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Posted June 8, 2012

One of my sponsors, 180 Nutrition, is gearing up to launch a vegan version of their natural protein superfood powder, and to celebrate the launch they are giving away 30 of their starter packs.

You guys know that I don’t usually plug protein powder, but 180 Nutrition is different. This stuff is more of a superfood than a protein powder and is made from totally natural, raw food. Ingredients include coconut flour, flaxseed meal, almond meal, sunflower kernel, sesame seeds, pepitas, chia seeds, psyllium husks, inactive dried yeast, stevia and pea protein.

The guys from 180 sent me some to try, and it got the thumbs up from my boyfriend (who as you know, I have successfully weaned off the other crappy protein powders).

To win one of 30 starter kits (valued at $14.95 each), all you need to do is answer this question in the comments below:

What is your favourite superfood, and how do you currently include it in your diet?


Winners will be announced in next Friday’s newsletter, so make sure you’re on the list to find out if you’ve won.






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I LOVE chia seeds!! I stir them into my green smoothies, sprinkle them on salads or let them stand in a cup of almond milk mixed with raw cacao and a bit of stevia until it thickens for a yummy pudding :)

Almonds!!! I have them on my quinoa porridge in the morning, ground up in my cacao power balls, sprinkled on salads and veggie curries and just snacked on whenever a snack is needed!!

I love quinao!! Hot, cold, good everyway..It takes on the flavor of what ever you cook with good for you :)

At the moment I am loving organic, unsweetened coconut – in all forms! Flakes and shredded and dessicated. I use it in breakfast cereal, as a filler for baked snacks, and in smoothies. Such an amazing way to naturally sweeten food.

My absolute favorite super food is Vega :) Since its a vegan supplement powder I can mix it with virtually anything that doesn’t include dairy. I personally enjoy it most mixed as a smoothie with assorted berries mmm mm! When I’m in more of a rush I find its actually quite tasty with just water even. It comes in different flavors but I find the plain vanilla flavor does the trick!

I take many superfoods, but after bulging a disc in my back recently, my yummy superfood is raw cacao powder to help my muscles recover from the trauma. Cant think of a yummier way to heal!

Raw Cacao Powder! I use it smoothies, raw chocolate desserts and as a replacement for coco in hot chocolate!

Bee Pollen! I stir it into my raw oats, or have it in a smoothie! mmm

Blueberries are by far my favourite superfood – I love them. I eat them in any way possible – fresh, in smoothies, in yoghurt. Love them, they’re tasty yet so good for me!

Ch-ch-ch-chia! Love my chia seeds! I sprinkle them on pretty much everything – especially in green smoothies and raw meals! Yum! :D

I would also say chia seeds! I sprinkle them on and in everything-smoothies, salads, wraps! Even my 8 year old son has grown to recognize them and can tell you all about them!

Hi Jess! Its Raw Organic Cacao for me too! I use it in my porridge every morning and also make delicious Date, Coconut, Macadamia & Cacao balls for snacking. I love that you can still get your chocolate fix but without all the processing and additives! Love your work! , Dani

Flaxseed……I put it in green smoothies every day!

Almonds!! I have them in my breakfast (with blueberries) and as a delicious quick snack when i’m on the go! :)

I am currently obsessed with cacao! I have my office draw stocked with Loving Earth organic raw cacao blocks. I even got my boyfriend onto it – he came home last week with a massive bag of cacao powder which we have been adding to our smoothies, and he even whipped up a raw cacao cake last weekend. Love it.

Hi Hollie, please share your recipe.

Thanks Jacqui

Hi Jacqui,

To be honest I have no idea where he found the recipe was but I will most definitely find out for you! :) I know he used coconut butter as well, it tasted divine!

