Wellness Warrior TV: How to do a coffee enema

Posted November 8, 2011


Yes, that’s right, I’m going there. Out of all of the emails I receive from readers of this blog, a fair chunk of them are dedicated to asking questions about coffee enemas. What are they? What do they do? How exactly do you do them? Can you rupture your bowel? Do they stop you from pooping normally? Are your bathroom walls covered in coffee stains? So, in the name of productivity, I decided to answer all of your coffee enema concerns in one video.


In the demonstration you will learn …

• The purpose of a coffee enema
• How to prepare the coffee for your enema
• The tips and tricks we use to make enema-time easy, comfortable and efficient
• The best position for your bucket for enema success
• How to lie while doing an enema
• Which common coffee enema misconceptions are not true

You will notice in the clip that I use coconut oil and rub the excess oil on my arm. Fellow Gerson people will know that coconut oil isn’t a Gerson-approved ingredient, but it’s a rule I chose to break with my enemas. If you aren’t comfortable with coconut oil, use vegetable glycerine.

Note: In case you’re worried that pressing play on this video will give you an eye full of something you’re not all that keen on seeing, you’ll be pleased to know this is the PG version of an enema demonstration.


You might also want to read: Coffee Enemas – What Can Go Wrong.


If you have any other questions about coffee enemas, pop them in the comments section below this post.

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Thank you Jess, this video is great! There is so much fear and anxiety surround the coffee enemas (I call it the “butt stigma”), and it’s just so needless and silly. You really do a great job of highlighting what a simple, un-scary process it really is!

Funny story: I used to work on the phones at the Gerson Institute, and during my first few weeks on the job I got a call from a pervy guy who wanted to “chat with some of the ladies about their personal experiences with the coffee enemas.” It was a bit traumatic!

Coffee Enema Creeper used to call us every couple months, but we haven’t heard from him in a while. Next time he calls, we’re transferring him to the guys in the shipping department! ;)

Awesome Jess! so great of you to share this with others and to let them know that you have been doing this for 2 years! you look fantastic and hopefully it will inspire others to get on the healing journey!

Jess you made it look so simple and explained the whole procedure really well. I’ve be too scared to ever try it but i’m going to suck it up and order a kit. I often see questions on other wellness sites asking how to do the enemas and i always link them to your site.

Quick question, when you added the 16 oz of purified water from the flask to the coffee mix in the bathroom was that hot, cold or room temp water? Should the mix be warm, hot or cold when its inserted?

OOH and haha loved the Kardashian line xx

Thanks Ananda! Ha ha good for you! The liquid should be about body temperature. The coffee I pour out of the flask is usually boiling, and then I add room temp water on top. If the coffee is cool, I will add a little boiling water as well to make the liquid warmer. It’s really important to get the temp right – not too cold and not too hot.

Good luck!! I’d love to hear how you get on. x

Thanks Jess!

Great to see the “go to wo” process!

Hi Jess
Even though I look after myself pretty well, eat plenty of veges and fruit and only a little amount of red meat and rarely chicken or pork, I have been experiencing colonic polyps which have been removed by 2 Colonoscopies and probably will soon require another. I will be 70 y/o in December. Weight 65kgs Height 175cms

Do you think a coffee enema will help or harass my colon?

I usually drink rain or RO water with bi-carb added to further akalize it further.

Thanks for your info.

John Waters

Hi John, I would say that coffee enemas would be helpful for you. People who have colon cancer are still able to safely administer coffee enemas, so I would assume they would be safe for you also. It might be worth checking with an integrative doctor who is clued up on coffee enemas though. :)

Hi John
I too suffered from bowel polyps, the first one being diagnosed as malignant. I had kept to a strict veggie diet for over ten years thinking to avoid such problems. However after my sixth or so visit for follow-up sigmoidoscopy which resulted in yet another biopsy of somethng that needed to be removed and being told that “you just seem to be someone who grows things”, I decided I had to look again at “Eat Right 4 Your Type” by Dr Peter Adamo. I had rejected this as blood type B can’t be vegetarian. I began the new regeme right away and have never looked back. On my next hospital visit nothing was found to biopsy or remove. All this happened twelve years ago.
All best wishes
Anne Brown

Coffee enemas are slightly acid and can cause stress on the colon when done consistently over extended periods of time. Coffee enema’s do not reseed the intestines/colon with the beneficial friendly bacteria. Although the coffee enema is great for liver detox it strips the intestines with the friendly beneficial bactera that supports a healthy intestines and immune system. Consider replanting the intestines with enemas (implants) that are rich in fermented nutrients which provides healthy intestinal flora.

Sounds like an interesting point, but if this truly were a concern (issue), wouldn’t you think that the Gerson Institute (not to mention Jess or anyone else who has been faithfully performing coffee enemas MULTIPLE times a day for extended periods of time) would bring this concern to light? Perhaps that is exactly why 3 juices for every enema is advised (?). Jess, any thoughts?

Dana » Yes, this isn’t something to worry about. As Gerson states, coffee enemas target the liver. They don’t affect the small intestines at all – this would be a colonic. Three juices for every enema are needed in order to replace electrolytes that may be lost. xx

to help your condition, you need to stay off meat and drink lots of fresh juices and eat lots of raw/steamed vegetables and salads. my husband has had sever diveticulitis and this is how we have managed it and he is now well,

A great post Jess, thank you so much for doing this! I’ve not tried it yet but since reading your blog I’ve been keen. I now feel like I’ve got enough knowledge to do so.
Thanks again :)

Hi Jess

Your video couldn’t have showed up in my inbox at a more appropriate time. My sister and I were just talking this morning about wanting to do coffee enemas and wondering how to go about it. Watching your video answered everything we questioned.

I’m going to get my enema kit ASAP. Over the past months chemo and constipation seem to have become rather close friends. It’s time I break those two up and get things sorted down there. Can’t wait to feel cleansed!

Great video!

Ra xo

My husband who has never smoked, has had lung cancer 3 times (starting 10 years ago) and for the last 3 months, since his last surgery we have both been doing coffee enemas and eating healthy plant based vegan diets and though the enemas seem weird at first they are quite the opposite, they not only get rid of toxins and help your liver work better but they make you feel better. I usually read your blog, which I love and appreciate, as well as crazy sexy life, and some others while I am on the floor doing my enema. Thanks so much and keep it up!

Paula, good luck to you and your husband. I hope that he continues on his road to recovery. Where do you live and where does he receive treatment? Do you have a good integrative doctor? My best. Pam

I cracked up when I read what you wrote above, because the first one I took, I painted the wall with my poop and I still need to repaint sections. I was literally baptized in the stuff, as well as my shower curtain and everything else in my bathroom!! I have not perfected these yet and still can’t hold them the full time or even do one in one “dose” but, at least it’s better than the first one! LOL

Oh, you may want to comment on your left arm so that those who might be viewing for the first time will know what’s going on with those beautiful arms of yours.

And, Jess, though we have never met, when I get discouraged and want to quit, I just read a few of your blogs and my heart lifts. I love you girl!

Reading your comment made me laugh so hard!! You’re hilarious. Good point on making a comment about my beauty marks on my arm. I will definitely do that. Thank you so much – it makes me so happy to know that my blogs make a difference to your spirits. Lots of love to you xxx

Hi Jess,
Great video, thank you!!! I loved both flasks you have, what’s the brand and it is insulated? Also can I have oilve oil instead of coconut oil?
Love Fabi!!!

Hi Fabi,

Thank you! The black flask is an Aladdin brand that we bought from Big W here in Aus. The silver one doesn’t have a brand on it, but it was from Coles I think. They are both insulated. Yep, you can use olive oil instead of coconut! x

I tried both coconut and olive oil and couldn’t insert the tubing. I called Gerson and they said to try Un-petroleum so that seems to be working much better for me. I might try the coconut oil again though as I was using an old enema bag and tube so maybe the one from Gerson I purchased may work better.

Love it!! I am feeling much more confident to order a kit now and give it a go! xxx

Hi Jess
Love following you. Totally inspirational.
In the column on your mum’s day to day routine you mentioned that if you don’t do a coffee em you get headaches. Can you explain what that is about please?

Hi Sumner, I’m not totally sure what it’s about. I’m guessing it’s because our bodies are so clean that they are sensitive to everyday toxins. If we are exposed to them for too long without an enema to rid the liver of toxins, we get headaches. When the liver is overburdened, we will get a headache. This happens if we have too many juices without and enema too as the juices stir up toxins within the body and an enema is needed to help the liver out. x

I get headaches if I have not had caffiene all day, if my body is used to my cup of tea/coffee and I forget. Are you sure its not just caffeine withdrawal symptoms your getting, when you get headaches if you dont do the enema? Especially if your doing them so regularly?
(I dont know anything about it, but assume you ingest caffeine from the enema, same way you would absorb pain relief from suppositories?
Fantastic page, and inspirational stuff, keep up the good work!!

Interested » I questioned this as well, but I have been assured that the caffeine is not absorbed the same way when it goes up your bottom as when you drink it. In enema form, the coffee is absorbed into the mesenteric vein, then taken up by the portal vein which serves the liver directly. So the enema does not pass into the systemic circulation.

Forgot this question: Gerson told me that I needed to use a clean t-shirt or cheesecloth to strain the coffee(even though I was using a strainer). But I noticed you weren’t using anything but a strainer. I wonder if I can also skip the t-shirt/cheesecloth step too? Do you use anything other than a strainer?

Nope, we just use the strainer! Did Gerson say why you couldn’t use one? Our strainer is very fine, so no remains escape into the liquid. x

Strainers are fine–some people prefer to use a cloth or cheesecloth but as long as the strainer is fine enough to sift out most of the grounds and isn’t made of toxic plastic there’s no problem. The person who told you that was probably just going strictly by the book, because that’s what Charlotte advises in Healing the Gerson Way. But there’s no reason you can’t use a strainer–in fact, at the Institute we often recommend it because it’s quicker and less messy.

