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Posted December 19, 2011

Coming from a background in magazines, my cupboards were always crammed with beauty products. We had the stuff on tap. Not only did I have every imaginable lip gloss, eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner, primer, bronzer, concealer, face cream, eye cream, cleaner, toner, mask – oh, it’s exhausting just thinking about my old morning routine – but I also had no less than 40 bottles of perfume. I had so many that I would use them as toilet spray!

When I was diagnosed with cancer, and took a vow of pure living, I had to give it all away. I’ve clung to a couple of bottles of perfume (for reminiscing sake, and because a bottle of Narcisco Rodriguez is just too good to pass on), but the rest has gone. It has all been replaced with just a few key items. It took me a while to discover the best quality, all natural and organic products on the market (there is a whole lot of green washing out there we need to be careful of), but so far I’ve narrowed my selection down to the following. The ones listed as my favourites, are the ones I have personally on-hand for when I need a bit of dolling up.




1. Wellness Warrior favourite – Mukti:


100% natural and certified organic, I am often vocal about my love for the Mukti range. I use everything Mukti – their balancing facial cleanser, balancing moisturiser, sebogel (great on blemishes), rosehip eye cream, and their shampoo and conditioner.


2. La Mav

Australia’s first certified organic, 100% naturally derived, anti-ageing skin care range. Certified cruelty-free and guaranteed to be free from harsh petrochemicals, sulphates, GMOs, parabens, mineral oil, phthalates and artificial colours or fragrances.


3. Sodashi:

100 % chemical free. Made using the highest quality natural ingredients, all of which are pure and unrefined. Not tested on animals and free from all synthetic chemicals, preservatives and mineral oils.





1. Wellness Warrior favourite – INIKA:

Whenever I go somewhere that calls for a bit of prettying up, I use INIKA’s powder foundation, bronzer, eyeliner and mascara. It’s awesome stuff. Unlike so many so called “natural” brands, INIKA products are guaranteed to be completely free from harsh petrochemicals, fillers, talc, bismuth oxycholoride, GMO ingredients, parabens, preservatives, mineral oils, phthalates and fragrances. Half of the INIKA range is certified organic, the other half comprises of 100% pure mineral makeup. All INIKA products are vegan, and certified cruelty free.


2. Alexami:

100% natural, vegan, non-toxic, plus a signer of The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.


3. Adorn:

100% natural, vegan, and non-toxic.





1. Wellness Warrior favourite – Aubrey Organics:



I have both the raspberry flavour and the vanilla and honey flavour and they are both amazing! Plus, they are 100% natural and organic, created from essential oils.


2. Shizen:

100% natural ingredients containing super moisturisers like shea butter and vitamin E and great natural repairers such as lemon myrtle oil. All products are free from mineral oils, petroleum, sulphates, parabens and artificial fragrances and colourings. I love their lip hydrating serum and gloss conditioner.


3. Suvana Paw Paw and Honey Certified Organic Lip Balm:

I was really peeved when I found out that Lucas’ Pawpaw ointment is really just petroleum jelly with a tiny bit (less than 4%) of fermented papaw. I had slathering my lips and skin in the stuff for years! Good news is there is this totally natural and organic pawpaw ointment on the market, with no petroleum jelly.





1. Wellness Warrior favourite – Be Genki:

Products include bath and shower oils, body oils, body creams, hand creams, face mists, oil blends, herbal teas and candles.
The four ranges include Vitality, Tranquility, Serenity and Sensuality – each contain a blend of 100% pure essential oils to specifically target four key areas that contribute to your wellbeing.

Vitality: Lemon, Peppermint, Eucalyptus and Rosemary, renowned for their uplifting properties.
Tranquility: Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Sweet Orange and Sandalwood, renowned for their sleep-inducing properties.
Serenity: Neroli, Rose Otto, Rosewood, Palmarosa and Bergamot, renowned for their calming properties.
Sensuality: Rose Otto, Ylang Ylang, Jasmine, Lavender, Bergamot and Melissa, renowned for their nurturing properties.


2. Mukti:

3. Sodashi:

What are your favourite natural and organic beauty products?


Positive affirmation for the day: The qualities I admire in others are qualities I possess myself. I use this to eradicate jealousy and replace it with inspiration.



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What a great list! I’m a huge Sodashi fan but definitely keen to try some of the other brands you’ve mentioned above – the Be Genki products in particular sound amazing! xx

Hey Jess, what about shampoo and conditioner? :)

Jess says:

Hi Tara, I use Mukti’s shampoo and conditioner. I am yet to find another brand that is completely natural and organic that doesn’t dry out my hair. The Mukti stuff is beautiful.

Ash says:

Does anyone know if they test on animals or use any animal produuts in their products? Thanks!

Georgia says:

Check out Moogoo, it is UNREAL. 100% natural and quality ingredients and it’s made in Australia but they post everywhere. They’re my holy grail products, especially the face oils and products.

Kerrie says:

Jess, I can’t believe it!!!!! I have been using Lucas Pawa Paw for at least 15 years. I have a tube of the stuff every spot in the house, every bag, and on my desk at work. Arghhhhh. I can’t believe I have over looked the fact that it contains petroleum. I will throw them all out and make the switch to Suvana. How did you discover this? Is it false advertising that they do not list this on the ingredients list? I now see that the packaging lists Papaya as 39mg/g!!!!

On another note, I concur with Inika, great stuff. For face products I use an Australian Brand, MiSMo. It isn’t organic, but I believe all the nasties are left out. I also love Weleda Almond Moisture Cream and Weleda Almond Soothing Facial Oil.

For shampoo and conditioner, you could try Desert Essence Italian Red Grape Shampoo & Conditioner. I have extremely thick, curly hair, that left for a couple of days resembles the beginnings of dreadlocks. The conditioner is very thick and rich, and I am able to get my comb through with it.

I purchase both Weleda and dessert Essence products from
You will find the Shamppo & Conditioner on special for $6.97, reduced from $19.95 in the bargain bin. I love specials.

If the products contain ingredients that you would’t be able to use, would you mind pointing them out to me.

