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Posted December 7, 2012

This competition is now closed!

The Wellness Warrior Whopping Christmas Giveaway went live on Monday, and winners are being announced in today’s newsletter (good luck!), but I have one more surprise for you. The awesome people at Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat would like to give one lucky wellness warrior a Gwinganna Christmas Gift Voucher redeemable for a two night Spa Weekend for two valued at $2490*. Ooh yes, that’s right. Two whole nights in Gwinganna heaven – for zilch!
This gem of a prize includes:

+ 2 nights twin/double Deluxe Orchard Suite accommodation
+ All certified organic meals and snacks
+ $100 Spa credit per person
+ Access to all facilities and all scheduled activities
+ Complimentary transfers at set times from Gold Coast Airport

Amazing, right? I’m so excited for whoever scores this.

This competition is now closed!


All you need to do to enter is leave a comment under this post answering this question:

How do you stay healthy and grounded during the holidays?

The winner will be announced in next Friday’s newsletter, so make sure you’re on the list to find out if it’s you who is off to be pampered in paradise.

Good luck!

*Giveaway T&Cs: Conditions apply, subject to availability. May not be combined with any other voucher or offer. Valid for a 2 night Spa Weekend between 20 January – 27 March 2013, selected dates only. Prize is not transferable and has no cash value. Offer only available to residents of Australia who are aged 16 years and older.


Positive affirmation for the day: I deserve radical self care.

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I stay healthy and grounded during the holidays by making sure I nourish my body and mind, through meditation and yoga. Even though I may consume more food this time of year than any other time I still try to ensure that whatever I eat or drink will benefit my body in some way (minus the odd vodka soda and lime ;-). I make sure I am completely present when spending time with my family and friends, my gratitude journal also gets a great workout this time of year as I have so much to be thankful for. :)

I hope you have an amazing Christmas and New Year Jess!

X Mia

Hi, jessica,
I stay healthy over the holidays and any time of the year by just being me.
I am complete, being me. So blessed to have my life. I am happy,content & oh so
fullfilled. Jessica you are such an inspiration for everybody.

I like to type out some lovely affirmations and positive sayings that I print out and cut up. I then fold up the little bits of paper and put them in a pretty glass jar which sits on my dressing table. Each morning when I am getting ready for the day I pick out one piece of paper from my jar and read the affirmation or positive saying out loud to myself while I smile at myself in the mirror. The affirmation that I picked out today was “I am perfect, whole and complete”.
I look forward to doing this every morning – it is like being a kid again doing a lucky dip and puts me in a positive and calm frame of mind.

This is a fabulous idea! It’s sometimes hard to remember these things with the craziness of Christmas. I am going to do this for sure – I may even give it as a Christmas pressie for my mum, I think she would really appreciate it. Thank you for such a creative fun idea. xx

I stay healthy and grounded during the holidays by giving myself the greastest gift: acceptance. I am always telling others to treat themselves kindly and nourish their body with positive thoughts, and I make sure that during the holidays I take extra care to do this for myself and enjoy the special time with family and friends along with fresh homemade organic treats and self care affirmations reset, readjust and renew my faith in myself and the power I have to heal my body xx

I will stay healthy and grounded these holidays as I am spending time with my beautiful daughter, who has inspired me and changed my life thru her wonderful learnings at Natural Therapies College in Sydney. I am joining her from New Zealand where we be staying at wonderful Stradbroke Island off Brisbane coast. The air will be fresh from the sea, with mindful walks Renee is going to teach me the quality of tai chi on the water edge showing me I don’t have to rush to feel good about myself. I am looking forward to this new journey in my life, with the new foods I have been trying with her encourgment I am sure I am going to feel a new person on leaving this stunning place taking home a new image for me knowing that even as I grow older there is time for change.

I stay healthy and grounded by spending time with those that I love and getting back to nature, and being surrounded by the sounds of nature. Wether this is in the sea, or in the mountains, I love the calmness and peace this gives me. I love to focus and reflect on what I have achieved and what I want to achieve in the coming months.

after a challenging (very very!) year, meditation will help me get through the holidays, deep gorgeous belly breathing.. sitting still.. putting on travel meditation podcasts in the car whilst driving to visit family and friends – meditation is where it’s at!!!!

I will stay healthy over the holidays by making smart choices and not getting caught up in old stoggey traditions, instead carving new ones for my children to follow. I am going to stay doing what I am doing, eating clean and training mean, and not forgettting the most important part of the whole thing is to be true to me-mediation and relaxation and remembering all the good things that I have done and been a part of for the year and being grateful that I am who I am. Merry Christmas everyone and a Very Very Happy New year. Oh yeah and that little break would be the Greek Yoghurt on my fruit salad ;) cheers

I stay healthy and grounded by surrounding me by good food rather than junk, growing my own vegetables and fruit and sorcing food that is organic and meat for my family that is ethically treated. I take food on Christmas day for family and friends that’s bursting with colour and taste and always walk away feeling like I have nourished my body rather than harm it. I remind myself regardless of how busy I am, that I need to go and walk or exercise out in the open and enjoy my surroundings and no matter how tired and stressed I feel before the exercise, I come back feeling refreshed and renewed. Merry Christmas to you and your families, peace and love

To stay grounded, I eat plenty of seasonal vegetables, and spend LOADS of time putting pen on paper! This is the time of year when I stock up on stationary. The watercolours and journals come out, and I devote precious time to my intentions and feelings with meditation and vision work. Also- SUNSHINE! And lots of it :)

I stay on track by ensuring I am clear with my goals for the ‘season’. Each ‘do’ is diarised so I can plan to bank my calories and workout around my events. Nothing is skipped!

I am also very clear that Christmas is A day – not a week, not a month and certainly not a reason to blow out. It’s a season to connect.

Ritual and rythym keep me on track.

Merry Christmas.

I stay healthy and grounded by taking in moments in nature, feeling the wind in my hair, taking my dog for a walk with my sister on Christmas day and feeling gratitude that the family are all together for another Christmas :).

I stay healthy by daily coffee enemas, infra red sauna sessions, daily juicing, walking in nature, reading Spiritual literature, chanting Japa before sunrise and spending valuable time with my loved ones. Mind Body Spirit :)

I stay healthy + grounded during the silly season by maintaining my routine. I make sure I still stock up on local produce every weekend at my local farmer’s markets. stick to my dry brushing & oil pulling of a morning. maintain my exercise regime cause I know that’s what keeps my mind clear & preparing meals that are eaten out of home the night before. I also watch that I don’t over commit & only lock in events that I know will be on my wave length like lunch over a late night out.
standard meditation before bed and my usual 7-8 sleep, never will I cut my sleep time so a later night = a later rise the next day.
Merry Christmas X

I stay healthy and grounded in the holidays by taking time off from work and using the time to appreciate what I have. I like to have quiet time at home with my furbabies, reading and spending time in my garden and family and friends. These holidays I hope to dive into a bit of raw fooding too!

I will stay healthy and grounded this holidays by continuing my journey towards the life I want.
I will do this by:
*doing volunteer work on an organic farm and planting my own herb garden, which will help me to maintain a connection with nature
*meditating with a good friend of mine who inspires me to be a better person
*spending time with people who improve my life, not people who try to drag me into unhealthy habits
*eating my own freshly grown produce, and that of my local farmers
*hopefully enjoying a wonderful spa weekend ;-)

After a delicious breakfast of gluten free scones and farm fresh eggs I was too full to make it to my yoga class. I opted for a nice walk on the beach to collect sea shells with two girlfriends. The walk turned into an impromtu beach swim (in December)! Every day is a gift!

To stay healthy and grounded I’ll ensure that my daily self-care routine continues. I’ll make healthy snacks and meals to take to functions so that I can be sure to nourish myself and I’ll spend lots of time with family and friends and be present – clear my mind and focus on truly listening to the person speaking to me. Tie all this up in a Christmas bow with a long ribbon of gratitude <3

I stay healthy and grounded in this silly season by taking a step back and taking note that the only reason it is silly season is because I make it that way. Be organised, make lists, husband and I go away in the lead up and just take time out. 2012 was a year of lessons, 2013 is to put those lessons into action.
Take time each day and make note of what I am grateful for and check in with myself.
I hope you Christmas is bliss Jess.
Mon x

I stay healthy and grounded when surrounded by my most cherished friends and family. I make sure i have plenty of books and raw fruit and veg on hand so i can sip on green smoothies and get inspired and motivated for the year ahead!

Staying healthy and grounded during the holidays is much like any other time of year- being thankful for all the lovely things in your life, appreciating your loved ones, remaining conscious of your mind and body, and always being kind to yourself. Being diagnosed with hypoglycemia this year at the age of 21 has meant that last few months have been a radical learning curve in learning how to take care of myself. This process has made me appreciate how lucky I am to have such amazingly supportive friends and family. The holiday season is a time to reflect on the past year, to realise your aspirations for the following year and redirect your energy towards positive goals. While it is unfortunate that I will have hypoglycemia for the rest of my life, I am so blessed to have learnt how to take care of health at such a young age.

I try to ‘connect’ with the earth each day even if it’s just walking barefoot on the beach or grass. I follow the 80/20 principle and eat as much real food provided by nature herself. I believe in play! And spend as many hours in the day as I can fit in relishing in the innocence and purity of my two little ladies, perspective is a wonderful thing. Lastly, gratitude – we are so infinitely blessed and paying tribute to what we already have, and lending a hand to others who through no fault of their own aren’t as lucky creates smiles that carry on.

I stay healthy by taking the time to rest, truly rest. I continue eating healthy, wholesome food and I stay away from the desert table at Christmas lunch. I spend lots of time outdoors, bush walking, swimming at the beach and bike riding, which helps me stay grounded. Spending quality time with friends and family during that time also helps boost my mood!

I stay healthy and grounded during the holidays by remembering the spirit of Christmas and trying to keep my mind healthy. I try not to get anxious and stressed during the busy period by remembering that it is a time of giving, being charitable and spending quality time with loved ones! I like to enjoy the ritual of sharing lovely homemade food and being grateful that we have the oppurtinity to do so.

All the best for a happy and safe christmas and new year everyone. x

I stay healthy and grounded by travelling to my favorite place Byron Bay where I enjoy visiting family, camping in nature and eating raw wholesome foods. I try to keep away from the hectic cities (concrete jungle) and xmas madness and enjoy the outback. Swimming, camping, yoga and healthy foods is thuy medicine.
My boyfriend’s birthday is on xmas day so I will be preparing him special raw cakes and treats to make sure he enjoys a delicious and healthy birthday and xmas celebration.

Hi Jess!

I love the holidays! It’s the perfect time to reflect on the year that has passed, and review how much you’ve changed over the course of a year. What you’ve learnt from your mistakes, the wins you’ve had, and to spend time planning for the upcoming year as a continuously changing and improving you.

I stay healthy by waking up early and meditating in the sun and then enjoy a warm lemon water. I then have a cold-pressed juice and breathe in the fresh air while doing weight-training on my balcony which looks out over the leafy suburbs around my home.

I stay grounded by walking around the backyard with my dogs in bare feet, feeling my connection to the earth. I love to spend my holidays reading inspirational books and blogs {including this one, of course!}. I like to write and brainstorm about what I hope to achieve in the future, short-term and long-term visions. And most of all, I give thanks for all the things I am lucky enough to have in my life – health, relationships, my dogs and the ability to progress and grow as a person.

Happy holidays Jess! Thank you for all that you do and share with us on this blog :) xx

I will stay grounded daily by,

* waking up with gratitude & appreciation,
* feeding my body with food from nature
* fueling my soul through yoga
* hugging my kids daily & finding something positive to tell them which makes their hearts swell
* practice being present !

I stay healthy and grounded over the holidays by spending every single moment with the people who I love and adore but do not get to see as often as I like due to work. I spend the holidays laughing until I cry, I spend the holidays enjoying the smallest things which bring the most amount of happiness! Days are filled with walks on the beach with my fiancé and sausage dog, paddle boarding at Currumbin and BBQ’s galore with the freshest yummiest food. Yes there are days when we indulge but as long as it’s balanced out and there is a constant smile on your face it all works out in the end. Christmas holidays really are the best time of year! I cannot stop smiling right now while I am typing this, thinking of what this year’s Christmas time will bring. x

I stay healthy and grounded over the holidays by taking the time to appreciate my family and friends and celebrating these people that are important to me. The holidays are a time to unwind and share this precious time relaxing with the people I love keep me positive and renew my energy for the New Year. The holidays also give me the freedom to be active and enjoy exercise outdoors by surfing, swimming and enjoying the sunshine and the beautiful scenery of the Coast. I also allow myself a little indulgence over the Christmas break. Christmas Day is full of feasting with our family and my Mother and Grandmother are phenomenal cooks, so I enjoy healthy amounts of their amazing cooking and preparing these meals with them is one of the family traditions I love the most! This is my favourite time of year and the happiness I have over this break keeps me healthy and grounded. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! x

Sunshine, exercise and friendship.

I stay healthy and grounded during the holidays by nurturing my body and mind. I achieve this by: eating foods that are straight from the earth; having regular cold-pressed juices; having regular smoothies that are dairy-free and chock full of goodies like chia seeds; daily mediation and exercise; sitting by a creek absorbing the beauty of nature and it’s simplicity and waking up and reciting things that I am grateful for. Most of all, I wake up with a goal in mind that I will continue to love myself so that I can bring forth love and compassion to all other beings on this earth. This is what truely keeps me grounded and healthy during the holidays.

i stay healthy and nourished during the festive season by eating summer fruits and lots of salads, stay hydrated with a yummy soda water and lime or cranberry juice (no alcohol for me this year with bubby due next year :)) i keep sane by meditating and relaxing in the ocean and river mouth with family :)

I stayed grounded putting more value is spending quality time with my partner, family, friends and pets! (and not to mention the veggie patch). It’s a great time of year to reflect on what has happened during the year and refocus for the following year. I also love looking at new and exciting vego recipes to add to the Christmas table for the whole family to enjoy!

It is tough over the holiday season to stay connected to our inner selves .. lots of temptations and distractions and demands. I teach meditation and have a regular morning practice but find that when the routine of daily life slips .. so can my practice because our habitual triggers are missing. I make sure that I have reminder alerts on my phone, I have a sign by my bed “Meditate” to remind me on waking of my intention to sit, I also select a few new mindfulness exercises to take into the holiday period to freshen up my practice.

I reckon the key is to find time for yourself in order to stay grounded. It’s inevitable that you get caught up in the business at some point, but if I can manage to have a morning at home alone – even if it’s doing housework, it means that I don’t get overwhelmed by the deadline that is Christmas. Funny how the world keeps spinning the next day, but we put pressure on ourselves to get extra stuff done by Christmas! Staying healthy? I keep off alcohol, and try to eat sensible portions. A wander on the beach is mandatory on Christmas Day, as is a play in the vegie garden.

This year we are making and taking our healthy treats everywhere with us. Sugar, Gluten, Dairy Free. And we started Boot Camp to keep us focused for the month.

During the Holidays, my daily Meditation becomes even more important & necessary to stay grounded!
It is a wonderful practice that I have easily incorporated into my daily life & I truly enjoy this ‘quiet time’ with myself. Meditation for me is a stress reducer like none other & gives me a chance to reflect on how grateful I am for my beautiful life. My physical as well as emotional health depends on it & sharing it with others is a joy. I would recommend it wholeheartedly to all, not only during the Holiday Season, but always~~~Namaste’

I stay healthy and grounded during the holidays by looking after my body and soul! I like to slow down and live in the moment more and appreciate the people and things in my life. I like to try and surround myself in beautiful nature like being near the ocean or walking in a rain forest; getting back to the basics is the best!

No matter where I am I still try and do yoga everyday as this helps me keep balanced and in touch with myself. I might eat a few rich foods over the holidays but will also try and balance this with my green smoothies and salads made with fresh greens and herbs from my own garden!

Merry Christmas and New Years everyone :-)

I try to maintain a balance during the holidays, by making sure I still follow my eating and exercising routines. But also staying emotionally happy, and not placing too much pressure on myself, realising that this silly season only comes once a year and it is to be enjoyed in moderation. Part of my overall health and happiness is to embrace life and all its pleasures!

I like to ensure that my house is stocked with heaps of fresh fruits and vegetables, so that i am not tempted to reach for anything else. I ensure I’m adequately hydrated especially on hot days or before doing out with friends and family. This time of the year, I do a lot of reflection and more of the relaxing activities that I enjoy, that I may not have had time for through out the year.

Lets be honest people, we all want to stick to our daily routine of meditation, exercise and clean eating, but around the holidays it just doesn’t happen. I try to stay healthy and grounded by saying yes to giving yourself a treat & daily walks with loved ones. It is Christmas by the way- so don’t we deserve a treat after a year of hard work? My key is not having full servings of all those naughty traditions… but just tastes of everything. I just make sure that I am present at every meal and make sure I don’t over eat. When we feel guilty about eating treats I think our body reacts badly. Squeezing in walks with my loved ones also help keeps me balanced & to keep the wheels churning! Merry Christmas everyone!

LOVE this blog and the amazing positivity it promotes!

I stay healthy and grounded in the holidays by making sure what I eat and what I produce for my family is healthy, nourishing and beneficial for our bodies,
We relish in the joy and excitement of our children as their anticipation grows.
We’ll enjoy 2 glorious schedule free weeks at the beach, feet firmly in the sand and water, soaking up the sun’s glorious rays.
We’ll dance to music and laugh at ourselves and each other, remembering how to relax and play and just let go.

i stay healthy and grounded during the holiday season by slowing down, trying to not get caught up in the rush, thinking positively, being thankful, giving, sticking to a healthy diet, spending time with family and friends, swimming in the ocean, walking along the beach & enjoying the peace & calm that comes with holiday time.

The holidays are special, yes b/c in our house we celebrate God and the birth of his son, but staying grounded doesn’t become more difficult. We TRY to teach humbleness and demonstrate love everyday to our little children b/c that is how we would like them to grow. In that respect, those characteristics will potentially be in their lives everyday so when visitors come en masse on Christmas, life does not become stressful.

During the silly season I go back to my home town on the mid north coast of NSW, and it is so easy to remain healthy and grounded, almost even moreso than when I am home on the Sunshine Coast. The surroundings are so natural and perfect there- from the rainbow lorikeets that swamp my parents back deck each day, to the gorgeous long boardwalk meandering along the waterfront out to the beach – all of the natural beauty inspires me to want to be outdoors, surrounding myself with everything that is fresh, natural, positive and peaceful. The best parts: drinking fresh juices each morning in my mum’s backyard garden, soaking up some sun while walking along the long white stretch of soft sandy beach, and the smiling cheery faces of family and friends you haven’t seen since the christmas before.

Holidays are great! my trick is to include my little ones in daily yoga- we don’t have to race out of the house to get to kindy and school, so we can take it easy and fun doing it together!!!!

Groundedness during this time is one of solitude and meditation.

Connectedness with those I cherish afar is through kind thoughts and actions within my

sphere of contact.

