Win A Grander Benchtop Fluoride System Worth $1588

Posted April 20, 2012


We welcomed 10,000 Wellness Warrior Facebook family members during the week, so to celebrate I can finally give out the grand prize from my 21 Days Of Giveaways comp that I ran back in February.

One lucky Wellness Warrior reader now has the opportunity to win a Grander Benchtop Fluoride System worth $1588.

This is the system we have attached to our kitchen tap. David Wolfe and Elaine Hollingsworth are also fans of Grander.



To be in the draw to win this amazing prize, all you need to do is leave a comment under this post to tell me why you would like to win. Why do you want to remove fluoride from your water?

The winner will be announced in next Friday’s newsletter, so make sure you are on the list to find out if you’ve won.


Tell all of your friends too on Facebook and Twitter. I can’t wait to see lots of reasons for why you guys are wanting/needing to ban fluoride.



The Benchtop Fluoride System removes fluoride, heavy metals and chlorine while revitalising the water without removing essential minerals unlike other fluoride removal systems.

Revitalised water is able to permeate cells and dissolve and carry nutrients to the body and waste away from the body more effectively and can therefore aid in hydration.

Understanding what water you should drink can sometimes drive you crazy but water has been here since the beginning of time. It is the foundation of life.

Water treatment really starts in the atmosphere and finishes in the atmosphere. This natural system allows water to purify naturally using the sun and oxygen, promoting the energy in water. Most man-made water treatments work completely the opposite reducing oxygen and killing good bacteria, resulting in dead water.

The Grander System, available in more than 30 nations worldwide, replicates nature in the most natural way by using universal energy. This essential energy in water helps to restore water’s life giving forces, such as hydration qualities, structural balance, the ability to permeate the cells, to dissolve and carry nutrients to the body and waste away from the body.

Water could be said to be like a microfiber cloth. Its structure needs to be perfectly aligned to clean efficiently. The body needs perfect water to cleanse from the inside out. Most man-made water treatments do not make perfect water.

Grander water treatment works with nature and not against it. The next glass of water you drink becomes part of your living body.

The Grander Systems are used around the world in homes, hotels, businesses and industries around the world helping make our water, environment, farming, and our foods better.

Click here for more about Grander.


For a better understanding of water, check out these links:

Interview with Dr Mercola/Professor Pollack
What the Bleep Bleep Do You Know About Water



As soon as I reach 3500 followers on Twitter I can give out the Vitamix Total Nutrition Cente worth $995. Keep spreading the Wellness Warrior message on Twitter so we can give this baby away!


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There are so many reasons why I would love to win the GRANDER Benchtop water system. My eldest son has suffered with sinusitis for a long time. For the last 6 months he wakes up most nights to have a shower so that he can shift some mucous to get back to sleep. It is a process of elimination he has been tested and already has heavy metals in his body. Our last water system (won’t mention brand) got a crack in it and leaked under our kitchen benches for who knows how long now there is mold under there which could also be affecting him. Anyway enough of the poor me story. It is a process of elimination, so any way that i can eliminate things in our environment that may affect his health and wellbeing and ours is priceless. Would love to invest in one for the whole house one day, do you know of any?

Love your blog you are an inspiration to all
Health & Happiness
M xx

M » Hi M, thanks for entering! Grander also do systems for the whole house, but they work differently to the benchtop one I think. This is the one that I know for sure removes fluoride. The whole house one works more in the body. xx

Thanks for the opportunity to enter to win the Grander Benchtop Flouride System. I have been researching ways to bring healthier water into my home, and have been excited about making this change. Our village does have flouride (along with other toxins) in the water, and I am very interested in getting a system that would filter it out. Flouride is an unnecessary and unhealthy additive. I also like the fact that the Grander would allow the minerals to remain. It sounds like a winner!


I would like to win because your blog has been an inspiration to me in understanding wellness and cancer. My partner’s mum was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and the family is struggling to meet financial requirements let alone splash out on something so important. This would be an absolute blessing in so many ways, and I feel that something so positive at the beginning of such a battle can make all the difference when it comes to beating it.

I would love to win this water filter! Our naturopath just diagnosed my daughter as having very high levels of heavy metals in her body. I suspect this is the same for my husband and son too. We are panicking just a little. We use a filter jug now, but I this system would be much better and easier! I know tell everyone to ONLY drink filtered water!

I follow you daily and have been entering in various contests you have run. But, this one is the one I could use the most right now and one that I have been researching myself! I am trying to beat cancer too and water is such a key to our health. We are 90% water and if that is circulating impure elements on a daily basis how can we be healthy? Grander supplies us with the healthy water alternative our bodies need there is no doubt! Lots of options are on the market but the research supports this one better than any I have seen!
Thanks Jess and Grander for giving me another opportunity to get things right in my health regime!

Wow!! I just found you thais week and spent HOURS on your blog! I forwarded your Gerson posts to a find who just started them and is overwhelmed by it all! They were very helpful! I would love to win this!! I have been researching this very thing but the good ones, like this one are super expensive!! Hope I win!! Whoop! Whoop!
Btw, praying for your mom (and you). Stay well!!

Sounds interesting! This is something I just started thinking about , so I’d love to win it!

Fluoride is a pollutant – a by-product of copper, iron and aluminum manufacturing. I DONT want to be ingesting this. I want to stay as healthy as I can be.

Hi Jess,
Firstly I love your website and read it daily! and I would love to win the Grander benchtop system!
It breaks my heart that our water, that should be a source of health and vitality is polluted with so many chemicals. Fluoride in our water is a real problem because so few filters are able to remove it, which leaves us with very little choice but to drink it in our water! (so unfair!!) I want to feel good about the things I put into my body and I don’t want to feel worried that the water I am drinking (for my health) is actually doing me damage.
Water filters are important, but more importantly, why are they putting flouride in our water in the first place when there is evidence that it does harm?? agghhh


The systems of my crohn’s started when they introduced flouride into the water in Brisbane. I’ve since learnt that sugar-free gum and flouride destroy your good bacteria.

I would love to win the fluoride water filter because then I don’t have to fill my body and my family’s with toxic fluoride. I am also a devotee of Lord Krishna and offering clean water to family after having offered it to Krishna means my family and friends can have clean water that is not only karma-free but that is also clean and fluoride free.
My family and I have daily coffee enemas and it would mean the world to be able to have fluoride free water on tap so that our enemas are clean and not toxic. We cannot afford fluoride free water all the time so this would be great assistance to us financially and for our health. Still, it’s better to do an enema than not even if with fluorinated water.

I want to win a Grander Benchtop Fluoride System because the Qld government stupidly decided to put it in our water system despite a public uproar! They feel they know better than science that tells us that Fluoride contributes to the onset of certain cancers (specifically osteosarcoma), Alzeihmers and Dementia, immune system degradation, infertility, kidney damage, dental fluorosis (due to weakened enamel), birth defects (e.g. downs syndrome), hyperactivity and many more chronic diseases and defects. I am trying to eliminate fluoride as much as possible. I use natural toothpaste and buy purified water however, this can be very expensive so a Grander Benchtop Fluoride System would really help!

I do have a question for you on this Jessica. Do you purify the water you bathe in? I have read research that suggests fluoride absorption through the skin is almost as bad as ingesting it in drinking water.

I would love to win this prize so we can rid fluoride from our tap water easily. We currently fill up big bottles with good water ea week and bring home to use as drinking/cooking water, and use fluoride-free toothpaste. A benchtop system would be ideal for us! Me because of my thyroid and heavy metal problems, and my boyfriend so he can hopefully avoid fluoride-associated health problems later on, so we can one day be super healthy, and have super healthy kids!! :o)

I. Want to win to stop my I’ll health further and save my family from the problems I have!

Hi! I have been researching fluoride in our water for several months now and am blown away by what it does to our bodies. I want to have the healthiest life possible and get so frustrated when I think about how we have no say in the matter of what’s dumped into our drinking water! With our first buby on the way soon I want to give her the best this system I believe is definately one of the best! X

I would love to win this for our family. We have started eating clean foods & the one thing I especially am struggling with is drinking water. We live on the Sunshine Coast & as you know the water here taste gross. It’s quite bad when you turn on the tap & can smell the chlorine I hate to think of what other nasties are lurking in the water that I cant smell or see. Thank you for the opportunity & your inspiration.

My path to wellness and awesome health is an ongoing joyous process whilst I continue to recover from Adrenal Exhaustion. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE The Benchtop Fluoride System to eliminate the fluoride, keep the yummy minerals in, give my cells a party, and take my health to another level! Mmmm minerals ;)

Thanks for the opportunity x

A water purifier would be greatly appreciated at our home. Our family lives on a fixed income, recently have lost more than half the lot of our income. My daughter whom resides at home is expecting in the next 3 weeks. We have had to purchase our water from the grocers for the last 3 years due to the unsafe quality of our drinking water. ♥

Almost forgot to mention … we are a family of 4 (nearly 5) Having a love for our K9 friends we have a total of 6 dogs (mostly rescues). They are permanent members of our family. As you can imagine, water is quite expensive for us since this is a priority and even more pressing of an issue with a newborn on route. We thank you for the opportunity to enter the drawing. Waves of Ethereal Love

Hi Jess. Congratulations on getting to 10,000 facebook members and for completeing 2 years on Gerson Therapy. Amazing effort! The reason I would like to win a Grander Benchtop Fluoride System for my family is because my family’s health has been seriously damaged by fluoride. I hate it. Both my daughters have fluorosis of the teeth and my younger daughter constantly has “sore bones” which I suspect may be fluorosis of the bones. She also has autoimmune disease. (Vitilago). My eldest daughter has allergies and eczema. I research daily about ways to improve our health and have learnt that fluoride is a toxic poison. To remove fluoride from water is SO hard and this system looks like it does an amazing job. The fact that it revitalises the water is very important to me and so many of the systems that I have looked at leave the water dead! I’m sure the Grander System would make an enourmous difference to my family’s health and I would be so grateful to win it.

