Oil Pulling: My New Morning Ritual

Posted April 26, 2012

I’ve been intrigued by oil pulling for yonks. It is one of those health practices that just kept coming up for me, but I’ve had to wait until I completed two years of Gerson Therapy to give it a go (no oil except flax and castor on Gerson – I tried with castor oil but it was just gross). For the past week I have been pulling each morning religiously. Or, as my dad so humorously calls it, “having a pull”. We’re a classy bunch in our house.

After my morning meditation I come downstairs to the kitchen where my dad has already got the coconut oil ready to go. Since the mornings are starting to get a little chilly, we have to put the coconut oil jar in hot water for a minute so that it turns from a solid back into liquid. Dad already made the mistake of using solid oil once, which I won’t be repeating. I pour some oil onto a tablespoon, add a couple of drops of oregano oil (great anti-bacterial and anti-fungal oil), and spoon it into my mouth. Then I swish the oil around my mouth for 20 minutes while I sit outside on my daybed and read a book. This is the best start to the day!


An ancient Ayurvedic ritual, oil pulling was introduced to the modern world in 1992 by Dr. F. Karach, MD. Dr. Karach claimed that oil pulling could cure a variety of illnesses ranging from heart disease and digestive troubles to hormonal disorders.

Oil pulling has so many benefits. So many, in fact, that we bought a whole book on the topic called Oil Pulling Therapy: Detoxifying and Healing the Body Through Oral Cleansing by naturopathic physician Bruce Fife.

“The oil acts like a cleanser. When you put it in your mouth and work it around your teeth and gums it “pulls” out bacteria and other debris,” says Bruce Fife.

“As simple as it is, oil pulling has a very powerful detoxifying effect. Our mouths are the home to billions of bacteria, viruses, fungi and other parasites and their toxins. Candida and Streptococcus are common residents in our mouths. It is these types of germs and their toxic waste products that cause gum disease and tooth decay and contribute to many other health problems including arthritis and heart disease. Our immune system is constantly fighting these troublemakers. If our immune system becomes overloaded or burdened by excessive stress, poor diet, environmental toxins and such, these organisms can spread throughout the body causing secondary infections and chronic inflammation, leading to any number of health problems.”


• Brighter, whiter teeth
• Healthier gums
• Prevents bad breath
• Increased energy
• Clearer mind
• Decreased headaches
• Clearer sinuses
• Alleviated allergies
• Better sleep
• Clearer skin
• Regulated menstrual cycles
• Improved lymphatic system
• Improved PMS symptoms


Oil pulling is best done first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

Spoon a tablespoon of organic, cold-pressed vegetable oil (I like coconut best) into your mouth, and swish it around for 20 minutes before spitting it out.

Never swallow the oil, as the swishing will render it full of toxins, and be sure to brush your teeth and rinse your mouth thoroughly afterwards. I have a separate toothbrush that I use just for brushing my teeth after oil pulling, and I clean it each day with 3% hydrogen peroxide.

The first few times my gag reflexes reared themselves and it was a little difficult keeping the oil in my mouth, but I persisted and by the third day it was fine. If you have this problem too, I recommend sticking with it.


Some may disregard oil pulling because it is so simple (and we humans love to complicate everything), and some may under value it because it has not been scientifically tested. However, oil pulling is cheap, easy, and is backed up by so much anecdotal evidence that I couldn’t ignore it.

Already my teeth are whiter, and my head is even clearer. My sleeping is better too! My boyfriend owns a bar and doesn’t crawl into bed until two or three in the morning, and I don’t even wake up!


Have you tried oil pulling? I’d love to hear what you think of it.


Positive affirmation for the day: I am safe.

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Leonie says:

Thanks for this post Jess. I’ve been intrigued by this ritual for ages as well, heard bits and pieces about it but had never tried it. Think I will now that you’ve given me a greater insight on it. Cheers x

Arianna says:

Hi all,

I am putting this comment a bit late – as I was away (no computer). What about Xylitol? Mouth bacteria hate it – you can brush with it and rinse your mouth with it – it kills all bacteria. I have been doing it in addition to conventional cleaning – and is absolutely brilliant.

Lirpa says:

For whatever reason, Xylitol actually gives me Thrush. I cannot use it, as it encourages yeast in my body. I know the typical theory is in reverse and suggests it kills yeast. Not for me. Everyone is different. I also cannot use Stevia, as it too encourages yeast growth. The key is to try different therapies and use the ones that work best for you! Wishing you good health!

I have heard so many good things and your article and one othe I read yesterday have convinced me to give it a go. I have a couple of health problems I am struggling to get on top of. It can’t hurt !!! Sonia :)

Andrea says:

MY understanding of oil pulling is that it is not a modern ritual at all but an an age old remedy practiced in India – where access to doctors and dental hygiene is limited because of extreme poverty.

Organic flaxseed oil is okay on Gerson.

Laila van dam says:

Hi Jess, you’re amazing. Everyday you educate me. Oil pulling, never heard but so simple and iam going to try . Can I use grapeseed oil instead coconut oil?

Jess says:

Hi Laila, thank you! Yes, I think you probably could. Just make sure it’s organic and cold pressed. x

Gustoso says:

Flaxseed oil goes rancid very quickly, so you must use it up quickly. Buy quality and store in the fridge.

I’m trying it with extra virgin olive oil – it’s fine.

Priya says:

Dear Andrea,

Ayurveda for some of us is a way of life. It’s a belief and reality that if one follows the principles of Ayurveda and the diet prescribed, one need not go to an allopath or dental hygienist.
People doing this out of poverty or not is irrelevant. We make it our lifestyle to celebrate the genius of our ancestors who inculcated discipline in everyday living and intelligence to keep diseases at bay.


Sashank says:

Dear Andrea,
I think stating that oil pulling has been introduced in India out of poverty is gross ignorance. This was written in the ayurvedic texts dating back almost 5000 years. And for your information India was one of the richest countries on earth a millenium ago. As a result it was plundered by the arabs(moghuls) and europeans. The texts that were written by ancient Indians are valid even today, infact surpasses today’s billion dollar research programs. Oil pulling is just one of the ‘gems’ you will find in the ancient Indian texts.

Sophie says:

I have tried it, but cant seem to keep going for more than 5mins, and find it a bit messy. Maybe practice makes perfect!

Annette says:

Hi Sophie, it has been a long time since your post but I just thought maybe you are just using too much oil – use only a tablespoon and if you have to spit it out because you are gagging its ok, just use another tablespoon and go again for a total of 15-20 minutes.

