now I want to take this back and can’t figure out how to delete it! I’m sorry Jess, I was wrong to question your integrity. It’s true that dates in smoothies don’t blend that well in the Thermomix…

Jess says:

Jade » That’s not what I was doing at all!! I’m sorry you would think that about me. I’m actually planning on buying a Thermomix, but I’m waiting until I move out of my parent’s place to do it. I’m going to buy my mum one as well to take with her when she goes travelling in a caravan after she finishes Gerson. While I’m grateful to have been gifted a Vitamix, I certainly do not expect anything for free! I did a lot of research when I was deciding between a Thermomix and a Vitamix and heaps of people told me that the Vitamix did a better job of smoothies, which is what I wanted it for, but that the Thermomix was amazing for everything else. As I said, I can’t comment on it personally because I’m yet to use one.

Cheryl says:

I have both Thermomix and Vitamix, love them both for different reasons, but I have to say, the Thermomix definitely doesn’t produce as smooth a result as the Vitamix. And as a single person, I find Vitamix does a better job at small batches for 1 person . Hot soup made in a Vitamix is apparently “technically raw”, I.e. enzymes not killed, which is another benefit. But I still use my Thermomix every day and its Varoma (steamer attachment)is brilliant. In my opinion, they are both “the best of the best”. But if I was on a budget and had to pick only one, I’d probably go with the Vitamix first & buy the Thermomix further down the track, when I could afford it.

Jenine says:

I did a lot of research when I needed a new blender. There were a few blenders to choose from varying in price, for me price was a big factor but I still wanted a good warranty.
I decided on the OmniBlend V from OmniBlend Australia. I use it up to 4 times a day, I make nut milk, nut butters, nut flours, smoothies, hummus – the list is endless and I love it, I can’t get enough of it. It is 3 HP and I find it quiet considering its capabilities. The price and service I received from Omniblend Australia was outstanding. I cannot comprehend why one would want to spend more money on a blender that does the same job and has the same warranty. Big thumbs up for the OmniBlend!!

I am considering getting a new blender since my last on just broke, lasted a few years. I’m considering getting the omni blender since it looks simple to use from the picture and you mentioned it wasn’t to loud either.

Janae says:

I just broke my boyfriend’s blender this morning! He still has the little single serve Hamilton Beach $15 that I don’t think will ever die at his place, but now I’m doubly in the market! Does anyone have any experience with the Ninja blenders? Looks like they can be used as a blender or food processor, which would be sweet and the price is right.

Dr Clarissa Hughes says:

I’ve recently bought a Ladyship Organic Essence Extractor (uber-weird name, I know!) and I absolutely love it! It blends finely and also has two optional filters so you get a great consistency no matter what you’re making, and no lumps. It also has a tap on the side of the (BPA-free) flask, which is pretty handy, too.

I’ll be using mine for veggie juices, smoothies, nut milks and occasionally for making gluten-free flours and nut butters. I know lots of people who’ve had their Ladyship for ages and found them to be really reliable despite constant use. Hope this helps :-)

Janae says:

I love the name ;) How much did it cost?

Dr Clarissa Hughes says:

Haha Janae the name just makes me laugh :-)
The Ladyship model I bought was $400 including freight (to Tasmania). They also make a smaller (and cheaper) model as well as a commercial model. It’s really sturdy, with great safety features and you can also easily get spare parts.
here’s a great little video on YouTube where a raw food chef talks about how much she loves hers…
Her enthusiasm and authenticity are just great, I reckon!

Kim says:

I am only new to green smoothies and wanted to ensure I purchased the right blender the first time. I knew if the smoothies were not completely smooth I would not stick with it. After a lot of research I decided to suck it up & get the Vitamix. I was felt so sick after spending that much money but now I am so glad I did. We use it every morning to make a huge green smoothie. The kids love their morning green smoothie and I love the fact they are consuming green leafies that they would not eat from a plate. I see it as an investment in our health. We spend that much on other major kitchen appliances ie Fridge, oven, dishwasher and my vitamix is used everyday without fail. I purchased mine online new for $795 delivered. Huge 7 Year warranty so even if it only lasts you the 7 years it only works out to be $2.18 a week!