Thanks so much for this opportunity!! In the last year or so we have made a lot of dietary and health-related changes in out home. Buying a water filtration system is something that we are currently unable to do, and this would be a huge blessing!!

I would be honored to win the Grander Benchtop Flouride System. Water is one of our most important life sources and what better way to give it to my family than knowing it is clean and free of nasties….perfect :)

Hi Jess,
Thanks for this generous opportunity!
Since I started reading your blog I have become a vegan/raw foodie wellness warrior and havent looked back!
I have started to feel the benefits and cant wait to see more improvements.
I havent got any filtered so unfortunatly I drink standard tap water so I would LOVE x 10000 to have one of these babies to furthur my health :)

Hi Jess

Congrats on getting 10,000 Wellness Warrior members! It’s great to know that your message of health and vitality is getting out there and people are committing to living healthier lifestyles!

For the past few years I have been working with my naturopath doing a gentle detox to remove heavy metals from my system caused by an allergy to braces. I’ve been drinking Pureau water that I’ve been purchasing from the supermarket. I would absolutely love the convenience of having a Grander system at home.

I appreciate the opportunity to enter!

Michelle x

Wow! What an amazing opportunity!!
I would LOVE to win this water filter!
We used to live in the country and relied on filtered rain water for our house. It was so clean and pure and ALIVE and then we shifted into town where the water STINKS of chlorine and tastes like a chemical factory. We have a filter on the drinking water but still have to bathe in the chemical soup and as part of my treatment for curing my AI dis-ease is to bathe in hot water with Epsom salts, I feel kind of weird about it. In fact, I just don’t do it because I figure bathing in fluoride just will make matters worse.


Hi Jess Thank you for posting this I have been searching for a recommended water filter system and have been getting a little confused on what is good and worth spending the money on. I am pregnant with my first child and have started to be really conscious about everything I am doing/thinking/eating/drinking….water especially seeing as I drink so much of it. This would be a fabulous help to win this for the health of not only myself and partner but our little bub as well. Awesome prize Jess. Thanks Corinne

Hi Jess, I would love to win the water purifier for my family. We have city water and it does have fluoride and other chemicals in the water; sometimes we have floaties in the water if you hold a glass up to the light. Gross I know! My husband has hep c and stage 1 liver disease plus, I have a seriously spastic colon, however I have been gradually switching us over to whole, organic foods and if we won this would just aid in the transition that much more. Thank you for the opportunity and best wishes to all others who enter. :)

I would love to win the Grander Benchtop Water System for my mum. She lives in a suburb with town water, and we are lucky enough to live in a more rural area where we rely on rainwater tanks. Whenever we go to my mums house it tastes like I am drinking straight from my pool. I think the water system would be a huge benefit to my brother, who is down syndrome, I feel it would lessen his health problems significantly. At the moment my dad, who is in his 70s, has the rigged up system of tarpaulins set up to catch rain for drinking. Would love to see his load lightened as well. Thanks for the opportunity:)

Hi Jess,
Congratulations on reaching 10,000 in your FB community, What an amazing achievement you truly are an inspiration! I have been doing a lot of research into water systems and I would love to win the Grander, because it’s the one that really resonated with me. I absolutely love the fact that it’s not ‘dead water’ and the Universal life force is still flowing through it. To be able to provide my 3 little munchkins with the pure clean drinking water that they deserve is high on my priority list, However the $1500 pricetag is way out of my budget at the moment so to win this competition would be a dream come true :)
Thank you for the oppoertunity

Hi Jess!
Thanks so much for an opportunity to win such a great prize! I have lots of reasons for needing to win this fabulous prize, but mainly due to the following. I have Fibromyalgia and in July 2012 I will be giving up work and taking on Gerson Therapy to cure my FM. As you are very aware Flouride is a big no no on GT and aside from that I am really not happy about having fluoride in our water as it is so toxic to our health. When I was diagnosed with FM in May 2010 I was on a mission to rid all toxic chemicals in my life, on this journey I was lucky enough to have found your page and have been so inspired by your journey.
Love & Health
Em x

Hi Jess,
After reading some of the posts, I feel a tad bit guilty enerting the fray of posts. Of course this system will benefit any one of us. I drink Britta filtered water now, not flouride free of course but if this could help a child or a young family then that is who should win it. A child’s health is far more important especially in his/her developing years….
Good Luck to everyone……Thank-you Jess for the wonderful give-aways. As a person who never wins anything, throwing ones hat into the ring is still fun:)
As Always,

For several years now I have been buying boxed spring water for our family, especially for my 5 year old son Riley. We have looked at various filtration systems but not in the financial position to afford one outright. My son was diagnose…d with moderate to severe autism at the age of 2 years. Riley regressed into autism within days of his MMR vaccine at 12 and a half months. Since then I have been a ‘Mother Warrior’ researching and implementing many natural remedies, lifestyle and dietary changes. We are so excited that with each month he is getting better and better and know that by giving him pure and living water provided by a Grander Benchtop Fluoride System would be AMAZING for his recovery. To also be able to wash our organic fruit and vegetables in this water would be great! Thank you so much Jess for all that you have shared on your blog over the last few years – much of what you share can be applied to autism recovery also. The juices have been amazing for my son – he is so ALIVE after an organic juice. This took us months to achieve bit by bit with a syringe as Riley has sensory issues and is very sensitive to new tastes and textures. But now he is lining up for his juice when he sees us juicing :) A little boy who one year ago had such low muscle tone that he found it even difficult to sit in a chair for more than a few minutes (would go all floppy and lay down), not be able to climb the steps of a slippery dip and needed to go most places in a pram or trolley to now climbing play cafe slippery dips, walking around the block and shopping with me ‘walking’ next to the trolley! Whoo hoo! My son had big digestive issues after the MMR damage and was not absorbing the nutrition from his food (blood test results) and after juicing I am so excited to say that his levels have gone up!!! We still have a way to go but I know that it is possible to recover children from autism and I am doing it thanks to amazing people like yourself, Joe Cross, Jenny McCarthy, Dr Mercola and Donna Gates just to name a few:) I would LOVE to win this prize! xx

I would even bucket this water into his bath!!! My son is so super sensitive and absorbs much through his skin so this would be PERFECT!

So I can be healthier!

Would love to win so I don’t have to keep buying and drinking coles water from plastic bottles.

Thanks Jess, well done on the 10,000 fans!

I have read about how important removing flouride from our drinking water but haven’t gotten to that part of my diet changes yet. Baby steps. :). After I finish my education (nurse practitioner) I hope to work with a natural path to heal people through their diet and this would just be one closer step to getting there personally. Thanks for all you do.

Hi Jess,

I only recently discovered you and your wonderful blog and fb page. I would be soooo thrilled to win the Gander Flouride System…

I was never the “wellness warrior” type… Spent years eating Lean Cuisines and processed foods. I got married and soon after gave birth to twin boys with severe ADHD. Being a mom certainly makes you more aware of your health, and being careful what to give your family and children. Then, after 2 years ago, I was diagnosed with leukemia. Since then, I have spent hours a day trying to figure out how to beat cancer and try to avoid chemotherapy. I am becoming more and more aware about toxins in the environment, in our personal care products, in our cleaning products, in the air, and of course, in our water.

I started my own fb group for leukemia survivors discussing how to live an ANTICANCER lifestyle, touting a plant-based diet, buying organic foods, exercise, filtering water, etc… Being healthy, as you know, can be expensive. I recently spent $300 on an Omega juicer, due to the huge benefits it will give me and my family.

Winning the water filtration system would be a godsend. Thanks so much for your sage advice and encouragement. I often share your words with my group. Oh, and by the way, my group is called “CLL WARRIORS” :-D

Your fellow warrior,

I would love to win a Grander Benchtop Fluoride System because even though we buy casks of bpa & fluoride-free water (which gets quite expensive), it’s easy to neglect other things you use your tap for – filling up the jug to boil water, adding some water to your cooking, topping up the fish tank, and most importantly filling up your four-legged friends water bowl! Having one of these systems would give you the peace of mind that you are not accidently putting any of that poison into you and your family’s bodies, and especially your pets (in my case our gorgeous pomeranians). x

are you kidding! I (like everyone else) would LOVE this system. Knowing that we NEED water to LIVE, I want to make sure that the stuff my FAMILY is DRINKING is HEALTHY!

Hey Jess

We are thinking of starting a family really soon however my naturopath has revealed in tests I have High levels of Toxins in my body. I have just recently switched toothpastes to a natural product so I am not ingesting Fluoride.
However I have what is called dental fluorisis which is white marks on my teeth due to consuming too much fluoride. I drink at least 3 litres of water a day. Therefore I would absolutely lovvvvvveeee to win this Grander Water Filter So my husband and I can conceive a healthy little baby with no nasties in our system.

Hi Jess,

I have only just discovered your fabulous website and blog (yeah i know, I think I have been hiding under a rock or something). The idea of a new and better water system is exciting – who wouldn’t feel inspired to drink more water if they knew they had the best possible stuff coming out of their tap?

G ratitude for Jess & Grander Water
R ealise my dreams of perfect Health
A blessed opportunity
N urture my body and soul
D ivine water pure love
E lixir of life
R evitalizing returning me home

( might also happen to be my Birthday:-) x

Quite simple, just trying everything in my power to make my children’s future a healthier one.

When I was diagnosed 4 years ago with breast cancer, my research clearly indicated the need to remove fluoride for my healths sake. It annoys the crap out of me that we are brainwashed into believing this stuff is good for our teeth. To win would be such a gift for any of your followers, but I sure hope it is me!

Hey Jess,

Truly amazing to reach 10000 fans, you deserve it!!!