Sumner says:

went to our new holistic dentist last week – I’ve been oil pulling for about six weeks now. His first comment was ‘you have the best dental hygiene I’ve said in years’. thanks to oil pulling

Theresa B. says:

We’re exactly opposite. I’ve been oil-pulling three times a week for a couple years and love it! But I have to give it up, because I am just starting the Gerson therapy. Bummed about that, but it will make its way back onto my morning ritual schedule as soon as I am done with Gerson. So cool that you’re turning other people onto it. Coconut oil is the way to go, IMO. I much prefer the taste and healing properties of coconut oil versus the traditional sesame oil. xxx

Stacy says:

Thanks Jess, sounds intriguing. I have chronic hay fever/sinus that drives me nuts!! Might give oil pulling a go and see if it helps!
Stacy x

toni says:

I’ve rarely had to take antihistamines since I’ve been an oil puller!

Tony says:

Stacy wrote (some time ago ! I just found out about this stuff, so apologies)
that she was having issues with Hay fever. My ex did as well for 20 years and then went to a new Chinese Doctor, who, rather than give her antihistamines and/or a few days off work, told her to rub peppermint oil on the bridge of her cheekbones just under each eye morning and just before bed. Suffice to say, for the next 20 years, not a single issue again. No pain, no sinus, no discharge. We are here in Perth, Western Australia with the highest level of pollen in the world, so it clearly worked for her.
Good luck.

When i was taught oil pulling in India, it was paired with tongue scraping. eg. after you have spat out the oil, use a tea spoon to literally ‘scrape’ the white gunk off your tongue. (Start gently!) Poke you tongue out, wait a while, and the white gunk magically reappears… scrape again, and do this a few times. I do it once a week now. love it :)

I have tried oil pulling but not for a long period of time. I need to find more time in the mornings and give it another go!

Shazz says:

Have always been intrigued by the concept of oil pulling!! I think I’ll try it with just the way you do with coconut and oregano oil. never quite looked into it, believing there must be so much more to it than what you described. Thank you for getting me back on track with this.

Sarah Egan says:

Hmmm very random! Never heard of such a thing but I do have some coconut oil in the cupboard hmmmmmm…..

Tali says:

Hi Jess do you think you can use flaxseed oil on Gerson to do this?


Jess says:

Hi Tali, yes I think you probably could. When I was Googling, I found a couple of references to using flaxseed oil but not many. I just figured I was so close to finishing Gerson that I would hold off for tasty coconut oil. I don’t think it would hurt though! x

Hi Jess

I endorse your comments and this therapy. Great idea. Just wanted to let you know that you can also use zeolite powder to do the same thing. Thought perhaps this may be allowed on Gerson???

I have used it in the past to clear up tooth/gum infections and drink it regularly for detoxing and alkalizing (7.8 pH) One level teaspoonful in a large glass of water. Tastes fine. The same sediment can be reactivated by re-filling your glass several times before you need to start over. You can even use the mud sludge in the bottom of the glass on any skin conditions or zits.

My family have found 1/3 teaspoonful of powdered zeolite (clinoptilolite) in a baby bottle of warm boiled water – most effective in neutralising diarrheoa/gastro tummy bugs for infants. Clears us within 6 – 8 hours. All natural.

I can supply zeolite powder for $20/kg if anyone is interested. Just sharing, no expectations. I have many years experience in using purified active zeolite mineral powder. I use it in many of may natural and organic formulations. Thanks Jess : )

Jess says:

Thanks heaps Carol! This sounds really interesting too. x

Thanx for posting. I will give you some to try Jess, send me an email where to send it to x

caroline says:

HI Carol,

I’m interested in your zeolite powder- can I get it in smaller quantities and where in Australia are you?.


Kendra says:

Not sure if this is in time or not, but thought I’d chime in on the zeolite. I was told, when I got Liquid Zeolite to not let it touch the teeth — can’t remember if that was only for those with fillings or what, although I’m thinking it was. I do not think I’d oil pull with it, though. It isn’t oil. I like Zeolite, but I’ve been researching oil-pulling, most especially by the writings of Edgar Cayce and a couple others and I know they said to use organic, cold-pressed oils and that flaxseed, olive and safflower were the most recommened. I’ve used seabuckthorn oil and sunflower as well as olive and coconut. All are good, but I feel like I get better results with olive. Hope this was helpful. P.S. if you have a local TJ MAXX, try their gourmet/food/kitchen section. That’s where I get my high quality oils for cheap! I can’t spend $20 a bottle, so I usually find a nice, good quality olive oil there for around $7. Anyways, I think it does have to be an oil. I’d stick to that just to be safe, but continue to drink the Zeolite. I do both, but never for long periods of time.

P.S. There’s a lot of good studies done (check Pub Med!) on Oil-pulling and the amazing health benefits. Lots of disease that are helped or even prevente from it. Gingivitis is one, and there’s at least a hundred more.

To good health and (slick teeth),

Natasha W says:

I’m going to try it.
Sounds like a good natural way to heal and detox. Worth a try.

Daniel says:

This has been on my mind for the last few days… Now i feel inspired to get into it.

On a side note, i was in Byron Bay recently and heard a couple of different people talk about you… Your influence is far and wide, keep sharing the love :)

Tyrene says:

After reading about oil pulling somewhere else, first time I ever heard of it…. I decided to give it a try. It’s been about 2 weeks now, and thought the 20 min would seem like forever , but it doesn’t….I actually find it very relaxing. I did ask my dentist about it,and he had never heard of it…something I did learn from my dentist though…He said to make sure the Coconut Oil did not have sugar in it…sure enough some Coconut oils contain a small amount of sugar, where others do not, depending on the brand. You certainly don’t want to be swishing 20 min with Sugar in the oil. It has a long history, and it looks like it is having some new followers. :)

Dean says:

If you use organic cold-pressed (the best) it won’t have any sugar in it

Pat says:

What brands and where can I get the cold pressed coconut oil

Lisa says:

Try Melrose, I get it from chemist warehouse, raw unrefined, organic, cold pressed.

sandra says:

very inspiring. I am ready to try something new- and with such far reaching positive effects. !!!
thanks, Jess.

Lisa says:

Hi Jess, is there another time of day to do this as I love to have my lemon/warm water drink first thing followed 20 mins later by a vegetable juice.

Jess says:

Lisa » Hi Lisa, sure! You can do it any time, but it’s best on an empty stomach. x

Lisa says:

Thanks Jess, how long do you wait after pulling to eat?

