When did feeding ourselves become so complicated?

Posted November 22, 2011

Yesterday I achieved something I’ve been wanting for a long time – to guest post for Mia Freedman’s site Mamamia. I sent them this story almost a year ago, and yesterday they posted it for me. However, this morning it was taken down. Apparently the Mamamia team took a closer look at my website, decided they don’t agree with my views on certain health issues, and thought it would be best if they didn’t promote my work. That is okay. I don’t expect everyone to agree with the path I have chosen to save my own life, and all of the information I’ve collected along the way. However I do still want this post to have a place on the internet, which is why I wanted to re-post it here on my site. Because the original post was so old, I have made a couple of changes to the one you may have read yesterday. Hope you enjoy!


When did feeding ourselves become so complicated?

We need food to live. It’s pretty safe to say that this has always been the case. Way, way back in the day, even before the invention of sliced bread, our ancestors fed themselves to stay alive. They knew what to eat, when to eat and how to eat. They didn’t rely on nutritionists, dieticians, scientists, journalists or marketing hype to tell them what to chow down on; they just understood that certain things are made to be eaten and certain things aren’t. They used their common sense and intuition to guide them from the garden or the market to the kitchen. Then something strange happened. Food was no longer just food. Instead, food became the sum of all of its nutritional parts. Suddenly we needed a whole new vocabulary just to understand how to feed ourselves. We needed a science-type person to accompany us to the supermarket just so we could decipher between items that are fit to put in our gobs and items that aren’t. Whole food was out and antioxidant-, carbohydrate-, fibre-, protein-, phytochemical- and fat-content was in. We became a nation obsessed with nutrition. But did it make us any healthier? Funnily enough, no. Quite the opposite, actually. Puzzled? Turns out many of us are.

Michael Pollan, journalist and author of the best-selling In Defense of Food, describes the ideology around our thinking about food as ‘nutritionism’ – a pseudo-scientific way of looking at food. According to Pollan, nutritionism reduces food to its nutritional parts. We clever humans discover that a certain nutrient does wonders for our bodies and we try to isolate it, extract it and mass reproduce it. Take carrots, for example. Carrot is contains a highly beneficial nutrient called beta-carotene. Science guys got hold of this knowledge and decided to hunt down the beta-carotene in the humble carrot, extract it and make supplements out of it. They were a little bummed when they discovered that beta-carotene supplements were a poor-man’s nutrient in comparison to eating a whole carrot. Why? We haven’t yet figured out everything that goes on in a carrot. Vegetables in their whole form house a galaxy of nutrients, enzymes and other goodness that work together to deliver amazing benefits to your body.

Nutritionism also divides the world into good and evil, demonising certain nutrients while enshrining others. This would kind of make sense if the list of ‘good’ guys and ‘bad’ guys weren’t forever changing on us. Remember the days when protein was considered ‘bad’ and carbohydrates were ‘good’? Now it is the opposite. Thanks to Dr Atkins and his classmates, carbs are often wrongly accused of being evil. We may be clever enough to figure out that some carbs are bad for us, but we often forget that not all carbohydrates are created equal. The same goes for fat. The low-fat campaign began in the early 1980s and is just starting to fade out now. You know what else started around the early 1980s? The obesity epidemic and the rise of type-2 diabetes! Clearly, the science around these nutrition claims was not very sound. As soon as we were told to avoid fat at all costs, we began gorging on anything that was labelled as ‘low-fat’ and ‘fat-free’. Never mind the amount of sugar and refined carbohydrates that were taking its place and seeing us spiral into serious health decline.

Butter was another victim of the ‘low-fat’ campaign. Sure, butter is an animal fat and you should by no means use it as a condiment on everything, but it is a heck of a lot better than margarine. We now know that trans fats, as found in margarine, are lethal and responsible for many diseases. On the other hand, people have been successfully eating butter for around eight or 10 thousand years.

Cyndi O'Meara

Nutritionist Cyndi O’Meara is another voice I respect whole-heartedly. She wrote the brilliant book, Changing Habits Changing Lives. What I love about Cyndi is that she prescribes whole foods, and does everything she can to warn us about the ramifications of the modernised food system.

“When we put 80 additives into a prepared meal (just read the ingredients on a packaged food), how could we possibly know the ramifications on what it does to our body. The mind boggles at the stupidity of the food, science and sickness industry,” writes Cyndi. “Don’t be part of the experiment. Realise that nurturing your body with real foods free from chemicals and additives is the best thing you can do for your health and nurturing.”

Nutritionism undermines our instincts. This modern, western style of eating has made us forget that we have things like culture, tradition and in-built common sense to tell us what we should and shouldn’t be eating. As Michael Pollan puts it, “People have eaten very well for thousands of years before they even knew what an antioxidant was, and they can do it again.”


What are we to do? Forget all of the lingo and stick to the basics. Eat foods that are as close to their natural state as possible and good health will follow. Weight loss will be a given. If it can sit in your pantry for years and not go bad, don’t eat it. If it contains ingredients that you can’t pronounce, don’t eat it. If you pick up something that your great-grandmother wouldn’t recognise as food, don’t eat it. It is that easy. By eating local, organic, fresh whole foods you can’t really go wrong. Your body is designed to eat food from the ground and if you feed it accordingly it will reward you by carrying you through a long, healthy and happy life.


What do you think about nutritionism? I’d love to hear your thoughts on the topic.


Positive affirmation for the day: I look for the lesson in every challenge and fight I face.


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I am in shock. Since when did such a perfectly reasonable (and truthful by the way) point of view….yes your article is brilliant and truthful and full of common sense, as is Cyndi’s book and quotes…..pose a threat to the good standing of Mamamia as a blog/website/business? I just don’t get it. Obviously the food companies have had a say in this, because nothing you say in your article is wrong Jess – in fact it is information that everyone needs to know, every parent needs to know for every child. If you can’t bake it, read it, pronounce it, cook it or grow it then don’t eat it! Simple. I am kinda miffed that they took down your article – can you tell? In fact I intended to meander over there today and read it, but that won’t be happening. It is not like you were talking about Gerson or totally “alternative” cancer treatments…you were talking about food. A plain common sense article about food. It makes me so mad that a website that is supposed to be sharing information for parents censors information that parents really need to hear. I would love to know who complained. I bet it wasn’t the parents. But THANK YOU for writing this and for putting it back out there. Rest assured I will be sharing it, because I know a LOT of parents. And I know that they like to have freedom of choice and to look at ALL options for their children. They are smart people and they are already making choices that are starting to change the way the food industry is working, so we need to keep asking questions. Well done Jessica. Brilliantly written!

Thank you SO SO much for your support Donna. You rock!! xxx

I stopped reading Mamamia months ago when I realized they(mamamia and commenters) don’t support other opinions and only want people who think the same as them, that’s my opinion anyway!! Loved your article Jess!

Mamamia obviously cares more about their image than getting diverse health info out there to help people. Any site that censors will no longer be read by me!

I agree completely with Donna and am disappointed at Mia and the Mamamia blog. Censorship of this kind is truly disturbing and hints at where advertising dollars are coming from.

Our family, my wife Ang, children of 11, 9 and 5, and I, have wrought some significant changes to our diets over the last few year and the change is dramatic. Do the kids kick and scream? Not at all. We have spoken to them about why we have reduced meat, dairy and sugar consumption and the dangers of processed and fast foods, especially processed sugars and trans fats. Recently our 9 year old daughter, after discussing this with her teacher, decided to watch Supersize Me. She is now militantly anti fast food.

Keep up the good work Jess, people are reading and making a change for the better.

Thank you Grant! That is amazing that you and your family are making these changes. I love hearing that kids are embracing this stuff! You keep up the good work as well :)

Hiya Jess,

Really disappointing to hear that this article was taken offline, I will do my best to share this with everyone I know! I have been eating a wholesome, meat, chicken, fish, veg, fruit, nuts, water and fresh juice diet for over 12 months now, have lost 18kgs, increased my immune system and energy levels dramatically!! I stopped all foods with sugar, colors and preservatives, buy organic fruit and veg and just wouldn’t look back!

Some people really “look-down” at you, think it’s weird or strange or not normal, unfortunately society has made us like this, big powerful companies are having a HUGE influence on people’s opinions and our health and general wellbeing!

It’s not until you start eating healthy that you realise how bad you were actually feeling before hand, and not to mention how important eating a healthy and wholesome diet helps to prevent ill health and disease!!

I know that there is a BIG movement happening right now, people are realising that it’s time to take back control of their health, their weight and their lives! I think Jess what you have written here is part of this, if no one expresses their opinions or shares their stories then where is this planet and the people on it headed???!

I know that one of the reasons it was taken down was the hypocrisy of someone who promotes the faddiest of fad diets, Gerson, telling people to stop worrying about food rules. Oh, except these rules I’m giving you now!

Glad you edited out the silly McDonald’s reference, pity you kept being rude about science.

Hi Deb, Gerson Therapy is by no means a “fad diet”. It is a therapy designed to reverse cancer. I follow it because I am reversing my body of cancer. I am not being hypocritical by telling people that eating whole foods is the best way to be healthy – that is pretty much the premise of the Gerson diet and really, it’s just common sense! It seems like you may have missed the point of the article.

The point of the article is clear, but it’s completely inconsistent with the dogmatic message of this blog.

Question: what would happen to a healthy person following the Gerson diet?

You see if it is carefully designed to reverse cancer, whatever that means, then it would have a negative effect on normal cells. Or it is just generally promoting health. If it is generally promoting health, then it is a ‘healthy diet,’ no?

As for ‘fads’ – what is the evidence supporting Gerson? Because if it is anecdotal, testimonial or ‘logic,’ then that is the definition of a fad – things that people like and promote.

I understand the point of the post, it’s very clear. It is also incongruent with the rest of your site which is based on extremely strict dietary rules.

Deb, if you were truly interested in learning about the effectiveness of Gerson Therapy and were willing to open your mind just a crack to consider it’s healing power, I would suggest you extend your research into it. I speak often on this site about how it is reversing my own “incurable” cancer, and by reversing I mean removing cancer cells from my body.

