The Best Natural Perfumes

Posted February 20, 2013


When I worked in magazines, my collection of perfumes was so large that I actually had a bottle of Paris Hilton’s scent in my loo for use as toilet spray. When I was diagnosed with cancer and had to ditch all toxins from my lifestyle, I was heart broken as I gave away them all away. Back then, I couldn’t leave the house without a spritz of something. These days, I can’t stand the smell of them.

Conventional perfumes just smell so … toxic. And that’s because they are! They’re made up of synthetic chemicals, fixatives and solvents. When we wear them, not only are we inhaling this chemical cocktail, but it’s also being absorbed into our blood stream via our skin. Hardly the glamorous luxury product its made out to be.

Luckily, Mother Nature does a pretty sweet job at providing us with gorgeous, natural scents that are actually good for us to wear. Plus, they smell way better.


Here are my top 4 natural perfumes:

1. INDAH Perfume Balm


I’m in love with INDAH’s Dewi Perfume balm. It’s made from coconut oil and pure essential oils, and it smells divine.

This is what it has in it: Coconut oil, virgin coconut oil, cocoa butter, beeswax, frangipani absolute. Pure essential oil of jasmine, ylang-ylang, patchouli, vetiver, neroli.

Click here to buy.

2. Aura-Soma Pegasus


The Aura-Soma Pegasus range of perfume is created using only natural and organic essential oils extracted from plants and flowers. The alcohol, which is used as the fragrance carrier, is certified Organic by the Soil Association and fermented from pure organic grain. These perfumes are guaranteed to be free of petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances and preservatives, plus the ingredients are organic which means they are free of pesticides.

My favourite is Parfum 30 – bergamot, olibanum, oudh, jasmine, patchouli, cedarwood, amber, vanilla, saffron, vetiver, musk.

Click here to buy.

3. Living Libations Petal Perfumes and Forest Colognes


Nadine Artemis is a genius when it comes to whipping up the most amazing blends of essential oils and flower essences. She’s in a league of her own.

Being a Canadian company, this is a great site for my Canadian and US friends as you don’t have to front the shipping costs we have to pay here in Australia.

Check out her range here.

4. DIY

It’s nothing fancy, but I’ve used this super simple method of creating a beautiful scent.

1. Select your favourite essential oils – or create a blend out of the ones you love most (my favourites are patchouli, vanilla and jasmine)

2. Combine a couple of drop of essential oil with a carrier oil like coconut, sweet almond, or jojoba.

3. Add to a small dark class bottle and dab on as needed.


Check out this website for a range of different perfume making methods. Just a heads up though, these methods contain alcohol.


I’d love to hear your thoughts on the topic of perfume. Do you still use conventional stuff? Or do you have a favourite all-natural one? Share in the comments below!


Positive affirmation for the day: My body is flooded with healing white light.

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I have to say I can relate to this, I used to be a perfume Queen and had so many different bottles. I would never leave the house without perfume. I used to wear really strong ones but as the years went by my taste changed to softer perfumes, but now I can barely stand the smell of them. I spray them only on my clothes not my skin as I know the synthetic chemicals are absorbed into your body. Thanks for those alternatives as I wouldn’t buy any more commercial perfumes but still like to smell nice. Funny how your sense of smell changes! The strong perfume gives me a headache now.

I make my own also… My fav is Patchouli & Orange with Jojoba as the carrier oil. Try it out :)

I am thrilled to have discovered you and the wealth of information you provide generously.
In relation to perfumes, I suspected they were synthetically made and you have confirmed this suspicion. Like you, I love my perfumes so I am interested in a more natural product as the ones you have listed. What I would like to know is where does the Body Shop rate with their perfumes as they have shops all over place and are easy to get to?

Hi Maria, thank you!! The Body Shop isn’t as natural as their marketing makes out. I haven’t looked at their perfumes, but I don’t think they would be all natural. Check out their ingredients :) x

I love this post !
I’m excited to try some of these products.

usually I mix a few drops of essential oil (like lavender and what ever I have that speaks to me) into a small spritzer bottle with purified water. It feels good on. but the scent is very subtle. let’s just say, you can hardly smell it….
So now I have a new direction.

BTW I ALWAYS hated purfumes. As a kid, I would hide my mother’s hand lotions…they were nauseating to me…and she would beg me to give them back….ha.

Good post Jess,
The Rose Geranium ( Pelegonium) petals are a natural perfume. Just rub a couple on your skin. an easyplant to grow.