I LOVE raw organic coconut oil! I use it for almost all my cooking and baking, I take it daily by the spoonful (mostly for memory and skin improvement), I “pull” with it (pull it in and out through my teeth for several minutes every morning for detoxification) and I use it as an all over moisturiser and to make homemade deodorant. I can’t live without this superfood :)

Hi Colette – where did you find your recipe for homemade deodorant??? Thanks :-)

I have two favorite superfoods chia seeds and bee pollen :)))) I put them in my green smoothies every morning and I always put chia seeds in my water! They both keep me energized and feeling good! :)

Chia Seeds!! I love them in vegan overnight oats! 1/3 cup oats, 1 cup almond milk, 1 or 2 TB of chia seeds, 1 mashed up banana. Put all that together and put the bowl in the fridge overnight…some people like to put maple syrup or peanut butter in the morning but it stands alone in my book – one of my favorite breakfasts!

I love love love almonds. I have been making fresh almond milk and almond butter every week. So easy and they taste amazing! Almond milk in my porridge on a cold winter’s morning is the best :)

If I had to choose just one, I’d say cacao. It’s excellent in smoothies, homemade raw chocolates and truffles, with almond milk for hot chocolates, sprinked on porridge and in my choc-chia puddings. It’s also wonderful for sore muscles and balancing moods!

Young coconuts!! I crack them open as best I can (warning: last attempt resulted in a splinter… ouch!), drink the coconut water, and snack on the lovely coconutty goodness inside. Tastes yummy in salads, too!

Raw honey. I eat it by the spoonful. I’ve got this great one that has an amazing multidimensional flavour – the bees live near native bushland.

Chia seeds and blueberrys are my favourites..! I make delicious blueberry muffins with chia seeds and I also sprinkle chia over my morning porridge! Yum!

My fav superfood are yams. When i’m craving something sweet i make them.

I love chia seeds. I put them in my smoothies and sprinkle them on my salads. Most recently, though, I read an article by Polly (one of your guests on your site) and she posted a wonderful and simple recipe for chia seed pudding which involves soaking the seeds to create a pudding.
This really helps my digestive track (more naturally than medication) because I have colitis.
It’s a simple superfood!

I’m lovin Spirulina powder in my green smoothies every morning. I may change the ingredients to switch it around, but the Spirulina stays the same!

I’m not sure if they count as a superfood, but dark leafy greens are what saved my life! I eat them everyday, if not in a salad for lunch or dinner then in a green smoothie for breakfast.

My fav superfood is chia seeds. They help me gain energy after having a long night with my teething son.

~Spinach~ …………{ move over Popeye!}………..great in a smoothie……great with any meal..

A pot of green tea with a cinnamon stick thrown in! yum

Great idea, I am going to give that a try right now.

Tahini! I love the stuff. It goes into smoothies, I blend with juice pulp to make pate, with baked eggplant for Babaganouj, spread on celery sticks, and if I’m really low, I might even eat it from a spoon.

I love pomegranate’s!!! I love to add them into my green smoothies to give them a big antioxidant hit

Goji Berries i pretty much put them in everything. it gives me so much energy!!

Amazing Grass is my newest favorite super food. It’s great alone or in smoothies!

My favorite super food is hard to choose! I have loved blueberries all of my life — since picking them from our very own blueberry bush in NY at the end of our driveway. I’ve been loading up on them lately since they are in season, local and absolutely big and wonderful tasting. I add them to my breakfast quinoa with my two other favorite super foods, coconut oil and chia seeds, throw them in gluten free pancakes and my most favorite way to enjoy them is all by themselves!

Organic Blueberries! I eat a cup full every day in a smoothie for breakfast, with a host of other yummies like oats and chia seeds and LSA. Though if I’m eating them on the run I need to check my teeth for purple blueberry skins!

My favorite superfood is coconut mana!!!!! It’s delicious on just about anything: a cucumber, a banana, a spoon… I have oficially replaced my peanut butter with coconut mana. That means waffles and coconut… apples and coconut… or even coconut and jelly!! (ok, not really that last one)

I love goji berries! I mix them into my oats, sprinkle it on salads, pack it into protein power balls, and add it to my raw organic chocolate when I make it! It adds a sweet kick without any need for added sugar and a huge boost of antioxidants! Plus the bright red colour is so uplifting and attractive :)

Chia! I mix the seeds with some water to form a gel… Which means they then have 6 times the antioxidant content of blueberries! We eat a teaspoon of the gel daily, and use it in baking and smoothies!

