5 Ways B-School Changed My Life (+ Score over $600 worth of bonuses)

Posted February 21, 2013


When I signed up for Marie Forleo’s B-School almost two years ago I was so broke that I had to use my credit card (which has a $1000 limit) to pay over monthly installments. The only money I had coming in was from government sickness benefits (hardly empowering) and (very) random freelance writing jobs, and every penny I had was going to my parents to try and help them while they paid for all of the food and supplements I needed for my healing program. So you can imagine forking out $2000 to pay for an online program was a massive deal.

I had so much trouble justifying it that I didn’t sign up until the very last minute. My mum helped me realise that even though paying for the program would be a struggle, the skills I’d learn from Marie would help me put an end to money struggles in the future. She was right, and I earnt that initial 2K investment back super quick. But that isn’t the only reason B-School changed my life. Since that day in May 2011, I’ve been so amazingly blessed. Here’s why:



As you’ll read in this post, signing up for B-School led to many benefits that mostly have to do with my career and livelihood. However, the absolute best thing that came out of this program is the beautiful friendships I’ve formed. Prior to this course I’d had the same group of friends since high school, and I picked up a few extra solid ones during my working years. But when I had to completely overhaul my lifestyle, leave my job, and abandon the party scene, my friendships changed. Some of my friends had babies, some moved away, and some I just didn’t see very much because I was so consumed with healing and the wellness world. During my first year of Gerson Therapy, I was really lonely. I missed having a tribe.

Then B-School came along, and I met the most amazing women who have become some of my best friends. Connecting with fellow B-Schoolers is the BEST part of B-School. We have each others backs, we’re supportive of each others projects, and we have so much fun when we get to hang out in person.


As I said, I wasn’t doing too well financially before B-School and I had crazy guilt for what my health situation was doing to my parent’s bank account. I was sending them broke. The skills I learnt from Marie changed all of that. I’m still in debt to my folks, but I’m slowly paying them back while at the same time building a profitable business. I went from earning zilch to six figures in just over a year. It’s cracked my mind wide open to the possibilities that are available to us when we combine our unique skills with passionate service. The best part is that I get to reap all of this by doing something that I would happily do for free!


Before B-School, my blog was simply a hobby. It was a therapeutic, creative outlet for me to share my healing journey. I had absolutely no idea that I would be able to make money simply by showing up to my blog every day and telling my story. Marie taught me clever ways of turning my hobby and my passion for spreading the wellness word into a business that has grown phenomenally over the past two years. I now actually have a team! How cool is that! We’re going to go on team retreats and we’re going to go paddle boarding. Yes, yes we are.


I sent an email out to my newsletter list the other day describing how my old job was literally robbing me of health. I would leave the house at 7am and not get home again until 7pm (and that was if I didn’t have a party to go to after work). I ate breakfast and lunch at my desk and was too exhausted when I got home to bother experimenting in the kitchen. And because I was in an office all day, my body barely saw sunlight.

Now that I work for myself, it’s on my terms and I structure my work around my self-care – not the other was around. Self care comes first, and funny enough, because of that I actually get more work done.



Kris Carr, Gabby Bernstein, Danielle LaPorte, Mastin Kipp – these guys are probably the people I admire most on the web. They are creating incredible stuff. And what do they all have in common? They all did B-School! I was lucky enough to meet them all at Marie’s live event in New York last November – and got to squeeze my favourite of favourites, the gorgeous Kris Carr. Woo!


This is just the start of it! If your dream lifestyle involves any of the above benefits, if you would love to put your talents to work for the good of the world, then I highly encourage you to consider signing up for B-School. I promise that you won’t regret it.


Bschool bonus

If you do decide to make this major investment in yourself, I want to reward you by giving you some gifts that are going to support you as you create the life of your dreams. I’m a very proud affiliate of Marie’s program, which is why I want to back you with this powerful combination. Lifestyle Transformation  + Business Transformation will make for one amazing life overhaul.

Sign up for B-School using this link, and you will also score …

+ The Lifestyle Transformation Guide – my virtual coaching program (worth $579).

