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Posted June 15, 2012

I love being able to tell you guys about natural beauty brands, and this week I have another good one for you. Savi is certified organic and contains no nasties at all. The products also smell amazing and feel beautiful. Peachy Clean Organic Beauty Boutique has given me a pack of Savi products worth $169.80 to give away to one lucky Wellness Warrior.

The pack includes:

Savi Organic Body Scrub in the ‘Wellbeing’ scent – Rich in certified organic jojoba and hemp seed oil this luxurious SAVI Body Scrub is an intensive organic skin treatment designed to polish and renew to leave you with smooth and supple skin that feels firmer and looks brighter. The certified organic lake salts and essential oils are specifically included to improve circulation and reduce uneven skin tone as well as reducing cellulite, removing dry or flaky skin and nourishing your skin. (RRP$39.95)

Savi Organic Face Cream for normal skin types-using nature’s purest ingredients, this beautiful moisturiser penetrates deep under the dermis to hydrate and protect. (RRP$49.95)

Savi Organic Pomegranate and Passionflower Face Mist Rose Hydrosol will balance sebum production (face oils) whilst toning and rejuvenating the skin. Pomegranate Extract is a potent anti-oxidant and free-radical scavenger that helps reduce the appearance of age lines and wrinkles. Passionflower extract helps relieve those daily stresses, and soothes and nourishes irritated skin. (RRP$29.95)

Savi Organic Body Cream in ‘Vanilla and Spice’ scent – This divine body cream will nourish your skin and soul leaving you with a sweet vanilla scent with a hint of fresh spices. (RRP$49.95)


All you need to do to win is ‘like’ both the Peachy Clean Facebook page AND my Wellness Warrior Facebook page, and then leave a comment under this telling me why you want to use organic skin care.

Winners will be announced in next Friday’s newsletter, so make sure you’re on the list to find out if you’ve won.


Positive affirmation for the day: I only consume foods, drinks, and thoughts that I want to become a part of me.






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I would love to win this for my fiance it would make an excellent gift for her since i introduce her to a healthy way of living.

I would love to get this beauty kit…I gave away all my MAC makeup and I only have a natural mascara at the moment..used my spending money on supplements this month.

I would love to use products like these but they’re out of my budget. I want to cut out all non-organic products from my life. These look amazing.

I want to use Organic Skin Care so I can see for myself how good it is and then rave about and get others on board to use it as well. :) OH….and I think my face is screaming out for a fresh approach to skincare! Thanks, would love to win!

I was diagnosed with Melanoma 5 years ago at age 25. I have been on a quest to find a healthy skin care solution that works for me ever since. I would love to try SAVI!!!

Already a liker of your wellness warrior page and now a liker of Peachy Clean.
I love organic skin products because they give my skin a natural glow that makes me feel healthy on the outside and inside, this is so important as i know the skin is the largest breathing organ of our body and anything we put on it will penetrate into our blood system.
I love the smell, texture and non greasy feel of organic products and just knowing i have them on my skin is uplifting to the way i feel.

Completely agree with you Alison! xx

I use organic skin care products for good health and would love to win these amazing products!

Hi Wellness Warrior! I would LOVE to win this beautiful gift, to give to my skin. I have begun the journey of healthy eating and would like to endeavour into healthy eating for my skin! (so to speak). I’m just loving the journey. x

I’ve been using organic skin care products over the past 12 months thanks to your informative site! I’ve trialled a couple of organic products you’ve recommended & have been pleased with them. I feel so much better using products I know are clean & safe!

The first line of defense is just as important as what we eat:) Our body is our temple!

I started using so called ‘organic’ skincare products a while back.. and was so tired of getting the product home to find a sneaky preserative, or paraben lerking in there! I have spend a fortune trying new skincare products! I have now done my own research, brought chemical maze and liked pages such as Peachy Clean and Wellness Warrior who I trust will only promote/sell brands that are truely organic!

As far as why!! If you wouldn’t/shouldn’t eat it then why on earth would you put in on your skin!!

The sneaky brands are the worst! So many products promoted as ‘all natural’ only to turn out to be anything but! Drove me so crazy I opened the Peachy Clean website! No more nasties sneaking in on my watch ;)

I am always looking for good organic skin care products

I hate the idea of rubbing my skin in chemicals just as much as I hate filling my stomach with unhealthy food! Would love to try out these products and make my skin shine :)

I am always looking for good organic skin care products!!!

I’ve changed my whole outlook on health and
Beauty since being diagnosed with an
Auto immune disease. Being so sensitive I am aiming to use only natural products to care for myself better and my environment.

I want to use organic skincare products because i have very sensitive oily skin. I am on medication for acne and I absolutely hate it. I have age spots as well. I do not like taking medicine and I am afraid to use other products because of the chemicals. I live in a very small town and our choices for organic and natural products are slim to none. I would like to find a product that will make me looking and feeling good so then I can pass that information on to my family and friends.

