healthtalks Episode 2: All About Coffee Enemas

Posted October 16, 2012

I have been chomping at the bit to show you episode 2 of healthtalks. Why? Because it is all about my favourite topic ever, of course. During episode 2, we discuss coffee enemas – the what, the why, and the how! Yep, the how.

In this clip, you will learn exactly what coffee enemas are, why they are an important exercise when it comes to detoxifying the body, and a step-by-step run down and demonstration on how to do them (PG, of course).
Click here to watch:


Ready to flush out that liver? This is where you can buy all of the equipment:

Enema kit

Inner Glow Health (Australia) $68

Inner Glow Health (Australia) $35

ISHI Medical (Mexico) $11 – This is where I buy my kits from because they are much cheaper, but those of us in Australia have to front the cost of postage. I buy in bulk, so it doesn’t bother me. You do need to purchase the enema kit, enema tube and connector. These kits are more of a disposable kind, and not as sturdy as the ones from Inner Glow, however I don’t mind trading my bucket in for a new one every month or so.

Organic coffee

Inner Glow Health

Any health/organic food store. Ask for organic light to medium roast.


+ I like to also lay down an absorbable pad like the blue pads from ISHI to soak up any coffee that may drip out while I’m doing the enema (it can be handy in the beginning so you’re not washing so many towels). You can also find these at some pharmacies.

+ I clean my bucket out with organic castile soap. Dr Bronner and Melrose are good brands.


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What did you think? If you have any questions or comments, pop them below. Let’s make coffee enemas cool!


Positive affirmation for the day: I am awesome.

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Maddison says:

I first heard about enemas at the beginning of the year when reading Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Diet, I wanted to try it but was definitely too chicken, I think I still am, but with you always talking about them and seeing the benefits I definitely want to give them a try one day. This video has helped me not view them as being so scary, just have to get over it buy the stuff and find a time when everyone is out of the house I think.

I was wondering though that if you detoxify your liver but perhaps don’t have the best diet (mine is pretty good, but not as good as someone like you who eats a plant based diet) will I still have the benefits of detoxifying, if I am not then fuelling my body with the best nutrients possible. Just a little question I was wondering. Thanks.

Anu says:

I love this new segment! I first tried an enema (I used plain water) after watching Jess’s first video and I can definitely say they aren’t as scary as they sound.

I don’t do them daily, usually once a week just to feel nice and clean.

Jan says:


I have horrible hormonal acne around my jawline…have noticed that diary and chocolate makes it flare up. I have quite a healthy plant based diet normally (do not eat diary, wheat, white sugar). Have started on green juices in the morning which seems to help a bit. Just wondering if you know what else I should be doing to help it?

Thanks, J x

Jazmin says:

Wow Jan, I could really relate to your post! I, too, have hormonal acne around the jawline and the side of the cheeks. It’s the cystic type and it looks so horrible and depressing :'( my diet is mostly plant based, with no dairy and sugar (cut this little devil out last year because of its addictive nature – I was a sugar-head on the road to self-inflicted diabetes), but I do consume some rye bread and rice on a weekly basis. I’ve cut out so many things from my diet that I’m pretty much stuck right now. 2 weeks ago I removed all breads and bread-like items from my diet to try and see if wheat affects me, but I still continue to get fat new pimples every day. Damn you hormones, I need you back in check! I suffer from PCOS and irregular periods and I believe that’s the source of my acne. I was on the pill for about 18 months and it didn’t help a great deal so I’ve been off it for almost 5 months now with little to no improvement. I figured I don’t want to pump extra hormones in my body. I want it to do its job, on its own. I’m still working on that though. Now, coffee enemas seem like the next reasonable thing to try given that the liver is the organ in charge of breaking down and metabolizing hormones once they’ve finished their job in the body. I don’t think I got much to lose by giving it a try. Have you had a go at it yourself?

Liz says:

Hi Jess,

I was doing a few coffee enemas per week before I got pregnant and was loving it. I gave it up when I was pregnant as I was unsure of the safety and still haven’t started doing them again as I’m now breastfeeding. I’m wondering if you know if they’re ok to do while breastfeeding? I’m planning on extended breastfeeding so won’t be able to resume my enemas for years if its not safe!
Thanks Jess, I’m loving health talks, wish the episodes were longer!