I would desperately love to win the Grander Water System to protect my whole family. I am a Mum or 3 gorgeous children who have been watching me green juice and green smoothie up a storm this week as I have embarked on your 10 day detox plan. I am now day 5 and after all of the withdrawal pains I am feeling fantastic! I feel energetic, clear and my psoriasis is feeling calm and has started to subside!!!! I find though that I am still so thirsty and have been guzzling water (filtered by my on bench system) with a dash of lemon and can help thinking about the fact that it is still full of nasties. I then think of my children who I encourage to drink plenty of water and help themselves whenever they can, They are drinking all of these impurities too, especially the fluoride. They juice with me every morning , their favourite being carrot and apple. All our ingredients are organic and I would just love to have the peace of mind that what we are rinsing our fruit and veggies in and what we are drinking is doing us the world of good, not harm!!!

cheers Jess, you’re are our inspiration!!

love from Wellness Warriors
Liz, Clea, Lucy and Harvey

as someone who is planning on starting a family soon health is becoming THE priority in our household. Water is something that I have just started considering and although I filter our water through a jug before use I know how many terrible things are being put into our water under the guise of being ‘helpful’. This would be another (amazingly awesome) step in our journey to live as naturally as possible in a world that is becoming incxreasingly unnatural!

Love your blog and thanks for an awesome opportunity! Kel :)

Wow, what a blessed opportunity. I would love to win the GRANDER Benchtop water system, not for myself, but for my grandchildren. They live in a very very small town & the water pipes are so old that the town has advised the citizens not to drink the water without boiling it first because of the metals in the water. My daughter, son in law & 2 grandchildren ( under 3 & one on the way) have no place else to live at this time, due to my son in laws job ( Oil field worker). To win the GRANDER Benchtop water system, would allow them to have healthy water to drink & give me a little peace of mind knowing that they are not being poisened. Thank you so much for this opportunity!
Pround, but concerned Grandma

Congratulations Jess! You are an inspiration!
I have made so many conscious choices to stay healthy. Natural skincare, organic foods, a chemical free home, organic cotton clothing (some items – not all…yet ). It is an ongoing battle. I can’t believe we have to fight so hard for a simple life. I think that is the absolute definition of irony!
I would love to win this system and to take another another step towards better health. Thankyou so much for the opportunity!

Hi Jess,

I have no doubt everyone posting here is equally as worthy to receive this life changing product!
My personal, and strong, desire to live fluoride free is due to growing up my entire life in a city that is very far from fluoride free. Over the past 2 years my husband and I have used water filters, but none that remove fluoride.

I’m an incredibly active, healthy eating person and yet my entire life since birth I’ve had regular illnesses of different varieties. My lifestyle has improved since becoming vegetarian, eating super foods and incorporating a regular Yoga practice, however despite perfect blood tests – and the like – every year I fall sick , and each time affecting a different area of my body. I was born an asthmatic, and have a instinctual feeling that removing fluoride from my life would be of huge benefit to my respiratory system and therefore enabling me to achieve my goal to stop my daily medication which I’ve been on since the day I was born.

I truly believe living fluoride free would have a huge impact on my health for the positive – and for those around me whom I would love to also have the same opportunity.

Wishing everyone here health and happiness!

Amy :)

Hi Jess!

In addition to the harmful effects of Flouride as mentioned above, I believe that every human being has the right to access clean drinking water and it is unethical to mass-medicate using something so essential to our survival as a means of delivery. Many of us who cannot afford to purify our water are forced to drink down these dangerous chemicals. I wish we all had the opportunity to thrive with the kind of pure water this water filter would give – it should be the base kind that is commonly available – people can easily add their own Flouride but the unwilling can only remove it if we are fortunate enough to have the means to do so.

Thanks for the network you’ve created, it’s inspired and educated so many of us .

Hi Jess – in our quest to provide the best possible upbringing for our new daughter, the water system would be a fantastic addition to her current routine. Arielle is going to have a very unique upbringing to most of her family & peers but it is my intention to provide her with the very best that we can offer. We are so determined, we are moving to the east coast of Tasmania (cleaner, greener, less population, less pollution, etc). We went pescetarian & organic just over 2 years ago and I am committed to exclusively breastfeeding Arielle on demand and will allow her to self wean, whenever she chooses that to be. We co-sleep, feed to sleep and I make all her organic yummy foods from scratch. A water system would complete the picture beautifully, for us too but more importantly for her – a wonderful start to life for sure.

Thank-you for your committed to health & wellness and for sharing your story & experiences.

Much love, Nikki, Steve & Arielle x

Jessica- first of all, I LOVE your blogs! I want to say “thank you” for being so brave being depending solely on nutrition foods among other natural healing methods to heal your cancer. Not many would do this, most of them would just give up…not you. You have been inspiring to countless people out there, including me.
I am Deaf whom grew up in a holistic family. I am currently working for my parents’ small farming business selling raw vegetables powder, I think you would love our product! :) but the point is, i am one of five children and I am only one who is stubborn to work for my parents with small wages to support my family. It been hardship on our economic today. My siblings give up and work under other variety jobs with better pay, but they are working with no passion nor purpose. For myself, I work with a passion to see people become improve with body cleansing, taking a better care of themselves and such. It been rewarding experience for me three years now.
For my overall health, my health is not perfect as I wish it to be. I am struggle to get pregnant for three years now. I refuse to see doctor. I want to heal on my own with natural methods. I suspected due to my mercury teeth and water system is not great here. I wish I could afford best water system to prevent fluoride, and chemicals in watere and I wish I could afford to remove my mercury in my teeth. I helped so many people in our business of improving people’ s health but I find it’s funny that I cannot afford to heal myself. :) I am just live day by day to save up the money. Take care of yourself. Btw I am similar age as you. :)

My family (me, wife, 10yr old, 8yr old & 10month old) are about to drive 5hours every 3 months to a place called Warburton to collect fresh water from a spring. Whilst that’s a lovely family outing ;-) it would be amazing to win this fantastic prize please :-)

For millions of reasons, the top one being that I want to protect my fertility and heavy metals and fluoride add to hormonal issues

I’m pregnant, so I’m drinking lots of (bottled) water, which is not only expensive, but I hate using all that plastic.

I’m guessing I’ll be drinking even more water when I’m breastfeeding so I would absolutely love to win this prize for my heath and the heath of my family.

Fluoride is nasty stuff.

Ever since my husband went to the hospital because his one kidney is deteriorating and causing very high blood pressure, I’ve been on a mission to make him and myself healthier. I’m hoping to avoid having to have him need a transplant. We have changed our lives so much, from juicing, blending and becoming vegan. We only drink filtered or spring water but it’s expensive and since he has been on disability ever since his 1st hospital visit 3 years ago, money has been a struggle. It would be amazing to have this for him and my 1 year old baby!

Thanks again for sharing your life and healing with us and for this opportunity to win such a great system!
Much love,

Hi Jess,

I have been following your blog almost from the start; have your book (bought with my son’s Pay Pal account – so he gets emails…). You have inspired me to gradually change the way I feed myself and my family, I am listening to my body and every day check your website for updates. My young adult sons are also under the spell and one refuses to drink tap water – so having this great appliance would be absolutely wonderful.

I would like to see and read more about women going through menopause or life change (this is becoming more politically correct name for the destructive process that nature has put women through once their reproductive time is over). Internet is flooded by crap and there is very little good reliable information. HRT being fantastic money making machine for pharmaceutical industry over many decades is still pushed onto women as there is virtually no alternative. I would really like to see you explore this topic.

Over the last few years I have committed myself to live a healthier life. I’ve successfully quit smoking, started exercising on a regular basis, changed my diet, made myself more aware of what is in my plate, and learnt extensively about nutrition. I became so passionate about having a healthy lifestyle that I’m now even blogging about it!

Winning this prize would be a fantastic way for me to take the next step in living a healthy life. At the moment I use Brita filters at home and have access to filtered water at work. Removing fluoride, heavy metals and chlorine while keeping essential minerals is important to me in order to protect my health.

Ahh winning the Grander system for me would be a dream come true! I’ve investigated them a few times with hopes of buying one but the price has made it out of reach for me so far. My first baby is due this Sunday and the thought of exposing it to the fluoride in our water really worries me. I do everything I can to live as clean as possible and not expose myself or my baby to as many toxins as I can so it makes me so angry that our government can pump chemicals into our water and we have no choice (if we cant afford a filter) but to accept it.
My aim is to one day have a whole house system fitted so I can relax and know that my family isn’t exposed to nasty fluoride in our water at home.

Thanks Jess love your work :)

Hi Jess, I would love to win the Grander Bench Top fluoride system so we can have water that is water and not a liquid with added chemicals.
Fluoride is a medicine given to us without permission, the dosage is dependent on how much we drink rather than our actual requirement therefore our intake cannot be monitored which means fluorisis and many other disease could occur Mistakes are also made by the government when putting fluoride in the water as was shown Brisbane 2009 when fluoride was added to drinking water at 20 times the legal limit.

Fluoride has shown to reduce cavities -
‘Public Health Rep. 2010 Sep-Oct;125(5):655-64.
Community effectiveness of public water fluoridation in reducing children’s dental disease.
Armfield JM.’
but it is most effective topically and NOT ingested-
‘ Oral Health Prev Dent. 2003;1(1):45-51.
Recommendations for the use of fluoride in caries prevention’
Zimmer S, Jahn KR, Barthel CR.

Dental fluorosis in USA (changes in appearance of tooth enamel caused by overdose of fluoride) were at 25% of persons aged 6-49 between the years 1999 to 2004 (
These are just some of the researched and proven reasons I do not want fluoride in my water.

Hi Jess,

Congratulations on reaching 10,000 Wellness Warriors! You are a super-star and more than 10,000 people now know it.

I would love to win the Grander Flouried Benchtop System because you have re-inspired me to be the best, most healthy version of myself and this involves avoiding the misinformed mass medication that the government chooses to give us in our drinking water! Oh how I would love to win it!

Love, light and total wellbeing!