Hi Cassie! One of the most amazing creams I have found for treating skin conditions like acne is the Savi Soothing Cream. It’s a medicated, certified organic version of a ‘steroid cream’. Medications can be quite harsh and drying and often only a temporary fix so I understand your hesitancy. This little gem is packed full of anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory ingredients but is also soothing and healing to calm irritated skin. Fabulous stuff!

I use organic skin care products because I believe living my life as naturally as I can. Nature is a huge part of my spirituality, it’s more than just wanting to be “green”, it’s a part of my religious beliefs.

Wow, a gorgeous prize – it sounds good enough to eat! I’d love to win this organic skincare, as I’ve been making a huge effort for years to go as organic as possible; I believe it is critical these days! Also, because I’m feeling and noticing my age, and being still, a long time single at this age makes me hyper aware of it! I’m also a solo mum, student and skin care is just not on my priority list, I don’t own any and I really deserve it! Love ya Jess, you are amazing xxx

I believe it’s vitally important to eat local and organic food, so using organic beauty products only makes sense. Thanks for the chance to win!

Finding myself again after years of food abuse, I am finding my way back and dragging my family with me. Clean eating, good health, and training mean, and nourishing my mind body and soul with good healthy, organic produce. My skin is would love this ;) it sounds delish, and a good reward for the weight loss I am in the process of.

Because what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in your body. I’m working this year to move to organic wherever and whenever I can.

Dear Jess,
I would absolutely love to win some organic skin care products, for several reasons.
One, I have been slowly yet surely changing and turning my life around, by working on ‘my whole self’, quite literally from the inside out.
Two, my skin is quite damaged from my ‘ Teenage ‘ years of over – washing, and picking at blackheads and pimples.
Thank YOU for the opportunity for a gift. Much Appreciated.

I already ‘like’ (love!) your FB page and have just liked Peachy Clean’s page.
I would LOVE to win this, i am so poor at the moment being a new mum and not working so I can just about scrape by with buying olive and coconut oil for my skin! It would be beyond awesome to win this! (using the awesome word as I know its your favourite! – hmm can i suck up to you anymore.. :)

I’ve been struggling for years to find a good skin care product for my problem skin but can’t afford to go an buy a good organic ski care product. Winning this would be amazing!

I am so over not having that ‘glowing’ skin that I see so many people have. I have decided that this year I am going to be as healthy as possible and try to look the best I can. I would love to try the Savi range to give my skin the love it deserves!

I LOVE natural beauty products and have been wanting to get some body creams and scrubs for a long time. They are just so expensive! My Aunt sometimes sends me some that she doesn’t use. They’re great and they feel amazing on my skin! These particular ones look great! Love the scents!

Hi Ursula! We hear you on the expensive front but we have some truly amazing ranges like Weleda and Dr Bronners that are really well priced and lots of products that are multi-functional so you can get great value from just one item! Check out the Weleda Skin Food-an amazing little product that covers almost everything!

I have sensitive skin, plus I am against animal tested products so this is ideal for me. I dont suffer allergies with natural products!

Just getting into the more natural way of skin care and would love to give this line a try!!! Thank You!!!

I would like to use an organic skin care range so that I know each morning and night when I am rubbing lotion into my skin, that it is honest, true and beneficial for my skin, as well as what it means in regards to my journey of self love and respect; only putting good things in and on my body! Thanks 

Liked and liked! Jess, I’ve only recently discovered your blog and have been completely engrossed since! I literally had no idea about how much damage I’ve been causing my body through the products I’ve been using. I’ve since made a promise to myself to embrace an organic and natural way of life, starting with my beauty routine. This would be the perfect starter pack! Finger crossed :)

I want to win it for my lovely wife, who unfortunately has Fibromyalgia and uses Organic Products whenever possible. She truly deserves a break in her life!
Thank you,

I too already ‘like’ the Wellness Warrior FB page but have just like Peachy Clean’s too. I would looove to win this pack as it ticks all the boxes I look for in beauty products and, all natural, no nasties and not tested on animals!

Hi Jess, I would love to win this – I love everything organic!
I just discovered you and have been ready everything!

I want to use organic skin care on my problem skin to show my daughter that natural skincare is the cure not antibiotics so when she gets to her teenage years she chooses wisely on her own skin!

These products look amazing! I would love to have the opportunity to use them. My skincare routine currently consists of a natural cream cleanser and then rosehip oil so it would be wonderful to have a few more products to add to that meagre list! I am sure my skin would love them too. x

To surprise my beautiful wife who needs some T L C .

