FREE Access To Step 1 (The Self Love Step) Of The LTG

Posted February 13, 2013

I haven’t gone this mushy over Valentine’s Day since I was 12 and I pooled all of my pocket money to buy my boyfriend an Offspring CD. Last night I hosted a special teleseminar all about Falling In Love With You, and today I’m kicking off a promotion where I’m giving you FREE access to step 1 of The Lifestyle Transformation Guide.

Step 1 is the Self Love step – the most important step in the whole program.

Without this step, all of the others are pretty much pointless. Without a solid self-love foundation, everything else that you try to do won’t be sustainable. But when you cultivate authentic self-love and self respect, you naturally want to make positive choices for yourself and your body. It’s incredible.

Inside Step 1 of The Lifestyle Transformation Guide, you will receive:

+ A lesson on why self love is so important.

+ A worksheet and action step practice to ensure that this stuff really sinks in and self kindness becomes your default thought pattern.

+ A bonus desktop background with a Self Love theme.

+ The recording of my Falling In Love With You teleseminar featuring my special guest Melissa Ambrosini.




“The LTG is amazing. My mind, body and soul all feel so much better since I signed up last September. It has changed my life beyond recognition and I will be eternally grateful.

Jess is an amazing woman. She has given me the inspiration, and empowered me with the knowledge I needed to make BIG changes to my life that were desperately needed. To start loving myself and doing everything from a place of kindness. To give my body everything it needs to heal, and to look and feel amazing. To start investing in myself.

I now totally love and accept myself. I have an elegant morning routine which includes oil pulling, journalling, meditation, movement, clay drinking and green juice. I eat nutritious, organic, whole foods. I use affirmations A LOT :) I have a gratitude journal. I bounce, walk and do yoga. I have big dreams that I believe in and I have a vision board to remind me of them. Oh and I quit my corporate job in Sydney and have just moved up to Byron Bay!

I feel the best I have ever felt and I am loving life! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Jennie Murphy | LTG Member


Happy Valentine’s Day!


Positive affirmation for the day: World peace begins with self-love.

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Thanks Jess. I totally agree. Self love needs to come first. Once you love yourself, choosing healthy food and healthy lifestyle options is so much easier. xxoo

Inese says:

A gorgeous VDay gift.. thanks Jess x

Rachael says:

I think this makes you my valentine. Love it!

Nicola says:

Oh my goodness. Is every female losing our self-love as teenagers because of teenage boys and how we let them treat us? The conversation with Jess and Melissa was a light-bulb moment for me. Here it is. This is when I lost it and I’ve spent the last 15 years trying to get it back. It’s so clear now and amazing. What can we do for teenage girls who are going through this or about to go through it? Thank you thank you for this amazing conversation and opportunity to view part of the LTG.

Thanks Jess! I just listened to your TeleSeminar with Melissa and loved every minute. Happy Valentines to you both and may you continue to spread the love. xx

Joscelin says:

Thank you so much for this gift Jess!!! I love every bit of it, You are amazing!

Eva says:

I’ve just signed up – so excited x

Andressa says:

I’ve just listened to the teleseminar about Self-Love and found it inspiring and amazing. Thank you so much!

Ren says:

I just signed up to access Step one of the LTG programme but I’m not able to access it.

Jess says:

Ren » Oh no! Can you tell me what happens when you attempt it?

Ren says:

Oh great! I got in. Thanks so much for extending the offer. Warm greetings from Jamaica :)

catherine says:

Me too. It just gets stuck. i think maybe the server can’t cope with the traffic. I’ll try again later.

Jacquie says:

Hi Jess!
Just wanted to say a big fat thank you to you and Mel for the tele seminar! it has really helped me with the concepts of self love! You girls are such an inspiration, thank you :)

Jess says:

Jacquie » You’re welcome Jacquie! Thanks so much x

Jordan says:

HAHA Offspring Smash which 12 year old wouldnt have been stoked with that!

Julia says:

I’ve just signed up Jess and am really excited to get stuck in to step 1. Your blog has helped inspire me to start blogging about my own journey to living a healthier, love filled life! Follow my journey here – xx

Lorraine Fitzjohn says:

Hi Jess
I am having trouble to it is asking for username password can you let us know how to access

Jess says:

Lorraine Fitzjohn » Hi Lorraine, this promo has finished now. It ended at midnight Friday 15th Feb. So sorry! Jess x

Lorraine Fitzjohn says:

Sorry Jess I didnt know that there was a cut off time its a shame I was looking forward to seeing what this guide of yours was like.

Jess says:

Hey Lorraine, I’m going to activate it again for another three days so that you can grab it. Stay tuned! x

Jess says:

Hi Lorraine, it’s back up and running now. It will be up until midnight Wednesday night so make sure you sign up asap. Enjoy! x

Nicola says:

Wow thanks Jess! Makes me want to do the rest of the course, I’m sure the Universe will respond with the funds soon :) x

Thank you so much – generous girl xxx