In this Artic winter weather I am loving my groats (unhulled raw oats) porridge cooked in the slow cooker overnight with dates, cranberries, apricots and cinnamon thrown in as well. Not only is it incredibly nourishing nutrient wise but it has that stickability to your insides that keeps you satisfied for hours.

I’m crazy about Supergreens!! I have them religiously every morning with my green smoothie as it gives me so much energy and fills me up for hours. I also love adding it to yoghurt, smoothies and mixing a little bit with salad dressings to have with salads to give it an extra nutrient kick!

Coconut oil! On me as a moisturizer and I eat it too – smoothies, date balls, off the spoon. Melted over chopped banana, organic raisins, cacao and cha seeds. Nom..nom…

every morning I have a superfood smoothie. but if I had to pick one I’d pick coconut oil, I use it for everything…cooking, skincare, hair care, its the best!

I can’t live without my coconut oil. I use it as a moisturizer,for cooking, oil pulling for detoxification and teeth whitening. I also love raw cacaou mixed with raw honey to satisfy my sweet tooth.

I love so many super foods, but I am stuck on organic coconut oil (internal/external) and raw honey. I am currently trying to heal a cavity in my molar using raw honey and butter oil, so far so good! Here’s my super breakfast: Steel cut oats, blueberries, coconut oil, raw honey and raw almonds, then I take organic butter oil in capsule form.

Good old Spinach is my favorite, my smoothies wouldn’t be the same without it. I also recently discovered coconut oil and am loving that.

For me, it has to be spirulina! I’ve been feeling on top of the world ever since I started taking it, and definitely have more energy. I mix with with water, juice and smoothies for a bit of a liquid boost, but also add it to rice dishes, quinoa, even on my oats in the morning(!) to reep the full benefits. Don’t know what I’d do without it!

This is a toughie! How to choose just one of my faves? My top ones that I use every day at the moment are goji berries, cacao nibs, flax seeds, chia seeds, spirulina and bee pollen! I’ve also started using maca root in my nut milk shakes. My favourite ONE….maybe today would be…cacao nibs! I’ve started sprinkling them on my fruit salad with goji berries and ground flax- sooo delicious!

Kale! I love kale in my green smoothies, in salads, in stir fries, on top of quinoa etc, but I’d always had to go to a market or health food shop to get it, which is not always feasible for me midweek. But this week, for the first time, I saw it in my local grocery store. I bought two gorgeous, big green bunches, like bouquets of green curly goodness. I gave one to my desk-mate (she’s into green smoothies too) who’d never tried it before, and took the other bunch home at put it in a vase on my kitchen windowsill. Pretty and tasty and super!

Organic Spirulina – contains more than 60% vegetable protein, which is much higher than fish, pork, or beef etc – its a must in my post workout green smoothie!! Spirulina is often described as the most complete food source in the world.

I LOVE hemp seeds!!!! I put them in everything!!! I make a cereal
With them for breakfast, in salads for lunch or dinner, and make the most wonderful smoothies and deserts with them!!! They have helped my diet so much and the possibilities are endless!!!!!’ yay!!!!!

Organic Spirulina!! Contains more than 60% vegetable protein, which is much higher than fish, pork, or beef etc. Its a must in my post workout green smoothie (with coconut water – natures ‘sports’ drink) … My office nickname is Mr Spirulina :D

Our new super food which is now “freely” available are fresh coconuts and there super rich nutrient filled coconut water! We live remotely on Lihir Island, Papua New Guinea so there is not excuse not to have our coconut daily.
Part of our daily breakfast has been Chia seeds and almond milk in an organic banana smoothie for a good few months now.

I’m crazy for coconuts atm. Water, flesh, oil, sugar, flour. So versatile and wonderful.