Keep going strong xxx

Jenn says:

Aveda and Spa Ritual are amazing as well. I always use their products and they are naturally sourced.

Amy says:

Hey Jenn, you may want to investigate Aveda products further. I can’t be certain but I hear they are guilty of some “greenwashing” and that not all of their ingredients are as natural or non-toxic as you may think.

A great resource for info and reviews about truly natural and organic bath & body products is the Glamorganic Goddess, at

My favorite natural & organic products come from a small cottage-industry company located in Utah called Bubble & Bee: On top of having great products they also try to educate their customers about toxic ingredients, and will respond to you personally if you have questions.

I basically won’t rub anything into my skin anymore that I couldn’t eat. I make a lot of my own products too – for example I never buy body lotion any more, I just mix sea salt, olive oil, epsom salt and some essential oils to make a lovely scrub I use in the shower – no additional moisturizer needed. I also scrub my face with finely ground coffee mixed with sweet almond oil. There are tons of ideas and recipes online of course.

Jess, I’ve just recently found you and really love your site. Thanks for what you are doing!


Sandy says:

can you suggest other websites that you found recipes on?

Shana says:

I’ve found out that Abra organics are Not all that organic after all. Ingredients are not natural.

Bec says:

Do you know anything about the SUKIN range?

Jade says:

I would love to know too! I use their cleanser, toner & mosturiser as well as body wash. :-)

Jess says:

The Sukin range isn’t too bad, but they are not totally natural or organic. They use natural and organic extracts and oils, but they aren’t as clean as some of the other brands on the market. However, they are also far better than some other “green washing” brands out there.

Jade says:

I was wondering if you can recommend any hair dyes (I need to cover greys).

great herbal dyes are herbatint, most health shops will have them. Some of my friends with chronic fatigue & allergies have used them for years & loved them.
Another beautiful chemical free, vegan botanical skin care is safe & wonderful for women men & children.

Jess says:

Hi Jade, This is an area I’m yet to find a solution to. I use 3% hydrogen peroxide on my hair, but this strips colour rather than adds it. My Mum recently had to let her natural grey come through because we couldn’t find any hair colours that are totally natural. Sorry! As soon as I do though I will be posting about it. :)

Nada says:

How about henna

Lola says:

Jade….regarding an organic hair color…..I’ve tried Surya Cream Hair Color (they also make the powder henna, but I don’t use that one). The cream is SO easy to apply and it works great! It really does cover the gray. It’s only a semi-permanent color and washes off after about 7 washes. I first put it on May 11th and barely touched it up because it’s not washing off a lot. This product is right up there about 85% organic. I also found Organic Color Systems hair color that is even cleaner. The thing is that they only sell to salon professionals. One of my closest friends has a salon and is ordering these so I will be able to use them. I hope this information is useful.

Bobbi says:

On what basis do you say that Organic Color Systems is cleaner than Surya? I’m using Surya and it’s perfect so far.
Just wondering.

Midge says:

Hey Jess,

I am ashamed to admit I was watching a Dr Oz show the other day and he was talking about the problems with powder form Mica Makeup.
He said that minerals such as Mica, which are used for industrial purposes as well, these tiny particles are a thousand times smaller than predecessors from even 10 years ago. Their small size makes for a smoother, more flawless look, but it has one serious unintended consequence. The particles are so tiny they fall quickly through the air and can be inhaled easily into your lungs. When construction workers use mica in products such as spackle, they wear masks to protect their lungs from scarring over time. Though there are no studies showing damage from makeup use to date, experts say the long-term use and inhalation of minerals in makeup can lead to inflammation, irritation and lung disease in women and girls.
Because of this I have been a bit wary and never noticed how much of that crap floats around the bathroom once I have finished applying it. So to use it up I mix the powder in with my moisturiser to form a liquid foundation so less of it gets airborne…. What do you use?? powder of liquid foundation

Jenn says:

Why are you ashamed to admit you were watching Dr.Oz?

Midge says:

Because he is a scare mongering fraud!

Jade says:

Haha! I agree Midge!

Kristine and Lyall says:

I’m not fussed on Dr. Oz either. To me he seems a bit ‘smooth’ and too groomed. There seems to be some good ‘stuff’ on his show, however there is some deception there. Lyall

Jess says:

Hi there! I use the powder from the INIKA range. I have not tried the liquid yet, but I plan to. :)

Kristy C x says:

I use the liquid in Biege just love it xxx


Thanks for this post, it’s very informative. I’m sure it’s hard for you to reply to each post, but I’m curious if you’ve heard of Proactiv Solution Skin Care…it’s used VERY widely here in the States and I believe internationally…I’ve used it for years and it’s one of the only products that seems to keep my skin clear. I highly doubt it’s natural or organic in any way, though. What are the worst ingredients to avoid in a skin routine…..and if you are familiar with Proactiv…is it as nasty as a few friends have told me?

Jess says:

Hi Jenni,

I’m so sorry to say this but Proactiv is probably definitely as nasty as your friends are saying. It is completely full of carcinogenic and other harmful ingredients. To find out how bad it is, have a ready of the ingredients and type them into this data base: It will give you a hazard rating plus what the ingredient does to the body. Some bad ones to look out for (but there are many others) are parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, fragrance, talc. Have a read of this article as it outlines the most nasty ones:

Hope this helps!

Gustoso says:

Grab yourself a copy of the excellent book called – The Healthy Skin Diet by Karen Fischer

This is VERY helpful, thanks for taking the time to reply…I will check out all those links and have no problem cancelling my proactiv package…ha, time for a change!

Annabelle says:

Chiming in- I had an issue with skin and I guess like most things, there is a unique pattern for all of us…but diet changed EVERYTHING….. there are somethings now I do not eat, and my tongue, nose, eyes and hands will actually show subtle rejection to what is not quite right for me….check out foods, (even coconut does it for me)….as a very active person( in all aspects) I went hunting like this: nutritionist, lady that massages me….naturopath..conversations…blood type…pick up on a scent ,trust your intuition and WAHOO…. the cleaner I got the ducks started to line up in a narrow way….that was right for me….and now it is down to smell and sight….. Sometimes it can be constitution…thinking…feeling…being mystified by this human body so finely tuned to support life…..just knowing yourself and listening lovingly…..and being un-believably gorgeous just as you are….