Jess says:

Liz » HI Liz, As far as I know, it is okay to do coffee enema if you are breast feeding if – as long as you do them procedure properly to prevent the caffeine from being absorbed into your main circulation (this would deliver the caffeine to your breast milk). Do your enema in the morning and take chia seeds and chlorella just prior to the coffee enema and again afterwards in order to bind the bile and prevent reabsorption. If you notice that your baby becomes agitated, restless or difficulty sleeping, stop the enemas right away. You can make sure the coffee stays low in your sigmoid colon by lying on your right side while doing the enema. Hope this helps! x

Liz says:

Just saw this reply! Thanks Jess thats super helpful ill give it a go :)

Selma says:

Well done Jess and colleagues! I just completed my first week of the modified gerson therapy for 14 years of chronic lyme/MS type fibro disease. I am having a rough go so far since it seems to be ramping up my nervous system big time ,to the point where it has affected my sleep. I’ve always been super caffeine sensitive and sensitive in general. Did you have this effect in the beginning? Trying to determine if it is really stirring up toxins or if it is indeed the caffeine or not. Thank you!

Jess says:

Selma » Hi Selma, as long as you are lying on your right side while doing the enema, the caffeine should not be absorbed into your main circulation. To be even more sure, you can take chia seeds and chlorella before and after your enema to bind the bile and prevent reabsorption. xx

Melissa says:

Great video! Very informative!

nadine-lee says:

i so want to try this! a pretty obvious question but i am curious – what source of filtered water do you use Jess? xxxx

Jess says:

nadine-lee » We use Grander purified water here. It’s really hard to find a system that removes fluroide, but the Grander kitchen benchtop system does. Check out xx

Hattie says:

This might sound silly, but forgive my lack of knowledge on biology! But why would this be better than drinking a cup of black espresso, for example?

Amanda says:

Hi Jess! Great vid!! Im also wondering what the difference between this and just drinking the coffee is? Thanks!

Jess says:

Amanda » Hi Amanda, when you drink coffee it is digestion through your digestive system and is absorbed into your main system. When it goes up your bottom it’s not digested and you don’t absorb it. x

Faith says:

Can’t live without my coffee! Just to add – I made the mistake of making an enema too cold – you don’t want to do that – Make sure it is nice and warm to match your insides – and another mistake I made was not to insert it far enough and as a result the coffee went nowhere. It’s important to relax and breath through it. When I first started enemas, I felt sick – (I was pretty toxic), but I persisted and glad I did. Now I feel great afterward and it’s a very important part of my cancer treatment. At first it’s a little hard to get used to but believe me – you WILL begin to like it.

Kylie says:

Just a question is the water still hot (boiling) when you dilute it in the bathroom? Sorry I replayed the video a couple of times to see but I think it is?

Jess says:

Kylie » Hi Kylie, yes the coffee should still be hot when you add it to your bucket. Or, if it has cooled (which is also fine) add a mix of boiled and cold water to your bucket so that the solution is body temperature (or slightly warm). If the solution is too cool, it will be uncomfortable to hold. If it’s too hot it will burn your bottom! x

Nicole says:

Thanks for the great post! You are so brave Jess being willing to share this video, well done for putting yourself out there! Just wondering if there is a ‘cheat sheet’ to accompany the video – just so that I don’t have to replay it every time until I get familiar with the process? Good work!

Jess says:

Nicole » Ha ha thanks Nicole! There is some instructions written out in this post (as well as some coffee enema trouble shooting): x

Eeeeeep, this still makes me cringe a little! I can’t believe you do one every single day Jess, that’s complete dedication. Looks interesting, and I’m definitely intrigued.
It’s good timing with summer inching closer as well, now to see if I’ve got the guts to actually do it!!

Thanks so much for making the Coffee Enema video. I have been telling all of my nutritional clients to do them and sharing your videos with them for the how to demo. I survived cancer 15 years ago and know that juicing, eating an organic diet and doing the blessed coffee enemas saved my life. Now I share this information with everyone!
You are an inspiration to all.
Blessings on your continued healing journey.

