Chatting With Juice Master Jason Vale + A Competition!

Posted April 17, 2012

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking with Jason Vale, aka The Juice Master, and conducting one of the most fun interviews I’ve ever done. Jason has been in Australia promoting the new Philips ‘Quick Clean’ HR1871 Juicer, and blessing us with his endless enthusiasm and passion for his subject – juice. Jason has the charm and persuasive power to turn even the most cynical soda guzzler into a juicing machine.

Here’s a little snippet of his formal attributes:

One of the UK’s leading authorities on nutrition, addiction, and juicing, Jason has been described as “the Jamie Oliver of the health and juicing world”.

His books have now sold over 1.5 million copies around the world. His last book, 7lbs In 7days Super Juice Diet hit the number one best-selling spot in ALL books on Amazon and on it knocked The Da Vinci Code from the top spot of ALL books. Jason’s book entitled, Turbo Charge Your Life In 14 Days, hit number 3 on Amazon of ALL books, it was kept off the top spot only by Harry Potter, which held number 1 and number 2 spots (Adult and Children’s version).

Jason has spent the last fifteen years working with hundreds of thousands of people from every corner of the globe, including top athletes, CEO’s, major companies and many celebrities, including Katie Price (Jordan).


Click on the audio file below to listen to my chat with Jason. It’s a little longer than the interviews I usually post, but I felt it was far too good and entertaining to chop up, so I’m giving you the entire call. If you don’t have time to listen all at once, I recommend listening in chunks.



This is Jason’s TEDx talk that was mentioned in my interview.



For more on Jason check out his website, Facebook, and Twitter.



I have 10 copies of Jason’s books to giveaway to 10 lucky wellness warriors. I have a variety to giveaway including:

2 x 7lbs in 7 days Super Juice Diet
4 x The Funky Fresh Juice Book
4 x The Juice Master, over 100 delicious juices and smoothies.

For your chance to score one of these awesome books, all you need to do is answer the following question in the comments below.

What would you include in your signature juice?


Winners will be chosen by randomising robots and will be announced in next Tuesday’s newsletter, so make sure you’re on the list to find out if you win.


I would also love to know what you thought of my interview with Jason. Share away below!


Positive affirmation for the day: I let go of searching for happiness, and become aware of the joy and beauty of the present moment.






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My juices will always contain kale, such an amazing vegie with so many benefits, how can you not include it? I also love using purple carrots for something a little bit different, and apples straight off my tree in the backyard.

Ooo I’d include beetroot, celery, ginger, kale, apple and lemon. Best way to start the day!

I do many varieties, but if I had to choose a signature (and I assume you mean a regular juice?) , well, that’s fairly basic and boring. While there are many varieties, one juice that’s a constant at least once a day, is carrot, apple, celery, with different greens, which could be kale, parsley, chard, romaine, spinach.

I would have to have pineapple!

Ginger! Have you tried Jasons Lemon/Ginger Zinger? Yummy, yummy, yummy (2x carrots,2x apples, slice of lemon, 1/ 4 inch ginger) – so not really my signature recipe a I stole it from Jason, but I always offer it to guests when they come over as its so refreshing and delicious!

I’d use kale, spinach, apples, carrots, and celery ;P

At the moment I have to say Feijoa – my tree has so much fruit on it, the taste is so unique, kind of a fruit salad mix in just one fruit. It adds so much flavour to my green juice.

Cucumber, celery, ginger, half an apple and secret ingredient – fennel! I love the spicy taste of the ginger & fennel combined.

I like to include tumeric and ginger. The tang from them both makes everything taste that much better! :)

At the moment I’m loving 1/2 a cucumber, handful of kale, handful of spinach leaves, 1 apple, half a lemon and a slice of ginger! So refreshing!

