Diary of a Gerson Person: A day (every day) in the life

Posted October 13, 2011

On Sunday I will hit my 18 months of Gerson mark. I have been counting down to this day ever since I first stepped foot into the Gerson clinic on 15th April 2010, thinking it would signify the end of my Gerson journey. However, after speaking with Charlotte Gerson and my Gerson doctor I’ve decided to keep going with the therapy for another six months, making it two years in total. This is how long the Therapy usually is, and I want to do it properly so that I never have to do the whole thing again. As much as I’ve loved this journey, once will definitely be enough.

The good news though is that on Sunday I’m able to reduce the program from 13 juices each day to nine, and my enemas will drop from four a day to three. I’m so excited!! That means I’ll be able to go out in the afternoons for a couple of hours without juice. I’ll also be able to sit through a whole movie without having to pause it several times to make juice. Oh, happy day.

Because my winding down day is so close, I wanted to share what every day of the Gerson Therapy has been like so far. This is pretty much how my days have played out for the past 18 months.

6am: My alarm wakes me up. It’s one of those retro battery operated ones with the bells on top, so it scares the crap out of me every morning. Probably not the most peaceful way to start the day, but I use it because it’s not good to sleep with a digital alarm beside your head, and also it doesn’t have a snooze function. Once I’m up I walk bleary eyed to the bathroom, wash my face and roll out my yoga mat and towels for my first coffee enema of the day. I always read something inspiring while I’m doing my enema, to get me into a good frame of mind for the day. At the moment it’s The Greatness Guide Book 2 by Robin Sharma for the second time.

6.30am: Enema done! Now it’s time for five minutes of dry body brushing before jumping in the shower. I make sure I shower before the rest of the house wakes up and starts turning on taps. If there is water running anywhere else in the house while I’m in the shower I will get scorched.

6.45am: I walk upstairs and into the meditation room for half an hour of Zen time, saying good morning and giving my little pug girl Edie a bum scratch on my way.

7.15am: Dad’s finished preparing breakfast, so I sit down at the table to a glass of fresh orange juice (juice #1) and rolled oats with raw honey, sultanas, kiwi fruit and stewed apple. Every. Single. Morning. Lucky I love oats. Even after 18 months of this, it’s still my favourite meal.

7.45am: Dad’s been busy in the kitchen all morning, so he’s already washed and laid out all of the produce for our daily juices. To say thank you, I make him a big green smoothie while he fires up the Norwalk and starts making the first green juices (juice #2) for the day for mum and I.

8am: I drink my green juice before heading down to my room/office to start work for the day. I check my emails, upload the day’s blog, prepare the newsletter, post blasts to Facebook and Twitter, and then answer whatever emails and blog comments I’ve received overnight.

9am: Go back upstairs to drink my carrot and apple juice (juice #3) and then another carrot and apple juice (juice #4). Once that’s done, it’s back down to the computer to write blog posts, write book, or speak with clients.

10am: Make and drink juice #5 – plain carrot. Then it’s time for the second enema for the day.

11am: Make and drink juice #6 – green. Once I’ve finished cleaning the juicer I help Mum prepare lunch. She does the salad, potatoes and pumpkin while I chop the veggies for the hot pot. After that we go and lie outside to soak up some vitamin D and get 15-20 minutes of sun.

12noon: Drink juice #7 – carrot and apple. Turn the TV on to watch Ellen dancing through her studio audience – my absolute favourite part of Gerson Therapy has been being able to watch The Ellen DeGeneres Show every day while we eat lunch. We sit down to Hippocrates Soup, a big plate of salad with roast pumpkin, a baked potato and some cooked veggies.

1pm: Make and drink green juice (juice #8). Go back downstairs to answer emails and do more writing.

2pm: Drink carrot juice (juice #9). Enema time again! Roll out the yoga mat for enema number three.

3pm: Make and drink another carrot juice (juice #10). Sit back in front of the computer to do more work – scold myself for allowing Facebook to suck away so much time that before I know it an hour’s gone past and I’m looking through a stranger’s photo album with absolutely no recollection of how I ended up there.

4pm: Make and drink a carrot and apple juice (juice #11). Either take Edie for a walk, do yoga or jump on the mini trampoline.

5pm: Drink another carrot and apple juice (juice #12). I usually have a client session now, so I chat to them or I do more writing, or I meditate.

6pm: Finally, last juice for the day! I make and drink a green juice (juice #13). Then it’s back downstairs, roll out the mat again and do my fourth enema for the day.

7pm: Say hello to Tallon who is now home and usually knocks on the bathroom door while I’m doing my enema (even though/because he knows I hate it). Chat to him for a bit before we are called upstairs for dinner.

7.15pm: We all sit down for family dinner around the table (facing the TV). Again we have Hippocrates Soup, a big plate of salad, a baked potato and some cooked veggies. Dad and Tallon add meat. Edie is in the background whimpering, scratching at our legs for more food, or perched at her own chair at the table.

8.30pm: After clean up is done we make peppermint teas and all go in different directions of the house. Tallon and I either watch TV or lie in bed and read. We turn all of the lights out and just have lamps and Himalayan Salt lamps on to prepare for sleep time.

10pm: I’m asleep, or willing myself to be asleep so that I get my standard eight hours.

Even though my mum is also on Gerson Therapy for her breast cancer, her days looks a little different to mine. Before she started Gerson, she was my carer and now she still manages to fit in the making of soup, boiling coffee for enemas and doing our mammoth grocery shops. Luckily my dad now stays home most mornings to help her out. I’m planning on posting a day in her life soon to give you an idea of what her role involves.

Positive affirmation for the day:
The choices I make today will determine the life I lead tomorrow.

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Mini Cayzer says:

Congratulations Jess!! What a huge accomplishment to be completed 18 months. You inspire me every day. With just finishing off 8 months, I look forward to reading your daily blog, part of my programme, to get me through the days. Thanks again for your light. Sending you all loads of love. xx

You look wonderful. I must ask–how are the tumors? I know that you don’t take any scans or examinations. Are the tumors still visible?

Jess says:

Thanks Cynthia! The tumours are going great! Some are totally gone, others are bigger, really red and oozing out through the skin. I’m planning on posting a photo montage of their journey at my 2 year mark.

Amanda says:

Hi Jessica

The fact some tumours are bigger and oozing, does that worry you or were you expecting this? How do you feel otherwise, how much energy do you generally have?

Thanks and congrats on getting this far, you do look great!

Jess says:

Amanda » Thanks Amanda! No, I don’t worry about my tumours. I just do everything I can to give my body the best chance it has of healing and then I trust that it is doing what it needs to do in its own time. I feel great and have lots of energy. x

Helen says:

Might seem an odd question Jess, but do you need to pee all day long with all that juice?
Doyou drink much water (as on its own, not in the juices)
Do you ever get hungry on your regime? Or did you initially?