Liz says:

I first oil pull… Then I drink lemon water after I brush my teeth. So you could oil pull right before drinking the lemon water

Barbara says:

Yes, I oil pull first thing in the morning while taking my morning shower. Then I follow this with my lemon and warm water followed by fresh vegetable juice. Loving it.

IdaPie says:

Yeah I’ve been meaning to get into this for a while and I’m not too sure whats holding me back.
You mentioned the oregano oil at first, then left it out when you did the ‘how to pull’ part – where can I acquire oregano oil?
Read about it for a while, and its apparently amazing properties – and I think the oregano oil is the key to why I’m not pulling, since I’m uncertain of where to get.

That, and plus people will think I’m ever nutter than present!
But theres absolutely nothing wrong with being a health nut!

Rian says:

You don’t need the oregano oil to do it, it probably just adds to it. The first time I did oil pulling I used olive oil, couldn’t stand the taste so I went and got coconut oil and it was so much easier. From what I understand it’s not just an empty stomach you want but you want to do it first thing while you have the most built up bacteria in your mouth, get rid of it before you eat or drink something and get it into your system. You can also do it after not eating and drinking for around 4 hours if I am remembering correctly but I don’t ever go that long without eating or drinking so the morning is the easiest time to do it.

Abigail says:

Do you know if this is ok to do whilst pregnant?

Jess says:

Abigail » Hi Abigail, yes I believe that it is! x

Tamera says:

OMG that is so fascinating!! I will be sure to pass this on to all my friends & family. I am also on Gerson but have been told that you can’t use extra flax oil anywhere – even on your skin, as it is still absorbed into the bloodstream and once there, can feed tumors. So I would check with your Gerson Doc first.

Keri says:

I tried oil pulling a couple of years ago for a week or two but like the poster earlier in this thread said, found it a bit gross knowing that all that manky spit was being sloshed around my mouth with the oil. And I think I started gagging at about 6 minutes :( 20? I don’t know how you do it. Mind you, from memory I used sunflower oil or something gross like that, so I might give coconut oil a go!

Amelia says:

We use organic cold pressed Sunflower Oil here…. Never tried adding the Oregano Oil…. Good thinking ’99 :)

Soph says:

Hi Jess

Where do you get your Oregano Oil from? I’m Brisbane based… I can’t seem to find any sellers online.


Jess says:

Soph » I buy mine from Inner Glow Health in Tewantin. They ship anywhere in Australia: http://www.innerglow.com.au/ x

Emma says:

I tried oil pulling a while back but forgot about it, you’ve inspired me to try it again! I didn’t do it for long enough to experience any of it’s major effects, but it made my mouth feel really clean :)

Yvonne says:

Hmmmmm, might give it a try. I am not sure how I would go with a full 20 minutes though. I have a very high gag reflex and wonder if this would be too gag inducing for me. I’m not even great at swallowing tablets…

Teigh says:

Hope this finds each of you well :)…….this is the 1st time I have heard about oil pulling…….I will do some more reading as to which oils can be used since I don’t have coconut or even vegetable oil and definitely give it a go for a week …….thanks for bringing these things to our attention……I am one of a maybe a few who are very new to all this and thus not aware of what is really out there……. :)

Lanie says:

Have been oil pulling on and off since last year. I even trained my daughter to oil pull (she can now hold it for 20 minutes).. its extremely detoxifying that everytime I pull dailly for a week or two, some of my old ghosts (like chronic tonsilitis) would resurface….including some of the mucus that I know has been in my system for quite a while now.. when I suffer extreme healing reactions like this.. I just stop pulling for several weeks and get back to it again..

not sure if I should continue pulling during flare ups/healing reactions though..


Jamie says:

Interesting. I’ve never heard of this. May have to give it a try since I have some of the symptoms listed above and I would love whiter teeth! :)

Katrina says:

Hi I am on to day 3 since I saw you on you tube about oil pulling. No problems at all. I have been using Neem products for years for gum problems, so I rinse with neem mouthwash and use Neem toothpaste, my gums and mouth feel great since adding coconut oil to my regime of cleanliness for my gums. Hoping it helps detox too. Have been using coconut oil for a year on hair, body, face, and adding to smoothies, so have great faith in it. I am a follower of Bruce Fife but did not get round t the oil pulling till you encouraged me, so hey thanks!

Lynn says:

Hello & thanks for the insightful piece. In Ayurveda, which I am studying, they recommend sesame oil (not toasted). Since I just learned it this week & you have graciously reminded me I will do this after I take my Flax oil. After my morning routine – R.P.M. , meaning Rise Pee Meditate. Keep up the wondrous sharing, we all love you. Namaste from the Great White North (Timmins, On Canada) Yes, we still have snow. It’s -8 with the windchill this afternoon. Peace little sister. Lynn

R.P.M! That’s cute! It was -2 in Ottawa, Canada today….so cold!

I have to admit, I read your post last night when I got it in my inbox and this morning guess what I was doing?! I didn’t seem to mind it. I put it in my mouth and began my swooshy while I did my morning ritual of checking on the farm animals :) Before I knew it my 20 minutes were over. I’m excited to see if this helps with the horrible allergies I’m having as well as mouth issues since I don’t have dental insurance right now.

Thanks Jess!


Jennifer Jhaveri says:

I just finished 6 months of chemo! I tried oil pulling for the first time today and I am sold! Thanks, Jess. I think it will help me detox. I bought oil of oregano today, tomorrow I will add it to the coconut oil.



paula says:

Hi Jess,

I just tried it this morning and was surprised, I handled the 20mins better than I thought!

I also like to have a glass of water with lemon first thing in the morning. Is it ok to have straight after oil pulling (after brushing my teeth etc) or do you think it would be better to wait?

Thanks :)

Jess says:

paula » Hi Paula, that’s great!! Yes I think it is fine to have that straight after pulling. Just sure your mouth is properly rinsed first. x

Zoë says:

Thanks Jess, I’ve never heard of this before but gave it a try with some coconut oil this morning!

Managed about 15 minutes before it felt a bit yucky but I’m going to persevere, and I must say my mouth does feel really clean this morning! :) x

PS. You’re getting quite a following in Perth – a lot of my friends are onto you! :)

Lou says:

I have been pulling for a while now and find it amazing, its so simple and easy. At first I had alot of phlegm and mucos but after 10days this went. My skin is brighter, my gums no longer bleed, my teeth are shining. I feel good for the inside out :-)

Thank you for the article Jess x

Anne says:

Hi Jess,

Do you know if oil pulling is safe to do if you have mercury fillings?