Super!! That means I can delete one one of the steps. Thanks for the info:)

So, a thought to Susaneelizabeth and a question to our host. Long ago, I found the best way to make coffee for the “upper end” was to use a French Press. This made a more coffee more efficiently and totaly eliminated the grounds question. So, what do you gals think of this? I have a French Press that makes about a liter at a time.

thank you for a beautiful and inspiring video. Regarding the headaches, I’d just like to say that Dr Gerson advised coffee enemas to actually cure headaches, and as an ex- long-term migraine sufferer I cured myself with coffee enemas. Nowadays, if I get as much as a suspicion of a headache coming on, a coffee enema takes it away like magic. I personally don’t find juices bring on headaches (but I’m not a cancer sufferer, so my experience might not be true for everyone); what I do find is that the more I keep to a raw, or simple Gerson-style, diet, the better I feel, and the better it is for migraine-prevention.

By the way, I strain my coffee through a plastic coffee filter fitted with a filter paper, then just throw away the coffee grounds along with the filter paper.

I would like to know whether it’s OK to use an ordinary coffee filter machine to make the coffee, rather than boiling
process? Much easier, if OK.

Hi Rose, thanks for your comment! That’s awesome you have cured your migraines with coffee enemas. As for your question, Gerson has stipulated that we must boil the coffee in this way rather than using a filter machine. x

Hi Jess! love the video- for a beginner, how often should I do these to start with and the best time? I am willing to give it a try, the only thing worrying me is making it to the loo. :) also how far does the coffee flow?

Hi Jen, it’s totally up to you how many you do. Some people start with once a week, twice a week, or once a day – whatever you feel comfortable with and have time for. The coffee flows far enough that you will be able to get up and walk to the toilet once the timer goes off! ha ha :)

thanks, I am going to give a go, the only thing is I have to go from the bathroom to the toilet via the lounge room area, so gosh I hope I hang on , I may spoil my family’ s TV viewing for the night! lol!


What kind of coffee do you use, instant? :/

Hi Ra! Nooooooo. We use organic medium ground coffee – the type you would use in a plunger. xx

lol. Ok cool. It was the only thing I wasn’t sure on.
I will go to Mrs Flannery’s for some organic medium ground coffee.
I am so excited to do this. I am actually looking forward to seeing what comes out!!


Love the video blog! And tastefully done ;) I think it’s worth mentioning that for every enema we should ideally be consuming 3 green juices (I learned this at my own peril – loved the coffee enemas, but caused inflammation and loss of magnesium/potassium by skipping the juices!) More video blogs please. xxx

Good point Nicola! I should have mentioned that in the video. Thanks so much xxx

Hi Jess, I was reading Nicola and concerned, so, for each enema is mandatory to have 3 juices, I just have 1 or 2 maximum!! Will I lose potassium and magnesium? Tks a lot for always replying everybody!!! XX

Hi Fabi, sorry I just saw this comment then. It depends how many enemas you are doing. Because we do them multiple times a day, we must have three juices for each enema. If you are only doing them a couple of times a week, 1-2 juices each day is fine. x

Do you mean three 8 oz glasses of juice for every coffee enema? Thanks, Susie

Hi Susie, yes that’s correct! x

Hi Jess, thank you for your great vid. I just found it on a search and am looking at ways to feel better ! I get headaches even though I am ‘healthy’ vegan. Also can you recommend a website to purchase an enema kit ? (with bucket, not bag) Oh and one more thing, are the parts ‘reusable’ ? Thanks so much, I have favourited your site :)
Warmly, Amber

Hi Jess,

Thank you for your wonderful blogs, I read them everyday. Will you please tell me how do I find an Integrative doctor in the Gold Coast/Logan area?

Love and Blessings to you and your mum xx
Nancy :o)

Hi Nancy, thanks so much for reading!! Try doing a search on this page: http://www.naturaltherapypages.com.au/practitioners/Holistic_Doctor/

Let me know if you have no luck. x

Jess thankyou so much for your sharing. You truly are inspirational and so generous with your ideas and information.

My question is when using coffee enemas as part of a general detox program, how do you best prepare i.e.
how long not eating beforehand?
what kind of meal/food to eat before the enema?
what time of day is it best to do enema?

Thankyou! x

Hi Vivianne,

There are no real rules here, but it is usually best to have something in your stomach when you do an enema. You don’t have to eat directly before, but just something in there to get the digestive juices flowing. It doesn’t matter what kind of meal you have or what time of the day you do it. Hope this helps! x

Hey Jess, not sure you will see this as it’s been a while since this stream of comments happened, but, I am a type 1 brittle diabetic and to eat fruit, or anything first thing in the a.m. can spike my sugar. And if my tubing(am on a pump) gets plugged in the night, it might be a few hrs before I return to a normal sugar. So, many times I just have to tk a digestive enzyme or something that doesn’t have carbs in it, esp fruits. I probably need to call Gerson to ask about this as I just figured this was my best bet.

Hi Susanelizabeth, This is a question for the Gerson people. Sorry I can’t be of more help! :)

Thanks Jess, I will call tomorrow a.m.

Awesome info !!

How far is the tube inserted in when doing the enema?

Hi Phil, usually about a finger’s length or a few inches. Long enough that coffee won’t come out as it’s going in. :)

Thank you, Jess, for your helpful reply to my query, and for initiating this very interesting dialogue. I think there’d be a lot less illness around if everyone knew about coffee enemas and the magical effect they have… and actually, how pleasant they are to do! R x

Hi Jess, I was reading Nicola and concerned. So, for each enema is mandatory to have 3 juices, I just have 1 or 2 maximum!! Will I lose potassium and magnesium? Tks a lot for always replying everybody!!! XX

Hi Fabi, it depends how many you do. If you are doing them daily, it’s important to replenish your electrolytes with at least three juices. If you are just doing them weekly or even a couple of times a week with two juices each day, you will be fine. xx

Thanks a lot dear!!! Do you think that 1 orange juice, 1 carrot/apple and 1 green would be ok , when I have enama? Or 2 greens and 1 carrot? XX Fabi

Yep, I think both of those options would be fine! x

Hi Jess,
Thank you so much for doing this. Quite perfect! I have done this 3 times now and love the effect on my whole body. I am an on again off again raw foodist and I feel horrible sometimes when my poor body is dealing with removing the garbage. Coffee enema to the rescue :) Thank you Dr. Gerson and Charlotte!
I am so happy for you and your healing and hope your mom is doing great too! This info is so important for all the scared people out there. I love trying things to improve my health and also love to pass on what I learn. I will pass on this site to others who I know can use this!

Bless you and your family,
Marty in Wisconsin, U.S.A.

Fantastic Jess. I am eager to share that on http://www.breastcancerll.com as a lesson learned…it may need it own page!!

So, I am curious as to the beneficial effects of enemas vs . colonics? Is it just the coffee in the enema that is the difference? Do you and your Mom ever have colonics? Thanks! Keep up the good inspirational work!!

Hi Pam, enemas and colonics serve two different purposes. Enemas you administer yourself and they are designed to detoxify the liver. Colonics do not detox the liver, but they clean out the colon. Gerson Therapy does not allow colonics, but we may use them down the track. Thanks!

Jess, what if you start out by doing enemas with water instead of coffee. Does that still cleanse the liver? Thanks!

Pam » Hi Pam, it is the coffee that stimulates the liver to increase detoxification. x

Hi Jess. Yes, I understand that. But I know of people who have done enemas with just water and no coffee. I wonder what the purpose of that enena is. What does the enema do with just water? I thought that it may clean the colon. Thoughts? Thanks! Pam

Good Evening Jess,
How long do you hold the enema in befor you use to the potty?

I just posted the how long question – where are my manners I forgot to to say thank you

Hi Jean! It’s best to hold it in for about 12-15 minutes. If you can’t make it that long in the beginning, just aim for 10 minutes. x

Good Afternoon Jess,
Well I “broke the ice” an expression that means I did my FIRST COFFEE ENEMA all thanks to your “how to video”. YEA ME! You are helping so many people so far away – I live in Wisconsin USA. Thank you. The most troublesome part for me was not spilling the coffee liquid as I poured it into the thermos. I used funnel, a cloth, and a strainer to keep particles out and holding everything over the small thermos opening was not going well until I asked my daughter to help. I did read of others who use canning jars and hot plates – I think my next try will be with the wider mouth opening of a jar. Again I thank you. Oh by the way I couldn’t absorb all 24 oz so I did it three times in a row untill all the liquid was used up and also couldn’t hold it for 10-15 minutes, but assume all will get easier with time/more practice.

I apologize but I forgot to ask another question about the coffee enema. I am having problems cleaning my toilet. Thank goodness, since I am getting a little better at this, I am only need to clean the INSIDE and not the ouside as well LOL. I know I am still doing alot of major detox so the clean up might be more during this time. I hate using any chemical to clean but have found that at least wkly, I need to use something of this nature. I only use vinegar and hydrogen peroxide for regular cleaning, but that just doesn’t seem to be ample because my toilet gets horribly stained from the coffee(we live in an apt). What do you use, esp since you do so many a day? Again, thanks for tkg the time to answer so many of our questions, esp since your schedule is so time consuming. This forum has been so helpful for me.

No worries!! We just use vinegar, borax and a toilet brush. Using this regularly will keep the toilet clean, even when you do enemas! :)

I haven’t tried borax powder so I will pick some up.

1)Where do you store your enema bucket, tubing? I sit mine on the end of my tub, but I also have other people(like my 4 +12 yr old granddaughters) who use the bathroom/tub. I have been thinking about putting a shelf up high, over(and inside) my shower, that would keep it up and out of reach of little hands.
2) I put my prepped coffee in mason glass jars the night before and put in the fridge. The next morning I have to warm in a pan, wash and then keep reusing/cleaning the pan. But someone at Gerson mentioned getting a hot plate or a warmer(like you would use to keep a hot cup of coffee warm). I wonder if I could just pour the coffee into my bucket and just sit that on the warmer or would that damage the plastic?

Am trying to find the quickest and most efficient set/clean up.

I store my enema bucket on a hook that hang on my shower. You can also just store it in a plastic bag though. I wouldn’t put the plastic bucket on a hot plate. We have found that the most efficient way is to just store the coffee in a flask (or thermos) and then add to the bucket from there. If the coffee has cooled too much in the thermos, just add some boiling water along with your room temp water until you create the perfect temp in your bucket. I keep three thermos in my bathroom – one for coffee, one for purified water, and one with boiling water. Another trick we discovered in Mexico is to add 8 oz of chamomile tea to the bucket as well, to soothe things down there if you’re doing four or five enemas a day. Apparently this helps prevent hemroids. :)

I was boiling enough each evening for the following day, then, I’d put it in Mason glass jars and put those in the fridge. So, the next day, I had to warm it each time before use. You must do the coffee for the whole day, first thing in the morning, and then put the coffee in Thermo’s so it will stay warm. Is this correct?

