Foodie Friday: Paul Jarvis + Win a Copy of Eat Awesome!

Posted March 30, 2012


Every now and then I come across someone on the internet that I just know I would be great mates with if we met in person. Paul Jarvis is one of those people. Paul caught my eye when someone tweeted something about his about-to-be-released recipe e-book on Twitter. It’s called Eat Awesome, and ‘awesome’ is quite possibly my favourite word to use. Paul finds nut jokes hilarious, he is vegan, preaches whole foods, and he and his wife have an adopted pet llama named Starman, who lives on a rescue sanctuary in Washington. He’s also a website designer, yogi, minimalist and touring musician.

Everyone, meet Paul, my very first dude Foodie Friday star.


What was the catalyst that turned you into a healthy foodie?

To be honest, there wasn’t one thing. I just kept noticing that I felt stronger, had more energy and could perform physical activities better if I properly fuelled my body with plant-based, whole foods. So it was slow and gradual for me.

I’ve always been a bit of an experimenter/mad-scientist, especially with food. So once I realised that eating well was helping in many ways, I took to task creating lots of dishes that were both simple to make and tasty as all get-out.

Getting down to the basics has always appealed to me, since I like to know how everything works. In relation to food, that’s starting with a base of only whole foods. It’s not enough for me to combine processed ingredients together to make something – I’m more interested in combining whole foods to make dishes.


What are your non-negotiables when it comes to your diet?

I’m vegan (because that’s what works for me) – so I don’t eat meat, dairy, honey … basically anything with a face, that poops or has a mum.

I’d love to just eat organic, ethically sourced and fair trade foods – but that’s not realistic (yet). If that’s an option though, that’s what I’ll get every time. In the future – if more people vote with their wallets to buy foods like that – the market can shift, accommodate and offer those options more frequently.


If you were trying to convert someone to your dietary philosophy, what would you make for them?

It might be shameless self-promotion here, but I’d make them something from my ebook, Eat Awesome (launching 1st April). I wrote it based on meals I’ve made many times for omnivores that might think there’s no options if you’re vegan.

A favourite go-to of mine is always Mexican. Who can resist freshly made corn tortillas with beans and guacamole or hot tamales right out the steamer? Mexican is a great option since using beans instead of meat is fairly common and tasty.



How do you stay healthy while travelling?

I’m lucky because my wife and I mostly travel in an Airstream RV! So I get to bring a small kitchen with me. If we’re not in the Airstream, it just requires a little of planning ahead and/or knowing where the good vegan restaurants are (there are iPhone apps for this).

If we’re just travelling for a day or two, I’ll whip up hearty salads (like bean salads or quinoa salads), homemade energy bars, kale chips or even hummus and sliced veggies.


What are your go-to meals and snacks when you are super busy?

I’m a big fan of making a lot of something when I’m not busy, so when I do get busy, all I need to do is heat it up (or just eat it). So I make things the salads above, curries or stews, dips, etc. That way I can be eating something within a couple minutes of being hungry by heating it on the stove.

I’ve found I can make 5-6 dishes in a couple hours (on a Sunday afternoon for example), and then have enough food for most meals for a whole week.


Juices or smoothies: Which do you prefer? What’s your favourite combination?

Smoothies. Simply because I have a Vitamix and it’s awesome! With a little bit of water, it creates almost the same consistency as juicing. My favourite combo lately is kale, pears, ginger and carrots. It’s a great combo of sweetness and greens. The ginger also gives it a nice warmth.


What’s the biggest nutrition misconception you are always having to clear up for people?

That the only things I can eat are “air and good intentions”, neither of which have any protein.

I find it curious that protein is such a stopping point for a lot of people eating a more plant-based diet. I am very active and have never had a protein deficiency. I’ve also never known or even heard of anyone in the western world having a protein deficiency. I do hear a lot about things like heart disease and diabetes, which have been linked to meat and dairy consumption and are potentially lethal.

There’s lots of protein in whole foods (beans, nuts, grains, soy) – and it comes without the bad fats or cholesterol that meats have.


If you could prepare a meal for anyone (dead or alive) who would it be and what would you make?

Probably Thoreau. I feel like him and I could be homies. He was apparently into a mainly plant-based diet and liked simple, natural things. Plus, he was a bit of a loner, so he wouldn’t overstay his welcome or want to crash on the couch.

I don’t know what I’d make for the meal, but I know I’d make him some raw cheesecake for dessert – since that’d probably blow his mind.


What does being a Wellness Warrior mean to you?

Eating and living in line with what makes my body and mind happy. So plant-based whole foods, lots of yoga and surfing, and listening what my body tells me. I also think offering and sharing knowledge to those who ask (in a non-preachy way) is part of it too.


A Recipe From Paul:


Cashew Cream


Cashew cream is easy, versatile and tasty. This is my go-to cream sauce for everything from salads (I add a bit of vinegar and oil to thin it into a dressing) to pasta with tomato sauce, to a topping for fresh tacos.

Add other flavours or even other nuts to create your own variations. I’ve used macadamia nuts, and even added sun-dried tomatoes or pesto to the mix. Thinly slice zucchini or beets, and spoon cashew cream in to make raw pasta (like tortellini or cannelloni).

You can make a dessert topping version by omitting the salt and nutritional yeast and adding a touch of maple syrup to the blend.


What you’ll need:

Nutritional yeast (optional)

What to do:

1. Soak 2 cups of cashews for an hour, then drain and rinse.
2. Put cashews in a blender with the juice of 1 to 2 lemons, salt to taste, and a couple spoonfuls of nutritional yeast.