I would LOVE to get this. I’ve damaged my skin from years of picking and popping blackheads. I still have “monthly” break-outs in my early 30′s! Ugh! I’m currently trying to change my life (My body and home) from the inside out. Going all natural/organic/chemical (nasties) free :) This would be an awesome package to receive. My skin would love you! I already like your FB page…I just liked Peachy Clean.

I use organic skincare because it simply makes sense. I spend a lot of time in the sun and salt water, and my skin deserves a reward :)

I already ‘liked’ your page too, but just ‘liked’ Peachy Clean’s! Always excited to learn about natural companies I wasn’t aware of previously!!!! I’d love some organic skincare because after watching several loved ones battle and lose, and my mother still battling BrCA I am convinced prevention and natural health is the way to go! Always striving to be better:) I’m actually doing the Gerson Basics workshop right now too, thanks to you for leading me to them!

Would love to win this great organic skin care. I’m always looking for better products in this range at an affordable price! Thanks Jess and Savi! Both liked and shared.

Since being diagnosed with breast cancer 2 years ago I have completely overhauled my life from the inside out. I exercise 5-6 times per week, I meditate, I have changed my diet eliminating coffee, sugar, dairy and gluten and increased my intake of pure water and natural foods (organic where possible). I take probiotics, vitamin D, magnesium and vitamin C. I have banished all but natural cleaning products from my house and the next step is to change my skincare and make-up products to natural products (that still get results). As you know what you put on your skin is absorbed into your body. I feel fantastic and certainly want to always look my best. The Savi products sound like a perfect addition to my regime.

Turning 30 in 3 months has made me realise I can’t expect to fill amazing inside and out if I don’t monitor what I am eating and using on my face. I want the next decade to be even more fabulous than the last. x

I would love to win this pack as I know & trust the research that has been done, between you Jess & Peachy clean, the ingredients would safe for my skin.
Its taken me a lot of years to realise my soul, skin & body needs to be looked after.
If its good enough for you to give away, its good enough for me to win :)

I have liked both the pages already! I would love to win the Savi pack, Im already a huge fan of their products, so I would give it to my elderly Mum in Italy for her Birthday as a decadent treat and Im trying to educate her about only putting organic nurturing products onto her sensitive skin. Savi is a wonderful Western Australian brand with no nasties, they all smell awesome and work! :)

I LOVE the sound and the look and the ingredients of these products. I am inherently lazy when it comes to using skin care, because when I do use it I am particular about what goes onto my skin. I have spend hours standing in stores gazing at arm long lists of ingredients trying to work out what it is that they are asking us to put into our bodies and most of the time leave empty handed as I would rather not use any products over using some of the commercial products available. So winning this beautiful SAVI pack would be just the thing for this fussy lazy bones as all the hard work is done for me and all I’d have to do to be able to use Certified Organic AUSTRALIAN products with no nasties would be to walk to my letterbox :-), and, lets face it, having recently celebrated the first birthday on the 40 slide of my 30′s, I can no longer afford to neglect my skin!

I have slowly turned my life into organic & natural throughout my household….not easy when you have a hubby & 4 kids, but it takes time & I’ve been at it for 5 years now. I love trying new organic products & it gives me complete satisfaction knowing I’m not harming mine or my family with chemicals/toxins. I’m now concentrating 100% on food in the kitchen as the other houshold products are all organic or natural. Thanks Jess for this opportunity :-))

To nourish, heal and support the planet, my body and my mind. Using organic, plant-based skincare is just as important as eating organic, plant based food and its also a wonderful way of expressing gratitude to the body, the planet and the universe. I feel like I’m saying “I love you” to my skin everytime I put on good quality skin cream!

I want to use organic skincare products because we are trying to eradicate as many chemicals as possible from our home and skincare products are the next on the culling list.

Hi! I already liked your page but just liked PeachyClean’s too. I am a huge fan of Savi’s awesome products, so I would love to win this to give to my elderly Mum in Italy as a decadent birthday treat. Im trying to educate her that she is worthy of spoiling herself and only using organic products on her sensitive skin. Savi is a fantastic Western Australian brand with no nasties in them, they smell great and work! Thanks! :)

Hi there. My skin is sensitive and I have to be careful what I use on my skin. Organic is always the way to go. Least I know my skin won’t react. It will glow instead. I haven’t tried this brand before. Looks nice :)

I would love to win as I have sensitive skin and organic product are perfect for it! :D

Best of luck everyone! Savi is an absolutely gorgeous range at Peachy Clean-the body moisturiser in particular smells absolutely divine! I use it lots throughout the day, not because I need to but because I can’t get enough of the gorgeous scent! We’re always happy to help with any product recommendations for your skin type too so e-mail us at [email protected] if you’d like some help-we’d love to hear from our new Peachy Warriors! Absolutely everything at Peachy Clean is 100% natural and toxic free-always! xxx

I want to win as I steal my girlfriends beauty products to use and most of them tend to hurt my sensitive skin. This way I could have my own and they wouldn’t hurt me.