For me the festive season is a crazy loving time where my family is key. Coming from a Mediterranean background there is never any shortage of good foods at our family events. I never let myself feel guilty about anything that I eat and this becomes a cycle of actually wanting to nourish my body instead of piling up on the desserts!

During the summer I keep up my fitness by riding my bike and working at a flying trapeze company, where I work with students to push past their fears and jump! And I certainly have some of my own fears to push through as well!!! With all this high energy and high stress activity I ensure that I take at least half an hour a day to sit and meditate and centre myself so that my brain is calm and ready for the challenges I will be facing. At the end of the day my best friend, housemate and co-worker take turns at giving the other person a massage to work out any sore muscles and potential injuries from the day. Then, we make ourselves a delicious vegetarian meal and take some time to read books (not the computer!) before bed!

I hope everyone is having a beautiful day! Love to all!

xx Chiara

For me summer and the holidays is when I’m at my healthiest.The sun awakens my glow and it creates the perfect opportunity for me to be constantly grounded in nature, eating raw foods and connecting with the earth and my heart ♥

I stay healthy and grounded by making family, friends, love and rest a focus over the holiday period. Taking time to be grateful for all of the positive things and people in my life, and celebrating in moderation to make sure I get the most out of every day.
New Years is always a great time to plan for the year ahead and really think about the person I want to be and the goals that I want to reach in the year ahead. Summer lends itself well to eating and drinking fresh and light, and really making you glow all over. Love it!

The holiday season is all about giving to and loving others. Well, not only do I give and love to others but most importantly I give my body what it needs and love my body. During this time of year I remind myself that treating myself well and staying healthy is the greatest present of all. Eating well, excercising, loving, and staying present in the moment helps me appreciate everyone I’m surrounded by. When my husband, son, and I go to family gatherings I offer to make dishes so I know what is in the food and it is healthy for myself and family. I suggest going on walks with relatives to catch up, easy way to stay moving and stay connected with others.

Balance. It’s the key to all things in life, being able to appreciate your surroundings and loved ones. It’s important not to over indulge, but its also important to allow yourself to enjoy food, drinks and socialising.

To remain grounded I surround myself with animals, friends and family, but also maintain a healthy exercise regime. Be present in the moment, holidays are filled with so much pressure to buy that perfect gift and spend unnecessary money. It’s important to understand there is much more to life and all of its beauty during in the holidays then stressing over getting that perfect gift.

Balance, healthy choices, appreciating, moving, loving, caring and paying it forward are the key elements to making my holiday season healthy and grounded.

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow a mystery, today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present.”

Its all about the LOVE! In my life and especially over this Christmas break, a time when we make a point of coming together and sharing one another lives, reflecting on who we have been throughout the year and where we may feel to take ourselves in the year ahead. I especially focus on the love of who I am being when I share my time with others or spend time doing things.
Its a time to nurture our true selves, our souls, by connecting to the feeling of what we love.
I take extra attention to the things I put into my body by feeling whether its something I would truly love to eat rather than eat out of obligation because of Christmas feasts. The same with my exercise and movement, I follow the things I would love to do in the form of fitness.
I make extra time to spend with those people i truly love in my life, people I truly feel to be with and not those I think I need to be with.
And most importantly to ensure I stay grounded I live for this moment, I live for now. When I am exactly where I am suppose to be and present with the experience, people or whatever I am doing its such a beautiful way of living.
What a beautiful time to be alive, Christmas, LOVE it!

I stay healthy and grounded by simply being grateful. I’m grateful for who I am, for my loved ones, the choices I make and the knowledge I gain every day that allows me to do this. Merry Christmas everyone. X

I stay healthy and grounded this time of year by my morning meditations, walking and chilling at the beach, jogging through the bush, appreciating all the beautiful friends & family I have and envisioning a healthy blissful future ;)

Lots of great ideas here! I’ve learned a few things! All of our family live interstate so my husband and I are often on our own at Christmas. So we help out our friends who have kids and lot’s to do, by offering to babysit so busy mums or dads can do Xmas shopping in peace or take time out for themselves! We also water plants and feed and cuddle pets of friend’s who go away on holidays because we haven’t got responsibilities or much to to at this time of year. It makes us feel good to help our friends because we love them so much! Plus we get lots of hugs and fun times when looking after their kids and cats and dogs and rabbits! And this year we’re going to build huge vegetable and herb planter boxes with our neighbours in the strip outside our houses and attempt to start a community garden. We can’t wait! Merry Christams to you all! xxx

Lots of great ideas here! I’ve learned a few things! All of our family live interstate so my husband and I are often on our own at Christmas. So we help out our friends who have kids and lot’s to do, by offering to babysit so busy mums or dads can do Xmas shopping in peace or take time out for themselves! We also water plants and feed and cuddle pets of friend’s who go away on holidays because we haven’t got responsibilities or much to to at this time of year. It makes us feel good to help our friends because we love them so much! Plus we get lots of hugs and fun times when looking after their kids and cats and dogs and rabbits! And this year we’re going to build huge vegetable and herb planter boxes with our neighbours in the strip outside our houses and attempt to start a community garden. We can’t wait! Merry Christmas to you all! xxx

To be honest, I can’t say that I ever have yet… every Christmas for me so far – without fail – has been an experience in overindulgence. But no more!! This year, I have finally begun the transition to wellness. I’ve started walking every morning, simple I know, but when you’ve spent your daylight hours commuting to and living in an windowless box for the past five years it’s a big step! I’ve made best friends with Art my local organic shop owner, ever since he introduced me to organic gluten-free orange and chia seed muffins :) I’ve discovered the incredible personal journey of water fasting – I didn’t realize how effed up my relationship with food was! And all of these things have led me to taking my first baby steps to beat overindulgence – such as deciding to never again eat in a way that I would be embarrassed about if someone saw me (i.e. no more hiding squatting by the cupboard eating peanut butter with a spoon…) So these holidays I aim to just CARRY ON my slow but steady journey to wellness :)

I stay healthy and grounded during the holidays by remembering to feed my mind, body and soul at least once everyday (for each). So I may leisurely read one of my favourite books for as long as I like, or engage in lively discussion with someone about a topic that interests us, to feed my mind. For my body I’ll do yoga, or go for a run, bush walk, walk along the beach, and make sure I get a healthy dose of superfoods and supplements in my morning smoothie. And for my soul I am dedicated to a daily meditation practice in the morning, and may also journal, or read a spiritually uplifting book. Sounds like a lot, but it doesn’t take up much time at all – which leaves plenty of time for doing what the holidays are all about – spending time with loved ones, relaxing, laughing, having fun and letting loose!

I make a cucumber,carrot,ginger,kale juice everyday. It keeps me hydrated and keeps me full enough to avoid snacking. I also check in with my favorite health blogs a few times a day to keep me on track and focused. Thanks Jess!

I stay healthy and grounded this time of year by trying to live in the moment. It’s a constant effort on my part, but so worth it. I also choose to eat a very healthy diet, practice yoga regularly, and spend quality time with family and friends.

For the past few years I have signed up for a Half-Marathon in January so I am forced to get a good amount of running in during the month of December. I volunteer quite a bit of time in December with foster kids, so those activities keep me grounded. Fit in meditation and yoga to ensure my mind is quiet so I sleep well.

I stay grounded by trying to laugh a lot each day. I find that if I refuse to get caught up in the all the busyness and accept everything that occurs, I can laugh off the stress and enjoy the moments, and be thankful for everything I have.
I stay healthy with a big green juice each morning. I find that sets me off on a good pace, and I am less tempted to eat a second serving of pavlova!

I have made a commitment to myself to nourish my mind and my body by eating real foods and taking gentle walks in natural surroundings, by noticing the sights and sounds of nature, dipping my toes in the sea, being mindful throughout the day even with the small repetitive things. I also practice sharing my new found healthy eating knowledge with loved ones and colleagues. I try tlearn soethingne every day.

Lots of time in the ocean and a green juice every morning.
I enjoy using the time to relax and get creative with christmas presents rather than heading to the shops. I find the presents are more heart felt and my loved ones say that they are much more appreciated.

It’s strange to say, but the festive season doesn’t unhinge me as much as it does others. I think this is because much of it is spent in the company of close friends and family, eating delicious food, playing boules barefoot on the grass, swimming, sitting in the sunshine having soul chats… all of these are things that keep me grounded and help restore for the year ahead.
I guess the other thing is that I avoid large shopping centre – AVOID – they definitely do nothing for stress levels nor grounding at this time of year!

Cuddles with my dachshund and debriefs in the sunshine with best friends

The best way I can avoid all the goodies over Christmas is to only cook a day or 2 before, I used to cook cakes & slices & buy the ham a few weeks before the big day, but now I only do that a day or 2 before. Then I give the sweet leftovers to all my family on Christmas day.

Love! Keep the love that we are blessed with everyday flowing through us by loving everyone and everything around us! Love the wonderful people in our lives, love the beautiful creation we live in, love the healthy food that we are given to nourish and restore our bodies and love the freedom that we have to love! I can’t think of a better way to spend a holiday!!

I love the holidays, I enjoy baking homemade treats and sharing it with friends and neighbors. I find this to be relaxing and special time of the year spending time with my kids enjoying holiday shows and drinking hot cholate sitting by the fire. When I am stressed by the hussle and bussle of the holiday shopping and spending I stop and breathe and remind myself that life is good and to appreciate the wonderful people in my life. I meditate, workout and eat health. Nourishing my body and spirit keeps me ready for all the holiday has to offer.

I stay grounded and healthy by doing small, nurturing, resourceful activities each day like eating food that brings me joy, Pilates, deep breathing, writing streaming consciousness style, power poses with affirmations + laughing my head off with good friends!

This is a very timely competition, thankyou for the opportunity to reflect upon this question. Here are my top ten.
1. No judging- just noticing
2. Spending time in nature – especially the ocean, it seems to have special healing powers for me
3. Breathing – deep and often
4. Walking – preferably in nature but any walking works for me
5. Letting thoughs enter and exit without absorption
6. Meditating- even if only 3 mins a day , which is all I seem to manage in the silly season
7. Yoga – I try and maintain a weekly class
8. Significantly reduce technology which in turn reduces the level of consumerism that I am exposed to
9. Listen to my body – it knows what I need
10. Acceptance and tolerance of family and friends. This is a big one for me at this time of year and I am often judged for my healthy lifestyle and the food choices I offer my toddler in a culture that revolves around food and excess. I choose to accept where others are at.

Enjoy the holidays everyone and celebrate in a way that is meaningful to you x

I stay grounded and healthy during the holidays by ditching the presents and instead giving the gift of time, love and laughter to everyone around me, especially those I care a lot about!

I stay healthy and grounded during the holiday season by really listening to my body. If I can tell that I need some time to myself, I’ll quietly remove myself from the festivities and spend half an hour by myself, just relaxing and being still.
I also focus on making sure healthy delicious options are available so that I don’t feel like I’m missing out (and in fact, usually I end up feeling extra chuffed at the fact that I’m taking really-really good care of my body at a time when most people aren’t!). For example, last year, when my family had our traditional champagne Christmas breakfast, I made a big jug of green-smoothie-goodness as well. I was able to enjoy a really healthy, delicious start to the day, and my mum, dad and sister all had some too (my neighbours thought it was weird and laughed at me – I’m holding out hope that this year they’ll take the next step and actually try it!). Healthy choices during the holiday season do not have to feel like you’re missing out, and can actually be an awesome way to share your healthy habits with those you love!

I stay health and grounded during the holidays by staying present to each moment. Being truly grateful for all the beauty that surrounds me, friends, family,wholesome foods, cacao,smoothies, nature and more. I also stay grounded by remembering to have gratitude and love for myself at this time of year for my own innate beauty and service that I offer back to my community and greater. I stay healthy by hydrating my body with water, herbal teas, coconuts and by fuel my body with fresh organic produce, steering clear of processed foods. I make healthy treats so that I can be naughty but good at the same time (who doesn’t like a combo of those 2 heee). I make sure that I get daily movement through, training, walking and yoga and that I calm my mind through daily meditation and keep positive through my daily affirmations.. One of the funnest and fulfilling ways for me staying grounded and healthy is by sharing all of this awareness I have with friends, family’s and clients. I love being of service to others at this time of year, and knowing the the gift of sharing and loving is one of the most rewarding and healthy things you can do for yourself and others.. xx Roshi

I don’t which is why I desperately need to win this. Far more obviously than all the well grounded, self care conscious people posting earlier comments.

I stay grounded by remembering that this is one less holiday that I will be experiencing in my lifetime. I know that sounds morbid, but it allows me not to sweat the small stuff and make the most out of spending time with the special people in my life. When I think like this, I am more inclined to do nice things for others so that their holidays are just as enjoyable.
Thanks Jess!!

Staying happy and grounded this christmas means surrounding myself with my beautiful family and friends while enjoying healthy organic home cooked food BLISS!

I go outside and stand with my feet in the grass whenever I can, admiring the daisies, the trees, the butterflies, the wind and all the beauty of the world around me. If I’m feeling really daring, I might just even lie down in the grass and relax for 5 or 10 minutes!

Being a working Mum I am constantly rushing around meeting deadlines and always having to be somewhere……. Holidays for me are a time when I love to just be….. reconnect with my family, myself and nature. Family days at the beach, long walks, and reconnecting with the outdoors is how I love to keep grounded. I love making sure my family stays healthy by shopping locally and as much as I can organically at Farmers Markets and local producers and your greatest tip for me Jess has been starting each day with a Supercharged Green Smoothie! Wishing everyone a healthy happy and Merry Christmas x

I try and stay healthy and grounded by thinking of and being with my husband and four year old twins. I don’t want to miss out on any time with them and the idea of me not being here to watch them grow up is unbearable. What goodness can I add to my body (and theirs) today is my mantra (courtesy of one of your positive affirmations :)

I stay healthy over the holidays by completing all of my shopping online and at local craft fairs; eating local and organic and a completely vegetarian diet. I also make sure to bring in lots of pleasure, visiting with friends and family, playing with our children, connecting quietly with my husband without the hustle and bustle of the children, pets and noise that seems to come with the season. Making our relationship a priority makes everything else easier. We support each other in getting in our alone, meditation time and ensure that we each hit the yoga studio or the beach 4-5 times per week for some downtime and exercise.

When we take care of each others needs and our own needs we are much better able to give back to our children and our family and friends.

Happy Holidays!

Candice Csaky, CHHC

I stay healthy by being prepared – there’s so much crap food at parties and BBQs, I love taking healthy alternatives to get people thinking about what they are eating.
I stay grounded with meditation and walks on the beach as well as lots of hugging :)

I stay healthy and grounded in the holiday time by being mindful. I don’t take on too much and keep things simple. I use aromatherapy, flower essences, meditation and yoga to stay balanced and relaxed. Listening to your body and how it’s feeling is essential in keeping on track.
Have a lovely Christmas Jess and thank you for all of your information this year. I really appreciated it! Soniaxx

I stay healthy & grounded during the holiday period by listening carefully to my body signals, taking care of myself and allowing time for daily self love and me time. Self love is so important to stay healthy, grounded & feeling great. This includes yoga, meditation, affirmations, nourishing & healthy food choices, etc…
I love self love :-)

One more thing to add to my list of reasons to move to Australia:) I can’t enter the drawing but I will say I stay healthy and grounded during the holiday season by not putting extra pressure or expectations on myself or others.

I stay healthy & grounded by being true to myself at all times…..when I eat, sleep & breath.
Invoking qualities of the Goddess Hestia helps to stay wise & welcoming at a busy and sometimes challenging time if the year. I invite opportunities show & share love with self & those I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by. I send a blessing to those around me who I love dearly.

I stay grounded by lookingt at my children and remembering the example I want to set for them so they can grow up with healthy living as a normal aspect of their life.

I stay healthy by ensuring that everything I eat is organic and clean but fun and interesting! I’ve replaced lollies, chocolate & other junk food with other delights, fresh from mother nature!

I stay grounded during the holidays by reflecting on all the wonderful things that have come my way in the past year, all created through positive mind & outlook, and I give back to those less fortunate through volunteer work every Christmas (for the past 6 years); I’m currently doing some volunteer work for the QLD Cancer Council at one of their gift-wrapping stations. I use the holiday time to make a plan for the following year, creating a positive path before I step foot on new year soil! I spend time with loved ones and let them know how much they mean to me. All of the above is grounding for me!

Thanks for all the positive vibes you’ve sent my way this year Jess – I’m now expecting a baby thanks to a change in diet, skin products & outlook, inspired by you, after 15 years of irregular cycles – THANK YOU!!! xxx

By using the holiday season as an opportunity not only to spend time with and connect with those I love, but also using the time to focus on myself & the things that make me a happier, more grounded person– doing yoga, meditation, going for walks on the beach, playing with my dog and filling my body with food that is not only good for me, but tastes great!

By remembering that it is a holiday – a rest from work and hecticness. Its important to be gentle with yourself with sleep, meditation, wholesome food. During family celebrations, just take a moment to be thankful for those less fortunate who can’t celebrate, get together, have a holiday or have such good food!

Hi Jess!
Funningly enough, I am probably more healthy and grounded during the holidays then the rest of the year! It sounds crazy I know, but I do it because I love my family. My mum suffers from depression and is really unhealthy and doesn’t get any exercise. I ramp up my routine everytime I go home to set an example and try and help my mum to look after herself. We go for long walks, eat really healthy food and we have long chats about loving the person you are and being positive. In doing this I feel I give myself a better grounding by teaching mum ways to live a better and more fulfilling life – which by the way is a lot of the things I am learning by being a warrior! It’s a long journey but nothing gives me greater satisfaction when my mum is happy and enjoying our time together. Thanks Jess for helping me to help my mum.
Kelly x

I am going to the Falls Festival in Lorne over New Years and it can be hard time to stay focused and check in with myself as I will be in a different environment but I have made a list of things to prep me through and keep in touch with myself.

I have helped my Nonna this year to learn how to grow organic fresh produce in her vegetable garden so I will collect the fresh ingredients to start making a few recipes that I can take to the festival with me and introduce them to my friends.

Bliss Balls
Festive Raw Chocolate Brownies
Pumpkin and oatmeal Cake
Roast chickpea and eggplant bruschetta
Broccoli Pesto for our dips

I will definitely be bringing my gratitude journal..I take it everywhere I go so I can always open it if my mind starts to self doubt.

We are going to visit the Otway Ranges in Lorne on the way up to see the stunning waterfalls and walk the tracks. I will be surrounded by the luscious rainforest and my mind will be at ease, no worries just pure bliss.

Will take my face wash, wipes, coconut oil moisturisor, uv natural sunscreen, lip balm, toothbrush and paste and I will be set.

The best feeling in the world is being around your friends and family listening to the amazing live tunes and kicking back, having a good old time.

Thats how I will stay healthy and grounded over the holiday break.

P.S wish you had a stall at the Falls Festival selling fresh green smoothies and juices – I think then i would be in heaven. Take care xx

I give thanks for everything.