The three thermo’s sound great. I don’t have much cabinet space but will see if it might work. Sure seems simpler.

And I need to do the chamomile also because I still can’t hold it the full time and Gerson told me it’d help quiet my colon down some.

Thanks again Jess.

Chamomile is great for soothing, and linseed tea is rehydrating. I sometimes do a probiotic enema….it’s amazing what you can put in there ;)

I bought a hot plate off of eBay and used it to warm the water for a short while. But that was another item on our already crowded kitchen countertop. Then when I hired a plumber to install a reverse-osmosis water system, as one of the Gerson-recommended enema waters) I had him “Y” off of it to an instant-hot, a heated water with its own smaller faucet, plumbed into my kitchen sink. So now after I make a triple batch of coffee (lasting 2 days because there are 2 of us on Gerson), I store it in tall glass jar. When its time to do a coffee break, we each have our own 4 cup glass measuring cup and add coffee to the 1 cup line then fill the rest with instant-hot! This instant hot water is such a time-saver, we absolutely love it!

Hi Jess,
I use castor oil for lubrication. Its Gerson approved and works great. Also I make 5 enemas as a concentrate and leave it on the stove with the lid on. Is this ok? Or do I need to refridgerate? KHL! xoxo

Hi Courtney, I think it depends on how long you are leaving it on the stove. We make our concentrate for the morning the night before, which is why we store it in flasks. We also find that storing in flasks retains the heat. However, if it’s just on the stove for the day I would say it would be okay. x

I can’t seem to get the video to appear. Is there another place I can view it? Thanks!

good job, Jess, on this video !
You show the coffee enema process as a very positive part of the therapy- which it is !

I want to add something about your comment to Sumner, who asked why you get a headache, on the Gerson therapy if you go too long without a coffee enema.
It is because, on the therapy, you need the enemas to keep pace with the daily detox/healing work your body is doing- from the therapy. The nutrients from the juices are entering the cells and speeding up the excretion of toxins… that is why during a “flare-up”, when detox is causing uncomfortable symptoms, gerson-persons may do even more coffee enemas. also, if unable to do the enemas, you would then have to slow down the pace of therapy, less juices, etc…to match the ratio which is most comfortable and effective. does that make sense ??
I know this both from reading and from my experience- because, due to circumstances this past year, I have had to do less therapy at times…and I learned a lot from that process !

Thank you. Good reply. Now I know something new!


Its an interesting question about headaches starting after you stop coffee enemas. I never did full gerson therapy, but use coffee enemas once or twice a week to help my liver. I noticed that if I do 1 enema per day, 2 days in a raw, and don’t do it next day – then on 4th day I always develop migraine like headache. It feels like coffee withdrawal. I usually can stop it either with just one cup of espresso taken orally. If I do drink cup of coffee – I will have migraine for sure. So definitely in my case there is some withdrawal, and I connect it to the fact that I most probably have some leaky gut syndrome. That migraine usually start 2 days after I stopped doing enema. I know that it will come, and just drink one expresso to prevent it (if I don’t – it will be fully blown migraine for couple days). But of course, when people are on a serious gerson therapy with many coffee enemas – then headaches in some people can definitely be a result of detoxification.

Jess, I just got your ten day cleanse pamphlet. During the 10 days what is the best number of coffee enemas to do? Thanks, susie

Hi Susie, the general rule is one enema for every 3-4 juices. However, many people do juice cleanses without any enemas at all, so whatever you feel comfortable with should be fine. If you have a headache or experience other detox symptoms, an enema will help to provide relief. x

Hi Jess,

I am new to your site and very much enjoy and look forward to your posts on this blog =). I have a couple of in general questions for you. Unfortunately I have a hard time thinking outside the box and pretty much feel better when I have exact instructions on my eating habits. I recently had decided to try to compete in a fitness bikini competition but put it on hold due to the fact that it was taking away way to much time from my precious babies and they will only be little once. I picke up Kim Snyder’s book as well and have begun doing the GGS in the morning. The problem I am having is that I was eating up to 5 or 6 meals per day with mainly protein or protein drinks so I am still feeling hungry b/c I drink my GGS bwn 7:30-8:00 and we do not break for lunch until 1:00 most of the time. I do not want to eat to much or the wrong things . I have never juiced before and I am looking into purchasing a juicer for myself as well as my babies (ages 4 and 16 mths). Do you have any suggestions for me?? I would like to switch slowly to more of a vegetarian style diet but still include meats just not as much!

Hi Mandy, thanks so much for coming over to my site! That’s awesome that you have been having Kim Snyder’s GGS – she is brilliant. My suggestion would be to make sure you are eating plenty of greens (in salads and lightly cooked veggies), and whole grains like brown rice, wild rice and quinoa. Quinoa especially is extremely high in protein, but it is a plant protein so it is much better for your system. Spirulina is also super high in protein, among other very beneficial attributes. I would start adding that to your GGS in the mornings. Lentils and chickpeas are also great. They are high in protein, versatile and filling. If you are still going to have meat, I would recommend making your greens, other veggies, whole grains and legumes the star of your meal, and having meat on the side. I hope this helps! x

That helps me tremendously!! I actually just recieved my 1st bottle of hawaiian spirulina tablets yesterday and took my 1st 2 this morning =) I love Quinoa it’s one of my newest favorites and have found it organic at HEB grocery store. I currently have a problem w/ bloating and gas w/ some beans. I had an EGD scope done and my digestive system is extremely slow!!! I ate at 9:00 the previous night and at noon the next day when they did my scope I still had undigested food at the top of my stomach that had not processed =( This is what began my venture in researching how to help my system and get me to a healthy state without having to work so hard to try to be that way. Thank you so much for taking time out to answer my questions!! You are very much an inspiration in my journey!

Thank Jess for posting this. I have had people ask me about the procedure around the enemas and its hard to discretely tell them without either one of us getting embarrassed. You did a great job, loved it. I will be sharing this with my friends.

Your gersonator friend,

I couldn’t help but notice in your video the tumours on your left arm. Are they getting bigger or more numerous?

Hi John,

No they are neither getting bigger or more numerous. They are more red now than they used to be, but I now have less of them. The process seems to be that they swell, become red and then come out through the skin and go away. To the unknowing eye they can appear like they are getting worse, but I have been monitoring them and taking photos of all of the stages so that I can show everyone what they are doing when I finish Gerson in April. :)

Hey Jess – I was just wondering… I have always read not to put anything hot into plastic as that releases off toxins. So my concern is putting the boiling water/coffee into the plastic enema bucket and then inserting the liquid (with toxins) into my body. What are your thoughts on this?

Hey Jess I finally got around to booting up the laptop and listening to this. You won’t believe that I have never realised that piece of white plastic on the tube is actually a clasp! So thanks for that and a great demo :-)

Ha ha that’s so funny! I did the same thing with my old bucket, so I can’t really laugh. Glad you’ve got it sorted now! :)

Hi Jess,
I bought the Gerson book and, subsequently, an enema kit several weeks ago but have been a bit too squeamish to try it. Thanks for bolstering my perspective on this! Like Bec (above), I’ve wondered about using a plastic enema bucket (and warm coffee) due to toxins. I’m guessing this isn’t a concern to you or anyone at Gerson.

Also, do you know anyone who has healed hypothyroidism by juicing and using coffee enemas?

Thx much!

Cheri » Hi Cheri, the plastic hasn’t seemed to be a problem at all. All enema kits have plastic tubes as well, so I’m not sure there is an alternative. As for healing hypothyroidism, I don’t know of anyone specifically but I do know that it can be healed with Gerson Therapy. x

Thank you so much, Jess! I haven’t read the whole book, but the index only has a brief mention of hypothyroidism. Therefore, I put the book aside. I hadn’t read enough…. I expected to find an altered program for hypothyroidism, not the same program as cancer patients use. I am so glad you mentioned the Gerson program works for this! ooxx

I have been juicing vegs and some fruits known to be good for the thyroid. I have been taking herbal supplements. I have been detoxifying my liver with supplements…but suspecting this hasn’t been enough, thus the coffee enemas caught my attention.

Ok, so now I feel daunted at the thought of implementing an entire program like this! But at least I have a path, a proven method, for healing. So glad I stumbled upon your blog. I’m sure I’ll be following. All the best to you, Jess.


I want to do this enema thing. the only this that is stopping me is the purified water. we have a filtered water tap is that going to be enough until we get something better?

Also do you have a good website to buy the enema bucket?


Milly » Hi Milly, it’s best if you use water that does not have fluoride and chlorine in it. I’m not sure where you live, but it’s probably best to just do a search online for an enema bucket kit. I buy mine from http://www.ishimedical.com. Hope this helps! x

Another question when doing it for the first couple of times. Will I have to stay home all day after it? or will I be ok to go out an hour after or so?

Milly » Hi Milly, no you won’t have to stay home at all! As soon as you’ve done the enema you will be able to go about your day as normal. x

Thank you Jess. I am in Australia by the way.

We currently have a filtered water tap that we use for drinking so I will just use that water.

Thank you.

Thank-You for showing how to do the coffee enema. The first time I read about it on the Food Matters website I wanted to do one, but didn’t quite understand how they did it. The visual is greatly appreciated. As well as the little nitty grittys, like the flat bottom of the bucket, adding hot water, and using purified water. Now a question, do you have to be drinking juices to get the benefits of doing a coffee enema?

Hello Jess!
So, I was JUST introduced to your site via a link posted on Renegadehealth.com – I entered your site not know what it was about at all – and I fell immediately in love! For some reason I’ve often wondered what path I would follow if I ever would get cancer, but I know that chemo etc would be the path I would pick last.. I’ve heard about Gerson thru Renegade Health several times but never really read anything like your blog before.

Anywho, Coffee enema? Awesome! Why tho? (I could just google it but wanted to interact!) Why coffee and not any other enema? Wonder if you could do a tea-enema… Ha ha (I’m a teaholic you see..).

Ok VERY incoherent. Love your blog. Excited to explore it!

