Cancer is not a disease. It is a mechanism of protection and survival.

Posted October 26, 2011

Guest post by Dr Greg Schreeuwer.


It is so important for people who have, are currently experiencing or have a fear of going through cancer, to truly understand the mechanism that goes on inside the body and the real reasons why the body creates this. As the title suggests, cancer is certainly not a disease but instead a survival and protective mechanism that the body engages when it is highly threatened.

There are two ways in which cells are able to survive in the human body. The usual way cells survive is through the use or uptake of oxygen and these cells are called aerobic. They are classified as normal, higher functioning cells.
When there is a depletion of oxygen in surrounding tissue, the cells that are deprived of oxygen still need to survive. All cells in the human body are programmed for survival. Cells that aren’t able to survive through the uptake of oxygen, begin to mutate and feed off toxicity or waste material in the surrounding tissue. This could be as a result of cell debris or any other form of waste or toxicity in the area. The functioning of those cells is diminished and they become quite primitive in their actions, very similar to the way stem cells work. These cells are termed anaerobic. They are also referred to as cancer cells. Every human being on the planet has these. Some more than others. It all depends on how much waste is circulating through the body.

The more waste and toxins that accumulate in the body, the higher the incidence of cancerous and mutated cells. There is a very interesting explanation for this. In order for the human body to function optimally, the internal environment needs to be relatively alkaline. When too much waste builds up inside the body in various areas, the body can start to become acidic. This is the reason why most natural alternatives to treating cancers involve high alkaline diets to detoxify and bring more oxygen to cancer sites. The more acidic the body becomes, the greater the mutations. These cell mutations, or cancer cells, can be referred to as the ‘internal house keeping’ system of the body.

Take for example an apartment that has carpet everywhere. Naturally, carpets attract large amounts of dust and other bits and pieces. In order to keep that apartment clean, constant house keeping is a necessity. If the apartment were to be left for weeks or months without cleaning, it would become a significant health hazard and require a large amount of work to get it back in order. This is exactly what happens with regards to cancer. The internal environment becomes incredibly messy and the cancer cells are there to mop up and clean up all the mess and eliminate it. As with the apartment metaphor, if the mess exceeds the number of people or hands to manage that mess, it increasingly gets worse and very difficult to manage. In the body, this happens as well and eventually results in tumor formation or metastases.

The blessing of having cancer cells inside the body working against all that mess and waste, is to protect the body from a far worse fate, which most people are unaware of. It’s called acidosis. It is a life threatening state and if left unattended, it will result in a fatality within a few hours to a few days. Those cancer cells that we are all trying so desperately to eliminate with chemotherapy, surgery and radiation, are designed by the body to protect the body from an acidotic state, from certain death. They are provided by you, for you, to give you enough time to gather the resources required to clean up the mess that was unconsciously created by you. It is an incredible protective system that modern medicine is destroying due to a lack of understanding and ignorance. This leaves the body vulnerable to more challenge and does not address the underlying causes.


Author bio: Dr. Greg Schreeuwer practiced as a chiropractor in Sydney, Australia for 4.5 years. He is now non-practicing. During that time, he received training in several areas of complimentary healthcare including Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Principles, Reiki, N.A.E.T. (Nambudripads’ Allergy Elimination Technique), N.E.T. (Neuro Emotional Technique), N.C.R. (Neurocranial Restructuring) and he has attended Dr. John F. Demartinis‘ “Breakthrough Experience Programs”. He has also has a special interest in metaphysics and quantum mechanics. He has always been fascinated by the inner workings of almost everything that exists in the universe and he has constantly striven, through his own self-development and research, to uncover these underlying mechanisms. He is a focused and dedicated person who loves helping people uncover their path. The challenges he has faced to allow him to reach this point in his life are numerous yet they have been incredible blessings, opening his mind to the possibilities and endless opportunities that exist within people and within the world. His dream and hope is to help every person on the planet reveal their divine purpose by showing people how their dis-ease is not a limitation but a lesson that could liberate, inspire and empower them.