Hi!! I’m a student at Indiana University who has just recently started taking my body’s health needs into consideration. My mother has been trying relentlessly for the 20 years I’ve been alive to teach me how to take care of myself, and thankfully it is finally beginning to sink in. I was thinking, if I won this system, it would be the most wonderful Mother’s Day Present I could possibly give to my mom. She has taught me everything I know about health and nutrition, and this would be the perfect way to show her I’ve listened and am truly thankful for her all her wisdom. :) Thank you so much!

Hi Jess, I was diagnosed with breast cancer August 2010. Attended the Gerson clinic in October of that year… full GT since then. I felt so alone when I came home from the clinic until I found your blog!! To think there was someone else out there on a journey similar to mine made me feel so much more connected. I thank you truly from my heart for that. The road has been rocky and I have a hill to climb but I am determined to reach my goal of wellness. I looked into the Grander water system months ago when you mentioned it in your blog. Due to the expense I could not go any further (I am a single mum with a 3 year old). A bit of luck right now would be a blessing, a blessing on my body and soul.

Hello I would love to win this water filter for my kitchen. Since reading many years ago that fluoride is harmful to your health I have tried to avoid drinking local water. This unit would look good in my house.

I didnt even know something to remove fluoride even existed, not that I can afford to purchase one. It would be absolutely fantastic to win this. The water where I live does not taste very nice at all…..and I do not like that fluoride is added as we don’t need it! I believe in the New World Order, and that adding fluoride is drugging us as the government wants to control us….fluoride is not healthy to swallow at all. Hitler used it to control people, its a poison really. They now say not to rinse our mouths after brushing and thats so that we swallow fluoride! I would love to be able to drink clean pure water without the crap added…my children too. No wonder they always want cordial added as it just dont taste that nice. I cannot afford bottled water as I am not working. Me and my children would love to win this…..yes please!!

Well said everyone! Exactly how I feel! What amazes me is how the Gov says smoking is bad for you and yet adds all these chemicals to water and claims it is good for us! I always get my kids to take filtered water to school but of course not even my filter claims to remove fluoride so I would love one that does! Thanks for giving us all the opportunity to win one Jess!

I would like to win the Grander Benchtop Fluoride System because I am doing all that I can to bring my body back into good health again. The missing part is having good, healthy drinking water. The system would also be a way to make sure that my grandchildren are getting healthy water when they are at my home every day.

Oh my goodness Jess, I am in shock. My husband and I purchased and downloaded your e-books this week and last night, after sitting down with an easter egg and glass of milk, we decided to start looking through them. We were BEYOND horrified to learn about pus and antibiotics in milk and needless to say we made the instant decision to inform ourselves more and take full responsibility for the things we put in our mouths. It is going to be a big learning curve and we are going to take it slowly so we can create a permanent new lifestyle.
Anyway I just now watched the “what the bleep” video you linked and it was equally fascinating and disturbing. To learn that 95% of our waste water goes back into the ocean and is now causing fertility problems in fish is difficult to get my head around. Why on earth are we spending so much money on desalination plants so we can drink our own waste (how lovely!) when this can be used in public parks and gardens???
My husband had a sarcoma removed in 2006 via the surgery, chemo, radio methods that we chose at the time and since has developed a series of small but very irritating issues since then – restless legs, poor quality sleep, bi-polar and his heavy metals are off the charts. In the Mercola interview Pollack says that while we are 2/3rd water, our tissues are 99% water molecules. My husband is already full of heavy metals from the treatment he had and unfortunately there is just no way we can afford to buy a water system like this. We were seeing a naturopath (who is amazing) who was helping us chellate and detox safely but due to finances we sadly werent able to continue her treatment.
“The next glass of water you drink becomes part of your living body” – I am currently 40 weeks pregnant and I would absolutely love the opportunity to give my baby the best possible start by being able to drink heavy metal free, revitalised water so my breastmilk is free of nasty toxins and full of oxygen.
If you can consider us for the draw that would be awesome. It would be so hugely, hugely appreciated and just the start of our family’s wellness journey… following in your footsteps! :-)

I’m mad that our government here in Queensland have added fluoride to our drinking water, claims that it is not poisonous and it is actually beneficial to us and helps prevent tooth decay!!!
I tell all my friends and family of the dangers of fluoride and how our government do not really have our best interests at heart after all.
At the moment I drink bottled water which im not at all sure is entirely without fluoride :(
It would be absolutely amazing beyond words to win a Grander System, it would benefit my little family so much, a health goal dream come true!

I would l love to have this water filter system for my own kitchen bc I have been looking into purchasing one but we simply can not afford it. I want to protect my baby from fluoride as much as I can, i have recently thrown out all our store bought toothpaste and started making my own. The filter would put my mind at ease knowing I’m doing as much as I can to protect my family.

I am learning everyday to love and cherish my body, mind, and spirit by pure foods, pure thoughts, and dedication to a pure connection with all things.

hi jess

My name is Andi Rowland
wow what a prize this would be….. I have two main reason that i would love to win this prize and they are 1. my kids i have three under 6 and what a gift to give them the cleanest water available, what healthy little humans they would be..
2. myself not to sound vain or greedy (oops too late) but i think this would be my night in shining armor, 2 years ago i had an ectopic pregnancy which lead me to have a major operation where not only did i lose my baby but also lost a fallopian tube – anyway to cut a long story short i now have on going issues from that, due to my hormone levels not doing what they are told im constantly breaking out in massive pimples on my back and face (so embarrassing) and i aslo get pain which beds me every time i ovulate Who would have that my body would miss what was taken so much….

All this is why i have become a wellness warrior, im so desperate to help my body heal and i think this is my next step.. i feel like i have tried everything else…

I have a daughter with Fibromyalgia and for her sake I would love to do the best I can to make her life better by eliminating all additives and toxins from drinking water and food. I am also not getting any younger and would love to have the best dietary needs possible to prevent the aging process of arthritis and other debilitating diseases that can overtake your life as you grow older. I have seen much improvement in my daughter as she has determined to guide her life through your very informative website and instructions for living a better life, and this would be beneficial in continuing that improvement.

Hi….and thankyou for this opportunity! I would LOVE to have a high grade water filter like this. I am becoming more and more aware of what I put into my body over the past few years but like anyone I fall off the wagon every now and then, beat myself up about it, procrastinate and then get back on it again:-) I have been learning more about how the water we drink and use effects up so much and I would love to feel these benefits to then inspire me to keep being healthy and to then share the benefits to help other people do the same. Awareness is first, then change…I want the change:-)!x

I would love to win the water filtration system! We have a lot of gas drilling and fracking going on in our area and I’m getting more leary of our water supply all the time! It’s scary when you have no control over your health!

Two reasons….Ella & Sol, my two young daughters.
I am so thankful that I have had my eyes opened to natural health and wellness and that I am not just going along with all the conventional nonsense.
I am protecting my girls from exposure to GMO, artificial, dyed, fortified, hormonified :), and whatever else junk there is out there. Winning this system would be one more way I could do that, and I could get a little more sleep at night :)
Thanks Jessica for giving us this opportunity!

I would be happy to win a water filtration system! We buy the large bottles of water for our kitchen water dispenser. I have been wanting to change that, but unfortunately water systems are fairly expensive. I would feel better knowing that myself and my family were drinking pure, healthy water.

Thank you for the opportunity, and thank you for all your informative posts on your blog!


Hi Jess, thank you for hosting this awesome competition and have to say I love your blog and your health journey has inspired me and others and congrats on the 2 year mark with your Gerson therapy (I had no idea what Gerson was until I stumbled across your page on fb and since then have been following you on fb and reading your blog updates). I’d love to win this as this means that I can run water through my kitchen sink and not have to think about contaminants when drinking it, washing up, rinsing my fruit and veg. A lot of filter systems on the market remove the chlorine but not the fluoride. We are exposed to so many chemicals and toxins in this day and age and water is a necessity we all need and having pure clean filtered water is a start to eliminating those daily toxins for me, my family and anyone who enters my house. To cleaner living!!!

Having too many friends and family members who’ve dealt with and succumbed to cancer (and other dis-eases) I have been on a multi year journey to a better health style. Recently my mother in law just passed away who had cancer, ignored symptoms and there was no time to even get her much of the info I’ve discovered and become an advocate for over the past year. My Mom has been battling not only multiple episodes of cancer, but has had the range of the autoimmune diseases- rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and now has glaucoma. We’ve turned the corner–somewhat- but convincing her to at least embrace the core basics of the Gerson therapy is a continuing battle. A large battle has been getting rid of all the processed food, and most animal products. They now blend, and the next phase is incorporating juicing. (she is older, and stubborn, but this has been many decades with her, so she already “has heard it/knows it” etc. Having something like this Grander would be such a plus, as she/we couldn’t spring to replace the RV filter. ( the juicer is the next big expense). Aside from that, there are so many already commenting that surely would be ‘deserving’ of the filter, but I’m glad you’ve made mention of it (did not hear of it before). Thank you also for being a great testimony, and especially an advocate for the Gerson Therapy. Here in the United States, there is too much ignorance, and an almost insurmountable propaganda machine put forth by the FDA, big pharma, big chemo, big agra, et al, that it’s a miracle when anybody responds in a positive way to information about what is [unfortunately] considered “alternative” health lifestyles and protocols.