Jess says:

Anne » Hi Anne, yes I think so but you may want to research that one a bit more also. x

Ruth says:

Hi Jess, I am very excited about giving this a try. However, I’m a bit concerned about clogging the old pipes of my house when I spit the oil into the sink. Have you ever heard of problems about the coconut oil turning from liquid to solid again?

Tyrene says:

I have read where you should spit it in your trash can not your toilet or sink because over the years it could cause problems, I was going to mention that earlier in my comment but forgot.

Pat says:

That is very good to know…thanks!!!

This health practice is completely new to me and I’m really curious about it. Thank you for the introduction and information – I’m definitely going to give it a whirl :) I have terrible gag reflexes though…so it might take a few tries!

Ana says:

Hi everyone!
I feel so curious about oil pulling since I read about it here… I really wish I could give it a try, but where I live the only organic oil I can find is extra virgin olive. I’ve read that it’s not nice because of the way it tastes, but would it work the same?. And if not, anyone knows any site to get coconut oil from?. I’m from Spain.

Felicity says:

Hi Ana. Don’t know if you have found coconut oil yet but I get mine from my health store. I too live in Spain. Mallorca actually and they have a lot of health stores here. Costs about twenty euros. Good luck. Felicity

ABD says:

Why do you not spit out the yukky oil and and retake more to retop up and continue on for the 20 mins? Does it have something to do with the change in the oil that is beneficial? The Lion King comes to mind “slimy, yet satisfying”! x

sarah says:

Hi ABD .. The oil mixes with your saliva as you go and yes it changes the oil…. Apparently from my reading, if the oil is not milky and frothy white when you spit it out, you havent been swishing long enough. I myself have been using Hemp Oil, which is very green to begin with and still slightly green when I expel. It all sounds so disgusting doesnt it. :)

Adam says:

Why not just swish with Listerine for 30 seconds?

Jess says:

Adam » Hi Adam! These are the ingredients in Listerine: Alcohol, Sorbitol, Aroma, Poloxamer 407, Benzoic acid, Sodium Benzoate, Sodium saccharin, Eucalyptol, Methyl salicylate, Thymol, Menthol, Sodium fluoride, CI 42053, CI 47005. It is basically all toxic chemicals!

Paul says:

Hey Jess, great blog! Although I don’t have cancer or any other ailments for that matter, I’ve been incorporating a lot of the Gerson therapy juicing into my diet. Today I just tried Oil Pulling in the shower with Coconut Oil. Don’t know what will happen so we’ll wait and see. I’m trying to convince my wife to try as well. Bravo on your recovery. Amazing success story. Best wishes.

joni njos says:

I am with above poster I do not have cancer but was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease & have also chosen to treat my diagnosis with diet, expercise, yoga. In 3 years no change ..YAY !
I admire your determination and what you have done. Thank you for all the great information and all the good posts. I look forward to them.
I tried the oil pulling first with olive oil, then now with coconut oil. (much better). I took a basic class in Ayurveda and our teacher told us sesame oil also works well. My mouth feels fresher and this is my 2nd week.
Here’s to good health

Sam Swanson says:

I have been oil pulling for a while but am finding it hard now it’s winter…..how do you melt the oil quickly in the mornings?

Jess says:

Sam Swanson » Hi Sam, we add a couple of tablespoons to an empty jar and then sit the jar in a bowl of hot water. This will melt the oil so that it’s liquid. xx

mellisa says:

do you use cooking coconut oil?

Fiona says:

Hi Jess,
After stumbling across your site last week, I have already implemented a lot of your bits and pieces into my lifestyle and it’s been the best thing so far. I use Hydrogen Peroxide 3% to clean my face now, a herbal toothpaste, eating even cleaner than before (I call it the stone-age food) basically nothing packaged, as often as I can. I have started using apple cider vinegar in the bath and shower (although I have to buy the organic one…) I am interested in trying Oil Pulling after reading your clipping on oral health. Thank you for everything – your wonderful tips and everything on this site has given me a fresh start to life. I can’t thank you enough. Keep up the fantastic work. xo

joni says:

hi Jess-
I use coconut oil and was wondering what happens if I swallow a bit while im pulling? I’ve been doing it for about a week or so now, and I’ve been having what appears to be a healing reaction the past couple of days…I think I’ve swallowed some accidentally…am i basically eating the grody toxins — is a healing reaction possible from doing this?
Thank you

Rian says:

Yes you can have a healing crisis from oil pulling though I don’t think everyone does. It could be from the toxins, would really recommend not swallowing it at all if possible, but from what I can find on the internet, it doesn’t look like it would hurt you if you do occasionally, you should just digest it and it will pass through your body.

joni njos says:

Thank you for your comment Rian–I do think im having a bit of a healing crisis… general malaise and even a couple of pimples and i never get those. Im always astounded what the human body is capable of and how it heals itself. ..or shows us how powerful it is.

Grace says:

Thank you for this! I have been trying it out with coconut oil for the last 2 days…can i mix it with a bit of castor oil? do you recommend that?

Amy Landry says:

Do you think it’s ok to use Organic Cold Pressed Sesame Oil? As that is what I have been using the past few months.. xx

Jess says:

Amy Landry » Hey Amy, yes absolutely!! x

Peggy says:

Hi Jess

Can’t wait to start trying this! I’ve been randomly breaking out into hives for the past month so hopefully this will help control it. Can you please let me know what brand of Oregano Oil you’re using? I’ve been reading that you need to make sure it’s ‘Oil of Wild Oregano’ and not just ‘Oil of Oregano’ or ‘Oregano Oil’.

Thanks and keep up the good work!!

Katie says:

Hi Jess! I’ve just started oil pulling, and I have to say I’m overwhelmed by the results! So exciting! I was just wondering if I could ask your advice regarding the logistics of it though! I usually oil pull first thing in the morning, but have my breakfast afterwards before dashing out the door to work. Should I brush my teeth after oil pulling, or wait until I’ve eaten breakfast as well?

Thanks so much, Jess!
Katie x

Jess says:

Katie » Hi Katie, I have a designated toothbrush that I use just for following my oil pulling. I use it to brush my teeth with water just after spitting the oil out. x

Katie says:

That’s really useful, Jess- thanks so much! x

Stella says:

I believe it is important to brush your teeth after oil pulling as there are toxins from the exercise. I usually rinse with warm salty water, then I brush my teeth and scrap my tongue. Oil pulling makes my teeth whiter, plague looser and improve my general oral health. I think it also soften my skin. I need more time to tell, tho. I tried with extra virgin olive oil and cold pressed sesame oil. The key is not only the oil but also that 20 mins. Sometimes, I am in a rush and only swish for 15 mins, I can tell the difference.