If a healthy person were to follow the Gerson diet, they would be rewarded with greater health. There is nothing un-safe about a Therapy that promotes clean, organic whole foods and juices.

From the Gerson website:

“With its whole-body approach to healing, the Gerson Therapy naturally reactivates your body’s magnificent ability to heal itself – with no damaging side-effects. Over 200 articles in respected medical literature, and thousands of people cured of their “incurable” diseases document the Gerson Therapy’s effectiveness. The Gerson Therapy is one of the few treatments to have a 60 year history of success.”

My site is not actually based on extremely strict dietary rules. The rules come into play when you are trying to reverse certain health issues (as I am with cancer). When trying to prevent these health issues, my message is ALWAYS the same – eat whole foods, eat plenty of veggies, get sunlight, get adequate sleep, have daily mental downtime, move your body and practice lots of self care. The post above is in no way incongruent with this message.

Thank you for giving me the chance to share this again with everyone. The more I can repeat it the better!

Interesting you try to hit with the ‘open your mind’ crack. My usual comeback is ‘if your mind is too open your brains will fall out,’ although someone recently introduced me to ‘if your mind is too open people will fill it with rubbish.’ What they are both saying, is that if you want to have an open mind, you need to have a strong filter to question whether what you are putting in is good or bad – just accepting everything is as bad as accepting nothing.

With that in mind, let’s examine this thread, shall we? Your followers have jumped to conclusions – conspiracy and censorship – and you have done nothing to remonstrate with them. That isn’t open, it’s actually very closed because it doesn’t consider other explanations. Now you’ve called me close minded and I’ve said you and your followers are close minded – do we have equally bad vibes or is one of those worse even though they’re the same thing?

As for Gerson, I’m glad we agree that it is ‘a healthy diet.’ So my point is, how can you say on the one hand that something very restrictive is ‘a healty diet’ yet also promote ‘don’t follow rules.’ I’m not talking about whether those rules are good or bad, I’m pointing out your internal inconsistency. I know I didn’t express it very well in my last comment.

I’m glad you’re convinced by the Gerson testimonials. However forgive me if I don’t consider that research. My ‘research’ has convinced me of the opposite, but I’m not the one proselytising. The onus is on the person making the claim to back it up with evidence, and ‘their website says so!’ isn’t particularly convincing. However I don’t expect you to do that in a comment thread, I have looked around this blog as well. And as I said above, my point is not about whether or not Gerson is healthy but about you and your thinking. I really hope you read some of these – affirmation is nice, but sometimes the people who push you to question are better friends than the ones who blindly agree with you.

I think it is important to notice that Jess often posts recipes that don’t follow the Gerson protocol. Clearly she is not against all foods that she is not allowed to eat.

It is unfortunate that even the best scientists are being ‘shut up’ by big pharma, Deb. And right now, it appears you are the one being rude!

Conspiracies are always fun. Do you have anything to support that, or is it just the vibe?

I’ve called someone hypocritical. You have labelled people (because big pharma is actually people, isn’t it) as out to maim and hurt others for profits. As have others on this site, which the author has let pass without comment or remonstrance. I don’t know about you, but on my politeness scale calling someone a hypocrite ranks fairly far above calling people murderers or accusing them of wholescale assault. Right now, it appears you are the one being rude!

In the original post, Jess’s language about scientists is derogatory. Before my comment others accused Mama Mia of censorship. While ‘she started it’ is not an argument, in this case the author and commentators at this site seem to have forfeited the right to politeness, since they can’t be bothered extending it to others.

Hi Deb, I don’t like to censor anyone’s comments but I have noticed that everything you write is derogatory to me and my readers. If you don’t like what I have to say, perhaps you should look for your information elsewhere. If you continue to make these misinformed comments, continue to tarnish the vibe of my site, and continue to make my supportive followers uncomfortable, I am going to have to start deleting you.

That’s fine, Jess. I won’t come back. I’m just interested that you dont like my vibe and yet you are more than happy for accusations of censorship and mass assault for money to pass. Aren’t they more negative? And as I pointed out in my comment – perhaps if you don’t like derogatory language, you shouldn’t use it about others. Hypocrite may not be a nice thing to call you, but you’ve proven with this comment just how accurate it is. The truth stings, doesn’t it.

Believe it or not I feel for you, you are in an incredible situation to have to deal with and it doesn’t sound like you had any good options. I respect that you’re doing what you think is right. However I value questioning and reality above feeling happy. Perhaps rather than a kneejerk reaction that I’m being mean you’ll actually read some of the comments and wonder why we’re reacting like that. Did all those people on Mama Mia get upset with you because they were nasty and don’t want to eat vegetables? Or did your tone, your writing and your message contribute to that?

There is no need to feel for me Deb, I have more blessings that anyone I know. The reality is that I feel happy AND I am healthy. The only part of me that looks less than healthy is my crooked finger which is bent like that from chemotherapy and surgery. I realise there is no point in explaining how this could be to someone who is so adamant to question natural therapies without just accepting that not everything has to have a scientific explanation (although Gerson has actually been scientifically proven – it’s the lack of profit it brings in that silences this), so I just lead by example. The proof becomes clear in the fact that I have not only prevented my cancer from spreading whatsoever in the past 2 years (when it was spreading quite quickly before that) but also that my tumours are slowing going away. If you can explain how this could be, if it isn’t because Gerson Therapy actually works, I would love to hear it.

The tone is my writing is not negative or nasty, so I don’t see how it would contribute to the backlash my post received on Mamamia. Mia herself said that she loved the post. I just think that when people are not ready to hear that their lack of health and vitality is linked to what they put in their body, they can be a little hostile. That’s okay. I understand that we are all at different points on different paths, but I do still think that people who dare to put forward different opinions should be treated with respect, which is how I treat everyone. I have pretty thick skin, but I don’t think I deserve to be attacked in such a vicious way just because I’ve had the audacity to heal my body without naturally and put my story out there for the benefit of people who want to hear it. If you don’t want to hear it, or your not ready to hear it, read something else. It should be that simple.

I wish you all the best. I don’t know you, but a quick look at your Twitter tells me that if you care enough to rescue animals, you must be a caring person on some level. It’s a shame you don’t express it better in your comments.

Hi Jess, I am just curious as to how you know your tumours are going away. Your recent post and video on the coffee enemas seems to show marks on your arms that are fairly more numerous and prominent than previous pictures from earlier in the therapy. I have noticed that you have said that your tumours are “coming out through your skin” as though they are somehow making their way out of the body, but is this how tumours heal? Shouldn’t they be shrinking? How do you know they’re not just growing or spreading? You have also stated that you have not seen a conventional doctor since commencing Gerson therapy, but you have been sending blood tests to the Gerson clinic in Mexico which show positive results, but are you aware that blood tests alone are not sufficient to measure the benefits of cancer therapies or the presence of tumours? If that’s all you’re doing to monitor your condition, you really can’t be certain whether your tumours are shrinking or spreading. I saw that you stated you would see a conventional doctor for a check up at the 2 year mark. Do you plan on getting a scan such as an MRI? I know these questions may seem very personal and confronting, and I have no intention of causing offense. I am just genuinely concerned and perhaps this will provide an opportunity to clear some of these questions up for your readers. I sincerely hope you get better.

Hi Jessica,

I would be more than happy to explain what is happening with my arm in more detail. I realise that to the unknowing eye, my arm can look like it is getting worse. I can assure everyone this is not the case though. I have about 10 less tumours now than when I started Gerson Therapy 19 months ago.

When tumours heal naturally an edema is formed around them, which makes them swell and become red. This is a major part of the healing process, but it can actually make the tumour appear to be getting bigger and worse rather than better. If you don’t know better, you would assume this. But what is happening is that the edema is breaking down the tumour tissue. Once this happens, they will shrink, disappear, and in my case (because many of my tumours are close to the surface), actually push them out of the body. I saw this process happening to a guy at the Gerson clinic who had a sarcoma on the back of his neck.

The most prominent red marks you can see on my arm are on my forearm, but these are no longer tumours. When they were, they weren’t this red. They were lighter coloured, but they were raised lumps. The red marks that I have there now are flat scars from where the tumours were. They are quite red because my arm just performed the amazing task of pushing tumours out of it. I am okay with the redness, this will go away with time.

I have a large red scar on the top of my hand. This started off as skin coloured, but quite raised. Then it formed a big scab, stuff oozed out of it, and then it healed over. Now it is a red mark with a really small scab.

On the inside of my wrist I have two tumours that are in the healing process at the moment. I have watched them as they became larger and more red, and now one of them has just formed its scab. Judging from the activity of my other lumps, I know what it is going to do next. I realise all of this is hard to fathom when you haven’t seen it for yourself, or you haven’t had any experience with natural cancer treatment, but it is all true and all amazing. I feel blessed to be watching my amazing body heal itself.

As for scans, each of the scans I was having every few months right up until my second diagnosis (PET, CT, MRI) were coming back all clear. It wasn’t until I pointed out that I had new lumps to my doctors that they biopsied them and discovered I still had cancer. So this is why I am not having scans. They weren’t showing up my tumours then, so I don’t want to subject my body to unnecessary radiation while I am still healing. I am judging my progress by the look and feel of my arm, how I feel, my body’s pH level and my regular blood tests. I realise blood tests don’t tell me whether I still have tumours in my arm or not, but they do indicate how all of the systems of my body are functioning and this is an indicator of whole body health. Tumours are not my cancer, they are a symptom of my cancer. For tumours to form, it means there is a breakdown somewhere in my overall health. Therefore if all of my blood work is coming back perfect (which is it), and my pH is alkaline (which it is) this tells me that my body is functioning at its optimum and I am creating an environment that cannot host cancer. I have said that I will have an MRI once my 2 years of Gerson is finished, but this is more to prove to other people that I am clear. As long as I feel healthy, look healthy, my lumps continue to heal, and no new lumps pop up this is enough for me. I NEVER worry that my cancer is growing. Ever. I completely trust that as long as I am giving my body what it needs to heal, it will heal itself at its own pace, in its own way, in its own time. This may be difficult for other people to understand, but I don’t mind.

