The Green Superfood I’m Using To Detox My Heavy Metals

Posted July 16, 2012

As many of you know, I had a super high dose of chemotherapy drugs pumped through my left arm just after my first cancer diagnosis. The radical poisoning didn’t work, hence why I was led to take control of my health via all natural means. What the chemo did do, however, is leave my body with high amounts of heavy metals – which are incredibly difficult to eliminate, and make healing a very slow process. Four years since my conventional “treatment”, I am still dealing with the ramifications and I’m now introducing several detoxification tactics to chelate the toxins from my tissues. One of these tactics is taking the superfood chlorella.


Chlorella is a water-grown algae that is full of chlorophyll (which gives it its green colour). Here is its impressive profile:

+ 60% complete protein in free amino acid form (very easily digested)
+ 2-7% chlorophyll (the highest of any known food)
+ Vitamin C
+ Vitamin E
+ All the known B vitamins
+ Calcium (One tbsp of chlorella contains 320% of the recommended RDA)
+ Iron (One tbsp. of chlorella contains 120% of the recommended RDA)
+ Magnesium
+ Potassium
+ Zinc
+ Iodine
+ Trace minerals
+ Omega-3 fatty acids (ALA, DHA and EPA – the last two are often mistakenly thought to only be found in fish and other seafaring animals)
+ GLA and other “rare” fatty acids
+ Beta-carotene
+ Mucopolysaccharides
+ Nucleic acids RNA and DNA (Sardines= 0.59% RNA, Chlorella=10% RNA!)
+ Enzymes (chlorophyllase and pepsin, the latter helping you digest its high protein content)


If you have had mercury fillings in your teeth, have received vaccinations, have flown on an airplane, eat fish, fill your car up with petrol at a service station, have been exposed to radiation, or have undergone chemotherapy, you have heavy metals in your body. It is so common these days and this is a huge problem. Heavy metal toxicity can lead to cancer, autoimmune diseases and mental decline illnesses such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Chlorella is highly touted for its ability to detoxify and cleanse the body by binding to toxins and carrying them out of our systems.

Chlorella cleanses the blood and optimizes oxygen into the blood. It alkalizes the body, correcting a state of acidosis, in which most disease thrives. By definition, then, it also relieves inflammation, which is the root of much disease. It follows that chlorella is a pain reliever, reduces hypertension and enhances the immune system


Chlorella has a hard indigestible cell wall, which has to be ‘opened’ to allow it’s abundant nutrients to be absorbed. Some producers use chemical bleaching, heat treatments or milling to ‘crack’ the hard wall – these harsh treatments can have a detrimental effect on the valuable nutrients within.

I’ve been taking Yaeyama Pacifica Chlorella. I chose this one for two main reasons.

1) It undergoes a unique WaterJet-Spray Cell Wall Technology developed by the grower, to gently ‘open’ the cell wall for a high 82% digestibility, delivering potency, purity and mild taste.

2) The biggest enemy of Chlorella is oxygen, which can quickly damage the sensitive vitamins, enzymes and antioxidants, reducing nutritional potency. Yaeyama Pacifica is protected in the bottle with LOCTEC oxygenless packaging, so that the potency of the superfood is protected from oxygen. It also keeps it tasting nice if you choose the powder form!


Because chlorella is such a powerful detoxifier, you may experience detox symptoms when you first begin taking it. Particularly if you are quite toxic or you’re not used to consuming a lot of greens. Here is the recommended dose guide:

Start-up: 1.5g (half level teaspoon) daily, for first week.
Maintenance: 3g (one level teaspoon) daily.
Optimal: 6g – 9g daily.

Chlorella can be purchased in both tablet or powder form. The powder can be added to green juices and smoothies and tastes totally fine. It’s kind of like spirulina – if you’re not a fan of the taste, just mask it by adding banana or apple to your drink.

Take between meals for maximum effect – drink 1 to 2 litres of pure water daily when taking chlorella to assist the body in flushing out toxins during detoxification.


Superfoods for optimal health: Chlorella and Spirulina by Mike Adams
Superfoods by David Wolfe


The lovely folks from Yaeyama Pacifica Chlorella (the same crew who supply us with Hawaiian Pacifica Spirulina and Green Calcium) have given me 10 x 100 tablet bottles of chlorella to give away.

To win, all of you have to do is leave a comment in the comments section below and tell me one of the benefits of consuming green superfoods (and when I say superfoods, I mean all green plant foods).

The winners will be announced in Friday’s newsletter, so make sure you’re on the list to find out if you’ve won.

Positive affirmation for the day: I am vibrantly healthy.

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I love reading about super foods.
The one thing I realised when i started to have a green superfood smoothie every morning, was my mind.
Perhaps because of the amazing omega-3s that are included but it makes me happier and more lively throughout the day .
I’d love to try out chlorella!

Rebecca Vredenburg says:

Love, love, love your tips and encouragement! Almost as much as I love how green smoothies make me feel. Alive and energized! Cannot wait to start taking the Chlorella! It sounds amazing. Gratitude and acceptance feed the soul, greens fuel the body. In appreciation for all you do! :) Thank you!

Hello Jess. I completely agree with what you are doing here. However, I am more cautious in my positive affirmations: 1) Am I upright? Think about it… YES! 2) How is my head? If not clear, do something energetic … etc. etc. Then pause and study.

Alexandra Tobin says:

Wow the universe is looking out for me today! Chlorella keeps popping up in the things I’ve been reading and on the train this morning I was thinking I must find out where to get some. Great to hear about a brand that is doing it well!

Where do you even start on the benefits of consuming green superfoods?! They have an absolute bounty of benefits as they are chock full of nutrients. I had suffered from anaemia for many years and fell into the cycle of supplementing with iron tablets until my iron levels increased and then going back to how I was eating until they became low again. And so the cycle would repeat. Enter dark green leafy vegies and their winning combination of iron and vitamin C, as iron absorption soars when it’s eaten in combination with vitamin C. I got on board with green superfoods a couple of years ago and since then I haven’t become anaemic once! Plus they help to boost the immune system so I’m also giving them some credit for keeping me cold and flu free for the last three years!

dani says:

Hi Jess. Great post. You’ve really given me something new to consider. For some reason when my molars grew they came without enamel so I have always had fillings and some of them are still mercury. Mmmm. I love my greens and have a juice every morning and also include them in my dinners. In the last fortnight I’ve been surrounded by people dropping with the flu and I haven’t succumbed. I just know its my greens that have boosted my immune system. Love your work, Dani :)

michelle says:

That was a great post! I find that the more green (or other) superfoods I consume and the more pure my diet, the greater clarity of mind I seem to have.

I wasn’t aware of chlorella reducing heavy metal content, that is very intriguing. I would love the chance to win a bottle. Have a great day!


Anu says:

Hi Jess

I love your site! I’m really trying to improve my body and mind health and your posts offer so much inspiration.

One of the benefits I feel from consuming green superfoods is that it provides such a lovely hit of nutrients and that helps me to stop craving processed junk.


loulou says:

Hi Jess,

I am a lover of the greens and the super foods.

I love the way it completely makes my body feel like it is cleaned out – the pipes and all.

have a lovely day.


Melinda says:

Would love to try this type of Chlorella. I’ve taken others with varying results. My kids take them without chewing them…do you know if that has the same effect on the body’s ability to absorb them as someone who will chew them? Also do you know if while breastfeeding it’s ok to start taking them? I’ve been without them for about six months but would love to add them into my daily regime again. The little guy is 2 years old and nursing only a couple times a day.

Thanks for the inspiration,

Emily Williams says:

I took chlorella while pregnant and take it whilst breastfeeding because I read that it cleanses toxins from the milk, the toxins/heavy metals are excreted via bowels, not milk, and my son is thriving!

I love hearing about your health tips, and look forward to winning some chlorella tablets. I’ve taken them in the past, but would love to start taking them again. Finding a good source is important to me, and I trust the Wellness Warrior’s pick for anything healthy! Thanks for all you do to make learning about health and wellness easy to understand! Love from The Nutrition Detective Your Friend, Deb

Becky says:

what an informative post. Green superfoods are a great way to cleanse and detox. I’ve been taking spirulina for several years now. I wasn’t aware that chlorella was a good way of cleaning out toxic metals though, thanks for that.

Sonya says:

Thanks Jess, I am a recent convert to the Green Smoothies and the wierdest thing is happening. After hitting my 30s I noticed weight starting to creep on, trying all sorts of dieting I was unable to shift it. Inspired by your blog I decided to replace my breakfast with a green smoothly, strangley the weight is now slowly dropping off. The only thing I am doing differently is enjoying a delicious smoothy every morning, in fact I now wake up craving it! I believe my body is finding its own healthy weight assisted by love from me. Will defo add Chlorella to my morning ritual. Love you stuff! Sonya :-)

Jenn says:

Green superfoods – like kale ROCKS!!!! Being Portuguese, I was brought up on kale and I remember hating kale, but was made to eat it! It wasn’t till late ( recent health concerns) when I gave my mom a hug saying thank you because I now know its a superfood! Now I have kale in my smoothies, juices, soup and salads. Kale is rich in antioxidants, is an anti-inflammatory and has anti-cancer nutrients – all amazing for the body. I feel super- charged when I eat kale! I would LOVE to see how chlorella feels for my body & my mind! Cheers, j

Ken says:

One of the benefits is the clean feeling you get after consuming a green smoothie… I always feel alive and vibrant and like I’m cleaning myself out. It’s the best way to start the morning! I love it!

Alethea says:

I would have to go with clarity! Thank you for all of your information Jess, I always look forward to opening your email & seeing what you have to say :-)

Andrea says:

Green Superfoods are the most important part of my diet!!!!! Like alot of people I became very ill and wanted to turn my health around but was dissapointed by medical doctors approach on how to treat me. I sought out natural doctors and therapies and now it is my quest!!!!!! Greenfoods are always on the top of my list for healing and general health!!!!! I blend, juice, and add powders to everthing!!! I cannot live without them!!!!!!!