Lone says:

I use Sukin products and really love them except for the hair Shampoo & Conditioner. They don’t seem to suit my hair type. So I am going to try Mutki Shampoo & Conditioner. Thanks for passing on this info. I only like to use natural products on my skin. My daughter uses Gaia products.

Louise says:

Hi, Jenni. I have oily, sensitive skin that is prone to pimples. Since using Mukti’s “Sebogel” I have had no problems with pimples. It’s highly effective but also very very gentle and doesn’t contain anything that may exacerbate your situation such as menthol. I can also highly recommend Mukti’s gentle foaming cleanser. After using that, I would not try anything else.
Good luck.
Louise :)

Kerry says:

Hi Jess,

I too come from Coolum area & was wondering if you could give me a list of places to get all those products.
I’m gathering they would come from health food shops, maybe maroochydore or the organic shop @ Forest Glen ??
Could you let me know ………………. Thanks

Kind Regards

Jess says:

Hi Kerry,

Yes, the Natural Food Store in Forest Glen has most of these. That is where you will find Mukti, Inika. Aubrey Organics lip balm can be found at Inner Glow Health in Tewantin.


Kerry says:

Thanks for taking time out & replying.
Can’t wait to try them.

Take care,
Kerry xx

Kerry says:

Sorry Jess I mentioned this on your FB page also.
I was wondering what is a good / safe sunscreen I could use as I’m a Pet Nanie & work out doors.
I just use Auscreen 30+ from woolies.

Gustoso says:

Sunscreen is a minefield.

I bought UV natural sunscreen which is zinc oxide only. It’s thick so it’s best for the face. My hubs doesn’t like it because it’s not easy to spread over legs and arms.

I trust this website/shop Vitalenatural –, and she stocks Wot Not. I’ll try this next time.

Kerry says:

Thank you, Gustoso
Will defiantly look into that.
Was also told to try Eminence, apparently they have a very good one also.

Lisa says:

Try Wotnot sunscreen: organic & natural
Also Sarah Wilson has researched the area, her post is quite helpful

Goodbye Lucas Pawpaw ointment!! Hello Suvana!!

Kristine and Lyall says:

Thanks Jess. A good list for Kristine. I had a little chuckle when I read how you gave your old beauty products away, because a couple of hours ago I went through our Christmas Crisco boxes and went to throw out the white sugar a.k.a. white-death / slow-poison. Kristine said to keep it as it’s good mixed with borax to kill ants. Kind regards, Lyall

Katie says:

Hey Jess! A fantastic post, as always! Some really useful information! I’ve just about got the organic food/juices thing sorted, but needed some help with the rest- thank you!

Will have to get my Lucas Pawpaw ointment addiction in check though- bring on Suvana!

Hope you’re having a great day!

Midge says:

FYI Target sells the Suvana Lip balm here in Oz

Naomi says:

Hi Jess, What about Miranda Kerr’s KORA products? they’re touted as organic. They certainly smell nice and natural! I’d be interested to know your thoughts, the fact that they’re missing from your list makes me think it must be bad news….?

Jess says:

Hi Naomi,

I actually haven’t tried Kora but I believe it is pretty good as well. I looked at the ingredients on the Kora website and I didn’t think it was as pure as Mukti, which is why I haven’t tried it. But it is definitely a good, safe option.


Naomi says:

thyank for your reply : ) x

Sarah says:

Hi Jess,

Thanks for a great post. Good to see some great and upmarket organic brands. I have recently been introduced to La Mav products and Inika make-up. I am so happy to see both brands listed here. They have certainly made to my favorite list. Inika is all natural beautiful mineral make up while La Mav is anti-ageing. The one thing I absolutely love about La Mav is that it absorbs quickly, works well under make-up and their nectars are gorgeous (Antioxidant Nectar is my favorite). I have used Mukti in the past but my ageing skin needed a bit more than Mukti.
Have a great Christmas!

amy southorn says:

I love Suvana its yum. I also use Hemp Organics lip tints, Inika eyebrow pencil and Mychelle concealer and blush. I was using Larenim mascara but just realised, right now that it contains a nasty! Also Living nature tinted moisturiser. Thanks so much for the links to some goodies!

Peggy says:

Hi Jess,

Great post – as always! In one of your earlier beauty posts, you listed Miessence as a brand that you recommend. I noticed that none of their products are listed above. Do you still recommend them? I hope so – I’ve actually just ordered a trial shampoo and toothpaste!


Jess says:

Hi Peggy,

Yes, Miessence is great! I just wasn’t happy with how it was on my skin, which is why I don’t use it. It’s still a great organic brand though.


Nada says:

Sorry to be a pest but can you tell me where products or brands are stocked? Especially if Inika products are found in a store rather online soi can try

Jess says:

Hi Nada,

Where are you located? On the Sunshine Coast most of these can be found at the Natural Food Store in Forest Glen, Inner Glow Health in Tewantin, and Flannery’s in Maroochydore.


Nada says:

In Sydney, in the inner west.

Melissa says:

Hi, does anyone have any recommendations for fragrances?

Jess says:

Hi Melissa,

I haven’t tried these, but I’ve heard they are good. All natural and organic as well:


Beck says:


I have used the Laverna organic liquid makeup foundation which was good & easy to use – I am now waiting to try Zuii organic makeup which I am really excited about as it is made in Australia and from flower essesence!!!! I love Mukti and have used them in the past. I also use and absolutely love the BOD range found in some natural food stores – it has some 100% organic products and some that are as close to as possible. My girlfriends and I particularly love thier Shampoo and Conditioner and body oils – absolute Bliss and I often get comments on my ‘perfume’ when it is just the body oil I put on my legs, its that gorgeous. As for cleanser & moistuiser I just use Melrose organic liquid soap as a cleanser followed my organic jojoba oil at night and in the morning under mineral makeup – my skin seems to really like it as I have had no problems what so ever and its pretty cheap too! BTW I would also definatley err on the side of liquid mineral makeup over powder for to lessen the powder inhaled. Thanks for a great post Jess. xox

Kasia says:

I’ve been using coconut oil and shea butter (for my body and face).
I also found a good organic face cream by Lavera (I checked if the ingredients are safe in Skin Deep first):
Sanoflore is a delicious French brand. I could really recommend their lip balm:
However, I’ve never found a good organic shampoo. All of them make my hair very dry. I tried honey and soap, no results… Could you recommend an brands available in Europe?