What did you think of Dr Schreeuwer’s first post? I’d love to hear your thoughts on his insights.


Positive affirmation for the day: I forgive and release all of my past. Everything is magical in my world.

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Fantastic! As a fellow Chiropractor and Dr.Demartini follower, I understand and agree with his views with cancer. Ever since I was diagnosed, I said it has never been a big deal – its just an acidity problem. Heal the acidity, kill the cancer. Done and done :)

Thanks Marcia. It’s amazing to hear wonderful successes like yours and, of course, Jess. It just goes to show that the less fear you have around cancer and the more you understand its mechanism, there are very natural and successful ways of overcoming it and learning the valuable lessons along the way.

Very interesting!

I’m sorry, I disagree that acidosis is “far worse fate” than cancer. Acidosis is dangerous, sure, but it usually responds well to treatment. Also, his description of the cause of cancer cells is incorrect: “Cancer is a genetic disease resulting from a variety of mutations and alterations either inherited from our parents or, more commonly, acquired over time due to environmental exposures and behaviors, such as smoking and poor diet. These alterations turn off important cell growth regulators allowing cells to continually divide unchecked, explains Luis Diaz, a clinician-scientist in Ludwig Center for Cancer Genetics. This type of cell is called a malignant or cancer cell. Among the trillions of cells in the human body, inevitably everyone has some abnormal or atypical cells that possess some of the characteristics of cancer cells, most resolve themselves and never result in cancer, says Diaz. ”

Hi Katie,

Cancer may have genetic components but according to Dr Bruce Lipton, a cell biologist, who developed a new study of genetics called Epigenetics, our beliefs influence the way our genes are expressed. Just because there is a genetic component to cancer, that does not imply you will develop or manifest cancer. There is significant research now to support that.
Also, acidosis can be treated with drugs in modern medicine but all that does it create more toxicity anyway. it is common knowledge in all fields of health that when cells cannot survive in oxygen depleted environments, they mutate and become anaerobic in order to maintain their survival. This is the reason why, in alternative therapies, patients are loaded up with high does of detoxifying supplementation to remove as much acidity and toxicity to allow the body to manage the problem more effectively. I have worked in a clinic for 5 years who had this specific protocol for the cancer patients that were treated there. Prior to loading up the body with highly alkalising foods and nutrients to detoxify and de-acidify the body, the body that is programmed for survival, not death, will create more mutations to handle the acidosis. The body is quite capable of managing it’s own problems. Although, the more toxins you put in, the harder it becomes for the immune system to manage and cope. This can lead to other pockets of tumours developing in other areas as acidosis and toxicity increases. Cancer doesn’t spread. I would highly recommend reading a book by Andreas Moritz, an Ayurvedic doctor, called Cancer is not a disease, it is a survival mechanism. This book inspired me a few years ago to investigate his theories.
I would also recommend reading The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton which will give you insights into how our beliefs can effect the way we express genes. Genes aren’t hardwired. They are like light switches that can be turned on or turned off depending on your current belief systems.

Cancer doesn’t spread? Well, I shall have a word to my relative with cancer of the pancreas and metastases in his liver and tell him he is imagining it. And that he should be more positive.

I’m not saying it doesn’t occur in other areas. It usually starts off in a primary location. That’s where most of the toxicity or waste accumulates. As the issues continue to unfold, naturally waste will accumulate in secondary areas that are linked to the primary location.
The cancer doesn’t spread. The waste accumulates elsewhere and more cells mutate in that location. It appears that the cancer has spread but it doesn’t actually work that way inside the body. It’s not a virus or a bacteria. It’s a response to massive amounts of waste accumulation.

Then can you please tell me why the metastases are made up of cell types that are not found in that organ ie melanoma cells in the brain, bowel cancer cells in the liver, prostate cancer cells in the bone. If they were due to local toxic effects, why aren’t they cells from that organ?