Jenny says:

At my house, the biggest benefit to eating our favorite Green Superfoods (silverbeet & kale) is that after we cut the precious leaves off the plant, they just grow back again – totally free of charge! That IS super…

Allison says:

THank you for sharing! My husband and I are hoping to start an anti-inflammatory detox this week. We love our greens (in smoothies and raw). I would have to say my favorite benefit is the grounding affect greens have on my whole system. After consuming anything green, I feel more balanced and connected. I know I was meant to be eating greens, I can tell by the way they make me feel. Not to mention, the micronutrients…anti-oxidants…and fiber…yummmmy!

Brittany says:

No topical product could ever make my skin look as healthy as a daily green smoothie does! I now include greens in almost every meal and notice the difference in my energy, skin, mood and digestion! Why would anyone not love greens, really??

Tegan says:

For me, green superfoods are important for alkalising and making me feel ALIVE!
Who would want coffee to wake up when there are green juices which fill us with countless amounts of AMAZING nutrients.

xx Tegan

Asiya says:

Hi Jess,

I just came across your blog whilst searching for green juice recipes. I am interested in green super foods because of their healing and detoxifying and anti-inflammatory benefits. I am a mother of four and I have Psoriatic Arthritis and Fibromyalgia and I’m very overweight, I need a complete reconditioning! I would love to try chlorella.

Kasey says:

Can you take this when your pregnant ?

Hi, I love reading all the information you are sharing with us. It is very interesting and your explanations always makes sence. I share your links with others on our Cook Me Happy facebook. I feel you enrich our program and I hope that our clients who are ready to take the next step will contact you directly. Lots of love anf thank you for your kindness. Kasia @

Desleigh says:

As my husband is an airline pilot we are concerned about the amount of radiation he receives weekly…..I will be buying some of this product for sure!!!! to help eliminate these poisons from his body…..many thanks for this….

Clare says:

Greens of all varieties have become my best friends over the last year or so. I have always been a big veggie eater but since becoming a vegan and trying to take control of my chronic allergies and my weight through diet (I’ve lost 20kg and now feel healthier and fitter than I have ever been!) I have found greens to be my best friend of all! I find that when I start my day with a bit round of greens, be it a smoothie, a green juice, a big plate of salad or steamed greeen, I feel balanced and centered for the whole day. I now feel when I miss them flat and tired and really a little bit sad! (Strange I know!).

I am always looking for ways to up my greens, since I now have to work long hours away from home, I am finding I am not able to spend them time starting my day exactly as I would like… I would love to try Chlorella for a natural and healthy “on the go” way to continue to get my greens into my day so I can enjoy the benifits!

Thanks again for all the great info Jess!

Clare says:

Also Jess, do you have any sugguestions, I work in a hospital and I often have to take my patients to have x-rays and I am in the room with them. Although I wear the protective clothing I am nervous about the radiology that I am being exposed too. I am told it is very low levels but still…. any ideas what I can do to protect myself?


Thanks for posting about this amazing green superfood Jessica!

I use Chlorella daily as part of my morning ritual and personally, I prefer the powdered form by ChlorEssence, as it is highest in CGF (chlorella growth factor).

Renee says:

Hi Jess,

Thanks for another great article! I got ME/CFS as a result of chemical poisoning when I was 11 years old, and have since had all of my mercury fillings removed, however, like you, I had so many ‘conventional’ treatments (ie. sleeping tablets, the pill, 2 years on antibiotics (?!) in a desperate bid to get better (before I knew any better) and my body is still in great need of detoxification and maintenance. I have green juices daily and kale and me = forever. I feel dramatically better in every regard since introducing green juices into my daily routine, but it has been (and still is) a long road. Thank you for your continued inspiration xx

Juliana says:

Thank’s Jess for the insight into Chlorella. The benefits sound amazing and I think definitely worth including in anyone’s daily juice or smoothie! Everybody should be consuming green Superfoods as the benefit is well worth it, with boosting the immune system and a gentle aid in detoxing our bodies and removing impurities that have built up over time. One little scoop = an abundance of health! Plus deodorises the body for a naturally clean smelling breath!

Thank’s for all the amazing tips, can’t wait for more to come!


Melissa says:

Love your posts! I learn at least one new thing from you each day! Eager to try this one. -And need to look into what symptoms of detox might be.

Candace says:

I’m so excited to read this post. I am also trying to reverse some health issues. I have Fibromyalgia and am learning that a lot of my pain comes from an overloaded lymph system. Of course the doctor will tell you that it is the Fibro causing the lymph node problem, but I feel that it is the other way around. It is a toxic body that causes the pain and inflammation. I started on my Raw Food Health Mission 4 months ago and I will have to agree with everyone here, the most amazing change has been my mental clarity. Drinking a green smoothie every morning invigorates my whole body! I don’t wake up in a “brain fog” anymore… and I have lost 50 lbs!! I’m excited to learn about this product and can’t wait to start adding green superfoods to my morning smoothie to really detox my body and finally rid myself of this pain. I know it can be done!! Thank you so much for your blog and for sharing a wealth of information!! 

Candace :)

Traci Cole says:

I live all your health posts! Thx for all the amazing info!!! I live to start my day w/ green smoothies and juices! Can’t wait to try this!!!

Joanne says:

Simply loving all your newsletters Jess! Have recently added chia seeds to my diet for the Omega’s and other benefits and am looking at more ways to improve my diet. Winning the capsules to try would be awesome :)

I’ve had bouts with anemia so the dark leafies have been a great help to me!!

Thanks for sharing all that you have learned and tried!!

Elisabeth says:

Chlorophyll (the green stuff in leafy greens) helps to grow and repair tissues, provides a great source of magnesium, neutralises free radicals, and stop cancer cells in their tracks!

Krystal says:

Hi Jess,

I love your story and your journey and I am so thankful you are sharing it. I was raised on processed food and was a full-on sugar addict until about 3 years ago. It was at that time that I started working with a health coach who introduced me to cleansing and GREEN SMOOTHIES!! Since then my two daughters and I have smoothies almost everyday. The base ingredient is always something GREEN! Kale, spinach, romaine, avocado, whatever we have on hand. The girls love it because they don’t even know the green stuff is in there and I know I am helping them to get their veggies!

Thanks again for sharing your journey – you are amazing!!

Jen says:

Great post Jess! Green superfoods like chlorella and spirulina are a fantastic source of plant protein, especially for raw vegans who don’t eat tofu or cooked legumes. I was aware that my chlorella had to have a “cracked” cell wall, but I wasn’t aware that the processes used by some companies were so unhealthy. Cheers, Jen

Alison says:

Love your site! You are incredibly inspiring and as I begin my journey toward maximum health and wellness I am immensely grateful to have found you to take along on the ride. Every one of your posts is valuable and I continually learn more ways to take care of my previously neglected body.
Green juicing is a recent habit that seems to be clearing up a number of things for me, my foggy, peri-menopausal brain, my complexion and a lack of energy. I now get regular compliments from friends saying I look as though I have lost weight, when in fact the scale has not moved. :)
Thanks again Jess, your story, life and willingness to share are remarkable!

Alison from Newfoundland, Canada (Google it, it’s gorgeous here!)

Tiesh says:

The benefits of consuming green superfoods on a daily basis is indescribable. They provide us with incredible energy, give our bodies the nutrients and enzymes they truly need and keep us healthy. I personally started taking spirulina whine I started breastfeeding 11 months ago and the effect it has on my body is amazing. Increased energy which I needed and I love the fact that these green superfoods pass on through my milk to my little one providing him with the nutrients he needs. :-)

Cherona says:

Interesting and informative article (again) Green superfood are great anti-oxidants. I love my green veggies. I’d love to try these though-would be very beneficial to dad who has has radiation AND chemo. And to aid in mum giving up smoking. A tablet is easy to take and would be a good start on this product. Keep up the great work lovely xxx

Evergreen says:


Best wishes to you as your healing journey continues. I love chlorella! Although I take it regularly my current favorite is Kalamath Blue-Green Algae. I was wondering if you’ve followed the work of Dr. Gabriel Cousens? He found liquid zeolites to be tremendously helpful in removing heavy metals. If interested, see:

Kind regards–

Skye says:

I found it quite funny this morning , I sat down in front of Facebook with my green smoothie and Jess had Chlorella posted in the news feed! put a smile on my face I must say .. I started using Chlorella and Spirulina about 6 months ago , I was attracted to Chlorella mainly for it helping to shift heavy metals and the detoxification qualities (have had my fair share of nasty vaccinations over the years among other things) , but what I also noticed was that it really helped to balance my metabolism and I started shifting some fat without even trying.. I really enjoy my my smoothie’s and look forward to the strange taste each morning . It is definitely one of my favourite SUPERFOODS !! =D

Sarah McLachlan says:

Hello! I have been a big fan of green foods as I have discovered how much better I feel when I have them in my diet. I just started taking chlorella for the b vitamins and iron, I didn’t realise it had so many other great things in it. I also didn’t know about the processing techniques. I’ll know what to look for next time. Cheers

Maria says:

I never knew chlorella to be used to detox I always use it as a protein supplement.

Great article as usual


Aurora says:

Thanks Jess for another inspiring post. Going green affects everything in my body, but I like to check by the whites of my eyes and the green in my iris. Both are more radiant when I’m going green! I can tell right away if somthing’s not right. I had cancer too at 23 and I worry all the time about the heavy metal build up in my body, but the medical doctors I’ve had seem to think it’s paranoia or something. And it’s a bit daunting to undertake the chelation side of things on my own. This might be the way to go for me too…
Keep up the great work!