Great article Jess. I recently was on the hunt for a natural perfume as I am strongly against animal testing. The Kiehl’s perfumes were nice, Perfect Potion had a few although they were a little too spicy for me. I found one I loved that did not animal test – it was from Kit Cosmetics. It has a lovely fragrance but makes me really hot when I wear it. My face burns up and goes a little red. Have you heard of that? I might try the Indah perfume balm, that looks lovely.

I love Aura Soma Pegasus too! My favourite is 44, I’m totally addicted to it. It’s so refreshing after being so emotionally attached to Issy Miyaki and a few others for so long (I met my husband wearing Issy Miyake so that was a hard one to give up!) but I really truly love this scent so much I know that I can let go of the commercial perfumes in favour of something non-toxic.

Miessence also have some lovely non-toxic fragrances, available on their website.


HI Jess,
I get a headache when I am near someone with perfume on so I can definitely relate. I wondered if you know of anywhere where I could actually smell the Aura Soma range? I wouldn’t want to order online without having a whiff first. I live in the Redlands (south of brisbane).
Thanks for the great post

Hi Angela,
You can sniff out the Aura Soma perfumes at Karma Living stores (their websites has store locations) but they only sell the full size bottles. I think Be Genki’s online store also sells sample vials and the solid perfume versions for a cheaper option.

I’m a big fan of natural perfume, so much better than the overpriced chemical cocktails.

I used to use the really toxic perfumes too. So glad now that I have seen the light! There are wonderful alternatives, as Jess has explained. I personally really love Miessence Botanical Perfumes. They are certified organic, only using essential oils and Jojoba seed oil. I just bought some in fact because they are now 40% off (yay!) at this website;

Ah this is exactly what I needed! Have been debating buying perfume for lack of organic choice. Will definitely give the Indah one a shot. Thanks, gorgeous! Xo

Great post thank you!
My husband likes to smell like a man – and we have found it hard to get an organic natural manly smell for him.. Do you know of any good man scent products?

Ohhhhh! You read my mind! I have been on the prowl for great all-natural perfumes. Going to check these out on my next beauty shopping trip. Thank you!

I stopped wearing conventional perfumes years ago when I realised they were giving me headaches but also because I hated all the toxins in them. I only wear natural perfumes now and am a huge fan of the ‘Sacred Self’ range at I like ‘Joy’ the best and two years ago my husband bought me their signature scent which Michelle the owner blends especially for you based on your personality and likes. I love knowing it’s been made just for me.

I adore Sacred Self oils too and wear them every day – they smell amazing. Lately I’ve been wearing the self-love oil and also my own personalised scent by Michelle. Like you say, I love knowing it has been intuitively created just for me and all the information I got with it was spot on for where I was at the time and what I needed. I like the fact the oils don’t just smell nice, they are also really healing on an energetic level x

I wear Sacred Self natural perfume too! My favourites are Joy & Respect and I also have a customised scent that Michelle made for me which is so gorgeous – definitely worth checking out if you are trying to quit wearing toxic perfume.

Have been meaning to try Sacred Self perfumes for a while- they look gorgeous!

Wow Jess- this is exactly the post I was looking for! Like you, I used to absolutely love perfume and still managed to get given a bottle this Christmas. But, I was absolutely shocked when I took the time out to read the ingredients after reading another one of your posts. I can’t believe I put that stuff anywhere near me!

You’re fantastic- thanks Jess! x

I feel exactly the same way about perfume – I have never liked it and can’t stand the smell of it! I can just feel and smell the chemicals in it, it’s horrible! I have been making up a deodorant for years with my favourite essential oils and it doubles as a perfume as people are always commenting on the oils they can smell on me. I simply place drops of patchouli, cedarwood, rosemary, lemon and cypress in witch hazel toner and place it in a spray bottle. It is quite a woody/earthy scent. Nothing beats the smell of natural essential oils!

Yes totally right!
Right now I am also using lots of organic alchemical oils from Sacred Self. They are amazing. I love them to meditate, practising yoga or as perfume during the day or before going to bed.
I especially love the Respect alchemical oil… hummm smells so good ;)

This post is great Jess! I am the same….just can’t stand the smell of conventional perfumes or deodorants. I use INDAH also and now only use coconut oil under my arms instead of any deodorant. Works a treat!! When you have a clean diet you really don’t need deodorant anyway. The INDAH balm is good under the arms too .

Funny you post this, I was recently wondering what fragrance you used. Don’t know if I’m ready to give up on my Chanel Mademoiselle just yet – but maybe if I have an alternative on hand and swap between the two I can ween off :)
Better to start now and save myself as much damage as possible.

