How to create a vision board

Posted January 5, 2012

Where we place our attention is what we will create for ourselves.

When you realise the truth in this sentence, the power and possibilities that open up for you are limitless. This is why I am a massive fan of The Vision Board. I try to do a new one each year, revisiting where I am and comparing that with where I want to be. And each year I update my vision board with new pics, quotes, and words that represent the future I want to create for myself.

Vision boards are the ultimate in manifestation. They serve as a tool to keep you inspired, keep you on track, and keep you motivated. You know all of the Law Of Attraction stuff? Well, creating a vision board and sticking it in your line of sight, is an awesome way to communicate with the Universe about what you would like to collaborate on in your life. Plus, they are fun to make!





There are no real rules when it comes to creating a visual interpretation of your hopes and dreams. This is why everyone’s board is so different. It’s also why mine are so different from one year to the next. But if you’re the kind of person who appreciates a little guidance, here are some basic steps to follow.


1. Think.

Find a quiet place to sit or lie, where you will be able to seek enough solace to get your daydream on. I have a daybed in the courtyard just outside my room/office that is perfect for this activity. Spend some time with your thoughts. Allow your mind to wander into the most inspired future you can visualise for yourself. Ask yourself these questions:

“Who am I surrounded by?”
“Where do I live?”
“What do I do for work?”
“Who are my mentors?”
“What do I look like?”
“How much money do I earn?”
“How do I feel?”
“What do I want to be?”
“What do I want to do?”
“What do I want to have?” (Material possessions are totally fine here!)
“What will make me excited?”


2. Seek.

Now go ahead and find images, words, quotes and affirmations that remind you of all of the images you see in your future. All of the people you want to meet and be around, the places you want to live in and visit, the events you want to experience, the accomplishments you want to reach, the feelings you want to emulate, and the emotions you want to fill your cells with. Use Google Images, Compfight, Flickr, or Pinterest to find images online. Or, flick through magazines.


3. Create.

Buy a corkboard or just any old board and pin or stick your images to it. Previously I have just randomly tacked images to a pin board, but this year I went virtual and created my board in Google Picasa.






In 2012, while I am still very much focused on bringing my body to amazing levels of wellness, the hopes and dreams I have for myself are mostly based around my career. A few of the main elements of my board reflect these goals:


  • I have just finished writing my first book, and I now I need to find a publisher, and hope that lots and lots of people enjoy reading it.
  • I also want to build this here blog up even more, turn the time and effort I spend online into money to support my health, my family, my goals, and my penchant for lovely things, and spread my message as far as wide as I possibly can.
  • I want to be a speaker, a teacher, an author, and an inspiration to others who resonate with the path I walk.
  • I have yoga poses I want to nail, and several words I wish you live by.


This board is currently on my computer desktop, and I get a little kick out of looking at it all day. It is also stuck to the mirror in my bathroom, on the inside of my diary, and on the corkboard I have behind my desk (pic right the top of this post).




Some of my amazingly inspiring friends have been kind enough to share their vision boards with us as well. Vision boards can be pretty personal and private, so I am super grateful to each of them for putting themselves out there like this.



Cancer thriver, holistic health coach, raw food coach, inspirational speaker and co-author of The Cancer Journey.



I created this vision board on Jan 24th 2010 just after I had just been hospitalised for pneumonia and found a lump in my neck which I correctly suspected and discovered a week later was a recurrence of cancer. I had no idea what I was going to do or how I was going to create the life I wanted. All I knew was that I could see “my ideal life” in my minds eye and actively created the life I wanted through pictures.


Here are a few facts about things that are on my board that you might find interesting:

Filming a documentary: I decided that this time round I wanted to use having cancer to help others and decided that I wanted to feature in a TV show about healing myself naturally. One month later, a friend called and said he was making a documentary about “spontaneous remissions” and wanted to feature my story.

Inspirational Speaker: Having never spoken in public before, my first speaking engagement came in November 2010 and from there the offers kept rolling in including an “international” invite from a charity based in Monaco to be the guest speaker as well as a host for the event “Lunch with Polly”

Hay House: In July 2010 I began co-writing my first ever book – The Cancer Journey – Positive Steps To Help Yourself Heal. In January 2011, I was offered a book deal with Hay House just as I had wanted. And the book was a bestseller in Mental & Spiritual Healing on Amazon.