I hope this helps to clear up your concerns. If you have any other questions, let me know.

Thanks so much for following my site and journey!

Stef (and others),

I’m a scientist doing cancer research. To be honest, it is completely offensive for you and others here to state that scientists and doctors are in the pockets of pharmaceutical companies and only interested in profit. For a start, nobody tells me what to research or publish. Secondly, I and others are incredibly dedicated to finding better ways to treat the disease and improve quality of life for patients.

I don’t receive any funding from “big pharma” (or small pharma). Anyway, can someone here tell me the difference between a company making drugs with proven effects on treating a disease, and someone making a lot of money selling blog advertising, books and DVDs claiming to cure disease without evidence?

Hey DS!

Even though we clearly have different opinions on the the most effective ways to treat cancer, you have always been nothing but respectful to me (which is a lot more than I can say for others in your field) and I have the utmost respect for you because of that. So perhaps you would be happy to answer a question for me?

Seeing as it is your mission to research effective cancer treatments and you truly do want to help cancer patients (which I do believe you do) why is it that you would not be willing to study someone like me who has managed to not only stop the spread of a cancer that was clearly spreading at a fast rate, but who has also managed to start reversing their disease and can visibly see their tumours going away? Why wouldn’t you want to find out what it is I am doing and study that in the hope that the method I’ve used could be the right method for many others? And I am not a lone case – I could put you in touch with many people like me.

I always thought I knew the answer to this (there is no money to be made in natural therapies by the medical industry), but after reading that you don’t receive any funding or research pressure from the pharmaceutical industry, perhaps there is another explanation?

If not, I would just like to say that I am available and I’m sure I can rally up many others as well if you would like to send the search for the cure in our direction.



Hi Jess

That is a big, and very good, question.

I’ll gladly answer it when I have some time to do it justice (in a day or 2) and it would be great if that helps to clear up some very big misconceptions I am seeing in the comments here.

I’m currently writing applications for govt. funding to pay my own salary beyond next year so that has to take priority!

I wouldn’t be so fast to assume there is no money to be made from “natural therapies” by the way. Some people appear to be doing quite well out of it… note, that comment wasn’t directed at you.

back soon(ish)

Thanks heaps! Looking forward to hearing back from you when you get a chance. I really appreciate you taking the time to explain this.

Dear Jess,

I know this is a very old post, but maybe you will see this anyway… I was just wondering if you ever got an answer from DS?

Ill also take this opportunity to thank you for being such an inspiration – I love your blog and your energy :) Much love and blessings xxx

I realise this post is months old, but felt a point should be made regarding the meaning of hypocrisy. People shouldn’t throw words around without a clear understanding of what they are saying in my opinion.

Hypocrisy: a pretense of having a virtuous character, moral or religious beliefs or principles, etc., that one does not really possess.

If Jess were on a diet of processed food, e.g. packet pasta and donuts, and claiming that she felt she was curing her cancer due to that, but then turned around and posted the above article, then the claim of hypocrisy would be understandable.

Great post Jess. I read it yesterday on the Mamamia site, and again here today. I feel fortunate to have had a double dose of such vital information.

An unrelated question: In a previous response on your blog, you indicated that you clean your toilet with Borax. I’ve also heard that Borax can be used to get stains off the Norwalk juicer. Your thoughts?

Hi Jess,
Interesting response from Mamamia, it isn’t just food that is the problem, we are also driven by the almighty dollar. Obviously your article and subsequently website is probably not supporting the multibillion dollar industry we call the cancer foundations. There is no doubt all these people are doing great work and assisting hundreds of people in their fight to beat the disease, however how wonderful it would be to share your inspiring journey for those who do not wish to heal themselves using more chemicals and drugs. I had a company choose “not” list on our website the other day because of an article I published written by you Jess, the 9 nasties in our food. They sited it was a conflict of interest as their product contained nitrates and your article highlighted the dangers of this ingredient. 4 lines buried in the site, interesting hey? Their choice but we need to provide people with the whole story to help them make informed choices, not just the edited bits.
I am a true supporter of yours and love reading your articles. Thanks to you my family is now enjoying the benefits of delicious fresh juices everyday, inspired by you Jess, so you are making a difference. We say cheers to your continued good health and now to ours.
Go gal! Kylie Hollonds – Director of What Can I Eat food directory.

Hi Jess, I read your blog all the time, I’m a fellow IIN’er a few months behind you. I love your work! What a crock that they took your post down! I’m with Donna all the way. This is small minded and plain dumb. What a shame that some people wont’ get to see this info and maybe make changes. I guess they are not ready for it. Keep up your awesome work. Slowly, one person at a time, we will get the message out. take care!

I’m reading ‘In Defense of Food’ at the moment and its the book I most agree with of everything I have read – its so basic but its what we need to hear to remind us to go back to basics.

Shame about Mamamia – that doesn’t say much for their site, sounds like they are in the ‘eyes closed’ group.

Hi Jess

I want to say a BIG THANKYOU!

Everyday I treat children with gut issues which shows itself in a range of symptoms such as learning difficulties, intolerances, eczema, anxiety and hyperactivity. After we spend the time repairing the gut after years of damage from the fat-free, processed, chemical-ridden foods, my advice is always.. if its in a natural state, eat it.. if you can pronounce each word on the ingredient list then eat it.. if it has colour.. eat it!! You don’t need a cupboard full of supplements, we get enough if our diets are varied, fresh and whole.

This is the message that everyone should be living with.

The great thing about the internet is that while some people will try and put a stop to certain informative pieces going out, ultimately it’s going to get out there any way!

According to mamamia this was the reason: “We weren’t comfortable with some of Jessica’s positions on so many other health issues that we took the post down. We should have looked more carefully before we agreed to publish – sorry about any confusion”
Among those health issues are vaccination, on which mamamia has a pretty clear editorial stance (pro), while this blog contains strong anti-vaccination information. Folks this is a commercial society and editors are free to make editorial decisions when they receive complaints from readers who are their bread and butter. It’s not censorship.

I love your site Jess and the information you pass on. Thank you for all you do!

Great minds think alike, SMALL minds seldom differ.

Hi Jess,

Had to come here and support you. Your post was about nutrition, not about a stance on anti-vaccination (which would never, ever see the day of light on that site in any case!) so I find it really disappointing that they felt the need to pull your article. Regardless, I’m sure it’s given you some more exposure and people who are interested in what you write about will continue to come back here. Best of luck!

In the same vein as what everyone else has been saying, I find it completely bizarre that this post would be removed. But as I have been finding out in my own discussions about health and food with people, many people just aren’t ready to hear this kind of information. I actually find it amazing how vehemently people disagree with these ideas. I find the strong resistance puzzling really. But as always Jess I love what you have to say and the food for thought posts you produce here!

I loved your article today, the reminder that I am what I eat – not the formula of some complex scientific equation made me breathe a sigh of relief and made me feel much more in control of my own future! The irony that people have been living healthily for hundreds of years without 20 bottles of vitamin suppliments in the pantry made me laugh too :)

Hi Jess

What an amazing article…like all your articles! I am working my way slowly from the back now reading and enjoying your journey.

That the seemingly amazing process of a body recovering with extreme nutrition is still too much for the “sleeping” masses who rely on the methods of allopathic doctors and pharmaceuticals. However, this is slowly changing and you are an inspiration!!

Great work and I look forward every morning to my email from you!!

Love and Light

I’m not surprised by mammmia! I actually refuse to listen to, read or watch Mia Freedman. I was never really a fan of her “social commentary” but the icing on the cake for me was when she declared on national TV that there was “absolutely no scientific evidence” supporting vaccine damage!? Without going into any more detail – what a misleading, uneducated thing to say!

Jess I find your website incredibly enlightening, interesting & educating. Every day I look forward to a new post & a positive affirmation. You are doing such a fantastic job you should be proud!

So where is the scientific evidence?

Dee – you need to do your own research and don’t rely on Doctors to tell us (who by the way are controlled by the Pharm Industry).

Stef – my Doctor is definitely NOT controlled by the Pharma industry, and I have yet to meet one Doctor who is. The idea that there is some big pharma/ medical conspiracy is absolutely delusional, and very offensive to those doctors and researchers who really care about improving people’s health.

Hi Katie,

I just have to say here that every doctor who signs an oath (and all medical doctors do when they get their license) they are obliged to offer standard of care (drugs and surgery). If they offer anything other than that they can lose their license. I’m not saying that all doctors, scientists and researchers are corrupt, but I am saying that they they are on some level controlled by the pharmaceutical industry. The pharmaceutical industry has funding in medical schools, medical journals and hospitals. Even if a doctor doesn’t directly receive funding from the pharmaceutical industry, their behaviour is influenced by it. I’m not trying to offend anyone, but this is all true.

Not quite Jess,

Doctors are required to swear the Hippocratic Oath


I don’t see anywhere in there where it says they are required to offer drugs and surgery. In fact it says quite the opposite…

“I will apply, for the benefit of the sick, all measures [that] are required, avoiding those twin traps of overtreatment and therapeutic nihilism.
I will remember that there is art to medicine as well as science, and that warmth, sympathy, and understanding may outweigh the surgeon’s knife or the chemist’s drug.”

The pharmaceutical industry conspiracy is just that, a paranoid conspiracy.

I apologise if I’ve gotten this wrong. However, don’t doctors have an obligation to offer patients “standard of care”? This is what all of my doctors have told me, which is why they cannot support my choices to do anything other than chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. I have been told this by my orthopedic surgeon, the professor who did my chemo, and my doctor that I was seeing up here.

Is it not true that medical journals, hospitals and medical schools receive funding from the pharmaceutical industry? I’m not trying to feed conspiracies. I just want a straight answer as to why all natural therapies are shunned and silenced while drug therapies are revered. If a drug led to the success I (and many others) have had with my cancer treatment it would be front-page news. But because Mother Nature’s work cannot be patented, it gets shunned. This isn’t just something I’ve picked up from conspiracy theories. I have been told this by a doctor and one of the senior medical lecturers at Monash University.