Blend until mixture is creamy and smooth.


Connect with Paul on …

His website:
Twitter: @pjrvswp



Paul has been kind enough to let me gift five of you with a free copy of his brand new e-book. Eat Awesome: A Regular Person’s Guide To Plant-Based, Whole Foods. All you have to do to win is leave a comment below and answer this question:

What are three benefits of switching to a plant-based diet?

Winners will be announced in next Friday’s newsletter, so make sure you are on the list to find out if you won!


Positive affirmation for the day: This moment is all that matters.






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Vienda says:

I definitely would love a copy of Paul’s book so here’s my top three “benefits of switching to a (mainly in my case) plant based diet”:

* You feel all sparkly and shiny and wonderful every day. Lethargy and headaches don’t exist.
* Eating a plant based diet gives you a stringer connection to the nature. You are what you eat after all.
* It’s so much easier than cooking crazy elaborate meals full of processed foods. You want a fast food? Make a green smoothie! Is super quick, easy and is a delicious nutrition blast.

Two more that I want to add:
* It’s really fun experimenting with vegetables and finding out all the amazing and delicious combinations you can come up with.
* Your body will thank you for it on a daily basis.

Nice article Jess and Paul! xo

IdaPie says:

I concur! Whats faster than a yummy smoothie!
Awesome :D

Vienda says:

* stronger not stringer !!!

Jacqui says:

thanks for this jess, its SO good to hear about all of these cool people around the world – especially male (and cute!), it gives me hope that i will find a man like that for myself ;o)

Andrea says:

More energy. Healthier. Feel better. PLUS good & yummy food.

Brodie Evans says:

1. Eating a cruelty-free diet helps prevent terrible cruelty towards animals
2. Not contributing to the livestock industry is one of the best ways to reduce the human destruction of the Environment
3. Eating a plant-based diet is the best thing you can do for your health! After 12 years of high cholesterol, my first blood test after going vegan came back perfect! Plant-based protein has all the nutrients including fibre minus the fat and cholesterol.

Wow! Paul is very awesome. He is a very convincing argument for going vegan! When I eat plant based foods I notice that my digestion is happy, I have more energy and I feel happy about not harming animals.

TampTamp says:

*) Helping to build a more compassionate world.
*)I’ve been vegan for 10 years and veg for 20 and I rarely feel sick.
*)Eating/buying local.

Jeri says:

Hi Jess & Paul,
Again, you have introduced us to someone who inspires us to take better care of our bodies. I know I would benefit & enjoy Paul’s book as much as I have enjoyed yours:) I recently went to a community meeting in preparation for an 8 week cleanse. While sitting there, as a Vegan amongst 50+ Carnivores, I came to realize all that I have learned these past few years & all that you have contributed to that learning, Jess. I found out at that first meeting there was nothing more I needed to change in my behaviors or eating habits. I felt that I had finally arrived!! Paul’s book would certainly continue that growth & further me on my journey to optimum health & wellness…..

Jeri says:

!. Plant based diets lowers blood sugars, cholesterol and blood pressure.
2. Individuals following plant based diets lead longer & healthier lives.
3. There are fewer incidences of heart disease, diabetis, and cancers in those individuals who follow a plant based diet.
4. Individuals eating a plant based diet require fewer trips to their physicians, have more energy, and cost tax payers less money in the long run.
5. I plan on being around for a very long time, leading a healthy productive life & considering my mate is 15 years my junior, a plant based diet versus his meat eating diet will bridge that gap within a few years:)

stacy says:

Hi Jess and Paul

I would love a copy of Pauls e-book to inspire and help me to take better care of myself and put better fuel into my body! I think the western world is slowing but surely killing itself with what it is eating!!!
1. Eating plant based foods helps me live a fullerand healther life
2. It may stop me from developing a serious ilness
3. it also increases my energy levels

….and the list goes on!!!!!!
Thanks for all your info and for sharing this one!

Kim B. says:

Thank you for this opportunity!

1.) more energy
2.) mental alertness
3.) glowing skin……and more!

Maria Mignone says:

Eating a plant-based diet makes me healthier in general.

It also helps keep my chronic leukemia at bay by strengthening my body’s natural defenses and immunity.

It helps you keep in shape and at a healthy weight so you can wear nice clothes and be proud of your body, inside and out!

Emily says:

1. It’s so much healthier for you, no one needs all those chemicals and additives found in processed food.
2. It helps boost my immune system so that I can heal my body, making it stronger and able to prevent future diseases
3. My body seems to digest natural whole foods better than alot of animal based foods which puts less stress on my body so it can heal.

Christie says:

A plant based diet…

Brings about clarity in one’s thinking, in one’s body, in one’s life…
Allows for a more peaceful existence…
And paves the way to ultimate health and a whopper decrease of disease and lifestyle inflammatory related risks…

Peace, love and much beans all :)

Tash says:

- Feeling amazing and having bucketloads of energy.
– Getting lots of colour and variety in your meals.
– Knowing that I am living consciously and ethically.

Kristin says:

What an interesting book! I’d love to get my hands on it. The biggest pluses I see for a plant based diet are more energy, more nutrients and vitamins, and more money since it’s a lot cheaper!