Darlene Sky says:


I also was using Pro Activ for a few years, recently I’ve been switching to all things organic and natural, and I did a bit of research on Pro Activ and found out how bad it is. I believe your skin gets “addicted” to it, and once you stop be prepared to break out for awhile, but it’s worth the switch. I’m now using Aubrey Organics, which are made in Tampa, FL (where I live). A great website to get all kinds of natural products for 30-70% off is


Thanks for the info, you know…that idea of the skin becoming “addicted”…that makes a lot of sense. I’ve never allowed any other products the time to work. I think I’ve been too much in need of a quick fix, rather than letting a more natural remedy ride out. I’m in the middle of changing my diet and becoming more active holistically…so hopefully all these little changes along with natural skin care will really help my skin :) I’ll have to check out that brand! Thanks again :)

Cat says:

Hi Darlene,

Could you tell us what are you using for acne prone skin?


Jacqui says:

hi ladies, loving this thread! jess thanks for bringing up, its so important.
i use a few different organic products, some i have found at st andrews market in melbourne but you can order online – i use the sea mineral face cream and its fantastic and

Becca says:

I am usually a lurker ;) but wanted to share my favorite organic store. It is called Bubble and Bee Organic. The owner, Stephanie, is just wonderful. I originally found them when I was looking for a truly organic deoderant. I think the Body Butta and lip balms are my favorite!

Jacqui says:

forgot to mention the beautiful Tinkerbox products from WA!

Dalai Lina says:

I love all of the side conversations! I’m going to have to see how easy it is to get some of these in the US. I look at products through EWG’s Skin Deep database… I also adore and try recommendations from Sophie Uliano (gorgeouslygreen) Thanks, again, for getting the conversation started!

Ren says:

I have always had spots on and off and doing the Gerson Therapy made it much more noticable, esp since make up was mostly out. Until I found – all natural mostly essential oil blends. The face wash is an oil and it sounds odd but it is the best cleanser I have ever had! After watching Nadine (the creator) lecture for David Wolfe I was keen to check out her range, I wasn’t dissappointed. I am a total convert.

Katie says:

Wow Ren- thank you so much for this recommendation! Living Libations is a great website! As soon as you mentioned David Wolfe, I was straight there!

Thanks again!

Midge says:

A word of warning with Natural Toothpastes, try to steer clear of those that contain the ingredient “carrageenan” This is nasty stuff google it

Lone says:

If anyone is interested in Natural Toothpaste I use Oram Plus at It’s totally organic oils. It’s wonderful for clearing a tooth infection as well as using as a toothpaste. After applying the oil drops on the tooth brush you can dip the brush into Bicarb soda and brush your teeth to give them a sparkle.

Jen says:

Also try the ones that do not have Glycerin, this coats the teeth and prevents re-mineralisation. Himalayan rock salt and sea minerals make a great mouth wash and mineralise the teeth as well as anti bacterial. :).

Jen says:

Hi Jess,

I’ve just recently started using argan oil for my face (not organic) and Dr. Bonner’s oganic Coconut Oil for my body – the same coconut oil I use for baking periodically. So far so good – my skin’s been feeling great. What are your thought on these? I like using them because they’re each just one ingredient. Also, the coconut oil is an affordable option because the really good stuff out there are so so expensive and certainly something not everyone can afford to buy.

Also, have your tried or hearts of Vapour Organic Beauty?
I just purchased their “essential mini collection” (with foundation, blush, etc.) because it was the only semi-affordable healthier option out there. Does this strike you as a not bad option? I think that’s the problem I and friends have been personally encountering – to purchase the healthy stuff for face, body, home, food – it’s all just so expensive . . .

toni says:

I use raw organic honey as a cleanser in the morning, it is an idea i got from the crunchy betty blog. She also outlines how you can mix it with oil to get your makeup off too. That’ll be next on my to-do list. No nasties in that!

Brooke says:


I’m loving the Eminence Organics line. Everything I have used smells great and feels amazing. I have finicky skin and nothing has bothered me yet.

Also for makeup this stuff is amazing!

I am interested to check out the things you have mentioned.


Tina says:

I love Eminence Organic products, I use the Blueberry Soy Exfoliant cleanser and the Naseberry treatment cream (for aging skin) I enjoy that it is handmade in Vancouver, B.C (I am from Alberta Canada) and any distributor needs to take a course on the products. I plan on trying more products now that I find I am loving these. They smell like food!

Jen says:

Now this post I really like! thanks Jess! I said to my family I want natural skin care this Christmas and there is such a range now. Quite often I make my own oil blends and mix a good base with extra bits. I really would like to find a good home made skin care range resource page . I have a cupboard of great ingredients. I recently bought 4 litres of local bio dynamic cold pressed olive oil and plan on making tubs of scrub and moisturiser cream with it. Is anyone a buff at making their own. Would love to hear :)

Tina says:

a lovely body butter for summer (it needs to be kept refrigerated) is mixing organic cocoa powder with organic coconut oil, about a Tbsp of powder to 1 cup of oil. Smells decadent! you could probably try the coacoa with your olive oil.

Georgia says:

Going to the website of one of the “best natural brands” featured here, Adorn’s Lashing Out Mascara contains the following synthetics “…Polyvinyl Alcohol Copolymer… Propylene Glycol, Triethanolamine (TEA), Carbon Black, Nylon Fiber (Nylon-66)” and there is Hydroxymethlglycinate in their skincare range.

100% natural ? Non toxic? Some of those ingredients are the chief offenders!