I walk everyday during the holidays no matter what & start every morning with a green smoothy!

I am a busy, busy mum and I find I just need to make time to relax…and by making each mouthful count – making and eating food that will nourish my health, a walk or yoga when i can grab the opportunity, swimming with the family and in general just not stressing too much, just to live each moment with joy, hope and thankfullness for every blessing we have. To remember my purpose. x

I stay healthy and grounded by getting back to nature. Taking 5 minutes, an hour or a whole day to stop. step away from the consumer tidal wave. Appreciate where i live which is next to a beautiful beach in FNQ.Cook beautiful healthy meals for my loved ones, have a nap and not feel guilty about it (this one takes practise), do yoga, write my affirmations, collect shells, buy flowers from the markets to have on my coffee table, light candles, burn relaxing oils. Enjoy the odd treat without guilt.
The most important thing i do is take a few hours and volunteer at a local charity and remind myself how very lucky I am for everything I have and I everything i will have in my life.

I stay happy and grounded by keeping it simple: walks on the beach (and a swim when it’s hot), simple presents, avoiding the consumer craze. Definitely stay out of shopping malls! And spending time with family and friends, not doing too much. I love the Christmas Connection.

I stay grounded and healthy by turning off my phones, shutting down my computer and dedicating the time to radical self care. I work through all the accomplishments and learning opportunities that have occured over the last 12 months and spend my time resting and de-toxing, to ensure that I start the new year in a fresh place, both physically and mentally.There is nothing like time spent totally dedicated to yourself to spread calm and focus to all areas of your life.

Presence and gratitude. That’s my stay-grounded-this-season plan. I’ve got little reminders everywhere. Every time I see one, BAM! I’m happy.


I stay healthy and grounded by making sure I have my green smoothie every morning and spending fun times with friends and family


Staying healthy and grounded is always a challenge at festive season with the temptation of over indulgence everywhere ‘just because it’s Christmas.’ I try not to break my routine whilst on holidays, keep eating the food I usually do, practice my yoga & meditation. I’m not at my day job during the holidays so I take the extra time to really focus on me, nourishing myself with what I love – painting, writing, relaxing, yoga & being around those I cherish. It’s taken me a long, long time but now I’m feeling my best inside & out I don’t want to sabotage that feeling with too much of the wrong food and a vat of wine. As Sam mentions above, keep it simple!

Hi Jess! Yoga and meditation all the way. Not just in the holidays, though it is particularly necessary to get through the Xmas season!

Spending extra time with my love ones and appreciating all that is my life. This time of year is not so pleasant for some, so to just stop, breathe and appreciate, ensures I stay grounded and not get all carried away with the ‘craziness’ that can happen at this time of the year. As for staying healthy, not using “this time of year” as an excuse to indulge and punish my body – continuing to respect and nourish my body with my usual rituals.

I stay grounded by trying to stick to my routine as much as possible, which means daily exercise and yoga, eating healthy meals of mostly raw fruits and vegetables and saying no when I need to so that I am not pushing myself to see and do everything with everyone. It is also nice to connect with nature as much as possible- which can just be getting a daily does of sunshine!

You have to live each day to the fullest and find the bounty of opportunity present in your surrounds.
When your on holidays being grounded doesn’t necessarily mean doing mundane things; or sticking to a routine. Holidays are designed for adventure, spontaneous trips and of course relaxation. So by living to the fullest, you ensure that what you eat always nourishes your body; your activities feed your body and mind, and the people you surround yourself with bring love and positivity.
furthermore, Health is not something you take holidays ‘from’ its something that should be upheld no matter the time of year or day. When we look after our bodies; and focus on ourselves in a respectful and caring manner- we create the power within ourselves to draw goodness and luck from the universe.
This summer holidays, i will uphold my love for coconut oil, fruit, vegetables, sunshine, beaches, bushwalks, riding my bike along the river, playing with my joyful pets, and quality time with friends and family.
I will be my own inspiration, dedicated to the best me, motivated by my inner wellness warrior.

I stay healthy and grounded during the holidays by slowing down everything I do. Day to day life can sometimes be overrun with routines, appointments, mobile phones, running the children from one place to another etc.
Just turning everything off….the TV, the mobile, the clock, my mind .
I then surround myself with everything I treasure and love… husband, my children, delicious organic foods, the beach, the sun, books, music….and press reset.
What then manifests is a time of happiness, love, healing and rest.
In good health…
Emma xx

I used to enter every holiday season like the rest of us, with the best intentions.

But last year, I decided that my best intentions to stay healthy and remain grounded, through eating organic, meditating daily and keeping my normal routine, were not in fact the best holiday intentions (for me). So, I let them go.

Let me explain.

During the holiday season, I typically stay in my parent’s home, located in a small town where driving is the main form of transport, the grocery store sells ketchup in the produce aisle and beer is an alternative to water. My four brothers and their respective families also come into town and pile into the house too, turning the home into a bit of an island overtaken by pirates.

Every year I find myself in this place, standing next to the potato chip bowl watching football, frustrated at how contrary this setting is to how I would like to be. Meditating turns into poke Aunty Grace, eating organic is asking my mother to plant a vegetable garden four months before I arrive and keeping a normal routine is like running through a military-grade obstacle course.

Yet, last Christmas day, as I lay awake with a stomach full of conventionally grown spinach lasagne, feeling horribly guilty and wishing for a family of organic farmers , I questioned whether my intentions to eat healthy and stay grounded were in fact intentions. Instead it seemed that my intentions were tactics that I used most of the year to achieve my ‘true’ intentions, being present, feeling whole and enjoying life’s experience.

I thought, would it be good to learn from my own intentions and recognise that I could achieve my ‘true’ intentions in a variety of ways?

I decided that instead of just bulldozing the holidays with my normal tactics, I should use the opportunity to explore the variety of ways in which I could reach my ‘true’ intentions.

While I will always try to get my mother to plant a vegetable garden, this holiday I’m approaching festivities with my ‘true’ intentions in mind, knowing that to be present, feel whole and find enjoyment this season, I will explore what effect laughing with my loved ones has and how playing football with the children might give me more stillness than an hour of yoga.

As a note, I know this isn’t a method that would work for everyone. I have friends who can’t go a week eating conventionally or need to meditate every morning. But for me, staying healthy and grounded this season is about remembering my ‘true’ intentions and loving the holidays for what they are.

I stay healthy and grounded by sticking to my normal exercise routine during the holidays, maintaining my yoga and meditation practice and keeping to the same ways of eating regardless of what is on offer at all the parties. I love to spend more time outdoors during summer, enjoying the sun with friends and family, usually involving a few xmas carols and catching up on some good books on the beach.

I’m staying grounded with lots of meditation, practicing Presence, and devoting more of my time to be spent disconnected + with the family. My family always keeps me grounded! Health has been made a priority and so it comes naturally, but just staying true to eating intuitively, hydrating, and loading up on the greens keeps me energized and vibrant.

I stay healthy and grounded by being thankful for all the goodness around me, and making sure I appreciate it and show it. I spend quality time with my friends, family and pets, listen to great music, read books written by wonderful minds, eat plant-based foods and indulge in the special treats that we make for one another. The best part is gift giving – that’s what makes it the happiest time of year!

I stay healthy and grounded over the holidays relatively effortlessly by simply spending time with all the people I love most. I swear that smiling is completely responsible for the healing and invigoration of my soul! I also get my festive and happiness jollies by sharing good, quality, nutritious food with loved ones around me – infusing the traditional Christmas lunch with raw treats and surprises.

Wishing everyone a healthy and happy Christmas xx

I stay healthy this time of year through gentle morning meditation and yoga, and feeding my body with beautiful, fresh foods. I love to weight train as well, so I keep this up to help my body feel more alive and strong, and more able to do everything at this busy time of year. I love to give and this makes me heart feel especially healthy at this time of year, and through the year as well. And try to be more grateful than ever for the smallest things, as we go through such a “want, want, want” mindset this time of year.

By remembering that the holiday season is actually about spending time with friends and family and being grateful for what you’ve got and that it’s not about eating as much food as possible. I remind myself that Christmas is only one day of the year and it’s not an excuse to pig out all month and there’s no reason to eat differently to how I normally do. Yes, there are more parties to celebrate, but when I’m at the parties I spend my time catching up with friends and then enjoy a small treat. I have also found offering to make food for parties is helpful – not only are you helping the host and giving a gift (especially if you give them the salad bowl at the end) but I can make a superfood salad full of goodness and if there is limited healthy foods a the party, I fill up on the delish salad.

Hearing the dreadful news about Detective Inspector Bryson Anderson and his death as a result of doing his job as a Police Officer has given me a huge dose of reality. I am married to a Police Officer and sometimes its so easy to forget that they may not walk through the door after a shift. To stay grounded this festive season I am committed to spending and relishing each and every moment we will get to spend together. For Christmas Day this year we have also invited a couple of single friends who otherwise would spend the day alone. My grounding is enjoying family, friendships, good food and some relaxation.
Here is wishing everyone a lovely Christmas and a safe and happy New Year. xxx

Hi Jess

I stay healthy and grounded through the holidays by spending as much time as possible in my garden watching the hypnotic busyness of butterflies and insects, and listening to the sounds of nature. This is my meditation.

My garden teaches me patience, keeps me present and renews my faith that everything is happening just as it should. In this space, I find the pieces of my soul that were lost through the day. It is where I feel most connected to a simpler way of life and where joy is found in the creation of healthy food for myself and my family.

Happy Holidays Everyone!
Stacey xx

I am determined to stay healthy ang grounded this festive season!!! It’s so easy to get swept up in all the hype of christmas and its expectations (and yummy naughty food). So this year I am well prepared, having found this wonderful blog for inspiration and great recipes, and also Quirky Cooking for her fantastic healthy festive recipes (make sure you check this out!) I’m going to keep a supply of Quirky Cookings layered raw Chia and Maqui berry Pudding in the fridge for an indulgent and super healthy breakfast or anytime snack. I am also going to promise myself at least one super Green Smoothie every day! This will keep me on track to feeling great and looking after ME!
To keep myself grounded I will not only be spending the holidays with my family, but also remembering those we have loved and lost in recent years, with happy memories!!

The key is to plan, plan, plan. Create an eating plan a week prior and ensure you have all the organic produce on hand. In saying that, a tiny bit of indulgence is allowed – after all that’s great for ones own mental wellbeing :)

I stay healthy and grounded by spending time in nature – swimming at the beach, mountain bike riding in the bush and eating the fresh and healthy food it provides! I relax with friends and family and think positively about what the new year will bring. xx

I will be staying healthy and grounded this year by spending time with my family and friends that light me up inside and remind me how much joy we can experience in this lifetime if we choose so. Also by enjoying some treats in moderation and guilt-free and finally by escaping the city for a few days of clean air and thoughts! x

I keep myself grounded and healthy by being present in the moment and enjoying the company of the people I love and who love me. I also spend time in nature, either in the quietness of a mountain rainforest park or allowing myself to be engulfed by the coolness of the ocean at the beach. I walk barefoot as much as possible and breathe deeply and purposefully, barefoot, on the grass, at least in the morning when I wake and before I go to bed at night. I nourish my body with fresh food and stay away from packets and processed foodlike substances. And last but not least, I take time to connect with my Creator and express my gratitude for this wonderful life I’ve been given. :)

To stay grounded during the festive season i…

- Let myself relax and take time out for myself, i have such a busy lifestyle so i let myself meditate, journal, walk barefoot outside, do yoga, read a book in the sunshine and get enough sleep!

- I spend time with my beautiful family and friends..laughter and happiness with these wonderful people helps ground me.

- I also love love love to give! Giving gifts to others helps ground me and make me so truly grateful for what i have and what i can give. It brings me so much joy to light up peoples faces Christmas day when the receive a gift from me.

- I eat delicious healthy organic food that is in season, i love to use this time to play around with new recipes and ingredients.

- I plan and make goals for the year to come, this helps me have a vision of what i want for myself and my body for the year. I also like to plan holidays and health retreats so i have things to look forward to.

All these things are ways i stay grounded during the festive season which is my favorite time of the year.

MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL, hope you have a wonderful Christmas break and so much love and happiness to you all for the new year to come :) xo

I am definitely staying grounded and keeping my family and self happy over the holidays. As I type this our garden is being ripped up with a stump grinder to put in our own organic veggie garden. Very excited!! We are living simply and learning that its time spent with each other that matters most. I have already set new resolutions about learning how to meditate, & learn & practice more yoga, and everyday I am more grateful for the little things in life. I love green smoothies every day and fresh juice and this makes me happy. My motto in life: live simply, love deeply, laugh often

Merry merry Christmas to you and yours xx

I try and do what I do everyday but with a little more fervour. Practice mindfulness and before making a decision I try and think about how it will make me feel. Then, if that aligns with the way I want to feel i.e. present, authentic, connected, full of life, then I do it! Spending time with family and friends – YES! Spending time with family and friends and enjoying a dessert holiday treat – YES! Spending time with family and friends and getting drunk as a skunk? Not worth it! The devil is in the detail – if we miss it we lose our footing and then become ungrounded and disconnected.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this and offering such a wonderful giveaway! xx

I stay healthy and grounded during the holidays by making sure I find a good balance between indulging in sweet treats and also continuing to eat my healthy / organic every day food. I also like to find balance between partying with my friends and family and making sure I also get plenty of sleep and quiet time. I find sticking to my exercise regime a good way to stay grounded even though my daily schedule may be different. I work in an office environment so in my holidays I like to make sure I spend lots of time outdoors and I also love taking up extra yoga classes when my ballet term is finished. That’s how I like to stay healthy and grounded during the holidays!xx

Last week my far infrared sauna arrived – I’ve been using it everyday and plan to continue right through the Christmas season – makes for a calmer me to share with myself and others :)

Staying healthy and grounded is a way of life for me. It has been a beautiful gift that came into my space to heal my mind, body and spirit. It is now who I am. I don’t see the holidays as needing to be a time of consciously remembering to stay grounded. I continue to be me, continue to meditate, continue to move, continue to be mindful and continue to nourish from the inside out. If we let it, the festive period offers a gorgeous energy to ground ourselves further, in different ways. Being with loved ones. Sharing lifes joys. Making treats that surprise everyone with their goodness and taste. Indulging now and then but knowing that our bodies are still in balance. Radiating an energy that shifts the vibration in other people’s lives. And, most importantly, listening to my niece’s shrills on her first Christmas Day, and our first Christmas with the next generation. What a beautiful grounding blessing. Happy holidays everyone x

I stay healthy by spending time with those that I love – family, friends, my children, laughing LOTS, long summer walks and bike rides, eating and sharing yummy homemade food. Loving the licks of sunshine and making time for myself to begin he new year rejuvinated.

I stay healthy and grounded during the holidays by using them as a time of rejuvenation and to let go of all the things I feel I have let trouble me for too long, whether they be personal issues or bad eating habits I have gotten into. I find by ridding myself of my worries it encourages me to eat healthy and to give my body food that nourishes it deep within.

I stay healthly and grounded by reminding myself why I have chosen the life of a wellness warrior in the first place. Its bigger than present moment indulgences and consumerism. Right at its core its about creating world peace through one peaceful, heart centered choice at a time. Choices filled with self love and self care. Compassion and patience. Because the greater good for myself has to benefit the greater good of this planet. Its something i just know to be true.
Wishing you and your close ones a love filled holiday break :)

Gratitude! Gratitude! Gratitude! Positive thoughts return positive vibes, and keeps everyone healthy and happy. I am especially thankful for all I have and am sure to continue to express it.

In preparation for the festive season I created my very own Advent Calender for each day until Christmas. Each box includes a little healthy treat and a daily inspirational quote to keep me motivated,energised, and grounded throughout this stressful period.

I’m going to stay healthy and grounded these holidays, by juicing every few days. We bought a cold press juicer a few months back, and whenever we feel a bit sluggish, and lethargic, we get the juicer out and create all sorts of delicious veg & fruit juices, and they always, without fail, give us a huge boost of energy and just a general healthy feeling. We have four small kids, and as fussy as they are, even they LOVE the juices. It’s great because then I at least know they’re getting the health benefits also.

As well as staying healthy through juicing, I have to add also, that we stay healthy and grounded, every holidays, by staying true to ourselves. We don’t do anything we don’t want to do. We don’t feel pressure to go to all corners of the country to see everyone at this time of year. We stay home at Christmas, and spend time, just my husband and myself, and our kids. We live hours away from any family, and it’s too much for us and the kids to travel around in the heat just because we feel obligated to do so. We stay home, the kids open their pressies, we have a nice and relaxed lunch, and the kids can just enjoy the time doing whatever they want. We feel no pressure at all to be anywhere, or see anyone, and it’s made our holidays so much more enjoyable than when we used to go see everyone.

I wish you all the best for the holiday season Jess, your website and emails are fantastic, and I love reading all of your tips. Just tried the apple cider vinegar for the first time today!! haha.. will take some getting used to, but I can deal with it!! :)

I stay healthy and grounded over the Holidays by surrounding myself with friends and family and cooking beautiful nutritious food. My Family and friends remind me how special every moment is and how important it is to take a time out and replenish. The holiday season if the best time of year to get back in touch with nature and go on day long bush walks, swim under waterfall and lay at the beach.

I do what I love, and love what I do … keeps me in tune :)

I stay grounded during the holidays by remembering to be present … that is the gift.
Experiencing the moment and feeling gratitude for all that is.
I stay grounded by reminding myself that all is well – no matter what is being played out around me.
The challenges help me to grow and love is the blessing, always reminding me how amazing this life really is.
Meditation, connecting with nature and remembering who I really am keeps me connected and counting my blessings :)
Thanks Jess!

I beat myself up a lot. Especially when I make poor food choices. So in spirit of being kind to myself (following your good advice Jess!) and to avoid self loathing all festive season I am going to say yes to a bit of trifle and nod my head to a slice of Christmas pudding and instead of fighting anxiety, I am going to direct my energies this Christmas to mental health. I am going to focus on being present. I will give my awesome family, my amazing friends and my top notch fella 100% of my time without a computer sitting on my lap, without checking my phone 1000 a day and by just being relaxed and happy. Hopefully, this mindset, will in turn, also make my ‘posse’ relaxed and happy. Win win. x

I excersice & meditate, but I also just slow down & enjoy the simple things in life. I take the time to go watch say, a children’s Christmas performance, which brings such innocent, pure joy & reminds me of the true spirit of Christmas.

I stay grounded during the holidays by surrounding myself with the people i love and eat food that makes me feel good. Always get out into the bush and remind myself how lucky i am to live in this beautiful country. I love summer and try to swim in the water as much as possible too. Can’t wait till the holidays and sunshine, family and friends.