I use Sacred Self Oils and am weaning myself off conventional perfumes! What I love about these products is the care and love that Michelle puts into them and I can feel the energy in them, which is so pure. I love the smell of the self-love oil and the ritual of putting this on, breathing in and saying a little mantra. I recently treated myself to a personal oil designed by Michelle and I love what she chose for me. Highly rec this range for those of you that want to try going au naturel!

My daughter just picked some frangapanis, and it brought me to trying to make perfume as a child! Perfect timing for the article.I have recently stopped using perfume and moved to putting a dab or two of doTERRA oils on before I go out. Looking forward to trying out some new DIY methods.

Aura-Soma Pegasus have a great sample range you can purchase to trial a wide range of scents. I tried # 30 this morning Jess and it’s my fav so far!!

i- herb sell some organic perfumes I have tried their vanilla and citrus one, they smell really nice

I trained in Aura Soma years ago and love anything they produce! I’m also loving wearing ‘Goddess’ Alchemical oil as a perfume :)

Strong artificial scents have always made me feel sick. I like to smell like things found in nature so I stick to my coconut oil. Once in a while I mix a few drops of tea tree oil with jojoba and rub that through my hair to smooth it and add a subtle scent. It’s so good to see you spreading the word that artificial scents can be toxic.

Now that I’ve been juicing, detoxing and limiting toxic exposure over the past few years I get a instant headache even with the slightest whiff of perfume. I used to like wearing perfume occasionally so having some organic alternatives is fantastic. Thanks Jess! xx

What timing! I just participated in a natural perfume making workshop at It was a fantastic experience – and we got to pick Polly’s brains about looking after your skin from the inside out.

Some precious pure essential oils like rose are sooooo expensive so I really liked being able to use a mix of the extensive range of oils at the workshop without having to commit to purchasing a bottle that I wouldn’t use too often!

I was once bought a bottle of, well I won’t say which one but its very popular and lovely to smell but it somehow leaked, dripped down the side of the bottle and actually stripped the varnish in a ring shape from my bed side table. After that I stopped spraying perfume on my skin altogether. If I’m going out somewhere nice I might put some on my clothes. Thank you for this info Jess I will definitely be checking out natural alternatives.

Perfume is the worst! Gah I hate it so much how people drown themselves in it and stink out every room they walk in to! What I hate the most is when people who are drowned in perfume want to hold my baby. As if I want her breathing in all those toxins and getting it all over her skin!

Like a couple of the other ladies that have commented, last year I started using Sacred Self Oils and haven’t looked back!! Working with Mother oil at the moment from a healing perspective (energetically the oils are very powerful, expect shifts!!!) but the added bonus is that it smells ah-mazing.

Went back to my old bottle of perfume I loved the other weekend, and as soon as I sprayed it on myself I regretted it, all I could taste/smell/sense was chemicals. Yuck.

Yay, I just ordered some of the Dewi perfume balm from Indah and the meditation balm, too.

Have you ever smelled Subtle Energies range of oils and lotions? I sampled some the other day – absolutely amazing!! Layering this way is a much nicer way of enveloping yourself in the scent.


Thanks for the article Jess!

My entire bathroom is filled with all natural beauty products from my haircare to skincare to cosmetics, even my deodorant and my fake tan are all completely chemical free… but the one thing I can’t get rid of is perfume! Even though I love my essential oils for some reason all the natural perfumes I’ve tried in the past just seem to smell old-lady-ish in the nicest possible sense of the word. Does anyone else have this issue?

Maybe I should give the INDAH balm a go :)

It’s interesting that you post about perfume today. A co-worker came to my office the other day and smelled so strongly of gasoline that I asked him if he had pumped gas that morning. He said that what I was smelling was actually his cologne. Can you imagine? It was so strong that it was actually burning my eyes and nose. He always wears really loud smelling cologne. In your post, you said that this stuff is absorbed into our skin…that really gave me a shiver. This co-worker is always bothered with some allergy or other and has recently been diagnosed with Lupus.

Hi Jess,

thanks for another great post.

My favourite natural perfumes are by an Australian company The Little Alchemist who handcraft the most beautiful perfumes and use ingredients such as acai, wheatgrass and goji berries. For those who are interested, the link is:


Great post! I too have made the transition to all natural products, and feel so much better (inside & out) because of it. I love the DIY Essential Oil method – I use them for massage oil & body scrubs but have yet to make my own perfume! I’ll have to play with my favorite scents and find one that feels “me.”