Helen says:

I have been recently introduced to your blog and i must say Jessica you truly are an inspiration. I am slowly but surely getting on the right track. I have reavaluated my diet, lifestyle and your posts encourage me to continue on this path. It’s not easy at the beginning but i am determined to make a lifelong change to ensure i live a long and healthy life. Green superfoods have made all the difference; skin is glowing, i have more energy and knowing that im making a beneficial change in healing my physical body this in turn positively affects my emotional/psychological state of being. Keep up the great work :)

Karli says:

Hi Jess,
I’ve just stopped taking The Pill (about 3 weeks ago) after reading info here and on the Pagoda Tree/Nat’s blog. I’m now on a quest to really detox my system and get the lady parts into reproductive action! What has stuck with me is that the lady parts are the first things to go when the body isn’t in optimal health – so I’m getting into increasing the green superfoods (already have introduced maca and increased others like chia), looking out for a top notch blender for green smoothies, and soaking up all the info I can on this journey to optimal health and fine-tuned-baby-making-abilities :) Would love to incorporate Chlorella into the routine! benefit = healthy babies.
Love your work. Karli

Arianna says:

It is amazing how powerful the green stuff is. I am big fan of Hawaiian Spirulina and will certainly try Chlorella. The best pick up in the morning is to have something green like juice, smoothie or just handful of green tablets for lazy mornings. The superfoods are so much better than individual vitamins and mineral supplements – all the goodness in one package! My body rewards me by ‘feeling good’ every time I take the green stuff! (and this is so corny and so true).

Kerryn says:

In times like now greens are essintial, mailnly because the minerials in our grounds have been depleted, our air has been poluted & fast food has become a way of life for many ……. We despiatly need these in our body to Oxygenate ourselves ……

Patricia G. says:

So interesting! I had never thought about the metals in my body, but I will now! I am going to try this right away.

Alana says:

Hi Jess I love my green smoothies the for the same reasons as above but the main benefit for me is introducing this wonderful diet ritual to my young children. I devote my life to ensuring they get the best health and nutrition and the easiest way is to lead by example. I want all my research to live healthy and toxin free filters down as the norm for them.
Thank you Jess for helping me on my journey with your infinite wisdom and advice this area of my life. :)

Alex B says:

Skip the coffee and still get an energy boost — Forget those quick-fix energy drinks like Red Bull and even coffee! Green superfood gives you the same energy boost without all the sugar, caffeine and other unhealthy stimulants. That means, no sugar or caffeine crash.

Ashleigh says:

Hi Jess,

I WILL NEVER DENY MYSELF GREEN SUPERFOODS! Ever since incorporating chlorophyll and kale into my diet (in addition to my daily intake of broccoli,spirulina etc) my body and digestive system in particular have never been so happy :)

Every single person should take note and nourish their bodies with these amazing all natural supplements!
I love your blogs and appreciate you sharing your story and knowledge to those seeking more information about clean,healthy living!

Would love to win :)

Michele Lam says:

Taking five tiny Chlorella tablets with each meal resulted in lowering my Mercury, Blood level from a HIGH of 13 mcg/L in January 2012 to 9 mcg/L in May 2012. The reference range is less than 10 mcg/L. As a child growing up in Hawaii, I went on “field trips” with my dentist grandfather to his dental office located in downtown Honolulu. I would keep myself entertained by taking the mercury bottle and pouring little drops of mercury on a table. I used my fingers to push the little drops together to form a big mercury puddle. I would also rub mercury on both sides of silver coins between my fingers to make the coins shiny. Little was known (or published) about the hazards of mercury contact. I’m optimistically looking forward to lowering my Mercury, Blood level even futher with continued use of the organic broken cell wall Chlorella tablets. It’s amazing how such a simple natural algae can help remove heavy metals from your body. I use the Hawaiian Pacifica Spirulina and would love to try the Yaeyama Pacifica Chlorella.

Lilia Snythe says:

Among many of Green super foods abilities is it help to detoxify the body and purify the blood.

Lisa says:

I have been taking for awhile but you have reinforced the reasons for me. Will have a look at that brand now… Didn’t know the different processes. Thank you

Michelle Kok says:

I love eating green superfoods because they taste soooo good!

Derek says:

I have been using Yaeyama Chlorella and I have seen a significant difference in my Blood Pressure and Blood Glucose levels I recommend this product and I will use it for optimal health and for greater health benifits.

Marcia says:

Hi Jess,

After also having large volumes of chemotherapy in my system I agree, the only way to feel healthy is to stay green. Since changing my diet not only do I feel a sense of clarity, I have so much more energy and any anxiety I had is replaced with a sense of harmony. One other thing I notice is my nails hardening. For me this is a sure sign that I really am healing my body. I have never taken chlorella. It sounds like a must have product!

Thanks for keeping us all informed,

Elisa says:

Hi Jess, I would love to try chlorella so here is my answer.
Green superfoods are perfect!! We can’t live a life in amazing health without them. They are alive and provide the energy and nutrients we need to become and stay radiantly healthy and that other foods in same quantities can’t provide. Hence the name superfoods ;)
Thanks for reading, take care xx

Mim says:

I would love to try Chlorella. Our neighbour use to spray DDT on his palms and I developed problem with my liver, immune system, chronic fatigue syndrome and now CIDP from being poisoned.

I have tried a number of detox treatments with no success. I am now fully on the paleo diet and juices to try to treat my CIDP naturally, however I have been told that I need to detox my liver to be more effective.

Super foods contain chlorophyll from green vegetables etc. that help to clear the liver of toxins and clean the blood and that is just what I need.

Judy says:

I have learned that eating your veggies and fruits REALLY help with Rheumatoid Arthritis!! I have a smoothie of some sort most every day. and lots of days I have more than one…Never have tried Chorella, but I sure would love to! Thanks for sharing all of your knowledge with us…We do appreciate it!!

Michele says:

I have RA too and take it really slowly when introducing anything new and detoxifying. Chlorella and green juices are really important to me now and I really depend on them to keep me healthy and alkaline :-)

Tiffany says:

There are many benefits to consuming green foods but I will say my personal benefit is the way it makes me feel inside and out. I drink Green Smoothies daily and my body feels nourished, energized, and my skin glows. If I skip a few days I can feel the difference in my body’s nd n my skin. Another important benefit for me is knowing that my body is cleansing, getting nutrients, and I’m protecting my body against disease. My dad passed away from ALS which is caused from toxins and every since I was 18 I knew I had to do anything I could to help cleanse my body of all the toxins in the world and in foods, etc. I would LOVE to add these Chlorella too! :))

Sharon says:

I am 62 and working full time, looking after family and myself, yoga x 3 a week, gym x 4 a week, walking our lovely dog every day, good social life, love to read, cook and have fun.

Would love to take chlorella and then I will fly.



Sarah H says:

Learning more and more about the benefits of foods like chlorella and spirulina, I’d love to win some and try it out! Cleansing and oxygenating my blood while receiving so many nutrients seems like a no-brainer:) Thanks for the info!

Natalia says:

I have spirulina in my smoothie everyday for breakfast, and it makes me feel more energized than coffee! (and this is coming from a former coffee addict!) I’d love to try chlorella :) thanks for this opportunity Jess! Keep up the fantastic work. Many blessings xx

Autumn says:

Thrilled to learn all of this info! I have noticed a HUGE difference in my energy levels since I started juicing every morning and some nights…my favorite is Green Juice. An even bigger benefit to adding this green super-juice to my diet is the curiousity it has sparked in my four children. Hoping that the example I am setting, and the tastings I offer to them are going to motivate them to live healthier lives as adults. Whether I get to win a bottle or not, I’ll be adding this to my diet! Thanks for all you do!

Mary says:

I use green superfoods for their alkalizing and antioxidant benefits, and I feel cleansed and energetic after blending them in my morning smoothie. I have a very stressful job and I truly feel like I’m better prepared to face the day thanks to my green superfoods! I would love to try Yaeyama Pacifica Chlorella, as it sounds like it is a superior product to the one I’m using. I have metal fillings and eat a lot of salmon, so metal detoxification is important to me. I wasn’t aware that the harsh treatments & oxygen degrade the quality and really appreciate your helpful tips – thank you! Love your site – you are an inspiration!

MARY says:

Consuming green superfoods help keep the doctor away. Since consuming green foods on a regular basis, I have lowered my cholesterol and have been maintaining a healthy blood pressure.

MelB says:

It makes the body alkaline and we want to eat fruit and vegies and super greens to make our bodies alkaline and keep us healthy. Foods and drinks such as sugar, caffeine and dairy make our bodies acid and therefore make us prone to illness and other ailments. I’m currently taking a spirulina supplement. Just curious if anyone knows whether it is safe to take spirulina or chlorella whilst pregnant or breastfeeding. Thanks x

Rachel says:

Wonderful! I hope I can convince my 15 year old son to take Chlorella…he had chemo as a 3-4 year old and Chlorella, I hear (!), is great for removing heavy metals from the body. Many chemotherapy drugs contain heavy metals.

Thanks for this great article, Jess.

Sheila says:

Your blog is so inspirational. I have been fighting auto immune disease for the last 20 years. You have taught me so much about how my diet can help heal me. I am starting to take small steps and my next step is going to be juices and smoothies.
Thank you!

heide says:

Having struggled with anemia during pregnancy, taking supplements high in chlorophyll is a great way to increase you hemoglobin and reduce the risk of hemorrhage during birth. Chlorella would be very good for this. Doctors typically recommend or prescribe harsh iron supplements that can cause constipation, whereas chlorella would be much easier to digest.

Jia Ni says:

I love green superfoods – I have a green powder which is a mix of spirulina, wheat grass and chorella, but haven’t tried chorella by itself. Greens = high in chlorophyll = health, radiance, vibrance! Gotta LOVE THAT! :) xx

Nicki M says:

I am focusing at the moment on learning how to get more green in my diet. The mainstream diet I was brought up on really lacks the gorgeous green goodness. Green food is good for the gut, good for cell health, good for the soul!

Pam says:

Jess, thanks so much for this post. I take chlorella and spirulina every day. I purchase mine (organic) from The Raw Food World (Matt Monarch). The chlorella is from Taiwan and the spirulina is from India. I am concerned not only about breaking through the cell wall but making sure that the product has not come into contact with any of the radioactive fallout from the earthquakes in Japan approx. a year ago. I would love to try the product from Yaeyama Pacifica. Do you have your mercury levels tested regularly?