There are lots of ‘natural’ brands with dodgey ingredients. They may start off natural but add new products later with nasties. Or they’ll only tell you the key ingredients instead of all of them. Or they ‘forget’ to mention the products that are exceptions. It’s called greenwashing. So read the ingredients and if you don’t recognise whether one’s safe or not, just Google it!

Gustoso says:

…Or grab the book “The Chemical Maze”. I had to throw out half of my “natural” and “organic” beauty products.

Georgia says:

great cheap book! or for a freebie that’s handbag size print the ingredient checklist on any of the newsletters on
I agree with Jen that Argan Oil is great for the hair and face and instead of using hand cream. or blend with pure jojoba oil to bring the cost down. there are a few brands around of both, just make sure you read the list of ingredients.

which brings me back to my original post wondering how adorn which is NOT 100% natural and non-toxic made the Wellness Warrior best natural beauty brand list? part of an independent review is properly checking out that the claims are in line with the facts. as someone wanting to avoid cancer causing ingredients it is really time wasting when unethical brands make claims that their own ingredient listing then contradicts.

Pamela says:

What a great run down of some really high quality natural brands. I do find most of these a bit pricey. I have been using all of the Absolutely Gorgeous products and find them amazing.

They have some organic products but not certified and some that are as close to as possible. I have introduced the range to some of my friends and they are also hooked! I particularly love thier Body Custard and Oranic Rosehip Oil as well as their hand cream.

Thanks for a great post Jess!!

dani says:

Hi Pamela, I just had to mention this. I’ve come across this brand and they often use fragrances, which aren’t great for you! The body custard that you mention contains fragrance. If you do some reading on fragrances you’ll never go back!

yana says:

wanted to ask you guys – what are your thoughts on Olive Gold 03?? they say it’s really great to use on the face too. It has stabilized suspended oxygen molecules (and something along those lines? I am using it, it’s OK, but I’m not sure yet what to say

Jen says:

I just got ‘Botani’ for Christmas. what do you think Jess ? mostly plant based, with natural and organic ingredients. Packed in dark glass containers, and eco friendly. I have never used these products before but from what I can see would rate ok and far safer than mainstream (chemical laden) badies. :) They smell devine.

Jess says:

Hi Jen, these products look great! Thanks so much for sharing. xx

Jen says:

They are available at priceline pharmacies ….which is Fab to see! :)

Leanne says:

Anyone know if Mukti products can be purchased directly in the states? I was really excited to try their products after reading this article but the shipping prices are so high ($40+)! I know it ships from Australia, but I currently use Miessence, which is also based in Australia, and they ship $5 flat, so I was blown away by the $40 shipping price for these products. My skin is so bad these days, I’m tempted to just shell out the money, but if anyone knows where I can buy these products and pay more reasonable shipping I’d be forever grateful. Thanks!

Jen says:

Hi I would drop them an email and see what they can offer also try this site for ordering their products and see if there is a difference.

Jen :)

Stephanie T says:

I’ve recently discovered Annmarie Gianni Skincare products and am loving every one I’ve purchased so far. My favorites are the Tisane shampoo and conditioner and the Aloe Herb Facial Cleanser. The customer service is superb. I’m jhoping that a local store begins carrying it so I can avoid shipping charges.

Kate says:

Stephanie, I have just started using Annemarie Gianni products as well and they are really beautiful although quite expensive. I emailed them about the shipping costs and they suggested Be Good Organics who are in New Zealand. The shipping is so much cheaper and they are wonderful to deal with.

Melinda says:

Hi Kerry

If you want to buy instore rather than online, you may also like to try Organika in Noosaville. They sell most of the products Jess has mentioned and have a great range of everything organic.

Michaela says:

Hey, Have you ever tried The All Natural Face? It’s a woman in the states that makes vegan natural mineral make up

This is all I ever put on my face and it’s SO SO SO affordable! a $15 pot of the mineral powder foundation would easily last me 2 – 3 months.

You can order samples cheaply and try before you buy :)

kat says:

What about Jane iredale?

Lisa says:

Wow. I just went to my bathroom cupboards and put everything full of chemicals (most things) into a plastic shopping bag. And I’m proud/ashamed to say I filled it!

However it was very liberating saying goodbye to all those bottles of nasties.

I’ve got my crystal salt deodorant, organic rose hip oil and Akin shampoos & conditioners and I’m off to the health food store to get a few more products. I love the Suvana honey & paw paw ointment: the honey makes it taste delicious.

Thanks for the list Jess and to all the commenters: what an awesome list that’s been created!

Lisa :-)

Mai says:

Hi Jess, I’m about to go on the Gerson Therapy. Is Mukti products allowed when on the Gerson Therapy? Looking for shampoo, conditioner, facial cleanser, lotion, lip balm, eyeliner, mascara, and deoderant.
Thank you so much,

Jess says:

Mai » Hi Mai, not really. No products are allowed on Gerson Therapy specifically. Mukti is the cleanest I’ve come across, so I made the decision to use their cleanser, shampoo and conditioner. Gerson does not recommend using any beauty products at all, however I use Inika mascara, eyeliner and mineral powder if I need to go somewhere. I don’t use deodorant anymore, but I was using the Aubrey Organics E Plus High C. x

Mai says:

Thanks Jess, I have really enjoyed your blog and have learned so much from all your posts :)

emma says:

I LOVE inika cosmetics!!!!!!

beccy says:

I love the Inika mineral makeup but did not know they did other products. I will flicking last night and saw them on QVC with the greats packs a really good prices. I love the eyeliner colours… Beccy

emma says:

I too was obsessed with lucas paw paw ointment but had to stop using it as it kept making my lips swell up. I coulndt understand why, thought I might have just been allergic to paw paw. makes so much sense now. I have also recently bought an aveda shampoo thinking that it would be great for my dry, brittle hair only for it to make it 10 times worse … good bye $50 dollars of hard earnt money. Will have to try some of these products instead :)

Hi Jess,
Love Mukti and Inika but have also used Jane Iredale and am wondering if you have also looked into her products? I will look myself when I get home but am at work and am now wondering…..