Cancer cells can break off from primary tumours and travel through the bloodstream and the lymphatics to other areas. However, cells that deposit in other areas of the body don’t necessarily have to continue mutation. Like I said, cells mutate or continue to mutate in areas where there is a reduced oxygen supply to the cell. If there is a reduced amount of oxygen and an excess of waste accumulation in secondary sites, the local cells as well as the primary cells will mutate or continue to mutate.

One of the most important things to know about the human body is that everything is connected. Modern medicine compartmentalises the body but in actuality, it doesn’t work that way. If you look at the 4500 years that Chinese Medicine has been around, it clearly shows organ relationships and how distant parts can affect one another. The bowel and liver have a very strong connection to each other, not only through physiology and chemistry but also through energetics and neuropeptide formations which transmit emotion throughout the body.

People who develop bowel cancer will invariably have an underlying liver problem. The bowel, in chinese medicine is very much about control and usually when people don’t have a lot of it, they get angry, frustrated or resentful – these are common responses or emotional reactions of the liver organ in chinese medicine.

wow cynical anger, does not help

I have realized that ..I have not seen clearly and live in a distorted imagine of WHAT I am —- having lost our true image of grace and truth. — And THAT concepts so distorted allow the dis-ease to dwell. … make home with that body of thoughts and ways. I realized I was taught and believed falsely.

Therefore my healing journey includes MUCH awakening … learning. I have learned to live in the place where the flowers grow. …..just let it be WHAT I IS already within ..and let the dust fall away as I arise.

Yes, Greg … I so agree — “the more toxins you put in, the harder it becomes for the immune system to manage and cope” — yes, everything is connected.

Thanks for sharing your understanding and listening.

You ask ‘What did you think of Dr Schreeuwer’s first post? I’d love to hear your thoughts on his insights.’

I think he should be kept away from people with cancer.

I have a dear relative who has an incurable pancreatic cancer. It is an insult to such people that this charlatan can present such dangerous and ignorant views.

I know you won’t publish this, and I understand your desire to remain positive and eliminate negativity, but sticking your head in the sand risks others choosing poor treatments or misdiagnosis.

Cancer can be cruel. Many cancers can’t be cured. A far better thing would be to promote living with cancer and maintaining and enhancing quality of life rather than pretending cures are happening when they aren’t.

Your blog makes me very sad.

By presenting different views like Dr Schreeuwer’s, we are trying to provide hope and optimism to cancer patients who modern medicine have stripped hope from. I was one of them. In the eyes of conventional doctors, I have an incurable, terminal cancer, yet I have managed to reverse it by taking control of my health and doing everything I can to get my body back in balance. What is better: being given an expiry date and being sent home to die, or learning about the different, hidden perspectives on cancer that can empower you to save your own life? In my opinion, ignoring these positive views would be the definition of “sticking your head in the sand”. In no way is this an insult to people with “incurable” cancers – it’s quite the opposite. Cancer is only cruel if you choose to give away responsibility for it. If you take responsibility for it, it can be a positive turning point in your life. The point of this article was to take away some of the fear associated with “cancer” and encourage people to open their minds and consider a different perspective.

I am all for giving people hope and enhancing quality of life. And I certainly fully support the idea of empowering people. Obviously different cancers have different prognoses and everyone’s circumstances are quite unique. My dear relative is much older than you and, before retirement, was a specialist in a medical field so he has a good understanding of his situation. He simply wishes to have a good quality of life in whatever time he has left and has continued living life to the fullest since his diagnosis within his rapidly diminishing capacity. It is wonderful that your path has been so positive and I do wish you well. Unfortunately, however much responsibility my relative takes for his diagnosis, it has started to become a little unkind. He has a very supportive family and a magnificent palliative care team so we will do everything in our power to ensure that his wishes are respected and that the next stage of his journey will be as comfortable as possible. At the same time I hope you remain well and enjoy the rest of your long and happy life.

you have closed your mind. i know you are upset for your relative. you are brainwashed by western medicine, thats your choice and i feel sad for you.