Many Smiles from Norway

Ida Margrethe Aalvik » Hi Ida, it’s lovely to meet you!! Thanks for coming over. So, coffee is used in the enema because that is what dilates the bile ducts and stimulates the detoxification of the liver. It also helps the body to produce glutathione (a master antioxidant). Thanks for saying hi :)

Hi jess , thanks so much for posting video. Question re: purified water , does boiling water for 10 mins purify it? Or do you have to buy a special filter? Alternatively , can you buy it? Only plan to do it 1-2 times per month; thanks very much.

simone » Hi Simone! No, boiling won’t remove the fluoride and chlorine from the water. It’s best to have a filter that will do this, otherwise totally fine to buy it. Just make sure to buy water in a cask rather than in plastic. All the best! x

Hi Jess, thank you so much for the instructional! I just did my first coffee enema, but I didn’t realize I was supposed to lay on my right side the whole time.

I printed out the instructions a while back, they said lie back and relax, so I did! After watching the video again, I realized you stayed on your right side the whole time.

My other questions are these: once the coffee is brewed, how long can it be stored in the fridge? Also, is there anything special you use to clean the bucket and tube?

blessings from Alaska

Lisa » Hi Lisa, that’s awesome!! That’s okay, next one you’ll do perfect ha ha. I don’t keep my coffee for any longer than a day – it’s best to have it fresh as possible. We just use castille soap to clean the bucket and tube. At the end of the week I will also run some 3% hydrogen peroxide through it as well. xx

Hi Jess, thank you so much! I finally had the courage to try my first coffee enema after seeing your instructions.

I found your site a while ago and just wanted to say that you are a great inspiration and such a beautiful person inside and out. Keep up the great work!

Love and light from London xx

Merja » Thank you so much Merja! Congratulations on your first coffee enema! x

Hi Jess, just to get started, is it ok to boil good filtered water and let it cool down to start with enemas? I would then eventually buy a distiller. Kind regards Andrea

Andrea » Andrea, I would recommend buying purified water in a cask. Boiling filtered water won’t remove the fluoride, which is what you are aiming to remove. Good luck! x

Hi Jess, thanks for your reply. I just checked and my waterfilter says it removes fluoride to 90%, it is a very expensive water filter that replicates alkaline spring water, do you think that could be ok? Kind regards Andrea

Hi Jess. Thank you so much for being the one to put me on the road of doing Enemas! They are great (just he plain water one) and I try to do one daily. Well yesterday after a water Enema I did my fist coffee enema.

I couldn’t believe how much better I felt. I was so relaxed that my shoulders, which holds a lot of tension, felt so strange because they are used to being up around my ears! I felt a warmth throughout my body after and there was a period 10 minutes into the Enema that Relaxation just hit me and I savoured the moment.

My one Big concern, is becoming addicted to the coffee going into my liver and colon, that I am worried about caffeine addiction. Do I have cause for concern? And is the clam-elation feeling down to having that caffeine enter and be retained by my body?

I am trying to investigate this worry and I thought I would ask you as well.

I personally would do a coffee one every day as it felt that good and I just wish to get my facts straight first.

I can see why you love them ! ;-) Take care, Imogen x:)

Imogen Shepard » Hi Imogen, that’s awesome! No, no need to worry about caffeine addiction. The caffeine doesn’t have the same effect on the body when you take it in an enema, as you would taking it orally. Cancer patients aren’t allowed caffeine, so if this was a concern we wouldn’t be able to do coffee enemas. They are totally safe! x

Thank you Jess, I didn’t think they would be a cause for addiction worry because you yourself do them, and I know you are a clever being, plus if what I am reading correctly and Coffee Enemas are given to Cancer patients, then they can’t be harmful. I just wanted to double check.

I’m doing my second Coffee one now and I have introduced my Mum to Enemas (we did her first one on Sunday) and not only was she an excellent patient ;-) She felt really great afterwards. So this Sunday we will do a water flush first and then she will have her first Coffee Enema too !

Once again…Thank You so much for introducing Enemas to my world…They really are something else !!

Hugs, Immie x:)

Thanks Jess for the great info on the coffee enema, so after so many month on the GT how many do you have a day?
Are you eve going to cut it out or still you will do every day????

Ildiko » My pleasure! I think I will do daily coffee enemas for the rest of my life – will probably slowly reduce to just one a day after Gerson though. x

i’ve been wanting to try a coffee enema forever now, ever since i read “healing the gerson way.” your video is incredibly clear and simply! it’s always extremely helpful to see someone go through the steps and (almost) do it. i had my first experience yesterday, and i must say i fell in love. it is actually quite relaxing.

i haven’t drank caffeine in over 3 years. i wonder if the body takes in some of the caffeine it would as if it were to drink a cup of coffee. i wonder this because it’s 4:30 am my time and i can’t seem to fall asleep!

i love you website and your story. truly an inspiration.

How far do you insert the red rubber tube into you?
Is that a rectal or colon tube?
You are a wonderful person good luck to you

Diane » Thank you Diane! Usually a couple of iches or about a finger length. That is a rectal tube I believe. x

Why is the tube so long if not inserted to the full lenght ?

Hi Jess,
Thank you for your informative website and valuable coffee enema video. Ive just started doing daily coffee enemas and wanted to say that I didnt realise I should be having 3 green smoothies a day – whoops! Ive been doing these for 2 weeks now and only adding water to my diet. I have been having daily migraines for over a week now and wonder if this is why? I will (pardon the pun) rectify this, by including more veg juices, but wonder if I should include a supplement to replenish what I might have lost?
Also I wanted to comment that I am caffeine intolerant, as my nervous system goes haywire with caffeine, but I have been very tolerant of it via the enema, and I thought that may be helpful for others reading this.
I came across a Gerson PDF online where I printed out contacts for the enema bucket and also for organic coffee at a great price that I want to mention too – 2.5kg Organic coffee incl delivery $71.00 – http://www.tasteofparadise.com.au (03) 62741422, AND for the enema bucket – http://www.chemistdirect.com.au – item#899852 – Ph 1300366128, or, http://www.innerglow.com.au, (07) 54490600 – douche can 2L and silicone catheter.
I also noted that they say some silt in the coffee is useful as it is high in palmitates.
This Gerson info and other helpful enema tips, incl Australian Resources, was found under – http://www.kathrynalexander.com.au
Hope this info is helpful to others. :)))
Thanks again Jess, and how wonderful – April is just around the corner and the completion of a very big commitment but youve done it!!

Hi, Jess:
I just discovered this fantastic website! You are amazing and sooo brave to stick with this treatment.I pray that you will have a full recovery. My mom died of brain cancer two years ago. I wish we had known about the Gerson program when my mom was suffering so.

I have two questions.
1) How is it that your daily coffee enemas are not affecting your regular bowel function? I have a slight irritable bowel-constipation issue and take an enema occasionally when I need it. Sometimes it takes me a couple days to get regular again.
2) Do you think that taking coffee enemas for a healthy person are just a good thing for your body to be free of toxins?
Love your site!!!

Victoria » Thanks so much Victoria! Yes, coffee enemas are really good for a healthy person. All of us live in a world that puts toxic load on our livers – coffee enemas are an awesome way to help the little fellas out! An I can definitely guarantee that they don’t affect regular bowel function. I am on a reduced enema schedule now (still every day though) and I am able to have bowel movements normally as well. x

How far do you insert the red rubber tub into your self?

Diane » Hi Diane, just a couple of inches or about a finger’s length. x

Very well explained, thankyou!

Dear Jess… Thank you for replying to my questions above. I shared your website with my doctor, who is a naturopath and also an MD. She believes you are amazing for your commitment to the Gerson therapy and is praying for your full recovery.

She is OK with taking coffee enemas in moderation, but she wants to be sure that I do not create an electrolyte imbalance. Is this a problem for you? Also, do you take any probiotic supplements either orally or by enema? My doctor recommends certain probiotics to help maintain normal colon function for her patients who are taking enemas.

Once again, thank you. You are so courageous.


Victoria » Hi Victoria, thanks so much! No, we don’t need to worry about this because we are replenishing our electrolytes with plenty of fresh juices and veggies. Plus, we take potassium supplements. We don’t need a probiotic because enemas only cleanse the liver – the don’t actually flush out the colon like a colonic would. x

Hi Jess,
I am wondering if it is messy standing up to get to the toilet or is it reasonably easy top hold in? My toilet is in another room to my bathroom.
Thank you – clear, easy to understand demo.

Melita » Hi Melita, no it is really easy to get up and walk to the toilet! No worries there. x

Jess – Curious if you’ve heard an age requirement for trying this?? Thank you – Karla

Karla » Hi Karla, I’m not too sure if there is an age requirement. Children who do Gerson Therapy still do the enemas I believe. x

Nice video with detailed explanation. Will try to use coconut oil too!

Hi, I’m a little bit confused because I thought you should lie on the left side first. But in the video you said the opposite. What is the truth?

Ziya » Hi Ziya, it is important to lie on your right side and this is how the enema will target the liver.

And my other question is: Can I do that with organic instant coffee?

Ziya » Hi, no this must be done with organic ground coffee (the type you would put in a plunger). :)

hi,Id like to ask if its necessary that coffee has to go inside slowly,and that I have to by lying on floor?
ALso how about coffein stimulation?doesnt it get into blood stream and stimulate,and drain my energy?thank you:)

VOjta » Hi there! It’s best to go in slowly to avoid cramping. Yes, you need to lie on your right side on the floor (or a bed) for the coffee to flow to the liver. No, the caffeine does not have the same effect as drinking it as it’s not digested – it only targets the liver.

Wow, I’ve just read through all these comments. I’m wondering how/why you would still need to get toxins or anything else out through an enema, if you are so clean? Surely if you’re ingesting only juices and vegetables, why does the fiber not come out without the need of an enema? You are so sweet and helpful! You have saved your life and likelt many others, thank you for the inspiration!

Jesse » Hi Jesse, thank you so much! Coffee enemas are needed because all of the juicing has such a detoxifying effect on the body. When toxins are stirred up, they need to be eliminated by the liver. But because our bodies are so toxic (especially a cancer patient) the liver needs help to remove all of the toxins, otherwise they are just reabsorbed into the body. This is where coffee enemas come in. They target the liver to help excrete toxins. Hope this helps! xx

Hi, I’m working on curing a chronic illness and your site along with other books have been very useful! I had my first colon-cleansing experience about a month ago when I tried a gravity colonic. I’ve never tried an enema but the few colonics I’ve had over the past month have been amazing! I recommend this and/or enemas to everyone for health. Surprisingly I had an emotional release after the first one, just thinking of all the difficulties I’ve been through. Since then my digestion is better, my head is clearer, and my energy is more consistent. Thanks Jess for showing that even cool, hip, pretty girls clean their poop-chute; as they should! Haha- Love and sunshine, M

M, I would like to comment on this, if you don’t mind.