Casey Ieraci says:

Hi Jess –
I love your website, and thank you for your list of products to help everyone be more aware of what we put on our skin everyday.
I have also just discovered ‘Dianne Caine Products’ who has a great range of everyday natural products from skincare to laundry powder.
I think its worth your time to check her site out and give a review!!!
Love n light :)

Nancy says:

This is such great information! And the comments are so helpful. I wanted you all to know about my all-natural lip color line. We make all natural lipstick, lip gloss, and lip pencils that are award winning from the Natural World! We are known for being exceptionally emollient, moisturizing, and conditioning, and providing beautiful, wearable colors. Please take a look; we are very proud of our ingredients and the support we receive from women all over the country just like you!

Rachael says:

I can’t thank you enough for this list! Wow, you saved me a lot of work!! I have one recommendation to All chemical free and most products are organic. Products for hair, skin and body. Some of the best stuff I’ve ever used!!

Colette says:

Hi jess, long time reader, first time poster. I just dropped a small fortune on Ikou skin care today. Any thoughts on this brand? Are organic and natural apparently…

Jess says:

Colette » Hi Colette, thanks for posting! I had not heard of Ikou until you mentioned it so I am not too sure. They don’t seem to have the ingredients on their website, and the site doesn’t actually say that they are organic so I would say not. Read the ingredients labels and type anything you don’t recognise to be natural into the Skin Deep database:

Lisa says:

Hi, Jess.

Have you heard of the product line, 100 percent pure? I’ve tried a few of their products and I really like them. is the website. Can you check this out for me and see what you think?

Thanks, Lisa

Cara says:

Hi Jess,

I have recently started using the Origins skin care range. Can you comment whether or not this brand is legit?

Thanks a million!

P.s. I think you’re great!

Jess says:

Cara » Thanks Cara! I’m not totally sure about that one. It’s not organic, which tells me that it won’t be totally natural. I would check the ingredients and run any suss ones through Google or xx

Munique says:

I am really glad you took Marie’s advice and created “another” wellness business. You are such a blessing in my life! I can honestly say, “I LOVE YOU, JESS!” Thank you!!! :)

Sammy says:

What about The Body Shop products? I have been using them for a while now and find my skin has improved a lot and they are quite affordable. I love their new Nutriganics range. I’m hoping they are as natural as they seem to be. Obviously nothing can be 100% natural though.

Jess says:

Sammy » Hi Sammy, I am so sorry but The Body Shop products are not natural at all – not even their Nutriganics range. They are one of the worst green washing culprits because they market themselves as natural when they are so far from it. There are plenty of 100% natural products out there. My favourites are Mukti, Y Natural, Sodashi, and La Mav. x

Sammy says:

Thank you Jess. I am a little surprised though. The Nutriganics range I am using is pretty good and it is 98% organic (I did my research) Can you give me any links that prove their green washing tactics? Thanks, I shall check out your favs too.

liz says:


This definitely does not mean that they are 98% organic, just of natural origin. Send them a email asking them for a list of chemicals used in their processing, I’m sure that will clear it up for you.

Jacki Russel says:

Hi Jess,

I haven’t tried Mukti, Sodashi or Alexami but I’ve know that La Mav are amazing. All natural and organic:


fairy says:

Dear Jess,

thankyou for sharing all your knowledge and research with us. this is a great site. I wanted to ask, what do you think of jane iredale mineral make up?

Ninajeanette says:

Have you any experiance with Sanoflore products? and NYR products?

Elizabeth says:

Hi There,

What about Grown? Have you tried that or heard much about it?

I use Juice Beauty and Attitude products too. They are organic… but are they realllly?

Ashley says:

I also wanted to see what you think of Jane Iredale and Juice Beauty, any thoughts whether these brands are a yay or nay?

Thanks SO much for all your help, I am loving your site!

Dell says:

Thanks for this comment. I have oily skin too. I’m going to try now:)

Miriam says:

Miessence products are certified organic and offer a huge range for the whole family including makeup. Here is their website :

Laura says:

Hi Jess, what are your thoughts on Miranda Kerr’s KORA range???

Jess says:

Laura » It’s great too! I hadn’t tried it at the time of writing this post though, but it’s definitely on the good list. x

Lauren says:

Hi Laura,

I have had a look through some of the ingredients and it seems KORA products contain Benzyl Alcohol along with Glycerin.

Have a little look at this article. EVOHE is also a fantastic Australian skin care brand that I am loving at the moment.

I’m no expert and don’t want to sound preachy but I looked into KORA and I’m not overly confident in it especially for the price!

Good luck

Alysia says:

Beauty & the Bees, made in Tasmania and eco-friendly. Their shampoo bars and cider vinegar rinse have been the best thing to happen to my scalp/hair!

lucyloo says:

hi jess just wandering if u know how safe the In Essence skincare brand is or western australian Franc skincare, i was thinking of trying sodashi but came across these 2 aswell
thanks x

Lorraine Fitzjohn says:

Hi Jess Just thought I would let you know of an australian skincare range which is totally natural my daughter has tried I have tried the serum that can be used as a mask can even leave on all night the brand is Oshe.They dont have the ingredient list on the website but if you email or ring they will give you all the info. Always great info from you thanks a million.


Lis says:

I haven’t seen a comment about MooGoo yet! Love their products! They are especially great if you are sensitive to essential oils :)

Hey Jess whats Pure and Green Organics like?

Jess says:

Justine Murray » They look pretty good to me! x

Pearl says:

Where do you buy this stuff in Sydney??

Linda says:

Hi Jess,

Thanks so much for your informative site.

When I lived in Hobart, I came across some lovely skin products. More than Skin Deep has some lush moisturisers. I particularly like the ylang ylang skin balancing cream. No fancy marketing and very cheap too. Beauty and the Bees has some divine soaps and facial bars.

Also, can you recommend a natural tinted moisturiser?

Thanks again,
Linda x

Jade says:

Any thoughts on Sanctum products?

erinelizabeth says:

Jess – do you know anything about Lavera self tanning lotion, it’s advertised as organic.

I am looking for a certified organic skin cover for depigmentation. Some of the brands mentioned above have self tan products, but they stil contain the ‘developer’ chemicals and alcohol. Any clues?