Well said Jess. From my point of view sticking your head in the sand is thinking that modern medicine is the only course of action to ‘cure’ illness. Regardless of the differences of opinion, making healthier lifestyle choices can only be a benefit to our health and well being and your website is a wonderful tool in highlighting the many positives we can introduce into our lives.

With regard to the comments about genes – they haven’t changed for 40,000 years. To say that someone gets cancer due to genes, means that we should all be getting cancer. They have just recently discovered a breast cancer gene and a hangover gene. Using the hangover gene as an example, the only way we can suffer from a hangover is to carry out the behaviours that express that gene. Other such examples are endless.

Jess, you are an inspiration and I always look forward to reading your blogs and information you provide.

There are some cancers that are highly aggressive and others that can be dealt with and managed much more easily.
It is very important to understand something about the human body. The human body does not reveal signs and symptoms or even significant disease unless there is a definite reason for it. These indicators are your bodies way of desperately trying to reveal the underlying imbalances in your psychology, your biochemistry and your psychology.

There are 4 stages you will go through in your life in order to help you get back on track and on purpose. The more you choose to overlook any of the stages, the more challenges you will face.

Stage 1: Signs and symptoms develop in the body or in your environment to give you clues of imbalance in the way you are leading or running your life. They are subtle, like a neck pain or a back pain, but they are there. They are also commonly ignored. I have seen this working in the health and wellness industry for over 10 years.

Stage 2: Your intuition or gut will start communicating to you to reveal the same imbalance to make you aware of your decisions and your actions and that they may be incongruent with who you are and what your true purpose is all about. Most of the time people doubt their gut and ignore it. How would the unconscious and subconscious parts of you, that process 400 million bits of information per second, know better than your conscious brain that only processes 2000 bits per second.

Stage 3: Your sociology will then step in to challenge your decisions and actions and it will usually be consistent but by this point, you are so blocked and unaware of what you’re doing that there is no way that your friends or family know any better than you do.

Stage 4: This is what is called crisis point, tragedy, trauma or Murphy’s Law. This inevitably happens to people who don’t pay attention to all the other signals that their body, their intuition or their environment was trying to tell them. It is a last ditch attempt to help you self-correct. This is the category that cancer falls into. Depending on how far you’ve pushed yourself, will depend on the degree of tragedy or crisis you manifest.

I worked with a patient who manifested a motorcycle accident that turned him into a quadriplegic because he wasn’t paying attention to what he was supposed to be doing for his life. His motorcycle, the one thing he loved that he never made time for, put him in a wheel chair. I have seen this happen time and time again to clients and patients that I’ve worked with. There is always a reason why you get cancer. There is always a lesson and sometimes the lesson is not just for that person but for the people around that person. The more those lessons and signs and signals are ignored, the more ignorant and under developed we stay as a society.

Dear Greg, fully backing you and Jess on this. THANK YOU both for standing strong.
I have now got quite severe symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis. By discovering that SOME people actually HAVE reversed their disease symptoms – and removed their symptoms – aka ‘got better’ shows that this ‘incurable chronic degenerative disorder’ is NOT incurable and chronically degenerative if one does the right stuff for ones mind/body/spirit. Stories like that and those of Jess et al. ALL stand out to show that current medical practice is blinkered and frankly WRONG on so many levels when it comes to true ‘health’ and healing. All these people, and you and Jess, provide a light light at the end of the tunnel. The tunnel of being told that XYZ condition is incurable. And enable those of us, who are willing to look with eyes wide open, to start researching externally AND internally (mind body spirit) to discover how to take responsibility for our health and enable us “to take control of our health” (big shout out to Dr Joseph Mercola,
THE BODY TALKS. It is a natural healing ‘machine’ that gets so abused on various levels that eventually it breaks down (maybe terminally) like an unserviced motor bike. We get ill for a reason. Thank God for Dr Bruce Lipton. AND Dr Max Gerson, Dr Terry Wahls, Dr Lissa Rankin, Brandon Bays, Deepak Chopra etc etc… the list goes on and on… and all the rest of the great people seeking and speaking the truth. With love and best wishes to everyone reading this for a happy and healthy 2012. My heart goes out to anyone who has lost loved ones to cancer or any other ‘incurable’ disease that they were not aware could possibly have been healed had the right things been done, early enough in their life’s journey…