Bea says:

Hi there, I’m loving this foodie friday thingy…I am so grateful to you Jess for that and for Paul who you say has kindly ( very much so) will let us have a free e-book copy – the food styling looks amazing – well done!!! Don’t know Paul if you read sarah Wilson’s blog a couple of days ago but it was all about sharing your knowledge/gifts for free and then bigger and better things will happen as a result ( though I’m sure you did not just do it for this)

My eating a plant based diets benefits are firstly health ( boring smoring, unoriginal, but true), comppasionate living to myself and to others and thirdly I just find the vitality and spiritual energetics of plants to be so amazing and feel them nuturing me as I’m eating/appreciating them. Thanks so much xx

Lotus Lady says:

Hi! I am newer to this idea, and I think that eating a plant based diet, or in my case slowly adding more and more plant based meals in your diet, is gentler on your body to process it, and gentler on the planet when we don’t buy ultra processed and packaged foods and animals that are unkindly farmed. Also, I think that it really helps alleviate some of the premenstrual problems when women eat like this . Thanks!

Amanda says:

Thanks for the giveaway!

I think eating a plant based diet has helped me express my compassion for animals consciously (every bite I take), has helped my vitamin intake tremendously and fueled my interest in eating whole foods rather than processed.

Louise says:

So many reasons to eat more veggies! My top three:

1) Good for the self – lower bp and cholesterol, good skin, disease prevention, more energy and generally feeling awesome

2) Good for the other beings on the planet – reducing animal consumption reduces the market, which will hopefully lead to a reduction in nasty practices like egg farms, live animal export and ultimately, mindless killing

3) Good for the planet as a whole – meat takes a hell of a lot more water to produce than veggies and grains, not to mention all the nasties that soak into the surrounding ground and waterways. There are also the environmental considerations like the bushland that is bulldozed to make pastures for animals, the methane produced and the vast amounts of waste from animal production.


Midge says:

My benefits of switching to a plant based diet.

1. Less bloated
2. Lighter and more energized
3. Poop better than ever!

Judy griffin says:

Would love to win this awesome book
1. Decrease risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes.
Reduce exposure to hormoes

nadine-lee says:

Awesome post – Paul sounds like such a cool guy! Love seeing more and more men getting amongst the healthy living. Breaking the stereotype that you have to eat meat to be ‘manly’ … no way!
So many benefits of plant based diet but top 3 for me are:
1. WAY more energy & super high immune system!
2. Sparkly eyes!
3. Compassion to mother earth.
<3 xx

Sarah says:

I really Looked forward to reading The Wellness Warrior blog. I Learn something new every time and am always inspired to try new recipes. I have changed my diet drastically in the last 6 months and am now gluten free, dairy free, egg free, corn free, caffeine free, and I feel much better. So for me there are many reasons a plant based diet is important.
1. It is a diet rich in antioxidants and putt chemicals that help to prevent many diseases, such as cancer.
2. It is a diet low in saturated fat which helps to prevent obesity
3. It is a diet which helps boost the immune system by keeping the digestive system clear thanks to all the great fiber

I would love a copy of this book as I am new to this way of eating and am always looking for great recipes.
Thanks Jess and Paul,

Your friendly follower,

Judy griffin says:

Would love to win this awesome book.
Plant based protein benefits;
1. Decrease risk of colon, breast, & some other cancers.
2. Reduce exposure to hormones & antibiotics that is administered to animals.
3. Promote wellness & optimal weight.

Liz says:

For me, the top three…
That’s hard to pick because there are so many but 3 to generalize would be
1. It is so much better for our bodies
2. It is so much better for the planet
3. It is so energizing!

Michaela says:

Hi Jess and Paul!

I’d love a copy of this book so my three benefits of eating a plant-based diet are: (quite similar to a few others)
– more energy and spark in every moment of every day- you wake up and are ready to go! Full of life!
– you feel much calmer and can readily practise mindfulness/generosity when your moods are not influenced by the ingredients in processed foods
– you get a smile on your face from the smallest things and feel a much greater sense of connection to the environment, people and world around you

Tracey says:

Would LOVE to win an ebook from Paul. I am constantly on the internet looking for raw and healthy foods to feed my family of 6 as we are still new to all of this.
We have found many benefits of having a plant based diet. We all feel healthier,lighter, my hubby has lost weight and has heaps more energy, as do the kids, we are hardly ever sick, (I’m happy with them not eating meat as I’ve been a veg for over a year and they are enjoying this way of life now too) skin has a healthy glow, you know your insides are healthy and not blocked by a poor diet ( a much cleaner feeling ) My son ( 11 yrs ) kept getting cold sores so this prompted me into looking for a way to make his immune system stronger and get him uber healthy. He is now drinking juices in the morning with me and eating lentils and veggies..

steena says:

3 Benefits,
1) We stop hurting so many animals
2) We stop hurting our lovely planet by reduction of animal production which includes reducing deforestation, animal run off polluting the water and mono food production to feed the animals.
3) We stop hurting ourselves by allowing ourselves to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually through a non violent, highly nutritional diet and lifestyle.

Kelley Suggs says:

1. You can poop!
2. You can experiment with a lot of different options from smoothies to having meat as a condiment
3. more cruciferous greens means a less toxic body!

I thought for sure I’d be the only one to say “poop”!

Cheryl says:

1. No guilt because nothing had to die
2. Easy
3. Robust health and energy

Converted to 100% plant based on June 1, 2011, and have never felt better in my life. Thanks for your book contribution to healthy, compassionate living.

Lisa says:

Thanks Jess & Paul,

great article. I have found eating a plant based diet has given me more energy, improved my general health (very few trips to the doctor) and definitely well-being (able to think more clearly -usually!). Also, there are the obvious benefits to the planet with better uses of resources and a happier, healthier population. It’s all good.
I’ve been curious about taking it the next step to veganism (I’ve been a vegetarian for 15 years now) but have to admit, that I’ve found it a bit daunting. Thanks for the recipe, I look forward to trying it out and making the change.