If you can tell me differently, I would love to hear it. Despite what people think, it’s not my mission to poo-poo doctors and scientists. I have much respect for science. I just find it difficult to put my faith in the establishment when I have all of these questions that appear to have such disturbing answers.

Stef, see my other comment further up in the stream re: pharma industry control

You are entitled to your own opinions… but not your own facts.

It basically come down to whether you accept science or not. If not, on what basis do you pick and choose the bits you like from those you don’t?


Most of the common chemo drugs, along with radiation therapy, and obviously surgery, are not covered by patents.

There is no conspiracy. Even if someone wanted to keep it quiet (and I have no idea why they would), do you honestly think that if we found a disease cure (whether a drug, diet, whatever) it would be possible to suppress?

Yes, drug companies do provide funding to some scientists, and they often advertise in some medical journals. BUT, this does not mean they influence what science is done, or what get published (see my earlier comments above). Science gets published in medical journals following peer-review, where other doctors and scientists not related to the original study do a detailed review of all the evidence and the interpretation of the data.

The simple and blunt reason that most natural therapies are shunned is because the science simply doesn’t support their use. Medicine (mostly) works on the basis of evidence, and there are strict rules about the nature and level of stringency required of this evidence. For example, a treatment needs to be shown effective in a randomised, double-blind, placebo controlled study. A collection of cases from a group of self-selecting patients from a clinic in Mexico does not satisfy this level of evidence.

In the case of many cancers, we now have very good historical data comparing the “outcomes” (ie survival rates) of patients undergoing different types of treatment. For something to replace the current “best practice” it needs to be proven to be more effective in a large number of people.

For example, the recent withdrawal of the drug Avastin from use in breast cancer came about because the evidence (partly from trials funded by drug comapnies) showed it provided no benefit to the patients. This would have cost the company making it (Roche) billions and billions of dollars. If there was suppression going on, do you think this would have happened? There are many other examples of this.

I would imagine it would cost a lot of money to perform a randomised, double-blind, placebo controlled study. Who are these studies funded by? I am still left scratching my head, because there are so many Gerson Therapy success stories that you would think scientists would be jumping at the chance to study it. Why aren’t they? Do you know anyone who has and has come to the conclusion that it doesn’t work? If not, why is no funding allocated to doing randomised, double-blind, placebo controlled studies on therapies like Gerson? If I hadn’t seen this Therapy’s healing powers myself I wouldn’t keep pressing it, but I know that it works. I also know that the Gerson Institute is completely run on donation and they don’t receive any funding, therefore it is impossible for them to run randomised, double-blind, placebo controlled studies.

Most of the studies done on the Gerson Therapy are really old–from that brief golden era when conventional doctors, researchers, and other people within the medical establishment hadn’t decided to dismiss the Gerson Therapy as “pure quackery” and unworthy of further examination. Today, nobody within the conventional realm seems remotely interested in researching Gerson, and those that DO want to do research them can’t get the funding or resources to do so.

Can you tell me why this is?

Doctors do have an obligation to offer standard of care. If the standard of care is surgery, that’s what they should ethically offer. If it’s medication, that’s what they should ethically offer.
But that does not equate to ‘doctors have an obligation to offer surgery/drugs/chemo’. Because sometimes the primary intervention in Western medicine is actually dietary. In that case, dietary intervention is what doctors are ethically obliged to offer.
(See, for example, the RACGP standard of care for diabetes type 2 management http://www.racgp.org.au/Content/NavigationMenu/ClinicalResources/RACGPGuidelines/Diabetesmanagement/201107diabetesmanagementingeneralpractice.pdf)

As for funding from the pharmaceutical industry meaning that natural remedies don’t get tested in universities, hospitals and research institutions, that is just false.
Natural remedies have been tested extensively in randomised, placebo controlled trials (generally not funded by the CAM industry but by the research institutions). Most of the time they are shown to have no more efficacy than placebo. That is why they aren’t the standard of care! Sometimes they are, and then they are recommended.
(For example, typing ‘ecinachea cold placebo’ into Google Scholar turns up over 2,000 results of studies comparing echinachea for the common cold with placebo. I randomly selected a meta analysis, which actually indicates that echinachea may be effective for the common cold. Many GP’s recommend it in fact. All profits to Big Herba, presumably
Another example, if you enter ‘homopathy placebo’ you’ll find that homeopathy appears to perform no better than placebo, which is not surprising as it is a placebo).

Psychological treatments are the ultimate in non-medical interventions – no drugs, no cutting, no eating stuff, no touching, just talking and thinking. Universities and pharmaceutical companies fund trials to compare psychological therapies to drugs ALL THE TIME. When the results show that the non-drug treatment is most effective, that is what is adopted as the standard of care. When the results show that the drug treatment is most effective, that is what is adopted as the standard of care. If you would like evidence of this, check out the treatment guidelines (in Australia) for conditions such as depresssion and personality disorders. The recommended front line interventions are non-drug. If the pharmaceutical industry really controlled medicare and government hospitals do you think this would be the case?

When alternative remedies do work, pharmaceutical companies find a way to patent them. This has happened with aspirin. Aspirin is derived from salicylic acid, a natural ingredient of willow bark. They found a way to patent that. Big pharma would find a way to patent Gerson therapy if a RCT showed it was more efficacious than chemo and surgery.

There is more info about how various “complementary” therapies are evaluated here


and specifically on the Gerson diet from the National Cancer Institute here


According to the summary of the literature below (link provided), the Gerson Institute doesn’t provide sufficiently rigorous data for researchers to evaluate whether it’s worth pursuing RCT’s. The final paragraph sums it up. It’s only one study but it suggests the Gerson Institute doesn’t keep sufficient records.

Seriously – if there were a weight of evidence, not just anecdotes on the internet and opaque data from the Gerson institute itself, believe me a RCT would be funded.

RCT’s ARE very expensive to run. But as I pointed out in my other post, they get run all the time to evaluate psychological therapies compared to drugs. This is a fact – I can provide you with links to hundreds of such studies, some of them with results supporting non-drug interventions. Isn’t this enough to demonstrate to you that pharmaceutical companies ARE willing to fund research into non drug treatments? If not, why not?

“Literature Summary and Critique

Hildenbrand GL, et al. Five-year survival rates of melanoma patients treated by diet therapy after the manner of Gerson: a retrospective review. Altern Ther Health Med 1995;1:29-37.
A retrospective review of 5-year survival of 153 white adult melanoma patients treated with the Gerson method at a Centro Hospitalario Internacional del Pacifico, SA (CHIPSA), Tijuana, compared to survival rates reported in medical literature. Out of 249 patients treated for melanoma between 1975-90, charts of only 153 were assessable for both outcome and stage at admission. Patients followed the Gerson regimen, including diet, coffee enemas, and variable additional therapies for an unspecified amount of time. Altogether, 45 (29%) patients lived at least 5 years. Of 14 patients with stage I or II melanoma, none had progression of disease, and all remained free from melanoma for up to 17 years. Of 35 stage III patients, 25 (71%) survived 5 years, compared to the survival rates ranging from 27% to 42% in the literature. Of 104 stage IV patients, 18 were admitted presenting only superficial metastatic disease with no internal metastases, of which 7 (39%) survived 5 to 19 years. This was contrasted to a 6% survival rate in similar cases in a published outcomes analysis by the Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group. None of the 86 patients with advanced metastases survived 5 years. The authors suggest no mechanism of action for the Gerson regimen, but admit the supportive psychosocial environment of the clinics might affect outcomes.

A serious flaw in this study is its failure to control for additional variable therapies used by patients, and failure to specify any prior or concurrent conventional treatments used. Because this study only follows 61% of the patients treated at the clinic, there remains the possibility that this is not a comprehensive representation of the therapy’s outcomes.

The authors claim that the NCI’s prior best-case review of the Gerson therapy was flawed in its focus on the outcome of tumor regression, which is not adequately documented at most alternative medical clinics.

Though its questionable data are interesting, this study illustrates the need for more comprehensive record keeping at alternative medical clinics. If proponents of such therapies wish them to be evaluated scientifically and considered valid adjuvant treatments, they must provide extensive records (more than simple survival rates) and conduct controlled, prospective studies as evidence.”

I can see why it is difficult to study Gerson Therapy. It is a tough regime that is difficult to follow if you don’t have the necessary discipline and circumstances to adhere to each and every aspect of it. Which is why it isn’t for everyone. Once people go home from the clinic, there’s nothing to say that they won’t stray from the Therapy. And it’s when parts of it are left or, or bits and pieces from other modalities are added, or it’s not carried out for the full two years, that Gerson loses its power. It was designed the way it is because when it is completed exactly the way Dr Max Gerson specified, it does work. And there’re also cases of people who complete Gerson and heal themselves, but then revert to their old lifestyle habits afterwards and their cancers eventually come back. I’m guessing all of these aspects make scientific studies more difficult to carry out than those for modern drug-based treatments where doctors mostly have control over the treatment behaviour of patients. I also have to say I find it odd that when someone is treated conventionally and they survive to the five year mark, but die shortly after they are still recorded as “cured”. Whereas if someone were to survive five years or even longer on Gerson Therapy, but then they died, this would not be deemed a cure.

Hi Jess,

Love your article.
Mamamia may have taken your article down but at least you made a ripple in the pool.
Cyndi O’meara is a real favourite of mine too.
Keep the truth coming!

Mamamia was a once respectable website which has, in the space of about a year, degraded into a corporate run, agenda-driven, profit focused online “media”. However, even though your article was only up for a short time, it was from that that I discovered your website, and I can assure you I will be a frequent visitor. A couple of years ago I had recurrent cervical dysplasia (at 21 years old) to the extent that my doctor wanted to remove a significant portion of my cervix. Instead, I adopted a mostly plant-based diet and significantly removed a lot of processed food from my life. I was cleared a year later, and am still clear a year after that.