Jennifer Jhaveri says:

I have been oil pulling for a few months now and I do like it. Unfortunately, my lower front tooth is infected & I have to get a root canal. I don’t know if the oil puling excaberated it or not..

Kirthana says:

I’ve been oil pulling/swishing for a year now. My teeth aren’t any whiter than before , but there are some definite changes noticed.
My gums aren’t receding as much as before….is that the correct term…,
my hair feels stronger, not as thin as before. That could be because it’s not falling as much
And…my sinus isn’t as bad as before

In any case it’s done me no harm. I love the early morning discipline of doing something everyday. I started with olive oil but then switched to cold pressed sunflower oil. Rgds

jacqui evans says:

finally some research to support pulling with coconut oil! I have been pulling daily to assist in with my candida management for about 3 months now.


lianhua says:

Thank you Jess for sharing.
I have been dound oil pullling for the last 5 weeks.am using sasame oil……100% sasame oil, not organic though and it is also heat treated and refined from a reputable source.
I am.also using 1st grade unrefined cold pressed sunflower oil.
I noticed the healing crisis is stronger with the sunflower oil.
My eczema flareups are more when I oil pull with the sunflower oil.
I have being trying to find articles on the different levels of healing crises with different oils but so far no sucess.
Any one has any comments on these 2 oils?
Overall I love oil pulling and the outcomes so r. Oral hygiene is certainly sn ACE!!!!
I will be very HAPPY When my eczema is finally “cured”.
……..of course doing an array of holistic stuff.
Thk you!!!

Lisa Wood says:

I have just tried this method – was actually doing it at night time! So now I need to re-arrange my day and do it first thing in the morning.
Because I have such a huge strong gag reflex I am only using a teaspoon of oil at the moment – trying to work myself up to taking more each time :)
I have heard that one can be very sick the first few times of trying it but so far all is ok!
Thanks for the suggestion about a different toothbrush when doing oil pulling. Will need to buy another one.

Leanne says:

This is news. I have heard of the connection between gum disease and heart disease, but not oil pulling. This seems like an option I cannot let pass me by. I’ll try coconut oil first as there is quite a lot sold these days. I know I can buy it at the Sunday Organic Market. I’ll have to form a search image for oregano oil now as well.

Josie says:

Love Oil Pulling. I’ve been doing it for two weeks now and find my teeth & mouth feel cleaner.

My routine as soon as I get up is:
Switch on kettle
Go to the toilet (you needed to hear that – not – oh well!!)

In a wide liqueur glass I place 1 tablespoon of coconut oil (it’s usually solid)
then pour hot water in a rice bowl place the liqueur glass in the hot water and stir with a spoon to liquify (melt)
When I’m finished swishing, I spit it into a bin in the bathroom. Definitely don’t spit it down the drain. Then brush my teeth and swish 3% hydrogen peroxide for a minute.
My teeth feel great.

Cath says:

Hi Jess, should I be using *refined* or *unrefined* organic cold pressed coconut oil for pulling???

Thank you

Jess says:

Cath » Hi Cath, unrefined is the way to go! x

Ana says:

Ive trie dthis before but this time I will try it with the coconut oil.
Question to Jess, how did you clean your teeth while on the Gerson Therapy? or do they just use any toothpaste that doenst have those nasty ingredients?

Jess says:

Ana » Hi Ana, I used an organic toothpaste while on Gerson. Just look for a brand without the nasties :)

Kaitlyn says:

Been reading a lot about oil pulling lately, stumbled upon it by accident…
Currently on day 5 – teeth are whiter, and cleaner (which I didn’t think possible – my friends and family are astounded my teeth could actually get whiter!)
And if definitely can’t hurt, so I am going to stick with it.
Thanks for the information, and everyone for the posts!

Shei says:

Hello Jess!

I so like the idea of the whole oil pulling benefits. I will try this tomorrow morning.

Will give you an update of my experience.

P.S. I’ve started the no poo and is considering VCO for my toothpaste.


Elise says:

Looks like MindBodyGreen has ‘borrowed’ some of your content http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-4896/The-Single-Most-Effective-Ayurvedic-Practice-for-Your-Mouth.html

some is word for word like this bit:

“The first few times my gag reflexes reared themselves and it was a little difficult keeping the oil in my mouth, but I persisted and by the third day it was fine. If you have this problem too, I recommend sticking with it.”

Jess says:

Elise » Oh wow!! They are my words exactly ha ha. Thanks for showing me this Elise x

Kerry Neilson says:

i too have wondered what exactly it was when i bought Pure Organic Virgin Coconut Oil from Coconut Magic. when it arrived it had a flyer on coconut oil and the benifits one was oil pulling and what it does for you. I am a vego and have not so nice breath, this was the last resort so i did it for five days and IT WORKED nothing else did.. i’ve not done it for a few weeks but after reading your article i will start the every day out with oil pulling :)

Vikki says:

Hi Jess, I’ve recently come across your blog and love it, what an inspiring woman you are! I’ve been doing the oil pulling for a couple of weeks now, but I’ve noticed our bathroom sink is getting blocked up after spitting the oil down it, especially the last 2 days since the weather had gotten colder…I’m guessing the oil is solidifying again? do you get this problem? what do you do?
thanks so much

Jess says:

Vikki » Haha yes I’ve been there! Try spitting your oil into the bin or into the garden instead of the sink to avoid clogging. xx

lianhua says:

Hello Jess. Please comment to my post on Oct.1st 2012. Appreciate your comments.
Thanking you in anticipation.

Nelly says:

Hi jess, I have been oil pulling with olive oil and then sunflower oil for past 25 days but have had quite bad acne, very chapped lips and now a nasty eczema flare up…I’ve never suffered with eczema before and have had to stop oil pulling as it was getting so bad. Am I doing something wrong or is this a typical reaction?

Tali says:

Do you have to do it for a whole 20 minutes? is 10 enough?

Jess says:

Tali » 20 mins is best, but whatever you can do is perfect! x

ecobabe says:

Oil pulling came at me from 3 different directions yesterday, so I’ve started. I’m two days in and interested to see if and what improvements occur.