Mine would definitely include Mango, Lime, Mint and Ginger – a tropical cocktail to beat the winter blues…

I’m rocket mad, so would have to have rocket, and lemon to balance out the bitterness (leaving lots of white pith on for creaminess), an apple for sweetness, baby spinach (loads – love the stuff) and kale for green vitamins, a beetroot which makes the colour incredible (and adds sweetness and nutrients too), and a swirl of ‘vital greens’ powder (spirulina, wheatgrass, barley grass) to finish it off. Incredible.

I love ginger, so it would be a must have!!! Dee

Ginger – every time! And…kale and pineapple.

Carrot, granny smith apple, beet, cucumber, ginger and lime.

Carrot, Beetroot, Celery, Ginger and Mint – love, love, love it :)

Plain and simple for me!! apple orange celery and carrot ..yummmy

Carrot, celery, beetroot, ginger, red onion, green apple, cucumber, red cabbage, and greens such as kale, collards, chard, parsley, corriander…

Hi Jess,

Wonderful post yet again (:

My signature Juice includes a variety of superfoods including:
- 1 Green Apple
- 2 bunches of Kale (curly)
- 1/2 Cos lettuce
- Parsley
- 2-3 Stalks of Celery
- 1/4 Lemon
- 1/2 Beetroot
- Small Carrot
- Knob of Ginger (for some extra kick)

All Organic produce (of course), this is such a delicious and satisfying juice, it keeps me going all day! The benefits from drinking this juice on a daily basis are tremendous!

Hope all is well (: (:

My afternoon “pick me up”
Pineapple, Celery, Spinach, Mint and Ginger

Lemon, ginger, turmeric and LOTS of greens!

Kale, Spinach, Apples, Ginger, Carrots and Lime… ALL organic of course :-)

Mixed with 1 teaspoon of Spirulina = YUM

My very first juice which I made on the weekend was …. (I’m a newbie juicer)
Carrot, Kale, half a granny smith apple and lemon

It was fantastic.


i would include beet, ginger, apple, carrot and celery. That is a refreshing juice with some kicks thanks to the ginger:)


I would simply add apple juice. It can make so many juice recipes more palatable. I have much more chance of drinking it if it has a little sweetness.

My fav juice contains kale, apple, celery, romaine lettuce, cucumber, brocolli stems, ginger and 1/2 a lime. Scrummy —

I love juicing! I love a cocktail of everything and try and get my daily servings of veg through my juice. I don’t eat much of beetroot whole but love it juiced. My signature ingredient would probably contain pomegranite for some extra sweetness and the superfruit antioxidant benefits.

Coconut and coconut water, it has so many benefits! and tasted yummy of course!

Kale, coconut water, lime, champagne mangoes, raspberries, and spirulina….delish!


Mine has to have celery and cucumber and lime:) thank you!!

HI Jess,

My Fav juice is a green juice Kale, Celery, Pears, Parsley, Lemon, Spinich, Cucumbers sometimes i add carrot and Beetroot :) Thanks

I like to use carrots and apples…and spinach and celery if I want it green!

Hi Jess,
My regular daily juice is similar to a lot above, celery, cucumber, kale, lemon, beetroot, ginger, macca… but my signature juice would be:
Grapefruit (pink or regular)
coconut oil
ice and some coconut sugar if I am sharing with my kids…. Great for metabolism and a truly wonderful autumn invigorator!
PS congrats on meeting some a milestone! It can sometimes seem daunting when you reach such a goal and I was wondering what your goals are now for your health? Is it more of a focus on specific heavy metal elimination etc as you mentioned?

Hi Pettina, thank you! Yes now I’m just focusing on heavy metal and fungus elimination as well as getting my lymphatic system in shape. xx

I love Orange, Apple, Pineapple, Carrot and Ginger.
I have gravitated to Kale, Cucumber, Apple and Ginger – getting my greens!!
Love Jason Vale – have his DVD 7lbs in 7 days – it’s great.
Thanks Jason and thank you Jess

Hi Jess
I absolutley love juicing! My All time favourite is Just the simple and humble CARROT JUICE on its own. My kids absolutley love it. Another favourite is CUCUMBER, CELERY, GINGER, APPLE AND LEMON!
My sons favourite is BEETROOT AND APPLE which is absolutley amazing!