It is important I think for Jess’s readers considering coffee enemas to understand the difference. Colonics might make you feel better, but it will not heal the body of cancer or arthritis or any other chronic degenerative illness

The Gerson Therapy specifically refers to the fact that coffee enemas are not to be confused as the same purpose as colonics. The use of ordinary enemas or colonics to clean out your lower bowel has some benefits, (and some drawbacks if overused.)

However the purpose of the coffee is as Jess has stated for rapid detox.

Scientific research demonstrated that the components of the coffee entered straight into the bloodstream it can scavenge free radicals at a rate of between 600-700% more than bodies normal ability.

This is a critical factor in the healing process for cancer and chronic illness sufferers, as juices and easily digested fresh foods rapidly dump toxins into the bloodstream and their recycling through the liver every three minutes overload the organ.

Coffee taken in this way open removes bile – instead of allowing toxins to be reabsorbed. Then the body is able to make more bile, to remove more toxins, and so on, processing the dead tissue and by products of degenerative diseases.

Dr Gerson found that some of his early patients eating the Gerson way died anyway, due to liver damage with toxic overload. That is why the program requires really sick cancer patients to sometimes do the coffee enema even in the middle of the night: because many of them were in a near coma state by the morning.

The critical aspects of coffee enemas are not available with colonics, which only serve to empty the bowel of the normal waste matter allowing it to move more rapidly through the digestive tract.

The Gerson books even suggest that if you are not going to do the coffee enemas then the eating component should not be contemplated for cancer because it induces such powerful healing reactions, and puts too much stress on your liver, with a high risk of hepatic encephalopathy

Hi Jess! I would like to say that I find you and your blog site so inspiring and enjoyable. Not only are you honest and up front, but you remain focussed and positive throughout, strengths I admire!
I started doing coffee enema’s over a year ago after I stopped taking a plethora of medications prescribed for pain management; I have not looked back on the medical field since. The coffee enema’s, although difficult at first, have helped my body detox many of the toxins that I believe helped keep me living in pain and depression! I no longer suffer from depression and my pain levels are manageable (that is also attributed to some very talented alternative health care providers I see weekly!) I only manage to do 2 a week right now, and wish I could be more dedicated with my time, but I find that two a week has been of significant impact (along with my juicing) and my body “craves” them if I miss doing them (simply for how well it makes me feel!).
My question to you is I have the Gerson Therapy Handbook and it states to use 3 TBSP of coffee with 1 Quart of water and then top up to 1 quart after the coffee has simmered. You state in your video that you use 6 TBSP’s of coffee and only 8 oz of the concentrate…is there a difference? Also, can you tell me how long I can keep the coffee (I keep it in glass milk quarts) and don’t always get to use the coffee right away. My understanding is to try and use it within 2-3 days?
Thank you so much for sharing your journey with so many, I have also shared your website with friends and care providers who all find your website to be refreshing and inspiring! You truly are a wellness warrior!

Hi Tammy, Thank you so much!! Wow, I love hearing that you love coffee enemas. And that’s so awesome that you are feeling so much better. In my instructions, I said to make enough for two enemas, which is probably why I have 6tbs instead of 3tbs. I halved the amount for my enema. We keep our coffee for about 1-2 days. I hope this helps! xx

Jesse, Thank you for the good demonstration of the proper way to do the coffee enema. My sister was diagnosed with cancer and is using natural methods to beat it. She is most definately improving. One of her daily habits is now 2 coffee enemas per day. I have learned from her and am also starting them. She sent me your link to watch. Thank you so very much for putting this out to others. You are a sweetheart. Diega

Diega Miceli » Thank you so much Diega! Sending you sister lots of love and healing vibes. What she is doing is awesome!

Hi Jess,
Im sure you mentioned making sure its organic coffee. :-) One amasing thing i discovered was that you can ‘talk’ to your body about not expelling the enema. The first few times i tried the coffee enema it came out after less than 5 minutes. then for some reason i knew i could get my body to co-operate with me and gently spoke to it. When i feel “it coming”,i just spoke to myself (no,there wasnt an answer :-) )and the urge to expel just goes away. It takes practice,but after 3-4 times,i got the hang of it. It was the most amasing discovery.

One thing that Gerson says about the coffee enema is that it helps the bile to be purged,because its recycled many times by the liver. Its the bile that also holds the toxins. There are ways to tell the bile is expelled,but Ive only experienced this twice dispite doing nearly 50 enemas.

Do you know anything about this ? Regards,Kevin.

Hi Jess!

I am so curious, and can’t really find a direct answer on the internet. Does the coffee enema stimulate the body with caffeine (i.e. adrenals, adrenaline etc) ? I am trying to get off caffeine entirely, heal my adrenals and generally detox the body, and am very interested in enemas. Thanks girl!

That question was answered multiple times on this thread. Why don’t we help Jess out by not asking her to be so redundant. Why don’t we help her by doing our part and that is using common sense to realize, perhaps, that some of the answers we’re searching for might already be posted. Read through all the comments people and, then, if your question has not been addressed or there is no answer, then ask Jess. Otherwise, she is constantly having to spend time answering the same question over and over again.

Hi Jess!
I discovered your website a few weeks ago and can’t get enough of it! So informative, positive and full of hope and common sense… I can’t tell you how fascinating your journey is to me.
I do not have any health issues but as a naturopathic student I was way too curious NOT to try this coffee enema business! ;)
Your video was extremely useful… But I still have 2 questions:
***Is the “roast” of the coffee important!?
(I bought this organic coffee online, which is a light brownish/ beige colour and comes with explanations about “not roasting the coffee too much to hold it’s properties” blablabla… No additives, organic, not necessarily more $$… Just a weird colour! Should I care!?)
***Is it normal to get a “rush” after an enema!?
(Swear to god, it’s like I have wings after that thing! Lasts for hours! I always have food before, drink coconut water afterwards… I’m a low-fat vegan, don’t drink coffee, tea, redbull or any of that junk!)
Thank you so much for sharing your story. I wish all the very best to you and your family!
Vicky :) x
**Enemas are now part of my daily non negotiables! Love ‘em!!! ;)

Vicky » Ha ha that’s awesome Vicky! Thanks so much. Yes, it’s best to get medium to light roast coffee. We use medium here. Yes, the first enema can cause a bit of a rush. I’ve felt this too ha ha. Thanks so much for your support, and congrats on embracing the crappacino! x

hi, I still wonder how is it with coffein in blood..when I was just juice fasting I really felt I got really “high” on coffein specialy when I didnt manage to get all from colon..is that really safe to use coffee?Another day I was extremely dehydrated even I drunk a lot of watter, couple of watter..have u got someone same problem with coffein?thank you..VOjta

Hi Jess :)
THANK YOU for an awesome video!!! :)

I have a question: I wd much rather prefer to do a small water enema(abt 24 oz or even smaller) right before the coffee one – to help retain coffee enema more comfortably…Do you think it might harm the colon, if I do it every day(the water one before the coffee)?

Also another question: In your vid you were lying all the time on your right side. I was wondering if I could first do the shoulder stand/upside down position (to help the coffee travel deeper and farther, instead of staying only in the descending colol) – so it could travel all the way to the ascending colon..So, say after 1 -2 min of shoulder stand i could lie down on my right then… What do you think??
Thank you SO MUCH, Jess! :) Your posts have been a tremendous help and inspiration! :)

cabbage » You’re welcome! I don’t think it would do any harm to do a small water enema first before the coffee one. I’m not too sure about the shoulder stand position though. I haven’t heard of anyone doing this before. I would research that further and see if you can find advice from someone who has done it. Good luck! :)

Thank you so much, Jess!!! :)
I’ve read about shoulder stand in Andreas Moritz books…it’s supposedly helping the liquid to travel futher, instead of getting stuck in the descending colon…and it helps (I feel) to keep the enema longer. I guess I ll keep doing it, until I learn something new abt it..
LOOOOOVE ur blog!! Many blessings ur way!

Hey Jess,
I was glad to see the tube you insert into your butt is tiiiny!
I was imagining a hose pipe type affair! haha.
Just wondering if you have a post about how to do a proper
detox? What juices to drink, what equipment you will need,
that type of thing. Cause I was like “totes gonna do this enema thing!”
but then I see I need a juicer etc.
Thanks for this website, it gives me hope that I can get better

Anzjuli » Ha ha yes you can barely feel it! I have outlined a 10-day cleanse in this e-book: http://www.jessainscough.com/store/my-e-books/the-wellness-warrior-starter-kit-10-day-cleanse/ It outlines some juices to drink, and is a very gentle cleanse to kickstart a detox. Thank you!

Wonderful video, Jess, and I have followed your instructions, but think I might be doing something wrong, since I have totally ruined four pairs of jeans. Am I missing something?

Frank » Hi Frank, your jeans shouldn’t be anywhere near you while doing the enema. Are you doing them bare-bottomed? :)

Jess, I found your video explaination to be very informative and complete about receiveing a ”coffee enema”. I am just starting them with the hopes that i will feel different. No one has ever asked about using ”instant coffee”? Could you? Thanks and keep us informed!!!!!

DAVE » Thanks Dave! No, definitely no instant coffee. Organic coffee (the type you would use in a plunger) is the only coffee you can put up your bottom ha ha.

