8 Things I’m Loving At The Moment

Posted February 11, 2013

This month’s love list is a mixed bag of inspiration, filled with awesome stuff that you can treat yourself to both online and off. Enjoy!


Join me and my special guest Melissa Ambrosini for a free teleseminar all about Falling In Love With You.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to shine some light on just how much of an impact LOVE has on our lives and our health. I’m not just talking about romantic love (although this definitely has a potent effect), but also the love we bring to our bodies, our minds, our friendships, our families, our careers and every other situation we have.

Join Melissa Ambrosini and myself for a virtual self-love shindig to discuss:

+ Why you are wasting your time with diets and other lifestyle changes if self-love isn’t present.

+ How lack of self-love was a major cause of our serious health conditions.

+ What you can do to instantly start strengthening your self-love muscle.

+ The subtle and powerful shifts that occur as a result of practicing these self love techniques on a daily basis.

+ How to bring love into every area of your life and allow it to work its magic.


When: Tuesday 12 February at 6pm-7pm (Australian EST) or 7pm-8pm (Australian EDT)

How: You can join us via phone, Skype or web (although if you’re listening via the web you won’t be able to join in and chat with us)



I’m so excited to be featured in Nature & Health magazine this month. Click here to read my Profile piece.

I love this magazine so much, so I’m also thrilled to be joining the team as a regular columnist. Watch out for the next issue to see my first column.


I seem to be gathering a collection of these gorgeous bracelets, and the next one that will be joining my arm candy is the heart chakra. This would make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift! If you’re reading this Tallon, this is a hint.

ANAHATA (i.e The Heart Chakra) represents: Balance, Love & Compassion. – Love of nature and others, forgiveness, trust, vulnerability, empathy, acceptance, harmony & contentment.


If you’re not yet virtually acquainted with Marie Forleo yet, I’m urging you to get onto that now. Stumbling upon Marie and her infectious positive energy and amazing skills at teaching online business was one of the best things to happen to my blog and my career. She’s a genius, and just watching her gorgeous videos will make you fall in love with her.

If you’re interested in making money online and creating a business that you LOVE to work on, you have to check out Marie’s stuff. Her signature course, B-School is coming up, and at the moment she’s rolling out awesome pre-launch content (videos and worksheets) where she gives you a detailed rundown on everything it takes to make your online business work for you … for FREE! Go here to check them out.

If you do decide to sign up for BSchool (and do so through my website), I want to reward you by giving you a massive booty of bonuses to help you along your way to creating your most amazing life. I’ll be posting details about this offer when BSchool goes on sale on 21 February (20th February in the US).


I’ve started taking Thursdays off to hang with Tallon and spend time outdoors and away from the computer. I can’t even begin to explain how awesome this has been for our relationship and my mental bandwidth. It’s a much-needed mid-week respite for my brain, and I dive back into work on Friday with so much inspiration.


A brand new inspiring Aussie website has just launched, and I’m super excited to be part of it. From time to time you will see my mug and words pop up on Make The World Move, a website dedicated to inspiring people to lead extraordinary lives. Check it out.


I love me some Alex Franzan, genius wordsmith and all-round gorgeous person. This post that she wrote last week is brilliant.

READ: How to say “no” to everything ever (a universal script for … well, everything ever.)


Forget flowers and chocolates, my heart would be won if I received the gift of an animal buddy from Edgar’s Mission this Valentine’s Day. I already have an awesome little fur family from Edgar’s. I’ve sponsored two pigs, a cow and a chicken. Click here to read more about how you can sponsor one of their rescued farm animals to help them continue with their amazing work.

What’s on your love list at the moment? Share away in the comments below.

Positive affirmation for the day: The positive steps I’m taking today are laying down the foundation for an amazing tomorrow.

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Thos pigs look so happy, Jess! Too cute!

I really love your Fun Day idea, and may steal it for myself! My fiancé works away so when he comes home we’ll make a special day together and make it a regular thing.

There’s so much good stuff in here! I’m signed up for the teleseminar, and Bschool, and congrats on the feature!


Love this post especially the part about taking a day off to spend time outside and for quality time with your partner. I think I will be doing something like this more regularly and it’s so important. Thanks also for the info about b school I’m really looking forward to taking her online courses! Cheers :)

Yay for B-School!

Thanks for the heads up about the new website ‘Make the World Move’ I have book marked it and I’m loving it already, thank you xx

Hi Samantha

So glad you love the website! We are thrilled to have Jess on board.


I am loving cooking with Black Beans!

Some great things to check out here Jess. Thank you. Jess I have signed up for your teleseminar, but now won’t be able to listen at that time. Will you be sending us a link so we can listen to it at another time? xxoo

Julie Maloney » Yep, I sure will! xx

Oh I’m so glad you will send a link because in Quebec (canada) the teleseminar is at 3 AM in the morning and I’m working on night shifts so I was going to miss it! thanks jess!

Thanks Jess. I look forward to it. xxoo

great article – you really expressed the important stuff. and you dazzle in that white dress !!!!
you go girlee !

I’ve had a really tough week…and after looking over the comments…really have to go back and read the articles on beans and on saying No, gracefully- yet. wow !
I’m working on the self love …. feels good.
xx sandra

Hi Jess, thanks so much for sharing the link to Alexandra Franzen’s script. Have just used it to decline a request. I struggle with saying ‘no’ but lovingly saying ‘no’ definitely makes it easier.

Just spent an hour on the Edgars Mission site… I had no idea this place existed… loving Boots the goat! http://www.edgarsmission.org.au/animals/boots/
Thanks for sharing xo

Hi Jess, I’m looking at doing B-School but wondering whether you recommend having a website set up before starting the course? I’ve tried to find out more info online but have had no luck. Any guidance would be great. Thanks!!!

Thank you for the list of resources and places to check out online. And good for you for making time for R & R in the middle of the week – without guilt! I often feel like I need a mental break mid-way through the week… so why not take one? Maybe it’s time to take a “page” from your blog and try it for myself!

I love the Thursday Fun Day idea! I think my husband and I need to implement this into our busy schedules!

I sponsored Shirley the cow from edgars mission the other day! Love that place, Pam is an angel.

Just checked out the Make The World Move website – what a great idea! So many inspiring contributors.

Just finished watching Marie Forleo’s first video about the 6 Pillar Map. Thanks for sharing the wealth of information. I’ve also been inspired to spend longer periods of time away from my computer and my smartphone. I hate realizing I’ve only been half tuned in to the world around me when there’s so much beauty to absorb when we are fully present.

Love it Jess,

What a great post! How cute are those little piggies?

Donna x

Edgars mission is amazing…we sponsored our first best buddy Boots :)