My Kids and I love pineapple, apple, ginger, kale, carrot and mint……yummm!

Carrot, apple, a little red cabbage, cucumber, ginger – all juiced. Then into the blender with avocado, lime juice and cinnamon. Ooohhhh!!!

Would have to include lime. Absolutely love it!!

I’m new to juicing so I don’t have a specific ingredient I want to try, but since I have 2 kids (ages 10 & 12) I would love to include them in experimenting with different ingredients.

I would definitely include ginger root and apple – two of my favourite juicing ingredients!

What a funny guy and a great interview. I am LOVING to juice and experiment at the moment as i have only been juicing for the past 4 months. Without being the same as a few people have already posted as I love the green juice and have this every day. here is one on my new signature juices that I am having at the moment. ( I was told this is a great one for the colon too )

1 beetroot
2 carrots
few stalks of celery
1 orange

Also I am using the pulp from my juices to make crackers ( great to have with ago or hummus ) ( before I bake these I mix with grinded oats or chia seeds & then bake ) and also, I use the pulp to go on top of pita bread and in then in the oven for a few minutes for a quick lunch.. so delicious

I am new to juicing with an ancient juicer!! I love the feeling in my tummy when I juice carrot celery and orange. Very basic but I love it xx

Oranges, carrots, and some spice – turmeric or ginger & some greens.

Signature juice – apple, pineapple, spinach, ginger and lemon yummo!!!!

Ginger – I love the ZING!!

Always start with the basic of carrot, apple, lemon and go from there the options are endless you could have something different every day just depends what’s in season.

My signature juice is simple, quick and tasty!

I call it green lemonade… hubby calls it Shrek juice ;)

Spinach – freshly cut from my Papa’s farm
2 organic green apples
A few celery sticks – again from Papa’s farm
A large handfull of fresh mint from my herb garden (mmmm, just the smell makes my mouth water)
1 lemon / lime from my backyard

Nothing tastes sweeter than home-grown fruit and veg… you can taste the love – seriously! :)

Signature juice would be Kale, Celery, silver beet, carrot, beet-root, ginger… ENERGIZING AND DETOXIFYING!

My favourite juice is celery and ginger.

After reading the above comments I’m going to try some different combos!

Hi! Jess,
My signature juice is:
Kale, Radicchio, Apple, Ginger, Celery, Coriander, Parsley, Cucumber, Pineapple
adding superfood; Chlorella, Hemp seed, Cinnamon, Cayenne Pepper
All the best, I like your site very informative and inspirational.
Ciao Domenico

Apple and carrot are the best bases, and I love adding celery, beets, ginger and lemon too. I have been so loving my green smoothies I haven’t juiced in ages, and now I am all inspired to get the juicer cranking again :-)

I start every morning with a Green juice which is made up of any green vegetable I can put through my juicer. But my signature, tried and tested juice which the whole family loves is Carrot, Beetroot, Pineapple and Parsley. Love it!

Green all the way for me…my juice of the day has broccoli, kale, celery, cucumber, green apple and ginger…has been an acquired taste, but am now loving it :)

My juice must have ginger and lemon mmmmmm yummmyyyyyy.. Might go and make one right now.. Thanks for the interview xx

I’m a simple girl… Carrot, orange, ginger. Yum!

i would include carrots, ginger and apple.the rest i still have to think about:)thanks so much for the giveaway, jess!

I love to include in my morning juice; green apple, ginger, kiwi fruit, kale, brussel sprouts, silverbeet and green grapes. Yum Yum Yum :)

Ginger, Kale, beetroot, carrot and some apple. Yum! Always ginger though as I love the kick! :)

Loved the interview, Jason is great!