Hi Rachel,

thank you so much for your comment. There is always a reason why we attract dis-ease into your lives. It serves a purpose otherwise we wouldn’t require it. The wisest and most empowering thing to do is to ask yourself how it serves you? What are the benefits you receive from having this in your life? Once you become aware of the reasons your body created what you currently have to manage, then the process of transforming it becomes more apparent.
The medical system does what it is designed to do. In some cases, it can help and other cases it can’t. Both sides of medicine are useful, however I would always go less invasive before recommending medical procedures.

As you put it, the body is a master communicator. It’s signs and symptoms of illness and disease are feedback mechanisms designed to help people become more aware of who they are in order to help them towards achieving their true purpose in life.

Stay tuned for a follow up to this post coming very soon.

Is disease incurable, or advanced beyond our capacity to recover?

By the time I figured out I had liver cancer, my liver was barely functioning, and my adrenals had shut down. Symptoms: extreme fatigue (my husband had to wash my hair, I was too weak at the age of 38 to do it myself), I was orange in color, hair falling out, had 2 emergency surgeries to keep me from going blind, no menstrual periods, feet cracked and bleeding…and the original doctor told me he couldn’t figure out what was wrong! I knew I was dying. I heard George Malkmus who came to our city to speak on the importance of diet on health. He too had terminal cancer and was given months to live, and that was 30 years ago. I initially followed a strict vegan, organic raw food diet for 2 years, the Hallelujah Diet, and within 6 weeks, I had dropped 28 pounds and was back to my high school weight. In 6 months I could go for a walk, in 9 months, just my face was orange, and the liver spots on my hands and gray hair had disappeared. I even had a filling fall out because the tooth was healing and it pushed the filling out! That was 13 years ago. Before I changed my diet (and I thought I ate healthy before), I would get several colds, flus, and sinus infections a year. I have not been sick since changing to an alkaline and enzyme live diet.
So in the medical world, liver cancer is considered incurable. I did NOT use chemotherapy or radiation. There are many of us who had “incurable” diseases that by eating a healthy diet, our body had the ability to heal itself, as God designed it to do. God bless.

janet » Janet, this is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing your story. Congratulations on such a wonderful journey. It’s incredibly inspiring to hear. xx

“cancer is certainly not a disease but instead a survival and protective mechanism” ???

Have you gone barking mad?

nope – do some more research! totally understandable to think the way you do at first – but it does make sense

Awesome post, makes total sense to me! It is true that a total mind change and a change in the way of our thinking is needed to allow ourselves to heal, and this is one way of thinking of it differently.

Hi, You raise some interesting points including, but limited to;
“The more acidic the body becomes, the greater the mutations”

“The more waste and toxins that accumulate in the body, the higher the incidence of cancerous and mutated cells”

“Dr Bruce Lipton….. our beliefs influence the way our genes are expressed”

It would be benefitial if you could provide some links of where we could find this information please

It is also worth noting that in Australia you are only entitled to use the title “Dr” if you include your qualification (B.Chiro or other) immediately after your name.


I have recommended two great books, one by Andreas Moritz, called Cancer is not a disease, it is a survival mechanism and a booked by Dr Bruce Lipton, called The Biology of Belief.