Many Blessings!
Jeff B

Hi Jess, I applaud the journey you’ve taken to heal yourself! I can’t imagine the discipline and courage it takes to follow through with such a extensive change in your lifestyle. My family is slowly trying to change our lifestyle….it is difficult where we live to get all organic produce/products. I have been reading and following both your blogs and the Gersen website and want to incorporate as much of the lifestyle as possible to hopefully prevent cancer in myself especially (as I have a small “lesion” on my breast and my Mother is a breast cancer “survivor”….treated with chemo!) I won’t take her journey……I hope to have the strenght to follow Gersen therapy if ever diagnosed with Cancer. A childhood friend of mine is currently fighting the same Cancer that you are healing from….her’s is in her buttock/leg and spread to her lung…..I am forwarding info to her regarding Gersen and you!! This filter would be a good start for my family in our long journey to change our lifestyle to heal ourselves :)

I am new to a this outlook of living healthy and to your site. I love all the things I am learning so far!!! I drive around all day for my sales job and always have a case of bottled water in my trunk. I just learned how unhealthy that was and would love to win this filter system to start filling my own bottles to use through out the day. Two things are guaranteed to happen 1. I’ll be drinking better water and 2. I’ll be throwing out less plastic bottles. I figured I would be accomplishing 2 good things at once.


I can smell the chlorine as soon as I turn the faucet on. This would be a life saver, literally! And… You’re amazing-thanks for all you do!

I have installed a tank, but worry about what might be coming off my tiled roof, so am a bit worried about drinking it.
A water filter would eliminate those worries.

Interesting timing for this topic. As of late, this has been a subject of interest/concern for me. Every two weeks for about the last year I drive across town to the health food store and refill (3) 5 gallon glass jugs of drinking water for our household. The water there is distilled in-house. I’m concerned that the ultraviolet light used in their distillation process could be detrimental to our health, not to mention all the vitamins and minerals we’re missing out on. I eat lots of organic fruits and veggies. However, I’m using the tap water to rinse/clean them b/c it’s just not feasible to use the distilled water every time our food needs cleaned, especially only having a limited supply and having to commute 30-45 minutes each way for the water. I’ve been trying to tackle these issues on my own by conducting my own research of various water systems. Unfortunately, I have not been able to narrow it down to a system that will work without having a huge chunk of change in the bank. I’m also reading mixed reviews, which is proving almost as daunting as understanding the ingredients on food and other product labels. I would like to be able to eliminate the long commute for water, save my husband’s back from further strain caused by lifting these giant glass bottles onto the water dispenser tower and have a healthy in-house water system that I’m not afraid to drink. And more importantly, I would like to feel better about the water used to rinse/clean our fruits and veggies…after all, that’s one of the main reasons we buy organic…to eliminate the chemicals and pesticides used in the growing/distribution process. It feels counterproductive to buy organic food and “clean” them with chlorine and fluoride.

Hi Jess……I would so LoVe! anything that would take Fluoride out of the water. I have been watching a lot of documentaries about this issue lately……….there is a great full length video documentary about it on You Tube
called “Fire Water”…..Everyone should watch it……2 hours of head shaking moments!…..It’s an Australian Documentary and really open your eyes to what’s going on.
In QLD, this whole kerfuffle happened because politicians didn’t want to listen to the public, just a bunch of Cover ups and Lies! and money…………I am more worried about my grandson than myself, this is a scary world and its happening right here in our own back yard. :)

I would love to have this in my home, I am currently trying to restore my sons gut flora and am doing everything I can and the only thing I haven’t removed from his diet is normal water – and would love to as the flouride in our water supply are undoing all my hard work!!!
He has multiple food allergies and ezcema and turned 2 today and has had a bit of a rough start to life, this would just help immensly with his healing process which has been a VERY expensive process.

We have always used normal filters in our family of four here on the Sunny Coast but ever since they decided to add fluoride to the water we haven’t been able to afford a filter system that eliminates fluoride. So have unfortunately we have been drinking it. My babies and I would love to be able to drink pure yummy water again :-)

I have suffered health problems for years, and now study nutrition and naturopathy – and it is endlessly frustrating to me to now have indepth knowledge of flourides harm, and yet be financially unable to do something about it, for both myself and my 3 daughters. The more you know – the harder it can be! I live in the city, and I really want my family to drink flouride FREE water :)

I would LOvE to have this because I am trying live a healthy life and really work on being healthy from the inside out! My passion is natural health and fitness angst I’m broke so I am trying to slowly get all the tools to live a healthy lifestyle that I want! I lovvve water and currently use a store brand water filter that I doubt really cleanses the water so this would be amazing! Thank you! :)))

Hi Jess,
Thank you for the opportunity to enter such a wonderful competition! I would love to win the Grandeur water system. I am just in the process of reading “Fluoride Fatigue” -Is Fluoride in your drinking waer making you sick? and now l realise, more than ever-Just how important it is to be drinking clean, pure drinking water. Not just for myself and my family- but also for our animals. This book is a real eye opener and proves that Chronic Fluoride Toxicity Syndrome is not Psychosomatic, as the deterioration of health of animals is also clear. Un fortunately, l along with other members of my family are already showing many of the symptoms of Chronic Fluoride Toxicity and l really want to be able to provide my children and grandchildren with high quality drinking water. I love the sound of the Grandeur because l think it is so important to keep that vital life force running through our number one sustainer of health.
Congratulations on reaching 10,000 likes – what an inspirational journey you are on. Best wishes to you …..

What a fabulous prize! I would love to win it because:

All of my life I have had health challenges. I had my tonsils removed (because they were always infected.) They grew back as if to protect me from my parents 2nd hand cigarette habit. Ears infections too. I have permanent deafness as a result. Always suffered stomach issues. Problems with lack of menstrual cycle when I was an adult. A chance discovery about diet led to a beginning of understanding of its impact on health. I had been wanting to have baby with no success for three year, after drug therapy i was told that IVF was the only option. I chose not to do that. Then suddenly I was pregnant… my doctor wondered if there was a star in the east at the time! But it had nothing to do with stars… I had stopped eating wheat…to try and lose weight. From there I discovered gluten intolerance ….and that in turn led to discovery of a compromised thyroid..and numerous issues with arthritis and allergies.

Every new discovery led to a change in diet, and stricter and stricter health regime ….. and better health… for more than 10 years I’ve only had filtered water.

I had only just upgraded to an expensive new filter …when our town decided to fluoridate the water supply…


I would love to win this especially for my husband, who is a fellow Gersonite. He has been battling cancer now a year, crazy how time flies! After, trying the chemo and an unsuccessful surgery we decided the Gerson Therapy was the way to go and show our children how to live a healthier lifestyle and what is could do for dad that medicine here in the states couldn’t do. So in Feb. Mike and I traveled to Mexico and he is living the Gerson life a tough one, this therapy isn’t for wimps. It’s great! but also extremely expensive! This is one area we haven’t been able to complete in the home we get 5 gallon bottles of distilled water(thank God we have a 14 year old to carry the heavy bottles). So it would be a great addiction to out Gerson home.

Hi Jess,

Firstly a huge congrats for clocking 10,000.
I’d like to wish you the best of luck in selecting a winner for the Grander.
As much as we all need one (thanks to our stinking govts’ for flouridating out water without our consent) i’ll make it easier and not enter but just go buy one. :-) OUCH! lol

I just have one question, does this system have ongoing maintenance?

Congratulations on reaching such a huge milestone! It is so fantastic to see that you have been reaching and helping so many people!

I would love to be put in the running to win this for my mum who is just starting out her journey as a Wellness Warrior. She has thrown herself into the quest for health with such passion that I think something like this would give her the boost that she needs, as well as enabling her to get the cleanest water that she can possibly get!

I truly hope your blog keeps growing and you can continue to share your inspiring story!

I recently completed an assignment on the hazards of fluoride. As a student of naturopathy and nutrition I could really benefit from avoiding the IQ lowering effects of fluoride! I have been interested in the Gerson Therapy for a number of years now and can’t thank you enough for sharing your experiences as it is further confirmation of my beliefs in nutrition and nature xx

I would love to win one because i believe Flouride is an unneccesary poison in our water supplies. the fact that we are forced to ingest it in such high doses takes away our right to choose. I have changed to non-Fluoride toothpaste and my teeth are the best they have ever been, so I do not for one second, believe that it is in our water for the benefit of our teeth!

Thankfully my family and I are in good health and do our best to eat as much organic food as the budget allows, exercise regularly, meditate and with the help of people like yourself take as much good advise as possible. My reason for wanting to win this fantastic prize is because I would like to do everything possible to keep our good health. Our water supply has fluoride and I know this is harmful to many of the internal organs and bones so most weeks I lug large bottles of water from a vending machine to the house. It would be nice to just turn on a tap and have healthy water ((:

Hey Jess, I would simply like this water filter because I am a student who could otherwise not afford such a device. :)

Since January 2012 I’m the mother of a gorgeous son and I’ve been a health enthusiast for years now. The birth of my son has made me even more aware of the benefits and necessity of healthy food and a healthy lifestyle. I want to offer this to my son as well to give him a good start in life. And I’de like to see him grow up and enjoy his company as long as possible! So if Shipping the prize to the Netherlands is an option, I’m in!!

Hey Jessica ~ We would Lovvvvvvve an opportunity to be in the draw for the Gift in our home.
My husband, 8 yo son & I are in health transition 3/4 Raw & are making many changes with small steps at a time,
slowly but surely, ensuring the Changes wemake are for a Lifetime of natural Living.

We are enjoying the journey so much & changing all the items in our home little by little.
Recently we removed all the plastic & started using Glass again. Its super exciting doing this for enjoyment.
We are WATER people in every way, my fun nick name is Water Woman ~ a Water filter would be super
Awesome & one recommended by our most Favourite David Wolfe Triple Awesome. Its been on our
too buy list, yet not within our price range at present. We assist our favourite non profit
organization, Charity Water deliver filters & wells to third world countries, & warmly appreciate the
benefits of pure & filtered Water ~ not only for those countries now days as our own country now
requires filtering. Warm Thank You for Awesome beneficial & fun *Shares*

Warm Gratitude Hugs
Lisa, Rodney & Dyon xox

I’m looking for a filter that filters chloramine, not chlorine. Los Angeles uses it as well as many of the neighboring cities. Any suggestions? I need one for the kitchen as well as the shower.