Nicola says:

Aagh…you might have convinced me…at least I am googling where to buy the kit x

Michaela says:

Thanks again for a wonderful Health Talks episode! After reading your blog I bought my own home enema kit about 8 months ago. I’ve only done one so far but that’s mostly due to my schedule and not the experience itself. It was actually a really enjoyable, relaxing thing to do for myself; another part of a self care routine. For anyone in Perth, I bought my kit from The Rejuvenation Centre – which was quite reasonably priced :)

Linda says:

Loved the video! 2 questions for you…1) how do you control the temperature….and 2) does the caffeine have a stimulant effect? I’ve given myself enemas before, but never tried a coffee enema– your video helped to clarify so much! Thank you!

Jess says:

Linda » Thanks Linda! I control the temp by making sure I have a mix of boiling and cool liquid in the solution. So, if the coffee is still boiling hot I will top it up with cold water and this will make it the correct temperature. However, if the coffee has gone cold I will add a little boiling water into the solution. You want it to be slightly warm – not hot and not cold as these extremes will make it uncomfortable (and burn your bottom!). The caffeine may have a stimulating affect if you don’t drink coffee and it is your first one. However, it most likely won’t have any affect because the coffee shouldn’t be absorbed into your main system. The first time I did one was late at night and I had trouble sleeping, but I have been fine ever since then and haven’t felt the affects. x

Thanks Jess. Great info to support physical AND emotional health – self-love, to be specific. When we’re self-loving we love everything about ourselves, unconditionally – then there is no cringing at the thought of doing an enema.

Very informative. I’m not sure that I’m that brave, but I’m going to have a chat to my naturopath about it. A great thought starter Jess.

sally says:

I don’t think i can get over the actual shoving a tube up the buttus! Just the thought of it makes me cringe. How do you do it?!

Jess says:

sally » You barely feel it! It’s a thin tube and it’s coated in coconut oil ha ha. I would call it “sliding” rather than “shoving” :)

Melanie says:

Hi Jess,

First off thank you soooo much for all your post on your amazing blog!! They have been helpful on my road to better health.

About the coffee enemas, do you also recommend them if you have a leaky gut?

Melanie from Holland

Jess says:

Melanie » Hi Melanie, thank you! Yes coffee enemas won’t do any harm if you have leaky gut. They are very gentle, and only work on your lower bowel and liver. I would say they are fine for you to do! x

Kristin says:

Hi Jess,
I’ve been doing coffee enemas about every 1-2 weeks (since you showed us how to do it the first time on Wellness Warrior) but it still causes me a little stomach discomfort after the enema is done. I’ve resorted to doing them at night before bed because after I’ve gone to sleep and woken back up I feel fine. What time of day do you do it, and do you ever get that gurggly feeling after you do it in the morning or mid day?
Thanks! Absolutely loving Health Talks and all the fun you’re having!

Vicky says:

I ❤ Healthtalks already!
You ladies are truly beautiful and inspirational! Can’t wait for next tuesday!
I’ve been doing coffee enemas for a few months now, since I came across Jess’ video about them. Was hooked from the first one! They give me this sensation of lightness and make me feel energised! I now do them every other day!
TO ALL CANADIANS: google: S. A. Wilson: they have cheap buckets and enema specific light roast organic coffee in various sizes of packaging… They’re in Ontario so shipping is fairly cheap!
That was my 2cents!
Looking forward to more Healthtalks ladies! Thanks for what you do!
:) x

Cathy says:

Great video! I have never done one but I will get my kit and start. Thank you for being so descriptive!

Sarah says:

Hi – Not sure I’m convinced, but there you go. I’ll remain a skeptic.
Jess, would you be able to tell me the physiology behind the caffeine. How does caffeine in the lower bowel stimulate the liver? You say in one of your comments that the caffeine is not absorbed into your blood – but it must be right – there is no direct link between the lower bowel and liver? The physiology behind this has me stumped!

