healthtalks: A Mouth-Cleansing Oil Pulling Demo

Posted February 12, 2013

It’s such a simple act, but I know how it is – you often have to see something in action before you’re enticed to give it a go. So, in this segment, you will receive a step-by-step oil pulling demonstration.

As you can tell by the screen shot below, filming this episode was an absolute crack up. I hope you find it as entertaining as the girls did.


In this video, you will learn …

+ The amazing health benefits of oil pulling
+ What oil pulling actually is
+ How to do oil pulling

Click here to watch:

Want to know more about oil pulling and its health benefits? Read this blog post I wrote about it a while back.

What did you think of this episode?
Have you tried oil pulling yet? What do you think of it? I would love to hear your insights in the comments below.


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Never heard of oil pulling before but use coconut oil for cooking. I will try Oil Pulling tomorrow.
Also going to try a Coffee Enema for the first time tomorrow.
I’ll let you know how it goes.

July 2011 I was given a chest X Ray and they saw a spot. Oct 2011 I had surgery. Dec 2011 I started Chemo and Radiation Therapy. March 2012 I had a clean PET Scan. My subsequent PET Scans and CT Scans have not shown any Cancer growth.

I just recently heared of the Gerson Therapy and started juicing about one month ago. We purchased our own juicer and love it. I continue to learn more every day.

I want to prepare my body in the event of recurrence.

Any more information you can give me or steer me to I will appreciate.
Thank you.

Tumeric for anti cancer, it will irraditicate it.

Thanks for the reminder Jess. I used to oil pull for a while until it fell out of my morning routine, I’ll have to start back up again! x

Hi Jess,
Thank you for this video, I had no idea what oil pulling was. I might include this a couple days a week into my routine, I’m not sure i’d have time everyday. Would I still see the benefits?
I have a question relating to teeth & gums though… You said you have a cup of ACV & lemon every morning & I’ve been having the same for the last 5 years but I’ve since found out it has been wearing away a lot of my tooth enamel, causing me very sensitive teeth & I’m only 25. Do you think it’s possible this coconut oil mouth swishing would help? Do you have sensitive teeth?
Thanks if you can reply :)

I will give this a go. Sounds great, not to hard and good for you. Thanks Jess and girls for another great healthtalks!

Hi Jess, I do oil pulling with coconut oil but not regularly. I need to get into more of a routine with it. Kind regards, Lyall

Thanks for the demo Jess! I have been thinking about doing oil pulling for a while now but have been too scared to start. This video has given me the inspiration that I needed. I look forward to tonight’s seminar too. Love Sam xx

Hi Jess

When is the best time to do the oil pulling? Would you do it as soon as you wake up to ensure you are not swallowing all of the toxins down and getting rid of all the toxins before eating breakfast?


Jess Watt » Hi Jess, yep first thing in the morning is the best time. On an empty tummy! x

I’ve always wondered what oil pulling was about – such an easy health routine to get into! I can see how coconut oil would be so good, with it’s strong antibacterial properties. Will be giving it a go tomorrow morning – thanks Jess!

Well I’m sitting here right now oil pulling! ;) I’ve been doing it on and off for the last 6 months. I do it mainly as I can suffer a bit of bronchitis from time to time, so firstly I did it to help get junk off my chest. As we approach winter I’ll do it every morning and I tend to do it when I wake up and keep it in my mouth whilst having a shower as that kills a lot of time.

Yes, your teeth do tend to get a little more white over time which is an added bonus. I honestly have nothing bad to say about oil pulling. I use the raw, organic Niugini brand of coconut oil.

sorry, forgot to mention as well, I don’t brush my teeth when I’ve finished oil pulling, but I do swish around and gargle with Himalayan pink salt in water to get rid of any left over residue in the mouth :)

Thank you for the sharing, which strength my oil pulling stronger, I have been doing oil pulling for 1 month now, I do notice the differences you mentioned. As well, I did the liver stone cleansing, I think both of the way work too.
Thank you.

Hi Jess, I have been doing oil pulling for a few months now and have noticed a huge improvement in my teeth. Despite daily flossing, I used to suffer with gum problems but they are a thing of the past. Anyone who is hesitant to try this, I really encourage you to give it a go as it really works. However, please note, for best benefits you need to do this in the morning before you eat or drink. However, I would NOT spit the oil down the sink as it could damage pipes, particularly in winter. I spit mine into the bin and then put it in the trash. Jess, thank you for your regular postings, they are so inspirational.

HI I have tried this a number of times. I have tried with all types of oils including the one your friend sells. I can do it for a certain amount of time but I always end up with an uncontrollable urge to cough and end up having to spit it out!