I would love to win this Savi pack because, now that I’m breast feeding my little one, I’m trying to eliminate as many nasty chemicals from my daily regime as possible.. Using Savi products enables me to do just that!

Hi Elisabeth-this is a fab nipple cream for breast feeding mothers. As it’s all natural and the quantities and dilutions of all ingredients are safe for babies, you don’t need to wash it off before breast feeding. Plus a tiny hint of lavender helps keep baby calm and relaxed while feeding!

I always use organic products and would love to try this line!

To give my skin the guilt free pampering it needs!

my skin has been exposed to a lot of so called ‘miracle’ treatments and ‘wonder’ potions which have done nothing but caused more damage so it would be nice to finally treat my skin to what it deserves and more importantly what it needs

I’ve liked both pages, I would love to try Savi organic skincare because it’s unlike any other brand I’ve heard of. I love the combination of natural oils and ingredients and I’d love to start taking better care of my skin, man-made chemicals leave my skin feeling less than radiant, I know this organic skin care can help me love the skin I’m in again!

I want to use organic skin care because i am aware of the fact that what i put on my skin gets into my body and i want good thing to get on and in it. I do all i can to eat well and get enough sleep and that is one more step towards better health that i want to take.



I would LOVE to try these products! I sold Mary Kay for years and I have started eating more cleanly. I have been pondering if trying organic skin care would be an option for me. I am almost 40 and of course have some inperfections on my skin and think organic based products will benefit me greatly!

Hi there, Would love to win this, I am a uni student about to complete Bachelor of Nursing, with two jobs and lots of bills its so hard to afford any organic, vegan, non tested on animal products they are always expensive and in the end i have to just use soap and base cream and thats it which im doing at the moment. Im about to do 13 weeks of unpaid work for placement, Im very broke at the moment and with a huge exam coming up next week…this would be a very nice treat and lovely way to say well done for putting in the hard yards.

I already like your page and was happy to like Peachy as well. I’ve been trying really hard to clean up my diet and house from chemicals as much as possible but am still new to this. I would LOVE to win this set. I live in the US and feel that the majority of things made here are toxic, while every other country has much better guidelines for manufacturing. This would be a great help in boosting my new lifestyle. If I win I’ll gladly pay you for the shipping, I have no idea how much it would cost you to ship here. Thanks so much!


I love using organic products, because it completely takes the stress out of worrying about what I’m putting on my skin. With the absence of harmful and unecessary fillers, organic products are usually more concentrated and feel completely indulgent to use on my skin :)

Liked both pages. These products sound divine! I would love to add this to my healthy self-life makeover!

So excited to see organics goes so much further than just food… of course skin care!
I’m keen to try the products, I have a young daughter and I think its super improtant to lead by example… my mum got me at young age to think about looking after my face (“you’ve only got one Amy!”). WOW only recently shocked by discovering what nasties are included in ALMOST ALL commercial brands of skincare… My focus now is to look for Organic Skincare, what a great step to take next!

I’m pretty sure that putting chemicals on my skin is as bad as consuming them. So I really want to start using organic and natural skin care and cosmetics to make sure I’m giving myself every opportunity possible to do what is best for me.

Knowing now what I didn’t know even 2 years ago, I have switched to organic eating and trying to be equally as conscious of the inside of my body as the outside. I have been working on cutting out makeup, skin care products sunscreens, hair care products and deodorants that would absorbed into my blood stream and have a negative affect on my health. It has been a difficult journey trying to find the right skin care products that I can use and trust. I am inherently sensitive to smells, perfumes, and anything that comes into contact with my skin so I have to be cautious about what I purchase. As a result of my sensitivities, when I do try new products, I am disappointed because they don’t react well with my skin and I inevitably end up wasting money and the product (my friends benefit from my loss however!).
I would love to try this product and hope that I would be able to win the samples! Now that I have gone into my 40 something, I am more aware than ever how I need to take care of my mind, body and soul and hope to be able to pass on my knowledge to my 2 beautiful young daughters!

Hi, first I want to say thank you for such great advice and sharing all of your knowledge! I would love to win these new products because I have been in the transition of changing everything my children, husband and I intake and use to organic. I am continually developing allergies to new things, have suffered with skin allergies my whole life and health conditions as well. This will hopefully progress me in my journey to better our life and or help me to hopefully find that final product that wont be bad for my skin. Next is to just make my own from my organic garden and hope for the best! Well either way thanks for your knowledge. I too am doing the Gerson therapy, just starting and saw you on a youtube clip in search for answers. God bless you and your family!

i would love to eat these:))) i can imagine how they smell. lovely.