Jess says:

Sarah » Hi Sarah, sure thing! The combination of caffeine, theophyline and theobromine in the coffee are absorbed from the colon through the hemorrhoidal vein (which carries the caffeine to the portal system, then to the liver). This stimulates the relaxation of smooth muscles causing dilation of blood vessels and bile ducts. Bile flow is increased, along with the number of conjugated toxins in the bile. This is due to the activity of other substances in the coffee, which activate the enzyme system Glutathione-S-transferase. This enzyme system is a powerful detoxification agent. The coffee is absorbed into the mesenteric vein, then taken up by the portal vein which serves the liver directly (The enema does not pass into the systemic circulation). The enema is retained for 15 minutes while it stimulates the liver cells to cleanse the blood, removing toxins. Hope this helps to clear that up for you! x

James says:

Wow, that was a crack!

A couple of questions….

Is the best insertion method to just slide it smoothly right up your crack?

How far do you insert the tube?
12 inches or so….?

What is the best technique for avoiding an inadvertent backfire?

When is the x-rated version due out… ?

Thanks ;-)

Imee says:

Hi Jess, would like to try this, but want like to ask first if it is safe for me to do enema after having a laparoscopic surgery for my endometriosis and an ovarian cystectomy. I am currently on Decapeptyl which is giving me a menopausal symptoms.

Suz says:

How long after you have released all the toxins do u need to stay near the bathroom ? Haha or once you have released them your stomach and bowels go back to normal ????

Jess says:

Suz » Once you’ve released it all your tummy will just go back to normal. You won’t feel sick or need to stay close to the toilet. However, sometimes not all of it will come out at once, so a second trip to the loo is needed, but not always. x

Meaghan says:


What do you think about coffee enemas and trying to get pregnant/ pregnancy? I’ve been a fan of a good ‘ol CE, but am concerned about this.


Jess says:

Meaghan » Hi Meaghan, this is totally fine. No dramas there! x

Andrea says:

I am a coffee convert.

In February this year I heard that I was going to be a grandma. Only trouble with this was that I could barely walk for arthritic pain in my hips & knees. I kept falling over. I couldn’t see how I could be a cool grandma if I couldn’t keep up.

So I did 6 months of Gerson (broken by a pre planned overseas holiday) In the space of six months with daily coffee, and juicing I become completely free of any pain. Within the first week I stopped all pain killers. I hadn’t been able to kneel for at least five years. – and was able to kneel and pit weight on my knees within a month.

Coffee enemas make you feel great. I was worried that I would be addicted and have a reaction so stopped a few days before I was due to flt to the UK. Nothing. zilch. Not a single reaction.

As soon as I returned from my holiday – straight back on Gerson – I missed my juices and enema routine. And I’ve actually grown to love gerson food.

Oh and I forgot to mention, I lost 17 kg as well….!!

Everyone I meet says how great I look.. and I feel fantastic – better than I have felt for 20 years.
I am absolutely sold on the coffee from Canada that is specifically made for enemas – it is pale in colour, doesn’t smell like real coffee, but it has a higher content of the things that make the enemas so effective. S.A Wilsons organic gold roast enema coffee.

You can order online (I buy 8kg at a time) It only cost $245 inclusive of freight and arrives in about 4 days. it is great value compared to the standard organic coffees. You can buy less if you don’t want to commit that amount.

Thank you for the info on the Wilsons organic coffee. We live in KL, and organic coffee is only available in 1kg bags.

Anonymous says:

Hi Jessica! You are so lovely! I did my first coffee enema today… I have a few questions to clarify a few things based on my experience – I did two and would kind of fill up in segments… Do you need to get all of the water in one shot? Is it more effective if you hold it in longer? And once you have filled up do you remove the hose? I also prepared the coffee using a coffee maker – Electric plug in – Does this effect the results? Does the coffee have to be prepared on the stove? And are castor oil enemas more effective than coffee enemas for a true cleanse? Can you use sunflower seed oil, coconut oil as a replacement? Thank you very much!