Thanks Jess, for answering my question about the ”instant coffee” and I thought of another one. You don’t mention the need for a clear water rinse enema after the coffee enema. Is it needed? and where are you from?, I love your accent, and you are so pretty, I hope your cancer is gone. Thanks Again!!!!!! Have a great day!!!!!! Dave,

Dave » Nope, no need for a clear water rinse afterwards! Ha ha thank you. I’m from Australia :)



Hi Jess,
Do you think the headache you get from not having a coffee enema is because your body has become addicted to them? I ask this because after a few weeks of daily enemas i stopped and i got a whopping headache and felt sick, this subsided after 3 days. During the whole time i was doing 3 vege juices a day….what do you think? Has anyone else experienced the same thing?
Regards Linda x

Hello Jess
You video is marvelous but I have some questions. I am new to coffee enemas starting a little over a month ago. There is indeed a lot of good reasons to do them and I initially did them for the liver cleanse. Only the first time i did the coffee enema i felt totally amazing afterwards. I found it to clear my mind, i was totally focused and just felt great ! Since the first time i haven’t had that same feeling afterwards. Initially i didn’t do a pre cleanse and don’t know if that is a factor – it shouldn’t be ??? I still use the same organic coffee ground fine. I am using 1 tablespoon per cup and for the enema i use about two and a half cups. Any thoughts?? Was that super feeling a one time affair?

Thanks Lil

I would mention here that I always develop headache if I do several days of enema and then stop. It comes always 2 days after I stopped. In me I think it is more related to some withdrawal (because I almost always can prevent that headache by having a cup of expresso orally). SO I know that, and whanever I take a course of enemas, then 2 days after I stopped it – headache is coming and can be stopped by a cup of coffee. Its probably because I have some “leaky gut” or because body is waiting for enema and adjusting its blood vessels accordingly etc.. I don’t know. But it does not bother be at all. Because, even if its withdrawal – its a really weak one :). It is so much harder to withdraw from a regular drinking coffee (definitely one cup of espresso would not be enough). But with enemas – its totally enough, so I am happy.

Hi Jess, I thought of a question today as i gave myself a wonderful coffee enema.In your recipe you said to use 6 tbls of coffee, then later to add 16 to 24 oz of water to dilute the mix. My question is, does the difference in water quantity and the persons size, mater to the usefulness of the finished mix? Is it strong enough to be useful? I’m a big guy and you are a lovely petite woman, should the dilution work the same for the both of us, or should I add more coffee for my size to get the job done? I don’t want to cheat myself because the coffee mix was to weak. Thanks for all the information you have given us, to help us! Dave,

Dave » Hi Dave, I don’t think you would need to change anything. This dilution works for everyone, no matter their size. That 6 tbls is for two enemas though, remember. I just say to do 6 so that you have enough coffee to do two enemas, in case you mess up the first one or just want to do another the next day. Hope this helps!

Hi Jess,

My wife and I love your site and tried for the first time the Coffee enema.

Question: How far do you stick the tube in? I read from another site that the
Gerson method recommended 8 to 10 inches ? we thought 2 inches would be
fine, what do you say ?

Thank Joe

Joe » Thanks so much Joe! I would say at least a finger’s length, but a little more is good. The higher the tube, the less likely you are to make a mess :)

Good day mate Jess, please tell me if that is the propper to start a conversation with you, if not tell me what is? I have another question about doing a coffee enema. Can you leave the coffee solution in for longer than 15 minutes? Let’s say for an hour maybe? I’m in maintenance and like to know all the correct ways to do something. Your in body maintenance and know more better about it then I do! I get really comfortable on my right side with the hose in my butt and would it be any better to stay there longer, or would it hurt something? Thank you so much Jess, Dave from Ohio, USA.

Hi Jess,

How do you desinfect the tube? or do you use a new one every time?

Thank you,

Alina » Hi Alina, I use organic castille soap and 3% hydrogen peroxide to clean the tube x

If I take(drink) coconut water i after enema? because this water has a lot of potasium.
Tell me is good ?

tk ruby.

Hi Jess, I am new to your site and have been scouring it all day. Very interested to try the Coffee Enema but I cannot find a suitable kit within Australia (online). Where does everyone buy them from? You should totally look at adding them to your website for purchase – I would be a very loyal customer haha :) Thank you for all your information and wonderful message x RubyB

RubyB » Hi Ruby, Ha ha that’s a great idea. I will look into it :) In the meantime, here is a link to purchase them in Oz: http://www.innerglow.com.au/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=3_19&products_id=63 xx

wow! up to 5 a day??? how do you get anything else done?? :-) i feel like even doing just one takes up a lot of time, although, like you, i really enjoy doing them and get tons of reading done! i’ve been doing one almost everyday for the past few years for prevention, but some of my practitioners say that doing them everyday is too much. how do you feel about that? do you plan on doing them everyday for the rest of your life? also, do you ever get bad gas afterwards? that’s been a consistent problem for me, i’m not sure why…….

thanks so much for your blog – i just stumbled upon it – someone mentioned you in the cancercured yahoo group. and i see you will be on kevin gianni’s healing cancer world summit!!

Hi Jess,

I just listened to Healing Cancer Summit 2012. I have some pressing questions and concerns I hope you could answer. I do coffee enemas but on my left side because if I do it on my right, I wheeze so bad and cough (stage4 lung CA). I also just use 4 teaspoons of organic coffee for 4 cups or 2 quarts water. I can’t hold the coffee for 15 minutes if I use a higher concentration or volume. For each of your 5 enemas, do you use 24 ounces each time or a total of 24 ounces for all 5 enemas?

ann » Hi Ann, Sure thing! It’s important to do enemas on the right side so that the solution can target the liver. I’m not too sure how you could modify it to suit you, but this is what Charlotte Gerson stesses to us. Yes, I did 24oz of liquid in each of the 5 enemas. My advice, if you’re having trouble holding them, would be to just do what you can. Start slowly, and work your way up – with either quantity or timing. Don’t stress yourself out too much – just try to relax and allow your body to adjust to them. xx

Hello Jess
Just a quick question. I tend to work out crazily most every day of the week. Is there any any possible adverse conditions if i do my crazy workout a few hours after a coffee enema?? I wouldn’t think so but thought i would ask. (i really like my workouts !!)

Lil » Hi Lil, nope I don’t think there would be any adverse affects at all. x

thanks for sharing this and all you do to educate us Warrior’s :) I’m wondering and want to be clear about the boiling process – so basically you are starting with 1 liter, which is just under 36 oz, and boiling the water away until 16 oz remains i.e.your 2 – 8 ounces for your 2 enemas ? thanks!

Deborah Freeman » You’re welcome! And yep, that is correct. xx

If you have had a colon ressection is it safe to have a coffee enema?

Why, if this is an Australian presenter and website, are the Americanisms ‘poop’ and ‘ass’ being used? Keep your culture and avoid linguistic imperialism! :)

Agreed. And can we have the volumes in mL, not oz. please!

A quick Google tells us that 8oz is 250ml and 16 oz is 500ml. :)

‘Poop’ and ‘ass’ are very Australian words. No apologies for using them! :)

I’m only correcting you because you are a professional and qualified writer – you’re wrong, they’re not Australian words according to the definitive Australian dictionary.

According to the Macquarie dictionary, Australian usage would be ‘Poo’ (colloquial for faeces) and ‘Arse’ (colloquial for rump/bottom/buttocks/posterior).

Macquarie definitions of ‘poop’:
/pup/ (say poohp)
noun 1. the enclosed space in the aftermost part of a ship, above the main deck.
2. a deck above the ordinary deck in that part, often forming the roof of a cabin, etc.
–verb (t) 3. (of a wave) to break over the stern of (a ship).
4. to take (seas) over the stern.
[Middle English pouppe, from Old French poupe, from Italian poppa, from Latin puppis]

Macquarie definitions of ‘ass’:
noun 1. a long-eared, usually ash-coloured mammal, Equus asinus, related to the horse, serving as a slow, patient, sure-footed beast of burden; donkey.
2. any allied wild species, as the Mongolian wild ass, E. hemionus.
3. a fool; a blockhead.

Hi Jess, I’m new to your site and loving it. I do not have any health issues (that I know of :)) but have had a stressful 12 months in which I have been drinking heavily I am now looking to overhaul my body and get my life back on track. Just a question re potassium loss. You posted a reply earlier where you said you take potassium suppliments when doing coffee enema’s. Is it necessary to take these suppliments if I only do one enema a day or do the juices have enough in them. It has also been mentioned that the juice cleanse can be harmful if not doing the enema’s as the liver gets to many toxins through it. Is this only the case for cancer patients or patients taking a lot of medication; or does this apply to everyone? thank you in advance. Gen

Gen » Hi Gen, you shouldn’t have to take any potassium supplements if you’re only doing one enema per day. Just make sure you keep up the juices and intake of fresh food to replenish electrolytes. Yes, doing an intense juice detox without enemas can be harmful for everyone – or at least anyone who is highly toxic, and that is most of us these days. The enemas are needed to speed up detoxification so that the toxins are not just redistributed through the body. x

Thanks Jess, I apprecitate your adivse. I will take it slowly then by just eating healthy, including a healthy green juice daily, cut out the alcohol:) (none yesterday – good start!), and drink plenty of water until I can organise to get an enema kit!

Just did a bit more reading on coffee enema’s (after researching were to get a kit) and have gone back to being a bit scared to do them at this stage. Think will stick to clean eating until gain a bit more confidence :)

Hi Jess, thanks for all your comments … I am amazed that you are still answering questions on this after all this time … I admire your giving spirit!
I have a question, I take coffee enemas when I have time to do enough juices. I do chamomile enemas when I have not had enough juices, but need help with constipation (due to thyroid challenges). I use a similar system to yours, but at the end of my plastic tube I use a catheter, which I have to hold on carefully so as to not make a mess. Your attached catheter looks more secure and safe. When can I get these? I looked at http://www.ishimedical.com from one of your earlier posts, but they are very scant on information. I am in Australia, but I don’t mind getting things from the US, etc. Thanks for your help and inspiration! Wishing you the best of health. – John

John » Hi John, thank you so much! Yep, my enema tube is just from ISHI Medical. It might be an idea to write to them and ask to be sent the enema tube as I don’t think it is displayed on their website. The one I buy is called the “red enema tube”. I hope this helps!

Thanks very much for the reply Jess. I will contact ISHI Medical and see how I go.

Hi Jess ~ Firstly, I think you’re pretty awesome for SO many reasons! … and I thank you for making it your passion (your mission) to share your journey and anything else (gained knowledge) that could help so many others.

Ironically, I found you through what seems to be a somewhat “6 degrees of separation”. :o Food Matters, Charlotte Gerson, Roslyn Uttleymoore, YOU! (Ok, that’s only 4 degrees, lol). But I also just found Kevin Gianni over at RenegadeHealth just last week as well. I love how everything seems so tied together when you’re on the right path! :)

My question for you is, and this has nothing to do with this coffee enema thread, but your ebook, “Healthy Foods”. Is that specifically tailored for people who are battling cancer (healing cancer via food/nutrition) or can it be for just anyone?