Favorite superfood is nutritional yeast. I could not live without it in any way shape or form. It can be put in everything, savory oatmeal, salads, grain and vegetable dishes, soups and not to mention nut cheeses! Super rich in vitamin B, especially b12 which is so important for us vegans, rich in protein, and glutathione – that powerful antioxidant that helps our liver clear all the junk out. So if you have not experienced this yet you must! You will never miss cheese again, and you will never wish you were a better cook. You seriously do not have to have any cooking skills when you use this, just add unheated pink salt and olive oil and voila! The BEST MEAL EVER! Promise :)

Flaxseed Oil with a bit of Royal Jelly added to favorite salad dressing.
So wonderful and my brain loves it.!!

Chia Seeds for sure! In my juices and smoothies when i need something more substantial, soaked in coconut milk for a decadent breaky, ideal egg replacer when I need extra bind or moisture, soaked and stirred through my bircher or brown rice ‘meusli’ … the potential uses of the humble chia are endless! My 85 year old great aunt swears by them to “keep her regular”.

I take spirulina each day. Its packed with vitamins and nutrients and it gives me an extra spring in my step and a general feeling of good health. Im less sick, less tired and can function as a sleep deprived mum. It also helps curb my cravings for sugar and other evil stuff. Its brilliant!!

Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil because it has so many uses – as a moisturiser, in stir fries, to make cakes and frosting, in my raw ‘chocolate’ slice, as a lubricant (ahem!), for oil pulling, over roast veges, to make popcorn, as a hair treatment, as a lip balm, love it!

its popped up alot already on the comments but I’m going to have to say chia seeds!! love them! I have them in my oats with coconut milk for breakfast! Satisfaction right there!

Wheat grass. I grow my own and use it in smoothies.
But I’m looking forward to getting some Amla Powder (aka Amalaki, aka Gooseberry).

I don’t have a superfood but I do like coconut oil and am trying the oil pulling after reading it on your blog (although nothing’s happened yet!). After reading all these comments I think I need to give chia seeds another go and stock up on raw cacao… and I wish I had a coconut tree like Jacqui!

Spirulina- awesome in green smoothies! x

psyllium husks – i use it everymorning on my shake and it keeps me feeling cleansed, i believe that it has made my skin, bloating and slugginess disappear, i love it :)

Anything green, spinach, kale, cos, broccoli, spirilina, in green smoothies …. yum yum!

I’m on green smoothies, so kale is currently my superfood, kale, spinach, banana and pineapple smoothies .. delish !

I have so many superfoods! Maca, bee pollen, honey, nuts, berries… But the one that stands out for me is CHIA!
So versatile, it can be used to make breakfasts and desserts – mixed with coconut and cacao it’s creamy deliciousness!
I add them to all my smoothies for goodness I can barely see! And salads aren’t complete without a mix of chia, flax and hemps seeds to add texture and crunch to my crisp vegetables.
Chia seeds are a great source of omega 3 and anti-oxidants and they keep you full for longer.
Chia are so diverse, they have to be #1!

Chia l also love on my breakfast it adds the poppingness if that is a word to every bite yumm

I love my organic Maca Powder ~ provides me with calcium, iron, zinc, copper,maganese, sodium, potassium, vitamins B1,B2,C,E and 18 amino acids…added to my smoothie each morning what a better way to start the day!

Due to pancreas problems my diet is purely liquid, so low fat no sugar easy to digest soups juices and smoothies are the fuel for my LIFE….it is a challnege but i try to get the best nutritional bang for every mouthful!!! I have been looking for a vegan powder to add to my drinks to get adequate protein etc but as jess has pointed out there’s not much good quality protein powders out there… so 180 is very exciting for me!

I am lovin all kinds of superfoods and getting new inspiration from your blogs…right now i am in love with young green coconut water and make this the basis for my smoothies which incl chia, barley grass powder, quinoa, stevia and blended greens….goodness never tasted soo good :)
Hubby gets the coconut flesh and it makes an amazing base for curries xxx

Spirulina is my favorite in a green smoothie. I always have a good run when I drink one for breakfast.