+ Make Peace With Your Plate e-book (worth $19.95)

+ The Wellness Warrior Starter Kit + 10-Day Cleanse e-book (worth $12)

+ Healing Recipes e-book (worth $5)

+ An interactive group Q&A call with me where you can ask me absolutely anything – about business, health, life etc. ($ = priceless)

*IMPORTANT: To score all of this, you must sign up through this link here, forward your receipt to [email protected] and complete the whole B-School program.

(These bonuses won’t be delivered until after the B-School refund period has ended).


I had hesitations as well. I didn’t know if I could justify the 2K investment, I didn’t know if my business idea was established enough, and I didn’t know if I was the business type. But even with all of these doubts, I had a persistant whisper in my mind telling me that this was something I needed to do. It wasn’t long before I knew I’d made the right decision.

If you have questions, Marie has answers. She has created an amazing PDF document that outlines absolutely everything you will receive when you sign up for B-School. Click here to check it out.

 Screen shot 2013-02-19 at 10.43.04 AM


Check out this website dedicated to amazing real-life B-School success stories. These women have made their dreams come true by implementing Marie’s teaching. It’s so freaking inspiring!

*Remember, to score the above bonuses you must use this link to purchase B-School and forward your receipt to [email protected]

*Being an affiliate of B-School means I get a financial kickback from the people I sign up. Don’t want to hide this from you guys!

Positive affirmation for the day: I am worth the investment.

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Hi, Jess,

I was very interested, but money is an issue for me too. I would like to know how did you paid for the program with monthly installments. Did you emailed them asking for it? Thank you.

Hi Andressa, Marie has an option where you can pay four payments of $549. Just click on the “Add to cart” button and you will get that option when you fill out the payment form. x

Thank you Jess, I’m also learning so much from the comments to this post. Namaste.

Hi Jess,

Do you know how often Marie does B school? I don’t know exactly what business plan l want to do yet, l’m taking the time now to try figure that out.

But l don’t want to miss out :(

Chloe » Hi Chloe, she has been running it once a year for the past few years. I’m not sure what her future plans are though. Honestly a lot of people go into it not being clear about their biz ideas, and B-School can actually help you. Marie has a whole section dedicated to showing you how to start the right business. Hope this helps! xx

Hi Jess and Chloe- I emailed the team at Marie Forleo a few days ago with exactly the same question! Their response was, and I quote(!): “This is the only time that B-School will be offered this year. While we’re sure it will be offered again, we don’t yet have a date set for the next round in 2014.” Hope that helps!

I’ve been considering doing it as well, but for me at the moment even $549 is a huge investment. What to do, what to do..!

Thanks Jess! Just a quick question. I’m so keen to sign up for it but one thing if l don’t feel like l get much out of it this year because lm still unsure of the business l want can l re do the course next year for free? people keep saying that but what does that actually mean? Thanks :)

Thanks Jess! Just one more quick question. If l do the course this year but dont get much out of it as and want to re do it next year can l do that for free? l keep hearing people say that. xxx

Chloe » Yes absolutely! You can do it as many times as you like for free once you’ve signed up once. x

Hi Jess,
Your link doesn’t take you directly to the enrollment form, instead it takes you to the page where you have to put in your name and email address and then you get access to all of her free training videos, is this correct? Just want to make sure I enroll properly.

Connie » Hi Connie, ooh I just realised that. Here is the right link: http://bit.ly/WXmG3D x

Hi Jess

Thank you for sharing this blog. I am so inspired to see young confident women who are so self-expressed and are sharing the message of health and wellbeing. I just love reading your blog, it’s part of my daily self-care routine!!