Jess says:

Anonymous » Thank you! If you cannot hold it all at once, it’s fine to do the enema in two segments. Yep, once the solution is all out of the bucket, you remove the hose and relax. I would definitely use the stovetop as opposed to a coffee maker. I believe this affects the releasing of gas from the coffee. Castor oil has a different effect – it cleans the intestines, where as the enema detoxifies the liver. No, you can’t substitute any other oil for castor oil during the castor oil treatment (unfortunately!). x

Kristy B x says:

Hi Jess (of whom talked me through my 1st enema)
I have been years strong of daily coffee enemas I also add herbs like cats claw or chlorella to help boost.
My ebay store (Australia) Planeat health sell buckets for $21.95….pay for top quality organic coffee and change your bucket once a month. It’s part of my routine now just like brushing your teeth!

Susan says:

Thank you for this video, makes the process seem a lot less daunting than I imagined…..I say “bring it on” i am off to get the “ingredients” online. Thanks for all the great informative poss everyone else :)

Robyn says:


I have tried locally to buy a coffee emena kit …. no luck and a few odd looks … not even the bloke at the health food store seemed to know what I was on about … gave me a business card for colonics.

So, thanks … kit dutifully ordered thanks to your link.

Anna says:

I am so surprised when health food stores don’t know about these kinds of things! I had the same experience when trying to buy edible clay locally. How do we find out before they do?! They should read Jess’ blog ; )

Lori says:

I love my daily coffee enemas!

After a coffee enema I feel so calm, relaxed and peaceful, letting go of toxins from my body. I look forward to that feeling and also the 30 or so minutes of peace and quiet to myself without interruption.

Thanks for the video. I hope that more people will try them because they are so good for you.

Danielle says:

Hi Jess!

How do you do the Castor Oil Treatment + what does it do?

I’ve been doing Coffee Enemas for about 3 months now, Thanks to your super-helpful video!

Are there other Enema Recipes you can use for different things, or is it always best to do Coffee?

Thanks! xo <3

laurie says:

I am wondering about the cleansing of the equipment, do i need to clean the bag/bucket, as well as the interior and exterior of the hose and nozzle with straight or diluted hydrogen peroxide before the first use ? do I need to repeat this procedure of the entire set up after each use ? please explain in detail , what cleansing products to use and how often, to which parts. Also, could you please detail which type (light or med. roast) of organic coffee to use. which Do we use, distilled or purified water or either ? you are an angel , you have inspired and saved so many , I shudder to think where I would be without your wisdom. I thank you.

laurie says:

I am wondering about the maintenance/cleansing of the equipment, do i need to clean the bag/bucket, as well as the interior and exterior of the hose and nozzle,tip with hydrogen peroxide before the first use ? do I need to repeat this cleaning procedure of the entire set up after each use ? please explain in detail , what cleansing products to use and how often, to which parts. which Do we add “distilled” or “purified” water to the coffee for the enema? How will we know when it is time to replace the enema bucket and kit, with new? What do you recommend when the hemorrhoids are extremely aggravated by the hose, i am afraid of them rupturing. you are an angel , you have inspired and saved so many , I shudder to think where I would be without your wisdom. I thank you.

Jess says:

laurie » Hi Laurie, I clean my bucket out once a day with castille soap (and I do two enemas a day). This is just done by adding the soap to the bucket with water and running it through the tube, and then rinsing out again with water. I clean the end of the tube after each enema though. I also rinse the bucket out with water after each enema. About once a week I run hydrogen peroxide through the bucket and tube as well. You will add either distilled or purified water to the coffee and enema – as long as the water is free of all contaminants including fluoride, it’s good. It’s up to you when you change over your bucket for a new one – you will just instinctively know this one. I change mine when the bucket starts to look a bit gross or the tube is coming lose. I am not too sure about the hemorrhoids though – would using extra oil help? Thank you so much! x

Renee says:

Jess, you are so genuine and natural and it is obvious that you walk the talk. I love the health talks! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us :-) xx

Jess says:

Renee » Thank you so much Renee! x

Carolyn says:

Thank you.

Hannah says:

Great explanation, thank you! I couldn’t for the life of me hold it in though! Do you think its still worthwhile doing if you can only hold it in for 3 or 4 minutes? : )

Jess says:

Hannah » Yes for sure! Your holding power will get better with practice x

Elisa says:

This was so helpful, thank you! Now I just have to figure out how you say “enema kit” in German, so I can buy one :-)

Love the new Healthtalks shows & looking forward to the next round.
We are off for a well deserved break BUT I have 3 coffee enemas every day at home. What do I do in a hotel resort where there is only a kettle?? I will be taking my enema bucket & coffee but really not sure how to boil it up to continue having them on my break, and I don’t want to not have them. Can you shed some light on how to do this please. Or anyone?