My girlfriend and I are fairly healthy/clean eaters, (albeit every now and then we cave and have pizza or a hamburger, I know, I know), we’re big green smoothie drinkers and soon to be juice drinkers as well as soon as we get our Norwalk juicer (I want only the best!). We are so on board with the whole concept of “food as medicine.” We want to begin a “high raw” diet (lifestyle) but haven’t yet gotten to that “starting point” (I just recently downloaded Kevin’s “High Raw” ebook but have yet to read it. I plan to start that today, actually). When I saw yours, I thought it would make a great addition to Kevin’s and a couple others that I already own.

Just let me know when you get the chance. I would greatly appreciate it. Also, we are totally on board with the coffee enemas as well, and will be starting as soon as we get our kits.

Cheers and many thanks for all that you do! :)

Dana Visak

Dana » Thank you so much Dana! That’s awesome. Nope, Healing Recipes is not just for people with cancer – however I created it while I was on Gerson Therapy and it is full of Gerson-approved recipes. However, they are healthy plant-based recipes that everyone can enjoy. xx

Hi Jess, how do you make purified water? is it just filtered water? thanks a lot. Love from Berlin xx

Celine » Hi Celine, yep this is just filtered water – just need to make sure no nasties like fluoride and chlorine and in the water. x

Hi Jess,
Thank you so much for what you are sharing with the world- I have learned so much already! I have tried enemas before, but have only been able to find the syringe style enema kits. Though they do work, the bucket you use in your video looks much more pleasant! I am in Kiama, NSW and have had real trouble sourcing a bucket style kit. I have visited the website you suggested -ishimedical- and placed an order but the ordering system seemed a bit vague? Perhaps I am just being a little bit vague myself? LOL. Anyway, do you have any suggestions for the Aussie dwellers to source the best equipment without paying an arm and a leg (or colon or liver.. :D)

Thanks for the help, and for being basically AWESOME!

Kati » Hi Kati, thanks so much! That’s awesome that you’re doing enemas. ISHI Medical is the only cheap source of buckets I know of. The only other place I buy from in Australia is Inner Glow Health, but they are more expensive: http://www.innerglow.com.au/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=3_19&products_id=63 x

I just made this video on how to make your own enema kit out of a large pickle glass jar or fish bowl. This video will show you how to make one of these units and they work great and or very inexpensive. Hope you like it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kd-G2Y3RFoQ

Hi Jess, What an inspiration you are – here in Ireland coffee enema participants are far and few between – in my search to get rid of pre-menstrual migraines I began doing the coffee enema last October – just one daily – and have had three consecutive months of migraine free menstruation !!! Incredible after 25 years of putting up with Doctors weak explanations of “not really knowing what causes it – just hormones” !!! I am a clean eater and this had now become part of my daily routine – bye bye painkillers – thanks for sharing all your info. Wishing you well. Joan

Hi Jess, thank you so very much for this informative video!! I have just found out that my dad has very very late stage of bile duct/liver cancer. since the coffee enema makes the liver and bile duct work harder, do you think it is a good idea for me to start him on this regiment? We were told he has very few months left by his doctor and his body is even too weak for any chemo or surgery….

ChenChen » I’m so sorry for your dad’s challenges. I know that when people go to the Gerson clinic with liver cancer coffee enemas are still part of the regime, so I would imagine that this would be okay for your father as well. Often times it can be a blessing when chemo is not offered – it is never too late for other options though. Gerson Therapy is amazing, and if your father has not has chemo it works even better. Wishing you all the best x

Thanks so much, I’ve been wanting to try this process,your presentation is so very helpful.
Also surely you would not need to use your bowels at all after administering 5 enemas a day?
Thanks, Go Ozzie Go!

Thank you so much for continuing to reply to questions here! I looked through the comments and I don’t believe I saw this one asked yet.
I have no (diagnosed) health problems, but I eat rather badly: fast food, fried food, red meat, high saturated fat and sodium, all the guilty pleasures. I should definitely overhaul my eating, and I’m making changes, BUT.
Do you suppose that coffee enemas are in any way beneficial even for those of us not eating clean like we should?
Thank you so much for this video, your time, and your commitment to improve the health of others!

Whit » Hi Whit, yes absolutely! They will be very beneficial in helping your liver cope with all of the toxins it is exposed to. I would just do them less regularly so that you don’t deplete electrolytes. Once a week would be great! x

i can see some good points to this . and there are some bad points as well , those should be covered , there has been a number of deaths , burns , etc etc due to coffee enemas , the whole idea is your getting rid of the bad and replacing it with good , but if you do this without the replacement the cost to your body could be very harmful , there is a reason why the FDA wont allow doctor’s in the U.S to give there PT’s this therapy , please use caution and your head do your research before doing this , dont cut it short because of what you read on a forum , i also want to add that im not trying to take away from this therapy by any way , but be smart about it , Jess you are taking a big risk promoting this , if something happens to someone on your forum , you could be subject to a law suit , i admire that , your a risk taker , nice! =)

Can u do this while pregnant ?

Hi Jess,
I was just wondering if I could make the coffee solution a day or two before I use it?


I tried to do my first coffee enema a couple of weeks ago. The kit I bought online was a cheapy ..about $35 in total incl postage… with a frail, plastic bucket that came with a broken handle. Anyway, I was quite excited about starting a regular regimen of coffee enema’s.. I have a very fatty liver and it struggles and I suffer as a consequence. I’m actually in the process of receiving treatment for eating issues as I was already morbidly obese when I put on another 37 kilo’s in 4 years. My coffee enema experience ended up being an emotional disaster. I couldn’t reach my bottom to insert the tube. When I wipe myself after going to the toilet I can only do this if I get on one knee. I use antibacterial wipes and make sure I’m always clean. If my lower back problem flares up it’s a nightmare trying to clean myself. Anyway despite the toilet gymnastics I’m able to clean myself well. Inserting a lubricated tube however was something else. I actually have short arms (my family have often joked with me about this.. saying they’re cute).. but I just cannot reach far enough with the tummy I have and the fat on my back to insert the enema tube. I tried and tried… I had a comfy nest set-up in the bathroom, all systems were ‘go’ but I just couldn’t do it. I ended up falling into a heap on my cushions and crying really hard! Because my enema kit arrived chipped/broken… another one has been sent to me.. but it’s bitter sweet because I just can’t do them. I cringe at the thought of my husband assisting me (we are on the verge of separating)… and I wouldn’t want to scar my daughter by exposing her to her own mother’s bottom like that. The thought of needing to lose 20 kilo’s at least before being able to self-administer enema’s is heart breaking. I wonder if anyone else has had this experience?

Do you get cramps from your enemas?

Sometimes, if I’m not totally relaxed. x

Tks so much!

I’m much taken w/ colleague Dr-Gonzalez.com & story of coffee E’s dating Back to Dr. James Beard and dentist-genius Dr. William Kelly

How far do you insert the tube and how do you know the container has fully emptied into you behind if you are lying on your right side and can’t see the coffee container?

Why do we have to lie on our right side??

Hi Jess, Thanks so much for making these so accessible via your friendly, helpful video. I was wondering, it doesn’t seem to me that everything is entirely emptying out afterwards. That is, I feel liquid jiggling around inside of me even after I sit on the toilet for some time afterwards and then get up to go about my day. Is this normal? What can I do to keep it ‘moving through’? I’m apprehensive to keep doing them if the coffee is going to stay in my system and maybe do harm? (I’m trying to clear parasites). Thanks! Em.

hi. I am confused on the sides to lay on since the descending colon is on the left would it make sence for the coffee to get up amd around the intestinal by left, back or chest front low, then right and back.? thank you

Cool, watched video
Finally did my first enema just now
After months of puttin it off
Guess doing regular colonics helped, as I found it easy than I thought
Tanks Jess for demonstration
Really needed to see it done I think before I took that leap
Will make it part of my routine now when time allows
Working away I don’t get the luxury you have, cannot boil water, can’t be having it cold lol,
Will save a fortune now have a break from colonics and use them as a a maintenance I think moving forward x
Have a great day x

Hey Jess, thank you so much for your video! This has literally been so helpful for me! Just curious how long the preped coffee for the coffee enema will last in the refrigerator before you have to make a fresh batch If you are not doing them every day? Thank you so much for answering these questions! It’s super helpful.

You’re welcome Tammy! A couple of days will be good for it to keep. x

Hi Jess :-)
When making enough for 2 enemas , and your store the rest in the fridge for the next day , do you need to boil the coffee for 3 mins and simmer for 15 and add 8oz of coffee and 16oz of water in the bucket ? How do you use the prepared coffee for the next enema ?
Thanks !!:-)

Yes, that’s right. Boil 6 tbs coffee in 1 litre of water. Boil 3 min, simmer 15 min. Use 8oz coffee for 1 enema and store the rest for your next one. Then, use it the same way you did the first one. x

maybe it seems weird to people because its not really clean on WHY you pump coffee in your butt? what if you dont have a gallbladder(no bile) i just dont get how its healthy.

I enjoyed your enema video. Three questions: Is the coffe warm, or cool when inserted? And, what is the name of the bucket you are using, so I will know what to search for online? Lastly, I have had benign colon poyps in the past, do you feel coffee enemas may help me? Thank you!

Hi Jess
How do you clean you coffee enema?? Great video x

Just with some castile soap. Thanks! x

I am hypersensitive to coffee and even decaff. I haven’t drunk it in years because I get migraine auras, rapid heart beat and acne break outs from coffee. I have been diagnosed with breast cancer and my doctor recommends coffee enemas, which I am planning to try. Do you know if the problems I mentioned above will be set off by coffee in my colon as they are when it goes through my digestive system? Thanks and I think the instructional video was informative and well-done.

Hi Jane, I can not give you advise, but want to mention that if you decide to try coffee enema, it would be a good idea to start from a very weak one (not 3 spoons, but half a spoon for one enema) – just to see if you will not have any unusual reaction… I would expect you will not have any reactions..

Hi Jess! In your video you stated that you do enemas almost everyday and up to 5 times a day. Do you have to do it that much for any specific reason or personal benefit? Would 2 – 3 times a month not be good enough?