I love chia seeds!! They keep me nourished as well as hydrated when food is not available/suitable & make me feel energised but not weighed down ;-)

Oh my delicious! I have just been introduced to ACTIVATED ALMONDS – not only am I a huge fan to the amazingly addictive texture of crispiness BUT they are regenerated which is good for me too! Superfood yes! WINNING I think so!!

Blueberries! I add them to anything breakfastie or to make my muffins a little more healthier!

Dark chocolate covered goji berries :-)

Maca powder has some great effects, we add it to smoothies.

I love love love coconut oil – delish to eat, cook with and use as a natural moisturiser and hair conditioner. A little goes a long way! X

Almonds! I blend almonds and water together, which creates an awesome milky almonds liquid, then include 1-2 bananas, chia seeds, some raw chocolate, coconut oil, honey and ice… mmm It’s the ultimate sweet and tasty smoothie.

My absolute favourite superfood is acai berry!! I add it to my smoothies and put it in my homemade, vegan ice cream, cakes, muffins and granola bars I make at home! It gives me energy, wakes me up in the morning and helps me concentrate when I have to work long hours and sit through 3 hour exams! I find it works wonders in combination with maca powder, spirulina and chia seeds in my protein drinks after a long workout :)

Easy! It’s cacao!
I put it in my lunch smoothie every day, and it works so well when blending with spinach, celery sticks and other greens in a smoothie! Everything gets this lovely chocolate flavor.

I also put it in my nut butter, in my raw chocolate (duh, of course) and I plan on making granola with chocolate flavor for a real treat this summer.

I use Cacao alot at the moment.
It’s the ingredient that makes my baked super snacks the hit that they are.
It warms me up in a delicious hot chocolate on those cool nights.
Best of all it gives me a lift when i feel i have run out of steam.
You cant beat raw chocolate. <3

Gojis! Definitely in my smoothie :)

Pretty near all the good stuff everyone has mentioned!! My latest love is Maca Power Blends. Certified Organic Maca Powder & Cacao Powder which I enjoy in smoothies, with yoghurt & muesli and I also make a hot drink with it in lieu of coffee. (weaning myself off it slowly!!)

Coconut oil!! luv luv luv!! I cook with it, make desserts out of it like raw chocolate, chocolate protein sauce, yum on its own or in smoothies (and even great for hair and skin lol)

I have spirulina every day. Don’t feel as good without it.

My favourite superfood is NUTS! I am nuts about NUTS! I have always loved all types of nuts, every single one of them but especially almonds, macadamias, peanuts, pistachios and pecans. They always give me amazing energy. They are perfect before a workout, after a workout, for a quick snack, to fill me up temporarily if I’m on the run and can’t get to a proper meal. They are even great ground up for baking and for natural nut butters to put on bread or chopped up fruit. You don’t need a lot to do the job so they are relatively inexpensive as well. If I had to choose one superfood to live on all day, I would pick NUTS without a missed beat :-)

I would have to say apricot kernals

Raw Cacao Powder and Cacao nibs. I put it in my green smoothies in the morning or to make a hot cacao, so great for winter and balances out my mind, body and skin <3

Chia – I include it in all my green smoothies and lately have been making chocolate mint puddings with it as well :) So good for you!

Hi Jessica, my favourite superfood would be almonds! I soak 12 – 15 almonds in filtered water over night then in the morning before I drink anything or have breakfast, I chew them (roughly 200 times) until it becomes a white paste. Then I swallow. This works like a brush cleaning your intestine. I’ll wait 1/2 hour then Im ready to have my breakfast and green tea :)

Love Chia seeds, and I love making raw chia pudding with them. I also love flaxseeds, I eat them everyday in my morning oats, and also take flaxseed oil.

I love my maca powder! I just mix up a spoonful of it into water each morning and chug. Gives me an awesome boost of energy and it definitely improves my mood. I also try to snack on goji berries whenever possible

loving kale right now. Great base for morning smoothies, plus making kale chips satisfys snack cravings.

Chlorella, it’s an amazing supergreen, gets rid of heavy metals in my body and makes me feel great! I love putting it in my green smoothies or just having it with coconut water.

