healthtalks: Chattin’ About Coconut Oil Benefits With Teisha Lowry from INDAH

Posted February 5, 2013

You would have to have been hiding under a cheeseburger for the past few years if you’ve missed all of the buzz about coconut oil. This controversial product has the health world split down the middle – those of us into holistic health love it, while those who stick to the “food pyramid” style of nutrition loath it. So, who is right?

In this episode of healthtalks, we hit the couch with Teisha Lowry from INDAH to chat about …

+ Why we all believe coconut oil is the shiz
+ What makes a top notch coconut oil product
+ Teisha’s new charity endeavour with the beautiful orangutans
+ Why we need to stay away from palm oil

Click here to watch:

You may also remember Teisha from her Foodie Friday segment a little while back. Click here to read her Q&A and recipe.

Click here to check out Teisha’s products.

What did you think of this episode?
Are you a coconut oil devotee? Have we managed to convert you? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.


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What a beautiful person Teisha is. Her passion for her product shines through. I love coconut oil, it is the only thing I put on my skin. I use it as a moisturiser on my whole body and face, make-up remover and sunscreen. I was at one stage using it to oil pull in the mornings (must get back into that). I will try Indah.

What is her website so we can buy online indahs products?

Naomi » Here you go:

I’m not a huge fan of cooking with coconut oil…I don’t think I’m used to the taste or maybe I’m not using a good quality oil. Would love to try Teisha’s coconut oil though.
Seems like she’s doing a great job. Good luck to her.

Teisha, what a beautiful person you are!!! This is one of my favorite interviews you’ve done. I use coconut oil on my skin and in my hair, and I cook with it. Talking about cholesterol levels……mine have gone down since adding coconut oil to my diet. Love it so much. I will be trying Indah too. Thank you. xxoo

Looks delicious! Must try!!

great story Jess, what a lovely girl with beautiful ethical earth friendly products. I am a huge fan of coconut oil i use it for all of the things you guys mentioned, hair ,makeup remover, moisturiser, after shaving, oil pulling (just started this one thanks to reading about it here). i cook with it & add it to my smoothies too. I also keep a jar beside the bed. no one ever talks about it, maybe its a delicate subject, but coconut oil is the absolute best massage oil/ lubricant ever. dont be shy girls, give it a crack if you havent already. coconut flavoured sex is the only kind as far as im concerned. hope i havent offended anyone. change of subject yesterday i made up some mozzie repellent for the family & the dog as the little buggers have been chronic since all the rain. i used you guessed it ,coconut oil with eucalyptus, teatree & rosemary oil cause theyre the oils i had on hand. neem & lavender are good too. its not a miracle cure when they are fully up you while out mowing but it is a good deterent, & no chemicals. love your work Jess. peace love & light to everybody reading

ha ha love it jayne, will be trying coconut flavoured intimacy for sure!!

Yes great lube! Should say not for use with condoms though cause they can break….

I love coconut oil. I use it in my cooking and to snack on to suppress cravings in the afternoon. Great video girls xx

Another stunningly beautiful person inside and out to add to your magical mix – what a lovely interview -well done girls x

Another stunningly beautiful person inside and out to add to your magical mix – what a lovely interview – well done girls x

Beautiful. I love the concept & especially that it supports workers who are disabled or less fortunate.
One of my new years resolutions and new lifelong habits is to seek out and support small business and suppliers.

I love coconut oil. I use small amounts for consumption as I have been tested by 2 kinesiologist and its an oil my body doesn’t handle well. I use it as a moisturiser and have just started making my own body scrub using coconut oil and raw sugar (both organic). Easy and allot cheaper than the ones in the store. It’s great to use prior to giving yourself a Manu or pedi!

I love coconut oil. I love cooking with it, I love putting it through my hair to get rid of frizziness and It is the only thing I put on my skin these days. It’s the only thing that has stopped my eczema from getting itchy!! Such a versatile product and so good for you also. Keep up the great work guys…Loving all of the Health Talks episodes xox

Absolutely love coconut oil + use it in everything. Can’t wait to try her products. x

Love, love this! You ladies are amazing trailblazers. I have tried coconut for a few different uses but will have to expand my horizons more. Thanks for the awesome resource!

Love coconut oil. Been using on my hair for a lot of years. Been using for oil pulling too. Your products look lovely.

I will definitely be buying some coconut oil now. This website is great, I only found this on the weekend and can’t get enough about all the awesome info on here.

I am a convert! I use it on my skin and for cooking.

One of my favourite self care activities is treating myself to a warm bath with a few teaspoons of coconut oil in it – heavenly (and soft, moisturised skin afterwards!)

I’m really looking forward to trying Indah’s gorgeous products.


Another coconut oil lover – converted last year and now can’t get enough of it. Looking forward to trying the Indah brand now I’ve found from the website where to get it in Victoria. Jess – you must publish some lovely coconut oil recipes – Chocolate Coconut Crisps with Coconut Oil, raw Cacao powder and organic shredded coconut – YUM!!

What a great episode of healthtalks! Coconut oil is such a beautiful product.

I love hearing of people supporting Orangutans and bringing awareness to some of the serious issues affecting their environment and habitat. I’ve been a member of the Australian Orangutan Project for around 4 years and sponsor two babies, Sidney & Roy. Organisations like this need all the support they can get to protect these beautiful creatures (the closest animal specie to human beings!).

Teisha seems like a lovely person. Will definitely check out the INDAH range.

Thanks :)

I also love coconut oil! On top of all the uses mentioned above, I use coconut oil to brush my teeth-,) Looking forward to the next talk. You are doing an amazing job Jess. Love from Berlin. Celine xx

Tried cooking with it but didn’t like the way it changed the taste of the food.

Obsessed with you beautiful girls and this product! Will be shipping some to the USA as soon as possible!

Looks like a beautiful product! And more affordable than I was expecting. Guess what all my friends will be getting as birthday gifts this year! :D

This is totally irrelevant but does anyone know what Teisha is wearing?!?!

All around awesome episode, topic, ladies and everything in between!