Raw Food Workshops: Having undergone a massive transformation in my diet and lifestyle, I began teaching others how to eat more raw food and each class has been a sold out success!

Retreats: I held my first retreat in Turkey in October 2011 and have many more planned for 2012

Love: On 18th July 2010 I wrote a list called “100 Things” listing all the qualities I wanted my future partner to have. 10 months later I met him, we were friends for 2 months and then we got together on 16th July 2011. And he ticks off 99 of those 100 things!

TV Show: I wanted to feature on a TV show to help promote my work and my book. Although it wasn’t the show I had on my vision board, I was asked to go on The Wright Stuff to talk about refusing cancer treatment. The TV host, known for being controversial and playing devils advocate was super supportive and held my book up twice and promoted it more than I have ever seen any host promote anything.

As for the rest of it, the babies, the marriage, the country house … I’m working on it but ultimately I know the Universe has got my back.




Inspiration junkie and creator of the gorgeous blog, In Spaces Between



Starting top left:

1. The New York Times image symbolises a long and successful career writing inspiring books. Unleashing those big, audacious dreams!

2. In 2012, my focus is on being the healthiest and fittest I’ve ever been, for the obvious reasons of feeling amazing and because…

3. I’m getting married on 2 June to the man of my dreams!

4. I’ve met a bunch of incredible people (including you!) through my blog and I want that to continue this year – I want to connect with more people, collaborate on projects, work with a coach/ mentor and create beautiful things.

5. My fiancé and I are going to own a stunning Scandinavian-style home by the beach in Burleigh Heads (where we currently live) and our dream is to buy a property in the rolling hills of the Byron Bay Hinterland that we’d turn into a breathtaking wedding venue.

6. Travel: I want visit Scandinavia, live in Italy for 2 months and live in NYC for 2 months.

7. As far as materialism goes, a black Audi Q5 and enough money to live freely and comfortably (and be able to travel often) would be divine!

*** I should also note that I have a separate, smaller board for my blog goals (as it doesn’t all fit on here) and some affirmations that I stick on index cards on the mirror/ carry in my purse.


I love looking back at old vision boards and in the past things that have come true are:

The apartment we live in was on my board a few years ago.
I was given a free weekend at a luxury health retreat – and yep, it was on my board!
We were given a very good deal on a SLR camera by a friend of my Dad – and then I realised about a year later it was the EXACT one I had stuck on my board.

I find it useful having a copy of my vision board stuck on the glass on the shower, so I look at it morning and night.. as well as one behind the front door so that I see it just as I’m walking out every morning.




Cancer thriver, eco model, co-founder of Vegan Era.



I’m keeping it simple this year, so my partner Dave and I created this chalkboard of goals.

  • We want to stay home more because we are so happy at home and tend to get caught up working out and about in the world.
  • We’d also like to eat healthier – more fresh fruit and vegetables and more juices!
  • We want to take the time to have more fun together as well.
  • I personally need to get myself more organised.

I also have a Pinterest account and have a few boards on there. It’s like a virtual vision board!





I was chatting with someone the other day and they told me that they always play down their dreams and aspirations so that they aren’t let down when it comes to achieving them. This got me thinking about how ridiculous we are when it comes to creating the lives of our dreams. What is the point of playing it small?

I love this quote from Marianne Williamson:


Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?

Actually, who are you not to be?

You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to manifest the glory of God that is within us. It is not just in some of us; it is in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.


Do you have a vision board? What is on yours? Have you got any stories of your vision board manifestation success?


Positive affirmation for the day: There is no limit to what I can create for myself and my future.



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Jacinta says:

Another great blog Jess! I love vision boards
I did one years ago, and when I pulled it out
Later I couldn’t believe how much of it had
Manifested it gave me goosebumps! So true about not
Playing small. The first time I heard that quote was on the movie
Coach carter and I paused the movie to write it down word for word haha.
I’m off to get my vision board on!

Jess says:

Thanks lovely! That’s awesome. Have fun creating this year’s board – may everything you stick on there and more come true for you. xx

Your board is beautiful Jess, and I have a very good feeling you’ll be looking back on this post in December marvelling at how most of those have been manifested in your life! Thank you for including me in this post. xx

Phoebe says:

Thanks Jess- You have inspired me to make one today!

sandra says:

thanks for this amazing, inspiring post.
I love it !