Kale is my superfood and always gives me a burst of energy when i have it as a smoothie. I use Kale in everything, black bean stew, pumpkin soup, tomato salsa dip. I Just use it in everything everyday. If i buy too much i then dehydrate the kale and sprinkle dried kale into my bread mix. I mix dried kale, rice flour, oats and coconut milk together, just enough milk to make a paste then take spoonfills flatten them out and bake in oven. Yummy crunchy crackers.

I put chia in my green smoothies. Love all the Omegas it adds. My smoothies give me so many veggies I normally would not eat…LOVE them!

My favorite superfood this time of year is organic blueberries. I will eat them anytime of the day or night!

We mix bee pollen and honey together and eat on toast as our pre workout snack! Love it and the whole family eats it!

BLUEBERRIES! I put them in everything and eat them raw.

I put chia seeds, hemp seeds and maca in my protein smoothies every morning. I love the thickening that the chia does to the smoothy and also knowing that I’m getting so many benefits from all 3.

Just learning about so many awesome Superfoods loaded with nutrients. I try to use as many that I can in a day. Right now I am trying to get chlorophyll in many different forms on a daily basis. Whether in raw unpasteurized form or as spirulina in my green juices. Love, Love how beautiful it makes your body feel.

It’s too hard to pick just one!
I sprinkle flax on anything I can, smoothies, juice, salads. I love to mix blueberries into smoothies. I use coconut oil everyday, for cooking and on my skin. A handful of walnuts for a snack. I try to have a glass of organic green juice everyday, so refreshing! The newest item I’m using in chia seeds, I’ve heard so many great reviews on them.

Coconut is my all time favorite. I drink coconut water with pulp, especially when working out or during a visit to the infared sauna. I also love coconut Lava Bars. I often eat them for breakfast to satisfy my sweet cravings. They taste like the inside of a candy bar and are very healthy. I also love Hale Mary Coconut Macaroons, for the ultimate sweet treat.

Freshly grown sprouts are a favorite. So high in nutrition. A true superfood in my book. Love it in wraps.

I can’t decide between broccoli or coconut oil…broccoli has been one of my favorite foods and practically the only veggie I would eat when I was little….But coconut oil has soo many applications and has changed my life!!!

whole wheat product specialy bread yum =P i used as much as i can

Coconuts! I use them for:
Water – I use the coconut water in recipes, in all drinks, after exercise (natures energy drink)
Milk – in hot chocolates (using raw cacao), with dandelion tea for a mock coffee; for any recipe calling for milk.
Cream – for the best scrambled organic eggs; recipes
Flakes – for chips
Shredded – In my skin exfoliator recipe; In a heap of edible (!!) recipes
Oil – in my hair as a treatment (must be washed out); skin moisturiser; lathered on my feet and then put socks on overnight (makes the softest feet); when frying (high heat point); and in recipes.

It will have to be organic and natural honey – it goes with so many things from sweets to a bit more savoury dishes. I can add honey to pancakes, porridge, put a bit on top of mixed oats flakes with yoghurt etc. Simply yummy and nice! :)

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Much Love, Kerry

Wheat Grass. Everyday in green smoothies or organic apple juice (fresh of course) .

Lamb’s quarter! High in calcium & lots of vitamin’s & minerals.
Perfect to add to shakes & green smoothies.

I have recently started taking Maca powder. I actually dislike the taste, but I have seen a huge increase in energy since adding it to my diet, rediction in PMS symptoms plus your libido goes through the roof as it balances your endocrine System! Always a nice plus!

So many to chose from… and who is to say what defines a ‘superfood’?
Currently sitting here sipping my new fav drink; Spiced Chai (Yerba) Mate with oatmilk and organic local honey – which is all super to me!!!

But, ok, I am denoting my long standing ‘superfood’ to be Chaga mushroom extract.
Usages? Can put it into lots of things I’m sure (like smoothies) but I used it as a tea! Its quite earthy and tasty :)
The one I’m utilizing contains Wild, raw chaga mushroom as well as wild, raw white birch bark, and organic purple maca root.