Every single time I log onto facebook, I keep seeing Marie Forleo, it’s everywhere!! If I am really honest with myself, I’d love to be in the health, wellness and personal development industry. But have no idea how and what I would do! Do you need to know ‘what you want’ before starting B-School? xx

Michelle » Hi Michelle, nope you don’t have to have a clear idea. I know a lot of people who did B-School last year without knowing what business they want (and now they have thriving online businesses) and others who went into B-School with one idea and ended up applying what they learnt to something different. Marie teaches you how to start the right business and can help you get clarity. Also, once you do B-School once you get to do it every year for free and apply it to whatever stage you’re at with your business. xx

Hi Michelle, that was exactly my question also.
Thank you Jess for your encouraging reply x

Hi Jess! Thank you so much for the opportunity! I am so very interested and also applied for the scholarship opportunity that you let us know about. I’m waiting for that decision first (2.25). Was wondering though, do you have any idea when enrollment closes?

Also, been following you for a while. My dad just completed his 6 months on Gerson therapy. I’m his fulltime caretaker. :) Hard work! Here is the blog in case some of your other followers would like another perspective. (A lot of it is in Spanish)


AND here is my video for the scholarship. Please “like” if you enjoy!


Alexandra » Thanks for sharing lovely! Wishing you and your dad all the best while on Gerson. It’s certainly tough, but so worth it! B-School enrollment closes on Monday 4th March. xx

Hi Jess,
I have dreams of starting my own business, but am not too sure of the product/service yet. I know I want to be in the health and wellness industry but haven’t found my niche yet. I keep seeing B-school everywhere I look so I feel like it’s a sign I should do it, but would you recommend this course for someone who already has a clear idea of what they want their business to be, or is it helpful in just establishing a solid foundation from which you can build any business on?

Lauren » Hi Lauren, nope you don’t have to have a clear idea. I know a lot of people who did B-School last year without knowing what business they want (and now they have thriving online businesses) and others who went into B-School with one idea and ended up applying what they learnt to something different. Marie teaches you how to start the right business and can help you get clarity. Also, once you do B-School once you get to do it every year for free and apply it to whatever stage you’re at with your business. xx

That’s great to hear, thank you! I definitely think I’ll go for it!! Cheers xx

Hi Jess,

I have been thinking of doing B-school. I have heard so many amazing things about it but I also want to do the IIN health coach program because im absolutely in love with all things health and wellness. I have been saving for the IIN program and im unsure whether to do B-school or IIN first.

I have the same predicament!!!! I am healing myself of a chronic illness (Lymes) and have been so passionate about health and wellness for years and want to start IIN asap (the next enrollment date is March 16th), but then B-school starts March 11th and it is A LOT of money to do both! What would you recommend? Would you just say do it? Take out a loan, and it will all work out in the end – meaning we will be able to pay off our investments into IIN & B-School? I would LOVE to know your opinion! Thanks so much Jess, you are a HUGE inspiration to me as I had Lymes disease undiagnosed for over 5 years (!) So I am slowly getting better and nutrition and overall wellness is what’s going to heal me! Thanks so much XX

Hi Lisa, see my comment below to Kristen. However I just want to add that I found that when I did both I made up the money that I was stressing about spending pretty quickly. That’s the beauty of B-School! It teaches you how to do just that. I managed to earn back my IIN tuition fee and B-School before I graduated. xx

Hi Jess! THANK YOU so much for your reply. my intuition is telling me both, even though I just finished 3 EXPENSIVE years studying at FIT. I know this is my purpose, to help others through all the pain and suffering I went through with undiagnosed Lymes Disease. I also want to tie in my passion and schooling for fashion! I know through becoming a certified HC and doing B-School I will set up success beyond my wildest dreams. Thank you for being such an inspiration to so many. XX

Hi Kristen, I did both at the same time. I had pretty much just signed up for IIN when I found out about B-School (which is another reason why it was so tough to come up with the funds). However I’m so glad I did both. The marketing and biz foundation I learnt in B-School made such a difference to the way I leveraged everything I was learning through IIN. It’s hard to say which order to do them in as I think they are both brilliant and worth doing. If you can do both then that’s awesome, but if you have to pick one I would probably say B-School. That was you have the solid business smarts down and in your mind as you work through IIN. It’s such a personal choice though! xx

Hi There Jess!