I had breakfast with Jason a few weeks ago. He was so down to earth and has inspired me to get juicing! You can read more about my meeting here

1 small beetroot
1 carrot
2 celery
1 green apple
1/2 a pomegranate (or 50mls organic pomegranate juice)
a slice of lime (with skin if organic)
1cm piece of ginger

Carrot, rhubarb, green apple, kale and beethroot! Best way of beggining the day!! :)

Just delicious, short and sweet…. carrot and apple! Good for the soul x

spinach, carrot, beetroot, capsicum, celery.

after a lot of experimenting, finding out what’s too sweet for my taste, and what’s too bitter,
I found a perfect morning juice that keeps me going and going and going,
and best of all – it taste so good. here’s a rough recipe sketch.

Green and glorious
1 small pear
1 handful of spinach
1/2 cucumber
1 inch of ginger
1/2 small lemon/lime
3 stalks of celery

I often add some kale or parsley when it’s in season.

have not juiced yet, just do green smoothies… always love kale

My signature juice would contain my favourite foods: raspberries, blueberries, ginger and one orange.

But I’m having a green smoothie – spinach, cucumber, pear, lime & mint – right now!

Being a big fan of everything Brazilian…I’d have to say Acai & Coconut Water.

Hi Jess
Sorry to bother you with mail, and congrats on your two years! Cant wait to hear about the cheesecake….yum!!
I loved this interview and I have followd on with the info that you and Joe Cross gave (and watched his awesome DVD).
I have been using my blender (bamix type thing) for smoothies for the last year and am just so confused on what to buy to upgrade. I borrowed a friends cheapie Sunbeam juicer last weekend to give it a try and there was just so much waste (pulp), I was horrified! I think a whole banana gave me about 2 ml of juice haha! But juiced carrot was so yummy, absolutely loved it, bamix cant cope with carrot! I am guessing the quality of the machine is what gives you the most juice.
It makes so much sense what I just heard on your interview about the pulp not penetrating the intestinal wall (never thought of it like that before).
So my question is, if you had just $300 to spend what would you buy? Would you buy a cheapie cold press or the best centrifugal?
Thanks heaps and big congrats, Helen xxxx

Helen » Hi Helen, thanks so much! Ooh, personally I would go for a cold press juicer. These guys are much better at juicing greens like kale – and green juice is the best!! It’s a great investment. xx

I have observed how my body tells me what it needs. A couple of weeks ago I couldn’t drink enough carrot juice. I googled carrot juice and it seems it is good for inflammation. Funnily enough I had a badly sprained ankle at the time!

It would definitely have to include kale or spinach for the goodness, carrot and beetroot for the vibrant colours
and some lemon for the zang and ginger for the zing!!

This looks really interesting kind of juice and I am sure a lot of people are interested to try this.. Thanks anyway!

I would definately include apple. Apple is the key to making vegetable juice taste good. It is also loaded with soluble fibre, designed to keep us ‘moving’ even when on juice only.

Hi Jess,
The juice that always helps to prevent the onset of colds and therefore is my favorite:
celery, carrots, apple, lemon, big piece (2-3cm) of ginger and lime (gives it a nice kick)

Hi Jess,
I love ginger or lime in my juices, so yum! And congrats on reaching your 2 year milestone!! :)

Signature juice, hmm not to sure, I tend to just put in what I’ve got. I love to include the rainbow. Green, red, orange, yellow etc. It has to have lemon, lime or grapefruit (goes in last to help clean my Angel) And something for spice or zing like parsley, ginger, fennel. And of course leafy greens. I’m not fully on vegetable juices so I tend to add in apple as well as grapes or something else that is sweet (but not too much)

I’d never heard of Jason Vale until my juicer broke and I saw one that was recommende by him, but your interview with him was great. He is so enthusiastic its contagious. I had to have a chuckle when he suggested to put your juice into a wine glass, because I have not long started to do this and it really does have that appeal. My kids will steal my glass to have a sip where as before when I was drinking it through a cup & straw like Joe Cross they didn’t like to. And to be honest I was more apprehensive about drinking it like that.