Jess says:

erinelizabeth » I haven’t looked into that product, but Lavera seems to be a reputable brand. x

Alicia says:

Hi Jess,

Fantastic article! Really, really helpful :)

I was just wondering what you thought of RMS Beauty products?

I found them via Miranda Kerr’s website, ordered some and have found them to be fantastic. From what I read I thought they seemed legitimately green, and wondered what you thought?

Cheers and keep up the awesome work!

Melissa says:

Hey there :)
I’m curious about the brands Sukin and A’kin. They’re Australian made and owned. I think
Do you approve of their skincare line?

Brigette says:

Hey Jess, I would also love to hear your thoughts on A’kin?
Also Melissa, Jess said this about Sukin up above – ‘The Sukin range isn’t too bad, but they are not totally natural or organic. They use natural and organic extracts and oils, but they aren’t as clean as some of the other brands on the market. However, they are also far better than some other “green washing” brands out there.’
Hope that helps :) xx

Isabelle says:

Have you heard of the Miessence products? I’m in love! At almost 40 years old, I feel like I’ve finally found products that are not only CERTIFIED organic (at the food grace level, mind you!) but also efficient and pure. I could not recommend them more! :)

Isabelle says:

Not food *grace level, food GRADE level! Sorry!

Breanna says:

Yes To. Their brand, depending on what you get, is 98%-or-higher all natural. Well, their Yes To Carrots shampoo and conditioner are anyway. Maybe you could have a look at that brand also?

Anna says:

Hi Jess,
I am a little slow on the uptake here as have only just discovered your blog, but is there a toothpaste you recommend? I am making my way through a host of organic toothpaste brands and yet to find one that I really like.

Kylie says:

Does anyone know where to buy these brands on the Gold Coast, mainly Mukti & Inika?

Belle says:

I buy Inika online, has great sales all the time and has free shipping Aus-wide.

marili says:

thanks for sharing! i have the C as well…. looking forward to your updates.

Zoe says:

Hi Jess!
I’m a recent follower of your wonderful site and very seriously considering joining your Wellness Warrior Lifestyle Transformation Guide! I’m curious what you think of this brand out of San Fran, I’ve not tried any of their products before but saw them on my travels and wondered if it passes your personal quality approval? Thank you, thank you. I’m so grateful there is someone like you out there doing so much good for our health and happiness.

Hi Zoe, Ooh cool! Welcome to the tribe. This brand looks great. I’ve just taken a squiz at the ingredients and they all look super clean. Thank you so much! xx

Helesha says:

Hi I’m in melbourne and I was wondering where I can go and try and even go buy these products. Thanks

Kylie Morffew says:

Hi Jess
Great article but can you please kindly provide a little more info…a) where ate these products usually sold? And
b) a price guide for your selected products. Price is generally at the top of the list for consideration.
Thanks & look forward to your response.
Regards, Kylie

liz says:

Hi girls, I’ve spent a bit of time reading everyone’s replies and I have to say I’m quite surprised with some of the brands that are being recommended in the comments. As with food, you should be checking the actual product (not the range) you are putting on your skin is CERTIFIED organic. Even looking at the ingredients list is not enough – plenty of natural ingredients go through a chemical process to extract it from its source. And as for mineral makeup – did you know that a product can have as little as 1% mineral content to be called mineral makeup? If you don’t have time to research it all like many people, look for a certified organic logo, if you do, them email the company for a list of ingredients and processes all ingredients go through com start to finish. If they don’t tell you then you can assume it is not what you want to be putting on the largest organ your body – many hide behind “privacy” but all the good ones are open and honest and proud of their processes and products. Another one I’ve not seen mentioned here is they are 95-100% certified organic and located in the Margaret River region xxx

Ash says:

hi Liz,

I could not find 95-100% certified organic information on Savi organics website.

Ash says:

Hi Jess,

I have just checked mukti has 70 % of ingredinets organic whereas La Mav has 95% of it’s ingredients organic. Not sure why is Mukti no.1 on your list?


Hi Jess!!

Just wondering if you have ever tried any of the Miessence range? I am absolutely in love with it and now represent it :) Beautiful stuff for face, body, hair, health and home!! xx

Debbie says:

How do I purchase these products

Fi says:

Does anybody about the brand 100% pure ??

Mandy says:

Hi Jess, Have you had a chance to try the Miessence products? I see someone else mentioned them awhile back. I’m one of their reps and I’m more than happy to send you samples to try if you’d like. Their skin care products are Certified Organic to International FOOD Standards. You can’t get more pure than that! They use only the purest, most potent and freshly extracted natural and organic raw materials on the planet. And they are super transparent about all of their ingredients – this is what drew me to be a rep. (Or for anyone else reading this, I’m happy to send samples. I’m so passionate about these products!)

Rebecca says:

What do you think about Arbonne and their products?

Cindy Nielsen says:

Hi Jess – I haven’t heard of some of these brands, so thanks for the recommendations. My favourite organic brand for skincare is Akin – I love their products, and they also include some Australian Bush Flower Essences, as well as Essential Oils and other natural goodness. My favourite lip balms are from Moo Goo (all flavours) – and I also love their natural deodorant, and body wash, which are beautiful to use. I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and so have also gone completely organic with everything I eat and use (and even wear – if I can find organic clothing). Blessed Earth, in Maleny, Qld., have organic cotton undies that are so soft and comfortable – not at all in appearance like the underwear I used to wear, but I love knowing that I’m helping the planet by choosing organic. And I just recently found an absolutely delicious organic, natural shampoo and conditioner by I Love My Hair – Black Coconut and Tahitian Vanilla (yum!)

I hope your new organic lifestyle is assisting in your healing… Stay well xx

Tersh says:

Hi there
I know that this is probably a bit late, (I have only just discovered this website), but I was wondering if anyone had any information on the Cactus Skincare range? It has been recommended by a favourite Youtuber that I follow. It is also Australian.
If anyone can confirm if it is safe, that would be lovely.

hana says:

Hi Jess, I am amazed by your blog. I love that I can find information about all the healthy stuff in one place. Thanks you so much. Do you any organic shops in Adelaide?