What about juicers? Any insights?

Dr Clarissa Hughes says:

Oops sorry I forgot to give the link to the Ladyship Organic Essence Extractor:

Haley says:

PERFECT! I just blew up my crapy blender and was wondering what to get next! Thanks Jess and gang!

cally says:

I have a Vitamix and it changed my life. It’s in my top 3 things I’d grab if my house was on fire. I use it 1-3 times a day. I’d happily give up everything else in my kitchen rather than be without it.

On top of that they have fantastic customer service which for me has made the high price absolutely worth every penny. You are not just paying for the machine but for seriously good after care under the 7 year warranty.

I accidentally blended with a teaspoon in my smoothie and assumed the strain on the motor was down to having some very solid veg chunks. I ran it for a full 30 seconds before I realised. Amazingly even a stainless steel spoon didn’t burn out the motor- but I wanted it checked over so they send a courier to the house to collect it, replaced the driver cog that had been damaged and had it back to me in a few days – all free of charge even though it was my own dumb fault.

Last week I thought the motor was making a funny noise so they collected it again. Turns out I’d been leaning on it too hard (after moving it to the bedroom so I can blend early morning even when I am not well enough to get up) and they replaced the worn driver part and sent it back, all under the warranty.

My Vitamix has lived up to all it’s claims, a rare thing these days (a bad experience with a high end juicer put me off for a long time).

I eat more healthy food now in a week than I ate in 6 months when I was using a stick blender and a food processor. My only slight issue is with sticky things like hummus which are awkward to scoop out from around the blades so I bought a set of kids mini silicone spatulas that make it much easier.

Oh how I LOVE my Vitamix!!!

Treebond says:

So weird, I have been reading about juicing, juice, juicers, juicing, jucing and more juicing for months – everywhere. So bought a juicer! Now all I am reading it about blenders and the one I have is rubbish and I cant afford a new one at the mo :-( Gotta laugh though!!

Courtney says:

Hi Jess and other warriors!

I need some advice from fellow green smoothie lovers please! I was loving getting into green smoothies complete with chunky bits with my $60 Kmart blender… until the motor blew.

Then I upgraded to a $130 blender from electrical store (better brand, just can’t remember name!) and it’s 1000W so more powerful BUT it seems to blend so fast my smoothies are now full of tiny bubbles. Even if I just put it a few seconds on the low setting it still gets lots of bubbles.

So now whenever I drink a smoothie I get horrendous and constant gas, which I never had previously with my old blender. It’s too horrible so I now only have 1 or 2 a week which sucks.

Any help on what to do please?! Would love to get back into smoothies without having to fork out more for a blender though!




Dana says:

Sell & buy a new one courtney.

Hi, thanks so much for this info. I REALLY wish I could have a blender already. I’m craving green smoothies ever since I tried one my little crappy blender died. Anyway… I’ve decided on an omniblend but I can’t decide weather to get the 2L foodgrade approved super tough polycarbonate one which is $10 more or 1.5L PBA free Eastman tritan copolyester one. Suggestions please!

Heather says:

Got the Optimum 9400 blender as well, by far the best blender in my opinion, definitely worth reviewing! Was recommended to me by Jannette from Running Raw Around Australia

Otherwise Vitamix is the other alternative, some of my friends have it, however a bit overpriced

Where are the Blendtec and Omniblend made?

Lisa says:

God!! Agonising over what blender to buy!!! Wish I could make a decision. I read something bad about Vitamix’s customer service – I’d be interested in people’s experiences….

Haley says:

Hi guys!
Currently looking at the Vitamix and although I hear consistently great reviews about the speed, no lumps and minimal noise…can anyone actually tell me if there are any health benefits to using a blender like this? Does it retain more nutrients or maximise nutrients at all or is it just wonderful because of the no lumps, quiet thing?