Stephanie says:

I definitely notice a huge reduction in headaches when I take green supplements – would love to try this brand and especially the tablets as i’m not real good with the powders!

Nancy Fellenz says:

My mother introduced me to chlorella about ten years ago, when she was in her late 70s…yeah, she was a really cool lady and passed two years ago. I believe it was a major contributor to her overall health and to helping me manage and overcome Fibromyalgia. I had been on anti-depressants for twelve years and my body was in terrible shape. I began taking the chlorella and it has brought me to a place of health and well-being. I have done other things to help me also, such as healthy foods, ceasing medications, and less stress.

I love chlorella and would recommend it for everyone to improve the condition of their body…inside and out!!

Martha says:

We just bought our first juicer yesterday and as a family, had our first green drink today. We are removing processed foods, removing gluten and dairy and adding one green drink a day. We are in hopes of healing multitudes of health problems we have recently uncovered…MTHFR and problems with metal toxicity! So to see your post today was a great affirmation to the journey we are starting as a family!

Such a great article! We’re definitely going to get some at our health food store :) Why do we love green superfoods? They give us lots of energy, naturally push out toxins from the body, and have helped my low-iron count tremendously. All around chock full of goodness that keeps our body bouncing ;)

Millie says:

Hi Jess,

I love everything you write about and it’s so fantastic to see people like you transforming the way we think about food. I truly believe that food has the power to heal and balance the body. And green superfoods are truly the answer I now see them as my mini superheroes disguised by their unassuming attire, they certainly pack a punch. After years of battling thyroid problems, going from an underactive and then overactive thyroid because of mainstream medicines method of prescribing heavy duty medications, I finally found my saviour, Kelp! A naturally occuring source of iodine, kelp rectified all my woes and has consequently shifted my whole way of life. I now add all the superfoods into my diet as I have seen the miraculous abilities of these truly SUPERfoods.

Nerine says:

Regulatly taking super greens makes an incredible and very noticeable difference to my energy levels and overall wellbeing. From the quality of my skin, brightness in the eyes and pep in my step. feeling truly well and alive is similar to that of having butterflies in the tummy in the greatest way purely vibrant!

Shani says:

Hi Jess,

Thanks for the fantastic article and introduction (for me at least) to Chlorella and it’s wonderful benefits- how pure nature and wholefoods are endlessly amazing!

After returning on the weekend from an incredible health retreat, I’ve learned that one of the key benefits of green superfoods (including herbs such as parsely and coriander) is the mind-blowing amount of micro nutrients they contain – they’re just teeming with nutrients and micro-nutrients in such complementary arrangements and proportions for us to digest and obtain maximum benefit from them that supplements alone will just never be able to rival, and it’s no wonder we feel so alive and FRESH after consuming them in any fresh pure form.
The other key benefit I’ve learned is how vital green superfoods are to liver health – our incredible livers that detoxify the entire body or will store toxins in fat cells if there is an overabundance of the toxin, and how crucial green leafy vegetables and green superfoods are to the liver function. Especially zinc, magnesium and B vitamins, all of which I notice are in Chlorella. I’d love to try some, especially having just returned from the retreat with a kick start on detoxing my body and having learned so much about the bodies’ needs and functions.

With much gratitude!

Kerrie says:

My daily program always includes green superfoods to assist with alkializing my body at the cellular level!

Samantha says:

Hi Jess!
I am only a very new follower of yours and have only really just opened myself to the benefits of healing naturally. I have A LOT of issues going on with my body at the moment, and from the reading I have done from your experiences and the links to articles, it seems these issues have been compounding for quite some time! I am making an appointment with someone in my area who will hopefully be able to guide me in the right way of getting my body (and helping my soul!) to get back on track. I would LOVE to win a bottle of chlorella, as my first green superfood experience!
Thank you so much for taking the time to create, manage and update this website with all of its wonderful goodness, I definitley consider it a blessing!
Much love,

Anne-Marie says:

The best benefit for me of consuming greens is that my four young children see it as a normal part of every day life. They know that their green juices and meals will make them healthier, happier, stronger and smarter. They trust that, if they eat mostly green, their amazing bodies will look after and heal themselves. No better reason for me to set that example for them.

Julie says:

I love the abundance of minerals in all things green! As a natural, conscious eater, love the power of spirulina, the natural protein source. Green smoothies feel so clean to consume, clean and green! :) All power to those that are enjoying the benefits of green superfoods, being aware of what is naturally provided to us :) To your good health.

linda says:

Hi Jess,
I think i must be really toxic because when i take that same brand of Chorella it drains all my energy. Maybe i’m detoxing too fast.

Jen says:

Love this! The benefits I love most from eating green superfoods is the energy boost, the feeling of glowing from the inside out. Greens make my whole body feel like summer :)

Thanks for this awesome opportunity! :D

sarah says:

I love hearing about superfoods through David Wolfe’s lectures at IIN. I’ve been researching ways to detoxify heavy metals from my system. I would love to try Chlorella to see if it helps. xx

Dee says:

Hi Jess,
I think you are awesome! Love how you are healing yourself naturally and inspiring everyone else around you at the same time.
When I was pregnant my aunt suggested I go on a raw food diet with lots of green smoothies to give my baby the best start. I was horrified. I honestly believed green veges had to be cooked. Well. a year later, my aunt made me my first ever green smoothie with bananas and kale. I loved it and that one gesture has changed my life….and that of my daughter. We love green smoothies, my daughter who is now 4,designs and makes her own. We pick the greens we grow as well as getting lush fresh produce from the local farmers market. My daughter also is well versed in making her own kale chips and proudly offers them to anyone around. I have found I have far more energy and less mood swings and the more greens in my diet, the less chocolate cravings (even those annoying emotional cravings Lol). Eating Greens just makes you Feel Better!

Alana says:

I have been a vegetarian for 20 years, however only the last few years I have a diet rich in fruit and vegetables, especially my greens. I have incorporated green smoothies every morning and take spirulina tablets everyday. I also eat many greens throughout the day, including spinach in my salads, kale in soups and the alfalfa that I grow. The main benefit I have experienced is that I have never had so much energy and I am never going to stop, as this feeling is totally amazing! I am loving the green superfood revolution! Cheers (with a big green smoothie!!!)

Donna says:

Hi Jess, your timing is always perfect. Today I started my husband on a detox. He’s wanting to lose weight but more importantly get healthy and have more energy. I know through years of living with an autoimmune disease that detoxing is life long and therefore greens are my best friend. They give me the energy to get through the day. We (hubby and I) would love to try Chlorella. Thanks

christina says:

I love this information. I am very excited to start my new adventure with IIN. I am also researching the different ways to detoxify my body. I have heard and read that super foods can help balance out your immune system and keep your body functioning correctly. I would love to win a bottle to try. I have never detoxify my body so I am sure I have a huge metal buildup. I appreciate the awareness.
Thank You,

Allison says:

Wow……… I never realised what benefits you could receive from Chlorella! I have had significant iron deficiency problems for many years along with heavy metal problem, but since reading this post today I’m convinced of the benefits of green superfoods. I can’t wait to get them started in smoothies along with some chlorella!!

Michelle says:

I would love to try Chlorella and think it would benefit me tremendously as I am always run down being mum to 6. Am always looking for something to boost my energy levels. I have recently quit smoking and have started taking spirulina. Thank you for the great information, very inspiring <3

Liesbeth says:

For me, it’s the ENERGY! I love my morning spirulina, it sets me up for the day in a way that coffee never did. I can literally feel the goodness going into my body when I have my morning green smoothie. I would love the chance to add Chlorella into the mix. Thanks for bringing it my attention Jess.

Health baby! Life is better with greens!
I use powders in smoothies, but tablets would be great for teenagers in a hurry in the mornings…

Thanks Jess, this would be great to win. The benefits of greens for me are immunity and energy. Hope you have a great week. xxoo

Rachel says:


finally I can tell my meat eating friends that meat is NOT the only food you can get vitamin B12 from!
I knew it!
thanks for the post jess :)

Delia says:

What I think about the power of greens ? I think that the greens are a gift that we received directly from GOD : “Then God said, “Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the surface of all the earth, and every tree which has fruit yielding seed; it shall be food for you.” (Genesis 1,29)

Peter Hall says:

I have just read your very informative article on Yaeyama Pacifica Chlorella and must admit that I am a lot better informed about supplements, I have for ages been a “pill taking skeptic” and believed that that the best way to treat so many of these products is just don’t take any of them.

In future can you inform me of retailers in Perth of your products or who or where can they be purchased.

Thanks for the article

anja says:

hi jess, green superfoods are great for preventing iron deficiency and tehy do not only make you feel good, but they taste good, fresh ad clean, like spring rain:)

Trace says:

Hi Jess,

Thanks again for yet another great informative post. I’ve now added Chlorella to my increasingly green shopping list and will chuck it into my smoothies, along with the chia, flax, spirulina and bee pollen :)
I have my daily green juices and smoothies and know that they are nourishing every cell of my body, keeping my healthy, vital and well.

Have a great day!
T x

Thanks for this awesome information Jess.

Liz says:

I’ve been meaning to buy some chlorella for a long time now! Also must get around to making that appointment to have my mercury filling removed!
For me the most exciting thing about green superfoods is that they protect our bodies from disease! I no longer fear disease and think its merely the luck of the draw because I know (largely thanks to you!) that the human body has the ability to avoid disease and also heal from it. Pretty exciting stuff!

Thanks Jess :)

simone says:

hi Jess; thanks for great article…I tried emailing the chlorella website above, and it keeps bouncing back; am wondering if it is available online anywhere in the UK? thanks!

Philippa says:

I have trouble eating most foods but I find if I stick to a mostly alkaline diet, which includes lots of fresh veges, then I feel a lot healthier and more energetic. I would love to try the chlorella tablets as I struggle to get all my required nutrients at the moment with my limited diet. Thanks for the informative post!