Healthy tummy = morning juice… working my way up to a green juice in the morning but I think my eyes must like the colour of sunrise as I have a orange apple and carrot!
Healthy Body = Having a frolic in the water with my 2 year old son and dog Eski who has discovered the excitement of waves.
Healthy Mind = day by day learning not to stress as much and being creative at work and the pleasure of winding down at night and watching Gossip Girl and Revenge.
Grounded = Oh the being grounded at 16 has long past, now being grounded means something totally different. Visiting my Dad in hospital every lunch hour and seeing how many amazing people are looking after him and keeping him positive on a daily basis.
Merry holidays everyone x

The way I stay healthy and grounded during the holidays is doing the same things I am at the moment (Eat beautiful fresh fruit and veg from the farmers market, exercise, drink lots of water and just be respectful of the body I have been blessed with). The holidays are generally seen as a time to overindulge on sugary or highly processed food and drink that that is terrible for you. I have tried on the odd occasion to eat or drink these things and it is just not worth the headaches, bloating and general flat blah feeling afterwards. Why ‘take a holiday’ from the things that are working and keeping my body and mind healthy? That was me three years ago but never again.. I am most looking forward to spending time with family and friends including being the face painter at an animal themed 4th birthday party! :)

The key for me to stay healthy and grounded during the holidays is to say no to some events, rather than rushing everywhere to get to everything im choosing to celebrate and accept invitations with those closest to me and keep it all in balance so as not to burn out, and say no to a lot of foods and drink, so that i can continue to eat organic and healthy. Still getting lots of rest and morning walks on the beach. Happy Holidays

Spending years abusing not only my body but my mind has made me passionate and determined to create the healthiest version of me possible! Being new to this lifestyle I am still figuring out how to nourish myself in sync with what my body is telling me it needs, having spent many years ignoring the signs from a tired and depleted body. These holidays my body and mind are telling me that I need to rest and re-energise, so I plan to do that by indulging in a raw cheesecake for myself, and making another one for the rest of my family :).

I stay healthy and grounded during the holiday season by trying to continue to take pleasure in the small things, reminding myself of the joys and blessing the season brings (e.g. the summer fruits, catching up with family, giving gifts to friends, looking at Christmas lights, feeling sand between my toes, taking in the sunshine) and reflecting on my goals and direction for the new year. I think it’s about finding a balance between continuing to persue the healthy habits you do outside of the holidays, while allowing yourself to experience the added beautfiul opportunities that arise at this time of year. Above all – I think it is important to continue to engage in love for yourself and others. :)

Hi Jess, Im going to stay healthy and grounded by sharing lots of hugs and cuddles with my 2 adorable children, eating healthy vegan food, remembering and honouring my beautiful, beloved Mum who passed away last year, and volunteering over xmas and new year in a hospice. I believe that giving from the heart and counting my blessings, however small, everyday, enriches my life more than anything.

Much love and blessings to all


I love to play with my nieces and nephews for hours on end…I totally engage with them and their worlds…it’s such a treat for both of us. I teach them about the surf and they show me where they’re at and what they love. I get up early for a long beach walk in Byron Bay and sometimes one to four of the kids join me….it’s a special time for sharing with family and enjoying the spontaneity of free time away from work and the everyday life. It’s nice to be able to give my sister a break and also just hang out and be together. I make fresh vegetable juices in the morning and delicious salads for lunch. I walk to the lighthouse with mum and swim with dolphins at Wategoes…in fact it’s an incredible healthy & grounding time as we all recap on our past year and talk about our hopes & dreams for the year to come. Om shanti :)

I stay healthy and grounded, enjoying the little things and laughing often. I take the dog for a walk after I finish work in the morning (I work on the family dairy farm) I cook and eat fresh and plan meals as much as I can and make sure I have plenty of time to spend with hubby and kids, whether it be kicking the football with my son, have facials with my girls, or sitting down at the end of the day watching the sun go down having “Our” time with hubby. That’s how I stay healthy and grounded.

I stay healthy by remembering all the hard work I have put in especially over the last 12 weeks that I have been doing boot camp, first time ever and I love it!!! It would be a shame to see this go to waste. I allow myself to enjoy the occasional treat when surrounded by friends and avoid all temptation when i am home alone or walking through the shops. I make sure I do plenty of outdoor exercise, who wouldn’t want to enjoy the sunshine of summer, My dog is loving me at the moment too with all the extra walks he is getting. I stay grounded by spending time with my friends, family and boyfriend and enjoy the amazing place we live in. Forgetting any stress I may have at work by going for walks, meditating, cooking healthy meals and laughing.. the last one is the most important to me :) I also let loose by going for a night out with my girls, having a dance and making what will become great memories I am sure!

I’m working so not really having a holiday…that makes it a little easier ;). But I would say stick to regular eating habits and make it about the people you are with and sharing time and good food with them.

I try to find quiet time out for myself during a time busy with social and often stressful family commitments… I love my family but I need my timeout!

Hi jess, im a 17 year old girl so for me the holidays are about unwinding from school. I find the best way for me to stay grounded is by enjoying ALL The fresh fruit of the season and packing in as much healthy salads as i can in place of the old hot chips and other nasties i used to consume. spending quality tome with those i love andI make sure i take the time out from everything whether thats by a morning swim or walk up onto the headland to watch the sunrise or camping out under the stars to reconnect with nature and balance my mind and body :)

I am just so grateful to be here. I look at my little children and my loving husband and I am grounded. They inspire me to remain well. By focussing on all of life’s undulating moments, I remain present. Here’s cheers to another Christmas.

I stay healthy & grounded in amongst the craziness by finding myself a reflective space. Ideally, sinking my toes into the sand by the ocean, or taking a walk through native bushland listening to the birds.. (sneaking in a tree hug or two :). I also like to create my own little sanctuary in my garden with a herbal tea in hand listening to the running water of our fountain. I find it soothing & calming. For a moment the world runs on my time.

My love & happiness to all xo

After many holidays involving binging followed by a self degradation period I’ve finally realised to remain healthy and grounded I just need a bit of balance. Be kind to my body, mind, family, people around me but mainly be kind to myself.. All the rest will follow!

Oh so many things. Most of all the mind. I am very aware that the power of my mind makes or breaks a situation and lifestyle. I continue with my healthy lifestyle throughout every season. I make and create delicious yummy food that is healthy to share with others who may be eating a typical diet. One, for myself and also to encourage others in healthy eating during ‘junk food’ seasons. I continue to exercise daily and mediate and always be remembering why I am healthy and loving life. Junk food and unhealthy food just contributes to too much negativity and healthy live food adds to a better day and lifestyle. Love it. Keeping with those and encouraging eachother who share similar passions is important to me to in getting through the ‘junk food’ season well. And of course, reading this blog ;) and other fabulous materials :)

What an amazing giveaway!

I stay healthy in the holiday season by steering clear of too much alcohol and party canapes and grounded for me is all about not getting too caught up in the commercialism of this time of year and remembering what it is to be grateful and giving.

This year i am staying healthy and grounded by getting organised for the Christmas period. Over the past 3 months i have lost 20kgs so nothing is going to stop me from continuing my health and well being over the holiday period. I have been working for the past 2 weeks on a Healthy Living Plan for my Christmas holidays as i will be travelling a fair bit around Queensland. This has involved extensive research in health food stores that stock all the products i need (even down to calling them to ensure they have enough stock). Along with my list of health food stores i have also researched organic or healthy restaurants to go and eat or grab a quick green juice or smoothie…knowledge is power in my mind so i will definatley stay grounded by going back over everything i have learnt over the past three months from my amazing naturopath and personal trainer. I also have my amazing support crew (family and friends) that will keep me on track. I have also organised to have a trainer while i am away so i won’t slip back into my old habits and to top it off advised the hotel i am staying at that they need to remove the mini bar or i could potentially go all Edward Cullen on the mini bar!! :) Most of all i am going to take some time to reflect on the year and set some intentions for 2013 Happy Healthy Holidays Everyone Jx

I stay healthy and grounded by nurturing my body with nutrious whole foods and focusing on what is really important at this time of year…love and family.

I actually find it easier to stay healthy & grounded over the holidays than at other times, because my family and I have time to relax. Spending time with them & with friends is fun, invigorating & refreshing. I also like to spend time in January reflecting & meditating on the year that has been, on the year to come & on new projects I will start in that year. I like to take time to think about what I need to keep the same & what I need to change to become a better me, day after day.

This year i am staying healthy and grounded by getting organised for the Christmas period. Over the past 3 months i have lost 20kgs so nothing is going to stop me from continuing my health and well being over the holiday period. I have been working for the past 2 weeks on a Healthy Living Plan for my Christmas holidays as i will be travelling a fair bit around Queensland. This has involved extensive research in health food stores that stock all the products i need (even down to calling them to ensure they have enough stock). Along with my list of health food stores i have also researched organic or healthy restaurants to go and eat or grab a quick green juice or smoothie…knowledge is power in my mind so i will definatley stay grounded by going back over everything i have learnt over the past three months from my amazing naturopath and personal trainer. I also have my amazing support crew (family and friends) that will keep me on track. I have also organised to have a trainer while i am away so i won’t slip back into my old habits and to top it off advised the hotel i am staying at that they need to remove the mini bar or i could potentially go all Edward Cullen on the mini bar!! :)

I stay grounded by laughing and having fun with the people I love. By juicing everyday, eating only organic food, meditating and swimming in the beautiful clean ocean. Taking my own food to functions and not taking the crazy world we live in to seriously. Penny

I stay healthy and grounded during the holiday season by being present in the moment and enjoying the good times and acknowledging the bad and finding the good in them. I also enjoy the christmas food but dont over indulge and get my daily green juice in there too so i know i have had some instant goodness!

Every day is a holiday to me so I don’t change my practices. I love how I live my life so I don’t need to change anything. Just enjoy the special moments everyday. Happy day everyday.

Suprisingly this is when I am the healthiest!! Holidays give me the opportunity to sooth the soul and re-connect with my ‘ing’ (thanks Gabby Bernstien!) A good holiday gives you the chance to re-focus, refresh and rejuvinate your body & mind.
My key health essentials on holiday are;
:: Vitamin D – embrace the sunshine
:: Salt water for the skin – dive in the ocean, swim freely in the sea
:: A good book – take time to yourself and book a room without a TV
:: Food – nourish your body with essential nutrients and clean food and eat the local fresh foods of your destination
:: Love – spend time with your love ones and exchange positive energies
:: Breath the fresh air

I stay healthy and grounded during the holidays by firstly being grateful for what I have in life. This being my 2 gorgeous daughters and my loving husband and my extended family.
I stay grounded by giving something back to the community be adopting a family for Christmas.
I stay healthy ( atricky oneEspecially with so much chocolate around ) by trying my hardest to choose the healthiest food option for me.

The holidays are great time for my family and I to get spend time being outside getting fresh air, sunshine, swimming at the beach or going for walks.

I am still working on it! At the beginning of this year I came off the pill and off anti-anxiety medication. I am still low in progesterone and trying to balance my hormones naturally, but it’s a long process and some months are more successful than others. Progesterone is lowered by chronic stress, excess alcohol and junk. Long story short, I aim to stay grounded and healthy by eating clean, staying relaxed and rested and being mindful of my moods and emotions. I’ll be indulging in fresh seafood, beautiful seasonal fruits and a few more nuts than I usually might have.

I stay grounded during the holidays by chilling out, taking me time and smiling! I have more time to try out recipes that are healthy and enjoy them!

I stay healthy and grounded during this beautiful time of year by making the most of the summer days. I’m blessed to live in a rural area surrounded by parks, so 5am morning hikes keep me grounded and give me such a wonderful start to the day. Seasonal fruit and vegetables this time of year are so nourishing as well, nothing tastes as sweet as tomatoes off the vine or passionfruit straight from the garden. This lovely weather also leads to afternoon barbecues with the family or road trips to the beach with friends, which are so good for the soul. The festive season provides a perfect opportunity to take stock of what is really important in life, which to me is my family and friends. And the New Year is a chance to make plans for the future and set new goals for the year ahead.

Staying grounded during the holidays seems to have become a lot easier since I moved to Australia, but it still has its stresses! As I have family all over the world and can’t always be with them at Christmas, the key to staying grounded for me is to tap into that amazing cosmic energy source and know that we are all connected. As people, its the one time of year where we can hopefully put aside our differences and have a glimpse of world peace, but we can also feel connected to our thoughts and our food. Food that has been visibly connected to and sourced from the earth can help us all stay grounded, at Christmas and at other times of the years. But during the ‘silly season’, I feel it’s especially important to indulge in big self-love. We should pamper ourselves the way we’d want others to pamper us at the time of year, through our thoughts, words, food and deeds.

I also stay grounded by injecting a big dose of love forward into the next year, so I feel connected to everything, even the unknown. By focussing on gratitude and others, we are then free to enjoy all that the holidays have to offer.

What a fantastic giveaway- so generous, Jess! Thank you!
Katie xx

I stay healthy and grounded during this beautiful time of year by making the most of the summer days. I’m blessed to live in a rural area surrounded by parks, so 5am morning hikes keep me grounded and give me such a wonderful start to the day. Seasonal fruit and vegetables this time of year are so nourishing as well, nothing tastes as sweet as tomatoes off the vine or passionfruit straight from the garden. This lovely weather also leads to afternoon barbecues with the family or road trips to the beach with friends, which are so good for the soul. The festive season provides a perfect opportunity to take stock of what is really important in life, which to me is my family and friends. And the New Year is a chance to make plans for the future and set new goals for the year ahead.

Throughout the holiday season I am able to remain healthy by honoring my promise to myself to nourish and provide my body with the very best. I surround myself with healthy thoughts, food, company, love, and alone time to appreciate all of these. I make a conscious effort to remind myself of my beliefs and the importance of looking after my body, as well as spending time to really appreciate the life I have been given in order to remain grounded and true to myself.

I stay healthy and grounded during the holidays by simply going for a walk everyday :)

This year I have consciously lost twenty kilos because I wanted to feel healthier to enjoy life more fully. This year it will be a test to stay grounded (usually I get easily flustered at this time of year). I will try to carry on with my new attitude of enjoying each moment and focusing on the important things in my life like my health, family and friends and how much I have achieved this year. I plan to sit back and reflect on the beauty surrounding me. I will continue to eat healthy foods because I know i will start feeling really tired if I change my good habits, I will make time for relaxing exercise like walking or swimming and I will try to rest when I am tired. I will also enjoy being able to feel good about my body, and wearing skirts and dresses, that this time last year, made me feel self-conscious.

To me the holidays give me more time to do the things I love and stay healthy! All the forms of exercise I love, more time for cooking delicious, nourishing food(and eating too hehe), spending time with loved ones and just relaxing! So for me, the holidays are the easiest time to stay healthy :)

I spend up to 7 months of the year traveling on business (economy style!), so being – not staying – healthy is always at the forefront of my mind, regardless of the season. I’m mindful of not only what goes into my body, but also of making sure my mind is free of cluttered thinking. As for staying grounded – a playful run on the beach with my dog and loved one also helps!

Extra raw chocolate means extra happiness and energy! With a secret stash in my cupboard at home and desk at work so there is enough to spread the joy with everyone around me! And lots of Christmas lights and candles in the house – its impossible to not feel a sense of peace and inner warmth in the glow each evening!

As a mother of an enthusiastic 7 year old, he keeps me grounded. In recent times when I have looked for a “choccy fix” he is the one that has said “have an apple Mum! Go for a walk!”. Whenever we are out and I say where I need to go, he quickly does the math and says “if we park “here” we can walk to here and here, saving petrol and being healthy!” I love him to death even if I don’t want an apple or to walk!

I stay grounded by being 100% accountible for my decisions during the holidays. It is a time to celebrate the year that was and I do indulge a little more often but I make sure that if I’m feeling slightly disappointed with my mind and body I accept that it was my decision and I chose to feel like that. I stay healthy by moving daily…even if it’s just a short walk. Doing something is better than nothing! I have made a promise to myself and ‘if it’s to be then it’s up to me!’

Merry Christmas Jess!

Mel xxx

I love Christmas time, but it is such a tough time to be healthy. This year, I plan to be healthy and grounded by staying sugar-free and being active. In the past, I’ve over-indulged, but have gone hard at the gym to make up for it. This year I think I will take a more mature approach and be a bit more sensible. Well that’s the plan anyway…

I breathe. I love to take precious moments to focus on the feeling of breathing, with energy and breath coming in and out of my body, and feeling every sensation that delivers to me. That is how I stay feeling grounded, or remind myself to keep grounded through hectic times. ;-)

I stay healthy by eating organic pasture fed free range meats, lots of veges and some fruit and a whole lot of quality fats (Avocados, Coconut Oil and Nuts and Seeds).
I also trust that my body is always striving for health and wellness and as long as I provide it with the nutrients it requires (A healthy brain-body connection, Quality Food, Good Movement, Plenty of Sleep, a congruent life purpose and belief system and quality personal relationships) and keep it relatively free of toxins that it will do its job and keep me happy healthy and vibrant.
I stay grounded by spending as much time as possible with my kids. Its hard to drift away and go off task when you’re spending time with toddlers :)

I stay healthy by steering towards more healthier food options and limiting my alcohol intake. However, being the festive season it is hard not to indulge ocassionally, especially Christmas Day!
Spending time with my family – relaxing, chatting and laughing with them keeps me grounded and calm and the most happiest. Being outdoors at the beach or walking around the local park or just being in nature generally, helps to keep me calm and relaxed and ensure I keep up on the exercise front! I just take it easy and enjoy myself.

I focus on the positives around me, and remember to be grateful. I also spend a lot of time with the children in the family – which is an opportunity that I love most about this time of the year.

I stay healthy and grounded during the holidays by continuing to drink my green smoothies every morning, run every afternoon and drink a glass of water for every alcoholic drink I enjoy.

I eat lots of seafood, fruit and vegetables and avoid the creamy and sugar laden desserts that are in abundance at this time of year!

But most of all I keep a smile on my face and appreciate time spent with family, friends and my dog and look back on the year with happiness and pride!

I stay healthy and grounded during the holidays by remembering to breathe…by constantly reminding myself to focus on the breath so as to not get caught up in the busyness of the world around. I also stay grounded by sending love to those in need of it the most. I send the energy of gratitude to the Universe for the blessings of the year nearly passed…and by getting my daily dose of the Wellness Warrior of course!! xx

Enjoy the festive season everyone…may you all have love xxx

I will eat food from my organic veggie plot or from local producers, I will remember those no longer with me with fond thoughts and feel blessed to have known them and will laugh with my family and friends and appreciate what I have right here, right now.

Holidays are an amazing time to reflect on the past year, enjoy the present moment, but also think about the year ahead. I know everyone says we should just be in the ‘now’, but I think its really important to also learn from yourself and your past, and to grow from that – and what better time to do this than at the beach at Christmas? I try and stay grounded happy by spending a lot of time outdoors with my friends and family. I make healthy choices, but don’t punish myself if I make a mistake – it’s important to treat yourself and have fun. And as much joy as Christmas and the holidays can bring, they are also hard for many, and so I think it’s important to be patient, compassionate, but most of all, grateful. We have it pretty good!