Lyn says:

I purchased the LadyShip last year and use it several times everyday. It is so powerful, I put in a whole lemon, ice and water and turn it on and 10 seconds later turn on the tap and have whole lemon juice, rind, seeds and all. Almond milk is so easy in the LadyShip as it comes with several filters, there is no need to use a nut bag, just put in the activated almonds, water, press the button, count to ten and turn on the tap, the almond meal can be dried and used at a later date, so no waste. I also make soup, smoothies,pancakes, oat flour, you name it the LadyShip does it all. It has six blades and is easy to clean and inexpensive. I travel a lot and the first thing I pack is my Ladyship.

Fiona says:

Has anyone tried the OPTIMUM??

Fiona says:

Sorry – really should have read through all the comments first. So hard to decide! My folks are off to Hawaii next month and Vitamix is half the price there. Might try and put in a special order with them! Should go and weight one first. Ha.

Eleni says:

Thank you Jess for all your blog posts so far which I have got so much out of! I would also like to ask what Hayley asked On Apr 7, 2013
Hi guys!
Currently looking at the Vitamix and although I hear consistently great reviews about the speed, no lumps and minimal noise…can anyone actually tell me if there are any health benefits to using a blender like this? Does it retain more nutrients or maximise nutrients at all or is it just wonderful because of the no lumps, quiet thing?

Jenny Ryan says:

I have just purchased the Optimum 9400. If you check the facts on Froothie website, the Optimum 9400 surpasses the Vitamix for nearly half the cost. No comparison really. Can’t wait to try it!! Jenny

Tracey says:

Great review! I have been seriously considering a Thermomix but after looking at what I really need in a blender I think I have now decided on the Optimum 9400. I don’t need a machine to cook so the Optimum looks to be an awesome machine for a great price. Might even spend the $1500 saved on buying a Thermomix on a holiday :-)

mark says:

I would like to give you my story about the magimix Le Blender. I have just purchased one from Myer for $249 after asking them to price match an online price, which they obliged. I have to say, after doing a lot of research, I am on a quest to get super healthy and start green smoothies and other raw delights and I believe the investment in a top line powerful blender is essential. I mean, how important is your health> money should not be a major obstacle, if we consider how long we will have the blender for? So I had decided on an Optimum 9400 via – see link These machines are absolutely awesome and will do anything a Vitamix can do. I firmly believe these are tremendous value machines. However there has significant delay in receiving it, the order was placed 16th June and I am still waiting it. There has been some customs delay with the shipment. It will be here in the next few days. So in the mean time, rather than waiting any longer, I went and purchased the Magimix Le Blender. I have been using it for a week now. It is incredible. So well built, it looks amazing, blends EVERYTHING including Kale and almonds to a fine consistency. It is really robust and powerful. (1200 watts) I would HIGHLY recommend this blender to anyone, not wanting to spend too much, but you need to get to at least this quality of blender, forget all the other store brands, they will burn out after prolonged use. The magimix is built to last. It looks like it means business and it does. Here is my morning smoothie recipe: 250 ml Coconut Water, Kale, Handful Green Spinach, 6 strawberries, 6 almonds, 1 banana, 1 Kiwi Fruit, slice of lemon (skin on) small knob of ginger, I apple. Blend for 60 seconds in the Magimix and it’s as SMOOTH AS SILK! I sometimes add an extra half cup of water if too thick. YUM! Check out the magimix le Blender here I will now take this one to work and have the blender available for lunch time smoothies, to ensure I keep the health program on track as much as possible. So that works out to be 2 great blenders (Optimum AND Magimix for WAY LESS thank the price of a Vitamix!!) Go figure? Who does not love saving money??? Here’s to Heath!

julia says:

I’m just about to buy a 9400. Optimum are now saying that there is a choice of lids. I’m just wondering which lid you opted for and if you are satisfied with the lid? I’m a little confused which lid to choose from. I would appreciate any feedback. cheers Julia

Lizzie says:

Hi Mark, I’m looking at the Magimix and Optimum 9400. Now you’ve had time to use both how do they compare? Would love to hear your feedback!