Charissa says:

Hi Jess, today i had my first oil pulling. I did it with coconut oil. I loved doing it and before i knew it the 20 minutes were gone. Do i have to add something else to the coconut oil or is it just fine this way? And everyday? Love, Charissa from the Netherlands

Awesome!! It’s fine on its own, but sometimes I add a drop or two of oregano oil. x

meg says:

I’m reading The Gerson Therapy right now. I’m trying to eat healthier, trying the key word. Did you go to the clinic? I hope you are doing good for whatever reason you started it. I want to do it just to learn about it and try to teach others. I have a friend who’s child has bone/lung cancer and tried to get her to look into The Gerson Clinic… but I think they have given up hope. Anyway I was just researching oil pulling and came across your site. Now I’ll go read the rest of it… and give it a try :)

Jenn says:

I learned about oil pulling through my quest to avoid a root canal. I was in the ER with a serious tooth infection awaiting my scheduled root canal. The ER doctor prescribed antibiotics then said before you do your root canal, do some research on the link between root canals, cancer and many other chronic illnesses. The alternative to a root canal is to have the tooth remove is not appealing or attractive..so I am going down the oil pulling journey using sesame oil and oil of oregano for the infection. Let’s see,what happens…most important I believe this,can work.

Truth Seeker says:

keep us updated! :-)

Simone says:

I have been oil pulling now for a few weeks and really think its helping my severe sinus congestion, I have a couple of questions:

1) I accidentally swallowed some oil today about 10 minutes into doing it and I feel a little sick in the stomach, just a little but my question is, is doing this going to put a heap of bacteria in my stomach and digestive tract now or will it just go away easily, I am worried I may have made things worse than before now?

2) I have been getting some thrush down below for the past 3 days and its quite bad, I haven’t had thrush for years, could this be a detox effect from oil pulling, have any other women had this issue with oil pulling?

Joanne says:

Hi Jess
I recognise that this is an old post of yours but I’m referring to it following the last few days of oil pulling. I have been using coconut oil and at this time of the year, it remains in solid state in my bathroom (I have a jar separate for the ritual) so I take a few teaspoons into my mouth and move it around a bit to melt it before beginning my swishing and swirling action. However, I can’t make it much longer than five minutes before I don’t feel like i’ve got much left in my mouth and just spit out far, far less than what I started with… I began wondering why and this morning that I did a little burp after my hot water and lemon and it tasted like coconut… I think i’ve been unconsciously swallowing it!!! I certainly try not to and sort of try to stop anything from passing the back of my throat… apparently to limited success! Do you think, perhaps, it has something to do with starting with solid oil? I know I don’t want to be swallowing it with all the unnecessary bacteria and germs in my mouth and sometimes coconut oil on an empty stomach can affect my tummy for the whole day (a health challenge I’m working through etc and understanding now that I’m likely to be swallowing the oil, it makes sense as to how i’m feeling the last few days…!).
I’m perplexed :-/
I’m beginning to enjoy this morning ritual and, in fact, despite feeling tired and cold on this wintery morning, rose out of bed looking forward to my oil-pulling-meditation, pre-dawn with the recent full moon still shining through my window (aah, lovely, yeah?)
any thoughts? your feedback is so valued :)
x Joanne

Hi Joanne, that’s so great that you’re loving this ritual! This could definitely be from starting with solid oil. When mine is solid, I’ll put a couple of tablespoons into another jar and then sit that jar in boiling water until the oil melts. It’s much easier to swish when liquid. Give this a go and see if it makes a difference. xx

Krista says:

Do you ever make a swallow-like motion with your throat muscles while doing it but not actually swallow any oil? I feel like I did that a few times. Is that bad?

Michael says:

I get the best results from oil pulling with 2 back-to-back sessions . For instance, I’ll oil pull with sesame oil for 20 minutes first thing in the morning, clean my teeth, then oil pull again for another 20 minutes. I find that the second session is more potent than the first.

I alternate between coconut and sesame oil and can see and feel a difference in my oral health.

Carolyn says:

I tried it, and I like it! I still have not been able to do it for 20 minutes yet, but I am working up to it. Also, if you say it helps sleeping, it is worth continuing! I stayed up one whole night this week! Blah!

Kendra says:

Awesome! Another oil-puller. ;) I really enjoyed reading about your experience with oil-pulling. So, how’s it going now? Are you still doing it? I’d love to know how things are going and if you’ve seen an even bigger increase in your health and stuff. ;) I originally began oil-pulling last year due to having a root canal as well as years of IBS & endometriosis — not very pretty. So I have continued pulling on and off every since and have tried various oils. I found coconut oil to be the hardest, but that could be because I had a negative reaction — herxheimer’s or “die-off” from when I ate it to help with IBS. So I went on to try other oils like sunflower and olive. Turns out I do best with olive. I actually just finished an oil pull a few minutes ago :)

How I do it, is I’ll go on an oil pull phase where I’ll do it daily for like 4-5 days and then stop. This time, though, my goal is to go for a week straight (at least) every single day. I’m on day 8 now! I too seen a huge improvement in my health issues. It’s so incredible to watch your health/the way you feel change over the course of time with oil pulling. I’m totally sold on it. :)

Well, I hope you post again and let us know how the pullin’ is going soon. I don’t know many people who do it, so it’s hard to really compare results and see what all others see change in their health. I personally notice a huge increase in energy, and like you said, mental clarity when I’m pulling. I’ll wake up feeling like tackling things. Very unusual, and very appreciated. :)

Warm wishes & happy pulling!

Ally says:

I gave oil pulling a go yesterday, first with olive oil (yuk) and then I went out and got some organic coconut oil from the health food store, which was surprisingly cheap. The coconut oil is pleasant tasting and by far the best option. Then I tried it again. Both times just after I had done it I had, shall we say, an urge to eliminate in a couple of ways. My mouth felt cleaner and I felt a sense of clearheadedness and wellbeing. I had been having trouble sleeping and was waking at 3am only to find I couldn’t go back to sleep again and was worrying. Last night I slept like a baby, and the time I got woken up at 5am by my husband getting up, I felt nicely drowsy, felt good about things and went back to sleep. Now I have decided to do it every morning and am getting my husband to join me. I have deep gum pockets and receding gums and I will be interested to see if that improves.

Hilary says:

Hi Jess had my “first pull” this morning. I had to admit it was a bit unusual but not sure if I can make it the 20 minutes I did it for around 5mins. But will see if I can do it for longer next time as I was reading other posts and I think I may have used too much.