Jess says:

Dianne Thomas » Hi Diane, thanks so much! You could look into a portable hot plate to take with you to the hotel room? x

Jo says:

Hi Jess,
I am going to have my first go at a coffee enema soon.
However I was wondering if these enemas have an effect on the natural flora balance in the bowel?
Also, would you recommend it for someone with candida overgrowth?
Many thanks!

Jess says:

Jo » That’s awesome, Jo! Nope, coffee enemas target the liver and won’t affect the gut flora at all. And yes, I would definitely recommend for someone with candida. Even though they don’t target the colon, they provide an overall detox by detoxifying the liver, and this will help with candida. x

Penny says:

Jess – all the best to you in your fight:) I’ve been a daily enema user for about 40 years now and very much enjoy them. I do use coffee enemas at least once a month when doing a more thorough cleanse with a series of 3 enemas – the last of which is a coffee enema. I attribute my overall good health to the regular use of enemas – but I’ve also fairly recently adopted a better diet to compliment my enemas.

I’ve been eating more vegetables and fruits since becoming a member of a raw food health group while seeking better recipes for my departed loved one who lost his battle with leukemia. I have found that a better diet along with the use of enemas is quite beneficial and enjoyable as well.

Thank you for your candor and best wishes for your health and well-being.


rikki says:

Jess, you are rays of sunshine with full rainbows bursting through!!!!! Feeling very inspired to do a coffee enema…however I have atrial fibrillation…concerned if a small amount gets absorbed will trigger an episode…I have read the comments outlining by lying on your right it will only travel lower bowel and liver…however with no enema experience concerned that if I do not do it right it will get absorbed into my circulation…can you shed some reasurring rainbow light…many thanks…keep shinning…Rikki

Jess says:

rikki » Thank you so much Rikki!! I’m not 100% sure about this. I haven’t had any experience with your situation so I can’t be totally sure, but I do know that the enemas don’t move any further than the liver and bowel. This is something you may need to do more research into or consult with a naturopath who knows your situation and enemas. xx

Lisa says:

Hey Jess, just a question lovely lady. I have been reading on a few sites that some believe coffee enemas are too stimulating to the nervous system. I know, I probably should stop researching but like you I have got my health back on track by researching and finding what works for me. The coffee enemas have worked so well for me over the past two years on a daily basis using 1 a day but am a bit concerned about the adrenals and nervous system. I would so appreciate your spin on it as you have been to the Gerson Institute and you look and sound so wonderfully healthy and inspiring. Keep up your health talks Jess as you are a light in this world and I believe we all could do with a bit more of that. Lisa

Jess says:

Lisa » Thanks so much Lisa! I’ve heard this as well, but as far as I know coffee enemas have not had this kind of negative affect on my body. I now do two each day. Charlotte Gerson would say that there is no truth to this as well. If you’re already doing enemas, I would recommend having your adrenals checked to see how they’re functioning. xx

Michelle says:

I did it! Thanks for the video, it really helped.

HealthyGirl says:

Do you know if coffee enemas can help heal a leaky gut? Or a step in healing?

Khadia says:

Hi Jess! I’ve been reading Charlotte Gersons book about the therapy and realised that this has got to be the main thing i’ve been missing in trying to heal my Candida – I love that you’re not afraid to do an enema how-to video – you’re so brave! And this is information that really needs to get out there to the public! I’ve tried looking around town for an enema bucket at 4 different drug / medical stores and every time I got a strange look and an, “i’ve never been asked that before..” so now I’m ordering a couple online tonight (because I know when I start doing it i’m going to be talking about it, so might as well have some extras around for the bravest friends of mine, right? :) Thanks for the easy instructions to get me going! Great to know the facts from someone who has gone though the intensive Gerson therapy as well, not just any “you tuber” :P

Sharda says:

Hi Jess,
Love your blog and website and find it really really helpful! Thanks a lot for all the information you provide us with. Admire your courage, perseverance and enthusiasm.