As for my title, I have registered as a non-practising chiropractor, which I have stated on my website and other places where my name and title appear. This entitles me to use the title “Dr”.

Thank you for your comment.

Hi thanks for your response. I couldn’t see your qualifications at the end of your byline at the top of this article which led to my confusion. Books are really interesting resources but unfortunately they are not considered a great source of information as they are based on a single persons opinion and are not subject to peer review.
That being said books often contain really relevant citations to the primary data that the author has researched.
If the two books you mention include citations of primary evidence (e.g. studies of molecular, animal or human response) it would be fantastic if you could include them here. I gather you have the books and it is completely legal to show citations from a published work as long as they are attributed so there are no copyright probelms with citing the primary evidence mentioned in these books.

Thanks again

Hi David,

Those books do offer citations and no I don’t have them currently. They were both lent out to clients.

The Biology of Belief was written by Dr Bruce Lipton who was primarily responsible for founding the study of Epigenetics. His book outlines his research, plus the research of others. As for the other book I recommended, I would suggest having a look at that one yourself. It’s highly detailed. I would recommend another of his books called “The Veil of Duality” plus “Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation”. For information about how emotions affect the body and in turn, lead to disease, I would also recommend reading “Molecules of Emotion” by Candace Pert – another research scientist who discovered neuropeptides that transmit emotional repines through every single cell in the body.

I wouldn’t be able to do those authors justice by merely citing from their books. It would be a compliment to them and their research to inspire others, like yourself, to read them.

So in short you are not giving any citations? I think that if you write such a provocative piece as above you should be able to produce your evidence to support it. It shouldn’t be up to the reader to have to search out (or spend money on) the evidence for you proposal

I can cite the evidence but my job is to educate and empower people to heal themselves. That is my philosophy. If I do all the work for you, how does that empower you?

The resources are available for you to investigate yourself. Don’t take my word for it. I ask you to be skeptical. The more there are empowered people in the world, the less we’d be having discussions like this one. Just like you have questions right now, so did I and I went and read and asked others and researched myself.

If you look at all the greatest teachers that have come before, they inspired people to look within and search for themselves. They did not hold hands. Please, I urge you to investigate my sources yourself. You will learn more that way.

Thanks for your reply but you made definitive statements that you have been asked to verify. I am a doctor(PhD) and work as a neurobiologist examining the cardiovascular response to emotional stress. I have read many papers etc on the topic and they show that emotional stress can alter epigenetic regulation but not in the way you have described. It is also worth noting that although mammalian cells have a degree of anaerobic metabolism, I am not aware of any cells that can survive long term in the absence of oxygen. One of the first things a cancer tumor does is reroute the blood supply so that it can have a regular supply of oxygen. I have asked a number of times very politely for your evidence as I keep an open mind and do not like to accept or dismiss any ideas without examining the evidence, therefore I find you ducking and weaving very frustrating. I hope you will post at least a small taste of the evidence that has led to your conclusions please

I realise you have asked me to verify my statements and I have provided resources which have significant scientific evidence for you to go look through. I am not ducking or weaving away from your question. I gave you an answer. Since I am not the scientist or the ayurvedic doctor who discovered these concepts, it would be better to go and research the people that did, in their work that you can access yourself. I am sharing their insights with you and my knowledge of their material. I am citing their books as reference material. All you need to know is in those books.

If you’re after research material that validates Bruce Lipton’s work, I would go and look at the back of his book which cites over 20 references if not more in relation to Epigenetics. I am not going to list them all.

In regards to Andreas Moritz, his work is based on his many years practising as an Ayurvedic Specialist and it would be useful for you to read his material yourself. The evidence is in their material.
I base my approach on their research.

This post is really generating a polarity of responses. Does moderation exist online?