Lauren says:

1. More energy
2. Experimenting with new recipes
3. Better for the planet

Kaili says:

I am fairly new to my journey of eating for health and energy and lifestly rather than what the western world perceives as ‘normal’ (eg processed foods, terrible additives and processes and lots of meat) . I always considered the leap from vegetarian to vegan to be quite an extreme one and one that I might not be able to sustain, but Paul makes it sound realisitic and achieveable, so I would love to read his book!
For me, three benefits of switching to a plant-based diet would be:
– improved health and energy levels
– better for the environment (reduction on the devestating cattle farming practices)
– less animals would have to loose their lives for human greed, consumption and indulgence

Linda says:

1. animals live
2. not tortured
3. better health for people.

Kristin says:

This is a timely post for me…after eating really well lately, I indulged in a piece of cheesecake at my Book Club the other night…it really didn’t agree with me and reminded me how sluggish and bloated dairy can make me feel. Can’t wait to have a good look at Eat Awesome!

Lone says:

Eating a Plant Based Diet:
1. I am eating LIVE Food.
2. I boost my Immune System
3. The taste of plant based food is heaven.
I started eating raw whne I was a toddler. I watched my Mother shell the peas, string the beans peel the carrots. She let me eat them RAW becasue I wouldn’t eat them cooked. So glad she did!
I would love this book. If I don’t win a copy I will definitely buy it.
Best to you,

Lone says:

Please excuse my bad typing.

Catherine says:

Thank you for the interview. As always it is inspiring!

1-more energy=feeling empowered!!!
2-less empact on world energy
3-animals are saved!!!!!!!!!!!
I love the way I feel and can definetly notice a difference when I get off track.

Thanks for the inspiration!!!!! Keep it coming!

ximena says:

Plant based diet is so good for your body and mind !
Gives you more energy and helps you be happy and radiant all the time.
You are not hurting any human being and know that you are leaving a positive footprint in this world
Helps you sleep better as one always feel so bloated when eating meat !!

I am a vegetarian and dont eat meat at all, I read so many books, articles and was shocked about all the ugly things and suffering animals have to endure when they died. So I decided never again to eat meat !
Alhtough I have to be honest (because I dont know how to cook very well, and dont have many ideas of recipes I only eat dairy products….) but I have been seriously considering stop eating that as well as I dont want to contribute to the suffering of any human being !! and also after reading your Articles Jess about the milk, eggs and lactose I really don’t want to continue eating that !!

Guess I should start learning how to cook and innovate with my recipes !! :)

It is so nice that he loves LLAMAS !! I am from South America (Peru) the country of the Llamas :)
What a coincidence !!

His book looks amazing !!! xxx

sonia says:

My fav. reason is that I can grow a lot of what I eat – it just feels normal to be providing food for my family from our land (just a suburban block mind you!). Secondly my kids can see where there food is coming from and understand what they are eating – they eat better out of the garden, no packaging can compare with a worm or two and some dirt to brush off (yes, I have boys!). Thirdly is just how much better we feel swapping to a natural diet, happy tummies makes a happy mummy!

Sonia :-)

Nikki says:

Eating live foods means you’re giving your body the best possible chance (helping to reduce the likelihood of illness/disease, giving it the nutrients it needs and simply taking care of yourself in the best of ways).
Allows you to demonstrate compassion for the earth and the fellow inhabitants of our planet on a daily basis.
And it makes you feel good!

helen says:

1. vibrational love of Self and of our Planet, protecting our lands~plant more vegetables!
2. Vibrant health~physical and mental
3. Enjoy incredible flavours whilst you happily enjoy each and every meal

Sara says:

I’m new to all of this, but the more I read the more I become hooked! Whole, plant based living is inspiring me to be a better person for myself! However the problem with starting out is that it is overwhelming, and if I am honest I am struggling to know where to start. Paul’s book sounds and looks amazing, and it instantly got me excited about all the endless possibilities (reciepes)! yummy!

Jess – on another note, I love your new book. I can’t put it down and have been telling everyone I know about it. I love the fact everything is so easy to understand! Thank you!

Karlie says:

I would love a copy of ‘Eat Awesome’ so I can share the information with all my loved ones who don’t know where to start eating healthy!
Three great things about switching to eating plant-based foods….

1. It is healing my husband’s cancer!
2. We are setting up our toddler’s future of healthy eating.
3. We feel better and more energetic.

Stephanie says:

I would love a chance to win Paul’s upcoming ebook! I am quite new to the plant-based wave but looking to revamp my lifestyle after recently finishing treatments for breast cancer (thankfully “only” surgery and radiation). So, here’s an attempt at what I have learned so far about a plant-based diet:

1) It’s less demanding for the body to digest veggies than animal products,
2) A plant-based diet reduces acidity/increases alkalinity in the body, leading to reduced inflammation and less susceptibility to cancer and disease,
3) The more veggies replace other foods in my diet, the less recycling of plastics and metals I have to do, and the more compost I have for the garden. Nice bonus!

Thanks for the site, keep it going gorgeous.


Thom says:

Hey Jess,

I just stumbled across your site yesterday and am super excited to discover someone who shares the same dietary mindset. Plus you live on the sunny coast! Anyhoo here are three benefits i have found through switching to a plant-based diet:

1) I feel as though i’m contributing (in a good way) to the issue of inhuman and unnecessary animal cruelty
2) I feel awesome and light and love informing my climbing friends of the ways to get the DRI of protein without having to be a carnivore
3) Vegies are cheaper than meat! I’m a poor uni student (yeah feel sorry for me) and it helps not having to fork out big $$$ for meat


Billie Jo says:

Three benefits to switching to a plant based diet from my understanding would be:
*An increase in energy level
*Clearer connection to God Source
*A healthy body weight

Billie Jo <3

Mia says:

First off, there are definitely more than three benefits that I have found by switching to a plant based diet, that’s for sure!

