My Favourite Healthy Comfort Foods

Posted January 16, 2013

You’ve pledged to be healthy. You’ve pledged to stay away from processed foods. You’re no longer consuming refined sugar. You’re a wellness warrior on a mission to have the cleanest body possible … but gosh darn it, you’re fanging for something to eat to tide you over until the next meal. You need a snack – some kind of comfort food. The voice inside your head is pleading with you to betray your health pledge. “To hell with the clean body”, it’s saying. But you know better. You know that there is a better way. For you know, that being healthy has nothing to do with deprivation. Oh yes, welcome to the world of healthy comfort foods. Let me show you around.

1. Popcorn

Take some corn kernels, add them to a saucepan and cover them in coconut oil. Then, cook on high until all of the kernels have popped.

There is a trick to making the best popcorn ever: Shake the pot around as the kernels are cooking, and lift the pot off the heat slightly at times. This will prevent the kernels from burning and they will all end up popping.

You can even add Himalayan salt once popped, but I prefer them plain.

2. Ice Cream

Blend frozen fruit (I like mango and banana) with some coconut oil and shredded coconut. Boom. Tastes just like a Weiss bar.

3. Freezer Fudge

Combine 1 cup of almond butter with 1/4 cup coconut oil (melted/softened),1 1/2 tablespoons raw honey and about 2 tablespoons of cacao powder. Then pour into a shallow dish and freeze. So yum. Tastes kind of like a Golden Rough.

4. Almond butter. Straight off the spoon.

I used to do this with Nutella. I would sit in front of the telly and chip away at it with my spoon until I had eaten so much that guilt would seep in. Now, there is no guilt. Organic almond butter is a guilt-free indulgence.

5. Almond butter on apple slices.

This is such a yummy, easy snack. Just add a cup of tea and retreat outside to eat with a good book.

6. Frozen fruit.

Fruit is nature’s candy, people! And then when you freeze it … well, that’s just wild. I don’t get out much. Whenever I have a craving for something sweet and icy I will fill a bowl full of frozen fruit. Chop up some banana, mango, berries etc. and eat them frozen for little bites of sweetness.

7. Amazeballs.

Make a batch of these and keep them in your fridge to snack on through the week.

Combine 1 cup rolled oats, 1 cup oatmeal, 2 tbs cacao powder, 3-4 dates, a pour of maple syrup, ½ cup walnuts, a handful goji berries, a sprinkle of bee pollen, and a pour of coconut oil. Blend ingredients, roll into balls and coat in coconut. Be creative with measurements.

8. Chia pudding.

Chia seeds are one of Mother Nature’s greatest gifts. These humble-looking little seeds turn into a pudding when you combine them with a few simple ingredients. I love mixing mine with coconut water, almond butter, cacao, and berries. Or, with a nut milk if I want it creamier. Check out the recipe on this post.

What are your favourite healthy comfort foods? I would love for you to add to the list in the comments below!


Positive affirmation for the day: Choosing healthy food is the ultimate form of self love.

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OldMate says:

Raw Milk!

Me too! I love slightly sweetening up a nut milk (no dairy here!) with dates and cinnamon. Or better yet making raw hot chocolate. YUM!

Rebecca says:

Hi Jess,
I am new to your website and since I have discovered it visit on a daily basis. I have come to the conclusion that 2013 will be my year that I really clean up my act (and diet) as I am intolerant to a lot of different foods such as dairy and don’t help myself by eating processed junk. You have really inspired me to go completely clean as it is so obvious that ‘you are what you eat’! I no longer consume any dairy products but find it so difficult to find sweet treats that don’t contain it so thank you so much for this post. I can’t wait to try them out. I buy organic coconut oil in a jar that is solid. Could you please let me know a safe way to liquefy it as I’m sure heating it would damage it? Thanks once again and keep up the good work. You are inspiring so many :)

Jess says:

Rebecca » Thank you so much Rebecca! Yes, the best way to liquify coconut oil is to put some in a cup or jar and then sit that jar in a pot or bowl of boiling water. All the best!! xx

Rebecca says:

Thank you! x

Donna says:

I can’t wait to try these! Especially the ‘ice cream’………You have great taste in books too Jess :)

Liz says:

Since I got my vitamix I’m addicted to making ‘chocolate frappe’s’ in it. 2-3 dates, splash of maple syrup, teaspoon of maca, tablespoon of cacao, a whole tray of ice cubes and some almond milk. It is ridiculously good.
Also I’m loving freezing watermelon then chucking some in the vitamix with a few pieces of fresh pineapple and some blueberries. It comes out like the creamiest smoothest sorbet! Yuuuuum

Kerry Neilson says:

yum that choc frappe sounds so delish.! can i add honey.? instead of maple syrup.? or is there another alternative.?

Cant wait to make the amazeballs! xo

Yes! Coconut oil popcorn! No pufas, no microwave… I didn’t know it was so easy. Want. It. Now.