Holidays are an amazing time to reflect on the past year, enjoy the present moment, but also think about the year ahead. I know everyone says we should just be in the ‘now’, but I think its really important to also learn from yourself and your past, and to grow from that – and what better time to do this than at the beach at Christmas? I try and stay grounded and happy by spending a lot of time outdoors with my friends and family. I make healthy choices, but don’t punish myself if I make a mistake – it’s important to treat yourself and have fun. And as much joy as Christmas and the holidays can bring, they are also hard for many, and so I think it’s important to be patient, compassionate, but most of all, grateful. We have it good.

I will be continuing to value my health and the feeling I get from nourishing my body and looking after myself. This year has seen a huge personal transformation for me with my understanding of wellness – through your blog and others I’ve totally embraced a wellness-orientated lifestyle and its been SO liberating. I can proudly say I am the happiest, healthiest and leanest I’ve ever been (even after having my second child in March) and I have totally enjoyed the journey. The best part is looking after me also benefits my whole family with my role modeling and positive sense of self. And there’s nothing cuter than a four year old requesting bee pollen in her green smoothies ha ha. So regardless of this competition I just want to see thanks Jess (and the not-so-little community who follow you) for being an inspiration and daily reminder to check in with myself. Happy Christmas y’all! xx

I stay grounded and healthy by choosing the food that best work for my body. It’s not about depriving myself it’s about finding healthy fresh alternatives that make me sparkle, energized and feel good inside and out. It’s also about putting myself first and not let the silly season come on top of me of with busier work hours and Xmas parties with poor food choice. Staying true to myself with yoga and organic living :)
Liz xx

Hi Jess! I make sure I crowd out the not-so-healthy stuff by having green smoothies twice a day, and making time for meditation each morning helps keep me grounded. Cheers

Staying healthy and grounded during the holidays is all about family for me. Eating healthy, clean and nutritious festive food with my family lets us enjoy every moment spent together without the guilt or ‘food coma’ feeling. Every second is priceless so making sure there is some festive active games where everyone is joining in and having fun is so important. Love this time of year x

Hi Jessica, what a great ‘giveaway’!

My answer is SIMPLE:
I don’t drink alcohol
I meditate
I preplan my meals according to my healthy vegeterian diet
Laugh a lot having fun and feeling the love with my family and friends

Thank you x Tina

I stay healthy and grounded during the holidays by taking 10 minutes time out on a daily basis to meditate and connect with me energy. If my energy feels depleted or scattered I focus attention to bringing myself back to centre. Good food nourishes the soul and although I allow some treats over the holidays I balance it with nutritious good food too! Enjoy the holidays everyone!

I stay healthy by nurturing my body and mind. I do this through spiritual practices, meditation, nutrition, movement, relaxing in my sanctuary, surrounding myself with positive people, doing things I’m passionate about, and being confident every day! I stay grounded by taking care of my spirit… treating it with unconditional love :-)

Wishing you Health & Happiness Jess x

This year is really the first one that I’m going to stay clean for over the holidays. I’m breastfeeding and my daughter also has a dairy intollerance so I need to avoid that and keep clean so I keep making the best quality breastmilk for her! I’ve been reading lots and lots of healthy food blogs and planning all the yummy healthy things I’m going to take for Christmas lunch- the My new roots chocolate mousse tarts are my absolute fav and will definitely be making an appearance this Christmas and I know they’ll be a big hit with everyone!

Have a great Chrissy Jess hope Santa spoils you rotten :)

For me, it’s all about the morning routine. I find that if I start my day off right, the rest of my day generally follows the same path. So that means starting off my day with a little prayer of thanks, thanks for this life, this family and this day. Then I follow with warm water and lemon, a run (couple times a week), dry skin brushing and quinoa porridge. That lovely start to the day helps keep me motivated to continue being grounded and healthy for the rest of the day. And the most important one – a sense of humour!! Hard not to be grounded with a sense of humour!
P.S. Loving the health talks.

Staying healthy and grounded is something that I have been brought up with since leaving the whomb, and I am truly blessed for it. My parents influence on an organic lifestyle, appreciating the small gifts we receive in life each day and to simply take a second to just breathe fresh air has shaped the confident, humble woman I am today. I stay healthy both on holidays and each day by staying up to date with nutrition research, creating new healthy dishes inspired by other health warriors like Teresa Palmer and maintaining the well known mantra of ‘my body is a temple’ when I choose which foods to eat, what I put on my skin as well as drink. I especially love the summer holidays, the warm fresh air and beautiful sunsets and sunrises. I am passionate about the ocean, so you will often catch me combining the two as I run along the coastal beaches of Perth as the sun rises or spending the afternoon with close friends dipping our toes in the salty water as the sun sets- Nothing beats that feeling. Staying healthy both mentally and physically and remaining grounded is not always easy on holidays, but each day, I strive to achieve the optimum balance of all three wherever I am in this world.

L x

I stay healthy and happy, by starting my day with a walk on the beach and a green drink. Also by creating my home as a calm sanctuary for my little family. Also indulging in the simple pleasures, like a nice bath at the end of the day with candles .

Hi Jess, I stay healthy and grounded by making daily green smoothies with the wonderful summer fruits then with sun on our bodies run around the back yard squirting the kids with the hose….the simple things in life are the best!
Happy Christmas!

Hi Jess, I stay healthy and grounded by taking time for rest, relaxation and meditation. I keep a sense of gratitude, appreciation and wonder always in my mind, for my life and all my blessings and keep my awareness firmly planted in the present moment – luckily, having two small children enables me to do this easily, because the present moment is where children permanently reside : ) Eating fresh, local, organic nourishing foods is also important to me. Being healthy and grounded to me means balancing and nurturing my mind, body and spirit. Thanks for empowering so many. xo

I will find the perfect balance between old family traditions and my new found health journey. Finding a way for the 2 to exist harmoniously will be the best Christmas ever to myself and my little family. I love that my girls will associate eating mangoes for breakfast with Christmas morning. We will reflect on a tough year of poor health but remind ourselves (as always) how blessed we are to have each other. Merry Christmas Jess, x

I’ll be sharing the holidays with my extended family, that will keep me grounded. We’ll be by the beach and a river so lots of swimming, surfing, walking, laughing and shared mealtimes. I can’t wait.

Wow Jess, another amazing giveaway!! I’ve always wanted to retreat here :)

I’ll be staying grounded by starting the day with positive affirmations over a cup of tea and rounding each afternoon off with restorative yoga and meditation. I also love connecting with my little brothers over Christmas – the innocent excitement of children reminds me how carefree and beautifully light hearted December can be.

Much love to you and yours! xx

My health regieme is a complete turn around from 12 months ago-used to be avoiding soft drinks over the Christmas period and thinking I was doing okay! Now after being diagnosed with adrenal fatigue I’ve taken a complete look at how I do life! Staying healthy through the holidays is the same as every other day-preparation and inspiration. I keep myself inspired through prayer, solitude, family, cooking and mentors. Also if I don’t prepare for success I will fail so menu plans and time management is huge or me right now!

I stay grounded and healthy by:
- making a positive affirmation advent calendar and opening a new one every day to focus on (much healthier than chocolate!)
- meditation, yoga and breathing, i love that all can be done anywhere
- keeping routines like having a green juice every morning
- indulging a little, but making sure my diet is still full of veggies and taking liver cleansing supplements to help detox
- eating warm earthy meals as much as possible
- making sure that i keep a good balance and saying no to some commitments
- staying close to nature, going for a walk with friends instead of going out for a drink. Taking off our shoes and walking in the grass!
- remembering the magic and excitement of Christmas, and being thankful for what the year has brought me
- staying organised and no last minute shopping!
- taking half an hour to an hour each day just to nurture myself with a bath or a cup of herbal tea and a great book

It definitely can be hard to keep a balance, but after suffering adrenal exhaustion last year I have learnt there is nothing more important than your health and to always make time for you.

Thank you for this opportunity Jess, what an amazing experience!

In order for me and my little family to stay Healthy and Grounded & also to make sure that our Health is our number one priority at all times is that I think of the food choices that i make and whether they are going to have a good or bad affect on myTwo kids, Heath,1 & Aelani,3. I have found this is the most positive and easiest way to stay true to myself & that organic, home made foods are going to be the best choice a young mum can ever do for her babies, and that makes me feel proud, by being a mum that is able to take charge and make those choices for our ever so growing kids and not worrying about what the peson next to me is thinking, or whether i’m labelled as “too strict or Harsh” or I don’t let my kids have “treats”. This christmas will definately be the most challenging with lots of people around who aren’t as concerned about the foods they put in their mouths, but I will be making sure we do our very best to avoid the foods that wreak havok on our bodies, especially my babies :)

In order for me and my little family to stay Healthy and Grounded & also to make sure that our Health is our number one priority at all times is that I think of the food choices that i make and whether they are going to have a good or bad affect on myTwo kids, Heath,1 & Aelani,3. I have found this is the most positive and easiest way to stay true to myself & that organic, home made foods are going to be the best choice a young mum can ever do for her babies, and that makes me feel proud, by being a mum that is able to take charge and make those choices for our ever so growing kids and not worrying about what the peson next to me is thinking, or whether i’m labelled as “too strict or Harsh” or I don’t let my kids have “treats”. This christmas will definately be the most challenging with lots of people around who aren’t as concerned about the foods they put in their mouths, but I will be making sure we do our very best to avoid the foods that wreak havok on our bodies, especially my babies.

I stay healthy and grounded by being around my family, especially my 3 nieces who are 12, 6 and 5 yrs old. Hearing their laughter and seeing their excitement when Santa comes is the best medicine. The best part of it all is when they ask me to take them to the local health food store to buy the ingredients to make them green smoothies. Teaching them how to eat healthy when I’m around (we live in different states) keeps me motivated to stay healthy during the holidays.

Though I may become particularly frazzled this time of year, I like to pause and take note that I am alive, therefore I am able to do what others can no longer do. My legs can propel me up a mountain, my hands can prepare nourishing meals, and my voice can speak kind words to others and myself. Thinking of the power that I have to foster the life I desire and the ways all my responsibilities can not only help me but others as well is enough to keep me grounded.

The holidays are very calm for me. I usually have a dinner with friends and my daughter. I would love to stay at a spa. I was just thinking the other day that I’ve never done that and would love to enjoy some time to myself.

I will be practicing saying yes at the right time and of course no at the right time as well.
What i find interesting is that everywhere you go people want to feed you. Wow imagine if they all put all that together and sent it to one of the many places in need …even just here on the gold coast.
I will also be practicing taking the time to look after me. I have so many demands on me from family and life…work etc…i really need to step aside and look after me!
Thank you for the opportunity to win this fabulous giveaway.

I stay healthy and grounded by staying true to myself and listening to my body.

Oh wow this is the most awesome giveaway ever! I think you should take it yourself, as a reward for such a huge year!!! ;) to stay grounded and healthy at Christmas time I make sure there is always platters of fresh tropical fruits around as they are better than any processed food, and try and remember how bad you feel when you gorge on rubbish! But more important that food is stopping the crazy rush of work and life and just sitting still with my kids, being in the moment and enjoying their preciousness and all the wonder and excitement they have at Christmas time. XX

There is no reason to get off your healthy track at this time of year. Do what you do and show others how great you feel. Take soda and fresh lime to parties. Make yummy raw dishes to share at BBQ’s to WOW the sausage and white bread eaters. Green Smoothies, giving time and love over expensive gifts, exercise, laughing, swimming, sunshine, enjoying friends and family. That’s all a part of being healthy and there is no reason why many of those things can be a part of everyday-including holidays:)

To start the holidays off right, my mom and I are doing a 5-day Soups and Smoothies cleanse! We were inspired by a juice cleanse that we saw, but decided to modify it a bit to suit our own preferences. For breakfast, we have a delicious smoothie complete with berries and kale, a homemade soup for lunch, and a fresh, raw juice for dinner. In between meals, we sip on yummy teas! This food is so full of nutrients that we really feel completely satisfied and full of energy.

Right now we are aiming for 5 days of Soups and Smoothies, but will go longer if we feel like it! It’s a great way to start the holidays because it will get us off on the right foot and we’ll be feeling so great that we won’t be tempted to give in to all the sweet temptations coming our way :)

I’ll be staying healthy and grounded these summer holidays by consciously choosing (or bringing) healthy food, staying fresh with young coconuts (my new love) and lots of creative play time from painting to dancing to exploring new things…and as always, a lotta yoga! XO

Wow Jess what a fantastic giveaway!
I was just talking about this with a client this week :) As this is also my busiest time of the year for work I totally rely on my diet to get me through. As exhausted as I am I know that my body is getting all the nutrients it needs. Each night I perform my beauty rituals and they always slow everything down and calm me. Then before bed I have some affirmations that I read and that brings the whole day together for me and brings me back into alignment.
Love your work Jess!

I am recovering from an eating disorder which is particularly hard at this time of year. I use to fear healthy food and worried about every little thing I put in my mouth. Now I focus on enjoying each bite and been grateful (which is particularly important at this time of year) that I have the opportunity in life to buy fresh, organic, nutritious ingredients to make delicious meals that nourish both my body and soul. I also make sure that I tell my mind that everything will be okay and to take things slowly. All of these factors keep me grounded over the holidays but as well as in life in general.

Through self-love (all things stem from this.)

I try not to compromise my health to please someone else. I don’t go places I know are stressful or eat all the food I am served. I don’t sacrifice my sleep and I try to stay connected to people who make me happy. I try to show I care for others while I am with them and while I am away from them I let them know I am thinking of them.

Not too much alcohol, light food, naps after lunch, early & late afternoon surfs with my husband and kids.

Hi Jess, fisrly thanks for helping me to get back on track. I have always enjoyed a fairly healthy lifestyle but for some reason I lost my way about six years ago. I now have two beautiful boys and feel so relieved that I will now be able to lead them down a healthier happier path. My way to stay grounded this year is by believing in myself , nurturing myself, gorgeous husband and my boys and checking in on your blog and having fun with life.. thanks Jess
love Kylie

What a wonderful prize!

These holidays – I’ll be staying healthy and grounded by dong the things I love – being outdoors (while staying hydrated in the heat!!) and spending time with the people and things I love. Also, preparing for the little baby arriving in April keeps me grounded and focused what’s important in my life at the moment which also means making sure I get time to relax and unwind :)

I just keep doing what I’m doing but don’t stress if I can’t do any more.
Green juices & smoothies, eat normally, ( no more no less ), rest & laugh a lot & keep following my guide.
I treat Xmas & New Year as routinely as possible. I can’t ask of myself for much more than that.
I try not to stress if I fall off the wagon for a day or two after all t’is the silly season.

I only need to look at each of my four kids to stay grounded. Keeping ALL of us healthy and happy is the main goal of my life. I had my children a little later than many and in my early forties, I have four quite young children, including two toddlers. Staying young and vibrant for as long as I can is incredibly important for the well-being of my kids. They deserve fit, active parents, who can help them to establish themselves as fit, active young people. We have been trying to eat really well, especially of late and in a way, gearing up for the holidays and the sweet treats thrust upon the kids by well-meaning relatives! Not used to a huge intake of fat, last week I took the kids to a friend’s birthday party at a(shall-remain-nameless, but very famous)fast-food restaurant. Shortly after the meal, Miss 6 and Miss 4 both complained of feeling sick and we actually left a bit early, because although they had raced around before eating, they both now felt tired and lethargic, with full, bloated tummies. Both complained of a bad taste left in their mouths. Another couple of days later, it was a school break-up party, and the same result. All of my children felt off-colour, lethargic and grumpy well into the nutrition-less foods are not very good for them at all. I don’t know how long this will last, with the influence of their friends and TV advertising, but I am hoping I can help to influence their food choices enough to keep them on the right path, especially during the holidays! Eating the right foods fills their bodies with energy and their minds with inspiration to be fit, active and happy, which is all any parent wishes for their children.

Staying and healthy and grounded during the holiday season? Unfortunately for me, it’s tough. I get carried away, up into the clouds, with sugar plum fairies dancing in my head, and extended family dancing in my kitchen. BUT, all I need do is visit my Nan in her nursing home – She brings me straight back down to earth with her matter-of-fact approach to life. A strong woman who was once an Avalon beach babe, swimming laps every day until she was eighty – she inspires me to be as healthy as I can possibly be, to be able to live as long and be as active in life as she has. I know it sounds corny, but gee, it’s true. Thanks Nanny!

During the holidays I will be swimming more..loving the synergistic way swimming involves aerobic exercise and a full body workout..and is therefore detoxifying too! I pass the local hospital on the way to the pool so I will be striving to call in with bunches of summer flowers – agapanthus ,hydrangeas, salvias and lavender, from my garden.I hope they will lift the spirits and brighten the atmosphere for patients of all ages who may be suffering pain or adjusting to news of untimely trauma or medical conditions during the holidays. It will be ‘grounding’ to know that while I am swimming others may not even have any more holidays! I may not be able to achieve big things, however I like to reach out to others by doing little things often..if my gestures can lighten the load for someone..I am comforted by that ,,knowing that helping others is one of the best ways to keep healthy..increasing our own endorphin levels at the same time. Wishing our Wellness Warrior and all your readers their own interpretation of a ‘healthy’ and ‘grounded’ holiday..’paying it forward’ and practising ‘random acts of kindness’..along the way.

I am more able. To keep my exercise routine ordered and stable, When on leave as there is less on the table.

I stay healthy and grounded during the holidays by trying to actively feel each emotion as it comes up. Everyday routines often prevent me from experiencing happiness, sadness, frustration, anger, love, hope, fear and more – often because it’s not polite or appropriate to do so. Holidays are a wonderful time to take things as they come. The joy from truly feeling an emotion, good or bad, letting it pass through entirely, brings relief and clarity like nothing else. I love re-charging my health this way during the holidays (and it also helps me focus less on my superficial worries like weight and appearance for a change)!

I stay healthy by treating my body gently and with care, by being mindful of what I put in (and on) it…I stay grounded through the work I do with vulnerable and traumatised children, whose strength and resilience inspire me to never sweat the small stuff. xx

Spending time with my mum is how I stay grounded and healthy. I would love the opportunity to take my gorgeous Mum to Gwingana Spa to renew her spirit. My mum has been a fabulous support for me as I navigated my way through motherhood with three children, Hugo, Remy and Birdie under 4. We have recently relocated overseas for my husband’s work so I am looking forward to spending Christmas with my family. I am so grateful that we have had the opportunity to challenge ourselves as a family and become an even tighter family unit. Mum taught me how to meditate, eat cleanly and open my heart at a very young age and what an amazing gift to pass onto my children. I cannot wait to run through the waves with my children and their Nane over the summer holidays and enjoy every moment!

I stay grounded doing what I try to do all the time by keeping heaps of fresh fruit and veg in the fridge so I don’t get led into temptation, taking my dogs for walks along the beach every day with my daughter and enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.

Living life naturally,
Enjoying healthy doses of vitamin D
A morning jog,
Detoxes any mental fog;
Stimulates endorphins to flow,
Positivity keeps holiday magic aglow.