S- Safe and Supple
A- Australian made (of course)
V- Vitality
I- I want it all!
Organic- inside and out

I would love to introduce my 12 year old to a wholesome, organic skincare line which she’ll thank me for in years to come.

Because body mind & soul, we all deserve it. Simple.

I love using organic products, the less chemicals in things that we put on our bodies, the better. I would love these divine products to use for myself.

Hi Jess,

I came across your website at the beginning of the year and its been so inspirational, each week, receiving your blogs, interviews, ‘foodie fridays’ and inspirational boards via email. Days when I find I’m having a tough day i just go to your site and have a read :) …and it lightens things.
From your guidance I have gotten off my heavy skin care, even though I was scared of my bad skin coming back, and I have hopped onto an organic cleanser and using food grade hydrogen peroxide for a toner and coconut oil for a moisturiser. So far so good :)
Its a great feeling knowing I’m putting chemical free products on my body.
Would absolutely love to win this prize!
Thank you for the knowledge xx

Our skin is our largest organ and it absorbs everything we subject it to, but not enough of us realise this. There’s not much point having an all-natural diet if we then smother our bodies in unpronouncable chemicals! I’ve been searching for a while for an affordable way of treating my skin with the same loving care as I do my insides. I turned vegan last year, and I usually avoid processed food, but my cosmetics are a different matter. I don’t buy anything that’s been tested on animals, but I’ve still got a long way to go before my beauty regime is as natural as I’d like it to be.

I would love to win this pack because I am currently in need of updating my skincare and would love to try something new and exciting! It looks beautiful.

New to the whole organic skin care so currently trying a few different ones.

I use natural organic products on my skin because it seems kind of mental not to. ;)
I liked both pages (I liked yours yonks ago) and am so grateful for the opportunity to win this lovely skin care!

Hi! Having had chemical poisoning (which led to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) I now have to be super careful about what I put onto my skin (and by body for that matter!) I love the sound of these products (and also, thank you for introducing me to Peachy Clean) and would be so super stoked to get the chance to try them. I’m a Naturopath and always love trying new products and being able to recommend appropriate products to clients. Congrats on all that you do Jess, your story and blog content are inspiring. x

Hello! I’ve been on my personal health crusade for about 9 months now. Haven’t managed to find a skin care range that i love yet though! Winning this would be ace and would help another piece of my wellness puzzle to fall into place! Ali x x

I’m trying to get pregnant at the moment and battling pcos. I’m gradually trying to replace my beauty products with organic products to reduce he chemicals my body is fighting against!

I’m a 67 year old miss,
Whose life is just bliss.
There’s a gorgeous new man in my life,
Who’s always telling me I’m “just right”
So I’d be on the right track
If I had a Savi Organic Beauty Pack

Liked and Liked! I would absolutely love to win the pack – to put it simply…..I’m on a journey for natural beauty….I can’t afford and don’t have the time to mash up mixtures of avocados, lemon, ACV, honey and oats on a regular basis….Savi has to be the next best thing right? Plus it would give me a beautiful break from the funky smells of these homemade concoctions I’ve been trying out! :)

I made a new years resolution for 2012 that this year would be my heathiest year yet with as many switches to organic/natural as I can… I’m getting there but this pack would definitely get me on the right track skin care wise! + these products sound so amazing!!!!!!!!!

I’d love to win this, as it is difficult to find all organic products where I live. I have recently cleared out my bathroom cupboard, so that there is nothing with any of the nasties in there. I have some yummy organic, natural products from a local company called Utama Spice, but they specialsie in body creams. I’m almost run out of the face products I bought when I was in Australia last time, and have been wondering what I will use once it does. So please pick me :-)

Why I want it? Honestly?
Because I’m all empty, all broke for the summer and my skin has seen better days, that’s for sure.
And because I never win/get chosen at games like these. Would be fun to get something I actually need.

Be blessed.

My mind and body benefits from an organic, vegan and cruelty free diet. To live a completely kind and healthy lifestyle I want to bring it all together and nurture my skin too :-)

Hi, I would love to win these products as I am sure that they are safe, natural and great to use. Our skin needs these products! It would be wonderful if I start using them and benefiting from its wonderful natural ingredients!!!!!!

Hi Jess….Even though I live in Canada, I try to sign up for all your awesome giveaways….wish you lived, or I lived closer :)
I endeavor to eat as much organic as possible and have systematically changed most of the products I use in our home. I have especially changed those that I put on my body. Winning this Organic Beauty Pack would be such a treat!! You keep inspiring us Jess & I love you for it <3

Hey Jess.
I’ve struggled with acne since I was 12, and while it’s improved a little since I’ve transitioned to a plant based diet, it still lingers and I’d be lying if I said it didn’t effect me. I do use natural skin care but I think upgrading to ORGANIC products would complement my new lifestyle and perhaps it would help me kick this acne biz!
Love x

I’d love to win these so much. I’ve had M.E. for several years and am healing myself slowly with an organic, mostly raw whole food diet, but healthy organic beauty products are beyond my budget so I’ve always chosen food over skin care, so my skin still still niggles me and clearly wants the same goodness on the outside that it gets from the inside.