I would include some kale, cucumber, spinach, ginger and maybe some pineapple

Favourite juice: greens! (kale, spinach, parsley) some sweetness (apple, carrots) ginger. lemon! also love beet and orange.

My signature juice:
- cucumber
- celery
- lemon
- apple
It’s great and my favorite :-).

Sweet potato!! The greatest food of all time

My old standby…I try different varieties by my favorite is still Apples/Carrots/Beets/Ginger/Parsley.

Long time reader, first time poster!


My old standby…I try different varieties but my favorite is still Apples/Carrots/Beets/Ginger/Parsley.

Long time reader, first time poster!


Carrot, ginger, beetroot and spinach. Yum!

Great info, enjoyed the conversation!!
CILANTRO. It goes in almost all my juices. I can’t get enough!!

My signature juice has dandelion, lemon & apple…beyond that an array of various awesome greens, veggies & roots!
Thanks so much Jess – loving your site and what fun to learn about Jason Vale today!

red beets, lemons, and carrots

I am new to all of and am just getting where I like the taste of greens. Looking over your site and Jason’s, I need to add Ginger to my juices! Thanks for all the info!!

Thank you for all your info on juicing! I can’t wait to get a juicer. In the meantime, I am drinking my green smoothies :) Just wrote a blog post on how to make yummy green smoothies here:

I’m just a beginner and tend to like simple things, so right now, I’d have to say beet, carrot, apple, & celery is my favorite. It tastes great and it’s such a gorgeous color! :)

Hi Jess – I really enjoyed this interview. I like his point about not trying to be 100% perfect (unless you are ill, of course). All or nothing thinking and an overload of information kept me from making changes for many, many years. Now, I’m just changing what I can little by little. I’ve eliminated all processed foods and a lot of toxins from my home and started juicing and eating a more organic, plant-based diet, and I already FEEL so much better. I have one question, do you or Jason have any suggestions for a reliable source of caloric/nutrient information for fresh juices? I was thinking of tracking my nutrient and calorie intake because 1) I’m new at a plant-based diet and want to make sure I’m not missing anything important and 2) I want to lose weight in addition to getting healthy. Thanks! Katie

Hi Jess (and Jason)

I will have to listen to the interview in bite size chunks – unless I can find a space tonight with the whole ‘sha-bang’.

my juices vary – though I do love

whole lemon (skin and all)

then I vary by adding at times
frozen blueberries
spirulina powder added
wheatgrass powder added
chlorella powder added
barley grass added

It is like a meal in itself and I drink 1 large glass straight away and then have another 2 over the course of the day
I won’t say my age – but lets say everyone thinks I am 10 years younger looking than I am. Thats a nice feeling!

have a lovely day


Hi Jess,
thank you so much for all the info you put out every week and for leading my example.
I really enjoyed your interview. You guys are both funny,.. and also very amazing.
I like to experience with different juice combination, but my favorite juice is very simple: carrots, celery and green apples.
God bless you!

Ginger, Apple, Carrot, & Cucumber
Congrats on your 2 year anniversary!!!

My signature juice is pretty simple but I can’t go a day without one! It’s green apple, celery, pear, pineapple, spinach and mint. Yum!

Loved the interview, soo much information.

My favourite juice would have to be celery, lime, Apple and whatever greens I have in the fridge (normally either kale, cabbage, spinach or silverbeet).

Hi Jess,

Loved the interview with Jason, he talks so passionately, and put simply, its very motivational!

I don’t have a juicer I’m afraid but after listening to the interview i want to go straight out and buy one!
My favourite juice is beetroot, green apple, celery,carrot, ginger and a squeeze of lemon!

My daily juice is whatever i have on hand…but the one i consider “mine” is leaf lettuce/kale, parsley, celery, carrot, ginger, 1/2 cucumber, and sometimes an apple too! my favorite juice indulgence is apple/carrot/ginger…yum.

Key ingredient to a great smoothie, plus spinach, ginger, carrot, celery and beetroot!!!