Hi Jess – I’d never heard of oil pulling but looks and sounds good. You mentioned using a toothbrush after this routine. If you use toothpaste, what toothpaste do you use and do you use it after the oil pulling or just brush with plain water? Must have missed your blog on your regular morning routine. What date was that blog please. Thanks. Mavis

Oh Jess, you made me laugh. : )
This is the second time I’ve heard about oregano oil this morning. I presume I buy it from the health food shop. Is it an essential oil?
I’m going to try the coconut oil now. Coconut oil plus oregano oil tomorrow.
Thanks girls. xxoo

I gave it a go and it was OK. It will now be part of my morning routine. Thanks. xxoo

Also, I’m loving how you’re creating a community here of health conscious people. I’m seeing some of my on-line friends here, it’s nice.
And, I’m graduating from IIN in about two weeks, can’t wait. I believe you studied with them too Jess. xxoo

That’s awesome Julie! Yep, I sure did. x

Hi Jess,

Just wondering what brand you use for your oregano essential oil?

Thank you.

Bree » My brand at the moment is Healthy Health. It doesn’t matter what brand though – just look for organic oil of oregano. x

Hi Jess, What does IIN stand for?

Kym » Hey Kym, it stands for Institute For Integrative Nutrition: x

Hi Jess

I’ve been oil pulling since your blog back in April last year and I’ve definitely noticed the difference. I had one area which always bled when I brushed my teeth – that’s long gone now. My gums are healthier, my mouth seems healthier and my teeth feel silky smooth and fresh after it.

Thanks for the health talks – look forward to them every Tuesday!

Cheers, Helen

Now I can stop wondering and start doing. Thanks for the show and tell!
I’d love to see the “outtakes” from these videos:)

Great video. You can also medicate the oil with the contents of a CoQ10 capsule if you have ulcers & serious problems. I’m yet to manage to do it without feeling a little queazy, but I’m going to work up to it..

I have recently started oil pulling upon rising and it is amazing! I have already started seeing the benefits after nearly 3 weeks! I have more energy and my oral health has improved, in particular my gums and teeth seem whiter! Thank you Jess from introducingt me to this!

Erin x

I’m so down with oil pulling! Simple and easy with obvious benefits.
My kind of morning glory :)

I have looked at other sites regarding oil pulling…. They have all stated not to use coconut oil…. They suggest organic sesame and organic sunflower… Can’t find the reasons why they recommend these oils … Confused….

Good stuff!

I always spit my oil out in the toilet or trash because it can clog the drain after awhile. I immediately rinse my mouth with baking soda and then some salt water before I brush my teeth and scrape my tongue. My natural smile is at its most radiant when I oil swish daily.

Hi Jess, I have been doing this for four days now after reading about it on your site. Very timely post! I have geographic tongue and so far my tongue is looking the healthiest it has looked in a long time. I’ll be interested to see if this is just a coincidence or as a result of the oil pulling. Also, my teeth are definitely whiter!

Hi Jess,

Thank you for your very informative video about oil pulling. I have been wanting to try it ever since I read it in your blog recently.
I was just wondering what brand of oregano oil you use?

You are a true inspiration!
Keep up the amazing work!

Hi Jess. I have been oil pulling for a couple of months now too. I find it is great. There is no such thing as 20 minutes to myself in the morning, so I do it while in the shower, tiding up kids have gone to school etc. The only thing is it is never on an empty stomach! Pulls all the seeds from brekky out of my teeth though. LOL

I picked up the great tip about swishing my mouth afterwards – didn’t know that.

how much coco oil? I usually just do a tablespoon…4 drops oregano oil to that?

Hi Jennifer, yep 1 tablespoon of oil with about 1-3 drops of oregano oil. It’s pretty potent stuff. I’ve reduced mine to about 1-2 drops in my oil. x

Can oil pulling be done before bed? That would be the most convenient time for me.

It can, but for maximum benefits it’s best done first up in the morning on an empty stomach. x

How does oil pulling remove toxins. I have been doing it for a while, and I notice a difference in my teeth. Just wondering if there is any evidence about the removal of toxins, that anyone has found.

Great segment guys I will definitely try oil pulling in the near future!

When you make up the brew, how do you store it? In the fridge, how long can you keep the brew for?

There’s no need to make up a brew. Just take coconut oil out of your jar and into your mouth. Adding oregano oil is optional, but do it just before you swish. x

Hi everyone, sorry to be the bearer of bad news people, but I did this so called ‘oil pulling’ about 5 years ago. I guess I did it over a period of about 12 months. Yes, it did all the things initially in regard to bleeding gums, teeth whitening etc but I eventually had two teeth break off because of this practice. I would never recommend this to anyone. Maybe it’s OK for a few months at a time but I would definitely not do this over a long period.