I grab my tablet and hit the Wellness Warrior site for inspiration, receipes and all things wellness on the site! I DON’T REMEMBER LIFE WITHOUT YOU BY MY SIDE X

I stay healthy and grounded by surrounding myself with positive people, helping others, making sure that I eat right and exercise regularly. I also ensure that I take time out to talk with the people that matter to me most, my family and friends!

I plan to remain happy and healthy this season by simply being grateful. I am grateful to have beaten cancer now for 12 months, I am grateful to simply be alive and every new day is a gift I cherish. Christmas and this holiday season has a new meaning for me that can only be truly understood by others who have suffered a near death experience- the gift of truly being grateful for everything that you have, the ability to live in the moment and the understanding that we are all dying but some of us appreciate the journey a whole lot more than others

I stay grounded and healthy by living the philosophy ‘enjoy in moderation’.

I stay healthy and grounded by remembering that Christmas is just 1 day, not the whole month of December!

To be honest, I normally don’t!
I overindulge in food that doesnt nourish me, I constantly graze and then feel the guilt – it’s a terrible cycle! It’s a stressful, exhausting and expensive time in all the wrong ways!
However, this year I am taking control, I am going to minimise stress, take time out, learn to say no and not spread myself to thin around family and friends. Great food will be made from scratch, I will attempt to teach my cynical family and friends of various wellness and health tips I’ve picked up along the way. Walks in nature and diaphram breathing will feature also!
This year has been such a massive health and wellness journey – I’m finally in remission from Crohns Disease but now have debilitating Arthritis – But I’ve gone from 12 pills a day to 2 – I now juice, make Kale chips, slap coconut oil on and in my body, I discovered flax and chia seeds, went to a libby weaver seminar, starting making health and beauty products from scratch and follow the most amazing inspirational websites like yours Jess.
This silly season is going to revolutionary and so different from any other. I’m excited! It is going to set the tone for 2013, bring it on and all the knowledge it brings xo

I stay grounded during the holidays by making sure that my body is kept nourished and hydrated, starting the day off with a hot lemon Water to kick start my metabolism and make sure that i have plenty more water throughout the day along with fruit.

To stay healthy and grounded,
I do the things that are well-founded:
Eat well, exercise, and rest.
I also find laughter, especially at one’s self,
is the medicine that’s best.

I stay healthy and grounded during the holidays by doing exactly what I do all year round. Nothing changes, my exercise and nutrition remains exactly the same. For me, consistency is the key day in day out year in year out.

Firstly, I’d like to say how inspirational everyone elses ideas are, reading the new articles and hearing everyone elses reponses always puts me in the right mind-frame to live and breath a healthy lifestyle.

I’ll try keep it short. but yes spirulina green smoothies are a staple for the morning, enjoying the beautiful sun and climbing mountains – its such an accomplishment to reach the top and its great exercise. I live away from a lot of my friends and family so when I get to go home it is such a blessing and a recharge for the soul… oh yes and I always like to buy local produce to support the community – act local, think global.

Happy Holidays!

During the holidays I stay grounded through meditating, taking time out to walk and explore wherever I am (because I am usually overseas in the holidays) as well as doing yoga every day no matter where I am. No matter what I always carry around my trusty little bottle of vital greens and spirulina tablets as well as a big packet of chia seeds to help keep me as healthy as possible while I am travelling. I love to spend time with my family and cook (or ‘un-cook’, if I am making a raw meal) for them and share lots of laughter and stories with them. I also stay grounded by doing things for others who might not be as lucky as me, by donating to lots of Christmas appeals and taking time out to just focus on my breath and be thankful for everything that I have been given. I also love venturing out into whichever city I am in and finding organic, healthy foods to bring back to my hotel room and indulge in!
Happy holidays xx

For me balance is the key. This includes diet, exercise, relaxation, fun, family and friends. A little bit of everything (well, almost everything!) is good for the soul, which in turn makes you feel good about yourself and feel more inclined to look after yourself.

~ Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat ~ would keep me healthy & grounded these holidays.
Cheers xxx tracygoddess

Merry Christmas to the wellness warrior Jess and your health conscious followers. Keeping healthy and grounded over the christmas holidays takes on a whole new meaning when a raw vegan is constantly surrounded by meat, wheat & dairy eaters. I am pleasantly surprised with the amount of positive comments & compliments about the food I choose to eat If someone takes away with them one new healthier addition from my meals and adds it to theirs on a regular basis they are making a great choice for their health & that of the planet. So helping to spread the word on healthy options from leading by example keeps me grounded to keeping up with my own healthy choices.

as someone who suffers from severe depression and anxiety and has been making huge strides in recovery this year staying healthy and grounded through the holidays is really important to me. i do this by daily exercise out in nature and nourishing my body with healthy foods and trying to make sure i get at least 7 hours of sleep at night. these are basics for me that i have to do or things turn pear shaped very quickly. but also i try to find the good in small things, to slow down and appreciate friends and family, as well as trying to meditate and spending lots of time journalling my thoughts and feelings. long walks with my dog, cuddles with boyfriend and opening up about my feelings also helps me as well. but mostly staying healthy and grounded is about surviving one day to the next and having faith that maybe things will seem a little lighter, the burden will shift and i will learn to see the light again.

I stay healthy and grounded during the holidays by sticking to my year round exercise routine and diet plan. I love to maintain a balance in my exercise routine between cardio exercises (like running and boxing), weights and relaxation (yoga and pilates). My diet philosophy is to eat 80% whole foods seven days of the week, and 20% indulgent, as long as its organic, raw and vegan. I try to limit treat days by organising house parties/catch ups where I do the catering or by suggesting to dine out at healthy vegetarian/vegan restaurants. Most of all, I love following your diet/lifestyle advice on your blog Jess and your recipes are always popular favourites!!

My secret to staying healthy and grounded is actually to just let go. Holidays are a great time for shaking up the routine enough to let go of some of the habitual practices that are no longer serving me and that I won’t be needing in the new year. Rather than trying to maintain a normalcy that will fly out the window anyway, I try to embrace the spirit of upheaval and make it work for me. Change can feel disruptive but it can also be very healthy and it can lead you to an eventually firmer ground. I know this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but it works for me. I say go with flow these holidays and see where it takes you! But ultimately, however you choose to celebrate or relax or renew, be happy and safe everyone.

I stay healthy by exercising every day, spending time with my wonderful family, improving my tan and vitamin D levels by spending heaps of time in the pool with my kids, eating great healthy food
and having G & T time (that’s gin and tonic time) with my wife.

Isn’t it the most wonderful time of the year!? Santa, Reindeer, carols, pretty lights, and most importantly Family & loved ones. I try to stay healthy & grounded at this time of the year by being grateful. Every christmas my family sit around the dinner table (usually them with a feast of traditional goodies, and me with my feast real food goodies..that you Dr Libby & the Real Food Chef!) and we each get to say the BEST thing that happened to us during the last year. There are tears, there is laughter, and we all oooh and ahhh over what is special to each other. It’s magic.
So I would like to say, I stay mindful about what I consume, this keeps me healthy. And I stay grounded by being thankful and being int he present moment.
(and this year at the table, I will say the BEST thing that happened to me this year, was meeting my wonderful, warm, handsome boyfriend)
Kia Kaha

I stay healthy during the holiday season by planning ahead so I have delicious and healthful foods around me so I’m not tempted by all the bad things that inevitably turn up this time of year. Also I make the most of the weather and get outside for lots of fun in the sun. I have a two year old son so the staying grounded part is easy, everyday he reminds me that the best things in life aren’t things, not to sweat the small stuff, and to make the most of everyday you are given. Wishing you a very happy holiday season Jess. xLeia

I stay healthy and grounded by making sure I am treating my body like a temple and feeding it nourishing whole foods that keep it as healthy as possible. I make sure that I take my puppies for a walk every day and make sure I move. I make sure that I am organised and preempt any situations where I may be tempted to indulge more than I need to and ensure that I plan, plan, plan ahead. I will also be making sure that this holidays I keep my printed out LTG goals and manifestos within vision sight to remind me that I am an amazing individual who deserves to fell happy, healthy and grounded on both the inside and the outside – re-reading those has always halted me in my tracks have I ever thought about giving up! I make sure I spend time out in the sun to keep my mind, skin and body happy. And I make sure that I give out hugs freely to everyone I come across – because that interaction keeps my mind and body happy, healthy and grounded. Happy holidays, Jess. Thanks for inspiring such a positive change in my life this year – you are amazing!

Christmas is a wonderful time of year, and for me it makes it easier to stay healthy & grounded. The festive season provides the opportunity to gather together and give thanks for my amazing family and friends, give thanks for my health and every opportunity I have to ensure I stay healthy. It’s a time to make the most of the beautiful summer fruits and vegetables we have in our local area, and make the most of the sunshine and salt water. Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you are as blessed in your life as I am. X

Sometimes, I find the toughest thing about the holidays is being around people ALL THE TIME. I have an awesome family, and I love being with them, but the constant company can be a little draining. There’s a reason I love traveling alone – I need a lot of me time!

I’ve found that the best way for me to get this is by taking some time in the early morning. I try to get outside, go for a walk if I can or have a stretch (it depends on where I am). Having my feet or hands in contact with the ground is pretty important too. It really calms and grounds me for the day ahead. I’m a lot more cheerful (I won’t say ‘jolly’, no wait, I WILL), more jolly and it helps me to make better choices about whether to have a second serve of pudding!

I affirm myself all the time, about how fantastic I feel when I move and nourish my body with healthy, whole foods.
The ‘silly season’ is only that, if one let’s themself go.
I remind myself that I am in control, and this doesn’t mean I cannot have celebrations and lasting memories with family and friends!
We should celebrate this exciting, warm, buzzing time of year- in a healthy, balanced and energetic way!

Everyday I go for a long rambling walk which gives me a chance to detoxify both my body and my mind. The worse the day, the longer the walk.

I stay grounded at Christmas time by following the 80/20 rule. If I eat ‘perfectly’ for 80% of the time (For me this means organic, low human intervention food, no alcohol, no dairy and gluten and sugar free) – then I allow myself to enjoy the festive season with treasured ones for 20% of the time.
For me it’s about remembering that it’s also a time to reflect on the year that was, and to celebrate the amazing life we are part of with the beautiful people in our lives.

Being far from home and celebrating this holiday with just my boyfriend I notice how much family means to me. The holidays are about being grateful and spending time with the ones one love. For this christmas I am excited to create my traditional christmas meals in a new and healthy way. I am focusing on not only giving presents, but doing nice things with the friends I have here. Being a student I can’t give all the things people are wishing for, but instead I find meaningful presents. I am also grateful for being healthy and having everyone I love. I want to tell them this and be as active and healthy as I can be because I want to celebrate life as much as I can :D

To remember its ok to take time for myself

healthy and grounded by keeping the hoildays real. No over expectations of getting it all done or fitting it all in. I have a pj days, time at home and long walks looking at nature. I breath and take it in and not feel its taking me in.

The holiday season for me is about my family, so I stay healthy and grounded by saying ‘No’ – ‘No’ to housework, work and less important tasks. Then I say ‘yes’ to the kids – craft activities, long walks and staying up late.

I stay grounded by focusing on what is important – family, health and wellbeing. Just like puppies and kittens these are for all year round – not just for Christmas and I think its important to remember that.

This will be the first Christmas I make an effort to stay healthy and grounded. I am going to keep it simple and swap not-so-healthy Christmas food for healthy alternatives, have my green smoothie every morning and focus on what I’ve got which is being surrounded by people I love.

I stay healthy and grounded over the Christmas period, by appreciating how lucky and blessed I am to have a wonderful family to share the experience with. I have a great partner who appreciates how important my kids (even though they are 27 and 25) are and that I spend Christamas eve with them and he has grandkids and 3 daughters so we generally spend Christmas day with most of them. Being part of another generation beginning is a wonderful experience and you realize how precious each moment of our lives are, especially when you are given a major ultimatum with your health. It can be full on, but there is no other way but to be health and grounded :)

I stay healthy and grounded at Christmas by being grateful for what i already have such as my health, my family and friends. My CORE values are always thought of at Christmas and they are:
“Balance, Family, Health and Freedom”


Hi Jess!

I stay grounded through the holidays with daily quiet time, and early morning walks before everyone else is awake. x

I spend time by the ocean. Its the only place where I truely feel whole. Also, I take my Vitamix on holidays with me because I cannot live without it. Spending lots of time with family and friends is really important as well. Without them, Christmas time would just not be the same. Love to you and your family xx

I stay healthy and grounded during the holidays by heading back home and spending time with my family and high school friends. Home is just north of Byron Bay so this mean beach, sun, and sand. I race my dad along the beach, cook all of our meals with mum which come from the garden, and try to beat my brothers at anything we play. My high school friends know me like no one else so nothing can get past them. And for an extra bit of grounding, my dad was a concrete driver :)

I will stay especially healthy and grounded these holidays as I am 6 months pregnant with our 1st little baby!!! its such a blessing that our bodies are able to support and nourish a baby for 9(10 months) as we have wanted a baby for a while and he is nice and healthy.

Its important to not sweat the small stuff, smile, be happy, sing, hug you hubby, hug your doggies, nourish your body with healthy goodness from your garden, ride your bike and spend time at the beach.

I am alsolutely loving being pregnant so far and make conscious decisions to feed my little peanut good food and give him a nice happy, relaxed, loving environment to live in :)

I find the holidays so much easier to stay healthy and grounded because i have more time. I have so many tips about staying healthy while traveling thanks to your blog. I meditate more and spend more time preparing healthy nutritious meals. I also spend a lot of time outdoors bush walking or at the beach. I love having NO routine. So much of my life is structured and timetabled so holidays are a time to relax and do what i feel like doing, not what i “have” to do. Meditate at 2pm? Why not! Dinner at 4pm so i can be all done and cleaned up early so i can lay on the grass and star gaze when the sun goes down? For sure!! I’m going to be reading so many books( thanks for the recommendations on your site) that will inspire me and help me be the best i can be. I love catching up with family and friends for long relaxing lunches and making them healthy whole meals.
Gratitude keeps me grounded and i am grateful to be alive to enjoy another holiday season.

Gratitude is the open door to abundance. Yogi Bhajan

Ananda xx

My tips ; – Avoide that ‘stuffed duck’ feeling by having just what you want and not the endless amount of snack foods before and after meals. Then I like to pick just one dessert not one of each of the five on offer. This keeps me grounded and accountable for for actions ;-)

And finally i like to make use of the lovely long daylight hours and get the family out and about, swimming, bike riding or a walk along the beach. xx

Acknowledging that responsiblity for my health and well being lies with me and using that ‘knowing’ to make choices on what activities I participate in, what people I want to be with and what food goes into my body.

Planting my feet firmly on the hot sand!

I don’t stay focused and i’m screaming for a helping hand. I have had alot of years of abusing my body and have had a friend go to the retreat who said it was amazing. She said she left inspired and motivated. My friend has since gotten back on the straight and narrow and praises the resort for doing so. I would love to be inspired to the point of no return so i can have my healthy life back. My weight it at its highest which has lead to sleep apnea and depression not to mention nooooo self confidence. I would just love to get the ball rolling with great kick start at the resort. I know i haven’t answered the above question but i am desperate for some help.

I find embracing a healthy lifestyle and practising gratitude comes much more naturally to me as the weather heats up and work winds down. I spend far more time outdoors– exploring and unknowingly exercising–eat fresh, light and summery foods and catch with friends and family that I don’t get to see during the year. It really is the best time of every year. What’s not to love!?

I stay healthy and grounded during the holidays through meditation. I have only recently started practicing on a regular basis but I couldn’t be happier with the results. I have gone from being the type of person who has to do 3-4 things at once to being able to focus myself to one task at a time! So during the festive season, when things are typically more stressful, I know my regular meditation sessions are going to be invaluable!

It will be a first for me But I will have everything planned so I can’t fail. Since i’m going away to family (by car) I will be bringing snacks with me and planning were to stop if I need to in towns (not servos this year lol), Bringing food to cook for my meals and buying fresh produce when i’m there,trying not to be stressed but enjoy the time through keeping myself grounded by checking in with my self through deep breathing and meditation, bring my yoga mat, getting a juicer for christmas so super excited and will help a lot!! And since my family are at the beach, when family stuff gets too stressful, go for a walk down to the beach to take some time for me, instead of letting it get to me and ruining my holiday like I usually do.

As a self confessed “stress head” I will be focusing on deep breathing, letting go of the chaos in my mind and share some wonderful moments with friends and family.

The last few years have been a bit of a struggle health wise, dealing with thyroid and fertility issues which has been a crazy rollercoaster ride! Sometimes its really hard to maintain a healthy attitude and feel grounded when your life feels like it is spinning out of control. But when you can find a moment just to be still and quiet the mind and feel within your heart that everything is going to work out, thats when I feel the most grounded.

So during this holiday period to stay healthy and grounded I am going to try my hardest to feel ok, to feel alive and to feel happy and to surround myself with loved ones, delicous healthy food and a huge dose of gratitude for the amazing life that I live.

I stay grounded by simply being realistic, and finding that sense of balance. I try not to put too much pressure on myself and rather enjoy myself and the company I’m blessed to be around.

Hi Jess,

I will be staying healthy and grounded these holidays by taking 3 weeks off entirelly to nurture myself and simply live in the moment. My focus is on letting go of who I am not in order to step into who I believe I can become. This will involve a great deal of physical, mental and emotional cleansing and releasing past baggage as well as loads of self-love, acceptance and forgiveness towards myself and others.

I will be backing this up with daily yoga sessions and my fridge will be bursting with green smoothie and fresh organic juice ingredients. Very little technology, a lot of meditation and a brand spanking new journal to accompany this 3 week soul searching journey.

Wishing you a healthy and grounded holiday also.

With love,
Debbie x

in truth i will do many of the things that all before me have listed… but what i suspect you may really want to know is what am i going to do when i don’t feel so grounded and clear over the festive season.

1. i make a cup of tea… herbal ofcourse, i now have a cupboard full of tea. if ever something or someone is bothering me, i put the pot on and normally by the end of the kettle boiling or the bottom of the cuppa, things have settled, or atleast the warm brew helps reaffirm the need to remain grounded .

2. secretly walk off and read your blog and a couple others that i find steadying and inspiring.

3. not over eat and snack on foods that don’t agree with me because i am wobbling a little in groundedness.

that’s it.

merry christmas all and jess, thanks for being a bright smile in my day and providing some beautiful truth and honesty in a world of people that need more of that.
you’re ace!

I hit the beach with my dog in the morning as early and as often as I can. Nothing like the sound of the waves to pull you back into a natural rhythm.
If I can’t make time for just me, then I make sure I take one minute each day to appreciate the sunset. Sounds corny, but watching the light change at the end of the day is very humbling.

Over the holiday season I stay focused by keeping to my usual routine of going to the gym and eating my healthy diet! And if I feel like a treat at Christmas I pick one of my favourites and enjoy every moment and then it’s back to healthy eating!