Anything from my new organic garden thats growing such amazing , beneficial food for me and my family. However the carrots are going gangbusters so they are the key ingredient at the moment.

my signature juice is whatever is in season/growing in the garden or in the fridge i will juice it! But ginger is nearly always in there! x

Awesome interview!

I always include a cucumber in my juice as my base…from their i mix it up by alternating my greens, add celery, lemon, sometimes ginger or cilantro and occasionally a green apple. I tend to like my juice more “green”.

would it be wrong to say wine ??? Yes of course it would…..I love the taste of ginger…so here is my recipe

I would want to add some lime – just gives that extra kick.
Coconut water also sounds interesting – will have to give that a try…. :)

Good interview Jess. I think I enjoyed just listening and not having to watch the interview, though that can be nice as well.

My go-to-ingredient would be cucumber! Very easy on the system all the way around.

I would say my all time favorite and go to juice is your recipe of 4 carrots and 1 green apple! Love it!

My signature juice would be… apple, pear, celery, kale and coriander… with lots of love of course :)

My juice will always include Lemon and green apple. I just love how it gives a zing!!! along next, loads of greens.


Always carrot, apple and ginger, then a variety of whatever I have on hand: basil, swiss chard, sprouts, beetroot, fennel, butternut, sweet potato, green beans, celery, cucumber, kale, lettuce, parsley, cauliflower, cabbage, radish, lemon, orange, pineapple – but not ALL at once! I love to get a variety over time.

Carrot, apple, kale and a little ginger – my kids and I love this! I use more ginger in mine than the kids. Great way for them to get greens in they wouldn’t eat normally. They call it their “monster juice” – so fun.

I would have to include fresh cranberries. Gets your mouth watering with just the mention of them. Of course, greens are a must.

Carrot, lemon, orange and ginger. Tangy and a great way to get going in the morning!

Although I’m new to juicing, I love to add ginger to just about everything.

my signature juice is my replacement for a cocktail when I got pregnant and stopped drinking, now I love it so much I make it for all my friends instead of alcoholic cocktails

organic mangos and mango nectar
organic raspberries
coconut pulp

fresh and sooooo good – not a green smoothie but fresh and good for you

Literally the BEST juice combo ever is: 1 head of romaine, 1 head of kale, 2 green apples, 2 lemon, and about an inch of fresh ginger (to taste). I have it every day for an afternoon snack and never get tired of it!

Great interview! Also, I loved his TED talk. Health and nutrition are so simple when we get back to basics.

I’m more of a smoothie girl than a juicer. I’ve never actually made a juice to be honest, but I like smoothies because they’re more substantial and I usually have one for my breakfast every day. Anyway, I love carrot and apple smoothies. Absolutely delicious, so refreshing, and very filling! I’d have to make that my signature smoothie.

Hi Jess hubby and I are in our sixties and very fit. We seriously started juicing when he had pneumonia years ago and had an amazing recovery..even the doctors werte surprised. We do not take any vitamins or medication just eat healthily and juice twice a day.

People like yourself and Joe Cross and Jason Vale are doing an incredible job of spreading the word to make people’s lives better . I wish this information was mandatory in schools so that kids would be healthier instead of suffering with so many illnesses and obesity.

Our favourite juice is carrot, celery, apples, strawberries, grapes, beetroot and parsley but we add whatever is in season or fresh from our wonderful garden. Have just bought a cold press juicer and we love it

Happy juicing :-)

I would include: cucumber, celery, carrot, spinach/kale, lemon/lime, green apple, ginger, and parsely. I like this combination because you get the alkalising whack of greeny-goodness, hydrating component of the cucumber, sweetness and fibre of the carrot and apple, blood-cleansing chlorophyll from the parsely, immune-boosting properties of the ginger, and a tropical edge from the citrus.

Hooked on:
3 apples
4 celery stalks
1 large cucumber
3-4 red swiss chard leaves w/ stems
Small bag of carrots (maybe 7-10 small in size)
1 red beet
1 hunk of ginger
*not sure if it’s a healthy combo, but it tastes Great!