Ty says:

Green superfood are an amazing nutrient boost for my kids and myself, they are easily taken in a smoothie and provide the body with a huge amount of nutrition that would not be possible to get from food alone. I am trying so hard to get my teenage daughter to eat better but if it’s not to her taste she won’t. These sneaky superfoods are fantastic because I know I can ensure we all get the nutrients we need without anyone knowing what I have given them. I would love to try chlorella and give my family another nutritional gift from nature.

Thanks for your valuable information

Chantale Boucher says:

Great one, thank you!
There are sooo many benifits! Blood purification, immune strengthening, improve circulation, promotion of healthy intestinal flora… Greens help build our internal rainforest and strengthen our circulatory and respiratory systems.

Kathy says:

Hi Jess…I’m from the US and have been reading about you and you mom’s journey which gives me inspiration. I had melanoma 9 years ago and it wasn’t until several years ago I sprung for the vitamix and have begun a green smoothie regimen and thanks to reading about your journey and the results you’ve had, I’ve become “addicted” to them! Although my goal is to drink them more often (have them about 3 times a week), I still feel the benefits of having more energy, looking and feeling healthier, no longer craving sweets and just knowing I am giving my body the nutrients it needs. Up until I began drinking green smoothies, I wasn’t much of a vegetable eater…now I can (and prefer to) drink my greens! My standard “drink of choice” is kale, spinach, banana, blueberries and strawberries, ginger, spirulina, bee pollen. I even started bringing my mom some of my green smoothie in the nursing home! She makes faces while she drinks it, but still drinks it…she has Parkinson’s and takes a lot of meds so I know the greens help to detoxify her body. Adding the Chorella to my smoothies will help the both of us!

I would love to win a bottle of ChIorella tablets and would also love to order both the Chorella and Spirulina powder from Yaeyama Pacifica…the company’s products appear to be superior. I am having some difficulty doing that. Do you know if they ship to the US? I tried to send them an email through their site, but I don’t think it went through.

Thank you,


P.S. You are a very brave young lady…your mom (and dad) must be very proud!

Libby says:

I Love this post! Great information, it makes understanding these amazing products so much easier :).
But what I love about green super foods is their amazing ability to balance a persons pH levels. Because we unconsciously consume many high acidic foods we don’t realise that this can lead to health issues. So buy eating healthy nutritious greens we balance the body buy the neutralising effect of greens and are able to keep our body’s pH level at a much healthier level :). Sounds pretty good to meeeeeee!

There are plenty more benefits but this is just one I like !

Thanks for the GREATTTT blog and continuous amazing posts.

Libby Xx

Nancy says:

Superfoods also have blood thinning properties which help to prevent blood clots and the blood thinning helps to improve circulation which means the heart doesn’t work as hard to pump blood through the body and they require less energy to digest. Thanks for the info on chlorella.

Tracey says:

I’ve never had Chlorella, but now I would love to try that and incorporate that into my healthy lifestyle. I am a big fan ( thanks to you ) and all the info you have given on ( spirulina ) This is what I know about this amazing superfood :-

Spirulina contains rich vegetable protein ( 3~4 times higher than fish or beef ), multi Vitamins (Vitamin B 12 is 3~4 times higher than animal liver), which is particularly lacking in a vegetarian diet. It contains a wide range of minerals (including Iron, Potassium, Magnesium Sodium, Phosphorus, Calcium etc.), a high volume of Beta- carotene which protects cells (5 time more than carrots, 40 time more than spinach), high volumes of gamma-Linolein acid (which can reduce cholesterol and prevent heart disease).

fingers crossed !!


Jen says:

Hi Jess, I guess I now have a tiny obsession with green, when I hit the fruit and veg, its all green in the shopping basket. I cant help but feel a little ‘dinosaurish” knowing that I am eating stuff that is good for my genetic code. Green just makes you feel amazing, with all the energy it collects from the earth the sun the air and water, all packaged for us. The colour itself is very serene and relaxing, and a everyone loves seeing the first green shoot of a plant, or one who desperately tries to rescue a dead plant and rejoice at the first sign of green bud emerging . Green is just GOOD.


Kirsty says:

Gosh, thanks so much for doing all our homework for us! Even telling us the best type of process the Chlorella has undergone to give us our best result – you are a marvel!

Green superfoods assist our body by providing so many micro-nutrients to feed the body and also can be a source or anti-oxidants which kick the nasty free radicals in the butt and get rid of them from our bodies…

I am currently dealing with a health issue created by a medical treatment which has given me fluid on the lungs and left me flat as a tack…just dragging myself out of bed after broken sleep due to coughing up a lung at night and breathing just being plain hard work! It sounds like Chlorella would be a great addition to my current journey back to health! Would love to try some!

Thanks for your blog – I have shared it with many friends now and they are now fans too!

Jennie says:

I would love to try some of the little green pellets, I use a green powder, but havent tried just the Chlorella on its own. But for me the benefits of consuming green superfoods is for energy, clean out my blood, and provides tons of nutrients to keep my body healthy and happy.

Thank you so much for always sharing your natural healing methods. It takes a lot of strength to buck the traditional system. I have been dealing with dental problems for years and the ” solution” mercury fillings has certainly had its side affects. The chlorella is such a good idea for detox.
I am struggling with an abscess and am trying to treat it naturally vs getting a root canal. If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them.

jackie says:

I take green vibrance which gives me the immune and digestive benefits. I can notice when I don’t take it! I would love to try the chlorella to see if I feel the difference even more so than with the green vibrance. I dont eat a whole lot of green veggies so I take what I can in supplement form:)

Rachel S says:

Thank you for posting this Jess! I love learning about the benefits of little known foods! I sometimes have trouble finding these things in my town (it’s actually not a small town either). But it’s easy enough to find things like spinach and kale! Mmmm I try to eat greens with every meal, and I love spinach in my morning smoothies and the reaction I get at work from drinking something green!

Debbi G. says:

i bought some Chlorella after reading about it here a while back. Because it alkalizes the that!

It’s hard to know if what is in the stores is quality!! Thanks for explaining!

Sonia says:

Consuming green superfoods = less bloating!

Please send me a bottle – I have moved from the Gold Coast with an abundance of organic food choices to a country town with limited choices. It’s killing me! (probably literally)

Sonia xo

Nancy says:

they benefit of green superfoods is summed up in one word,,, ENERGY.

When I consume green superfoods, I feel more clean and clear. It is almost as if my cells are singing! I love the feeling I get from the nurishment my cells receive from green superfoods!

Suzanne says:

I use chlorella every morning in my green drink. It gives me tons of energy and the protein I need.

Mary Eggleston says:

I decided to take full control of my health. I was on two high blood pressure medicines and took vitamins. I took myself off all my meds and eat a nutrient dense diet. I include green smoothies and green juices daily. My blood pressure has now stabilized which I’m very proud of. But, the main thing is, both my daughters are totally on board, as they have seen all the wonderful changes in their mom. One of my daughters is in Ecuador in the Peace Corp and has been getting intestinal sicknesses quite often. I sent her hemp seeds, chia seeds, almond butter (she requested), and spirolina. Just trying to give her a chance to get better without taking the antibiotics they so quickly prescribe. We all follow your website because of the information you provide and the trust we feel that you instill. We always include spirolina in our green smoothies, but have never tried chlorella. I looked for it in powder form at our local co-op but they did not carry it. I would love the opportunity to try the chlorella to continue to nourish my body and my daughters’ bodies to be as healthy as possible. Thanks Jess!

joan says:

Chorella is so important for our health… I have had chemo and so many scans…also have mercury and other metals in my fillings… Nothing I know of removes the heavy metals. I read it takes 3-6 months to start being effective.
Is that true.
This could save my life

Kerry Sayles says:

I’ve been enjoying green smoothies… detox green soups… and green foodiness in general for around 6 months now and what a difference it has made to my wellbeing. In fact… when I slip (or holiday… or work away and find it more difficult) the real change to notice is how my body feels then.
Green plant foods are so nutrient dense… fantastic for digestion and gastrointestinal health and are high in anti-inflammatory properties. The list goes on and on…
My fiance though is still having trouble ‘stomaching’ green smoothies after having one during a gastro bug. It’s more mental now that he feels he will be sick again. Chlorella sounds like a fantastic way to heal his body and ensure he’s still getting the amazing benefits of a green superfood. It’s on the list! Thanks Jess :)

Bev says:

Benefits of green superfoods- to counteract living in the modern world! How many of us don’t ever fly,don’t fill up the car at petrol stations etc…….. Green superfoods are virtually essential.

Jessica says:

Hi Jess!

Wow. Chlorella has a SERIOUSLY impressive nutritional profile! Ive changed my lifestyle in the last two years; I was on the pill for 6 years, have had a heap of vaccinations, and lived un unhealthy diet including many processed foods, soy, and nights out on the down. I am now 24 and married the love of my life, and we are now trying for a baby. I believe that superfoods, juicing and eating heaps of raw veggies will help to un-do the damage of the past. The body really is an amazing piece of work, and when we give it what it needs, it will thrive and reverse illness. I have heard that chlorella is really important for women during preconception and pregnancy. Would love to get my hands on some to detoxify my body (and my hubby’s) before the pitter patter of little feet! :) Thanks for a great post

Georgie says:

Hi Jess and thanks for all of your inspiring information on this site. You are a true Goddess!

Any food that is green and natural is a wonderful superfood. My husband has basically healed GORD by swiching to a diet that is rich in raw greens.


Kat says:

Thanks for the post, Jess!

A benefit of consuming super foods (personally) has been strong, smooth and healthy nails! I have always had ridged nails due to localised psoriasis and in the past few months especially they have become completely smooth and pink. Superfoods – the best beauty treatment around!


Kelsey says:

I love your blog, it is so informational and packs just the right amounts of facts and details without being too complex!