I use Acorelle perfume. It is a certified organic French perfume that is made using traditional methods without all of the synthetics that are used in todays perfumes. It is divine and not overpowering and it still has top, middle and base notes so is more like perfume than just essential oils. I love it.

Hi Jess,

have just recently discovered your blog and have really enjoyed it so far! I’m also a big fan of The Little Alchemist. It’s a great natural Australian skin care brand and I’m absolutely in love with their skin care products and perfumes. My two favorite perfume scents would be The Little Alchemists Jasmine loves Mint and their Pink Lotus Their totally yummy and I love the fact that their perfumes are all natural. Thanks for the great article and an introduction to what sounds like some more great natural perfumes. Can’t wait to go and check them out. x

I love natural perfumes! I use ones from Perfect Potion or Aromatique Essentials or some days, just a dab of essential oils!

Love my Aura Soma! I bought some as a Christmas present to myself. I was a bit put off by the price, but I’ve used it every day and it still looks full so it’ll last ages. Makes me feel happy when I spray some on every morning :)

Thank you for the information. I too dumped all perfume I was using but now I will try what you are recommending, specially the canadian one.

I have recently discovered that Perfect Potion have stated making perfume using essential oils….. They have a range called Peace, and each different fragrence is peace in another language.. they are lush.. and no nasties….

My favourite natural perfume label is ‘Aromantik’ ( Their perfume oils are 100% natural and hand-blended in Sydney. My favourites are ‘Strangers In Blood’ (with notes of roasted coffee, vanilla & blood orange) and ‘Merchants of Menace’ (a natural ‘musk’ blend from all natural sources).

oooh, cant wait to try these, thanks for sharing! I use tisserand esential oil roller balls, the de-stress is my favorite and everyone always comments on how nice it is. They are very reasonably priced (in Australia, I buy from Organic Australia Online) and last well on the skin, I find the packaging makes it easy to take with you and reapply when needed :-)

I’ve just discovered the Aura Soma Pegasus perfumes but in balm form which makes them really easy to stash in your handbag! Love the beautiful colour bottles but the balms are super handy if you’re on the hunt for some gorgeous scents ;) You can find them here if you’re looking

Hi Jess, I am trying to find a particular perfume I once saw on the internet. It is a natural organic perfume in a clear glass bottle with little red and blue flowers I think around the base. It described the notes as “spending a day at the beach”. Does this sound familiar? I simply cannot find again. Thanks.

I am looking for the INDAH’s Dewi Perfume balm everywhere online and it is all sold out. Can anyone give me a heads up as to where I could buy it? Thanks in advance.

I’ve found that you really need to rely on smarts & instinct when deciding if a perfume is truly natural. Lilac is an popular floral scent, for instance, but if you see “lilac” on a label, you can be sure it’s synthetic. Lilac is one of the few, precious fragrances
that can’t yet be extracted (or, rather, preserved) from the flower. The fragrance is just too fragile to persist as perfume, so anything that is being sold as lilac is most likely synthetic or a blend of other essential oils attempting to mimic the scent (more power to the perfumer if she can pull it off!). As a migraine sufferer, I couldn’t find a perfume that pleased me until I began making my own :)

Thank you This is so helpful for me I have a reaction to anything that smells strongly (that is any perfumes) and anything that is a spray so I guess I’ll just have to make my own perfume

You should try!

I use Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab perfume oils most days and I love them. They have a very alternative, Gothic sensibility to the company, and new releases and limited editions of new scents all the time. They have a very large and wide ranging catalog, so almost something for everyone. They’re based in LA, but you can buy samples (called imps) from them or on sales websites too. Their website is .

Thank you for the educational information you provide, it’s a relief that people are starting to realise how much chemicals surround us.
I would like to introduce you to a lovely and 100 % natural perfume we make here at Invocation in Quebec City (, called Miwah. I discovered it when I came to work for this very small company, and, arriving from Paris was accustomed to “high quality” synthetic fragrances but eager to find natural alternatives. Miwah is amazing, sweet grass and bergamot orange blend together with 20 other different essential oils and plant extract, providing a sweet yet powerful and energizing fragrance. I would be very happy to send you a sample for you to experience!
Best wishes,
Camille Barnard-Cogno

It’s so nice to see the increase in awareness of natural perfumes! I’d also like to mention my own line – Esscentual Alchemy.

I’m a classically trained opera singer turned natural perfumer, so I like to say: “I compose music for your nose.”

I’m so pleased to have found your site. Just what I was looking for. Thank you x