Hi Jess,
I’ve just had a sneaky peek through other people’s answers and any one of them is well deserving of this awesome prize. :) My reasons to want one are the same as everyone else- I don’t want poison in my water thank you!!! So i’ll leave it now in the hands of the Universe………Pretty Please!?! Can I manifest something more than a free parent parking space?

On a sincere note, loving your blog, very inspirational x

I have had a Brita for some time now yet I feel like I am missing something.
We can not live without water so why not have the prurest form of it.
I can start persuading you with all kinds of made up stories or even true ones.
It comes down to wanting to be a glowing individual inside out.
A healthy one and this certainly will help!

Much love from The Netherlands!

Hi Jess, I have two little boys and I would love to win this for them. I’m horrified that water, a basic human right, is played around with. I just want pure water for me and my family, pure and simple. Thank you

Hi..I would love to be the owner of The Benchtop Fluoride System to not only benefit myself with the added health of less fluoride in my body but it will also educate my nieces and nephews who are at an inquisitive and impressionable age where learning something as valuable as this at such an early age will become the norm for them as they grow up with it. For myself..being 40..I have learned from not only your blogs but by finally appreciating my own body that it is never too late to start to respect ourselves as a whole..inside and out…..:)

Short and sweet and simple, I want the strongest chance of rebalancing my system to fight cancer and live the happiest longest life possible and taking fluoride out of my diet will support it.

Hi Jess
Congratulations on your momentus week…firstly finishing 2 years of Gerson therapy…and 10 000 fans on facebook, well done :)
What an amazing prize, I’d so love to win the Grander system to help in my healing process, flouride is a poison and nobody should be ingesting it. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in January and have opted for alternative methods to heal myself, as you know that can be very costly, As much as I’d love to by a Grander for my home and my family it’s simply not possible right now. I do filter my water and I believe its a fairly good filter but doesn’t remove the nasty flouride.
Thanks so much for the opportunity.
Warm hugs

Our choices are being taken from us which I believe is fundamentally wrong. With three young children (5 , 3, 1 yr olds), we are beginning to learn about the benefits of getting back to basics and having minimal ‘additive’ intake. Thanks for helping us do that!

Hi Jess,

Water! It is really essential to us and it is so sad how expensive and challenging it can be to get clean water.
I have not heard of the Grander system before. I’ve been looking into filters and confess I’m totally overwhelmed and confused so this is great info. Thanks! And of course, we would love one!
Really enjoy your blog. Thanks for sharing!

Hi Jess,

10,000 is a whole lot of followers, so congrats girl, you rock :)
Think I’ve sent about 10 peeps to your site so far so can I please please please have the filter??? Just kidding, as I read, there are sooo many deserving causes for this. I’m healthy and well and plan to stay that way so will and a filter is something I’ve got on my list for when I move to a new home (moving to Australia in January!!!!). Until then, I’ll stick with my l’il ole brabantia water filter but thanks for putting this system/product on my radar as the different types of filters/processes make my head spin.

Have a spectacular weekend,

Trace xx

I would love to win this system to help me accelerate the long and sometimes agonizing process of healing chronic Lyme Disease complicated by heavy metal toxicity, mold exposure, etc. I have changed everything about my lifestyle, including diet, personal care products, household cleansers, etc. to keep my exposure to toxins as low as possible, but have not been able to afford a system like this yet! I really believe it could be the turning point in my healing.

Thanks Jess for a great giveaway and a site that takes the scary out of cancer. You have been the reminder I needed that the human body is remarkably strong and resilient!

6 months ago I was in a dark place. Overweight, severe clinical depression and panic attacks, practically rattling with all valium and prozac I’d been decribed, heavy drinker, caffeine addict and smoker, sucked in to a competitive career that I felt no passion for… the list goes on. Somewhere along the line I’d completely lost myself. Hungover and wallowing in self pity (and takeaway pizza) last November I had a moment of clarity – “what the **** was I doing to myself!!”. Something, no – everything, HAD to change. In need to ideas and inspiration I started to look online at different blogs and websites – which is when I came across your site Jess! So, I gave myself a massive metaphorical kick up the bum and started to sort my life out. Raw organic vegan diet (no alcohol or coffee!), running outside in nature, yoga, meditation, green smoothies and juice galore, enemas (still can’t quite believe I’m doing this!!), natural beauty products and a huge career turn-around have all helped me to focus on what is important to me and take back my health. I’m so positive about the future now, have lost 35 pounds, feel much calmer – put simply, I’m happy and I’m me again! Anyway, I’ll get to the point… I’d love to win the Grander. This would be the final part to my health jigsaw – one that I have no hope of buying any time soon! Thanks Jess (10,000 – yay!) love Ali x x

What better way to continue on the quest for better health and wellness for myself and my loved ones

Hi Jess,

Put simply, I refuse to allow my 18 month old son to ingest chlorine, flouride, and the endless list of other industrial byproducts and chemicals present in Brisbane water or any water for that mater. It is simply not good enough to allow our babies and children, let alone ourselves to be exposed to such poison. As much as I’d love this filter I’d be just as happy knowing another family out there won’t have to drink tap water any more, anyone clued up enough not to drink it deserves one!
Love your work xx

Wow Jess you sure have lots of followers! You are my inspiration…I tell anyone that will listen about you and your website! I would love to win the Grander Water Filter as it is one thing I have always wanted but never got around to purchasing. There are so many out there that when I did do some research I just got overwhelmed and never got around to doing anything. I am not currently working so such things seem a luxury. I would love a water filter unit for the family. I have two boys, 5 yrs and 10 months and I have been giving my youngest bottled water as I have read literature saying that children under one should not drink tap water due to the high levels of chemical treatments they use such as fluroide . I have noticed over the past few years the high levels of chlorine in tap water…I guess being a stay at home Mum I drink a fare bit from the tap. If I don’t win I may be asking for a water filter for my 40th coming up soon!

You are so generous! I’m so happy for your success with this blog. I’m learning a great deal from you… and most sincere congratulations on your hard work and dedication to the program you’ve just completed!!

I have some crazy thing going on right now. I’ve been dx with RA yet am being told (by a more homeopathic practitioner) that I have late stage lymes disease. Whatever it is, it’s progressing and getting worse. I’m starting my 7lbs in 7 days with Jason Vale on Monday. I’m hoping this will reset my body and get me into healing mode. I’m seeing an acupuncturist as well.

Anything additional I can do to get me well, I’m all for it. I’ve never contemplated cleaning my water of metals (I’ve just been tested, and have high levels of metals & mold). I’m in serious need of some detox.

Thanks for considering me and thanks for all your knowledge. BTW, I was introduced to Jason Vale through your posts and also picked up the Eating Awesome recipe book download… great things here!

Now having learned the importance of water I think this system would be really fantastic in my kitchen! It would save a bunch on buying water and would make me feel so much better about enjoying the water that coming from the tap.

Same as those above I’d love to win the Grander benchtop system. I want to eliminate the fluoride from our drinking water. Where we lived before we drank the rain water so no fluoride to worry about. Since coming back to Canada it’s in our city water and it’s very had to find a system that takes fluoride out. It would be amazing to know that my kids are getting the best possible water I can provide and that we are one step further on our path to amazing health.

Hello, this givaway is wonderful! We would love to win! It would be a Godsend. We have 4 children, our eldest with Autism, who is showing signs of dental fluorosis. He is a wonderful guitar player at 10 years old, and he loves to perform in front of people, it is his way of communicating. He has a bright smile which is being devastated by over fluoridation. He has already been through so much as we are trying to heal his body from toxic metals, candida, bacteria, and viruses. I know that fluoride can cause bone cancer, increase the uptake of toxic metals such as lead and aluminum. I thought that an R.O. system took out fluoride? A R.O. is what we have, just a little countertop model. Great! So this whole time we have not been taking out the fluoride? That explains a lot. I think fluoride also disrupts hormones? And fluoride is also in many pharmacetical drugs? Hmmmm? Anyways, thanks again for the opportunity to win this great system.
Hope in Fl.
P.S. I am constantly in contact with my representatives trying to get the fluoride removed from our city water.
Is a great website to research fluoride. :o)

oops I meant “pharmaceutical” drugs…lol :0)

Would love to win the Grander. Simply to stop filling ourselves with a dangerous chemical. Simple as that. Many little things in our household that you would like to be different. This would be a nice start.

Love your blog – Karla

Hi Jess, I would love to win the Grander water system because I am currently doing the Gerson therapy myself, for Lyme Disease. Currently I am buying distilled water to carry out the therapy; it would be great to be able to go to my faucet and get healthy water right out of the tap! I would also love to start using this water for the rest of my family as I see they have some of the symptoms I used to have, but on a milder scale.

Hi Jessica
I’m trying to get fluoride out of my diet and my world because I have hypothyroidism as well as hashimoto’s – fluoride irritates and exacerbates this disease. I’ve also recently found out that I have hurthe cells growing on the nodules growing on my thyroid which makes me think it’s time to make a radical shift if I want to shift the progression of this away from cancer and on towards wholness and healing.
I didn’t know about this system until reading your blog… thank you!

Looks like a wonderful tool to add to managing your own health~Thank you~

I would like to win the Grander because I live in an area with heavy mineral deposits in the water, however, there is domething in the city’s water system that causes a black ‘slime’ to develop in the water lines and the faucets have to be cleaned manually.

I would like to win because we have a reverse osmosis and I didn’t realize that it doesn’t take out the flouride in the water. I am on a journey of healthy living, taking baby steps everyday. My family is not as health conscious as I am and anything that I can do to help them without them realizing that they are doing something healthy is a blessing. Thanks, Michelle

I want to win it so that I can give it to a friend who has to put up with terrible city water. She has lots of little ones, and I know she would love to be able to make her water purer.