Hi Helen can you please elaborate. Why did your teeth break because of oil pulling? Type of oil used? Action of oil on teeth?
Jess – in terms of future topics either for the blog or healthtalks I’d love to see something on superfoods. There is so much talk about these – maca, chorella, spirulina, mesquite, efa etc etc – and there seem to be so many and they are expensive. What is so great about them and are powders really more effective than fresh organic fruit and vegies?

Hi Clare, thanks for the suggestion! We have a segment on superfoods coming up, but these are great extra topics. x

Do it. Love it. Can’t live without it.

How did your teeth break off?
What was your diet like? A healthy, clean, fresh diet of nutrient rich foods aids in helping mineral absorption so your teeth can get stronger along with the detoxifying from oil pulling.

I’ve never heard of any negative effects from oil pulling.

I’ve been oil pulling with coconut oil for 7 months and have had no issues. Gums no longer bleed, my teeth are whiter, tongue is a nicer colour, fresher breath after brushing teeth and tongue after the oil pull, it’s all good.
If I feel any sort of tooth ache or other mouth related discomfort, I just do some oil pulling and I feel great. It’s so easy!

Coconut oil has so many incredible uses!
here’s a wonderful resource!

Hi All, oil pulling has become part of my morning routine. Before i started oil pulling i would brush my teeth twice a day as usual, but afer 20 minutes it felt like i needed to brush them again. Since i started oil pulling I have felt the difference – i have whiter teeth, my mouth feels fresher and cleaner. Good luck to those that are trying it for the first time.

Hi Clare and Gerard, as I said, it was five years ago when I actually did the oil pulling. I honestly can’t remember what type of oil I used at the time (definitely can tell you it was not coconut oil, as I was not aware of this oils wonderful benefits five years ago.) Two of my teeth just broke off (roots still in tack.) When I went to the dentist he asked me if I had been using/doing anything different, when I told him what I was up to he said that this would be the reason. Sorry, but that’s all I can tell you about my experience.

Hi Helen,
I read online somewhere that if teeth drain of colour or break its due to lack of magnesium in the diet. When I was oil pulling for about 3 weeks I noticed the bottom of my top front teeth started to lose their white colour, becoming almost transparent each morning after I’d oil pulled. One of my back teeth broke a bit of the outside shell came off- however this was a very heavily filled tooth which had been causing me a lot of pain. so now a bit of the tooth is gone and the pain is too. I reduced oil pulling to 5 minutes instead of 20. But my mouth and teeth were much cleaner and my gums much healthier when I oil pulled for 20 minutes. My diet was seriously low in magnesium. According to what I read, I think it was on, when we oil pull, our body uses magnesium to help draw out the toxins. I have upped my intake of magnesium rich foods and will be back oil pulling soon!

Aloha Jess, I started oil pulling after reading your post last year and love the fresh, clean, healthy sensation it leaves in my mouth. I also find it nurturing, while I’m “swishing” to know that I’m doing something so beneficial for my body. Thank you for sharing this interesting wellness technique.

Hi it’s best to spitthe oil after 20mins down the toilet. Because its so toxic.
I would alternate between oregano, lavender, tea tree or eucalyptus oil these oils are all safe to gargle in mouth as long as diluted. : )
Then finish by rinsing with salt and warm water.

after adding in regular meditation and/or journalling in the morning routine, and loving the way one can quickly learn to stretch the time and enjoy it…..i think i’d like to pop in a morning glory pull ;)

thanks for all the tidbits girls, devour them hungrily each week and blab onto my clients about them during sessions.

for all the mums out there…. i let my little one sit on my lap on a special cushion whilst i meditate. she now knows, that it is a time for gentleness and kindness and doesn’t make a peep. it’s lovely…

Jess, I have ACV and lemon every morning, will I have it before oil pulling or after??

Loretta » Hi Loretta, I would have that after you do your oil pulling. x

Refined or virgin coconut oil it does it not matter?

2 Questions:
Is it ok it spit the oil down the sink? I thought someone told me to spit it outside somewhere – cause it’s so Toxic?
Does it have to be done first thing in the morning? Does it matter when? As small Children make it hard to do first thing.

Kylie » Hi Kylie, I spit mine in the toilet, garbage or garden usually. Yes, it’s best done first thing in the morning on an empty tummy. But if that’s not possible, do it when it works for you. Just make sure it’s on an empty stomach. x

The time passes so quickly if your swishing whilst in the shower, getting ready for work etc. I’m sure I read though that you should spit the oil into the bin, not the sink, as eventually it could clog your pipes up. :)

Hi Jess,

What essential oil brand do you suggest?