I wanted to try the enemas and called ISHI medicals to order the kits. Was told over the phone that the bucket comes with a plastic tube and connector and only if I need the latex ones I need to order them separately. Is one better than the other? Since they are charging around 40$ for delivery; wanted to make sure i was ordering the right thing. Will be great if you could help!

Thanks again.

Mel says:

Hi Jess
I been doing some coffee enamas about 2x a week after seen your video. Amazing video by the way but i heard to do a water enema afterwards because the coffee can cause infections and candida. Kinda scare now don’t know if this is true?

Hi Mel, awesome! I don’t do water enemas and I haven’t had any problems. x

Kate says:

Hi Jess
On the ishi website there is no enema kit. Only the bucket and the connector? Is that what you meant? I just went to purchase it and there is no enema kit for sale?

Yes, you have to purchase all of the pieces separately. x

Brittany says:

Hi Jess!
I just recently discovered your blog after having dreams that I was “poisoning” my body with my poor diet. I decided I needed a change and I have literally been glued to your blog ever since! I have a couple enema questions for you and I was really hoping you could provide some answers:
1) Is there a benefit from using an enema bucket to a bag?
2) Would the coffee enema still be effective if I ran the coffee through a coffee maker?

Thanks so much for being an inspiration and a well of knowledge! You’ve opened my eyes to a lot of really new ideas!


Thanks so much Brittany! I prefer the bucket so that it can sit on the bathroom bench or chair, but a bag will work as well. The coffee must be prepared on the stove though, and not in a coffee maker. This is important! All the best! x

Wendy Mowrer says:

Hi Jess,

It was your coffee enema video that convinced me to give it a try.

Have you ever used the coffee specially roasted for enemas? (Light Roast)
I read about it, bought some to try. But, when I take an enema using this coffee, it gives me discomfort – feels irritating and brings on cramping almost immediately, and I am unable to hold it for the desired 15 minutes.

I have tried diluting it, cutting it to half-strength, and still get the same feeling. I have been a caffeine-sensitive person for 20 years now.

I have been using coffee enemas for several months now, and my experience with ‘regular’ organic roasted coffee has been good. I can hold it, and achieve a level of relaxation and energy which has enhanced my quality of life. So, when I read about the light roasted coffee being even ‘better’, I had to give it a try.

I am hoping there is a good way for me to utilize this coffee, since I purchased 5 lbs of it (admittedly was not a smart thing to do – but I was SO SURE it would be a great experience for me too).
Please let me know if you have any suggestions for making this coffee work.

Peter says:

Hi Jess
I have the Gerson therapy books and have survived cancer twice, the 2nd time being more than 5 years ago. I recently decided to detox and remembered the coffee enemas so did an online search to buy a kit when I came across your video. Firstly, thanks so much for providing it and all the useful info! But now I am a little concerned that you do this twice a day? I thought that if I do one or two it will help to clear out toxins from my chemo, etc. etc. but why is it necessary to do this as often as you do it? Will I get any benefit at all from only doing it once a month or so? I never expected it would be a daily procedure or that this would even be necessary. It sounds like you have a very healthy diet anyway so why would you need to do it so often? Thanks and I hope you don’t mind giving me your input on that.

Hi Peter, if you are wanting to clear out toxins from chemo coffee enemas will need to be done regularly. I do them twice a day because I still need to help my liver clear out toxins from chemo I had five years ago. We are live in a world that is full of toxins, so it’s important that we help our livers process these toxins – especially if we’re healing from cancer, which I will be forever. Healing is ongoing for me, and coffee enemas are an important part of my regime.

Margaret says:

Hi Jess,

I’ve been doing coffee enemas for a few months. Sometimes I miss a day. I have noticed that I get muscle pain – particularly in my legs. Is that a detox side effect others have told you about, or that you have experiened?
thanks so much for your video – you’re inspiring.