Jess says:

Hi Helen, Ha ha YES! I pee A LOT. Twice an hour usually. Nope, we aren’t allowed any drinking water on Gerson – we are hydrated enough by the juices and we can have herbal tea if we want. And nope, I never get hungry. With 13 juices and three big meals, I feel like I’m constantly full.

Karen says:

Well done on reaching your milestone Jess!!! All this everyday and you still find the motivation to share so much with all of us. You are an inspiration Jess. Thankyou for sharing. I wish for you and your mum optimum health. Love your way. xxx

Well done Jess! And thank you for this. WOW. You guys are troopers – ALL of you!!! Tell, no wait, REMIND your Dad he’s awesome. Okay?

Jess says:

Thanks heaps Louise! I absolutely will tell my dad that. In fact, he will probably read this some time today (he’s my blog’s biggest fan) so I’ll tell him now as well. DAD, YOU’RE AWESOME!! xx

REO says:

OMG! I read each and every word – and totally loved your post. Absolutely amazing. You are a total inspiration! :)

Kelly says:

Sounds exhausting. But you look really healthy keep it up Jess. Also you must pee a lot with all those juices lol

Belinda says:

YAY for you Jess!! Well done :)
You guys are truly amazing and very inspiring. X

Beck says:

Congratulations Jess & family. You have all shown amazing courage, determination and commitement. I wish you all the very best for the future together. xox. Well done.

Lori says:

I often wonder where my days go but after reading your schedule I now see where our days go. The best time of the day for me is at 3:00 when I get to lay down and meditate and then fall asleep. I love it when the sun is coming in the windows and my pup is snuggled next to me. This therapy is a lot of work but in the end we will both be cancer free.

Grant says:

Well done. What about the constant taking of supplements and getting them ready each day?

Jess says:

Oh yeah!! I forgot to include the filling up of the pill box each night and taking of supplements before, during and after each meal. Thanks Grant! :)

Maria says:

Congrats!!! The last 6 months will fly by. Almost there!!!

Bianca says:

Congrats Jess!! Your nearly there!
Lol at 3.00pm on Facebook; I do that all the time when I am putting off my study! Your funny :)
I am an avid reader of your blog and hope that you continue to write well after your Gerson treatment has ended.
Quick question, I recently bought your Wellness Warrior Starter Kit (which I LOVE!) and I was wandering if the ‘Green clean out’ juice is the one you drink daily on Gerson? If not, would you share what goes into your green juices every day?
Many thanks Jess, much love, Bianca xxxx

Jess says:

Thanks Bianca! Yes, I will definitely keep writing long after my Gerson program has ended. Writing this blog and chatting to you guys is my favourite part of the day. The green juice that I drink every day is listed under the ‘Mixed Greens’ juice. The Green Clean Out one is a smoothie. I don’t have room for smoothies with all the juice I drink, but it’s a great one to include as well. xx

Lucie says:

Awesome! So stoked for you than you can begin to ease off the schedule, and with your amazing healing journey – such an inspiration. You won’t know what to do with yourself with all those spare minutes in the day! Can’t wait to read about a day in your Mum’s schedule, too.

Susanelizabeth says:

Jess, I am so excited for you!! You’re an inspiration! Question: You mentioned some tumors are gone, others are bigger, oozing, and red. Is this what happens before they disappear or dissolve? Do you have blood work or anything that’s not invasion to ck on your progress or do you go by the tumors and how they look?

An enema in 30 min?? I must be doing something wrong because by the time I get the whole bathroom ready, clean up and redress, it’s 1.5 hrs for me. Course I am old LOL.

Jess says:

Thanks so much Susan! Yes, I am assuming this is what happens as my tumours die. They seem to become encased by an edema (which makes them swell and redden) and then they come out through my skin. It’s so cool to watch. I have blood tests every two months and then send the results to my Gerson doctor in Mexico so that he can track my progress. Everything has come back great so far – my bloods are all perfect! Ha ha yep, I have doing an enema down to a fine art. xx

Susanelizabeth says:

I’d love to “see” that “art” because I can not, for the life of me, cut down the time! Maybe you can mk a video LOL. Love you girl.

Amanda says:

Thanks for sharing your journey with us. It’s so fascinating to see what everyday looks like for you. You are such an inspiration to me!

Amanda says:

Wow, thats a full time job. I have been inspired to look after myself after reading your blog and I have just bought a juicer. I travel alot for work and this week I was prepared, I bought all of my food with me and I have felt much better! I also recently gave up coffee for herbal teas. You are an inspiration, If I had not met you I would have probably never changed my ways. Thank you

sue stott says:

thanks for sharing xxx

leah says:

Jess, i have been following your journey and am truly inspired by you. I am glad that your regime is easing up a bit.
Thank you for sharing because in our lives we are all touched by someone who has cancer. For me it is my mum, {who has been my strength and my rock} seeing her suffering {she is fed via a tube into her stomach} is one of the hardest things i have been through. Family is so important, and your family is amazing. “Team work” as my 5yo daughter . Love and blessings xxx

Janet says:

Hey Jess, thanks for sharing with us what a typical day in your life is. You and your family’s dedication and commitment to healing you and your mum from cancer is truely amazing. You have a mental toughness that is so admireable. The way your family supports you speaks volumes about the dedication of faith, love, and strength you have with one another. You have such a great outlook on life. You’re not someone I could imagine feels that they are just ‘getting through’ every day. Your blog shows us that you take time to breathe in all that is around you and find the beauty even the smallest things. I can’t wait to see the pictures you post of your tumors shrinking and disappearing! Thank you for sharing your journey with us. :D

Donna says:

Jess you are such an inspiration – to read about your journey and how you are getting better and just glowing with health is wonderful … keep up the good work and thanks so much for sharing it with all the like-minded people out there!

Much health and happiness to you and your gorgeous family.

Donna x

Jessica says:

Hi Jess!
Well done!!! You are such a role model!
Good for u that u can have some more freedom now going down to fewer juices. I have a question; how much juice do you have per serving?
Have a wonderful day!


Jess says:

Hi Jessica, thanks so much! The juices are 8oz each, but I usually have a little bit extra. x

kate says:

Hi Jess,

Love your blog and thanks sooooo much for sharing …… nice to see a day in the life of the Wellness Warrior. You, your Mum and Dad are all awesome!!!
I had a question on the enemas, hopefully you can answer … i’m wondering how best to sterilise as I’m not keen on using bleach obviously. … why go to all this trouble and then stick bleach in … kinda would defeat the purpose. … can you advise????
Thanks and have a great day :)

Jess says:

Thanks heaps Kate! Nooooooo definitely don’t use bleach. I clean my bucket at the end of each day with water and castile soap. Every couple of days I will use some 3% hydrogen peroxide as well. You don’t really need to sterilise the bucket. Gerson just suggests using castile soap to clean the tip of the tube after each enema. x

Jeffron says:

Hi Jess,

I have a question: For your first coffee enema of the day at 6 am, do you have the coffee ready and stored from the night before?