Bree » Hi Bree, The brand I’m using at the moment is Healthy Health. It doesn’t matter what brand though – just look for organic oil of oregano. x

My computers too slow to watch videos at the moment so I read your other post, I am just wondering as you mention brushing your teeth with hydrogen peroxide, how safe is this and how is it actually applied? [Apologies if you mention this in your video]

Mel » Hi Mel, this is totally safe as long as it’s diluted to 3% hydrogen peroxide. Just pour some on your toothbrush, brush over your teeth, and then brush over again with water. Be sure to rinse your mouth with water as well. x

Hi, just wondering if oil pulling is safe whilst breastfeeding?

Mel » Yes it sure is!

My local healthfood store hasn’t had Oregano Oil in for quite sometime, can someone recommend where I can find it online??

I get quite a few things online from the following link. This was started by Elaine Hollingsworth who is a huge advocate of fabulous health through what we nourish our bodies with rather than medicines. Her organic coconut oil is fabulous and they deliver for free!

Would there be any benefit in oil pulling for someone who has no natural teeth, but wears dentures?

Hi Jess/All,
I heard that Seabuckthorn Oil is good for rubbing on your gums against gum disease; but am not sure if it’s ok to blend into coconut-oil for oil-pulling – anyone know?

Well reading all the positive things on oil pulling sounds great ,but I have been doing it now for I guess 6months and to be totally honest I haven’t notice any changes what so ever,I have read so much on this topic and have not experienced one thing that i am supposed not even whiter teeth i used coconut oil extra virgin and while i believe in coconut oil and it’s health benifits oil pulling did nothing for me because if I had seen any pluses in doing it I would have thought it really worthwhile so I can’t understand why it works for some

New to your site and loving it! This video is so helpful for someone new to oil pulling! Many thanks. Today is my first day…looking forward to adding to morning ritual. And the oregano oil is such a great idea!

Keely » Welcome Keely! That’s awesome. Thanks so much x

Hi Jessica, I’ve just found your site. It’s awesome. I oil pull but have not heard of adding oregano oil to the base oil. I’m using sesame oil. The best I could find for sale is a ~25% mix of oregano oil in extra virgin olive oil. Is this about right? Thanks.

Hi Jess, thanks for all of the amazing information! I honestly just stumbled upon your website after researching oil pulling last week, and I am so glad that I did. You are an incredible inspiration, and I know I can learn a lot from you! I am trying oil pulling with sunflower oil, plus two drops of oregano. So far it has been two days, and I am still getting the hang of it. It’s really hard not to swallow, even though I don’t actually swallow any of the oil. I’m still working up to the 20 minutes. You said you use coconut oil? Maybe I’ll have to try that instead. Other websites say only to use sesame or sunflower…what is the purpose of that? Thanks for the information :)

Hey Jess,
I’ve recently stopped smoking and am feeling this oil pullling is amazing for getting rid of these lingering toxins.
Just wondering do you gargle your oil? Or would this not be benificial?
Thanks :)

Hi Jess,
After about 2 weeks of oil pulling I feel great. I had the start of a canker sore on my upper lip due to Sinus drainage… My sinuses have cleared up and the sore disappeared.
And YES, I take a lot of Tumeric supplements as well as cook with it and ginger. Any other natural things I can do please feel free to tell me.
Jerry K

Hi Jess

Just wondering if Oil Pulling is recommended during pregnancy?


Kel xx

Kelly » Yep it’s totally fine! x

Thanks Jess, I shall give it a go tomorrow morning :)

I have been considering doing a course of study through IIN and was wondering what your thoughts are on it? I have become so frustrated with the lack of knowledge in mainstream medicine about alternative ways of approaching health. It is only because I went with a “gut instinct” that I have in the last 12 months got on top of major health issues and I have done it all through nutrition and not the drugs that my GP and specialists kept pushing. Is it possible to privately email you about your thoughts on the IIS?


ann » Hi Ann, I’m a big fan of IIN! I did the course and so did my mum. I found it was the only course that taught a holistic approach to wellness rather than the “food pyramid” style taught at other institutions. Highly recommend! x

Hi! Would you mind if I share your blog with
my zynga group? There’s a lot of folks that I think would really enjoy your content. Please let me know. Thanks

Hi Jess I have in my kitchen organic coconut oil but the ingredient label advises Virgin/expeller pressed organic coconut oil would that be ok to use?

Yes that’s perfect! x