Lauren says:

Hi Jess,

I tried oil pulling this morning for the first time. I found it really hard not to swallow… I did swallow a few times but I don’t think I swallowed any oil? I was wondering if you have to do this every day or can you miss a day here and there? Thanks :) x

Arianna, i have only just found this website but your comments on Xylitol or Perfect Sweet as it i also known in poison.
Do some research and you will find it is produced in China in questionable conditions using a nasty mix of toxic chemicals.
give a packet of chewing gum to a rat and watch him die.
My wife uses it, won’t listen to me and has all kinds of ailments which the Dr prescribes up to 13 yes 13 different types of medications many are to counteract the originals.
Remember the maxim “Did it Grow” if not them look closely at the laboratory processes.

kristina says:

I have been oil pulling for only 3days and have already noticed a BIG change in my teeth and gums. I have a nasty wisdom tooth that was starting to rot and came across oil pulling so I thought I would give it a try. I used olive oil and the black on my tooth is already going away! I couldn’t believe it and I will continue to do this.

Zu says:

Hi Jess,
I loved your article about oil pulling, I recently started doing it among other things (dry brushing and lemon water) I feel amazing, I was recently diagnosed with gum pockets and started oil pulling immediately…I went for a second opinion 10 days later and the dentist actually complimented my healthy gums! Thank you for introducing me to this healthy habit I’m keeping it for life! I also wanted to ask you what are your top 3 choices of oils for pulling, I’ve been using coconut which I like but it’s a bit time consuming to melt and I don’t like melting it in my mouth…let me know what you suggest, Thank you!

Carol says:

I am 73 and since oil pulling my asthma whiplash sinus tinnitus have all improved I am happier and feel younger.

Martina says:

I am starting a 30 day trial this morning. I am oil pulling as as I am writing this. Should I drink a glass of water before ? And I heard is good to rinse with warm water and salt after, what are you thoughts on that? Thank you so much, you re inspiring!

Tried oil pulling this morning for the first time and wow! I feel so much clearer in my head and that I can breathe easier. Thanks so much for introducing me to this and helping me through with detailed instructions. x

Natasha says:

Starting my coconut oil pulling tonight

Joe Garma says:

Been looking into this, and your blog post will be my inflection point — will know try some oil pulling.

The oregano oil addition is a fine idea, but I’m going to use Neem oil; after all oil pulling is an Ayurvedic tradition, and Neem oil figures large in that modality. Tastes bitter but has many antimicrobial, anitbacterial properties.

Thanks for the inspiration.



Annie Borg says:

Hi I have just started the oil pulling I’m using rice oil do you think that will be ok. Thanks

Gail says:

I too have just heard of oil pulling from the lady I buy my coconut oil through. I started today and although I didn’t last the full 20 minutes. I will keep going with it as I too have a few areas with my health that can be improved. Anything natural and as easy as this is couldn’t hurt. I have also ordered Bruce Fife’s book on Oil Pulling.

Malcolm says:

From what I have read coconut oil is preferred because it is a natural antibacterial/fungal/viral.

I would like to add scraping your tongue with a copper tongue scraper in between the oil pulling and the tooth brushing! Wonderful!

Sher says:

I started oil pulling with sunflower oil four days ago, after reading an article about it on news.com.au
Since I started my teeth have been aching beyond belief.
Has anyone else experienced this?
Is it normal?

Phoebe says:

I just started oil puling and by five minutes i spit as the oil get milky white and quit bitter…should i put a fresh spoonful of oil after every five minute spit to total 20 minutes??

Malcolm says:

I have been oil pulling for 8 days, probably not enough time to feel any benefits but on the upside there are no negatives either. I must admit my mouth does feel ‘different’ after having started. Two days after starting I developed a head cold, with the onset of it being very fast. I reasoned that maybe it was the result of oil pulling and am determined to continue…fingers crossed. My ritual is to slurp in a spoonful of coconut oil and start swishing while I iron my shirt for work (10 minute), then get into the shower and swish while I wash and shave (5-10 min), then spit it out and brush my teeth…easy peasy.

Bill Miley says:


To your knowledge, is Kadoya Pure Sesame Oil suitable for oil pulling?


Neha says:

Hi Jess,

Thank you for the information.
I have started this therapy two days before. I use groundnut oil. I find it very sticky so tomorrow i will give a try for olive. I could not find coconut in my store. after min. i couldn’t take it, got a feeling of gulping ;( Not sure even if i gulped.I gargled with warm water.I had bit coughing too., previous night i was already feeling bit cough. I brushed quite long with salt and baking soda first then my toothbrush. I donno how to proceed this. Does this happen in beginning ?

give me some motivation :((( I wanna do it .

Thank you.

Courtney Gardner says:

I did oil pulling with sesame oil the very first time two weeks ago. I spat it out into the toilet (as that is what I was told to do due to the toxious waste that the oil would pull being harmful to sink drains and such). I’m a type1 diabetic and I do as much as I possibly can to eat organic foods, exercise, grow my own herbs, use oils (such as tea tree oil) for homeopathic remedies such as opening airways and as a topical treatment to acne and skin irritations/rashes. Anyway, So I pulled and meditated in my yoga pose and concentrated on the pulling of toxins for about 15 minutes. I did have gag reflexes and decided, after seeing the look of the…. stuff, that I spit out, I wouldn’t pull with sesame oil again! About 7 hours following the practice, I ended up so ill. I was throwing up and had a fever and felt like I was hit by a bus. I didn’t feel energized or youthful or anything of that nature. I read that it’s supposed to boost your metabolism and make you feel refreshed…? Haha. I didn’t give up on it. I figured that it was just because I had never tried to detox before. My yoga and exercise and organic means of living seemed, to me, to be a detox in itself. But I continued but, I took a day break from the pulling. The following day after my “break day” I did it again with Coconut Oil and it wasn’t near as bad, but the look of the oil after pulling didn’t seem to look like it did much or as much as the sesame did. I was fine with that b/c I also didn’t feel like I was hit by a bus. I wonder what was going on with me? Should I just chock it up to me just having a sick-day and caught a 12-24 hour stomach virus of sorts or…?

Flynn says:

Do u have a thing that can send me updates on what you have put up because I love your website so much.
I suffer from bad breath dose it really help

Cath says:

Hi Jess,
Is there any downside to using castor for oil pulling? I can’t remember where I heard read that castor may get rid of healthy gut flora. Any thoughts, feedback would be appreciated. Thanks

Becky says:

So impressed with your website. Will begin oil pulling in morning with coconut oil. I have lichen planus and hoping this will help with flair ups.
Recently had surgery and was left with sore tongue, making it difficult to eat. Has anybody had success with effects of lichen planus?

Roslyn says:

I agree with this cleanse except for the constant use of oil of oregano which kills all bacteria including the good bacteria. It is a substance that is highly overused since it have become popular. Coconut oil pulling is terrific. Use oil of oregano only as described on the bottle and then for at most 2 weeks at a time and then take a break.