Jess says:

Hi Jeffron, yep we make the coffee up the night before and store it in a flask ready for the morning. It’s much easier! :)

Jeffron says:

Also ……………… congrats on the 18 month mark!!!!! WoooHooooo!!!!!!

Alina M. says:

Hi Jess,
This is such a strict schedule, but it has to be done if one wants to get healthy. How do you manage when you have to go to a birthday party or out for supper or when you travel or etc.? I wish you health and courage to continue!

Jess says:

Thanks Alina! I don’t go out for supper or travel. If I have a birthday to go to or a wedding I will pack up all of my food and take it with me. I can take some juice in flasks if needed or double them up before I go, but it’s not recommended to do that often. I’m actually going to Melbourne next weekend, but I’m taking the whole program with me so that I don’t miss anything out. This is all part of the commitment. :)

Juan says:

Congratulations! Keep it up! the next 6 months will go fast.

“Learn to share your love with others, but keep part of this love for yourself”

Have a great day!

Andy says:

Hi Jess,

Congrats on your milestone. I am also on Gerson Therapy and I’m on day 100. My schedule is similar to yours except I’m not as exact on the juicing times and sometimes need to drink 2 or 3 at one time to catch back up to the day’s schedule. I’ve seen great improvement through my journey so far and feel about 80+% recovered (I have thyroid papillary carcinoma). The tumor size has shrunk drastically. Cheers to healing!


Sarah says:

Hello Andy,
Wondering how you are. I haven’t read of too many people with thyroid cancer on the Gerson therapy. Please let us know how you are.
How big was your tumour when you started therapy..did you have medical intervention?

Theresa says:

such a nice article, I am doing gerson and also went to the hospital, but the article was still interesting. I love your website and its encouraging to hear you are doing well.

anna says:

Hi Jess
I have just started reading your blog , thank you for your latest blog on your day . It has really helped me look at how to structure my day . You are an amazing inspiration , I was feeling sorry for myself but you are giving me the kick up the rear end I need to suck it up and feel blessed .
Love light and health to you

John in LA says:

Hi Jess,

Congrats! I’m sure the last 6 months will go flying by!

I have a few questions. I just watched the doc Dying to have Known. And in that movie there was featured some doctors in Japan who was using the Gerson Therapy in their oncology practice as well as opening hospitals that feature the Gerson Therapy. In the States such therapy is basically illegal. How are the laws in Australia? Are there any plans for Gerson offices or clinics there? And what is the general attitude of Aussies toward alternative treatments?

I’m not sick but do elements of the GErson therapy for health reasons. I do one or two enemas each day and my wife is concerned that I get too much caffeine in my body. I told her a coffee enema is not like drinking coffee and that I didn’t think much caffeine is absorbed into the body if at all. Do you know what happens to the caffeine during an enema?

My last question. Why isn’t there a massive database of all current and past Gerson patients? Wouldn’t that really help others considering doing the Gerson therapy? The patients would certainly need to give consent to share some or all of their information. There is tremendous skepticism of anything alternative in the States. Any open sharing would help I think. Or is there such information currently available?

Thank you Jess. You’re awesome!


Jess says:

Thanks John!

Yes, it is illegal to set up a Gerson facility here in Australia as well. Our attitudes are very similar to the States when it comes to using natural therapies to heal cancer. I am optimistic things will change in the future, but it’s up to us how fast.

No, you won’t get too much caffeine in your system by doing enemas. It has the total opposite effect on your body than if you were to drink it. We do up to five a day and we don’t absorb the caffeine.

I am pretty sure the Gerson Institute does have a database like this. It is incredibly hard to track people though, especially because so many people start the Therapy and can’t complete it, or they just do bits and pieces of it and then it fails. It’s hard for them to monitor if people are doing the Therapy properly. I think they do have a database of success stories though.

Hope this helps! :)

John in LA says:

Thank you! I’m always amazed at how thorough you are about responding to everyone.

One more question (I actually have millions but I’m trying to think of the few I’m really curious about). What do your conventional doctors think about your recovery? For instance the doctor that wanted to amputate your arm?

Jess says:

Feel free to ask away! I actually haven’t had any contact with my conventional doctors since I started Gerson Therapy. The last time I spoke with them they basically told me that I was going to die. I had to separate myself from that energy so that I could focus everything on healing and positivity. I will contact them after my two years is up to check in though :)

Claire says:

oooohhh…. film that!!
love your message Jess. beautiful energy!

Jade says:

You are an amazing woman! Thanks so much for sharing your stories!!

Susanelizabeth says:

Jess, I hope it’s okay to ask more about those beloved enema’s:>).How long should it tk all the coffee to go in? I am having major problems holding it(hope that’s not too much info). Today, it took me over 2 hrs again because I had yet another fiasco, also had to stop midway and begin again. I have measured the height of my bag and it’s 12-13 ” high, but sometimes I need to lower it all the way down. It seems to tk a very long time for the bag to empty when I lower it even to 11 or 12. I have yet to be successful and do it all at one time. That’s why I was shocked when you said 30 minutes! The prep, set up, administering, clean up tks me hrs(getting on the bathroom floor is another interesting project). I know they are so important(though I am not a cancer patient I have serious health problems) so I want to be sure I am doing them correctly. Thanks Jess!

Jess says:

Hi Susan,

We have our coffee prepared in advance and stored in a flask so that when it comes to enema time we don’t have to boil the coffee up. I have my bucket really high – on my kitchen bench – so it only takes about a minute or two for the liquid to flow all the way in. If you are having trouble holding it though it’s best to keep the bucket or bag lower and gradually allow it to go it. The more you do, the better you will get at this and you should be able to slowly raise the bag and make the coffee flow faster. When the coffee is flowing in you just have to make sure you are really relaxed. Breathe deeply and don’t tense up otherwise you won’t be able to retain the fluid. Other than that I would just say the more toxins you expel and the more enemas you do, the easier and faster it will be. Good luck!! x

david says:

Hello, Jesse, how are you?
I am glad you are almost at the end of your 2 years gerson therapy journey,but the sad and good thing is that your mom is going to start her journey. I just hope I can share some tips as a gerson thearpy caretaker.