Hi Angela, I only did 5 a day when I was in the first 6 weeks of Gerson Therapy healing from cancer. I continue to do two a day now because of my cancer history and because my liver struggles. You will benefit from however many you do, but I usually recommend at least one a week if you’re looking to really detox. x

Well it’s been a few months now since I watched this and doing,y enemas
Loving them & saving me big $$$$ on colonics
As I was sitting here doing mine this morning
I came across this variety along with many more
Garlic Anf Epsom salt enema – I used Himalayan salt
Interesting strong
But silly me didn’t first strain the garlic :(
Not good
Jess do you cleanse with water after or before your enemas
Reading one thing a lady said doing a water enema prior to her coffee be assisted in holding it. Longer – interesting
She wasn’t an expert just her opinion on the matter
Will try that one next time & keep you posted
Enjoy your weekend in sunny Gold. Coast
I’m in wet WA but we need the rain ;)


5 times a day everyday doesnt sound healthy. once a month maybe. u gotta let ur body do its own natural thing. esp when there nothing wrong w/ you anyway.

Coffee is acid.. How is this healthy? It’s bad for your stomach but ok for your bum? Is there anything else you can use to do this enema?

Hi Jess,
You are such an inspiration! I have two questions… Firstly I can never hold my enema in for more than 5 mins and it has been about two months now since I started doing them weekly. Does that matter? Secondly when I can’t hold it in and have not even finished the whole amount, should I do another one? Love that we are all so open about our bowels lol….

Nikki, from my experience, I found that the best time to do a coffee enema is after the first (possibly morning) toilet trip for a number 2. I remember trying to do one in the afternoon and I was VERY uncomfortable during the whole process. I think it’s best done on a pretty much empty bowel. Give it a try, maybe it’ll work for you too!

I will be moving across country and need to figure out how to do coffee enemas while traveling. I may not have access to a private hotel bathroom. What do u recommend? I am healing from severe mold toxicity, autoimmune issues, and ulcerative colitis, so these have been my life savor since I starting doing them a month ago. I do 1 qt to empty my bowel and another to hold. It generally takes me an hour or so every am and is quite time consuming. Any advice for doing this on the road?

hi jess, i’ve just started doing coffee enemas :) it been difficult to hold 4 cups in a go. is it okay if i leave the tube in with the clamp open for several minutes…just so i can keep in it longer. so far i have been able to hold it for 8 minutes with the clamp shut and 15 minutes with it open.

That was awesome for you to demo that enema. I have just started and wanted too ow if crazy things came out when you first started them?

Hi Jess
Thanks for the video, just wondering where you get the tubing from?

Hello, should a person without cancer be using coffee enemas, and how often? Thanks.

Great question Pam! And maybe tell us how often too (for a relatively healthy individual)? I look forward to reading Jess’ answer.

Hi Jess,

I first heard about coffee enemas during one episode of Health Talks and have since decided to give it a try. I have cystic acne along the jawline and my skin breaks out pretty much continuously, although I try to keep my diet as clean as possible. I don’t consume any meat, dairy, junk food, refined carbohydrates or sugar in any form (be it honey, agave, nectar, etc), but I do eat fruit. I cleanse my face twice a day, morning and evening, and do a clay mask once or twice a week. During the last few months, I’ve come to learn that the liver is the organ in charge of detoxifying our bodies and remove toxins, so I figured that it would be a good idea to tackle it using coffee enemas, given that most toxin end up showing on my face in form of acne. Do correct me if I’m wrong and feel free to offer me any advice you may have related to acne and enemas. Could you also please tell me how long it would take before I can start seeing results? I’m currently doing one enema a day and it’s been about 2 weeks since I started. I’ve seen *some* improvement in my skin – I continue to get new pimples, but they’re at least not cysts.

I would really appreciate a reply. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us!

I am in a similar situation. I have suffer from acne and bad rashes/dry skin on my body. I don’t eat as clean as Jazmin, but I do not eat meat and limit animal products to only butter or organic eggs on a very rare basis. I also limit refined sugars as well and eat at least 70 percent raw foods every day. I have done a juice fast for 11 days with one coffee enema in hopes that that would be my golden ticket to healing my skin and although I felt clean inside, my skin didn’t look a ton better. I tried doing a liver flush, but my body did not like that very much. What else do you recommend?? I want to eat clean and be healed, but I also want to be able to live life normally with the occasional birthday cake or cheese platter with friends and family and not have such horrible skin issues. Your response will be greatly appreciated!!! I already love your site. Thank you for your website, tips and videos!! I did my first coffee enema with the help of your video and liked it more than I thought I would! Keep up the amazing work! Your example is inspiring.

Is it harmful to use to use 2 1/2 full cups of straight coffee (4 table spoons of coffee) with no extra water added?? It doesn’t seem to bother my body.

Can you please let me know if these are American size tablespoons (15ml), or Australian (20ml)?

How do you find the time to do 5 eminas a day?Also do you need to do them everyday?Seems quite time consuming. Is once a month/ year ok?

Hi, Thank you for that demonstration. What oil did you use? and did you mean into the rectum that suppose to get in the tubing? I am trying to do this for my dad who is now suffering with stage 4 prostate which metastasized already and of course he also has a diabetes melitus.

Hi Jess,
Just want to say thank you for making this info so accessible!

Hi Jess
Thanks for this it’s great that you make it so clear and easy to follow. I am on my second enema in as many days. O e question, it usually tales almost 10 minutes for the coffee to go in, isthis normal? And should I then wait another 10-15 minutes or maybe less seeing that some of the coffee will be I side for over 20 mins?
Thanks again

I follow the procedure as you describe it. I never felt a pop that everyone is saying you should get. What am I doing wrong ? Thanks

do you have to make fresh coffee each time you do the coffee enemas?

Hi Jess; thank you for being such a positive, inspirational person.

could you please tell me what enema are you using in this video? I like the tip of it, but don’t know where to find it – all the ones that I’ve seen on the internet so far have thicker tips and don’t work for me.
Thank you,

Jess, I though enemas s were for if your constipated, or if you do it seasonally, four times a year. I don’t understand daily, like you said in the video. What are the daily benefits?

You mentioned the amount of coffee you made would do for 2 enemas … how do you store the coffee for the next enema and how long does it keep. Where is the best place to buy the enema kit

Hi Jess,

Is it necessary to grind the coffee fresh before doing it, or is it okay to buy pre-ground organic coffee?

Thank you!! :)

Hi Jess- Thanks for this brave video on coffee enemas! I recently began doing coffee enemas using coffee from the purelifeenema.com website. Their coffee is ground very fine and though I purchased a fine mesh strainer from them, the very fine grounds still come through the strainer. Are these fine coffee grounds bad to include? Should I wait until all these fine grounds settle so I can pour off the rest of the coffee without them? Do you recommend any other types of coffee in particular?
Thanks for your thoughts on this.

Say I did this everyday for atleast 8 weeks or more…how much weight will I lose?? Or how much do you think….I would also be excerising and eating right….please get back to me…thanks

with you recipe of 6 T coffee to a liter of water, I end up with coffee left over. I use 8 oz coffee to 24 oz water and have almost three cups coffee left over. What am I doing wrong? Also, does the coffee have to be freshly made or can leftovers be stored in the frig? thanks

Great info thank you!! but you didn’t say anything about not being able to hold it in. After 5 or less minutes I have a strong urge to release it, should I? or push myself to hold it?

Thanks for the brilliant instructions, Jess. I did my first coffee enema today! I managed to hold it only for a couple of minutes; however, I tried again about 3 hours later and held this one for 15 minutes. Feeling proud, but wouldn’t have managed it quite so well without your guidance. Bless you!

I have read all the posts, and watched the video. Its inspirational what you are doing to stop the cancer, or kill the cancer that is attacking your body rather than just accept amputation, hats off to you for all the hard work. I myself are not a fan of doctors, they seem to only want to cure illnesses with pills and antibiotics, which leaves the body weak and does not build up natural defences. I cant help but wonder how dangerous the enema is to a persons body though. You state that you have no problem with a bowel motion, or you do not have any repercussions but since the anus is really only for exit only it makes me wonder how safe it actually is inserting enemas of a substance into your rectal canals daily. Just wondering what other repercussions the enema’s have caused you.

What is the best time of day to have a coffee enema.

Hi Jess, first of all THANK YOU so much! You have changed my life and I appreciate you so much. I did my first coffee enema today and the procedure went well, except afterwards I felt strange. I’m not sure how to put it into words exactly but somewhere between wired, scattered, a bit week but a real combo of body feelings. Even aching parts of my body. Can you explain this at all? I feel like I need to do more enemas after suffering for years of constipation however after today I don’t really feel like rushing back into it.
Sending you a life time of love and gratitude.
Rachael xx

Can I start with a coffee enema, or is it wise to do an enema with just water first? Thank you for making the process so clear!

what should the tip be like? I’m worried about accidentally puncturing the inside of my anus. How do you insert the tube safely?

I’m not clear why ~~ if you eat clean, you’d need a coffee enema a day? Please tell me your reason for that. Thxs!! Very curious about the benefits.

Thank you for such a great video, I have done a couple but felt I was doing it incorrectly, or at least not absolutely getting the best from it. I had not been lying on my right side. I also just get my husband to draw a coffee for me when makes his, so it is an expresso using good coffee, I then pour in filtered water. I have to practice a few more times. I did two using epsom salts. I still am no where near 15 min. :) thanks again.

Hi Jess, Great posts! I have leaky gut syndrome and have been advised by my Natropath to eat whole foods and avoids sugars, It makes it difficult to consider drinking as much juice as regular coffee enema’s and juice cleanses require.. thoughts?

Hi Jess are normal
Water enemas safe during pregnancy? Thanks

How do you clean the hose?

oops, nevermind that first question :) Found the answer in the thread. But I was wondering if it’s ok to do these when I’m not doing a specific cleanse or detox. I’m trying to eat healthier and drink less but is this still an ok thing to do? I did my first one today and was nervous but looooved it! Thank you for being so inspiring

Thank You for sharing this health tip, I will certainly try it. Is it healthy to do it every day? Is there a limit on how many times a week? month? to do this?

Thank you Jess. It was really educational. My enema kit has arrived. I just wanted to ask you – is it okay to use like luke warm water instead of cold tap water. I hope to do my first session on Saturday :) Thank you again. Much appreciated.