I use coconut oil, it is wonderful, mouth feels silky and I have noticed my face and neck feel really smooth and soft.

Lyn Carter says:

Have been having trouble with my gum/ jaw/ sinuses, not sure which to be exact, just know the discomfort is coming from that area. Already had two teeth removed because of it (lucky they were at the back) but now it’s back and I am not going to get another tooth pulled. I was a bit reluctant to get the last one out because I was unsure that that was causing the problem. Regardless, the pain was too great so I gave in. Now, the pain has started again, I thought, this has nothing to do with my teeth the last tooth pulled was perfect. I will have to sort it out myself. I have started drinking Bicarb in water once a day to get the PH up and also rub it on the gum. It helps but I know it’s not fixing the problem. I eat way too much dairy so sinus is an issue, I am cutting that down to a minimum now. I have done oil pulling a couple of times when my daughter told me about it, but never took it too seriously. This morning however after rubbing coconut oil on my face (I use it as a moisturiser) I remembered oils pulling. I did it and within a minute the relief was brilliant. I then decided to see just exactly why and how it works and came across your site. Thank you for the info.
Warm regards,

Claire says:

“It has not been scientifically tested. However, oil pulling is cheap, easy, and is backed up by so much anecdotal evidence that I couldn’t ignore it.”

Just a word of warning, anecdotes are not evidence.

Angie Tanner says:

I tried the oil(coconut), 1st time today( solid) it came right back up! waited til I had something in my stomach, a little later, tried it again, & lasted 10 mins. Any suggestions?

Sara says:

I have been reading blogs about this. I just tried it and my mouth actually felt really really clean after. I was expecting some oily film stuck in my mouth, but there was not. I usually use a tongue scraper before brushing in the morning. After swishing the coconut oil for about 15 minutes and spitting it out I rinsed my mouth with water a few times then used the tongue scraper….my tongue was almost clean. I then brushed regularly with baking soda. My mouth feels cleaner and fresher than ever.

KT says:

Thanks for the great post about this subject. I’m not sure if this helps anyone else but an Aussie tablespoon is 5ml larger than a UK or USA one. UK & USA it’s 15 ml and an Aussie one is 20ml. I was struggling when using my Aussie tablespoon (I was following a book from the USA that said to use a full tablespoon). Then I used an old British tablespoon that I could see was slightly smaller and hey presto! I did it for 20 mins no problem!

Bob says:

I wasn’t aware that rinsing my mouth out with oil did anything except waste something which could have been used in food preparation. The bacteria in the mouth don’t need to be killed, they’re the bodie’s first line of immune defence.

Flowzion says:

Is oil pulling work with any type of vegetable oil. Like Olive or Grapeseed? And why is the tumeric beneficial? I’ve been doing it with Cold Pressed, Virgin, Organic Coconut Oil before running out, and have moved to what I have left (Olive and/or Grapeseed) – and was wondering whether I’m wasting my time or not? Seems to work for me. And not having the chemicals of the toothpastes and commercial mouthwash seems to be having a positive effect also. Just wondering why I’m getting the effect

Taylor says:

I just started today!

MS says:

Hi Jess, do you brush your teeth prior to pulling as you do it first thing in the morning ?? And do you keep your coconut oil refrigerated ??

Thanks in advance,

Hi MS, nope I just brush afterwards and I keep coconut oil in the cupboard. x

lydia says:

Hi sorry if this has been asked but I am confused as to why its recommended oil pulling before lemon water in the mornings? I read else where that a glass of water before helps increase saliva flow or something along those lines. Thanks, love your work-lydia

Sharon Parry says:

Hi Jess…..yes I am a newbie to oil pulling…..actually 2 days in and yes I’ve gagged both mornings but not enough to swallow the oil or spit it out. This morning i swished while I got ready to head out to the local Farmers Market……I think it is amazing and how could you not stick with it…..the benefits are amazing. :))))))

annette guerrero says:

i have been trying oil pulling off and on for over a year and it has become much too difficult for me. i suffer from severe ocd and because of it it takes me long enough to get ready as it is. 20 minutes is painfully long time if you are like me and have to just stand there and do it all the while trying not to swallow. i also had no idea that i was supposed to brush. i was told to rinse well with warm water, which i would do then go drink my water etc. but even so it is a big commitment so i had to stop. too bad because i could really use some free help in this expensive and sick world!

Naim says:

Hello and thank you for these information. But I have a question. When you brush the teeth after oil pulling, do you have to use toothpaste or just brush the teeth without toothpaste?

dorothy says:

how do you clean your toothbrush with hydrogen peroxide? Do you just let it soak or rinse with water afterwards? Thanks!

Carol Anne says:

Yesterday was the first time I ever tried oil pulling and so far so good! A little over a week ago I went to my dentist with a abscess above a tooth… I’d had problems with this tooth before so when he saw the abscess he wanted to pull it immediately…. being quite attached to this tooth after all I’ve been through with it, I resisted, and we agreed upon 10 days of antibiotics to clear the infection before further discussion on extraction…. Friday was day 10 so when I woke up yesterday morning (Saturday) with very little improvement and no more antibiotics I decided to look for natural remedies to get me through the weekend…. That’s when I came across oil pulling…… and the benefits of oregano oil…. I’ve done it several times since yesterday…. and today, 24 hours later, is the best my gum has look in 2 weeks. I don’t know if I’ll be able to save my tooth but I’m sure going to try. Thank you for your post! CA

Kristin Mc Laughlin says:

I tried this this morning. Made me feel quite relaxed to have done something for myself first thing in the morning and my teeth felt supper clean. Definitely taking this up as a ritual, plus the coconut oil was not hard to handle at all, really moisturized my lips too – bonus! :)

Thanks for the post, had never heard of this before this read! XX

Mel says:

I have been swirling 1/2 tablespoon organic olive oil for 1 week. I did not research beforehand and was not aware of claims. My mouth is soft and cleaner than I have felt in a long time. My gums are healthier. My bad breath is gone. I am more regular. I sleep more soundly. The skin of my face has more colour and I seem to have considerably more energy. I am quite excited because I may have found something that saves me thousands in holistic dentistry! Thankyou for your post : )

anne says:

I have been pulling for 10 days and am amazed with it. I had my teeth cleaned after day 5 and the dentist said: ” You have beautiful teeth”, not something I have EVER heard from the dentist! I am hooked

Emma says:

Wanting to try this once I work up my confidence to do so!

Shelley says:

Thought I would chime in quite late on this thread, but I have heard of using myrrh oil instead of oregano. What brand of oregano oil do you use? I use doTERRA

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