Hope your having a super day……the heavens have finally opened up here in Melbourne for some goregous rain relief yey!

I just thought I’d let you know that I have just made the big step of enrolling for B School as scary as it was parting with the money!

Reading your story and experience with B School really made up my mind for me that this is the right thing to do and I know I won’t regret it.

I can’t wait to experience the success and fulfillment I dream about with my business as you’ve had with your own.

Your goregously amazing and inspirational, thank you so very much for motivating me to take the leap….

Wish me luck xxx

bec carden » Woo hoo! Congratulations Bec. I’m so excited for you. Can’t wait to see how this journey unfolds for you. You don’t need luck, but I’ll wish you all the love in the world! xx

Hi Jess,
I also just took the plunge with my credit card as my floaty device!! I have only been following your blog for a few months now and have learnt so much from you – Thank you.
I am a 42 (on Saturday) year old married mother of one fabulous 12 year old boy, with an amazing hubby. I have struggled with an excess of 50 kg since my thyroid went AWOL 22 years ago, and with that over the years I have accrued other endocrine issues. My story is like a million other women out there, so a year ago I began studying for my Bachelor of Naturopathy. I have always known though, that I don’t want to be the naturopath in the clinic. I always knew it would be on line some how, some way.
I don’t know how to use face bood, I have never “tweeted”, I only just heard of “instagram”, but here I go anyway hahahaha!! Bring on the dream……..

Kylie » Hi Kylie, congratulations! You’re going to love it. xx

Hi Jess, what an amazing package! I have already signed up for the early bird B-school for this year, or I would have been very tempted :) I can’t wait to start! What you’ve done with your online business is amazing. xx

So I’m a guy.. Would it be weird for me to sign up too?
I already have a lot of experience with online marketing and business building but I just need to get of my ass…

Ralph | MyRun.com.au » Hi Raplh, no not at all! Marie markets to women, but there are a lot of guys who do her course as well. Mastin Kipp from The Daily Love is one who has gotten a lot out of Marie’s training. It’s definitely worth considering! :)

This is another great recommendation and a wonderful story about life changed by Marie’s school. I am on a verge of signing up! I wonder if I should see if I make it this year and if not – i will sign up next year.. on the other had, why risk another stressful year? I also have unstable money source so don’t want to get myself into too much debt.. but this one sounds like a real investment.. but …but… but..!! too many buts :)

Hi Jess, I watched one of her introduction video’s via Mastin Kipps Daily Love.. and somehow it seems now that all the blogs I LOVE are ex-students of Marie! :) I am very eager to do B-school and will definitely do, but wanted to have your opinion first, whether to do it this year or the next. You are someone how could really advise me on this :) I will be starting off on the Gerson Therapy in march, so excited and thankful for all your inspirational words!! But I am very aware that this will absorb so much time and energy, especially in the beginning. Also I wanted to do a course in nutrition for so very long, which I believe you did as well. Would it be best to start off with the Gerson Therapy and in a couple of months start with a nutrition course and next year do Mary’s B-school? Or would you recommend doing it all at once? I though it might be too much with the Therapy and all.. Help? :) thanks for all Jess! You are my hero! xxx hugs

Mirjam » Hi Mirjam, this is totally up to you and how much you think you will be able to take on. However, I will say that I think that your time on Gerson Therapy is the perfect time to do courses like this and the nutrition course that you choose. You will have a lot of time to watch the videos while you’re lying on the bathroom floor with coffee up your bottom! Ha ha. This is when I did ALL of mine. I did Gerson Therapy, IIN and B-School all at the same time and I’m glad I did it while on Gerson. My business has grown in direct proportion to the amount of time I’ve dedicated to it. While I was on Gerson I was studying and learning everything I needed so that when I finished I would be able to go out and create. My mum also did IIN while on Gerson. I hope this helps! xxx

My biggest dream is to support my family entirely with my business, which I run online about health, fitness and wellness. I am “working” for a company as a coach which sells products like fitness programs and so on….(maybe you heard about P90X or Insanity before), is B-school for things like that too?