Jo Jackson says:

Are any of these glass do you know? My (old) blender is glass and I’d really rather not use any plastic at all…………

Hi Jo, no sorry these are all plastic. They are BPA free though. x

Nicole says:

My understanding is high powered blenders are unable to have glass jugs – the force created in blending can cause them to break.

elana says:

hi. just discovered your lovely blog! interested to read these reviews. Just wondering – will the Omni be up to the task of crushing / blending nuts to a fine consistence?

Diana says:

Got a great Hamilton blender from – I’m really happy. It had some really awesome reviews.

Jack says:

We’re huge fans of the Vitamix. We do the green smoothie thing as well, and we’re thrilled not to have to spend hours chopping up vegetables into sizes that won’t burn out the motor on our cheap old blender! With the Vitamix, we can basically toss whole vegetables into it and let it do its thing.

Jodi says:

Another awesome one is the LadyShip. It is pretty much exactly like the Vitamix (blender, juicer, food processor, soup maker etc) in one but about a quarter of the price. I absolutely love it…go to!the-ladyship/c1cta

Jodi says:

Vitamix (blender, juicer, food processor, soup maker etc) in one but about a quarter of the price. I absolutely love it…go to!the-ladyship/c1cta

Jo says:

Jess, hi, love all you do and share. I was interested in your comments on the Ladyship. When I searched it looked like you had bought one, did not particularly liked it and had some comments in this review…? Do you have any comments on the Ladyship? Much obliged.

Sharon says:

Hi Jess,
Thanks very much for these great comparisons! Could you please give me your thoughts on the smoothness of a green smoothie when using the Tribest? I just made a smoothie with kale in it this morning with a cheap ‘n nasty blender and it was almost undrinkable (perhaps kale is a bit of a tall order!) I am a student so the Tribest is really my only option financially at the moment, would love to know how smooth it can really make things… Thanks!

We think the Blendtech are more modern than the Vitamix and as they are used by every Boost Juice store around the country they are very reliable. Thanks for the great comparison.

andree says:

hi Jess,
thanks for this helpful review. I’ve been wanting a vitamix but not up to buying it yet. Im interested in a personal blender – was considering the nutribullet but very expensive here. The Tribest sounds good..but considerably lower wattage than Nutribullet. I don’d mind if it makes smooth drinks. Have you found it to be powerful enough? If not, then I can easily buy an omniblender but thought the tribest might be ore convenient for the morning rush ad single smoothie option – very little washing up.
I appreciate any guidance you or others could give. Want to buy in next couple days.

Kirra says:

I’m in the market for a blender as I’m keen to get into the green smoothie making. Still undecided whether to go the vitamix or the thermomix?? Any further insights and recommendations would be awesome! I’m keen to make nut & rice milks, chop salad ingredients etc also am a coeliac so wanting to make gluten free foods.

Rafaella says:

This is a great review that goes through different Vitamix products:

This other review goes through Vitamix vs. Blendtec. Hope this helps!

Dave Hausler says:

Hi do you see any advantage or difference between the omni blend or optimum. They seem to be basically the same machine. Just getting into green so need to buy a good but not too expensive machine.

Lorna Killy says:

Wow, great review for the different brands of blenders!! This would be a great help especially to those people who are having a hard time deciding on which blender to buy. What I have is the Vitamix and Blendtec. I must say that Vitamix works better than the Blendtec maybe because you can make ice cream and cheesecake out of it. HA HA. Kidding aside, I just love it more than the Blendtec. :)

Tod says:

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Lucy D says:

I have a Bentec blender, I love it, for me its super easy to clean when compared to my friends Vitamix because the jug seems slightly wider.
Love the site just joined your Facebook page :-)
Thanks Lucy :-)

Leevee says:

I’ve also just bought a Ladyship and make a lemon ginger juice each morning. It’s so powerful and blends the organic lemon, whole, in seconds with absolutely no waste. My skin is really starting to look so clear!

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