Superfoods are amazing for what they do for our brain! From increasing concentration skills to improving your learning capacity and motor skills — the benefits are endless! Not to mention, they help maintain my happy disposition on life :) And luckily blueberries taste delicious too!

Ashley says:

Jess –

First of all, I want to say thank you for all of your wonderful posts. I’ve been reading back many many weeks of posts now as I recently discovered your blog on my search for Australian-based health blogs that incorporate a vegan diet. I’ve been vegan for more than six months now and green super foods are a necessity in my diet. Not only do I gather so many amazing nutrients from them to keep me going, I’ve started to discover and love so many new things. I feel so much lighter, clearer and healthier since I switched to a plant-based diet and can’t wait to add more and more amazing healthful items to my diet.

I haven’t yet tried chlorella; however, it is something I am interested in adding to my diet as well as my boyfriend’s diet.

Keep up the amazing work and I love that you introduce us to great brands we can buy in Australia.


sandra says:

I’m sorry you have to deal with heavy metal detox… It is the main thing I am working on right now and Chlorella is a big part of my supplement program. I feel good to have your company on this path. If you want to know what my other supplements are, I’ll let you know. I’m working with an awesome nutritionist here in Los Angeles. She uses NET and a varied approach. I am on a whole list of things…but feeling very optimistic in this process.

Lisa G. says:

Thanks for this terrific article, Jess! Like you, “traditional” medicine has let me down, and I have learned that I have to be my own health advocate. This means scouring the web, analyzing every bit of knowledge I can gather, and this is what led me to you! I now have a green smoothie every single morning, and I even got my meat and potatoes husband to try them. He now gets cranky on mornings I don’t make him one before work! That boost that green smoothies give can’t be explained in words well enough. It’s now an addiction! We’ve both been vegetarian since April, and I share everything I learn from you with him (you are my back up so I don’t sound looney!:) Thanks for all that you have taught me and for doing so much of the leg work for all of us. My skin really is glowing, my fingernails are growing for the first time in my life, and it’s summer here, so I’m out messing around in the dirt, so that’s saying something!

I have been working on getting my mercury fillings replaced, but it’s one tooth at a time. And yes, I am also a child of vaccinations… didn’t realize how bad they were. I will definitely be trying chlorella! Thanks for giving us a brand name… it’s so hard to know what brands are processed how.

Thanks to all your other followers for everything they commented, as well. I keep learning from you all… what a great community! I have had anaemia for years, and iron supplements never agreed with me, so thanks for sharing about all of your experiences. Vitamin C, huh? Good to know!

Hi Jess,

Wow, look at all these comments! I have been taking vitamin B and magnesium to help with my depression symptoms. Do you know how much of the RDI of magnesium there is in chlorella? I don’t want to go the otherway and get too much magnesium in my body, which produces the same symptoms as deficieny, ie depression, weakness, fatigue etc.

MID (Jacks)

Lesley says:

Hi Jess, thanks for the info on Chlorella, timely for me as I am having my mercury fillings removed in two weeks and will add it to my diet. I love everything green as these foods are packed with antioxidants and have an alkalising effect on the body, making it difficult for cancer cells to survive x

Stephanie says:

Earlier this year I had this realisation that I wasn’t looking after my body – I was constantly eating takeaway and highly processed foods, hardly exercising, working long hours and always stressed.. and somehow I just felt like it was normal, how everyone was living. My dad and uncle were then diagnosed with cancer and I had this huge wake up call – realising how precious our bodies are and how important it is we take care of them! Since then, I’ve started doing yoga three times a week and have cut out all the junk I was eating, replacing it with green juices and nourishing whole foods. I’ve added Spirulina to my daily juices to help alkalise my body and boost my health and energy (which I learnt about through you actually), and after reading this post am definitely hoping to try Chlorella! Thanks Jess for the lovely article! Xx

Amber says:

Hi Jess,
Thankyou for posting this. I see Chlorella looking out at me each time I go into the Vitamin store to buy my Spirulina, knowing that i should be taking it but really not being sure why. My partner and I have been going through a bit of a cleanse period of time. He was (was!) on some medication that means that we could not fall pregnant naturally – for the sake of a ‘able’ child and this journey has been such an eye opener. We found a fantasic kinesiologist/chiro who has been amazing in introducing us, opening our eyes to what appears to be a new world! It is all very exciting!! So – personally, we have been off the mediaction for 5 weeks now and all good! Now with this new amo, I will add Chlorella to the list. Thankyou again.

Meredith says:

Hey Jess, I did use chlorella before, quite some time ago, in liquid form. It was quite yummy & minty! I’m getting lots of greens by having a smoothie for brekky with spinach, silverbeet & cos lettuce (and anything else I find at hand :) I find I’m more satisfied for the day, as I’m obviously getting enough nutrients, so I don’t keep snacking & picking at not so healthy options! Thanks for all that you share :) Meredith

Hey there Jessica! I too have been detoxing from Heavy Metals due to getting my Tattoo removed via Laser Treatment. I find the more I eat or consume Superfoods the better I feel and the more energy I have. Thanks for such a great post! : )

Cadie says:

Green super foods help alkalize the body, boost immunity, fight off disease, and increase energy and vitality. I’m always looking for ways to incorporate more of these potent health veggies into my diet. Your website has taught me so much and I love your fun, cheerful attitude about getting healthy. I’ve learned about chlorella and I’m really looking forward to trying it. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

Theresa says:

I am healing my body of a life-threatening illness using (super) food medicine. I have and use spirulina; it would be great to try chlorella and see how my body responds. Thank you for the opportunity, Jess and Yaeyama Pacifica Chlorella!

Jamie says:

Great info. I have heard a lot about chlorella, but haven’t tried it yet.

Angelina says:


Bob Maltby says:

We all love positive thinking people like you .Good on you Angelina .Regards Bob

alig says:

Green superfoods make me feel, well SUPER.

But as a new wellness warrior member I know I’ve just started on my quest for more superfoods.

The more the read, the more I learn, the more I learn, the more I incorporate into my new healthy eating plan.

From kicking off the morning with a green smoothie to rounding off the day with a plant based meal I know I’m on the path to success and there is no looking back.

After all superfoods didn’t get the name super for nothing.

Bonnie Sue says:

I have a container of chlorella sitting in my cupboard. I think I had better take it!! I am avidly trying to learn everything I can to live a healthier life and bring wellness to the people around me. Thank you Jess for sharing your story!! God bless!!

Adam says:

As a triathlete Green Superfoods help to alkalize the body which allows for efficient recovery so that I can get back to training

Adriann says:

There are so many benefits to eating green superfoods, but my favorite one is that I find I sleep better at night and have an easier time waking up in the morning. My sleep habits are something I have struggled with my whole life. Drinking green smoothies and eating green salads daily really helps my sleep/wake cycle!

Tracy says:

I LOVE green superfOods because they are he captured essene of sunshine!!!!…chlorophyll is the green pigment in all plant and cellular matter, it is produced by photosynthesis which is a process of capturing natures sunshine energy plus CO2 to make pure beautiful oxygen for us to breathe…so chlorella therefore is an intense form of digestible SUNSHINE !!!! Isnt nature magnificent :)
What better way to heal than to drink or eat sunshine everyday!

I take green juices daily and green powders of barley and spirulina to help my body heal from pancreatitus but i have not yet taken it to the level of chlorella, if i was to win i would share my bottle with my beautiful sister in law who has recently been diagnosed with CFS and has been told she needs to detox heavy metals!!….so thankyou jess for wising me up to this wonderful majical sunshine healer so i can help her also
blessing and sunshine :)

Lori says:

I’ve been searching the web frantically this past week trying to find something to help my increasingly red face (rosacea). I’ve read the skin is the last place that illness, inflammation, etc. shows up in so am now trying to heal from within. Green juices and smoothies with chlorella seem to be the way to go. Thank you so much for this post!

Ange says:

I have only recently changed my diet to be rich in green superfoods! I am a nurse, and I see how modern medical treatment is unable to treat and prevent the reccurence of disease! So I chose to look further into diet and nutrition! Green superfoods have become my passion, I feel like I have discovered the secret to feeling amazing!

Nancy O'Donnell says:

I’d love to try these emerald green helpers. I have to get a CAT Scan every four months because of a a weird sarcoma diagnosis in March 2011. If I can’t win a bottle, where exactly might I buy some.
Love your story, your strength, your courage and generosity.xoxox

Joni says:

Green superfoods are literally the fountain of youth!!

Please help me win so I can spread the love & passion of how it can reverse age by being beautiful from the inside out!

Ashlee says:

I love that green superfoods have benefited me for purely superficial reasons. They’ve helped to clear up my skin.

Initially the inner-health benefits were just a bonus. But as I’m getting older I’m realising that this is just as important, especially with my busy lifestyle.

sandra says:

I can’t believe- there are about 100 responses to this post !
I already wrote but wanted to add some things…
First of all, I can’t tell you how much support I feel from hearing about your continued progress and path toward wellness !
When my practitioner told me I would be on an intensive, 3 month protocol to cleanse from heavy metals( mine are
nickel and aluminum), I felt confusion and doubtfull. As a big believer in Gerson, I thought the gerson therapy would’ve cleansed those from my system. So to find you are also working on this issue was reassuring to me that I NEED this, that it is specific, and not cleansed by the gerson therapy alone. thanks !
I want to tell you about a few of the supplements that I am particularly excited about( in addition to chlorella)
I take ChelaCo ( from Standard Process), CLNZ (chelator) by Bio Challenge, and a scoop, 3 x’s a day in water of Takesumi Supreme, (www.SupremeNutriton It turns the water black like ink, but has no flavor at all and I think is able to obsorb toxins and carry them out of the body.
thanks for your continued inspiration.
All of us who follow your blog get to know you and to feel very close.

Christine says:

I’ve been recently diagnosed with DCIS and I’ve been trying to be healthier….I am very interested in the pill form you are talking about as the bottle of powdered greens I bought makes me gag. I’d love to try them.

linda says:

In your own words green super foods are incredibly alkalizing and will help protect your body against disease and illness. Good health is what we are all after, will have to give this a go, would it be suitable for children as well?