Jessie » Hi Jessi, yes I think it probably would be. B-School applies to any kind of online marketing, so I would say it would be perfect. x

Hi Jess, My question is in regards to work load. I figure the money spent on B school will be money well worth spending, however I am working almost full time – I am a Sports Co-ordinator at Primary School and I’m currently working through IIN. I wasn’t sure if adding B school would be too great a work load? My job is quite physically demanding, I train an hour or more a day, plus I have a ten year old and am a sole parent. As you can imagine and like many others, I’m quite busy. You have done both IIN and B school, what can you tell me about the workload? Thanks and much appreciated, Jackie.

Jackie » Hi Jackie, I found the workload for B-School to be really manageable. The course is made up of lessons that you can either watch on video or listen to as an audio and you can do this while you’re doing something else. I listened while making food, having lunch, driving in the car and doing my coffee enemas :) And then the worksheets were pretty easy as well. It’s more listening to the info and absorbing it. Then, you can put it into practice whenever it suits you. You also don’t have to keep up with the schedule – you can go at your own pace. I hope this helps! x

Hey Jess,

If i were to start a graphic design business selling affirmation cards etc would this course be beneficial?
or is it mainly focussing on blogs for health and nutrition?

Thank you <3

Justine Murray » Hi Justine, nope B-School can be applied to absolutely any business! xx

Hi Jess, is B school quite structured time wise? I’m only asking as these next two months are very hectic for me but by May I would be able to focus on B school if I joined up…

Chrissa Brown » Hi Chrissa, you can go through B-School at whatever pace that suits you. Marie releases one part each week, but you don’t have to do them at the same time. Once you’ve signed up, you can go through them whenever you like! xx

Hi Jess,

I have signed up to B-School thanks to your glowing recommendation. I already have an established business & would like to grow the business further and get some well needed structure to my working life as I work at home.

Do I forward my receipt to you now or when I finish the course?

Thanks for a great website.


Bec Davies » Hi Bec, woo hoo that’s awesome! Forward your receipt through whenever you like. xx

Hi Jess,
Ive read on another blog that you can join B-School as a business (ie: you & ur business partner) instead of signing up individually…is this correct?


Tamara » Hi Tamara, I’m not too sure about this. You would probably have to contact Marie’s team and double check. However, I can’t see why you couldn’t sign up and then do the course as a team or a pair. You would just share the one set of login details perhaps? x

Hello beautiful Jess,
I enrolled for B-School today through your link (emailed you the receipt) and I am SO excited and pumped to begin.
Thank you for your beautiful post about how it changed your life – I know my life is only going to get bigger and better from here on out.

Nicole @sunshineforthesoul.net » Woo hoo! Congratulations Nicole. xxx

Gulp! Jess, I just enrolled in Bschool! I have butterflies. I am in the exact same position as you were, put it on my credit card that only has $1000.00 limit. It’s time to hustle. Thanks for the inspiration. xoxo

Cora » Go Cora! Congratulations lovely. xxx

Signed up today via your link Jess! Hope you received my email receipt for the bonus pack :)
Thanks so much!
Nicole. xx

Nicole » Woo hoo! I’m so excited for you Nicole. xx

Hi Jess,

I think this is the first time I’ve commented on your blog, but I wanted to say thank you for sharing your personal Bschool experience. It’s really great to hear from someone locally who has done the course. I’m still umming and ahhing about Bschool, I’d love to do it as I just think what Marie has to say is so powerful, but the financial investment is really holding me back.

Jennifer @ Delicieux » Hi Jennifer, thanks so much for speaking up and commenting! I’m hearing you about the financial thing – I think this is the reason most people um and ah over B-School. It’s a hefty investment but I promise you that it’s worth it. When I think about everything I’ve gained from this course, I laugh at how worried I was about spending that amount of money. I am so thankful that I just jumped in and made it happen, and this seems to be a sentiment shared by everyone I know who is a B-School graduate. Marie has a powerful posse of advocates and this is for good reason – she is amazing and her course is life-changing. All the best with your decision! xx

Jessica, I’m so tempted to do this. I just have one more question: beside the investment in the b-school, I will have to make investments in buidilg a website, hiring a web-professional, a photographer, and so on. I’m afraid it can be too much until I can receive some money back. How did you managed all that? Thank you.