But, for the sake of practicing the Law Of Detachment and not getting too attached to Paul’s e-book . . . (oops, too late, sounds AMAZING!) those three benefits would include and are definitely not limited to:

1. The realization that you are not contributing to the unethical killing of beautiful animals.
2. The physical and literal weight that you lose from your body and soul once you switch completely.
3. and of course, you get to “EAT AWESOME”!!!

– Mia

Michelle says:

The 3 benefits for going vegan are:
1. Health reasons – decrease in cholesterol, lower your risk of diabetes, etc.
2. Increase in energy
3. Compassion for animals and our earth

I wish I had gone vegan years ago!!

Staci says:

I would love to win this! I am a cancer survivor and found this blog through my research on the gerson therapy which I will be doing if the cancer comes back. I just started the 10 day cleanse you offer Jess and so far so good! :). I think eating a plant based diet has SO MANY benefits….my favorite 3 are I feel so light and happy, I have a peace of mind knowing I am eating the best I can to fight cancer, and I am hoping to get closer to a healthier weight!

anja says:

1)it`s better for the planet-too much meat is not good for anyone
2)you know what you are eating, it`s not full of preservatives or additives
3)it`s fun to experiment

would love to have the book:)have a good weekend, jess!

Simone says:

Great to see a guy wellness warrior- the world need more of these cool dudes!

The three benefits of switching to a plant-based diet that I am always preaching are that
1. you get to save the lives of hundrerds of animals every year by not relying on animal proteins for sustenance- it is a MUCH more compassionate and peaceful way to eat
2. Energetically, it is better for you and for the whole world to eat plants rather than animals
3. Your health will improve, inside and out. Cholestoral levels will lower, your skin will look clearer and your whole body and mind and soul will feel lighter and free and happy

As a vegan who has thrived on eating a wholesome plant-based diet for more than half my life, I can see no reason to ever eat any other way and wish more people in the world would try!

Kasia says:

1. Feeling amazing, energetic and full of life.
2. Posibility to eat a looooot of food (plant-based food, of course :-))
3. I just love being creative with plants and all vegan food. It almost feels like magic, and it probably is magic :-))).

Philippa says:

Really great article! Three benefits I have found are:
– I feel healthier and happier in myself
– I hope that I am contributing to helping the environment by not eating meat
– I love trying all the different recipes for preparing plant based food which helps me to prove to meat eaters that they don’t need meat all the time!

Emma says:

I love the title! especially how “awesome” contrasts with the simple (yet effective) book cover. I won’t enter the competition simply because I have tons of recipe books to get through already, but plant-based is the bomb! x

Simone says:

Great competitions Jess

Eating plant based –
– makes you the best you can be
– makes the world the best it can be
– puts smiles on animals and animal lovers everywhere

Joann says:

Just 3
Health Energy and Yummy.

Loulou says:

Its the most natural source of food & enegy for the human body.
It’s Eco friendly.
It’s the most nutrient rich absorbed for the body and brain.

Thank you Jessica for the opportunity.


Lynne says:

Hi, I just started getting your newsletters and am inspired by all of the positive energy. As a Certified Holistic Health Coach, I am helping people to eat more mindfully and to be open to trying new ways of eating to discover what really nourishes their bodies. I love the moments when they realize that nutrient-rich foods can be so delicious! I would appreciate a copy of your e-book (what a great title!) The benefits of eating a plant-based diet include:

1. More energy & vibrancy; less inflammation and dis-ease.
2. The opportunity to be creative in the kitchen and make people happy & nourished with beautiful food.
3. We can affect the well-being of our planet and its creatures by our choices.

Thanks & peace.

Alina M. says:

Such nice interview! I am going to check out his website right now.

1. Better skin.
2. More energy.
3. Kindness to animals.

Joshua says:

Love the post. I’d also live a copy of the e-book!

What are three benefits of switching to a plant-based diet?
– lower inflammation levels in the body (and therefore reduced dis-ease)
– improved food usage by the body (we re-learn how to digest)
– never be hungry again (now, if I’m hungry I don’t stop at a FF joint, I stop at a local veggie stand or grocery store. I don’t have to cook it so a quick rinse and possibly a peel and I’m on my way.)

Then there is the awesomeness of being creative with food again… I’ve been struck by the words of Charlotte Gerson, “when we eat plants we eat life and sunlight. When we eat meat, we eat death.” Or something to that effect. It was in an interview I watched.

I made whole wheat pasta with green zucchini, fresh mushrooms and minced garlic last night… My wife loved it. We aren’t veggies yet but we’ve reduced our meat intake by at least 60-70% over the last few months and I have been juicing twice daily. It’s fun to see what we can do without meat and come away not only satisfied but feeling good when we’re done eating.

I think the best part is that I’m so absolutely jazzed up about gardening this year. We’re going to try to go as organic/bio-dynamic as possible when we do it. I can’t wait to grow and eat our own food… It seems silly. But I really am excited :-)

Jen Clark says:

Love your blog!

1. Overall better health
2. Buy local and organic
3. chance to be creative and experiment with new ideas :)

Aurore says:

What are three benefits of switching to a plant-based diet?