Pati Clark says:

Thanks Jess, I’ve been following your Blog, you have great post topics such as this one. I feel I really need to detox and would love to try chlorella …Thanks again for the info …

I love how green foods boost my blood’s alkalinity and immune system. I love spirulina so would love to try chlorella, it sounds like it has more power. I’ve had a baby and four operations this past year so I think my body is due for a clean out like this.
Thank you for making me aware of it.

Patty Waltz says:

I’ve heard of this before when my vet recommended this green super algae for my bird! it made me think what is good for him must be good for us! This was probably 10 years ago!!! Where has everyone been? I am 59 and want to say if you eat healthy and I mean no chemicals or artificial anything, you certainly would be on the correct track to being healthy. I tried to do the Vegan thing, mainly because I have an aversion to killing animals, but after suffering a heart attack because of an unknown congenital defect, I was told i needed to make sure I eat a “balanced” diet including meat! Still reduce the intake of meat, but do understand the necessity of reducing our bodies of the toxins that invade us on a daily basis!

rebecca says:

Hi Jess,

Do you know how the nuclear disaster in Japan last year has affected the viability of chloerlla made by Yaeyama Pacifica? I.E. has the increased radiation released by that disaster had an impact on their chlorella grown on Ishigaki Island? I know that Chlorella grown in polluted areas isn’t considered the best to use – which Yaeyama notes on their website… I use Chlorella to for my heavy metal detox, but I’ve been unsure about what is a good source since so much of it comes from Japan….

Beth S. says:

It alkalizes the body!

Esther C. Wedermann says:

CAN i take this with Micro-k & steroids ? I have lupus active for29 years.

Heidi says:

Not sure if this is a “true” benefit of super greens, but it’s a personal benefit. I am new to juicing/detox, and I’ve already noticed a dramatic change in my digestive health, which has also helped with anxiety that I’ve treated for years with pills. I’m excited to try these! I’m overwhelmed by all the changes/upheaval, but I’m excited, too. Thanks for all your encouragement!

I just love the ALKALISING effects of all the leafy and super food greens. As well as Yaeyama Chlorella and Hawaiian Pacifica Spirulina, I also use Ocean’s Alive Marine Phytoplankton and E3Live Blue Green Algae to boost my alkalinity and help remove toxins from the body. Greens are the GO! Thanks for the blog Jessica.

Alina says:

When I used to take chlorella my energy level was incredibly high, and I felt that my body craving for it every day. I am not sure how I lost this good habit, however I intend to rectify the situation especially now that I found out that I am pregnant. I think that + 60% complete protein in free amino acid form would be a great +

The periods I eat all type of greens, my body, mind and soul feel soo connected and complete. There is definitely some truth to that saying that “you are what you eat”.

Alina says:

Hi Jess,

I think Chlorella is pretty awesome, and I cannot wait to re-start taking it again on an every day basis.

Here is my concern… The ocean is soo polluted, and especially close to Japan where all the nuclear disaster happened not that long ago.. ex: Yaeyama Chlorella is 100% fresh-water chlorella, grown on the coral reef island of Ishigaki, Japan. I think most chlorella comes from the area anyway..

Should I be concerned or the grown green algae are somehow immune to the ocean pollution?

Thank you,

I’ve just started using this stuff. It is amazing!!! Totally Whole Food Dude Approved!

Sophie Jaffe says:

Hi! I love your website! Just started reading :) We seem very similar!! I have a green superfood blend called “Green Dream” that you can add to anything (smoothies, muffins, desserts, oatmeal, etc) and I use it every day! Would you want to try a sample and write about it? I’d appreciate you sharing the love! <3

Jemma says:

I know this is a bit of an old post Jess, but I was wondering if this can be used to detox bad estrogen’s as well as heavy metals?

Grace~Shanti says:

Thanks Jess for this most informative article and wonderful opportunity to win a pack of Yaeyama Pacifica Chlorella.

I’ve read that Super Green Foods naturally detoxify the body of toxins and boost your immune system. Of course they need to be organic or as pure as possible or we are just putting more toxins in.

Having had cancer and feeling that my blood needs more oxygen, I’m getting ‘a hit’ this would be a great regime to introduce into my life :-) and good luck in this wonderful ‘silly season’ to all who enter.

tee hee just noticed this competition was way back in July. Still posting this anyway :-] Thanks for all your great work Jess and all who take part in your blog and courses. Feels like a valuable community to be a part of :-)

Nicky says:

I love the extra energy I have which helps to keep up with a toddler!

Bob Maltby says:

I live a very active life and enjoy the way super greens give me energy to do my physically demanding work as well as having enough energy to keep up with the grand kids .I would love to win some chorella and detox and alkalize my body as I have mercury fillings and have had all the radiation /injections /cancer/and fly in planes We all need to feel our best to enjoy life to the max .Thanks again Jess for all your info .

Kel says:

This probably sounds like a silly question but hubby and I usually take spirulina (life stream brand) and I was wondering (a) Jess, would you recommend this brand of spirulina and (b) should we be taking chorella together with spirulina? Love reading your blog Jess – thank you!

Ali says:

Thank you for your wonderful work!
I was giving up the battle with cancer after 2decades of trying many alternative treatments. I was born at Woomera during the Atomic testing so was contaminated by plutonium from cenception.
When I read about Chlorella it gave me hope that it would help me detox and give my immune system a chance. I’ve just started Morelife Chlorella, I don’t know if it’s broken celled or not. I’d love to try Yaeyama Chlorella but don’t know where to get it.
Deep Thanks for your inspiration : )

Jorge says:

Hi Jess, if you are in the Gerson teraphy yo can eat Chlorella? thanks

christina says:

I like to eat superfoods b/c I love that they are identified as “super.” What’s not to love about that? When health is intact it’s hard to imagine what it’s like to live with any worry about health. But when things are off base, a person’s focus, at least mine, has shifted to all things related to health. Since we eat every day and have to in order to live, why not maximize the quality of how we life with better food choices. I absolutely LOVE to eat superfoods because I know that I’m making a good choice for my health and future.

Barbara says:

Thank you so much for this information. I have just started leading cancer recovery retreats – Living Beyond Cancer, Healing in the Tropics, at my eco-lodge and wellness resort, Upachaya, and I believe I may be adding this to our daily nutritional regimen. I love the fact that it is such an easy way to add nutrients to the diet at the same time as detoxifying the body. I will experiment with adding it to our graviola green tea, which also works at killing cancer cells.

Again, thank you for sharing this information.

Jane says:

The past year has been filled with chemo, radio and all that “conventional” crap. The only time I felt like I was winning was when I made juices, smoothies and lovely plates full of good green food. I refused the last treatment offered to me and now I’m cleaning up my body, one day at a time.

carolyn gray says:

Green superfoods help your immune system to function better. I have a green juice everyday and love it.

Ellie Moriarty says:

Superfoods are great for weightloss and flushing out toxins.

victor says:

Please let me know for complete heavy metal detoxification, colon , liver cleanse and overall health, how much chlorella can I take and for how many months

Jolene says:

I would love to win one! I want to make my health better!!!!!!

Bec says:

A happy life :)

Lara says:

Hey Jess,
Thanks for you daily updates, this one hits home!
My father in law has just gone through a good run of radiotherapy, I have put him onto turmeric and this has really helped with recovery. I would be grateful to be a winner to give him Chlorella to try.

Jenna says:

Being a student, when I began drinking a smoothie packed full of green leafy veggies and some chia and peanut/almond butter to add flavour, I noticed that it kept me full and energized for the day – I wasn’t even starving at morning tea time like usual! This has been the greatest overall benefit I’ve felt so far.
And thank you Jess, for all the knowledge that I’ve gotten out of your blog! You really encourage me to treat myself to live up to my full potential everyday.

Peter Burge says:

Hi Jess’s,
I live in Brisbane Australia, can I purchase chlorella in Aust or can you ship it over for me.
Sounds like a great cheleator

Hi Peter, you can buy chlorella in Australia. Look out for it in health food stores and online.

Pamela naylor says:

decalcification of the pineal gland!

Donna Schmuck says:

Thank you so much for the time and effort you put in to this article. I am drinking a green drink everyday with added Hawaiin Pacifica spirilina to it. I feel better and have read that it may help with my seasonal allergies. My father in law was diagnosed with dementia so I will pass this information and great superfood on to him. Please let me know where to find chlorella .Thanks so much. Donna

Angie says:

I started taking Chlorella hoping it would take away my body aches. It did and so much more. I mix small amounts in my baby’s
poi. So far hasn’t been sick yet!
Aloha nui

Deborah says:

Hi Jess,
I’m suffering with an acid condition and I’m in some pain. I’ve heard the yaeyama hawaiian pacifica will help me. Fingers crossed I win some of this product to try and see if it can help.

Matthew Hershon says:

Hi Jess I have psoriasis and I think the chlorella would be wonderful for me thanks Matthew Hershon

Evelyn Rivera says:

My daughter, Claudia has been hospitalized 4 times in a period of 6 months for mental health issues, such as unspecified psychosis (very bad), incoherence of thought, slurred speech, extreme anxiety, and severe depression. Her skin has a very bad breakout specially on her back, and she has a sort of subtle burn like pattern on her back, and back of the neck (which could be the Risperdal she used to take). The intensity and aggravation of sings of needed treatment began after she accidentally stepped on a halogen light bulb that has mercury and injured herself.
She is currently heavily medicated or she will go intensely back to a very bad psychotic anxiety and emotional exaltation state. I am looking forward to finding detox alternative that may make it more beareable for her to continue treatment and achieve an acceptable functional level of mental and physical health.