Andressa » Hi Andressa, I didn’t do any of that in the beginning. I didn’t spend much money on my website until I started making money. One of the best parts of B-School is that it shows you how to set up a website on the cheap. My website cost less than $100 to set up. I hope this helps! xx

Hi Jess,

I am totally inspired and ready to jump right in and sign up, but I just want to make sure I use the correct link. Is this the right link to sign up http://bit.ly/WXmG3D and to take advantage of your bonus offer at the same time? I notice this link takes me to the general sign up page, the same one I would access if I were to sign up directly through Marie without taking advantage of your bonus offer. If I sign up using this link, how will you know that I want to be a part of your bonus offer? I just really want to make sure I don’t miss out :)

Thanks in advance


Felicity » Hi Felicity yep that’s the correct link! Or this one too: http://rhhbschool.com/join-us/?orid=759&opid=71 They will both take you there. Congratulations! And thank you SO much for using my link. I’m so excited for you. xx

Thanks Jess ! I have now enrolled and am totally excited !

Hi Jess! Just signed up through your link. I am super nervous but excited :) Thank you!

Is anyone else having trouble forwarding their receipt to the email address provided? I forwarded my welcome email, then realized I was suppose to forward the receiptl, I tried to forward it but it keeps bouncing back as undeliverable.

Hi Connie! I had trouble too, it kept bouncing back to me. I tried 3 times and the third time it did not come back as “undelivered”. Not sure why? I’m hoping Jess got it. Sorry I can’t give you any more advice other than keep trying :)

Mariah » Hey lovely, yep you’re on my list so that’s all good! Sorry about the email bounce back. My emails have been having issues while my site is being upgraded to a bigger server. xx

Hi Connie, sorry about that! My email was having issues while my site was being moved to a larger server. I’ve got you on my list though. Thank you and huge congratulations! xx

Hi Jess! I just signed up! Thank you!

Hi Jess,

I am currently doing the IIN course and am set to graduated in Dec this year. I was wondering if you think it would be manageable to do both courses? Do you think it is also worthwhile doing both as I understand that about half the IIN course is about setting up your own business. You seem like a pretty trustworthy person judging from your blog so I trust that you can provide me with an honest opinion as it would be in your interest to say do it no matter what.

Thanks Nic x x

P.S. love your blog and the work you are doing. Respect sister!

Nicola » Thanks so much Nicola! I did both IIN and B-School at the same time and found it completely manageable, and even though IIN does teach you how to set up a business, B-School takes online marketing to a whole other level – incomparable. Only you can decide if it’s the right decision for you, but I would say that you would definitely be able to manage both. I hope this helps! xx

Thanks Jess!

Hi Jess, I’ve joined up using your link and I’m super excited! Can’t wait to get started :)

Woo hoo!!!! xx

Hi Jess! Ive just signed up for B-School!!!! So excited!!
Keep an eye out for my receipt!!

Tamara » Woo hoo! Congratulations lovely xx

Hi Jess! Oh my goodness! I’m so excited- I signed up or B-School very last minute yesterday afternoon. Just couldn’t get it out of my head, just had to do it. And now I feel peaceful. Can’t wait to start! I signed up through your link. Thanks for sharing about B-School. I first found out about it through you last yer so thanks! X

Hi Jess, congratulations on your success!
After not signing up last year, I am tingling with excitement on doing it this year. Like you, it took me ages and I tried to read everything about b-school. Then a few days it hit me like a brick wall – I am ready to spend 1500$+ on travel and events which would certainly be awesome and a blast, unforgettable etc – but I am still hesitating on investing into my site, the business and career I am dreaming of? Boom. I canceled the trip and am now ready to get b-schooled! And once I’ve done that, I bet I will be able to go on 5 trips :)