Quite the treat! And apparently it’s rather healthy. Actually I heard David Wolfe taking about it the other day, that he is writing a book on it – not that he has to approve for me to enjoy :D


Unsure whether I used the word ‘denote’ in a sense making way :P

It’s hard to pick just one, but I love cacao. Its so versatile, gives me energy without the caffeine and is chock ful of minerals :-)

Hmmm, very hard to choose just one but if I had to say one thing I def can’t go without each day, and probably not classed as a superfood but, good ole H2O – water! I always come back to the basic rule of staying hydrated to complement everything else :0)

Please Jess could you define the meaning of a superfood ? I think it could be worthwhile explaining.
Many Thanks.

Chia Seeds! My favorite is mixing them in my protein shake on weight days. I also mix up some chia/almond milk pudding.

Avocados everyday!

My favourite superfood is maca powder! I use it in smoothies, dressings and in curries. Its wonderful and has a rich and creamy flavor. Its not allowed in Norway but I bought it when i was in australia. It will be allowed soon though i think. :)

Almonds would have to be my very favourite super food. I love them in smoothies, muffins, granola or just how they are. They are wonderful.

I love maca powder, and include it in my smoothies everyday. It is soothing to the endocrine system and can help the body recover from all kinds stresses, including bad stress (work etc.) and good stress (exercise induced sress)!

cacao – i use it on my oats every morning! xx

Avocados just love them! When I became vegan I replaced these with cheese and they are perfect and packed full of goodness! I also blend avocados with cacao coconut milk so my son thinks he is having a chocolate milk drink!!! ;)

Chia seeds! I put them in smoothies and juices and feel so much better since incorporating them!

My all time favorite superfood right now would have to be Kale! I include it in my smoothies everyday! I follow your the wellness warrior smoothie recipe and love it :-)

Blueberries are my number one superfood! They are filled with diety fibre, vitamin C and best of all Manganese, which aids in regulation of blood sugar levels, supports hormone and thyroid balance and metabolism of nasty fats and carbs. I add them to my smoothies, fruit salads and any desserts I indulge in.

Chia + Kale = love. I LOVE chia pudding with almond milk and blueberries for breakfast but most of all I love using Chia seeds soaked in water as an egg replacer. And Kale – who would have thought my husband would drink a smoothie with greens in it? And the kids eating green chips? Love you both.

If coconut water counts, I like to add coconut water to my green juices. I do this post workout to replenish and nourish my body.

I LOVE kale! I put it in my green smoothies, mix it with quinoa, onion, and eggs, toss it in salads, make kale chips, or make it as a side dish with garlic and olive oil! YUM!!

COCONUT!!! in all forms! Butter, oil, flakes, shredded, milk, juice….. I have been making AMAZING raw chocolate with this superfood, yum!

Hawaiin Spirulina is an amazing superfood. I have avoided the flu and cold for about 2 years by taking 6 tablets a day. It contains aplethora of vitamins and nutrients.

Organic cocoanut oil. I use it for everything. On my skin, I cook with it and I have in in my breakfast. As I am new to all this my next superfood to try is Chia seeds. Started yesterday. Slowly does it. I did try spirulina but couldn’t stop gagging. Not sure what I can about that one.

My favourite superfood at the moment is Maca powder. I add it to my smoothies and bliss balls. I enjoy the caramel-ey taste of it, and I am grateful for the way it has helped alleviate menstrual symptoms and increase my endurance and stamina at the gym. Thumbs up for Maca!

I cant do without my homemade cultured veggies, they are so super foodie its not funny.
One serving of fermented vegetables can contain 10 trillion colony-forming units of bacteria.
On average, one tablespoon of fermented vegetables contains as much probiotics as one litre of yogurt.
Amazing! No wonder your body will love this!

Almonds are my favorite to be used in smoothies, cereal and as snacks. Love them.

Almonds are great as a snack for me when I am busy.