A year ago I changed to a flouride-free toothpaste and for the first time my dentist could not find any cavities at my recent check-up. This was huge and proved me right. However, he still tried to talk me into a flouride-plan for my teeth. Having said that, I’d love to win the Grander Benchtop Fluoride System to continue on my newly found health path. We are about to move into a new house so this would come just right. Love your blog, Jess!! Cheers, Ruth

I would like to win because my husband and I have just started our journey towards better health. Despite financial restrictions, we are trying to eat healthier, buy organic, and eliminate chemicals and toxins from our home. We just can’t afford to buy something like this, which is so needed in the big city we live in with its chemically treated water. This would be the best gift we could ever receive.

I would love to win it as it help put my family closer towards our goal of being healthy.

I would really benefit from this because I have Lyme Disease. I read an interview by Charlotte Gerson stating that fluoride is very dangerous for individuals with Lyme Disease. My health would truly improve if I were to win this product.

Hi Jess…your generosity, enthusiasm, dedication and compassion has humbled me greatly since becoming a recent subscriber to your daily post and informative website. I have been looking for like minded people who like me are striving for better health with clear mind focus. Your mental strength and determination has re-inspired me on my own journey, so THANKYOU :)

Like yourself I had cancer, surgery and chemotherapy 8 years ago. The chemotherapy drugs created a massive pancreatitus attack back in 2004 and i have struggled with chronic pancreatitus ever since. This condition is extremely difficult to live with as I must go without food regularly, have low energy and have been unable to work for the last 8 years. I have done much research and developed my own creative solutions to finding my own special ways to create optimum nutrition within a very narrow scoped diet. I live mainly on liquids and daily self management tools such as meditation and qigong. Before this life change I had no idea how debilitating a chronic condition could be but now I understand. A health journey is a very personal path of growth and for all this has taught me I am so thankful. I am still working towards full health as I know my body can completely heal given time, love, nutrition, and patience. I juice and make pureed hippocrates soups but have never been able to afford a proper water filter system due to the cost of living wholistically and being unable to work for so long. I would be so very grateful Jess to win this superb water filtering system and drink pure filtered revitalised and fluoride free water. :)
Love and blessings, Tracy

ps. If you are interested Jess i have been writing a book on the Art of Self-Comfort, exploring tools for soothing oneself in times of anxiety, stress and discomfort, helping to create peace within mind and body. This flows into all aspects of daily life and is an essential component to healing and health. Would love to contirbute to your site if the opportunity arises…:)

How divine!! and that’s how water should be!!…I have pretty much waded through all areas of my life to ensure longevity, but pure water is my only struggle. I would love to win one of these, and I love how you cover so much of what is needed for human health! you are a GARDIAN ANGEL to us all. Thank you for this post.

truly grateful


What an amazing prize to win. I have only very recently discovered this blog and I just love it, you always provide such great info so firstly thank you so much for helping to inform those of us who otherwise would have no idea where or how to start living a healthier life. I would love to win this product because we live in a small mining community where there is a very strong presences of all kinds of chemicals in the water. I have 2 sons my first is 2yrs and the other 8 months and I have been trying to think of ways to avoid them drinking this contaminated water so have been boiling and regfriderating but this system looks a whole lot more convienient. Good Luck to every one and thanks for such an amazing competition.

I would love to win the Grander Benchtop Flouride System for many reasons. The most important being that I breastfeed my 6 month old son and knowing that what I put into my body nourishes my little one makes it very important that I am not passing on toxins such as flouride and heave metals to him. Also, I checked the drinking water quality in my town at and found that the water tested above legal limits for almost every contaminate! Very upsetting to find that out.. and I know my pitcher water filtering system isn’t getting the job done. I don’t want to continue drinking such nasty water and want to give my family and myself the best water we can possibly get.

Hi Jess, I think you are an inspiration, love your blog and have purchased your amazing ebook. I would love to win the Grander Benchtop Fluoride System to give to my daughter and her family. I am lucky in that where I live there is no mains water so we have only rainwater. Where my daughter, her husband and 2 smalll children live, they are on mains and have to buy water so as not to contaminate themselves with the poisons added to the mains water. They simply cannot afford to buy a decent filtation system and I would love to be able to give them this fantastic prize as I know just how much it would be appreciated.

Yours in health.

Wow, what an incredible giveaway!
A few weeks back I was diagnosed with a rare Autoimmune condition, Behcet’s Disease. So now I’m looking into reducing my exposure to anything that will prevent me from being as healthy as I can be while living with this yucky disease. I actually found your awesome blog doing a big research binge. Nothing like a health scare to open the mind :)

Hi Jess! I would love to win the Grander water filtration system because I want to give my 16 month old baby the best start in life. My partner was recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder and I am aware of the influence our gut bacteria has on both mental and physical health. Fluoride in tap water compromises the ‘good bacteria’ in our body and contributes to so many health problems. I would love to feed my daughter filtered water instead of tap water but we simply can’t afford to. So I thank you for the opportunity to win a Grander water filtration system!

To be honest … I think there are some really worthy winning stories here … which I don’t have! I’d just love the best water I can get to give me the best life force I can take in … this is now on my shopping list to replace the small bench-top filter I currently have! I remember when I (briefly) studied Accounting — the concept of FIFO, first in, first out … this is GIGO … Grander In, Goodness Out :)))

Hi Jess, would love to win this! we have fluoride in our water and at the moment I am buying water to drink. A filter would save us alot of money. Thanks so much for the oppotunity!

I’m going to make this as simple as possible.

I want give my body the best chance to be healthy ans this would be a dream come true :)

For my health and that of my young family. I believe that the power that made the body, heals the body, it just needs no interference. I would be so grateful to win a Grander Water Filtration System. It is so important to me to give my family the best start and I am committed to learning everything I can to do so. Thanks for bring wellness to the masses.

After seeing my husband suffer ill health for years and to have children with sensitivities I am discovering my inner healthy warrior. I feel so uneducated about health and nutrition from society where what they constitute as healthy is merely propoganda for selling an inferior product than what mother nature can provide. Having seen what heavy metal poisoning did for my husbands health this product sounds like a dream come true. I had no idea a product like this existed. I am learning so much each week by reading your blog.

Hi Jess! I have just discovered your website and think it’s great! I would love to win the Grander system so that I can provide pure drinking water for not only myself and my husband, but for my beautiful 8 month old granddaughter when she visits me (which is most days :) ). She is 100% breastfed at the moment and will be starting on water and solids in about a months time, so to win this system would be perfect.

Thanks for the opportunity to enter :)

Hi Jess
I am new to going organic and eating and drinking more healthier and winning a grander flouride benchtop system would help me to further follow a healthy life, as it is very hard to start off when you have never done it before. But i must say reading your website has definately given me a good start.

I would love to win for my children’s and my health. We are all in the same boat these days, financially challenged and trying to have the best possible food and water to stay as healthy as we can so to be able to win something like this would be amazing! Also thank you for the valuable info you have on your site. I am so grateful :) love Kerrie from InnerSelf Harmony xxx

Hi Jess

I love your blog, thank you so much for doing the work you do. It’s my daily injection of inspiration, knowledge and power! I would love to win the water filter because I so desperately need/want to heal. I have just started looking into improving the quality of my water, so the timing is perfect.

I would love to win the Grander filtration system to be able to offer clean, fluoride free water to my family. My husband still drinks coffee and I have tried countless times to explain the dangers of drinking tap water but to no avail. If we had the system I know it would make it much easier to make the healthy choice for better drinking water. Thanks Jess for offering such an amazing giveaway. You are such an inspiration and congrats on your two year anniversary. Blessings.

Why? Because we ARE water. Gallons and gallons of water absorbs into my body from the copious amounts of water I drink. I can’t think of a more important form of nourishment that needs to be in it’s cleanest state.

And thank you :)

Hi Jess : )
First of all I would just like to thank you and Grander for this fabulous opportunity!
OK so I could ramble on about the many health destroying effects of flouride in our water, or the fact that it’s even allowed to be in it, or the lack of education “The government wouldn’t allow anything in our food or water that isn’t good for us” (a recent comment to me from my sister-in-law that almost broke my heart!)
No, the main reason I would love a chance to win one of these babies is so that I can give it to my dear friend, Reneé, who is highly allergic to flouride. This would make her life so much easier (not to mention cheaper!) as she studies for her degree in Nutrition so she can follow her dreams of helping others, especially those who are dealing with cancer and other major health problems.
She has helped me so much in my own studies and together we plan on changing the world ; ) This is the least I could do to say thank you to someone who helps and inspires me (oh and did I mention that we haven’t even met in person yet?) Thank you Nay for your love and support – and thanks again, Jess, for the opportunity : )

I have just discovered your site & have already found a few tips that have helped me… my 8 year old son has pyrolle disease, which is basically very high copper… a symptom of this disease is intolerance to preservatives… we have totally removed all additives (& iv learnt how to “COOK”, as in, not buying a packet or a jar!!!!) & the improvement is way beyond my expectations!!! he is on a biomedical medication with high levels of zinc & vitamin B to try & balance out the copper… he is aware that high copper levels are a symptom of schizophrenia (he’s a pretty switched on 8 year old), & his father suffers from that, my son asked his doctor if we managed to reduce his copper levels, would he avoid getting schizophrenia when he was older (i had to hide the tears when he said it)… anything that can help reduce the copper thats entering his system would be SUCH a blessing to have in the household!!!

im soooo thankful i found your site!!!

Hi Jess,
The reason is simple and complex all at the same time. I would like to win the Graner Benchtop Fluoride System because I work in the holistic industry as a healer/psychic and fluoride destroys our pineal gland which is the key to clear intuition. The pineal gland is connected to our third eye or more mainstream our innate instinct. Would love to be able to offer my family and clients the opportunity to hydrate from non-toxic water. Imagine a world where we were all empowered to know, trust and follow our innate inner knowing…… WOW, wouldn’t we make awesome wellness choices then!
Thanks for you being you and thanks for the opportunity to enter. Good luck everyone :)

I am desperately trying to get my family to live a clean healthier lifestyle and that water system is something I have been looking into for a while but my husband thinks its not necessary nor can we afford it. I would love to have this system in my house without my family even knowing they are doing something else that is good for them!. However I have read many of your followers comments and I think there are so many more deserving people than myself and I would love to see it go to someone who is fighting an illness or have children with an illness. Good luck to everyone and thank you for your blogs they really help keep me motivated in my change to a cleaner lifestyle.