That’s great news Abby; I’m so happy to hear you’re still clear a year later :)

Thank you! I hate to think what would have happened had I not taken my health into my own hands. Xo

Dear Jess, Great post. I think your blog is wonderful and there are many bigger and more wonderful things for you out there than having an article published in that blog/website/whatever it is. I’m glad you are so cool about it. Cheers, Ginger

@Deb, How is eating a carrot instead of a carrot that has been stored in a tin for months/years “fad”? How is eating vegetables and fruit that have been picked, grown, cut up and put onto a plate and eaten a fad? Did you read something that I didn’t on this page? I’m not quite sure I understand how you think this is a fad when it is just grass roots good ol’ fruit and veg?

Anyways, keep shining your light Jess- glowing skin, healthy eyes, a big smile, calm demenour (spelling), and eradicating cancer is the best revenge huh? x

Eating fruit and vegetables is not a fad. Promoting the idea that juices and coffee enemas can get rid of cancer is a fad.

By the way, Jess, how is the finger going? I noticed you couldn’t straighten it, how is that a good thing?

Hi Deb,

I can’t straighten my finger because about 3 1/2 years ago I had two operations on it and then it was blasted with high doses of chemotherapy. It has been bent and unable to move ever since. It was not the cancer that did this to my finger, it was conventional medicine. Thank you for your concern though.


Hi Deb, the Gerson Therapy is actually a successful healing modality, with independently verified evidence of many cured cases (and not just recovered for a few years, but cured for twenty, thirty years and more). If you’re open to learning more, then a great documentary is Food Matters; they discuss scientifically verifiable solutions, like or similar to Gerson, for overcoming illness naturally – it’s really interesting!

Jess’s success with Gerson is so inspiring, not just for people who have a chronic illness, like cancer, but for anyone seeking true wellness. Since she’s been through conventional medicine, unsuccessfully (as you noted, it affected her finger), and is successfully using a natural healing modality, and is a certified holistic health counselor, she’s more than qualified in my books.

It’s great that you’re opening up a discussion, so we can all comment courteously.


I’m trying to find the evidence for Gerson therapy anywhere in the medical/scientific literature. Could you please point me in the right direction?

Please note, I want to see the actual original data, not websites and books giving anecdotes about individual patients


Hey DS,

I am in book-writing mode today, but I will hunt this down properly for you tonight or tomorrow. For now though, this is from Dr Andrew Saul’s website.

http://www.doctoryourself.com/bib_gerson_therapy.html is a bibliography of published clinical studies showing the demonstrated benefits of the Gerson treatment

http://www.doctoryourself.com/bib_gerson.html is a bibliography of all of Dr. Gerson’s scientific writings (with some live links)

And I would also read his review of the movie Dying To Have Known: http://www.doctoryourself.com/gersonmovie.html

I’ll get back to you with more!

Hi Jess,

Congrats on achieving your goal of guest-posting for Mamamia, and for your measured comments about them removing your post. It’s a shame that some people and sites don’t value information when it’s different to their own (I have my own experiences providing feedback to Mamamia about the vaccine debate), but that’s life and I’m sure your commitment will see your learnings continue to spread in other ways.

I read your blogs with great interest, follow a lifestyle that is focused on natural, whole foods (with a few treats :o)) and am raising my children the same way. I have used the food changes you describe to overcome auto-immune disorder and to help my parents and grandparents come off serious medications for cholesterol and blood pressure.

Keep spreading the word, and I’ll continue to tell people about your blog whenever they express interest in my health choices! Publicity from the big commercial sites is nice, but you don’t need them Jess!


Hi Jess

Excellent article – thank you. Was also amused that Mamamia got so much publicity on your site – I hadn’t heard of them before today!

By the way – your hair looks great!

Keep up the good work and thank you so much.

While my diet isn’t 100% where I would like it to be, it’s reading posts such as yours which inspire me to really think about what I’m consuming.
If the team at Mamamia have taken down the post because of your choice to heal the Gerson way, then shame on them. Guest/opinion writers are entitled to share their thoughts in order for the intelligent, rational population out there to make better choices or at least question their own ways of thinking… That’s how we learn.
While I don’t have 100% identical beliefs to yours, I am grateful that you share what you know. I keep what I’ve learned in the back of my mind and I’m open to changing my opinions the more I read and learn. I would have hoped that Mamamia’s readers are equally as open-minded and able to make their own mind up about things, but clearly the team behind the site don’t consider that to be the case…
This may sound like a conspiracy theory, but… Mia Freedman appeared as a spokesperson on a radio advertisement for a diet yoghurt recently…

Hi Jess,

Congrats on a great article that illustrates the fundamental principals of health and eating!

You have never tried to argue that your way is the “right” way but instead provided your readers with great tools and knowledge that you, yourself have utilised and learnt. The perspectives and information that you provide, in many cases have been documented over the last 5-10 years by a multitude of nutritionists etc , but for some reason people need a reason to disprove your article when the basis of it, is healthy living and its benefits. I understand that many people find it difficult sometimes to accept the way you have treated yourself from cancer but that is no reason to write hurtful things in regards to your writings and ultimately ‘your’ opinion. Yes, they are entitled to their opinion as well but after reading some of the comments yesterday, on mamamia, many were attacking you as a person and your treatment of cancer rather than objecting to facts within the article you wrote.

Keep up the great flow of information and blogs… the more information people have, the better they are to decide the life they wish to lead and what they choose to believe and follow.


Well, I certainly won’t be visiting Mia Wotsherface?’s website again, and nor will most of my girlfriends!! She obviously has no integrity nor is interested in the well-being of her audience. On the other hand, you Jess, have a very special mission and your important health information/ message will undoubtedly attract more and more ‘switched-on’ readers. Basically, YOUR website & posts ROCK!! AND SO DO YOU JESS!!! Thanx for your informative, uplifting, intelligent, warm, enlightening, whimsical, supportive, truth-loving and thoroughly engaging posts. More Power to YOU. May You, Your Mum & Your Website/ Message Flourish!!!!! Wishing You Love & Sunshine xxx :)

No offense Jess, but I don’t even know why you got so excited to publish on the mamamia website. It is all just waffle surrounded by shameless advertisements. Your website shits on hers! Keep up the good work!!
Remember Knowledge is power, and knowledge is what we get from your website!! :-)

I too have never heard of Mia Freedman and her site before today, and after what i have seen here i would never ever bother to read her blog. To say that only a hypocrite would use a wholesome healthy diet and way of life (Gerson) to cure themselves of disease is astounding to say the least.
Keep up the good work Jess, you have your finger on the pulse and i, like many others look forward to my daily dose of Wellness Warrior.
I since discovering your blog some time ago have changed my diet significantly, i am now Vegan, with no processed food on my menu. I juice constantly, and i am healthy happy and my underactive thyroid is now normal after 13 years, if healthy eating of foods in their natural state didnt do this for me then i dont know what did.

What ever happened to having an opinion? Do we all have to agree with Mia Freedman? Is everything she says true? right? proven? It’s like she only wants us to read her opinion.
I have lost all respect for her now and i will not visit her site, read or listen to any of her views anymore. Unbelievable !!

A fabulous article. The truth hurts I think. I have consumed an organic, whole foods diet for a few years now after becoming ill with cfs, prior to that my diet could of been classed as conventionally ‘healthy’. I was sucker for processed health food marketing. Now I rarely venture into a supermarket as all I need is my organic grocer for whole, fresh foods and my fish man and butcher. There are certain members of my family who do not understand the way I eat and think it is whacky not eating any processed food, sugar, grains, dairy, soy etc. I thought it was just common sense, but thanks to marketing many have forgotten the basics. Anywho so glad you posted this on your blog, it is their loss and unfortunately so much seems to come down to the ol dollar.


Great article !
You are right, it is simply a common sense approach to what we eat. that stuff called “food”. Remember when we were kids and mom would say, “if it isn’t food, it doesn’t go in your mouth.” Well, I guess some people would do well to remember this advice !

It really shows how twisted things have gotten when the plainest of truth becomes controversial and problematic
for people to understand and accept !
You are brave, wise and generous to offer us the information and clarity …that is the heart of your blog !

I read the Omnivore’s Dilemma…and I loved it. so glad to hear about his other book !
thanks !


Student calls your blog dogmatic.
I guess the definition of dogmatic is…” any opinion that differs from one’s own.” Ha !

The pro-vaccine people will call your blog dogmatic.
Those against vaccination call the pro- position dogmatic.

I am against vaccination.
I really appreciate you for your wisdom and courage- in speaking out on this very emotional, controversial topic !
I did not vaccinate my son…who is now a healthy, fiercely intelligent, creative and wonderful 10 year old boy. He has never needed to take an anti-biotic. most of his friends have asthma and chronic allergies. some take daily meds for respiratory conditions. His pediatrician says- ” let me examine a kid and I will know how many shots she has had and at what ages. The kids who have not had shots, or who have had less shots are healthier- both physically and developmentally !”
speak out, Jess. You are wonderful !


Thank you so much Sandra! I love hearing stories like this about your son. Compared to my views on cancer and the cancer industry, I usually remain quiet about the topic of vaccinations unless I come across an article or information I feel is important to pass on. I also know so many people who are raising unbelievably healthy children, children who NEVER get sick, and have not been vaccinated. It’s something I will have to do more research into when I have kids of my own, but at the moment I think vaccinations are over-prescribed if nothing else.

Thank you, Jess.

I have to say- it isn’t easy to believe in things that go against the mainstream ! and I am constantly amazed at your composure and courage. but never more so than the last few days…
It speaks of a profound strength.

I believe firmly that vaccinations are more than “overly prescribed”.
I encourage you to look at the website- http://www.thinktwice.com
articles, research and testimonials…people’s stories…( what many will call “more anecdotal rubbish”)
the site is a wealth of clear information. I have no doubt that with your wisdom- you will have no trouble navigating the heart of the issue…which in this case is clearly $$$.
Vaccines bring in a fortune. It is considered by many to be very irresponsible to refuse them.
There are strong links ( a money trail, if you will) between the legislators, those responsible for the design of current vaccination policy and those who hold patents and stand to benefit financially !

While most doctors clearly have the best interest of their patients at heart, they are educated to think a certain way. Even so, there are many doctors who DO NOT agree with the standard vaccination program.
There are many researchers as well. The answers to the question of vaccination are easily found in the historical data and public health records.