I make different varieties of oatmilk (vanilla, almond, coconut- where ever creative thought and craving takes me!). Every morning I eat fruit with cereal and homemade oatmilk. I also make a smoothie with spirulina and flax seed oil and then whatever combination of fruits, vegetables and juice I happen to have. Unfortunately I’m running low on supplies and trying to restock, but raw food in Denmark is crazy expensive and buying online is overwhelming. Hoping I can get some help from my fellow vegans through this site! Love and Light ~*~

Chia seeds are my favorite super food. I use them in my smoothies.

My favorite superfood is kale. This year’s crop in the garden is beautiful and I eat it raw when I’m out weeding. My favorite way is to steam it down like spinach in a fry pan with a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Yummy!

What is your favourite superfood, and how do you currently include it in your diet?

My favourite super food at the moment is Quinoa. I love how versatile it is and being vegan I find it a great source of protein.

Quinoa flakes with some mix berries, topped with warm almond milk and maple syrup make a perfect start to the day.

Whilst the grain I find great to have with a scrumptious veggie stir-fry, or some rice paper rolls, and for a Sunday breakfast treat some Quinoa pancakes.

I am loving raw cacoa! I have some with rice protein powder, warm
rice milk and some raw honey for a treat. Relaxes me to the core.

I really enjoy everything mentioned so far. One other thing i would add is medicial mushroom blend powder. It can be taken in capsule form, but i use the power blend in gravey and sprinkled on salads!

Maca! I love it and add it to so many things: my fruit smoothies (stirred it after blending so it doesn’t become bitter), the raw vegan chocolates I make, savoury soups, raw desserts… It has a malt/vanilla/nutty taste that I really like

Proghurt I have it every morning for breakfast with blueberries of cherries, topped with cinamon and chia seeds

Organic wheatgrass powder….blend with green juice to make a creamy healthy drink which will give you so much energy throughout the day.

My favourite superfood is chia seeds from Because it is full of omega 3 and calcium plus more
I mix 2 Tb seeds with 1/2cup water and let it sit for 20 minutes
Blend 1 whole pear 1/2 cup raspberries and 1 whole apple Mix in lemon juice Stevia powder and the chia gel Beautiful Breakfast food Sitting out in the morning sun :)
I am totally looking forward to using Summer fruits like Mango Peach Apricot Nectarine
YUM Thank goodness for CHIA SEEDS

I cant go without a good Japanese Green Tea. I love Sencha or Buddhas Tears when I can afford it. Besides being an excellent source of anti-oxidents and boosting your immunity, regular consumption has been linked to significant reduction in the risk of developing cancer.

Walnuts and Tea drop Honeydew green tea. I put walnuts in nearly every thing. I ground them and just throw them in salad smoothies etc it hads an amazing texture

My favourite superfood is cold pressed vegetable juices made with my brand new (and very expensive) juicer! Right now I am loving organic beetroot, carrot, lettuce, celery, cucumber, capsicum, lemon and mint juice as my first meal of the day… Makes me feel so good! I make at least a litres worth! I have only been juicing two weeks but my running time has gone down by 30seconds per km! amazing! don’t underestimate the SUPER power of veggies :)

My superfood smoothie! – goji berries, 1/2 banana, cacao powder, maca, chia seeds, blueberries, water and ice with almond or rice milk … delicious start to the day :)

Nettle, nettle nettle, sting those nettles. Nettle Tea is my sting, it has picked me up from the doctors prescription heap. I have it every day just as a simple infusion along with Jess’s wonderful and inspiring thoughts drinks and encouragement, what a Brew!! Mary.

Spirulina – whack it in the juicer with healthy greens grown straight from my garden. Fresh vegies straight from your garden are also a favourite superfood of mine!

Hi there, Its my fist time commenting on this site, Well any site actually… My fav SuperFood… Is Kale… I do green smoothies everyday and I love the energy I get from it. I feel instant gradification by doing this, Knowing I am putting something so incredibly healthy in my body… So Yah that’s my Fave. Ciao Bella’s!


Put the lime in the coconut and drink it all up! Organic Coconuts are my superfood! So many uses…the water for hydration, the oil in recipes, the flesh in everything!
Absolutely essential!