Confessions of a Psychic: Spirit guides – Who they are and what they do

Posted October 12, 2011

Guest post by Rebecca Dettman.

Spirit guides: do they exist? In my experience, definitely. I’ve felt them, seen them, spoken to them and been guided by them – and YOURS are the main source of info I’m using when you book a reading with me! Think of them as your personal cheerleading squad – they know you inside out, they want the best for you, and you don’t even need to believe in them. You can fast-track your life, though, by chatting to them and requesting their help regularly. Doesn’t matter if it’s large (“pleeeease help me buy that house!”) or small (“pleeeease help me find a car park!”); it’s their job to help you, and they’re waiting for instruction.

Over the years I’ve heard all sorts of ‘rules’ about spirit guides, such as “everybody has three” (or four, or seven, or two). In my experience, everyone has a different number of guides – anywhere from one to a small army. Someone asked me during a reading last week whether her spirit guides were happy with her behaviour. Are you KIDDING?! You could be Hitler and they’d still be sending you compassion and guidance. Unconditional love is your spirit guides’ job description! Here’s some other things you might not know …

Calling them ‘spirit guides’ isn’t technically accurate. That’s a vague, all-encompassing term that doesn’t necessarily literally refer to a male angel hovering beside you. In many of my psychic readings, I see deceased ancestors taking on something of a spirit guide role – eg. somebody’s paternal grandfather guiding them on financial matters. I’ve also seen animals, aliens and saints acting as spirit guides. Generally, ‘spirit guide’ loosely refers to a member of your soul family who knows you very well – often you’ve shared past lives together – who is hanging around to assist you now because they love you to bits!

Sometimes they cluster. It’s not uncommon for me to sense during a reading, “You have a male spirit guide over your left shoulder, your great-aunt from Scotland over your right shoulder, and… ooh…. behind you is a circle of three wise men wearing black robes calling themselves ‘Elders’!” I perceive such groups operating as mini councils who appear when someone has something pretty massive-powerful-amazing scheduled to happen in their lifetime. These councils lend extra support, guidance and wisdom and are usually linked to a clients’ big business future, or a powerful spiritual mission / life purpose.

They come and go. I find that different spirit guides seem to be allocated to different areas of your life that they specialise in – eg. you might have a kindly old lady angel assisting with motherhood and child-bearing, a tall monk from the Middle Ages helping you with business, and some kind of Nordic ancient world goddess who’s helping you open up your spirituality. Thus, during different phases of your life, different spirit guides seem to come and go. Just like our friends on earth, spiritual ‘mentors’ tend to show up and naturally drop away as we personally change and evolve. To this end, sometimes I see a spirit guide who appears to be waiting on ‘stand by’ for a certain phase of someone’s life to begin (eg. when they have a career change in five years’ time), and until then, they’re not really getting involved.

Sometimes they tell you the opposite of what you want to hear. This is done on purpose. Remember how I said your spirit guides know you better than anyone on earth? Well, if you’re a particularly stubborn type, and there’s an area of your life that’s totally stuck, your spirit guides aren’t above using cheeky tactics to help steer you in the right direction. This could involve sending you along to a psychic reading that you 110% disagree with so that you walk out thinking, “What bullshit! That’s not true! I’m never going to do that.” Hence, you wake up the next morning with a firecracker placed under your bottom and begin determinedly making different life choices… choices more in line with your inner truth. Mission accomplished!

Author bio: Rebecca Dettman is a spiritual expert who regularly appears in mainstream media. Her weekly radio show, articles, seminars, intuitive readings and events have inspired thousands of people to release their blockages, find their personal power and embrace their life purpose. In 2008, Rebecca gave up her decade-long career working as a journalist for News Ltd and Time Inc (along with the hefty salary, long lunches, free travel and luxury goodies) to begin her life’s mission. With a newborn baby and $70 in her bank account, she began Psyched In Stilettos, a company dedicated to helping individuals and corporates deepen their spirituality and create positive change.

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Whisky says:

Hi Jess,
Off topic – what are the best vegan sources of protein?? Wanting to switch but being a carnivore all my life, eating salads don’t fill me up. What main veggie am I missing? Thanks

Jess says:

Hi Whisky,

Spirulina is the best source of vegan protein. Adding it to green smoothies and green juices each day would be really beneficial to you. Then there is quinoa, lentils, chickpeas and all of the leafy greens. Check out this article I wrote about it: and this one about iron:

Hope this helps!

Whisky says:

Thank you Jess, and yes you help, you always help! Wasn’t aware green leafy veggies were a good source of protein, thought just high in calcium, but obviously I have a lot to learn!! With your musing over the difference between smoothies and juicing, I thought smoothies had some kind of milk in them. Am I wrong?

Jess says:

No, there is no milk of any kind in the green smoothies. Just greens, a little fruit, apple juice and the option of coconut water. You can add oat milk, almond milk or hemp milk to berry smoothies, but I never suggest cow’s milk.

Karen says:

As ever i feel hugged by the way you articulate spiritual connections. Thankyou Rebecca i am now more aware that i am being guided and not alone on my journey of self-discovery. xxx

Walter says:

This is fascinating. I’ve been reading so much about spirit guides lately, and a google search brought me this. I still feel a little self-conscious about “calling” on them, though. Baby steps :-) Thanks for this great post.