1) make sure the care taker (either your dad or someone ) really take care of themselves. To takecare a sick person and get sick along the way is a sad thing. Proper nutrition, good night sleep, and strong spirit will carry each day.
2) right now, I am almost at the end journey of take care of my brother(thyroid cancer 2nd stage) when he started in July. I only followed a more restrict Gerson therapy with chinese healing principle underline it.
The chinese healing principle NEVER been truely been discuss among western healing circle such as gerson therapy, raw food diet etc, but the principle is too important to ignore. Let me share with you.
the healing principle is that many disease are formed because the blockage of meridian system, one of the main reason is the coldness cause by wind, modern human’s eating habbit (ice water, ice creams….), and others. So in order to heal, we need to raise the internal temperature by ignore foods with coldness characteristic such water melon, bitter melon etc, use moxibustion technique, infared sauna, ect.
So in order to accelerate your healing and your mother’s healing, you need to keep this in mind, if you want learn more technique, email me.

Susanelizabeth says:

Thanks Jess!!

You said you use a kitchen bench. But you do these in the bathroom don’t you? My bathrooms very tiny therefore I need to hang my bag on the handle of one of the drawers and then I lay next to that. I went to Gerson’s site and noticed the plastic enema bags, plus the red catheter and the plastic connector. I have been using an old enema bag, tubing and I think that might be part of the problem. I plan to call Gerson tomorrow and purchase these materials. I notice some people use the stainless steel ones. Is your’s plastic?

Also, do you lay on the floor and pad it with something?

If there is a better place for me to ask these questions, I will. I have asked Gerson but I really need to see how people are doing it in their homes.

Thanks, you are the best!(and I am looking forward to seeing your moms schedule as well. You both are such an inspiration.

Jess says:

Oh sorry, yes I meant “bathroom” bench!! Ha ha. Yep, I use a plastic bucket and I order it online (with red tube and enema connector) from ISHI Medical (www.ishimedical.com). I roll out a yoga mat and a couple of towels to pad the floor, and use a couple of towels as a pillow.


Susanelizabeth says:

Thanks Jess! You are the best!

PS I had to chuckle when you said, “Kitchen Bench” because I tried to picture you doing an enema in the kitchen! From what I have read in your blog, you are like me and do the enema’s behind a locked door!

Thanks for mkg me smile.

I love you lady.

Cheryl says:

Hi Jess
Your Diary was most interesting – sounds like my day. I have been on the program for 2 months now and I must say you and your family must be rich or something because I’m not going to be able to take any more time off work (I am totally on my own so the daily regime is like a full time job for me).

I’m going to have to juice the night before and take to work and do the best I can to stick to a revised version of the therapy that will allow me to return to work.

I also don’t have the money to go to the Clinic in Mexico so I have no idea if I am being successful, traditional doctors will not order the blood tests for anyone on alternative therapies and every one I talk to keeps saying “why don’t you just get the tumour cut out and get on with life”.

It’s a difficult path to follow when you’re not wealthy and on your own!

Is there anyone else out there who doesn’t have the funds to take 2 years off work and has managed to work and continue the therapy? If so I’d love to hear from you.


Jess says:

Hi Cheryl,

That’s awesome that you have chosen Gerson Therapy despite the challenges and opposition from your traditional doctors. I completely understand how hard it is for you. We are by no means rich, but I am incredibly lucky to have the support of my family. In order to be able to afford the Therapy I had to move back in with my parents. My mum and I had to give up work, but my Dad still works six days a week so that we can afford it. We still struggle though, which is why a couple of my friends are organising a fundraising event for us. Do you have someone close to you that might be able to do that? It is absolutely a difficult path to follow, especially on your own, but it’s still not impossible. There was one guy we were at the clinic with who was on his own, went back to work after going to the clinic, and is now cancer free. I have so much praise and respect for those of you who do manage to it on your own because it is so labour intensive and time consuming. There needs to be more help and funding available to those of us who choose to heal this way! I’m actually in the process of creating a charity website that will hopefully provide help to people in a situation like yours, so stay tuned! Jess x

Amanda says:

I look forward to checking out your charity website. I’ve long since thought Gerson and other alternative therapies need more publicity and there should be funding for people who would struggle to pay for treatment otherwise. I for one would donate!

Natasa says:

Hi Cheryl,
I just started Gerson Therapy for a non-malignant issue two month ago. Even though, I followed many principles of non-toxic lifestyle before, I founded challenging to keep up with regimen without any outside help. Please feel free to ask me any question. I would like to ask if you already experienced a healing reaction? I did not yet. Fiances are also the issue, however I am not willing to give up my right to heal naturally. Good luck and many hugs .

Viv says:

Hi Jess Thanks for being an inspiration and giving much needed hope to us cancer patients.I was diagnosed with UPSC last December, this is a rare very aggressive cancer with not a very bright prognosis. I had a radical hysterectomy and 10 rounds of Chemo plus 6 weeks Radiation. I had my 3month check ( pep scan) yesterday and it has spread to my lymph nodes, one in my neck and several in my aorta. My life spiralled into confusion as I am going to see the specialist today and I feel sure he will advice more chemo and Radiation. I would like to try Gerson as I feel that more chemo will only wreck my body more and I will never recover. I have always felt that I can beat this disease and since embarking on my journey many doors have opened and wounds have been healed. I have a loving supporting family and am truly blessed. I am very much in love with life and will spend no time feeling sorry for myself,I have had 58 amazing years of truly great health and love. I am thinking of going to Hungary or Mexico to get advice on what I need to do and would be grateful for you input. I feel mentally strong enough to do the diet and already juice eat organics and take supplements so it is just another step. I would like to still work a couple of days a week do you think that woul be possible? My main passon is my horses would I still be able to ride? I would love you to writs to me and give me any advice as I need all the help I can muster up!!Every day is a blessing and I want to be healthy and in control of what happens to me, I hope we can become friends with love laughter and health love Viv xx

Jess says:

Hi Viv, I have just written you a direct email :)

Susanelizabeth says:

Got to thinking about your schedule. Do you ever sleep in, begin your day later and go to bed later? Or do you maintain that time /schedule, every day no matter what? Love and hugs! SE

Destiny says:

May I ask…..what type of cancer do/did are you being treated for?
Thank you,

Jess says:

I have a rare type of cancer called epithelioid sarcoma, which is in my left had and arm. x

Barb says:

I just want to thank you so much for the post. And I will be eager to read your mom’s update as well. I have several friends who have cancer and I’m introducing them to The Gerson Therapy. These posts are also going to them. Thanks again!!!

Amy Morris says:

Despite of the circumstances for why you have written this, it was a lovely read. I love the fact your pooch has her own chair at the dinner table – now my dogs would love that! We met a while ago on the Charlotte Gerson webinar through Natural News, so wanted to say hi and really good to know that you are doing great! Stay well x

Ricky says:

You mentioned your mammoth shopping days…. I don’t know where you live but we found this service to be very helpful.


It is organic community supported agriculture. I’ve been a customer now for ~4 months and it’s been wonderful. Cut our time in the store and the cost to a fraction. Even if you’re not in their delivery areas, they may know about other CSA near you.