Thanks again for being a huge part of my journey to better health – and happiness!

In my teens I struggled with acne prone skin on my face and back, I ended up taking the pill which has worked effectively for 7 years, however after recently noticing other side affects from the pill I stopped taking it only to be landed back at square one with my skin. I try to use organic wherever possible and would love the opportunity to give this product a whirl.

I would love to win for couple reasons. :) I have had health issues for years and am now just looking into healthy organic skin care products, but I am lost and would love some guidance. This company seems top notch and I would love to try out some of their products to get me started in the right direction. I also live in an area that has no organic products readily available. Testing ans trying out new products via the internet is always hard. Time consuming and expensive. :/ would love an opportunity to try these products out! Thank you for your time :)

I use organic skin products because my skin is the biggest organ I have and what I put into it effects me. I would love to try a new product!

I think what we put on our bodies is as important as what we put in them so I would love to win some great organic skin care products.

Like and liked! I looked at the ingredients list for the items in the pack and, WOW, they must smell like heaven on earth! This exhausted wellness warrior would love an uplifting treat to put on my body. Thank you for the opportunity.

I already use organic skin care too, these products look so yummy, I would love the chance to try some.
Thanks for the opportunity
Jayne :)

After coming off of birth control two years ago, for the first time in my life I developed severe acne. I’m not talking about a breakout here or there, but full blown, looked like I was wearing a red bumpy beard acne. I spent months locked in my room, depressed, not wanting to leave the house. Nor did I want to put on makeup. The reason I came off birth control too was because I learned of how terribly harmful it is to the body long term and I couldnt believe my docters put me on it in the first place without ever warning me about what could have happened had I gone off the pill. It got so bad at one point that I was about to start birth control again, but, after much thought and research realized had I gone back on it, I would have to deal with the hormone imbalance again in the future, so, why put off the inevitable future when I could deal with it now. Long story short, I decided to get rid of it my way. I tried EVERY product you can imagine in walgreen/CVS/drug stores. Nothing worked and if it did, I was afraid of being stuck on it long-term too. I was tried of my body being addicted to things. I was so close to even trying Accutane (terrible, right?) . But I was stuck, I didn’t know what to do. I thought I tried everything. Key word: thought. Upon spending hours online every night I decided to go the natural route. I was tired of chemicals, dermatologists, docters. I spent my whole life sick with arthritis, heart problems, you name it and I sure as heck wasn’t going to let something as simple as acne break me down. So, my journey began; I tried supplements, diets, olive oil, coconut oil, tea tree oil, lavender oil, manuka honey, oatmeal, royal jelly, nettle leaf, salt scrubs and you know what? My face never looked better. Eventually, after my hormones settled down, my severe acne because mild acne, and you know what? I can live with it. It taught me that there’s a natural solution to everything and that it just takes time. I also learned that if I can’t eat it, it doesn’t go on my skin. Most people dont understand that what you put on your skin is like eating it; it gets absorbed into your body, your blood stream. Even makeup. And it’s funny, because I follow your site for health and nutrition but the way I found your site was looking for natural solutions to acne ( I couldnt thank you enough. By finding your site I learned so many other things about the rest of me and thanks to you, I started eating better and I may not have cancer, but my severe juvenile arthritis is under control for the first time in my life. Currently, I developed folliculitis on my legs and arms and am in the natural process of healing that, and even though everyone suggested a docter, natural organic products are working and I wouldnt have it any other way. So, to answer your question, I want to use organic skincare because I care about what goes on my skin. Again, if I can’t eat it or pronounce it, it doesn’t go on my skin. I wouldn’t ever not use another non organic skincare item again no matter how much it costs, because in the long run, the extra money spent is worth it.

I’d love to win these products because I care for myself.

I’ve been erradicating toxins from our home, diet and life, and importantly from my family. I’ve been doing it in stages and one of the most key area’s I’ve yet to address is my skin care product. I’ve known for while how important it is. In particular as I have now a basal cell carcinoma on my face. Whilst I’ve stopped buying the more traditional products, I do need now to make the change to an organic skin care range. I’d love the opportunity of getting this gift to finally make this move. Of course, if it is as good as it sounds, I’ll rave about it too!