1. You feel better

2. You look better

3. Your body gets more nutrients

Sharina says:

I am really looking forward to being a winner!!!
What are three benefits of switching to a plant-based diet?
1. More energy- without having to process all the crappy things, that i can go on and on about consuming, my body can use the nutrients and minerals that I am taking in to heal and perform at its peek

2. Better flexibility- and less aches and pains! Greens help me with this alot. I don’t have to fight with stiff joints and pulled muscles when I am eating well.

3. Mental Clarity- Not having to fight the ups and down of a sugar high my mind can really FOCUS on the important things in life

I work on these things everyday. Although I have not perfected I am always in search for new information, motivation and recipes. This is another very exciting post :)

Hope says:

* easier to create your own food supply, you can’t have a cow in your apartment or suburban, postage stamp lot,
but you can have a garden
* cheaper, animal products add quite a bit of expense to a food budget
* detoxifying- no need to explain there

Amy B. says:

Yay benefits!!!

1. So much cheaper than animal-based eating when you eat whole foods!
2. Conserve a metric crap-ton of the water required to grow meat!
3. That compassionate high that comes from knowing nothing stopped breathing for you eat today!

Totally psyched about your book! Much love,

Gabriela says:

really encouraging, thank you!

we eat meet in our family though it`s less and less frequent, I do not want to stop completely because I don`t know how to cook with plant-based ingredients and get everything we need (ehmm, I notice that this is a very general statement related to “if we stop eating meat, we won`t have enough protein”, yes, this “truth” is being preached here (Belgium) as well….). so, to me, the three reasons would be:
1. if you eat plant-based food you stop being part of the reason for killing animals (and that would make me feel really good…)
2. well, it seems that you live a healthier life, nurturing your body, and that definitely counts
3. and it seems that the consequence of nurturing your body in this way makes you feel better, look better, have more energy!

Cindy says:

1. You will smell better as a non meat eater with less food rotting in your gut and have a cleaner internal system with less stress on your body.
2. You are eliminating a huge source of toxins/poisins from your diets by eliminating all the processed foods with their hidden chemicals and salt, sugars and other alergin, carcinogenic causing agents.
3. You are adding to your longevity, quality of life. Your mental clarify, unburdened body will be able to perform at its optimal. But just as importantly you are able to be an example and educator to those around you in being a living example of what good health is and promoting a new generation of healthier eaters. It’s time to create a culture shift in how we view our food.

The hardest thing I find is knowing how to do what I know is right. So books like this are awesome. They help to educate us and teach us a better way to be and expand our rigid way of thinking of how food can be used.

Marty Schumachet says:

This sounds like a great e book!

3 benifits of a plant based diet.:

Dianne says:

Nature has provided us with some amazing foods and plant based is the way to go , it’s natural and we were meant to eat and thrive on these beautiful healthy foods.

You will gain more energy, everything just works better, i actually bounce out of bed in the mornings and greet the day with gratitude and give thanks the the amazing foods that keep my mind and body working as it should.

My body is never ill thanks to the nutrients from plant based foods. I am very healthy and NEVER EVER get sick .
And because my two beautiful daughters have seen my results they also are now eating plant based foods, and that to me, is very important.

Kate says:

Thank you Paul and Jess.

1. Frequent poops :)
2. Mental clarity and calmness.
3. Loads of energy!

Andrea (2) says:

3 short months ago I couldn’t have given you even one answer to that – as a dyed in the wool carnivore (I feel all exposed as the big bad wolf right now..!)

But then I decided that by my 60th birthday (2 years from now) I wanted to be healthier than I am now which involved:
1) Being free from debilitating arthritis which was getting to the knee/hip replacement stage,
2)Have normal cholesterol, kidney, liver, and blood pressure readings (which I didn’t)
3)Be at least 25kg lighter to get back to pre-parenthood weight and give all of the above half a chance)

And so to research ….and Gerson therapy … and plant based foods…..

Here’s what’s happened in just two short months:

1) My arthritis has improved to the point where I don’t have any pain at all and I can kneel for the first time in three years.
2) All of my reading have improved to be within the normal range and my ‘traditional’ doctor is mystified how I achieved it without his potions ( I like that…goes to show doctors don’t know everything)
3) I have (so far) lost without any effort except the food discipline 8kg.

Along the way I discovered that:
1) My lifelong creative ways with food haven’t died a death: it can be even more of a fun challenge without meat. …(and salt and sugar and anything processed)
2)I am lucky enough to have the best organic food supplier right next door to where I live – patiently waiting to be my new best friend.
3)There is something very healthy about ‘slow’ food preparation… a commitment to self, an anticipation of good things to come (and no guilt if you ‘snack’ as you go…

…..and really I can’t believe how relaxed and calm it makes you feel…. I reckon there would be fewer wars if people just ate vegies!

Sabrina says:

Paul is such a unique character. He made my website and I’m so thrilled to see him do this! From just chatting with him he inspired me to eat more veggies. So I juice now too. Great to see an interview of him here.

1. Intense focus (really great for writing) like I’ve never known before.
2. Feel more comfortable in my body (no muscle soreness), feel lighter and more agile.
3. Enjoy and appreciate food more – the colours, the look, feel, textures. I’m more present.

Jess says:

Thanks Jess! or introducing us to Paul! I would also love a copy of Paul’s book, always love getting some recipe inspiration to experiment with!
3 benefits to eating a plan based diet that I have noticed…
1/definitely a feeling of lightness all over the body
2/ when you make a meal and share it with others you just feel like your spreading some love and opening new doors for people that dont always eat this way, they usually walk away quite inspired without you even having to discuss it.
3/ Energy- I’ve always wanted to be someone that got up when the alarm went off and now I am!! Energy and alertness is at such a high in comparison to how I felt before I made this lifestyle change.