Ricky says:

When I made the comment above I was linked from the gerson email with your article and I didn’t realize you’re in AU! So sorry. I’m pretty sure ffty doesn’t deliver there, and I’ don’t know about CSA activity either. All the best to you.

Natasa says:

Hi Ricky,
Where do you live? They do not delivery to Westminster, Colorado. Thanks for a tip. I will research similar options. Natasa.

Jennifer Harvick says:

Thank you for sharing your story and daily schedule! I’m on month 2 of home gerson therapy. I had to alter my therapy a bit as I just had surgery Wednesday, but I need to get back on track. It’s great you have full family support. I’m a mom of 2 and it’s been hard making 2 different meals a night. I like the idea of just adding meat for those who prefer it ( kids and husband)
Thanks again. You’ve re-sparked my determination!
Maybe I’ll find you on Facebook!

Jennifer Sproha says:

Thanks for sharing! This routine looks ALL too familiar to me, altough with your dedication of ‘mediation and zen time’ makes this look much more Appealing! I helped my mom stay on this routine for Years and I must say you write it so simply that it makes it seem MUCH easier than the hard work I KNOW it Truly is. Great job for your dedication to HEAL yourself! GOOD luck on your lifelong journey.

Deb says:

Hi & thank you for that! Congratulations on your 18 month milestone, and only 6 more to go! My question to you, and it might answer a few questions I saw on the comments: When I was doing a modified Gerson Therapy I HAD SO MUCH ENERGY….do you have alot of energy? I was flying around doing everything, and my favoite meal is STILL a Gerson meal. Although I am addicted to crappy food again. It’s almost time for me to do another cleanse (I’m 48 and chubby and I love the Gerson Therapy because I might not lose the weight, but I lose the fat!) Bye bye cellulite (again)…it comes and goes at my age. Ha.

Jess says:

Hi Deb, thank you! My energy seems to come and go in waves. Some days I’m full of energy, while others I feel tired. It’s all part of the healing process though. Whenever a big healing kicks in I seem to feel a little wiped out. But then it passes and I’m buzzing again! All the best with your cleanse. xx

Anne says:

I honestly think you are an inspiration to anyone who reads your diary – full of spirit, energy and good humour. I have been a Gerson-assistant to my partner and I KNOW how hard it is, how every day inexorably mimics the day before with no let up. We often felt like Gerson prisoners, locked into the Gerson timetable. Your diary gives no indication that you feel like this. It is all worth it, of course. For us, life has returned to normal and we are both a lot healthier. My man’s cancer has not come back, despite his speedy relapse to ‘pub visits’ and ‘crap food’ after only 12 months on Gerson. We, of course, continue on a largely Gerson diet in order to balance out the toxins he takes in and he has carrot juice binges when he’s feeling particularly guilty about departing from the Gerson principles. I wish you all the success and good luck in the world and hope you can say a final goodbye to Gerson after your 18 months are up.

Carol says:

Dear Jess:
Is any type of soy included in your diet. I am wondering as I have heard both positive and negative comments on soy. Thanks and I am so glad you have this natural program to let your body heal! God is good. He made this diet for us to use every day!!!

Jess says:

Hi Carol, no there is no soy allowed on the Gerson diet at all. Soy is a big no-no in Charlotte Gerson’s opinion. Here is a post I wrote about it a little while back: http://www.jessainscough.com/2010/11/the-great-soy-debate/


Carol says:

Thank you so much for your answer and the article you enclosed! I feel that it helps me make up my mind on discontinuing the use of soy products, and, especially, since they are processed (some of them). You are an inspiration to me, although I do not have cancer, to live healthfully now. If and when I ever do get cancer (and who knows when it will strike someone) I want to not use the traditional therapy and choose a natural method, such as Gershon or an integrative type. Thanks and I pray for your continued success on the road to good health!!

Kay says:

David: You mention Chinese therapy. I am considering that. Can you email me and give me more information please?

I am having trouble with my kidneys, and I feel that I need to do Gerson therapy for them. My grandfather died of kidney failure (my dad’s dad) from stones. The nurses that took care of my mom (who recently died) said she had kidney failure. I think I need to get to caring for them, and I think that the Gerson therapy will do that.

Meg says:

Hi Kay- I couldn’t help responding. I am just getting to know a new friend who was in liver and kidney failure last year, and did the gerson therapy- as she knew it, which she prayed her way to- Jusus inspired her to do what she did, and though she was dying, she i now functioning again and homeschooling 4 of her 8 children. So I think you are on the right track. It definitely flushes your kidneys and gives them the right nutrition to heal . Kidney tissue, just like all other cells in the body, can regenerate and heal. I’ll pry for your complete healing. Meg

brad says:

Hi Jess,

Im really pleased to hear of the results achieved through the Gerson program. You and your families diligence and commitment to the program are testaments to its success!! :-)

In regards to the coffee enemas. Has the process of doing the enemas ever caused you any side effects? I know coffee is a natural product, however the process of using it as an enema isn’t a natural process (especially many times per day). Has it ever disrupted the natural workings of the intestines/bowels? Has it ever affected the natural bacteria from within? Caused any iatrogenic fungus/parasites or bacteria to deposit and take hold? Over the past 18 months, have you noticed any general changes in organ function? Skin health etc?

Healthy Regards

Jess says:

Hi Brad,

Thank you! No, the enemas haven’t caused any of those side effects. I have heard about them all, but I seem to be living proof that they aren’t true. I’ve been doing daily enemas (up to five a day) for two years and I haven’t experienced anything like that. My skin has gone through moments of break outs, but that is just from the detox process I think.

Jess :)

Kari says:

Hi Tess,
I am living abroad where I do not have access to/or information about which fruits and vegetables are organic. Is there any information about the efficacy of the program in a case like this?
Good health to you!

Jean says:

Good Evening Jess,
I was diagnosed with stage II breast cancer 2003 and believe its returned. I’ve just heard of this therapy and last week purchased an enema bag from CVS store here in the USA and a bag of organic coffee. I also bought an inexpensive juicer (brevelle). All I have to do is put it all together – juicing, enemas, and supplements is that right? Could you elaborate on the supplements you take daily – what are the names and amounts you take each time? Also do you think this juicer will work – I know it’s not a Norwalk, and lastly can you comment on how carbohydrates/sugars like carrot/apple juice may possibly grow cancer. Thank you for helping me see (figuratively) how this is going to work.