I have ‘Made Peace with my Plate’ and am in the process of ‘Making Peace with My Skin’ and would love to try these products to replace all the junk I’ve recently tossed out :-)

Beautiful skin goes a long way in feeling overall healthy, clean and beautiful.
Using the earths ingrediants day in day out to nourish your body & skin is the
only way to go! I’d love to try this purely because I love what they stand for…
Everyone should want to be apart of it :)

Have tried so many lines, but can’t seem to find one I like…..this looks AMAZING and would be SO GREAT if I won!!!!! : )

Would love something just for me – something that would totally spoil but not do any harm!

Over the past year I have turned my life into a healthy eating extravaganza and have recently noticed my skin is responding differently to my usual skincare. I’d love to introduce an organic skincare range into my life.

I have just started to realise how much bad stuff is in what we put ON our bodies. not just IN. So i decided to start replacing my products with better, cleaner, organic products as a I run out. Perfect timing to try out a new brand!

Going through menopause and my skin has become more sensitive to all
those horrible chemicals and additives that cosmetic company put into their
products. Organic is the only way to go from now on.

Liked em both on FB.
I do use as much organic skin and hair product as I can. I’m still looking for new lines to try.
I love putting real ingredients on my skin.
With a name like pomegranite and passion flower face mist – who wouldn’t love it??!!

it’s a divine face mist Michelle! Full of antioxidants and anti-aging ingredients! I find my make-up goes on smoother after using this mist and gets a nice dewy finish! LOVE!

I would love these products. I just started my juicing journey to health. I can’t seem to get enough information about juicing and healthy living. I love your website. Thank you for the videos also. They are inspiring!

Best of luck everyone! Using organic skin care really is the only way to go-the harm that toxic chemicals found in ‘regular’ skin care can cause is just so scary! Your skin absorbs up to 90% of what you put on it so feed it properly-skin is the largest organ of the body! We love recommending products for individual skin concerns too so drop us a line at [email protected] we’d love to hear from you and help get you gorgeous glowing skin! Oodles of peachy love to you all xxx

I have suffered with sensitive and dermatitis my whole life. As a young adult I have taken control of my own health and have begun to appreciate listening to my body and filling my life with as much organic, clean and nurturing produce and products as possible. As I transform not only my eating habits but also my beauty regime I have begun stirring away from medicated creams and harmful products. It would be absolutely amazing to try such a wonderful organic beauty range, which I know my skin will thank me for! xxxxx

My skin needs help. I have an autoimmune disease so it’s important to me to not to add unnecessary chemicals to my body, I already take enough medication, but I need to try something new for my skin!

I like to ‘go organic’ in all aspects of my life, but I love to use organic skincare because not only do I know I am doing the best thing for my skin and health (inside and out), every time I use it, the scent and feel of the products give me and instant confidence boost and an all day feel good feeling. I’m open to using all brands of organic (certified) products and Savi is definitely one of them!

I would love to win such a product as I have been hunting all over the place for a chemical free no nasties face care range as I have been detoxing my life over the last 7 months since becoming knowledgeable about whats really in our environment. After watching my mother in law die from an auto immune disease last year thanks to what I believe her huge consumption of aspartame in diet soft drinks and using hideous cleaning products I have tried to remove everything from our lives that is toxic. I am a mother of 3 young children under 5 and find it hard to get out to look at products like these and I don’t even get much time on the internet to research much. I believe if Jess uses such a product then it must be fantastic. I now use 100% chemical free cleaning products, air purifier, I keep plants inside our house to help clean the air, I use chemical free deodarant, toothpaste & hygiene products, I use soap nuts to wash with and everyday I’m making more concisous choices to change our lives. My friends are beginning to roll their eyes at me but I know for my kids I am benefitting their future.

I was aware of the effects of toxins in everyday skincare products, but didn’t realise the full harm till I saw a picture with all the bad chemicals used posted on the Peachy Clean Facebook page. I was horrified!! I started using an organic eye cream I found online, and it has been beautiful to use. And I have since been wanting to use all organic – for all my beauty products from skincare to haircare and also make-up. I’m glad I know the FULL effects now, and I have also got my mum onto organic skincare too! Why absorb those awful toxins when we don’t need to. I would absolutely love to win this pack. I don’t have a full range of organic products as yet. So that would mean I can through out my nasty products, and start fresh with ALL organic :)

Thanks & keep up the great work! We all need to be educated about this – I think it’s vitally important.

All the best,

After suffering from very dry skin and mild rosacea and still only in my 20′s I turned to organic skincare and have never looked back. My skin has been the best its ever been and I feel like Im radiating health, especially as your face is the first thing people see. I haven’t tried Savi Products yet so, would love to win this prize!! :)

I want to use organic skin care because I am sick of the chemicals that I am packing onto my skin every day. I have just done a major shake up in my diet and exercise program and now it’s time to shake up my skin care routine and cut out the crap that is making my skin feel so gross. I haven’t heard of SAVI products or tried them so this would be an awesome prize to win!