Kendall says:

Hi Jess,
Great video & blog! Thanks for sharing the knowledge you’ve learnt on your path to wellness.
Just one question- why plastic enema bucket over a stainless steel one? I purchased a stainless steel one- i hope it is safe to use. I thought it may last longer/be safer to use then plastic. Your blog has inspired me to finally build up the courage to give it a try- so thank you :)

Thanks! I prefer the plastic one because I can see how much coffee is in the bucket as I’m lying on the floor. Stainless steel is fine too though. When using plastic, I just make sure I don’t add the hot coffee directly to the bucket – water first and then coffee. x

Sonia says:

Hi Jess
Is there an ideal time to do this? Morning or night? On an empty stomach?
Thank you

Any time that suits you is best, however I like to do it in the morning. x

Tracey says:

Hi Jess great video. I have been wanting to try this for a while now as I have some health problems. My questions are will this be ok to do if I have gallbladder problems? The bile is thicker than it should be and causes some pain. No stones though. Will this help a fatty liver? I juice every day but don’t see any improvement on my health yet.

Rachael F says:

Hi Jess! I FINALLY got a kit and did an enema with filtered water both days on the weekend. I have had colonics before and loved them but they were $80 a session so that ended that. After the 2 water enemas, I felt light and happy (and only held the water for 5 min too), but does it have ANY benefit with liver detox? Or is it just ‘clearing me out’? I lay on my right side as you have said and had no problem with leaks on pain. Thanks Jess :)

Andrea says:

Hi Jess I have been suffering from a 15 day straight headache, do you think an enema would help? I’ve recently cut out gluten and am seeing chiropractor and an acupuncturist and naturopath.

Anomoyous says:

I am working my way towards doing my 1st enema and was wondering if there is a special sort of coffee beans to get. Or is any organic coffee beans ok to use? Thank you for your guidance and for sharing your knowledge. :)

Robin says:

Hi Jess appreciate your generous spirit. Just tried my first enema with a bucket and all the coffee just seeped out. Not sure what I’m doing wrong-would appreciate any suggestions you might have. Thank you!

Tinz says:

I have been doing them for six months, every day. Is there a problem with that? I actually look forward to them and feel so good after…..thanks…

Elaine says:

Do coffee enemas help someone who can not go potty at all without an enema? Are daily enemas harmful? Is boiling tap water (well) purification?

emma says:

just to let you know I ordered last month from Inner Glow Health their biodynamic coffee for the enemas and i received coffee that had an organic sticker stuck to the outside of the packet. (not sure why they have it listed as biodynamic on the website) I phoned them to enquire if the coffee was really organic and was told it was and they emailed me a copy of the organic certification papers they had, these were expired and for a different coffee exporter. I returned the coffee and they were great about it. but just want to give others the heads up, at $42 a kg you should be able to expect certified organic coffee. i am now just buying the certified organic coffee from my local organic wholefoods shop.

Jon H. says:

Jess, I have read most of your replies. I have seen most are women. Many are apprehensive about doing cleansing and coffee enemas. Do you feel or could we here from your tribe, would they consider hiring a certified colon health adviser to come to their residence and have us provide them with the enema services? Or if there was an office where they could come to, and have the enemas given in private? We would also provide other natural supplements available that are proven or suggested for healing or helping specific ailments. I would like to hear from women in general if they would prefer coming to their house or come to an office setting. And, as in the case of doctors, do women prefer a man or woman to perform the enemas?

Ruth says:

Hi Jess!
Do coffee enemas help regularity? I have IBS, so this would be a huge plus. Would colonics be more beneficial for regularity? Well wishes xx

JL says:

This is the first time that I’ve heard/read about daily enemas, if not multiple enemas a day. I’m not understanding how this is safe to the colon and not cause colitis? How does one’s system remember to go on its own? And, are enemas recommended for pregnant women?

Teresa says:

Thank you Jess for a thoroughly clear instructive video. I really appreciated seeing it even though I have been doing enemas for some 4-5 years. I now feel brave enough to give the coffee enema a go rather than play safe with camomile :-) You look absolutely radiant from within – well done to you.

Charlene says:

Jess, I watched your video awhile back and it inspired me to do my first coffee enema. I really like the results. I have been dealing with cystic acne for 20 years. I find going dairy free, taking a DIM supplement called estroblock to detox bad estrogens and coffee enemas has left me acne free!

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