Nikki says:

What is wrong with PUFA’s? I personally never use any fats or oils, but if I did, it would be Omega-3’s all the way.

Jacinta says:

After being diagnosed with severe and extensive food allergies almost a year ago my snack options have been really narrowed. I miss icecream and love the idea of this one a lot. Also, although I have nut allergy, I like the idea of the amazeballs with a slight alteration to fit in with my food restrictions. All my other options seem sugar laden or loaded with saturated fats. Thank you. I am off to buy me some coconut oil!

Jess says:

Jacinta » Hi Jactina, I wasn’t allowed nuts while I was on Gerson Therapy and these amazeballs are also great without the nuts. Enjoy! xx

Dan says:

Bloody great info Jess, thankyou!

Lisa says:

Love all the yummy treats can’t wait to try them. I am wondering on the Amazeballs the difference between 1 cup of rolled oats and 1 cup of oatmeal? Thanks

Jess says:

Lisa » Hi Lisa, rolled oats are the whole form and oatmeal is like ground up rolled oats. x

I am glad someone else eats apple and nut spread as everyone looks at me like I’m crazy when I munch on this – my fave is ABC spread sooooo tasty and hard to put the spoon down!
Then close second is chia seed pudding with organic cocoa powder, abc spread, wee bit of honey and some frozen berries – Friday night movie dessert sorted!

Faith says:

How I wish I could eat that fruit – all the advice to me has been – DON’T EAT IT if you have cancer, as sugar – any type- (not stevia), feeds cancer. BUGGA!
I am on a constant search for sugar free yumstuff!! When this is ‘over’ I am going to munch out on a plateful of frozen banana icecream!!!!.

Thanks Jess – love ya work!!!!

Alana says:

Nut butter on apple is my ALL TIME favourite snack! I also love nut butter and rice malt syrup mixed with oats or puffed rice and pushed into a pan to create a slice (if you don’t eat it all first) – yum!

Tahlee says:

Ohmygosh, that chia seed pudding recipe looks amazeballs Jess ;)

In this hot weather I’m also very partial to Iced Cocoa. Not really food but very refreshing…

Mix 1 tsp of cocoa powder with 1/4 cup boiling water. Top up with milk of choice. Add sweetner to taste (1 tsp of maple syrup goes down a treat!) and bung in loads of ice cubes.

Sip on a balcony waiting for a cool breeze.

Dana Byerlee says:

Happy New Year, Jess! (and WW community!) I just spent a few days in Santa Rosa with the amazing Jeff Novick (MS, RD) , really getting down to the science and chemistry of food content + how it reacts in our bodies. Anyway, oils came up and I think it’s time for us to all rethink coconut oil and consider it nothing more than a cleverly marketed junk food. :-( See his analysis in the link I provided, I just wanted to share what I learned w/ all of you because I wish everyone the best of health!

As I have gotten older I have become super-sensitive to everything, and have decided to give up gluten and dairy as a result. I feel so much better for it, and it is so true that you don’t have to deny yourself of delicious goodies just because you have eliminated certain types of food! It’s all about giving new ingredients and recipes a go.

Thanks so much for sharing Jess, some new things for me to try :) I am also obsessed with almond butter, so good!

Simone says:

All I can say is YUM! I have found that lately I’ve been enjoying snacking on fruit- I make a fruit salad with banana, papaya and kiwi and sprinkle with some cacao nibs, or I get a pomello and sprinkle maca powder on the separated pieces. So easy and delcious and healthy!

Amanda says:

Chia pudding is my go-to comfort food. I love all your suggestions!

Jia Ni Teo says:

YUM! I LOVEEE organic pop corn made with coconut oil. Thanks for sharing your tip though, I always get half pop corn and half black corn so far.

I love fresh fruit (any kind all kind), opening up a fresh coconut, and roasted sweet potatoes for comfort food. Or even sweet potato fries or potato wedges made with coconut oil (unlike the deep fried ones).

Healthy food makes me comfortable! :)

Thanks for sharing! xxx

Clare says:

Yum! that ice cream looks delicious, can’t wait to try :)

IdaPie says:

Hot choc made with oatmilk, honey, coca powder and some vanilla. (Sometimes when I drink it I eat raisins and hazelnuts on the side, and the mix i bet is just like .. heaven ;)
Or a chai masala made with oatmilk.
Raw brownies!
Or raw fruit-nut chocolate.
Frozen banana! Frozen pineapple.
Omg young coconut flesh which can be eaten straight from the ‘nut’! But I haven’t had that since I lived in Aus, years ago (at least 4!).
Also, nutbutter w fruit (apple, or maybe non-fruit like celerystick) and honey.
Brazilnuts w honey
So many yummy things! Explore and experiment! :D

Celine says:

Hi Jess, do you bake the energy balls at all? can you eat raw oatmeal and rolled oat? Sorry for my ignorance-;) Love from snowy berlin xx

Jess says:

Celine » Yep, these are totally raw! xx

Donnam says:

Hi Jess, I have been following you for over a year now and I love your posts and find myself tuning in daily! Its only recently that your super food advice is coming in super handy as my husband has been diagnosed with cancer… so in addition to his treatment I am gathering organic procude and forcing him to eat clean… all is going well except today he gave me a really sad look and said ‘I want something that tastes good too’… so these treats you have posted will come in very handy. Thank you! x

Jess says:

Donnam » I’m so happy that these could help your hubby get through the mourning-of-yummy-food stage. Wishing you guys all the best for your healing journey together xx

Karen says:

Dear Jess. I live in a very cold Nordic country. I only dream about banana icecream : )

Joscelin says:

Yummmm!!! I can’t wait to try the frozen fruit ice cream :D Thanks Jess!!

Nikki says:

I have a question regarding popcorn. I LOVE the stuff, and when I make it, I just use my hot air popper, then mist-spray it with some water and sprinkle on sea salt, nutritional yeast, and spices. Unfortunately though, it seems that every time I eat it I start to feel really ‘off’ after. Almost as though I feel I am shaking but I’m really not, and I get really bad anxiety and racing thoughts.
Do you think this could mean I have either a corn allergy or intolerance? Or… I have heard people talk about how ‘extruded’ grains are bad – do you know anything about this, and maybe that is the problem…. or lastly, do you think it could be completely psychological as I do suffer with an eating disorder, and tend to feel bad about almost everything that is not plain vegetables or fruit.
Any thoughts would be extremely appreciated!

brandi says:

Are you using organic popcorn? My mom is intolerant to non organic corn and has similar symptoms

Nikki says:

Interesting… Usually yes, it is non-organic. I remember once I tried the organic stuff, thinking maybe it was the GMO’s, but I think I still had the same feeling…. Maybe if I dare to try it again (which I really really want to do) I will hit up the organic stuff!…. Maybe I was also just eating too much at once… I would have about 7 cups popped in one go – and since it is so dry, it could have been very dehydrating along with the salt (even though I only use a tad of sea salt).

Corinne says:

Just a thought but it may be the nutritional yeast? It’s basicaly MSG- an excitotoxin….It’s nasty nasty stuff :(

Nikki says:

Well, some say it’s MSG, others say it’s not. But regardless, I don’t see that being the problem as I use it on my salads too and don’t experience the same thing.

Jennifer says:

Great post Jess – it proves that eating healthy does not equal denying yourself of treats!
I like to make my own ‘granola cookies’ or any dessert with (warm) fruit when I’m craving something sweet. Thank you for the new ideas!

Celeste says:

Just made your chia pudding tonight and it was deee-lishhhh-ous! Thanks for this great list. Can’t wait to test out your ice-cream, too : )

Karen says:

Just made your mango banana ice cream and it does taste like a Weiss bar- Yummo!

Celine says:

Hi jess, I guess you cant really soak chia seeds over night as you would do for other seeds, nuts and grains, right?

Thanks for these ideas, Jess! It’s such a relief to know I can still indulge and be healthy at the same time :)

Jess DC says:

I love to try the Chia pudding and Ice cream! Thanks for sharing, Jess. You are awesome!

Angie says:

Trying to make amaze balls, but can’t get them to stay together. It seams more like slightly moist gronola. Any ideas on what i might be doing wrong? I have begun my clean eating journey and it is wonderful to have something to eat that feels like an indulgent treat, and this is really delicious. Thx Jess for your work. Your website is awesome!

Jess says:

Angie » Hi Angie, I would say you’re probably adding too much liquid. Maybe reduce the amount of coconut oil you use. Hope that helps. Thanks so much! x

Thanks so much for these Jess! Another treat is to put a spoonful of almond butter on a stick of celery…delish!

Amber Browne says:

Hi Jess
Just curious about your use of linseed oil. Elaine Hollingsworth, Director of Hipprocrates Health centre says it is poison. Any thoughts

Jess says:

Amber Browne » Yes I have read her book and her thoughts on flax, and for a long time I was staying away from it because of that. But then when I started Gerson Therapy I had to have it as it is part of the therapy. Gerson believes that flax is okay and a necessary part of the diet. x

Shelley says:

Hi Jess

I’ve been reading your site for a while and I just love it! I have tried the amaze balls and the chia pudding which are absolutely yumbo!

I love reading your blog and listening to e health talks. Thank you so much for sharing your journey with honesty, courage and humour – you rock!!

hi Jess,i feel i have already joined your blog,is there a way you could tell and then let me know via your blog!!!!

Hi Jess! I am new to your website and just want to let you know that you are a great inspiration! Thanks for sharing those great posts with us. Through every line of your post shows genuineness of how much you want to help everyone to achieve a healthier and happier life. Thanks for doing so.
I love no dairy ice-cream too! :) Have you ever tried making frozen bananas with frozen mixed berries? Yum!