I have been searching for a water filter for a long time and haven’t found one quite right in my price range. That’s why I’d love to win this one.

Winning the Grander Benchtop Flouride System would truly be a God send. I am only days into the Gerson therapy journey to save my life. The set-up costs, as you know, are enormous and while we have done everything possible in effort to get the juicer and other necessary supplies, we are still without a water filter. Being able to clean my food in non-toxic water would be a great advantage over using tap water until such time as we can get a whole house system.
Thank you for this opportunity, Jess, and thank you for creating such a lovely blog for wellness warriors to visit. I am fairly new to this site, but have already learned so much. xxxTheresa

Hi Jess! I would love to win the Grander to help me attain optimal health. I have suffered with severe allergies and asthma for the past 5 years or so. In the last 18 months I found Cyndi O’Meara, then Food Matters, then through them I found out about Gerson – although I don’t have cancer I think they are amazing after watching The Gerson Miracle – so I liked them on Facebook which then led me to you – they posted the video of your interview with your mum. Since then I have been on an amazing health journey. I have made so many positive changes in my life including having my amalgam fillings replaced and going off the contraceptive pill. I still suffer from allergies and asthma so still have a long way to go but I am so grateful that I found you and was able to make these life-giving changes. The Grander would take me one step closer to a beautiful, clean, healthy life!

Hey Jess … Here in Denmark there are not many who are convinced what water can do for your body and how important it is. We have absolutely no clean water here either. we are struggling with heavy metals, pesticides, chlorine, etc. Pure water tastes like a dream and purifies the body more efficiently – so I would be deeply grateful to win this Grander system.
I follow your site every day and get very inspired by your work, you are amazing ♥ Thanks ♥ xxx

Hello Jess, Every health educated human being would love to win your awesome offer. I am no different. Thank you for being you. Love and hug Szilv x

Hello beautiful soulsista Jess. What a wonderful prize and opportunity especially for those who can’t afford a Grander benchtop water system normally (myself included) but who need it to enhance their health.

Water is the stuff of Life itself. It is our most basic human right to have pure clean and clear water. The cancer journey certainly brings into crystal clear focus the importance of being healed and nourished back to bright shining vibrant health. Even with all I have learnt in the past 2 years I still drink bottled (glass and plastic) mineral water -I know I know- please don’t arrest me water police – I do the best I can with what’s available.

Winning this wonderful prize would help me change this fundamental flaw in my wellness regime which in every other way shines and helps me shed light for others.

Love blessings and light
F x

Hi Jess….. The Grander filtration system has ABSOLUTELY been on my Wish list for over a year now! To be able to offer clean, fluoride free water to my family would be the ULTIMATE!!
As a student of Naturopathy I find your blog amazing and truly inspirational.
Many blessings,
Audrey x


i would love to win this GRANDER Benchtop water system for many reasons. Ever since i had a mastectomy a year ago i have been doing all i can to change the way i eat and eliminate as many toxins as i can. I have not yet gotten a water system because i did not know which one to get and also because of their price. I know how much of a difference it would make in my toxic load and i would love love love to win it.


Hi Jess

For the past eight months you’ve been my health guru. Because of your website, daily newsletter and inspiring spirit, my Mum and I are juicing, doing coffee enemas, and on our way to becoming vegans. Although we’ve been health conscious for many years, you have taken everything to a whole new level and we are endeavouring to improve our health each day. Health is our priority as Mum suffered a blocked carotid artery three years ago and is also my carer – I’ve been wheelchair bound for 38 yrs due to RA. Regardless of the public outcry, our water suppy was contaminated with fluoride in Dec 2010 and we haven’t had safe water since. I would LOVE to win the Grander Benchtop Fluoride System – what an asset to continue our health journey!

Congratulations on your two year mark (knew you would enjoy that raw cheesecake!) and your 10,000 FaceBook members – you’re inspiring so many hearts! And Thank You so much for this opportunity.


Hey Jess, I’ve loved following your inspirational “win” against adversity. I’d love to win a Grander Benchtop Fluoride System as I’ve signed so many petitions & letters of complaint to politicians to stop poisoning our water supply, which seem to have so far fallen on deaf ears!! Meanwhile, I have been looking for a filtration system for a long time so I can make the life-elixir, water, safe for my family and me. What a great opportunity this would be :)
Cheers, Meredith

What can I say. I was under the impression that fluoride could not be removed from water. As a result I have been buying drinking water and it gets to be a bit expensive. Well if this system can do it then yes it would be a bonus to win it. Since using my daughters tank water I have noticed a difference in my health. Hopefully the water from the Grander tastes as good as my daughters tank water, which I have been drinking and washing in while visiting this last month.

My parents are beginning to follow the Gerson Therapy and they live in the country, where the water is polluted with farm chemicals. My father has lost his job and my mum is working as a nurse, while also trying to nurse her body back to health. Their life is full of stress & turmoil, as they are constantly taking care of my brother & their 3 grandkids. They have a hard time spending money on themselves and they truly need to at this point.

I’ve been going back over your posts and catching up with what you have been doing in your life. Wow! I am impressed by your committment and determination in following an exceptionally healthy lifestyle. I have been battling with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Crohn’s disease over the past 6 years, and I also homeshool my daughters. I have made tremendous improvements via supplementation, diet and drinking 2 litres of green juices each day. However my water supply is a problem- the taste and smell makes me gag. Every few weeks I have to make the trek up the mountain in order to obtain spring water and even then I’m not entirely sure of its purity. It would be a huge relief to not have this extra task on my mind when my energy and time is in limited supply.

Hi Jess!
My fiance and I would love the Grander system. We have been boiling our water for a couple of years and have gone through a major overhaul with our diet and cleanses. We have gone from meat eaters to vegans, and have become very aware about what we put into our bodies, so much so that we are beginning to affect our loved ones around us, and they are beginning to make changes in their choices and beliefs. The Grander would be another vehicle to maintain our health and inform/inspire others!!
Thank you!

Gosh there are so many people deserving of winning this Grander system but I am being selfish this month and saying that I would love to win for my own health. I am so sick of buying water every week just because there are so many nasties in our water. It’s my choice to be healthy and I choose to drink water over soft drinks, coffee, alcohol and I choose to drink pure water. I would love to win this system for me, and also my family too – I’ve had it on my wish list for ages.
Thanks so much for the chance to enter.

Hi Jess thanks for the opportunity to be in the draw for a fantastic prize! So many need this wonderful filter & sure it will find its way to the perfect home.. For me I would love to have flouride free water as I suffer from multiple chemical sensitivities &
find it a bit tough finding clean water to drink.. I instantly get a swollen thyroid/goiter when i consume fluoridated water & would love to see it removed from all water systems completely!! But for now we all must look towards these filters., & I have to say I am impressed as all other filters I’ve come across remove certain impurities yet leave the flouride! Ok thanks for a wonderful opportunity & a great page you share with us all.. Sharon

This has been on my wish list for too long!
I’d like to win because it’d be such an invaluable gift I could share with my family :)


Thank you so much Jess for your daily pearls of wellness wisdom. I’ve been following your journey for over a year now and have to say what an incredible job you’ve done developing your blog. You are intelligent, witty and this comes across in all your posts. You are an extremely hard worker and you deserve every one of the 10,000 followers you have on Facebook. I read your blog daily and it opens my eyes up to the world of alternative therapies. It’s definitely what you’re meant to be doing. Now for why I’d love to win the very special Grander Fluoride Removal System. My partner and I just recently bought our first home together and we have just started to lovingly renovate it. Our goal is to make our home a sanctuary of health and wellness and the Grander would be the perfect addition. Thanks and good luck to all!

Hi Jess,
I would love to win this water filter, because my daughter Jesse lives in Sydney & is pregnant with her 1st baby.
I know how harmful. fluoride, heavy metals & chlorine are to your health, & I can smell the chlorine in her kitchen when the taps turned on, so there’s no way we’d drink it.
Although I live in a small country town where we get our water from the mountain, I still choose to put my water through a filter, not as good as yours.
If Jesse or I don’t manage to win this, I’ll have to give her mine, which I will miss, but feel she might need it more, even though I had a kidney removed last year & would like to look after the one I have left.
My daughter is very health conscious, & has been telling me to drink your green smoothie’s too!

Hi Jess,
What a grand prize “The Grander Benchtop Fluoride System” is. There are also many beautiful people in this forum that have shared their reason why. I also know how destructive and toxic fluoride is. We live where our water supply is highly fluoridated. My sister passed away from chemo, she didn’t have the finances for buying this system, and now my cousin has breast cancer. I live with a family (as we lost our home) where one has diabetes and the other has thyroid disease. I would be soo happy to repay these wonderful people for taking us in, with this “water system.” What a gift! This would help them so very much. Thank you.

Hi Jess,
I only “found” you two weeks ago and am loving all the information you give out. I was going to write in a bit of a sob story about myself and my life, but I think most of us that come to this site have this type of background. I do NOW know that my diognosis just over a year ago was possibly the best thing that has ever happened to me. It made me start focusing on my health and the environment around me and making sure that I kept as “healthy” as I could possibly be. I have stopped taking the meds one month ago that are recommended for my disease and I’m concentrating on giving my body everything it needs. Unbelievably, 2 weeks ago, my husband has also taken a big interest and is doing things now/eating things to improve his health that he wouldn’t even consider a month ago, he has seen the changes in me, and wants the same for himself. Slowly we are eliminating as many toxins in our environment as we can, and this water filter will help us with that. Thanks again!