I liked The peachy clean facebook and your page! I would love to use organic skincare because my face tends to break out. I want the good stuff to keep it clear!

About to begin my journey of reversing my diabetes, I have purchased all the things that I need for this journey starting on July 1st. This prize is not a need but it is certainly a gift that I would love to take along through my journey!


Would be a great to try these products… I idea of using organic products on my body is great, but its hard to know what products are out there. Thanks Wellness Warrior!

I have been spending a lot of time changing the food we are eating and eliminating all of the nasties in our diets. I now need to focus on the nasties I am letting in through my skin, I have never used a natural skin care range and I would really like to switch to natural products for my body. I am overwelmed with the amount of changes I need to make and the cost to do so. I am taking things one step at a time and a little bonus would be greatly appreciated and welcomed in helping my on my path to wellness and a clean lifestyle. Thanks xx

I would definitely use this organic skin care since it is really hard for me to find skin care products that are not irritating, dry, or has sulfur in it, since I am allergic to sulfur.

whooa, number 1: i cant believe that i have only JUST stumbled upon your amazing page ! such inspiration <3 i am indeed a breed of the wellness warrior.. i also refer to myself as a gluten freedom fighter :)
ok, now to the question… i am a full believer that our skin and gums is the fastest way to our bloodstream and therefore our hearts ! what a delectable conglomerate of deliciousness this sweet package is! i have recently moved to the big city of melbourne and am doing all that i can so that my body isnt exposed to too many toxins while im at uni. this has involved utilizing lots of essential oils, manuka honey <3 and andrographis… oh yes i love these three so very much… but this package looks like its gonna keep my cells smiling :D infinite bliss n blessings to all the wellness warriors out there, and all those who have yet to become them (: winter SOULstice…a perfect time to nurture your soul, many thanks x mel.

Hi, I’m an avid fan of Mukti products, how do these compare? I’ve been well aware of the nasty chemicals that are hidden in beauty products. I’ve been working in the organic field before it even became the lastest fashion! I use ammonia free hair colours in my salon, educating clients of the dangers these chemicals pose. I would LOVE to sample, “Savi” .

In health & Happiness
Bohemian Spirit

I use organic skincare as i am a RN and know how important clean living is on an individuals health. I currently use KORA and Planet Eve but want my skincare regime to consist of only good quality ACO products as Australia has the strictest certification body in the world. I would love to try these products before i buy :)

I would love to try the savi range, being new to organic skincare and trying out different ranges to suit. Organic is the way to go. I need to declutter my beauty drawer and start fresh with natural products.

Hi, I have not come across Savi Australia until I found your website and I would love to try this product!! The less ingredients the better, so this looks like a great find :) I am always looking to find beautiful products to wear that make my skin feel clean, refreshed and nourished.This looks like a beautiful product and I would love love love to use it …because of that!! Thank you.

I want something natural! Actually natural…not just saying it is.

I’m ready to run across the bridge that was built by my own desire to heal! Starting with organic skincare!

After developing breast cancer a few years ago at age 30, I am now trying to cleanse my body and only using pure organic products, but it so hard to find and afford all of the time. I have yet to find a beauty regime (I was just about ask you what you would recommend:) I would love to try these fabulous Savi Organic products from Peachy Clean.

It is my first year out of highschool and i’ve got straight into full time work. I am just getting started with organic foods and products, i think this would be a great starting point for me.
With summer coming up, I want nothing more than a clean, fresh, beautiful face that feels soft and smooth.

I would love to win a skincare package beause Im about to have my first baby and I would love to be pampered, and of course with natural organic products :0)

I’m always looking for natural organic products to use! We already have so many everyday products we use that are not good for us that any change helps to eliminate our toxic overload in the body. I’d love to win as I don’t have an organic skincare range yet and would love to try it out.

Id love to win this organic skincare pack as Ive been slowly replacing our household products with the best possible choices for me and my three children!

I am on a quest trying to heal my mind, body and soul after many years battling depression and not being able to love and care for myself adequately.
I have always put others needs first and now believe i must first invest in my own health and well being in order to become strong and be able to continue being a charitable soul, helping others and giving back to the universe.
I would like to try safe, organic products that are gentle and effective on my oh so sensitive skin which is prone to irritation and psoriasis, that’s why I would love to win the Savi organics beauty pack.

I would love to win this prize as i am a strong believer of using natural skincare and think it makes a huge difference when you do, I have found it very confusing, however, with so many ‘organic’ brands that claim the title and you invest your money and find out later that 90% of the ingredience isnt actually as good as it claims! so I really like the sound of the savi range not having any nasties in it at all and the fact that you have reccommended this also…I follow your site for inspiration daily! doing a great job :)