I just focus on how good I feel, and to me that feels much better than indulging in too many Christmas treats!

Thanks :)

Plan, Plan , Plan !! It’s all about ensuring there are foods around me that I can eat and that are super healthy. I always prepare snacks with me just about everywhere I go, from carrot sticks to activated almonds I never need to buy something to fill me up when I am out and about. Christmas this year is at my house which is handy because i can prepare healthy alternative meals and not be forced to eat the potato salad, hamburgers and candy canes that are normally around every Christmas.
I still need to make my list, prepare and do my research, which by the way will envolve me looking through Wellness Warriors Friday Blogs because they usually contain a yummy recipe for something that i know I can rely on to be healthy and nutritious.
On the holiday’s I always ensure that I am waking up early and doing my morning exercise and meditation and going to bed at 9:30PM so I dont run a risk of getting tired and falling of track . I do this even when I am on holidays from work so I dont stray from my normal routine that keeps me energised and healthy.

I must say firstly The Wellness Warrior!!! Jess your blog is my little go to bible….I love your inspiration. I stay healthy and grounded by surrounding myself with the things I love! If I’m on holidays I generally pack my goodies that will help me feel relaxed and keep my body happy. So whether it be a prepared home made recipe to packing in my suitcase a favourite candle. It’s about being kind to your mind, body and soul….ohhhh and laughter always a feel good pick me up!!! :)

The key to staying grounded and healthy, for me, is to stick to my morning routine, regardless of whether it’s a work day, weekend, or holiday. Before I get up, the three things to be grateful for today; some stretching, yoga postures and deep breathing time; a cleansing drink of warm water and lemon juice or apple cider vinegar and then a green juice. These are the essentials, then I can deal with whatever the day brings, even at this ‘crazy’ time of year. Consistency is the key and brings wonderful benefits!

Being healthy and grounded is a goal that is reset each day. My son is eight; bright-eyed and still innocent, even with all the baggage and weight the world offers up. I see the holidays as a chance to show him what depth of consideration, kindness, and love people are really capable of, and help him engage in and appreciate those values. We make gifts, write cards, and make healthy food together, all with the intention of bringing someone else joy and health. Watching a (my) small person pick out artichokes and brussel sprouts “because they make grandma happy,” and then draw a card to go with it… and then make a potholder so she won’t burn her hands… witnessing something truly thoughtful like this keeps me grounded, and helps me set my goal again each day. Brussel sprouts help, too…

In the holidays, I maintain a healthy mind, body and attitude by nourishing my body with wholesome foods, surrounding myself with the beautiful and happy laughter of my family and friends and being appreciative of all the amazing things god has blessed me with. I may not be everything I wish, but I’m happy with everything I am. I am alive, I am breathing, I am aware of my body. Every human on earth is born the same way and everyone should be treated equally and the beauty of that keeps me grounded. :)

I stay grounded and healthy by

1. doing a massive ‘re arrange’ of my apartment. Out with the old, in with new, simple, clean furniture. Fresh and fun.

2. Morning green juice! including a big spoon of spiralina!

3. Going for weekends away with my bestest friend.

4. Making the move to a new career i love!

I have made a commitment to myself to stay grounded and healthy not only through the holiday season but into 2013. I will continue to make one small change at a time to reach a place where I am authentically me and making the best choices for myself and my family. Since starting the lifestyle transformation guide journey, I have always been kind to myself and not expected too much, just taking it one step (and sometimes setback) at a time. Being healthy, grounded and kind to yourself is hard work, but so worth it! I have made a promise to myself to switch off from work and routine and really reconnect with the family and friends that energise and motivate me, to spend time in relaxation, contemplation and silence (if possible with a 20 month old daughter!) and to make better food choices each meal.

Hi Jess,

I stay healthy during the holidays by sticking to my stance that I am important enough to care for myself everyday regardless of what time of the year it is.
It’s a lifestyle not a diet that you can take time off.
That means maintaining all the things that make me feel good inside and out. Great nutrition, regular exercise and daily coffee enema’s combined with meditation (my favourite time of the day).
These things are important to me and I matter enough to make them/me, my priority

Happy, healthy holidays to you and yours x.

I have really struggled this year, mentally, emotionally and nutritionally. After visiting a naturopath my body is now back on track and I have been focusing on my mind. I think it’s really important to stay healthy and grounded during these holidays because it makes me feel so much better about the year ahead especially when I really want to turn my whole perspective and authenticy around in 2013. So I will be staying healthy and grounded leading into Christmas and the New Year and really focusing on making positive choices for my mind, body and soul. Spending time with friends and family who leave me feeling positive and happy. Making a committment to still take the time to meditate and exercise regularly. But most importantly really review the year that’s past and write down where I’d like to see myself this time next year. Being healthy and grounded is a committment you make to everyday. :)

For me, I find it easy to stay grounded around the holiday season as it is the one time of the year where all my family and friends gather together to celebrate Christmas in eachother’s company. And to me, being around family adn friends is the greatest thing i could possibly do to stay grounded. On the other hand, it is rather challenging for me to stay completely healthy over the holidays due to my grandma’s delicious and not so nutritious cooking. I think that’s the main reason why I would love to win this retreat after the holiday season is over, to restart and rejuvenate!

I stay healthy and grounded by thinking positively, eating positively, and acting positively.

I’m going to go against tide here and say that I find that keeping grounded and healthy is harder for me on the holidays than during the rest of the year. It’s being out of routine and thrust together with family for long periods of time when we are used to being apart. I dearly love spending time with my family and this freer time of year, the warmth and outside hours, but with us all gently rubbing our edges together, with our competing individual thoughts and needs and stresses, with us each out of familiar routines and surroundings, it can sometimes lead to feeling unsettled, to flare ups and mismatched expectations. Freedom can throw me off kilter, instead of grounding me.
But this is exactly why I know I must prioritise my health and wellbeing at this time of year. With a little more effort, with spending time in the sunshine and keeping my body moving, eating fresh and calming foods and staying hydrated, sleeping well and for an optimum amount each night, and, perhaps most importantly, reminding myself of just how grateful I am for my life and my family, I’ve learned to navigate the summer months a little better each year, to stay mindful, be present and to take nothing for granted.

Its definitely difficult to do! I think just remember not to take life too seriously. Drink lots of water and lots of nourishing food and dont over indulge!

Being really organised before the holiday season reduces stress. Then during the break I continue to walk regularly, to offset all of that eating and drinking.

I stay healthy and grounded during the holidays with the use of willpower and mental strength. By avoiding the things that could possibly put my health-routine out of whack in the first place, I’m certain to stay on the right path. And I’ve found the more I try to be mentally strong, the more willpower I’m able to create. Merry Xmas!

I love to: Spend time with those I love; create and share nourishing food; play outdoors and move as much as possible; hit the yoga mat and clear my mind to embrace everything that is fresh and new; read widely; write; give; and love. x

I have just got back from a six month stint in Bangkok, where I helped in an orphanage for children with hiv. To come home to a house near the beach and to hold my wife and healthy young girl is incredible reflecting on the past few months and the sorrow I felt for many people in Thailand.

I stay healthy and grounded in summer by spending time at the beach, getting up early and going for a run, reconnecting with my loved ones, gardening and getting creative in the studio. xx

I start each day with a walk or a swim, I will only eat till I am full, I’ll make sure I get lots of hugs from my grown up kids & my husband, I’ll skype my Dad in the UK and I will cry when I speak to him but I’ll take strength from knowing that he is happy I emigrated to Australia & I will see him in the New Year.

I don’t be too hard on myself for having slip ups….it is Christmas!

I like to take time out to read my old novels and my first-edition poetry books to center myself and quiet my mind from the daily stress I’m going through with work and hospital. They inspire me to live a happier life and brings wisdom into my life. When I’m happy, I know I treat my body better already. I like to go to the organic shops to source out all the shelves to try new and nutritous ways to nurture my body and give it a health kick in order to kick my cancer once and for all.

Over the festive season, I think an attitude of gratitude is the key to a healthy me! I make sure that every morning, I write down 5 things that make me the luckiest girl in the world, because I am, and we all are. I also like to cook with loving intention, so even if I am indulging in some “sometimes” foods, I have asked the universe to provide me with nourishment.

I stay healthy and grounded during the holidays by making things simple, living in the moment and enjoying the time with family. I also fill up on all the wonderful fresh fruits available from the markets. Yum!

GREEN JUICES!!!! & Meditation. I hope to get better about going running over the next few weeks but on days I don’t take time for meditation I seem to lose myself. Green juice & meditation daily :)

Your blog is,,, wowwwza. Lovely to read up each day.

To stay grounded I try and get my bare feet in the grass or dirt ( my mum has always done this with us as babies) I feel like the earth stabilizes me.

I get away from technology ( phone alarms esp), letting my body wake naturally just feels GOOD! Starting my day with its chosen beginning is enlighening & true. When i know i get to be ME & feel like ME then i can listen to my bodies needs throughout the days.

Thanks for the opportunity x

Getting ready for the Nissan Triathlon on the Goldcoast in May by starting my training tio burn off a years worth of indulgence since the last one.

I focus on preparing gorgeous Christmas foods for myself and my loved ones:

* Ginger oatmeal cookies with organic dried cranberries.
* “Christmas Juice” – spiced apple juice.
* Cinnamon roasted sweet potato.
* Pea and nutmeg soup.

This year, I will also dress as “little Santa” and hand out mugs of peppermint tea instead of candy canes. :)

It’s pretty simple. Being grateful for time spent with family, time out to take stock and enjoy the simple things. Good food, good company, with family and friends. Time near the water, sunshine, clean food and clean air.

I start each day with a green smoothie, packed full of goodness and will have a day of green smoothies to make up for a particularly indulgent day.

I spend time with people I love, doing things that my heart and body love. Nature inspires me to be active, be healthy, and be thankful for everything around me. Holidays to me don’t mean eating more, drinking more, partying more. They mean I get the day AND night times to enjoy the beach, the river, the freedom, the happiness xx

Its pretty easy to stay grounded when you live in the country. We are so lucky to be surrounded by orchards and a lovely veggie patch where we can harvest the most delicious Christmas spreads.

Wholesome foods and a loving family; grounding, healthy and nourishing.

I treat others. I treat myself. I rest. I play. I don’t burn away. I rejoice. I be merry. I be me.

I stay grounded over the holidays by prioritising my yoga and meditation routine! That combined with nutritious food, rest and quiet reflection on the past year keeps me happy and healthy

I focus on keeping food as close to its natural state as possible, with a family full of allergies it’s the only way to go :-)
I also take time out to stretch, breathe and clear the mind (it’s my 15-30mins of selfish time).

I can’t wait to spend this time camping by the ocean with family and friends and connecting with nature :) Waking up to walk along the beach, then yoga, surfing, diving, fishing and cooking yummy crays and fish in my wonderful camp oven! Can’t wait :) Merry Christmas x

How do you stay healthy and grounded during the holidays?

Staying healthy and grounded during a time of excess and consumerism involves staying focused on the true spirit and the magic of this season.

Gratitude for my health, the health of my family and the abundance in our lives reminds me that I am blessed.
Staying grounded is easy when you look at the world through charitable eyes and a compassionate heart.

My son is 3 years old and we have recently spent time sorting through his toys, clothes and books and preparing to give away his excess to other families in need.
When I asked him what he wanted on his Santa wish list last week he said that he wanted more toys to give to the children who are sad this Christmas. Grounded much?

Staying healthy in the mind creates health in the body. Taking care of my mental health during this season allows me the power to take care of my physical health. Fresh, raw, brightly coloured feasting and preparing nourishing meals for loved ones give me health in the body and soul.

Remember the simple pleasures, create kindness and warmth in the hearts of others by sharing my own kindness and take the time to look around with compassion – all of these things will keep me grounded, and at peace.

I love the holiday season and i find it a motivating time of year to stay true to my self.. Surrounding myself with such beautiful friends as i live away from home helps me to stay grounded.. I prepare nourishing food that excites everyone to have a healthy and promising new year. To stay grounded i also like to meditate and prefur not to give gifts to friends but to provide enviroments of good food laughter and relaxation. Happy holidays everyone x

I stay grounded and focused during the Holidays by utilizing the quiet time in the morning before everyone wakes up, it helps me gather my thoughts and focus on the day. Hot Yoga and a Vegetarian lifestyle also play a tremendous role in my everyday life!

To be honest Jess, I’m not sure. It’s not something I have ever been able to achieve! We are currently working our way through the LTG and I am finding so much inspiration so I think I will be referring to that a lot over the silly season. I am slowly learning to manage my anxiety through EFT and will be constantly reminding myself to feel blessed for all that I have, and to let things that are out of my control go. Also remembering the true spirit of the season and embracing that with my beautiful family. That should be all I need to get through! Though knowing I had a 2 night getaway at Gwinganna to look forward to would definitely help ;-)

Kristen xx

Hi Jess,
Great question! I love to use my time off to do activities which I normally wouldn’t do while in the midst of crazy work life. In summer, I’ll take out kayaks with friends and this year hoping to try some paddle boarding for the first time! I think by integrating activities into every day, makes staying fit so much more fun while on holidays. This year i’m going to start trying some bushwalking as well, get back in touch with nature!
In terms of food, having the time on holidays is the perfect time to carefully prepare wholesome feasts with family and friends, and more importantly sit down, and take the time to enjoy my meals. So no scoffing lunch down at my desk. Get outside and enjoy every mouthful!

This year, my holiday is but five days long … for every day of which I am grateful. I will visit my dear family who live in another state; enjoy a swim in the sea; visit my favourite cafe in Newcastle (Estabar, whose focus is on organic, sustainable and local, with a view of the ocean – YUM); and remember to be thankful for my good health and the wealth of being able to connect with those I love most.

Wow Jess, what another fantastic giveaway. I’ve just been looking at Gwingana Spa and wishing I could enjoy a stay there. I can’t even imagine having the opportunity to rejuvenate myself and take my beautiful, deserving Mum to Gwingana to soothe her heart and soul.
Staying healthy and grounded is particularly important to me at this time of the year. Holidays are a chance to unwind, relax, and spend quality time with the best people in our lives. Through prayer, mediatation and mindfulness I am able to stay well grounded, but I also try to let go, live in the moment and let mother nature take it’s course, trusting that everything will be okay and turn out exactly the way it should.
I’ll also be surrounding myself with positive energy, by volunteering and helping those in need, enjoying my green smoothies and natures nourishing goodness from our garden, as well as enjoying the beautiful summer shine.
To keep both mentally and physically healthy, I’ll also be enjoying barefoot skiing, daily yoga, ocean swimming, long beach walks with my family and kayaking along the river at sunset. To me staying healthy and grounded is about having a balance and celebrating life.
Wishing you Merry Christmas Jess and happy holidays to all the wellness warriors and health minded people, may you all be blessed this season and appreciate this time of year.
Amy XX

I stay healthy and grounded by turning the festive season into a challenge.

Every time I see something festively laden with sugar, processed nasties or additives I challenge myself to make the ‘real’ version of it and bring it with me to the next Christmas gathering. That way I’m constantly learning new recipes and inspire those around me to get creative too. There will be no nasties and nothing to worry about at Christmas once I’ve mastered tweaking all the classics!

How do I stay healthy and grounded during the holidays?

I focus on rest, rest, rest. I have come to realise that I have a chronic rest deficiency in my life. When I am over tired and pushing myself to do things I think I “should” do but aren’t in my best interest, I start eating sugary junk food in order to give me the energy to keep going. Well that’s what I think at the time, but really that food depletes me of energy.

I have found that when I am well rested, when I’ve had enough sleep and reduce my workload, it becomes so much easier to take loving care of myself. It leaves me feeling inspired to make the best diet and lifestyle choices that nourish my body and spirit.

I try to stay healthy and grounded during the holidays by trying not to overbook myself and taking time to rest.

I stay healthy n grounded by being realistic. I am going to over indulge on christmas day but thats ok. I wont beat myself up about it. I meditate, exercise and spend time with my kids n my friends laughing as much as possible n not sweating the small stuff. Plenty of water n fruit,n veges leading up to and after christmas xo

This holiday season I am taking time for me, taking time to re-focus and connect before a new year. Christmas can be so stressful in so many ways and completely miss the point of the celebration. This year I am going to try and surround myself with only people that respect my values and approaches to my physical and emotional well-being and show them how grateful I am in have them in my life. I am going to be in control of what goes into my body – not persuaded by others expectations, I am going to listen to my body and recognise it’s limits – rest when I need to and know when I have done too much and I am going to surround myself with love and rise above the pettiness, consumerism and negativity that Christmas can bring! By loving myself I am more able to love those most important to me. This are values I also hope to work on in the New Year! Merry Christmas Warriors! x

I stay healthy and grounded during the holiday season – by taking naps! Whether its emotional, mental or physical exhaustion – I can feel it – and I know when its my time to rest. Last year I just went and took a nap near the end of our holiday celebration at my aunts house while the rest of my family members who were still there were still chattin – it up. It was great.

I stay healthy and grounded by sharing the time with loved ones, eating and enjoying so without guilt – laughing, loving, hugging, singing, snoozing, sunshine and being grateful for my health!

I stay healthy and grounded by keeping fit, visiting the beach, spending quality time with family and friends and getting away from the city for some fresh air! I eat good food and make sure there is at least one good laugh a day… and remembering to be grateful for what I have x

Last year, I started a tradition of annual organic berry picking… it is one of the most calming, peaceful and universe connecting activities. Likewise, I find the experience of travelling on a paddle steamer to have the same ‘feel’, so I’ll be off on a paddle steamer ride too.
I catch up with some of the wonderful, positive people in my life and share good energy with them, including the wonderful girls who run my local organic store, and I give thoughtful, homemade gifts to those I love.
I spend time with my animals, marvelling at their intelligence and time with nature, marvelling at it all.
I re-assess my health at this time of year and look at what small, manageable changes I can make in what I do, who I’m around, the products I use, and what I consume… and I make those changes, and continue them throughout the new year.
I enjoy the sense of community the festive season brings, the warm weather, the social activities and life in general…. because I’m lucky to be here to experience it all :D

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year :) thank you for your work and inspiration xoxo

I try to stay healthy and grounded during the holidays but not trying to cram too much into each day, slowing down, remembering to be present with people, especially my 3 precious children, and trying to give each of them what they need, while honoring my own needs and feelings (not always easy, but a great goal!), trying to ignore the mess and see the smiles and hear the laughter, all created while making great memories, and moments, and simple, but oh so necessary, nourishing with water, good food, fresh air, movement, and quiet time.

Bring on the holidays ! Precious times with precious people xxx

I think it can be a difficult challenge to stay balanced and grounded during the holidays-when sugarplums abound, midnight clearance sales swarm our inbox tempting us to buy! buy! buy!, and the New Year presents gifts a plenty and a most ominous visitor-the unknown.

During this time I frequently remind myself to try to focus on the pleasure of the here-and-now…to try to be ‘in and of the moment’. I find that this time of year inspires many (including me) to want to create-in order to share. This sense of generosity within myself, and among others around me, comforts me and offers me hopefulness. I appreciate the opportunity to feel purposeful and grateful!