Linda says:

Listing one of the reasons for consuming green superfoods is easy, as there’s so many reasons. I’m trying to decide which is my biggest reason. I started on my healing journey when the doctor told me I had a fatty liver. He told me the good news was that I could reverse my fatty liver through diet. So I went home and started researching and learned that the way to reverse a fatty liver was to cut out all animal fat and eat a vegan type diet. So that’s what I did. I have lost 70 pounds, the fantastic perk to eating green superfoods. My fibromyalgia is virtually gone, my heel spurs have healed and I can walk barefoot for the first time in 26 years. :)

Claudette Bennett-Carayol says:

With the growing use of processed and junk foods that are increasingly leading to diseases and obesity that impinges on the quality of a person’s life, I think eating raw and green foods and super foods such as Chorella is important to bring back a balance to our lives. I think we are suffering from a lack of nutrients (nutricide) so super foods seem to be the only way to go

Bal Bedi says:

Wow it’s a miracle herb or algae. I am going to use to for detox and cleanse my body. It’s also useful as a natural nutritional supplement.

Mikaela says:

Hi! I’ve just recently started consuming chlorella and spirulina powder in the morning, hopefully all the natural goodness can detixify and clear my skin! X

I hope all is going well for you, and wanted to thank you for sharing this information, the only problem I have with chlorella is that it tastes ugh! lol
I prefer not to take tablets as they have so much filler. I am thinking about suggesting to my prediabetes diet plan clients that they take chlorella, therefore might try it again myself.

Caroline says:

At 67 I’m blessed not being on any medication. I survive by taking supplements & sorta eating healthy foods – sorta is code for salads and sauces with meat. I know in the bottom of my belly that green stuff is the best for my body – getting to that grand podium is a steep walk. I truly believe chlorella is going to be superbly helpful at this stage of existence. However, I have to fight my brain over my urges to go green, but we are forming a partnership because we recognise nutritional value.
Thank you
Aussie Caroline from down under

Ann says:

U should try green magic by protocol – I love it! Chlorella spirulina royal jelly and so much more x

I just recently turned 52 yoa, and wow; I can tell I haven’t taken very good care of my body. So in the past, probably 3 yrs. I’ve been studying, researching, learning everything I can find to detoxify and heal what damage I’ve caused. I’m so very grateful for you to teach us and supply me w/info that may save my life for my child and my grand boys ! I don’t make much money, so I do the best I can to at least drink green smoothies, I’m trying to convert completely to raw vegan, but when feeding a family and me raw, it’s pretty tuff. But thank you so much for all the info; I wish I would’ve found your site long ago, May God Bless you. Thank you.

Laura Crumbley says:

I myself have always been into healthy living and naturally detoxifying the body. When my youngest son was diagnosed with a childhood cancer called Wilm’s Tumor I immediately start giving him a complex of Omega 6 to Omega 3 at a 4:1 ratio which dramatically shrunk his tumors of the kidneys. To this day I still have him on the regimen and occasionally I take some myself it could never hurt to give your body nutrients it desperately needs considering this day and age, but as far as the green diet I have have a Green Food supplement with all green vegetables and herbs in dry form soft capsules, to Uber Greens antioxidant powder drink, and as with any good thing that goes into your body it makes you feel good you lack no nutrients so therefore you may not have certain cravings. Yes I would be very interested in trying what you have come across praying that other people may come across it to . To a Healthy Nation.

shari nahigian says:

Hi Jess, I’ve recently started taking chlorella to hopefully get rid of the mercury.(I have a mouth full or it!) My favorite super foods are Kale and Kiwi’s. Kale goes in the soup and kiwi goes in the shake Yum! I’ve noticed my endurance in the gym is amazing!

Chris Jans says:

You may want to look into the studies done using what is now patented as hmd (heavy metal detox). Chlorella on its own does bind and eliminate some heavy metals, but you will need to be consuming larger amounts to get an effect. You may want to try adding cilantro as well as combining the two works really well. Remember in any detox to try and clean your colon first, so having large amounts of water during this time will help.

myff says:

So informative !! I had no idea that chlorella could help reduce heavy metal .I have MS & feel really sluggish & horrible.Would be great to get a chance to win this :) Take Care x

Alyssa says:

What is the difference between taking chlorella and taking pure chlorophyll? I have been taking liquid chlorophyll, am I missing out on any benefits offered in the chlorella?

Hi Alyssa, these are two different superfoods. Chlorella is a green algae that includes chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is what gives green plants their green colour. x

Margot says:

This is an exciting find I need chlorella now! Yesterday the specialist told me I had very low white blood cell count and therefore low immunity to infections, so I am thrilled to find out that there is a product that will help me and a natural one at that!

Crystal says:

Hello I’m 17 weeks pregnant I need protein supplements for the baby and I was wondering if the vanilla enhanced is ok to take. I hear that pregnant women should stay away from certain herbs but I need advice. Is all the paper foods ok to take except detox?

Rosie says:

Just discovered benefits of chlorella. Way overweight. Fat concentrated in belly. Want to get healthier. Hope this is the start.

Christina G. says:

Consuming green super foods clears my mind and gets rid of that bogged down feeling. They ensure you’re nourishing your body and helping to get rid of free radicals and more of the vitamins and minerals your body needs to function properly.

lorie says:

Ive been having alot of inflamation and blood circulation problems and i truely beleive that the chlorella ive been taking has really helped with alot of the issues ive been having. Ive been taking chlorella along with spirulina and some other supplements and i gotta say that on the days ive not taken it I feel way more sluggish throughout the day.

Marieka Theunissen says:

Since using chlorella I have managed to reduce the outbreak of pimples in my face. I have lost 12 kegs in 5 months by changing my diet and taking supplements such as chlorellla and spirulina to alkalize my body. I feel I have much more energy and do not get food cravings as my body is more balanced.

vigrx says:

Thanks in support of sharing such a nice thought, piece of
writing is good, thats why i have read it completely

Katharine Abrahams says:

Green energy makes me feel better even before I drink it! Just KNOWING it’s about to go into me charges my body and soul :) How good is THAT!! x

Andrea says:

Thank you so much for the Chlorella information. I’ve recently discovered that I have very high Mercury so I’d love to add the Chlorella to my regimen. I’ve been juicing greens daily since February and the benefits are amazing. My eye floaters are dissapearing and my mental alertness is improving and many other symptoms are lessening. I’ve been introduced to Kale, Chard, Collard Greens and many others new vegetablees that are tasting far better than the foods I previously was consuming. GREENS HELP CURE EVERYTHING!!

This is very attention-grabbing, You are an overly professional blogger.
I have joined your feed and look ahead to seeking
more of your fantastic post. Additionally, I have shared your website in my social

Kimberly says:

I have a question. I had a hip replacement a year ago. I don’t ever want to go through that again! I am trying to alkalize my body. I eat spinach and kale and have been taking chlorella supplements (tablet form) for close to a month now. Since all of these have Vitamin K, do you think I should I be worried about blood clotting?

Hi Kimberly, it sounds like you are doing a great thing for yourself, by eating well and powering your body with natural goodness. We are unable to give medical advice however, so please consult a naturopath or qualified integrative doctor. Be well, Ilsa – The Wellness Warrior.

LuAnn says:

I have a super high Mercury level and want to take the Chorella to help remove some of it.
I am confused as what is the best time to take the capsules of chorella and how many to take.
Do you have any specific information to help me!

Colleen MacDonald says:

I am a cancer survivor taking tamoxifen I had chemo , radiation treatment for stage 3 breast cancer I also have high blood pressure I feel tired a lot etc, is this a safe option for someone like me? Any advice at this point would be helpful . Colleen

Hi Colleen, thanks for your comment! Unfortunately, we are unable to give medical advice, but recommend seeing a naturopath or qualified integrative doctor. We wish you all the best in your healing journey, Ilsa – The Wellness Warrior Team.

John says:

Too much iron ..

Most people have too much iron in them already (and
the only way to get it out is by donating blood/bleeding
etc.) ..

So far I like wheatgrass the best, but green superfood
blends may be best.

audioboo.Fm says:

Every weekend i used to visit this site, as i wish for enjoyment, since this this site conations really nice funny information too.

Anna says:

I have concerns about chlorella from Japan with regard to radiation issues and other contaminants that don’t seem to phase Japan or China in processing. I’m not saying our FDA is great about much either, but closer to home is easier to investigate I think. Do you have any thoughts on why the brand you recommend is trustworthy? Also, do you have any US based recommendations?

Brad Carpenter says:

Thank you for this great message. I started with alkaline and green foods because I was diagnosed with double bone infections on my right foot. The drs want to amputate but I was told green superfoods can make a huge difference. Now I’ve heard about chlorella through you. Just wish I heard it in time for your give away…lol

Eve says:

I love the idea of taking chlorella but I have haemochhromatosis and feel it may contain too much iron to take on a consistent basis for someone like me. What do you think?

Cassie says:

I am very interested in learning more about these products to expell metal from my body. I have a few tattoos which I deeply regret and started the process of removing my first one over a year ago. I was recently diagnosed with Graves Disease of the thyroid and now a papillary BRAF gene nodule which is what they say cancerous. This is requiring me to remove my complete thyroid in less then two weeks. With the nodule so small, he is thinking I won’t need any treatments for cancer. Praise God. I am looking into something long term to assist cleaning my body of toxic materials. I wonder if the metals from the tattoos have broken my immune system down and that is why it started attacking my thyroid. I am 39 years old. Always been healthy, eat healthy, work out, but something here has went wrong and I am a researcher so I want to find out as much as possible. Call me a dork, thats ok, I want to know any info out there. Thanks girl.

Cassie says:


Debora Martinson says:

I am interested in trying Chorella as I have MS and have been working at removing toxins from my body.

Prema Turnbull-Creamer says:

Bless you for sharing! I have been making juice from fresh kale, parsley, & frozen strawberries. I learned that kale is a super micronutrient dense food. I would love to start taking cracked chlorella thou. Its benefits are amazing. Knowing that it offers such a complete blend of all the essentials, causing me to certainly add it to my life. I am personally trying to prevent cancer which runs in my family. I know I have a choice and your inspiration has driven me to go for it!!! :)