My Life Lessons In Women’s Fitness

Posted February 18, 2013


I went back to my roots this month and wrote a story for a magazine! And not just any magazine, but Women’s Fitness (one of my faves). And not just any story, but a story outlining the biggest life lessons my cancer trip has taught me.

The story is on page 50 and 51 of the March issue of Women’s Fitness. It’s out now if you fancy running down to the shop and picking up a copy.

Or, you can click here to have a read of my story right now.


What did you think of the story?


Positive affirmation for the day: I love and accept everything in my life for the beautiful lesson that it is.

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Congrats Jess! x

Pretty AMAZING! I love your thought: “when you put yourself first, everyone wins”. It’s so hard for people to understand this (I struggle with it still) but it really is so true. Loving your wisdom and the layout is simply gorgeous! Huge congrats! xo

Beautiful article Jess! xx


Fantastic tips! It sure looks like it took maturity and an open heart through a harrowing journey to discover acceptance and love. Congratulations on coming out so much wiser.

Love and blessings

Great story Jess.

I especially liked your comment “When you know, better you do better.” I have found that it’s also important not to judge ourselves for doing what we did when we didn’t know better!

Hi Jess,

Been following your blog for a while now. Really enjoy it. Interested to know…was your cancer initially “cut out”? Have any of your doctors been interested in your recovery? I

Jacqui Lamont » Hi Jacqui, no my cancer was never “cut out”. I was told that I had too many tumours in my arm to do this, so the only option with surgery was a full arm amputation. No, I haven’t heard from any of my doctors since the end of 2009 when I told them I didn’t want to do what they were offering me. Thank you so much! x

My favorite part: “When I was first diagnosed with cancer, I was making decisions based on fear.
I’d do things like drink juice and meditate because I was afraid that if I didn’t do them, I’d die. I now
know that this doesn’t work. I now act from a place of self-love and self-kindness. I do things not because I’m afraid of dying, but because I love myself so much that I want to live.” I wouldn’t have understood this distinction a year ago. But, after watching my sister go through her battle with cancer – I get it. You are wise beyond your years Jess!

Wow Jess- you’ve outdone yourself! Just fantastic! I especially like the part about being patient to bring about healing- wise words. Thanks Jess!

Congrats sweetheart! The world needs you, and here you are :)

What wonderful words to live by! I am bookmarking this story so that I can keep coming back to it.

Your perspective on fear being a teacher is something I really admire. Thank you for sharing this article on your site for people who may not be able to get a copy of that magazine.

I sure hope this issue is in the US too!! I subscribe so will be awaiting my March issue.

Absolutely love this article, Jess! I have been following your blog for a long time and know your story, but you summed it up so nicely here. Honestly, you are a huge inspiration!

Alana » Thank you so much Alana! xx

What a great article, I really understand and connect with everything you have said. I was diagnosed with breast cancer almost a year to the date ago and I have come out the other side a much happier and healthier woman. You are amazing Jess and continue to inspire me and help me shape the person I want to be (and now am!).
Thank you xx

Thanks so much Tasma! Congratulations on your incredible journey as well. x

Thank You Jess for sharing, you are an inspiration!

Hi Jess. Every time I read about your journey I get more inspired by you, your strength and your wise words. You are a very courageous woman and I have no doubt that your experiences have touched and improved the lives of many! Keep up the great work. Liz xx :-)

Extremely beautiful and inspiring! Thanks Jess.x

What an inspiring article. I thought I would be familiar with all you write after having read your blog for some time, but you are still able to inspire me every day in a new way, and this article is a great example. Thank you for this! It sets me off on the right foot to check your blog every morning before work. Keep being a light for the world, we need you :)

I was reading the lastest issue on my iPad and so surprised and delighted to see you featured! Congratulations, Jess!

I have read your article many times in the current issue of Women’s Fitness. And when I saw your interview in this months Nature and Health, I was most intrigued to read more about your thoughts and wisdom. Your bravery and courage to open your mind up to alternative therapy is inspirational. When I was reading both articles, I can feel your willpower to overcome this dark and uncertain journey. Congratulations on your victorious battle with cancer. I too have learned to confront my own battle with depression. Accepting my condition and then seeking medical help was difficult. My fear of being judged by others was stopping me from getting help. However, with the support and persistence from my partner, I finally sort help and am on the road to recovery. I have learned to face my fears and tackle problems face on. I totally agree with your article and will share it with all my friends and family. God bless you.

Awesome read, thanks Jess! Love how you get the messages out there x

Wow! Thankyou for sharing your healing story with those that feel they need to read this. I believe that through your experience with Cancer, and the healing process, and sharing your experience you’ll also heal many others before they even know they were ill. I certainly took a few lessons away with me after reading your story.
Happiness to you always,
Megan Bullen