healthtalks: The Best Noodle Salad Ever

Posted February 19, 2013


Many people think they have to give up noodles when they start eating healthy, but that’s not the case in our book. Especially when you can have noodles made from such genius culinary elements as zucchini and sea veggies.

Not only will this week’s episode of healthtalks show you how to make the best noodle and sea vegetable salad ever, but you will also learn about just how much goodness this salad will inject into your body.

This was such a yummy episode to film. Want to know the best thing about healthtalks? Eating Sam’s food!

In this episode, Nat and Sam hit the kitchen to teach you …

+ How to assemble this detoxifying, tonifying salad
+ How to make noodles out of zucchini
+ Why sea veggies are so darn good for you
+ What the hype is about with activated nuts and seeds (plus how to activate at home)

Click here to watch:

Want the recipe? Click here. And here is the link to purchase your very own Spirooli.

What did you think of this episode? Give this salad a go for yourself and let us know what you think of it.


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I love my Spirooli, this post was a reminder to use it more often!

I love Zucchini noodles. Mixed with the right sauces you almost feel like you are eating pasta and it’s a great way to eat a large serving of greens!

Love it! this is how I’ve been enjoying my zucchini noodles lately :)

You nailed it. My thanks for posting this. I’ll check here to find out more and inform my acquaintenances about this website.

Jess you spelled “heath talks” without the T!

Dell » Oh I did too! Ha ha thanks for letting me know. x

Hello Jess,
Thank you for this post. I am taking the recipe. Definitely, I want to try it out.