Healing Through The Holidays recipe e-book

Posted November 21, 2011

30 delicious Gerson Therapy-approved recipes to get you through the holidays without any deprivation or guilt!


Forget stocking fillers and new jocks, there is no better gift you can give yourself or those you love than this recipe e-book.

The idea came to me when Mum and I were chatting about what we were going to make for Christmas this year. We love our food at any time of the year, but the festive season calls for all of our favourite dishes to be laid out on the table. As we were planning our menu, it occurred to me that I have never been quite as excited about food as I am now – even back when I would salivate over prawns, white bread rolls and creamy pasta salad (ick!).

I know all too well how deprived you can feel when you’re following Gerson Therapy (or just aiming to rid your body of junk) and everyone around you is digging into this kind of traditional holiday fodder. I struggled with it a lot during my first sober and plant-based Christmas. But now that I know better, and my body knows better, I would much rather dine on the dishes in this e-book over my previous processed favourites any day.

The aim of this e-book is not only to provide you with 30 amazing recipes to try out during the holidays, but also to show you that the process of healing does not have to be carried out with deprivation and guilt. It can actually be more enjoyable for your taste buds.


Inside the Healing Through The Holidays recipe e-book you will find …


Broccoli pesto
Summer salsa
Baba ganoush
Asparagus with creamed corn


Homemade pickled beetroot
ACV, flax, honey dressing
Pretty potato salad
Rice salad
Chinese wombok salad
Roast veggie salad
Green bean salad with roasted cherry tomato vinaigrette


Roast pumpkin zucchini-ghetti
Veggie shepherds pie
Stuffed potatoes
Savoury muffins
Potato bake
Fancy roast veggies
Stuffed tomatoes
Stuffed eggplant
Over-sized Asian dolmades
Zucchini-ghetti bolognese


Mango and banana ice cream
Apple sweet-potato pudding
Apple and cherry pudding
Rice pudding
Oatmeal, banana, date cookies
Apple and cherry oatmeal cake
Rhubarb and apple crunch

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Positive affirmation for the day: I am compassionate, forgiving and respectful towards everyone in my life. I understand we are all at different stages of our journey.

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Mini says:

Hey Jess, fantastic idea … nice to know we won’t feel deprived during the holidays. I just purchased a copy and very excited to try these recipes. Sending you love and light my fellow Gersonator xx

Kristen says:

Hi Jess! What an awesome idea! I was actually thinking about Xmas this morning and was going to email you to see if you have any healthy festive ideas, low and behold you have beaten me to it! Its an omen that I must by your book!

I’m not on Gerson however read your blog every day and get lots of ideas on how to live a healthier non toxic life. Thanks!

Bianca Aiono says:

Awesome jess ! You’re on a roll :) xx

Tali says:

Hi Jess,

I know not everyone can have chickpeas on Gerson (including my mum), but she mentioned that you can have lentils after 6 weeks. I noticed that there aren’t any lentil dishes in your book. Is there a reason for this?


Jess says:

Hi Tali,

You know I didn’t even realise that I had left lentils out of the recipes. There wasn’t any real reason for this apart from that we don’t cook with lentils all that much. My mum is still in the stage of the Therapy where she can’t have them, and I don’t really like them unless I can cook them with curry and chilli. They can most definitely be added in though for Gerson people who are allowed them.


Natasha says:

Hi Jess,
I was wondering if you could tell me your thoughts on drinking alkalized water and if you have a preferred filtration system that you use. The one I’m looking at is about $500 retail and is a bench top system.

Jess says:

Hi Natasha,

I’m not a fan of alkalized water. I don’t think it’s necessary when we eat a diet that is alkalising. The water system we have is called Grander – http://www.grander.com.au/


Gina says:

I love the starters..so fresh so colored..so tasty and also very easy to make. Sweet! Thanks for sharing!

Kaz says:

Hi Jess, i just purchased your 10 day detox ebook and was going to grab this one too … HEALING THROUGH THE HOLIDAYS RECIPE E-BOOK … but sadly the link is not working. Can you please fix the link or let me know how i can order a copy … it would be greatly appreciated. Thanx so much for the journey you have been on and the resultant life enhancing & life saving info you are now sharing with us. Much peace, love & wellness to you and your mum xx

Hi Kaz, thanks so much! This book is actually not available any more. Sorry! x

Amber says:

Where can I find your book “Healing Through the Holidays”? I can’t find where to buy it on your website and I would like to own it. Thanks

Hi Amber, this e-book is no longer available. Sorry! Jess x

Annie says:

Good Morning
I am trying to purchase Healing through the holidays and when I search the item number nothing is coming up. Any suggestions!!



Katherine says:

Hello! I’d like to purchase the Healing Through the Holidays boon but am not able to click on it. Please help! Thanks and God bless!


Vicky says:

Hi Jess, I was resourcing info on the tribest and came across your site..
You have replied to past post requesting information on how to order the Healing Through The Holiday E Book that it’s no longer available.
I’m disappointed as I must admit I’m a fussy eater and the recipes in this book are just amazing. 2014 is my year for change and your site has given me the push I needed so I thank so very much.
If there is any possible way of obtaining this book I would be extremely interested. Fingers crossed. Keep well. Vicky xx

kylie says:

Hi Jess,

Do you have any plans to re-release “Healing through the Holidays”.

You aren’t even promoting this and people are wanting to get their hands on it. That must be saying something!


Helen Bairstow says:

Hi there. Trying to purchase Gerson recipe book but can’t seem to find ow to. Cheers Helen

Jessica M says:

I would like to purchase your recipe book but I can’t find a link to do so. Can you tell me how?

Hi Jessica, this recipe book is no longer available. Stay tuned for another later in the year though. x