I already commented, but have one more thought to add.
Just a little food for thought…( no pun intended) for you and your readers…

You commented about healthy children who NEVER get sick…
Healthy children do GET sick…(once in a while) but they don’t STAY sick.

When my son came down with the Chicken Pox (!!!!!) our doctor said, “Great!” ” Getting this illness in childhood and giving his body the chance to fight it off is SO GOOD for the development of his immune system.”

Even colds are good, natural, and cleansing to get occasionally.
Sick, once in a while, is good, normal and natural. The immune system needs the childhood illnesses to learn friend from foe…
Once it is robbed of this natural process, and the way it evolved to function, auto immune and chronic illness – result.
Chronic illness is replacing the once in a while experience.
It is sad to see kids suffer. and I see it a lot.
My son’s school has a” no nut “table in the lunch area. No child may sit there to eat if they have food in their lunches which contains nuts. This is because of the significant presence of life- threatening (nut) allergies…in these elementary school kids. I’m an older mom…so I can compare this picture to the reality I grew up in. There was no need to separate kids due to the content of their lunches. to think of such things would’ve been like imagining the Twilight Zone….( do you remember that show…maybe before your time ! )

The point is this…our bodies evolved, over millions of years to function a certain way. If we are alert to the changes we see in the population, within a relatively short time, we can see that SOMETHING IS GOING…WRONG.
blessings, Jess.
You are loved.

Thank you for this comment! This is a really valid point. xx

Hi Jess,
I wanted to publicly explain to you and anyone else who was interested, why I took the very difficult decision to take down your post from Mamamia last night.
When you submitted the post almost a year ago, we asked if we could publish it and then loaded it for future publication. Going through our backlog of draft posts last week, we rediscovered it and it was my decision to publish it yesterday.
I liked what you had to said about ‘nutritionsim’ and thought it was an interesting perspective worth sharing with a wider audience at Mamamia.

Naturally, I don’t have to personally agree with every post published on Mamamia – that would be dull – but I do have a certain responsibility in deciding what we publish.

But I’m getting ahead of myself here.
So we published your post and almost immediately, I received some correspondence from people who are very fond of you but wanted to make sure I knew about your broader story. Which I didn’t.

Firstly – and most importantly, I am so sorry about your diagnosis Jess. What an absolute crappy thing to happen to you at any point in your life, let alone at the start of your career when you were just starting to find your feet. Ugh.
And then your Mum….I cannot begin to imagine what you have been through and continue to endure.

Looking more closely at your site, reading about Gerson (which I’d never heard of) and your stance on vaccinations, I was really troubled. While I realise the nutritionism post we published wasn’t about either of those things, I am aware of the effect publication on Mamamia can have in terms of increased traffic, awareness and public profile for our contributors.

Jess, I felt that given my strong personal stance on vaccinations (and the stance Mamamia has taken on this subject over many years) and my fundamental belief in science and traditional medicine (I also believe in alternative treatments but alongside traditional medicine not instead of it), I felt it would be hypocritcal of us to have the post remain on Mamamia.

To clear up some conspiracy theories among some of your commenters – “Pharmas” or “advertisers” had nothing to do with this. Nobody has leaned on us or coerced us into removing the post.
It was my personal decision based on my personal sense of responsibility.

Of course we should have done our homework in this regard before we published your post yesterday and for that I am sincerely sorry. The time lag between you submitting the post and us looking and your blog and then publishing it meant that your journey and your position had changed pretty significantly during that period.

I wish you so very well in your journey to fight cancer and regain your health. And I am confident that YOUR confidence won’t be dented a jot by yesterday’s hiccup. You seem like an incredibly determined woman.

Take care,

Mia xx

Hi Mia,

Thank you for taking the time to explain your reasoning for removing the post. I respect your decision and understand that you want your website to portray a certain message that is reflective of your beliefs. I am totally okay with that, and in hind sight I now know that yours is not a platform I would like to speak from. You sure do have some hostility brewing in those comments, and not just under my post ha ha :)

As for the whole vaccination issue, I have only ever posted one article about vaccines and in it I clearly stated that I have not formed an opinion on the matter. I was just passing on information posted by Mike Adams at Natural News that I found interesting on the topic. I believe that when it comes to ANY health issue, people should be granted access to ALL information. I am neither pro- or anti-vaccines and I have stated this many times over. When I have kids of my own and look further into it, I will make a decision that is right for my family.

I am very vocal about my choices for reversing my cancer, however I never tell anyone that my way is the only way. It is the only way for me because if I chose to have conventional treatment again I would be dead right now. I had no choice but to seek another option, and now I want to tell as many people as possible that there are other options! I have never told anyone not to have conventional treatment, but I do tell them to do as much research as possible and make a decision that is right for them. It’s such a personal thing, and until you’re in the position where you have to make a choice, you can’t say what you would do. I was very supportive of traditional medicine and would do whatever my doctor told me – until I started digging around and found some pretty disturbing stuff. Now it is my mission to share what has worked for me in the hope that it may help someone else. If I can help prevent just one person from being as frightened and intimidated as I was upon diagnosis, then that’s a win.

My journey and my views have not changed at all in the past year. I have been on Gerson Therapy for 19 months and have been blogging about it the whole time.

My confidence has actually been fueled by yesterday’s dramas more than anything, and I really do thank you for allowing me space on your site, even if it was briefly. I have been a big fan of yours since I was old enough to buy Cosmo, and being featured on your site was something I felt great about achieving. There are absolutely no hard feelings what so ever, we just have differing views that are best left to their own spheres of influence.

Wishing you all the best,

Jess xx

So, I wonder by “traditional medicine,” does she mean things like Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine? If not, then she is either careless or misinformed. I have a feeling she meant Western “Modern” medicine, which is woefully inadequate and full of corruption, albeit good for some diagnosis. I have never heard of her site until I read your article, Jess, and for one will not recommend it to anyone going forward. As far as no one leaning on her in terms of Pharma or advertisers, I kind of think it was probably more preemptive on her part; no one had to actually send her a threatening letter. I get oh-so-tired hearing people repeating the mindless mantra that they want proof, when in actuality they just want to see you post something so they can arbitrarily tear it down to conform to their own opinion. Hopefully, traffic to her site will take a hit where she’ll either broaden her perspective or call it a day. We don’t really need gossip sites masquerading as health-oriented sites, anyway. Keep on keepin’ on Jess. A lot of us genuinely “get it” and support your Gerson journey.

Until “traditional” medicine can offer hope to all people, and offer better odds than it seems odd for anyone wanting to take other healing modalities off the table. I was just talking to a a doctor last weekend and it sounded like for sarcomas, if there is cancer present, you amputate (if the chemo doesn’t work). Jess went through traditional therapy-she gave it a try. And for this particular cancer, it didn’t work. I think if we want to spread the word to people that there are other options out there, even if you do them in conjunction with “traditional” options, that we need to expose as many people as possible that there may be hope. Especially when so many people are “sent home to die” after something with a “good rate of cure” doesn’t work. I am sure you are a beautiful person Mia, but I feel like it is very tragic that a “cool” gal wouldn’t want to spread Jess’s story everywhere! And I never got the idea she was anti-vaccine either…..just that there are questions. Those questions might lead parents to request allergen free vaccines, or maybe get fewer in one visit……To me it’s like letting the ridiculous government of the States, Failed SuperCommittees, and people like Sarah Palin and John Edwards be in charge of people’s lives. Jess is very clearly someone who is telling her own story, went through traditional routes that did not work for her at the time, and is constantly investigating and learning about health. It saddens me deeply that her post would be removed. It also ensures that there would be nothing of interest to me on a site that would actually do that……..

Jess, I have just read your reply to Mia and I feel so very proud of you. I feel that her comments regarding this were completely ignorant and that was well highlighted.

‘…and my fundamental belief in science and traditional medicine (I also believe in alternative treatments but alongside traditional medicine not instead of it), I felt it would be hypocritcal of us to have the post remain on Mamamia’ – now that is hypocritical!

You are right Jess, that is not a place you want to associate your message of health, wellbeing and lifestyle. It is wasted there.

I feel that your work is so important and want to add my message of support to you too.

Grow strength from this misdirection and know that there are so many of us who are well educated and have sought the advice from many scientific findings and a great deal of evidience all around the world that support your wealth of knowledge.

I read a couple of weeks ago, a comment from someone who posted here who was having to explain and defend his work. It seems to sit well here today…

” I know that I offend people and I do know, at times, I am ignorant when it comes to things that are of little value to me. However, when it comes to areas in my life, such as health and wellness, which is an incredibly high value of mine, I make sure I research and learn as much as I can so that I am informed and well versed…”

Power to you Jess.

Ergh, as usual good people like us feel the need to say ‘that’s okay, I understand you have your views and we have ours etc, etc’ unfortunately people like Mia have NO desire to learn or listen to a more sensible and realistic education and people’s experiences whether it be in this instance proper nutrition or vaccination. We respect other people’s want to prefer a more chemical/poison lifestyle but oh no, when the table is turned, there is never any understanding or respect for us or the wonderfully healthy children we raise. All we get is hate and abuse. I will never understand the world we live in where my child who has never had any illness, never seen a Dr, never had to take antibiotics or panadol that MY child is not acceptable! If she was taken to the Dr every three weeks like most of my friends and had every illness THEN she’d be acceptable?? What sort of a world do we live in?? I pity people like Mia, I truly do. I’m sorry Jess, but your response to her was FAR too polite a one. I do my best to tell people to take a wide berth and steer away from her and her ridiculous babblings. I’m really sick of being the polite one, the nice one, I’m really done with people like her and her rubbish and this time I’m NOT going to apologise for it! ; )

Here Here !!

My heart is actually beating faster after reading this post and all the wonderful supportive comments for Jess … !!

Great response Jess. I love this ” I am totally okay with that, and in hind sight I now know that yours is not a platform I would like to speak from. You sure do have some hostility brewing in those comments, and not just under my post ha ha”

I prefer to visit blogs that are open minded and aren’t predictable which is why i’m so happy i found your site. You are open about your life and you give us the information and let us form own opinion.