Belle says:

Jess, you inspire me. I rarely make comment on meaningful blogs or facebook pages etc. because of my insular insecurities about what people may think or judge of me, I feel a risk in stepping outside the comforts of the mainstream “norm”, and that I may appear self indulgent, a hippy or alternative to some. But you are helping me step out side my comfort zone! Thank you for your inspiration, I am going to attempt a vision board…. there I said it! Have to do it now! lots of love and hugs to you.

Jess says:

Belle, I am so happy for you!! Thank you so much for commenting. And have fun with your vision board! Lots of love and hugs back to you x

There are so many similarities between your board and mine, Jess :)
Wishing you all the best for making these wonderful dreams of yours come true.
You are an inspiration x

Dalai Lina says:

I was just looking at one of my old vision boards and the words “HUGE and “SPEAK” popped out. I resonate with many of the things on there, but I really need to do another one. Thanks for the inspiration!

lauren says:

great vision board! i made one the other day also, we have very similar aspirations!

Susanelizabeth says:

Love it! If you don’t mind me asking, what is that to the right (my right) of your Vision Board? Schedule? I have to print out a schedule and mark off things I tk/drink as I do them or I forget some ! Just wondering if that’s what yours is ?

By the way, I got my blood work back a few days ago and it was much better! I am healing! Thanks for the part you have played in that Jess. Love you!

Jess says:

Susanelizabeth, that is so great about your blood work! Congratulations!!

The white board to the right of my vision board is a schedule I keep for my work stuff. My website and the other bits and pieces I have going on. It keeps me organised and on track when I have it written out clearly in front of me.


Bec says:

I love taking a peek at other peoples Inspiration Boards / Walls; it’s the nosey parker inside me. Thanks for sharing!!

Nancy says:

Great vision board. I started some on New Years Day. Of course one is to get healthy the Gerson way. Gotta go make my juice now. Can you picture me doing that? Yes Yes Yes

1099 form says:

whats your facebook profile?

Courtney says:

Beautiful blog Jess! I was feeling really lost this week and knew I had to prioritise for the new year but just couldn’t get my head around things. This post helped me put everything in perspective and now I feel happy that I’m back on track for 2012 with my new vision board. Thank you as always and much love in the new year. X

Nat says:

Thanks for sharing your vision baord with us Jess. I feel motivated, happy and excited about the year ahead just looking at yours, imagine how I will feel seeing mine everyday :) :) :) Thanks so much xxx

Jen says:

This is one of my favourite Wellness Warrior posts! I’m having fun mapping out my Vision Board this afternoon :)

Thanx for a very interesting site. What else could I get that type of information written in such a perfect way? I’ve a mission that I am just now running on, and I have been on the look out for such information.

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Stepanie Oak says:

Do you mind if I published this piece of content on my web page? I would give you credit and a link back to your webpage. Appreciate it, and please let me know here, or email me!

Neha says:

Thanks for this fab post Jess!
I made up my own inspiration board inspired by you over the Christmas break and already things are starting to slot into place! Inspio boards and positive affirmations- NOT over rated!

IRA Bonus says:

I created a something similar as my “motivational board”

Whenever I procrastinate, this board should help me stay focus. Thanks for the tip!

LisaLisa says:

Hi Jess, how did you use Picasa to create the spaces on your visionboard where you could write in text? I can’t figure out how to add words/quotes to my visionboard as you have done! Please any help would be greatly appreciated.

Jess says:

LisaLisa » Hi Lisa I created plain white jpegs and then included them as images. Then I wrote over the white spaces on the picasa collage. Does that make sense? x

LisaLisa says:

Yes! Makes sense. Thanks so much. One more question: did you use photoshop or picasa to write your words? just asking because i don’t see an option to write text in picasa. Thanks!

Jess says:

LisaLisa » I used Picasa. There is an option to add there for sure. It’s with all of the other ‘fixes’. x

Emma says:

Love this post!! So inspired to get started on my own vision board-how exciting! Thank you for the fabulous ideas and examples. Always feel so uplifted, energized & motivated when I read your posts- thank you!! :) very grateful to have you as an inspiration xx

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