Jess says:

Hi Jean, thanks for your comment! My first suggestion would be to buy and read the book Healing The Gerson Way by Charlotte Gerson (http://www.jessainscough.com/store/must-reads/healing_the_gerson_way/). This is the best explanation of the way Gerson Therapy works and what needs to be done in order for it to work. There is much more to the Therapy than enema, juice and supplements. Charlotte Gerson states that we cannot reverse cancer using a centrifugal juicer like a Brevelle. They recommend a Norwalk or a different cold press juicer like a Champion or Angel and then using that in conjunction with a hydrolic press. It would probably also be beneficial to watch the DVD The Gerson Miracle (http://www.jessainscough.com/store/must-watch/the-gerson-miracle-dvd/). As for supplements, these are all explained in the Gerson book, but I have also written about them here: http://www.jessainscough.com/2011/06/the-gerson-therapy-supplements/. If you are able to go to the Gerson clinic in Mexico I would definitely recommend it – http://gerson.org/. I hope this helps! :)

Susanelizabeth says:

I received alot of info at the site you mentioned Jess( http://gerson.org/ ). I also purchased a bk they recommended that is helping me with doing the program at home(although I do not have cancer but a serious and life-threatening illness, as well as brittle Type 1 diabetes). The book is found on their site and called, “Gerson Therapy Handbook / Updated Fifth Edition”

Meg says:

Hi Susan,

I wanted to repeat your questions about what the fine art is of doing the enema in 30 min!!! I DO NOT want to see a video, but would love to hear how you have it all set up Jess, so that it goes so smoothly. What stuff do you use- is it faster to clean? I’m having to keep reheating or cooling down the coffee which loses a lot of time. I also have brittle type I diabetes and am old and just started the Gerson Therapy at home but can only do it part way now because I do not have the right juicer and other stuff. i live by myself and cannot even get to bed on time trying to have some stuff set up int the kitchen for food prep and juicing. Can’t wit to see how your mom does it so I can try to schedule better. Thank you susan for you info, and Jess, for this site. I’m so grateful for any help I can get. Thanks again and keep up the great work. ps- I also have a life threatening disease and many auto immune diseases like celiac and RA and may have cancer. Trying to get safely tested. Many blessings

Jess says:

Hi Meg,

I know you have said you don’t want to see a video, but I actually posted an enema how-to video yesterday. It’s completely PG, I promise: http://www.jessainscough.com/2011/11/wellness-warrior-tv-how-to-do-a-coffee-enema/

To clean the enema bucket we use water and castille soap. Once a week I might also run some 3% hydrogen peroxide through it. Instead of reheating and cooling down the coffee, we keep ours in flasks. If the coffee does cool too much, we will add boiling water to the bucket also. I also posted my mum’s schedule a couple of days ago if you would like to check that out: http://www.jessainscough.com/2011/11/diary-of-another-gerson-person-a-day-in-my-mum%e2%80%99s-life/

I hope all of this is helpful!

Meg says:

Thank you so much, Jess! What a gift to have some advice. I will watch it. Also, what are flasks? Are you in Australia? You all have different words for a lot of things than we do in the US. Could that mean what we call thermos? If so, what kind do you use? Maybe I can find them online. That would definitely save me time and room in the fridge, as I store the concentrates there until ready to use. Thank you again and I’m praying for your speedy and full recovery for you and your mom. I’m sure it’s difficult but helps to have family support in the same house. Congrats on all your hard work. You must see the light at the end of the tunnel now! Meg

Jess says:

Hi Meg, yes I am in Australia! I forget that we have different words for things like that. Or I should say, you guys have different words ha ha. Yes, a flask is just a thermos. We just buy them at our supermarkets over here. This is what the coffee was stored in at the Gerson clinic, so we decided to do the same thing here at home. Thanks so much! x

Kristi says:

Hi Jess,
Can you tell me what kind of juicer you use for the orange juice. I’ve read Charlotte’s book and I’m still confused as to what she’s talking about. Are we not supposed to put it in the Norwalk? It seemed like she was saying to use a citrus type juicer but again, I was just really confused.
Thanks so much!

Jess says:

Hi Kristi, we just use a hand powered citrus juicer for our morning OJ. Nope, we’re not supposed to put that one through the Norwalk. xx

Alina M. says:

Hi Jess, I have a plastic citrus juicer. What about you. What type do you use? Thank you.

Katie says:

Hi Jess-
I’m really glad I found your blog. (Even though I did an unhealthy thing by staying up most of the night reading it.) :) You provide so much information in an easy to understand way and this post is really helpful to see what the actual day is like. A friend recommended I start looking into Gerson just to improve my own health and then, just recently, my father has been diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer that has spread to the bones in his spine. So, I’m gathering information for him now. My first question is, have you ever posted a weekly shopping list or do you know if there is one available anywhere for the Gerson Therapy? Something that tells what amounts of all the ingredients you need in a typical week? (example: xLbs. of carrots, xLbs. of apples, etc. to make all the required meals and juices?)

My second question is, how will your routine change once your two years of the intensive program is reached. Will they keep you on a modified version of the program?

Thanks! Katie

Jess says:

Hi Katie, thanks for reading! I haven’t actually written anything about a Gerson shopping list, but the Gerson website has one. Click on this link and scroll down to underneath where it says “Get Set Up”: http://gerson.org/GersonTherapy/getstarted.htm

Yes I will always be on a modified Gerson program. Once my two years is up I will start to gradually reduce my juices and enemas and slowly introduce different foods. However, I will always be pretty much vegan, always eat organic and always eats whole foods.

All the best with everything!

Katie says:

Thank you, Jess. That’s perfect. I look forward to reading more and wish you all the best.

Hi Jess, I am gearing up to go to the Gerson institute in Mexico. I do not have a Norwalk juicer yet, I have a Breville which is supposed to be a pretty good model but it is a centrifugal juicer. Everything including the juicer, supplements, and stay at the Gerson clinic is going to add up to about $15,000 U.S, so I think the upgraded juicer is going to come later. I am wondering, do you clean the juicer between each juice?? I am planning to start juicing much more often with my current model, it’s just the cleaning it part that takes so much time. Is the Norwalk easy to clean?

Jess says:

Lillian Davenport » Hi Lillian, that’s awesome that you are going to the Gerson clinic! As much as a cold press juicer is an investment, I have a feeling the Gerson people will tell you that it is a must if you are going to get well. That’s what they said when we were there, and what Charlotte says whenever she is asked. The centrifugal juicers don’t extract enough nutrients in order for a cancer patient to heal. If you can’t afford a Norwalk at the moment, Gerson recommends a Champion juicer with a separate hydrolic or hand press – the press is the important part. Yes, the cleaning part is a bit of a pain but there’s not really any way around it. We find the Norwalk easy to clean as it’s all stainless steel. Once you get the hang of it, it doesn’t take long at all. All the best with everything! x

Laura says:

Jess, you are an inspiration! I discovered Gerson Therapy about a year ago and I do the juices, but do not follow it completely because I’ve been afraid it would cause my body to react and “detox” too strongly. Do you know anyone who has used Gerson to treat Lyme Disease? Also, may I ask how the disease process was for you? Was it very intense at times? Blessings and warm wishes to you!