Thanks heaps guys ! x

Grace Stubee says:

Reasons I’m so game for greens:

1) I can grow them. They sprout, I feel accomplished. They bloom, I feel proud. I harvest and my body grooves.

2) My grandkids can call me super grannie when I get older.

3) My great grandkids can say our super great grannie taught us how to be game for greens so we grow them. They sprout, we feel accomplished. They bloom, we feel proud. We harvest, and our bodies groove.

It’s a greenolution!

Kim says:


Danielle says:

Sounds like a great book!

Benefits are:
1. Feeling stronger
2. More energy
3. Performing physical activities better

Leonie says:

You’ve done it again Jess!! Fantastic ebook, creative, tasty recipes and a real winner for anyone wanting ideas on how to ingest more living foods into thier body.
Not entering the comp because I just purchased his book, but just wanted to add my 3 benefits:
Life Enhancing

Thanks for including Pauls work and passing it onto the masses. A great pick for your first dude foodie. x

Liz says:

I’ve heard a lot about Paul Jarvis. And finally I can read his copy. Thanks Jess you did a good job.

Amanda B says:

Feel not weighed down
Eating real food, the way we were meant to eat
Better for the environment

Ruby says:

Benefit 1: glowing skin
Benefit 2: no stinky poos :)
Benefit 3: your body will love you!

Amanda J says:

The 3 benefits I forsee:
1) – Healthy! Good, clean, whole food to nourish and strengthen your body.
2) – Healing! By taking the bad, processed foods out of your diet and replacing them with whole, natural foods (as nature intended), it gives our bodies the opportunity to relax and reap the benefits of what we are feeding it, instead of stressing it with having to digest and process foods that are essentially making it work overdrive.
3) – Energy and Wellbeing! I can only hope…!! :)))

Thanks :)

Linda Hall says:

1. Lost weight and can maintain good weight.
2. Feel more energenic.
3. Save animals.
I have many more benefits from the vegan way of life. I have eaten vegan for six months now and will continue on it forever.

Kylie Dunn says:

Jess, this looks like an amazing ebook you have found. This week I am spending my four days of over Easter reading up on different ways to naturally cleanse myself, ways to eat healthier and create an exercise program. I consume to many unhealthy foods and this is making me feel sluggish and tired all through the day at work. This ebook would definatly be a great help in my life and body overhaul!!!!

Benefits of a plant based diet include
– Fights cancer and diseases
– Lower blood sugar levels
– an over all healthier you!

Jodie says:

Only three… I’ll phrase it as “Three of the many benefits to switching to a plant-based diet…”
1. Detoxifies your mind and body… as plant-based foods are nutrient and antioxidant dense. Not only will this help in purifying blood and fluids, detoxifying the GI system, liver, etc., but it will help boost immune function and overall wellness. People committed to a plant-based diet also have a lower body mass index and are less likely to suffer from type 2 diabetes, heart disease, etc.

2. Closer, more intimate connection with how you nourish your body… whole, mostly raw, unprocessed foods are a more direct way of nourishing your body (sun to plant to body). Knowing the types of nutrients and vitamins various foods provide for our bodies is important in achieving and maintaining optimal health and balance in our lives.

3. Reducing your carbon footprint and thus impact on the environment… switching from a meat-based diet to a plant-based diet is the single most profound act a human can do to reduce our toll on the environment. Commercial meat production destroys the soil, requires more water per kg to produce than a person taking a 15min. shower every day for one year, and is collectively, one of the largest source of overall greenhouse gas emissions and energy requirements (1kcal of meat requires 40kcal of energy to produce?).

Wow… could go on and on…. this is kind of fun and extremely validating! This book looks great… thanks, as always for such an informative and wonderful to read blog, Jess!

Teigh says:

Other than being possibly one of the most important pass me down items to my grandkids, nieces and nephews, that I do not have to wait till I’m dead to leave in a will, I can do this with them… here are my three benefits of switching to a plant-based diet

~………..*you reduce your risk of lifestyle related diseases*………..~
~………..* switching to plant based foods also has a ripple effect on our society….keeping transportation and environmental costs in mind, this philosophy of eating supports your local farmers, even better it might entice you to spend some time in making your own even if only small garden *………~
~……….*A varied, plant-based diet is a protective diet—sufficient in amino acids for protein needs; high in fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals; and low in saturated fats.*………~

Tracy B. says:

Hi Jess! So the three main benefits for me 1. decreased risk for disease (heart dz, cancer, etc), 2. no animals died or were abused for my meal and 3. plant based meals give me more energy amd vitality. Thanks for all you do Jess. Happy Healing!

Angela says:

Of course, there are soooo many benefits to switching to a plant-based diet! Here’s my top three:

1- It’s the best thing you can do for your health, without a doubt.
2- It supports a sustainable lifestyle and small environmental footprint.
3 – You will be rewarded greatly for the compassion you show toward life.

Love the blog, you guys are awesome! Thanks for spreading the word, and keep up the good work! ;)

Helen says:

Wow Paul sounded great, and so organised when on road trips.
Three benefits I’ve noticed on a plant based diet are:
More energy
better health
but by far I’m not angry like I was when eating an animal based diet, very calm and happy now which is fantastic.

Lisa Dunbier says:

Hi Jess!
I would LOVE & ADORE a copy of eat awesome.
I have just started switching to a raw vegan whole food diet.
Below is what i have found by switching.