Love and support Ananda xx

Jess my heart is actually beating harder and faster with an adredeline boost after reading all of this …

At first I was shocked and dismayed by the choice of mamamia to take down your interesting and well-written article on nutrition … then dismayed by the reasons … Then my faith in humanity restored by all the supportive comments from the people out there with the ability to think, reason, learn, educate themselves and make their decisions based on research and sharing knowledge such as yours with each other !!

I loved your reply to her and felt you responded to the let-down with kindness, grace and humour …. Just like the person you always are!

If only mamamia had known what she has lost!!

Congratulations Jess on another great post!!

Love and best wishes,
Donna x

Thank you, Donna !
You said it so well.

I too have been amazed by Jess’s kindness, clarity and, as you put it, grace.

Jess, you have shown your true colours….a beautiful rainbow.
I honestly don’t know how you do it !

I got upset when I offered to share my gerson soup to a friend who was visiting -and she told me she
doesn’t eat “night-shades” ( potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant…) I can feel vulnerable when others spout disagreement for the choices I am making.
I could learn a lot from you !


Wow Jess I admire you so much…you have to be one hell of a strong person to deal with these negativities. It amazes me how rude and hostile people can get when the information shared is so blatantly obvious a positive thing, its just good honest food that is all!

I have experienced similar hostilities from friends and family and its a hard thing to keep going when you have people continually trying to knock you down. Good on you for sharing this information and for having the confidence to stand up for yourself, keep it up! xxx

To my knowledge I don’t have cancer but I follow your post for 2 main reasons. Firstly a curious interest about your experiences on your cancer journey. My Mum is a nurse and she believes in the scientific, hard evidence based path and I dont think that its the only solution for health problems. I think some of your posts offer direct advice for people in your situation and I recognise that these are the types of posts that I can read about but dont need to participate in at this point in my life.

And secondly I read your post for the content that comes under the banner of generally improving your health. These are the things that I can do to improve my health – I need this info!!!! I am not a veggie lover, cant stand mung beans and some pulses!!! A vegan diet sounds like my idea of hell….BUT little bit by little bit I want some of your info to rub off on me so that I wont need to do anything too extreme! God forbid if I need to take the extreme path in my life – then I will and I will know who to ask for advice. Surely intelligient adults can realise the difference between information being put out there by yourself as options and information as opposed to a definitive instruction as to how we should live!? I dont for a second believe you are saying yours is the only way – you have made that quite clear in my opinion.

Thanks jess – I felt myself getting wound up for you but am sure you have the tools to shrugg off the negative people. They dont have to be here in your space anyway!

xo Sarah

Hi Sarah,
I come from a family of country people who would eat meat with every meal if they could. For years after reading Peter Singer’s work, I said that philospohically I could become a vegetarian but that I love meat too much. However, after doing a lot of research and watching documentaries such as “Forks Over Knives”, I just woke up one morning and told my family that I wanted to give vegetarianism a go. My family were horrified, I was actually quite surprised how they seemed to take it as a personal attack, but when asked why, I just told them – the rise of NCDs (non communicable diseases) seems so strongly connected with diets high in animal proteins and fats, that I just don’t want to take that risk with my life. As a result, my triglyceride and blood sugar levels have dropped back into normal ranges after being told by the Doctor that I may need medication for the former. Without monitoring food intake I have lost weight and meant my BMI is no longer “obese”.

So, good luck with making the change, you will never regret it.

By the way, I read somewhere that the United Nations was holding a significant conference on NCDs recently. Not surprisingly, the lobbyists were quick to act, you figure out who has the most to lose from government regulation of fast food, food additives and the like.


Hi All,

I am regular visitor to Jess’ site and refer to it when I need advice, inspiration or want to learn something new. I am also Mia Freedman’s fan and like her writing. I regularly follow up her weekend column in The Age. I liked her website before it became bastardised i.e. commercialised as someone already pointed out.

I would say that both Jess and Mia are right – and this is the beauty of the internet – the power belongs to you (the owner). Do whatever you want – put the stuff on, delete the stuff etc. The great thing is we all get to read a fiery stuff and have a chance to give our contribution.

However, regardless of all this I think that each writer is politically correct within their own milieu (damn!).

Mia because she was (is?) a magazine editor, is a Fox girl with a TV show, is used as a reference point by current political big players etc. There must be some self censorship there when your reputation and your dollars are on line.

Jess because her strong beliefs (and results!) have empowered for the journey through phenomenal process of healing herself and her mother using an unorthodox method. Her website name says it all: she is a warrior, and warriors are bit like saints (enough said)… but I am massively happy for her to share her journey with the world.

My husband was scheduled for double bypass surgery 15 years ago. His European educated cardiologist said: it is up to you – you can go with an ‘Anglo’ approach where fixing the problem is through surgery or you can give your body chance to fix (heal) itself. He opted for latter – never had surgery, his body developed smaller arteries into main ones. He may one day require a surgery – but not yet.

Just for the record. I think you’re f$%king awesome!

Wonderful post, Jess. Congratulations and all power and love to you.

Thankyou for giving up so much of your time to tell people things they need to hear and may be completely ignorant about. It’s a crazy world we live in when people are so closed minded and blinded by what the “crowd” deems to be right and true, instead of believing that there may be other, better ways of doing things. We are such a medicated society, with a drug for every ailment but we continue to feed ourselves poison bought from our local supermarkets despite the damage we are doing to our bodies.
In the past year my precious and amazing father has been diagnosed with melanoma at the age of 65 (he was still fit and healthy). He had emergency surgery to remove a massive brain tumour, followed by radiation and chemo. Since then, tumours have spread throughout his body and he has become very sick in many ways. This led to my mother doing vast research into natural methods of combating cancer and they began to use a variety of treatments which have certainly had some positive results. Unfortunately the cancer is still very strong though and Dad is still very sick. However we feel a great deal more positive about this approach than the chemo which led to Dad almost dying many times (ie blood cell counts becoming very low, not monitored properly by well respected speciallists and infections setting in), plus Dad’s veins have all been seriously damaged and do not function properly now. While on chemo and radiation Dad’s tumours grew like wild flowers and he was always sick. We still hope and pray he can beat this cruel disease.
Don’t be put off by the harsh, negative comments coming your way. These people are so blinded by supposed “science”! I wonder, if chemo is scientifically considered to be some kind of cure for cancer, why is it that I know of so many people who acquire no benefit at all from it?
May you continue to be blessed with good health Jess.

Hi Jess, I am the mother of Sarah who had the last comment. I would like to add to her comment. Our journey with the melanoma cancer has been both a horrible one and an amazing one. Our family has drawn together in a wonderful way. We all tend to take each other for granted to a certain extent until something like this happens. We have a closer relationship with Jesus and a greater reliance on prayer and our wonderful God. We have been fasting and praying in recent days and are amazed at how focused we are now. Each time I am hungry I pray for Rob’s healing and he is also more focused too. It is so important to be centered on getting well. We have looked at almost all the therapies that have been presented to us. Some made Rob quite ill while others have been a tremendous help. We have a great circle of friends who are so very supportive and always willing to be there for us. Both our daughters and their families are truly a blessing to us both. This is not an individual journey but involves so many in the old ripple effect. Yes I do believe that the ‘big 3′ , treatments are quite hideous but there are some folk who have had a measure of success with them. When being advised about having radiation by a nurse at the hospital, she was to tell how to manage all the side effects, then she told us of how her own Mother has cancer and for 11 years had done nothing about it. Still alive to tell the story. It seems that if one compares the results of having the big 3 or going out on a limb with prayer, good food and healthy living, the results are better in general with the natural way. My husband recently needed pain relief for his cancer and we got some with doctors advice who has only got our best interest at heart. Rob was so sick on them and just slept his life away. So I had a good look at the info provided and was stunned at the side effects that could be experienced. Absolute poison, toxic, hideous drugs that could ultimately kill you. We have gone back to another one which is not goo but much better. What a pity he can’t smoke a joint which has got to be much safer that these drugs. I could go on but have said enough. Sorry!

I have just come across your website and I think you are inspirational ! Not everyone has to agree with what you do but when it comes to health everyone needs to be open minded as its our right to decide how you wish to look after your own body. It is definately sad to see negative comments by people that try to force their opinions onto to others. Friendly debate I can handle but sometimes people go a bit far to get their message across. i think you have handled some tough comments beautifully and with such integrity. i never questioned mainstream health until I had my first child and something just clicked that western medicine really doesn’t have all the answers. Thank you for such an interesting, real and informative blog.

Katherine » Thank you so much Katherine! Welcome to my site. xx

Hi Jess,

I’ve also just recently started to read your blog (thanks to my wife) and boy, can you open a can of worms. I bet you never thought a seemingly innocent piece on the benefits of eating wholesome, organic whole foods could create such a furore. It just shows how galvanising and divisive the topic of our health can be. I attended school from 1960-1971, a time when we did not question the knowledge of science – especially the medical profession & auxiliary pharmaceutical industry. We as a society were very trusting and naive. These days there is too much evidence available to not question what is being put in our foods, how our food is grown and how our animals are fed & treated to blindly continue without change.
I still struggle with going against science but it’s obvious with the continuously changing parameters for good health by the research reports & the medical profession, science doesn’t have the monopoly on being correct or having all the answers for a healthy & long life. It would appear that some people will never be convinced that natural, unprocessed is best. Whether it’s because of vested interests or a dogmatic adherence to the science is god mentality really doesn’t make much difference. The fact they cannot accept that there may be alternatives says more about their tunnel vision than ours. After all we were one of them & changed, so we can’t be called closed minded. I would be surprised if any of us have chosen this path without extensive research and careful consideration over a number of years. This journey is not a fad or a whim or a diet. It has become a way of life.
On a personal note, for one so young (less than 4 years older than my daughter) to be facing your challengers with such dignity and maturity has me in awe of your courage and I applaud your determination and spirit. I wish you well and look forward to hearing about your first spicy meal in April.

Take care

Great article, I hope the general public catches on so we can naturally boycott processed foods. Imagine that doctors used to tell women that formula was better than breast milk. Science can be really stupid sometimes.