Laura says:

I’m sorry I meant to write the “detox process”

Holly says:

Hey Jess, do you try to wash all the produce for several days or the week at one time or do you find it best/most efficient to wash the produce for the day in the morning? I am starting the non-malignant therapy soon & just had our 1st “mammoth” shopping trip, buying half the grocery list since we have only one fridge for now, & we were exhausted by the end of the day,but we got all the produce washed & the 25 lbs of carrots washed & in pyrex containers with lids covered with distilled water & the greens stored in pyrex dishes with lids too because I will have no help during the week & just my husband & I on the weekends & trying to figure out the most efficient way to do this. Do you have any tips in regards to prepping the juice produce?
Thank you for being such an inspiration! Holly :)

Jess says:

Holly » Hi Holly, we wash and prep all of our juicing produce each morning – all of the greens and carrots including chopping the ends off the carrots, but the rest of the produce we do as we go. Wishing you all the best for your Gerson healing! xx

Holly says:

Awesome, thanks Jess! <3 Do you leave the juice produce for the day out on the counter after prepping or keep it in the fridge? The rest of the produce you wash & prep before each meal? Have you found you are able to order all the meds/supplements from one place or do you have to order the B12/Liver from another place? Is your Grander Water System a whole house system or kitchen only? I'm researching countertop distillers now which make a gallon at a time. Our water is fluoridated.
Thank you!!

Jess says:

Holly » If it’s hot we will put it back in the fridge, if not we will leave it on the bench all day. Yep the rest is washed and prepped before each meal. We order all of our meds from ISHI – but they have been out of B12 and crude liver, so we just get B12 from the health store here and the liver we just take extra dessicated liver caps. Our Grander is a the whole-house system. x

Holly says:

I’m am just amazed at how y’all do it all! I am easing into it & don’t have the supplements yet, but am having difficulties in getting into a good time efficient system with the veggie prep, how much it takes for a day, & some days I wonder how I’ll be able to do it all & figure it out, but I know you & your Mom do. :) I had a great day yesterday – had 8 juices, 3 coffee breaks, & all 3 Gerson meals for the first time & felt great! Today was grocery day & I only got in 3 juices. Thanks for your responses! :)

Holly says:

Hey Jess! So I’m still researching water purifiers & I had a Grander rep call me & I got a little more info about it. It sounds too good to be true. I was told that it doesn’t remove anything from the water & it just changes the frequency of it & that if I had the water checked out by a lab, it would still show all the impurities were still in the water. I was just wondering, how you came to trust that this device does all they claim without proof or solid explanation, especially when Gerson says to use only steam distilled & only distillation removes fluoride. I just can’t see paying $3575 for something unproven & they don’t tell you how it’s done, especially since Gerson says all you need is a $300 countertop distiller. How do you know it gets all the impurities such as heavy metals, chlorine, & fluoride etc out & what does the water do for you?
Thanks! :)

Jess says:

Holly » Hi Holly, Grander was recommended to us by several reputable people. David Wolfe, Elaine Hollingsworth are two that recommend it, which is why we felt we could trust the theory behind how good it is. However, we were also weary about whether it was suitable for removing fluoride, so we added the fluoride filter to the kitchen tap just to be extra safe. We chose Grander over a distiller because a distiller basically renders the water dead, and there have been issues associated with that also. It’s totally a personal decision as many Gerson people have had success by just using a distiller. We just felt that Grander was right for us. Hope this helps! x

michelle says:

Firstly, congratulations! I absolutely love that you have done this. My husband was diagnosed with cancer at 35 and went down the traditional route of radical surgery and radiation, and for him it worked and it has not come back (5 years have passed), but… and this is a big but, it was such a hideous thing to go through for him, and terrible for me to watch and here you are (and your family) taking such tremendous care of yourself. I just wanted you to know that I think your ‘day in the life’ is one of the most uplifting things I have ever read, and I cannot wait to have more time to come back and read more.

I wish you all the very best for your continuing journey,


Jess says:

michelle » Thank you so much Michelle! xx

Dianne says:


I was wondering what you do when sitting in front of the computer & the electromagnetic waves it gives off? Do you have a purebamboo cube next to the computer or something else?

Does your arm ache after being on the computer for a length of time? How is your arm feeling?

Also, what really does a healing flare-up feel like? I’m not sure if I had a healing flare-up or a lymph flare-up!!
Would love to hear from other people who may have experienced the same thing.

And are you ever curious enough to check what comes out from the coffee enemas? I do, and imagine its all of the cancer cells leaving my body.

I would love to go to Gerson clinic in Mexico but really who can afford that. Its quite expensive.

Sssooo many questions.

Warm Regards,

Beth says:

Hi Jess …. just came across your site today. Just want to encourage you. My Mother did the Gerson therapy for lung cancer in 1986/87. She was given only 7 months to live, and I’m pleased to tell you that she is still alive today! She also wrote a book called ‘Where There’s Hope’.

Jess says:

Beth » Thank you so much Beth!! This is amazing – I love hearing wonderful success stories like this. xxx

Lia says:

Check out Neville Goddard’s New Thinking “The Power of Awareness” You can find many of his works online for free. Once you get past all the biblical stuff, it might be the icing on the cake (Gerson Therapy)

Joey says:


I’m not new to CEs but have put off learning about the entire Gerson regimen for far too long. I’ve had concerns about the high # of CEs causing loss of gut motility & loss of beneficial flora (I know that surely that concern has been addressed by Gerson & CE experts but I’ve heard of many patients continue to sound the alarm on this). I was just wondering if you could share your own thoughts on this as someone cleared well-versed about this therapy?

Thanks for sharing your story openly with us, and in such detail.


Jess says:

Joey » Hi Joey, sure thing! Coffee enemas don’t actually do anything to your beneficial gut flora. You need to be wary of that if you are doing colonics, but coffee enemas are very different. They only target the liver and the lower part of the colon – they don’t deplete gut flora at all. Coffee enemas can reduce electrolytes though if you are not replenishing them. However, if you’re drinking lots of juice and eating a clean organic diet (like Gerson) this is not a problem. Hope this helps! Jess

Joey says:


Thanks for the info!