1. Bowl troubles have stoped! YAY!
2. Skin has cleared up for once!
3.Not smelly gas and also not bloated (sorry to be so homest but its true)

These are just my personal improvements but there are so much more!
The list can go on with helping the environment /animal crulety. Not digesting hormones and toxins ect..


shae says:

3 benefits of switching to a plant based diet are;

1. More fibre (great for digestion and removal of waste from your system)
2. Being healthy on the inside and out (glowing skiing, glowing organs :)
3. Aids in the prevention of disease

I just love my green Smoothies!!!

Tamara says:

1~ better health (myself & family)
2~ clearer mind (again myself & family)
3~ nicer impact on our world

Thanks Jess, you know I love ya!!

Laura S says:

The benefits:
Obviously not having any processed foods in your diet, eating an animal cruelty-free diet, feeling more energetic because you’re filling yourself up with wholesome foods.
Thanks so much for hosting this contest! The book looks AWESOME!
– Laura S

Great to see a dude in here!

Plant-based diets are indeed better for… 1) our bodies 2) our environment 3) (and I’m gonna throw a curve-ball in here) our creativity. I’ve done a lot of creative trial and error to come up with new and interesting ways to use veges in meals and am always discovering new foods. Much more interesting than the old meat and two veg plate!

Heather says:

Would love the resources from his book! Always cool to have a man’s take on healthy eating since it’s usually women! My top 3 reasons why plant based is best: disease prevention, people ask you what you are doing to get that glow which means you are reaching others and setting an example and last but not least… You can still have amazingly healthy food without compromise on taste! There is a substitute for everything :)

Carolyn says:

Paul. I don’t know you – but I like you! I’m relatively new to the vegetarian/vegan diet discovery, only since I came across Jess’s sit around 6 weeks ago. I don’t envy you having to choose the winners as I’ve read so many good reasons for having a plant based diet. I come from a farming family so have always been a carnivore and was under the common misapprehension that meat and dairy were an essential part of my diet. I’ve been feeling sluggish and weighed down probably with digesting so much animal protein. As I’m going to be 40 next year I want to give my diet an overhall and inspire a new lease of life in myself. I’ve succeeded in giving up meat and alcohol but caffeine is still an addiction for me which I need to work on. Anyway – here are my 3 reasons for plant based diet.

1. More energy – from not processing animal protein.
2. Better digestion – also from not processing meat.
3. Generally feeling healthier, happier and satisified in the knowledge that it’s better for the environment.

Jessica says:

Wow – cashew cream sounds amazing. I am in the process of going vegan after transitioning to vegetarian in January. It started off as a challenge w/my husband to see if we could go 3 months w/out eating meat and I began sleeping better, feeling stronger, and more energized, so i figured i’d keep the momentum going. Now, i am wokring on transitioning my parents and friends – its so crazy to come to the realization that the food we are eating is working against us.

Great interview – thank you for sharing!!! :)

Daisy says:

1. Less bloating and feeling “heavy”.

2. Clearer skin. (yay!)

3. Feeling younger.

Jaclyn says:

~More energy!
~Stronger immune system
~Clear & Vibrant skin

Annie says:

1@ as I see it,the Main Benefit is that the Animal is still alive and walking around..hopefully Grazing in a Lush Green Pasture!
2@ I am coming around slowly to a Plant Based Diet;that’s a real trip for a Butcher’s Daughter..raised on as much Meat as you can desire! I also have come to the Conclusion that to Activate my Immune System to vanquish & Conquer the Dietary Regime needs a “Kick Ass” type Program. I Reckon Paul is on the Right Track,and would like to Have a Copy..if you Please! I also think he needs to Devise some Indian and Thai Vegan/Vegetarian Foods,and a few Malysian too…they Rock! A few thoughts for His next Book!
3@ I would like to say the Journey is easy..nothing Good is ever easy;Life is sometimes a Struggle;but what Value there is in the struggle ! Here’s to Kale Chips % World Peace.!

IdaPie says:

Too late to win a book, but still keen on commenting!
Firstly, We like Paul :D
Secondly, Only three benefits? Geez..
#1 The planet. For some reason I put Mother Earth before myself, almost always. Heaps of reasons; how can it be justified to eat something higher up in the food chain – aka have way high energy demands – just cause you like the taste of a dead animals muscle – when you could simply eat that veggie and get all that energy yourself. Etc.
#2 Your own personal health. There are numerous reasons! More energy; higher awareness; radiant skin; shiny hair; less disease(if any at all); your brain even functions better!
#3 You get more nutrients.

That was an odd list I might say, incoherent, but still valid in my eyes! :]

Ty says:

I would love a copy of this book, i have only just switched to a plant based diet and I can tell you the three main advantages I have noticed;

1. Feeling fresher, less sluggish
2. less bloating after eating a meal
3. reduced cravings for bad foods and increased cravings for raw foods

Ioanna says:

After going through a coma while being pregnant 18 months ago due to swine flu and pneumonia and then 6 months later diagnosed wth ulcerative colitis and being on some strong drugs since Dec last year and being as sick as a dog , loosing weight , no energy and not being able to go anywhere plus looking after a child, I decided to see a holistic doctor who has put me on a gluten, yeast, dairy, sugar and almost meat free diet. Have been on it for about 3 weeks or so, struggling wth recipes but surprisingly feeling and responding in a positive manner. I can’t believe it really, have been stabilizing and have had only 1 really ill day since then compared to several times a week on top of daily stomach attacks. I’m searching for books and also converting my family to a better diet so that our bodies can deal wth allergens we can’t control by getting rid of the ones that we can. We will need less medications, get sick less and cut down risk of serious diseases and cancers. I hope this book will help!