Anna says:

Just read your blog – very interesting. I thought I would enlighten you about two New Zealand natural skincare ranges: Trilogy and Antipodes. Both made will all natural ingredients and sold all over the world.

Karen says:

I have not tried any of these other brands, but happened on your site and it is very good and quite interesting! Thanks! I have adopted a healthy and all natural lifestyle as well, a year or so ago and I am selling an all natural, vegan, non GMO line of makeup, health, wellness and skin are for all! Thee is also a baby care line and men’s which my hubby loves. Arbonne is the company and I would love for you to check it out and your readers as well and maybe rate it compared to the rest of the products you use and recommend. If anyone is interested in purchasing or even getting involved in selling, please contact me at my email and I can help with more info and you can get my phone number too. Take care and thanks. I look forward to seeing what you think of it.

Karen says:

I would love to get your feedback on Arbonne company products. I recently started using them and now I’m selling them; can I tell you all how it changed and transformed my life? I feel and look so great. My family uses it as well! We have anti aging and men’s skin are, baby line, shampoo, conditioner, masks, suncare, vitamins, cleanses, makeup, etc. if you go on the website you can see and read more about it and email me for info on the company or to start selling yourself! I was making my own products until I found them, some things I still do but this is an awesome company.

Shae says:

Hey Jess, hope your well. I was given your book for christmas and I finished in 3 days, I couldn’t put it down. Your such an inspiration, thank you! Do you know much about the brand Alima make up and if it is safe for your skin? It says its certified organic but how do you really know? Thanks

Shanti says:

Hi Jess,
What can you say about Sukin products?
I know that their moisturiser has a few nasties, but I think that their shampoo and body oil seems ok.
Can you check it out?
Thanks so much, Love your work xo

Bella says:

Hi, It’s great to see all this info here in one place. Do you recommend a safe concealer for medium skin, I have some rosacea and red blemishes I’d like to cover up and prefer to not have to wear foundation all over or I have not found one. I have combination skin, so looking for one that won’t dry out my skin, will blend easily but cover up the redness. I have had a hard time finding one. I saw some comments about the mineral make up and the concern of inhaling which I believe is a wise concern, are there any foundations that are safe to wear but don’t feel like you have a mask on your face? That’s what it has always felt like to me so I have always worn bare minerals when I actually wore a foundation but after the health issues that bothered me too….trying to find the best way to cover up what needs covering safely and somewhat comfortably if that makes sense.

Thanks for any input!

Bella says:

By the way, I forgot to mention that I have been using bare minerals mascara espresso color –—Black/USmasterflawless,default,pd.html but I cannot find it in the skin deep database and it has some very questionable looking ingredients in it. Is the Inika brand better then this? I checked out their website and the price was $39 not including shipping and there were questionable looking ingredients in that too. I know we won’t find perfect necessarily but I just want to spend wisely too. I did see in part of my search ECCO BELLA Natural Mascara on amazon that had way less ingredients: Purified water, carnauba wax, palmitic acid (from palm oil), clay, phenoxyethanol and iron oxides. It still has phenoxyethanol in it, just trying to discern which is the less toxic choice and at least somewhat affordable….
Thanks again Jess and others looking at this. It’s great to come together to brainstorm and share with one another!


Thanks for sharing your reviews about these beauty products. And thank you most for sharing your noble mission.

Hilde says:

Hello Jess,
What about John Masters haircare? And Ren Cosmetics? Can we believe them?
I’m so happy to find your blog. Helps a lot. Thank You!

Alysia says:

I just stumbled across this site while looking for some natural skincare options. Great post! On your recommendation, I tried Mukti. Liking it so far.

I thought I’d also recommend you a New Zealand made brand called Savar. They claim to be 99% natural and list their ingredients on the website. I love their face wash and moisturiser. If you do decide to try it out, let me know what you think.

Jeanne says:

Hello there!

Thank you so much for sharing this list. After reading this post of yours, I am now very excited to try these products. Anyway, I would just like to share that for my hair, I am using Shea Moisture Raw Shea Retention Shampoo. This is an organic shampoo, does not contain harmful chemicals and good for all hair types.

Ange says:

Hi Jess, I just came across your blog and this post in my preliminary search for an organic skincare range for a possible salon that I will be opening in the very near future. I will be looking into your suggestions and those in the comments. Thank you

Very nice to see your useful blog, I really like your blog a lot!!!

Thanks for sharing….

Han says:

What about a non-toxic nail polish brand?

suzan says:

Hi every body,
I used to have big problems with organic skin care products, but am getting in better shape now. Here’s a good site I found that really helped. It gave me great methods,and showed me what I was doing wrong before…there’s even lots of free articles on …

This blog was just what I was looking for! Thank you for the top tips!

Evie says:

was a bit dissapointed to see that mukti’s shampoo had sulfates in it :( but another good brand is NaturOli

Sophia Jacquelyn says:

Nice blog ,so you are are providing all the natural beauty products,which I am looking for a lot ,you are really doing a good work ,But recently 2 months back I got a wonderful site of online shopping of having all beauty products ,Now I am purchasing through

finola fegan says:

hi – great to read your list – im developing an all natural range of products for rosacea sufferers like me and i have been trying to get my brander to understand what i like in the way of packaging… i will just direct her to your website and show her the beautiful rich, nature inspired packaing of the MUKTI range…thanks so much Jess – your pic of yourself on this website is fab too – i got one done for my website and my god it is awfull..i love all things natural..good luck and good health Jess

Kate says:

My Favorite is Monsia!

Adriana says:

Thanks for this, I was just researching for more products. I love Sodashi but it is a bit pricey. Have just tried Ayurda products, they felt really nice too, know much about them? About to go an try Mukti! :)

Su Red says:

Great article!! Ive been on the search for so long for a face lotion for my sensitive skin that is natural, and Im going to try the La Mav one. What concerns me about Mukti is that theres alcohol in most of their stuff. Im not sure if you still get comments on this article, but these are great suggestion, so thank you! A couple others are Sante Logona, and Pai.