I think it’s important to always nudge oneself to life with intention and purpose. There seem to be more opportunities to indulge (in numerous ways) during the holidays. For me, pleasurable foods and celebration (which sometimes includes gifting) are a part of what makes this time of year special and pleasurable! I think allowing oneself some indulgences while also maintaining health habits (sleep, nutrition, & exercise) is perfectly in order. I intend to live my life including many pleasures. I think life is a joyous gift to be savored and relished. The holidays offer us a special yearly chance to focus more on celebration. What a wonderful time.

So-remaining ‘in the moment’ creatively, living life with intention, and allowing myself opportunities to enjoy wonderful food and friends-while not completely de-railing off of the ‘good health and wellness’ track-seems in order. What a wonderful thought provoking question! I think I will ask some of my clients this very question during the next few weeks. Best-Joan

I believe that relationships with loved ones are the key to staying grounded.

Sometimes life get’s hectic and you forget that it is the people you care about that are the most important.
I love to spend time with my family, remembering good times and creating new memories to be relived in the future. My family grounds me and reminds me of who I am and why life is so great.

So, that’s how I stay grounded during the festive season. It’s not some magic technique, but love is the most powerful thing in the universe and the key to life.

I stay healthy by trying to be mindful about not overindulging and overdoing it around this time of year. I try to make sure I take time for myself to destress and recharge, and do the things that matter to me, e.g. spending time with the people I care about.

I stay grounded and healthy this time of year by practicing gratitude. I’m so grateful for the festive season as it means quality time and fun with my gorgeous family, it’s about giving, receiving and helping others rather than overindulgence. Plus the fact that i have banged on all year about healthy choices, organic food, and my new lifestyle that I feel challenged to prove to my skeptical inlaws that I’m still all over it even when it comes to Christmas lunch!! So gratitude and I guess pride do it for me ;)

I only eat certified organic foods and nourish my skin with certified organic skincare such as pure and green and planet eve. I take time to walk to the park and engage in the simpler things in nature to increase my awareness for the things that really matter in this life, and the things that are truly important to me.

walks at the beach as the sun goes down with the dogs :)

I stay grounded and healthy over the holidays by trying to keep my same morning routine, meditation, lemon water, walk my beautiful dogs and then a green juice or smoothie. If going to parties or bbq’s, I will also take something healthy to snack on, I’ve discovered there are so many healthy treats I can make without sugar. I also like the end the day with gratitude, meditation, walking or playing with my dogs and then cuddles on the bed with the dogs. No matter what has happened during the day, my dogs always show me unconditional love and remind me to live in the moment.

I don’t want a prize – tar Jess anyway (there’s probably someone who needs it more than I do anyway)
However, I stay healthy and grounded during the holidays by living my life as normal and limiting holiday food treats.

I love the summer holidays where i can nourish my body with seasonal fresh summer fruits and relax my mind by enjoying the great outdoors. I enjoy the beaches which are so cleansing and invigorating and practise breathing exercises that help cleanse my system. A great book to get lost in and some family and friends to share laughs and memories help keep me grounded and remind me whats important.

I stay healthy & grounded during the holidays by staying true to my values around health. That is: Balance and moderation.

I remind myself that the holidays are about great friends and family having a laugh and making memories and although food is a great way to bring everyone together I will not engage in food that will leave me depleted and run down. I make yummy and healthy recipes that will give me plenty of energy to keep partying without the hangover side affects :)

Hi Jess!

I wish I could say that I lead a healthy life over the holiday season; however I find it difficult being so busy catching up with family and friends and focusing on celebrating the end of the year. One thing I do enjoy doing to promote healthy skin and hair is to use foods as an exfoliator, moisturiser and even a mask. Although it takes a bit longer to prepare, it’s so worth it!

Holidays are so hectic and we always have people visiting, so the best way I can stay healthy is by finding one little bit of the day to keep to myself.

I get up early and do yoga on my balcony in the beautiful morning sun, then meditate a little before indulging in a healthy breakfast. I top it off with an invigorating shower, where I exfoliate and cleanse my body. I find this little ritual leaves me prepared physically, mentally and emotionally to battle the hectic days over the holidays.

One of my favorite things to do that gives me joy is….giving. So instead of focusing on Christmas as a time to stress about shopping, money, food, etc….I focus on giving intentional gifts to those I love. This year in particular, I’m focusing on ‘purchasing with purpose’ as much as I can – finding gifts that not only benefit my loved ones but also benefit someone in need. This keeps me healthy and grounded when it seems like the world is spiraling into mass chaos because of societal expectations. Merry Christmas to all!

I stay healthy during the holidays by making sure I have healthy food & treats on hand, home-made of course & having plenty of good food,fruit & vege in the fridge. Also spending downtime with family & friends. Have a great Christmas:-)

I believe that the holiday season is a time to ‘share’ & ‘care.’ It is easy to stay ‘healthy & grounded,’ when you stay true to your ‘spirit and soul.’
By sharing my holiday ‘joy’ with my family, and those that I ‘love,’ I am guaranteed to stay grounded. Keeping others grounded, inevitably leads to feeling grounded in yourself. I also love sharing healthy food with those I love, to help teach them that it is possible to have a healthy & humble holiday season.
Remaining true to thyself, sharing & caring and watching the sunrise….if I can do all of the above, then I can guarantee myself & those around me, a happy, healthy & grounded holiday season. :)

Hi Jess,
I’m doing things differently these holidays! Mine have half started, so I’ve started a fruit and veg garden to poke around in, got myself a juicer (thanks for the idea!) and am learning new recipes to use instead of the old, not so healthy stuff. I’ve re-joined the gym to feel healthier and am doing evening life-drawing classes to feel grounded (it’s like meditation for me). I’ve discovered the river near my house leads to work and uni, and has a bike-track along it…so I’ll be practising some bike-riding along there. I’m hoping that by learning some new habits that could fit around next year’s crazy schedule, these habits will stick after the holidays too :) Will hopefully go camping and kayaking for the first time ever too, as a treat!
Jo xo

WOW!! There are so many amazing and gorgeous responses to this question, I absolutely love the extra insight from everyone sharing. I love holidays. I love to stay grounded during the holidays, by focusing on being present. Its really easy for me to get caught up in the excitement of the new year, the year that has passed, the social parties and of course, the family visits and business wind-down. I like to plan my following year, at the end of the year before, and, it can be very daunting! Also, The conversation around this time of year is always about what happened and whats happening… instead of what is.. Summer is here, and it always goes so fast , so I do my very best to get out of my head and into my life. I get up earlier, move my body, be present in nature, eat wonderful foods, and whatever I’m eating, I am present. I grab out my journal, and write. I do crazy activities that put me out of my comfort zone and into the now – rock jumping, surfing, skydiving, playing sports with others, cooking, anything but being on the computer and losing track of the day on my facebook for iphone. Anything that brings on a little adrenaline definitely makes me stop thinking about anything else but my life as it is today.
Thanks for asking this question… time to go for a swim! x x x

I stay healthy and grounded by using all my senses to appreciate everything I eat, feel, touch and do.

I stay healthy and grounded during the holidays by giving to others. Sharing my time with family, friends and helping people in need keeps me active, happy and centered.

I stay healthy during the holidays by bringing a healthy organic vegan dish to parties, so I will have healthy food options, not drinking alcohol, and getting to bed early.

I also avoid driving my car during the holidays so I do not get stressed out from all the holiday shopping traffic. Instead, I walk or ride my bike any where I have to go. I use aromatherapy as well, which takes the edge off if I am feeling stressed.

It is important for me to maintain my routines and continue to practice what I preach to my loved ones when I see them during the holidays, so they can see the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle, and be inspired to make changes in their own lives. One thing I make sure I do during the holidays even though it is cold out, is I wake up early, bundle up, and head out first thing into the cold morning to ride my mountain bike before I can talk myself out of it. While i’m riding I get beautiful views of the Rocky Mountains, wild life sightings, and become filled with tremendous gratitude for the healthy changes I have made in my life which allow me to live a life of such quality.

I stay grounded during the holidays by meditating and staying active. I focus on the little traditions that are meaningful to me, like decorating the tree, listening to Christmas carols and watching “it’s a wonderful life” with family. I try to remember not to spread myself to thin and to get started early in December (making gifts etc) so that I don’t leave everything to the last minute.

I try to get organised early to reduce stress and I love making healthy Christmas treats for my family and friends

Hi Jess!

Christmas can be such a crazy time but what I try to do is to remember throughout the year that catch-ups with loved ones and friends and family need not wait until the end of the year. By spreading out catch-ups and special times throughout the year not only can you feel love and show love and appreciation to those around you but there’s less need to feel you need to do it all at once at Christmas time. If I see something that a friend loves, I’ll buy it and tell them that I love them rather than waiting until Christmas.

I also find it’s important to make sure that amongst the festivities I take time for myself, to go to yoga, to meditate, to create amazing healthy food in the kitchen (which is what I love to do!) And this way when I do catch up with friends and family over Christmas I have the time and energy to spend quality time together which grounds me even further and is good for my soul.

Keep up the amazing blog – you are a true inspiration!

Thanks so much for this amazing opportunity, Jess. How exciting! For me, the holidays are all about going into slow-down mode. The year is such a frenetic dazzle of technology, work, spinning heads… life. I try to decompress by going back to basics and pushing reset. Turning off technology, spending time with loved ones, walking in nature, laughing lots and heading into the kitchen for some seriously tasty cooking dates. Just me and my oven. Everyone wins. I find if I make an effort to go inwards around this time, the year ahead works much smoother for me. Here’s to hoping, anyway!

Happy holidays to you, Jess. You deserve this prize yourself :-)

I stay happy and grounded by:
• surrounding myself with family, loved ones and positive people
• being gentle with my body and not over indulging for the sake of it
• walking barefoot through grass, sand, and sometimes, accidentally, dog poo
• laughing at dad’s jokes (or pretending to)
• listening to nana’s tales
• sneaking superfoods into my little brothers’ smoothies
• pashing my boyfriend’s face off!
• dancing like a crazy person round the yard
• smiling at people just because
• road trippin’ with my best friend on boxing day
• watching the dog try and sneak food off people’s plates on christmas day
• painting my toes fluro melon
• being a little bit naughty.

Just by doing more exercise than I Normally do because of that dreaded feast on Christmas Day, after that its back to exercising and good eating al way through the holiday period

I feel that staying grounded is as simple as remembering to smile, drink lots of water and making sure that you have enough fibre in your diet so that the stress won’t block you up!

Simply by practicing gratitude and mindfulness, both of which keep me in the NOW and remind me to focus on what’s good and true… Merry Christmas xo

I like to spend time out from the ‘silly season’ by getting back to nature…I enjoy taking a dip in the ocean, walking on the sand barefoot and soaking up some vitamin D ;-)

Lot’s of kisses and cuddles, jumping on the trampoline and letting go….so what if I eat a little too much….isn’t that what Christmas is for? Staying in the flow….and remembering to tell those I love how special they are….and doing something nice for people you don’t know….a simple smile can change so much. Taking the time…spending the time…..but forgetting about time.

A wonderful, joyful festive season to all. x

I like to go back up the coast to visit my beautiful gracious Mother… Hang out with her in her home grown vege patch, under the sunshine in the fresh air… Make some healthy food, go for long walks with her up the beach… and just bliss out with mother nature x

I take lots of detox baths, drink juices and broth and meditate. It helps me stay focused on what’s important- staying healthy in the long run, and dealing with the stress of the holidays in healthy ways.

1) By taking a good look around both inside and out and say thank you.
2) By setting an intention for the new year.
3) By saying yes to everything nourishing, food, sleep, meditation, good company.
4) By being creative in what ever way be it the home, writing, painting, gardening, cooking, dancing.
5) By allowing myself to be free of all the ‘shoulds’ that I have been conditioned with so that I can connect with true self and true path…. and breathe!


I stay grounded during the holidays by taking my own food with me everywhere :)

While diet and exercise are good ways to stay healthy and grounded during the holidays, I find that what works for me is creating a sacred afternoon ritual of my own:

A cup of tea,
Some time for me,
Cat on my lap,
Then an afternoon nap!
I’m recharged :)

Hi Jess, I am so inspired by the wellness lifestyle but still struggle to incorporate things like affirmations and meditation in to my life on a daily basis. For me, being healthy will mean hosting Christmas for my friends with no family in Perth on Christmas Eve and my family on Christmas day. What they don’t know yet is that most of the meal will come from the organic garden which has been worked on in the months leading up to Christmas. It is my special gift to them and in the hopes it brings wellness into their lives. Healthy for me also means indulging in spending quality time with my partner, family, friends and pets.
I stay grounded by spending time on a special charity of my choice, this year it will be raising money for the Bali life orphanage (another amazing and inspirational team of people) and because I love cats and the joy (and fur balls) they bring to my life…donating to the Shenton Park cat haven. Meowrry Christmas!

I stay healthy and grounded by realising that Christmas and holidays are about spending time with family and friends, not necessarily what goes into my mouth. I am a huge believer in living a life that means you are always your healthiest and happiest. Yes I will indulge and enjoy my favourite chocolate, but I will also continue to juice, walk, meditate and practice gratitude on a daily basis. Practicing the above helps to keep me grounded and my mind and body healthy

Vitamin D and a dip in the sea,
Stone fruits and smoothies,
And couch nights with movies.
Ness x

By kicking my shoes off and letting my feet relax in the grass / sand / water. It keeps me grounded, helps me reconnect and reminds me of the importance of looking after mother earth and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, not only for the good of me, but for the good of the entire planet and its wellbeing.

To stay grounded during the CRAZY month i make sure to spend,
time with my husband who’s not just my rock but also my best friend.
Things often get so hectic but i try to always remember,
What a beautiful time it is for family to be able to spend together.
To keep healthy i remind myself each and every day,
That there is never an excuse to treat my body in a poor or negative way.
So caring for it daily no matter what time of year.
Is a motto that i live by, so ill have to ‘pass’ on that beer.
Instead ill make my own desserts- a pelegrino instead of wine,
And just because i don’t ‘stuff’ my face doesn’t mean i won’t have an awesome time!

This Christmas i will be learning how to care for and respect myself again since finding this great website. Years of self inflicted damage to my body and mind have taken their toll. I am going to get in the garden, get my hands dirty and making an awesome vege patch to fill my body with goodness and love (something i haven’t done since i was a kid). Its time to take control and learn to love me again!

I’m going to stay healthy and grounded this Christmas by spending lots of time in the pool swimming and being active in fun ways. I’ll also spend time alone, reading books and meditating, and drinking cooling juices.

will stay healthy over the holidays by making smart choices, no processed foods, never microwave. Stay mostly raw.

Hello Jessica and Merry Christmas to you and your family.

In answer to your question, I am staying grounded through the love I give and receive from my 21 month old son, he is the joy of my life and he was a true blessing to come to me so late in my life as a very healthy and happy baby (i.e. I was 43 at the time of his birth). He keeps my inner child active, which is so important, especially around this time of year when many people tend to show signs of anxiety and stress. This year I have started a detox “before” Xmas as I want to make sure my body and mind are filled with energy and also to have the full capacity to radiate love and warmth to everyone who crosses my path. I have also taken up meditation again in the evenings, my son joins me as he goes off to sleep. If I’m not busy enough being a sole parent to my active toddler, this week we are minding a dog whilst the owner has a last minute business trip to attend. I’m always happy to help others especially when they are in need and although I feel like I have 2 toddlers running around right now, helping this person out at the last minute makes me feel at peace and grounded; and the dog provides much laughter and joy to the both of us and so giving is also receiving. When my son is older we will help out with charities, this will help him stay grounded and not get caught up in the whole Christmas fiasco of spending on unnecessary items.

As an added note I came across your website just yesterday as I was looking for a recipe for a green smoothie due to feeling very run down after a bout of the summer flue. I tried a variation of it today adding a bit of garlic, ginger and chili and it was fabulous. I’m looking forward to stocking up on some more ingredients and trying some other variations.

I wish you and your readers the most wonderful and joy filled Christmas full of blessings and love. I look forward to receiving your newsletters from now on and I’m so thankful I came across your website at a time I needed it most.

Warmest regards

Hello Jessica and Merry Christmas to you, your family and your followers,

In answer to your question, I am staying grounded through the love I give and receive from my 21 month old son, he is the joy of my life and he was a true blessing to come to me so late in my life as a very healthy and happy baby (i.e. I was 43 at the time of his birth). He keeps my inner child active, which is so important, especially around this time of year when many people tend to show signs of anxiety and stress. This year I have started a detox “before” Xmas as I want to make sure my body and mind are filled with energy and also to have the full capacity to radiate love and warmth to everyone who crosses my path. I have also taken up meditation again in the evenings. If I’m not busy enough being a sole parent to my active toddler, this week we are minding a dog whilst the owner has a last minute business trip to attend. I’m always happy to help others especially when they are in need and although I feel like I have 2 toddlers running around right now, helping this person out at the last minute makes me feel at peace and grounded; and the dog provides much laughter and joy to the both of us and so giving is also receiving. When my son is older we will help out with charities, this will help him stay grounded and not get caught up in the whole Christmas fiasco of spending on unnecessary items.

As an added note I came across your website just yesterday as I was looking for a recipe for a green smoothie due to feeling very run down after a bout of the summer flue. I tried a variation of it today adding a bit of garlic, ginger and chili and it was fabulous. I’m looking forward to stocking up on some more ingredients and trying some other variations.

I wish you the most wonderful and joy filled Christmas full of blessings and love. I look forward to receiving your newsletters from now on and I’m so thankful I came across your website at a time I needed it most.

Warmest regards

I make a conscious effort to remove myself from technology and focus entirely on my surroundings and my loved ones to be as present and peaceful as possible. This helps me rest deeply, absorb the love and energy from my closest friends and family and helps me recharge for the year ahead. I also look to write my thoughts, hopes, fears and goals for the following year in my journal to put me in the right frame of mind to launch into the New Year.

Thank you for the opportunity to enter the competition and have a beautiful and restful Christmas season.

Staying grounded during the holiday season – Drink more water, water and water, buy as fresh, organic and spray free + local as possibe if we can’t grow it, and juice/smoothie a day.
Thankyou, your work is awesome. :)

Staying grounded during the holiday season and (hopefully I can continue it throughout this new year) has started with me finally putting myself on top of the list. I lost myself as a mature age student trying to do a nursing degree, having teenagers and having a toddler diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. So mum went to the back of the list with an extra 20kg’s on from unhealthy eating.
So I heard about your site and I am changing my lifestyle, my diet and allowing time for myself..
So thank you for creating your site and sharing your knowledge and positive attitudes

To stay healthy and grounded during the holidays- I keep in tune with what my body is telling me! If its tired and worn out I rest, if there are issues in the body I like to look at the emotional aspects as well as the physical to what is going on. Lots of vibrational medicine, healthy eating and meditation help too