Holly says:

I just wanted to say “thank you”. I found out two weeks ago that I have breast cancer. Even when the doctor was telling me on the phone I knew what I was going to do – Gerson. I watched a couple Netflix videos about Gerson Therapy two years ago and then read a book about it while researching how to get rid of my migraines. But now, two weeks into this and after all the phone calls from my doctor/nurses wanting to know why I haven’t made the appointment with the surgeon yet, I have been losing my resolve. My doctor keeps stressing that it is an agressive, fast growing cancer and I need to “get it taken care of now”. So, yesterday I made a consult appointment with the surgeon, just in case. Last night though, my little sister sent me the link to your blog. I am canceling my appointment with the surgeon and am back on the Gerson track!
Warm regards,

Jess says:

Holly » Hi Holly, you are so welcome! Wow – it’s crazy how we are given the information and inspiration we need at just the right time. I’m so happy that you’re trusting your body on this one, and I’m excited for you to do Gerson Therapy. Are you planning on going to the clinic? Wishing you all the best of everything, and an amazing healing. Jess x

Holly says:

Yes! I just got two new emails – your reply and one from the Gerson Clinic with my admission forms:) My husband and I will be going there it looks like mid November. I feel so much more relaxed now and that I am on the right track. Thanks! Keep up the good work!! (Btw, I started the Gerson Therapy at home two days after we got the diagnosis and have been migraine free for 12 days. It has been 25 years since that has happened! God is good! )

Hello Holly,
I want to wish you all the best for your trip to Mexico. I too am heading to Mexico to do Gerson after I finish chemo, last one coming up. Trust your body & God.

Holly says:

Thanks, Dianne! Best wishes to you also!
Let the “Awakening” begin!

No longer a drone,

Sherelle French says:

Hi Jess
I am embarking on the Gerson therapy in three weeks. Can you tell me the role of the carer as I am trying to decide the best person to take along for the journey. Any help or advise you can offer would be greatly appreciated


Jess says:

Sherelle French » Hi Sharelle, the role of the carer is someone who will be helping you out with the therapy once you are back at home. There isn’t much for them to do at the clinic besides learn everything. The clinic does everything for you while you’re there, but once you get home the carers role really kicks in. Wishing you all the best! xx

ChenChen says:

Hi Jess, I think my message didn’t get published. anyways, I want to thank you for such a informative video!! I have a question about the coffee enema, my dad was just diagnosed with very very late stage of liver/bile duct cancer. The doctor actually does no recommend any treatment because how late it is ( no chemo. no surgery!!) I was wondering since the coffee enema targets the liver and bile duct, will it make those organs work too hard and harm them even more? I can’t accept the fact that I will be losing my dad very soon! not until I try everything I can!

Jess says:

ChenChen » Hi ChenChen, yes I saw your message and responded to it yesterday. Can you not see it? Here it is again: I’m so sorry for your dad’s challenges. I know that when people go to the Gerson clinic with liver cancer coffee enemas are still part of the regime, so I would imagine that this would be okay for your father as well. Often times it can be a blessing when chemo is not offered – it is never too late for other options though. Gerson Therapy is amazing, and if your father has not has chemo it works even better. Wishing you all the best x

Michele says:

Hi Jess,
I received the Novotiral, thank you. The package says 1 tablet is 20 mcg and on the Gerson therapy I am to take 1gm 3 times a day. Are you getting tablets, and if so, how much of the tablet are you taking each time to get the 1gm?
I appreciate you!!

Lisa Cullen says:

I would just like to say you are such an inspiration. I have only recently been following your blog, and I totally love it, it helps me everyday to better my self. Thank you so much for spreading the love and knowledge.

Polly says:

hi love, quick one for you…do you make your coffee solution the night before for the next morning and do you make one big batch or boil it up each time? xx

Hey honey, I make 2 at once and sometimes 4 at once and store them in a flask. Yeah, it’s fine to make the night before for the next morning. xx

Pablo says:

Hi Jess, thanks for your blog, i am in Gerson Terapy and i am in the 4 month, i have a question, did your blood analisis was something wrong in the begining and after months this was okay? because i only had colesterol and triglycerids little high, and this still high but Dr. Cervantes say that this is for enemas and the detox for the liver, Thanks

Dali says:

Hi Jess
Great work getting yourself treated! My dad has stage 4 lung cancer since October last year. We have opted to go the natural way and he is still battling along. I just found out about the Gerson Therapy 2 days ago and we would like to go down this path. We are having problems however finding where to purchase the Norwalk juicer. Did you use this specific juicer or is the Angel one just as good? We really want to make sure we are doing things properly from the beginning. We are in Australia. I think you may be as well. Can you please help us find the right juicer and any other advice you can find would be greatly appreciated. My email is [email protected]. Thank you so much in advanced!

Abdo says:

My mom is doing the gerson therapy and after 8 monthes she became much better no sighn of brest cancer but she is now having trubol drinking the guces she devloped a nodes in her abdomen and every time she drink one she get stomch aiches and she throu up do u know y ?? Plz help

Aleah says:


It is now 2014! Wow how are you doing? Did you start to feel much change after a month on the gerson therapy? I am trying to give my mother hope you know. She is suffering a great deal of pain from her Arthritis and Lupus. We just began yesterday. At the moment we do not have the proper juicers as we are fairly poor but hopefully soon I can work my way up to buying one. Do you have any suggestions for her for her conditions?

Thank you :)

hana says:

how are you now?

Preeti Bansal Kshirsagar says:

Hi Jess,

I’m at student of Public Health at the University of Michigan. I want to specialize in alternative cancer therapies. I would love to know more about your journey.


Lisa says:

Thanks for posting as I am new to all of this (as of yesterday!) Wondering about the Himalayan Salt lamps. haven’t heard of this yet. What brand did you choose to get and why?
Once again. Thank you for sharing!

Evangeline Barrón says:

I just started this diet because I have fibromyalgia/interstitial cystitis/hyperthyroidism. I feel a lot better and have significant less body pain, but I’m so hungry all the time no matter how much of the approved foods I eat. I eat baked potatoes as snacks and end up eating several pieces if rye bread along with all the juices and soups and salads and nothing cuts it. What will fill me up? I use to get full instantly when I ate bad heavy food cause my stomach capacity is actually very small. I weight 100lbs, but I do have a tiny frame. I’m 5’4″ 29 years old. I’ve been as low as 92 so this is good for me, but I cannot afford to lose any weight and would actually like to gain 5lbs if possible. Any suggestions? The not ever feeling full thing bugs me cause it tempts me to eat bad food that I know will give me that full feeling instantly. I drink all the juices and eat all the foods all day.

Jenny says:

Hi Jess, Can you get in touch with me? Im helping my mother to learn the therapy and set up things. Would be nice to talk to someone about the difficulties and don’t feel alone all the time.

razu says:

Hi. Jess. Hats off to you…. wanted to ask you does gerson theraphy work for stage 4 lung cancer. Dad was diagnosed with it about 5 months ago. We have done 5 rounds of chemo and yesterday the doctor told us its not working.
Is it ok if its possilbe to switch to gerson theraphy. Trying to find a doctor here in nepal who know gerson theraphy….. gave me some hope after reading yr blog.. keep up the good work.

Liane says:

Hi Jess, what an impressive day! Really wow, I don’t know how I would do with your routine once let alone every day! I feel like I’ve been super healthy if I make it to three juices a day. You’ve just inspired me to do more juicing!