Having just this week read the words of Dr Max Gerson, who was a man of science and a practicing and eminent allopathic doctor in the first half of the 20th century, who was a leader in his field in the treatment of killer diseases like lupus and tuberculosis (supposedly incurable in their time) in Europe, it occurs to me that their is a fundamental problem with those who describe his therapy as a ‘fad diet’, especially when they have never tried it.

Conversely those who have success with this nutritional medicine haven’t ‘dismissed’ allopathic medicine out of hand based on a ‘belief’ that all allopathic approaches are bunkum.

Many who tried Gerson Therapy have had the same bleak outlook as Jess – there was nothing left to hope for… .

Similarly, those of us with degenerative illnesses – arthritis, emphysema, diabetes to name a few – today’s medically trained doctors offer little in the way a potential cure – just managing the different stages of ill health with drugs and side effects …till death.

100 years ago when Max Gerson was a practicing doctor, lung cancer was a rarity, brain tumours were practically non existent and leukemia was hardly known at all by most doctors. 1: 100 people were affected by some form of cancer.

Now it is 1 in 2!

And it has nothing to do with ‘living longer’, since cancer is killing younger and younger hosts.


Why can’t science answer that one little question?

Max Gerson was prophetic in stating that the direction being taken towards chemistry ruling medicine by looking at symtoms in isolation, would see younger and younger children getting leukemia.

it was some kind of common sense that something unnatural might occur when living organisms were bombarded by chemicals instead of natural living food.
Back in the 1950′s American doctors were scoffing at Dr Gerson’s theory that the food you eat can affect your health.

Now with the onset of mass junk food, the dots are fully connected and it is mainstream that doctors accept that that degenerative ill health and bad food are intimate companions.

Wonder what else they got wrong in the fifties that lead to such a highly defensive stance which meant that Dr Gerson’s treatments to be relegated to ‘alternative’ status?

Well, back in the fifties I remember the ads were telling my mum to smoke to relieve the stresses of everyday life? Doctors didn’t tell her that the lung cancer side effect would kill her….

And doctors were also dispensing the drug thalidomide to relieve morning sickness (if you are too young to remember the terrible effects of thalidomide – look it up!)

..and of course James Hardie was providing our homes with…asbestos.

In comparison , coffee enemas have been proven to have exactly the effect that he said it would – open the bile ducts and flush the liver.

Juicing is the only way to pack a nutritionally drained body with micronutrients in amounts that are large enough to make a difference, without the bulk.

I laughed out loud when I read on Wikipedia that three people in the US died of using a coffee enema…….eh….several hundred thousand Americans a year die of cancer…… !!

There is nothing in the Max Gerson literature that doesn’t address science.

Max Gerson WANTED his therapy to be researched. He went to congress to ask for the funding to get the kind of data they needed.
The food and pharmaceutical lobby (and I suspect and bit of good old fashioned anti -semitic racism) was behind the rejection.

Ultimately though Dr Gerson was a healer – his job was not to convince the doubters, it was to heal the sufferers who showed up at his door.

That is what he did …..and that work is alive and well ….and being passed on …despite it’s detractors.

Try getting the diagnosis ‘terminal’ and then say you wouldn’t try a coffee enema…or two …or three…

And I wonder if my grandchildren will be laughing that we actually gave our newborn infants multiple diseases in small doses …and didn’t give a thought that that might not affect their immature immune system and long term health!

Andrea » Thank you for such a brilliant comment!! “Try getting the diagnosis ‘terminal’ and then say you wouldn’t try a coffee enema…or two …or three…” – I love that you have said that. x

Hi Jess,

I’ve only just stumbled upon your blog and I love it. I’m not sure however how someone promoting the views of Michael Pollan and eating unprocessed, organic food, be criticised. But many people are confronted and challenged by what they know and the fear that you could be right. I know that sounds trite but I think its true.

I think your blog has 2 elements: 1: treating your cancer with Gerson; and 2 promoting natural health, not necessarily through Gerson but by having a more natural, balanced life, designed to promote optimum health. I don’t think the 2 are inconsistent or hypocritical at all.

Keep up the fantastic work. There will always be people who criticise however you know what you’re doing is right, as do many others. Common sense says you’re right too.

Lisa » Thank you so much Lisa!! I am so happy that my message is coming across they way I want it too. xx

I totally agree with your philosophy on food and look forward to reading more of your work :)

Hi Jess, I actually discovered your blog and THIS post link on the Mamamia site and specifically a post talking about food ‘intolerances’… I had quite a strong opinion on the validity of an intolerance versus the public acceptability of an genuine allergy and suggested they write a post about the flip side looking in to organisations such as http://www.biobalance.org,au
which is advocated by a small (but growing) group of GP’s here in Australia – a counterpoint to dispell the myth and perceived inconvenience of food intolerances.

Lana from MM wrote back to me personally and said -
“As you can well imagine we have been inundated with stories based on people’s food sensitivities since Mia’s column was published. And there are some heart breaking and also inspiring stories. Yours included.

What we cannot (or rather wont do) on Mamamia is dispense medical or nutritional advice. Each person’s case is so very different and we would hate people to adjust their diets or omit food groups based on someone else’s experiences.

It’s for this reason that we just cannot publish all these stories on Mamamia but you are more than welcome to leave your story as a comment

Thank you for your submission and for understanding where we are coming from”

I don’t think it is a conspiracy that they removed your post – I think they possibly went beyond a general commentary open-some-debate kinda post – to more litigious ground – and don’t want to inadvertantly dispense medical advice that could be taken out of context. Personally I think given the nature of their site that this is a fair stance. They are not trying to be hard hitting journos.

The internet has opened so many avenues to procure and diseminate information, some erroneously and when you are dealing with cancer it is a scary topic for most – I too would want to be very careful about advocating treatment options for it and other ailments regardless of which side you personally supported.

That being said, your post isn’t too out there and you are right in questioning – what the heck is the right diet? – we are now being told via Nora Gedgaudus that the Paleo diet and FAT is good!

Whole foods, raw foods make sense. Just watch Joe Cross’e documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. or have a look at his website http://www.jointhereboot.com – he believes in the results (he is living proof) that he has thrown in his investment business to spread the word. You can listen to his interview here

Also watched this video – you don’t need to be sick to get a wake up call about raw, vegan, juicing, removing sugar, processed foods etc

So, I believe in alternative therapies and I think there is a lot we don’t know, that science has yet to confirm. Sometimes it it just our gut or intuition that tells us something is right, but sometimes validity and/or conservative proven results do have their place. Even Steve Jobs wished he had been less esoteric and gone for hard hitting medicine and science much earlier in his treatment to prolong his life.

Whilst not as dire, I myself have felt that I am gluten intolerant, not necessarily problematic, but longer term could be more damaging to my health and potentially shorten my lifespan… who knows? It may be more than just an ‘inconvenience’



So, so much to still learn. But I will look at the Gerson info – I am curious. Thanks

Oops… the link to Bio Balance is wrong should be

I had a pesky comma in there instead… Some good articles there to read as well


Wow! I have just spent a considerable amount of time reading your article and all these comments and am amazed at how vitriolic some are. Shame on them.
I have gleaned from all this some part of your challenges and admire your grit and determination and your apparently cheerful outlook and ability to respond to uncaring comments with grace, as one person said.

A few years ago I gradually cut out most processed foods. It wasn’t a decision….just happened naturally….or maybe my body was telling me. I gradually lost 7 kgs much to my surprise. I have always believed “real” food is best so have always eaten butter, milk, salt, 70% chocolate almost every night as a few examples. I don’t eat supermarket bread as it doesn’t agree with me but if I can find really good bread that is fine.

I have been misdiagnosed 3 times by my Doctor and fortunately took my advice instead. Hence I don’t take blood pressure tablets now as I actually have low blood pressure. I do not have COPD but a minor sinus problem and I had a bladder infection and not a prolapsed bladder!!! That diagnosis was over the phone via the nurse after being on antibiotics. The Dr hadn’t even examined me…..hello??? Yes, my Dr is getting old and should retire.
So I’m with you. We have an obligation to listen to our own body as we know it better than anyone else… if we listen.

Good luck and good health to you Jess. :-))

Jessica, I just stumbled upon your blog and what a breath of fresh air! I love your spirit and determination!

The above post is beautifully written and it is right on target!

What is missing in the world today is plain old common sense!
The addictive mindset is slowly killing us and causing a world wide obesity epidemic in affluent nations.

How ironic – - the more money we have, the more separate we become from basic common sense and the more addicted we become.

Addiction is the problem and it turns off our common sense sensors!

I support anyone who takes her health into her own hands and takes responsibility for her life.
I would’ve banned that Deb person a long time ago. Her comments were very disrespectful.

Rock on sister! :-) You are indeed a “wellness warrior!”

Dee Greenberg » Thank you so much Dee! I completely agree with you that our collective common sense diminishes the more that money and addiction comes between us and our natural way of living. Thank you so much for your love and support! xx

I thought it was a well written, empowering blog post. What I got from it is that it’s time for us to get back to basics and take full responsibility for what and how we eat. We’ve tried it everyone Else’s way and now it’s time we tapped back into our own intelligence and trust what nature has provided for us. How can that be wrong. Thanks Jess.

Thank you for the article, you might get a proofreader as the last sentence was backwards. I do disagree that fruits and vegatables are a rich mans food and supliments are a poor mans food, it is the other way around…. people thought it was a cool thing to just take a pill for our nutrition… not… eating right and in moderation is the best.. they keep telling us that our ground has lost its nutients… I believe they do rotate crops every year so it doesnt to that, also you point of not being able to patent the food has always been mankinds problem, when they want to control everything. keep sending you papers out, they will be read. Help the body heal its self, it knows how… :0)

As a new subscribernto this website andnsomeone whomis thoroughly enjoyingnthe contentni have one recommendation for Deb, maybe she could try 16 coffee enemas in one hit…..sure sounds like she needs many.

Keep up the good work Jess.


Please excuse the layout of the above comment, all the copy appears to have melded into a number of words.

Regards Rebecca

What in sam hill did Mamamia not agree with you on here???