For me, I am still in the middle camp, not wanting to discount any option. I have read some great material (Jess and Dr Schreeuwer’s adds to that) about natural approaches. I also have two relatives who are doing really well many years after convential treatment. I have watched some great documentaries, Forks Over Knives and Gerson, where people who were told by their Doctors they should go home and prepare for death, instead adopted a natural approach and have lived actrively and happily for many more years.

As far as I’m concerned, information is power and we should appraise ourselves of all options and make our own decision. No one should be criticised for that.

Very well said…

Indeed knowledge is power

Yes couldn’t have said it better myself .

I don’t believe it is an either/or thing.

Every person needs to consider their actual diagnosis, the likely prognosis, the options for treatment, the risks and benefits of any therapy, and then when empowered by this information, make a decision which best suits their individual situation. It is not simply a matter of conservative v alternative management of cancer. Even the most conservative of conservative people would accept the importance of a health promoting lifestyle – good diet, reduced stress, supportive social networks, exercise and positive thinking. That philosophy is certainly not unique to those more inclined to alternative medicine.

My dear relative, after considering his diagnosis and his options, is not having surgery or radiotherapy and will only consider a gentle, specific form of chemotherapy if required to relieve gastrointestinal symptoms. Otherwise he has chosen to live well for as long as he has left. So it is far from black and white.

Sian, in Chinese Medicine, the pancreas is part of an element called Earth, which is the grounding element of the human body. It also represents sweetness in life. From my experience, anyone who has developed an issue in the pancreas is not fulfilling their true sweetness. The body has its way of showing people that and most people don’t want to pay attention to that or listen to it.

The degree of sourness in life will will show up in the pancreas. The pancreas helps to break down sugars that are passed to the liver to provide glucose to the brain and to the body for energy. Why would the pancreas continue to provide energy to the brain and body if that energy is not serving the highest purpose of that human being? It won’t. The body is not as mysterious as some of us think. It has intention and motive. Your unconscious and subconscious brain control those intentions and motives because your true divinity inspires those parts to do that in order to bring you into a conscious awareness of your true values and your life purpose.

Using chemo, radio or any other invasive approach to eliminate those cells in the body that are trying to alert your conscious brain to where you are and where you could be, is not giving people a true understanding of the underlying issue. It promotes more fear and more stress, which invariably creates more crisis.

You really don’t get how ignorant and offensive that is, do you?

My job, as I’ve stated before, is not about protecting people from themselves but empowering them to be who they are. I know that I offend people and I do know, at times, I am ignorant when it comes to things that are of little value to me. However, when it comes to areas in my life, such as health and wellness, which is an incredibly high value of mine, I make sure I research and learn as much as I can so that I am informed and well versed.

I have spent time with people who have problems in these areas. I spent 2 hours with a client a few weeks ago who had a chronic kidney infection for 19 years and had developed significant scar tissue in the tube leading down to her bladder, that she required surgery for. 4 days post session, she had no kidney infection and no scar tissue after going through a Nuclear Scan. The kidneys, as with other organs, has an underlying emotional theme as part of the Water element, which happens to be about will power. The pancreas, which I mentioned earlier is related to the Earth element and has a lot to do with grounding and identity. People experience problems in these areas because of imbalances that lead them there.

Signs and symptoms of the body are feedback mechanisms to your conscious mind to show you where you’re out of balance and what to do in order to get back on track. The less you pay attention to this, the harder the challenges will become in order to help you break through.

I enjoyed this inspiring post, which was helpful as someone working on wellness and keeping my body in balance so that cancer does riase its head for me again. However it is just sad that so many people are diagnosed with agressive cancers or cancers that have taken hold and they feel their only option is to go for surgery, chemo and radio therapy. My father was one of these people and he passed away in May. His fight was courageous but I think that conventional medicine instills a lot of fear into those who consider an alternative path, hence he was not one of these. It is sad that the two paths are so distinctly different and it takes a lot of courage to take the path less travelled.

I have also been diagnosed with an “aggressive cancer” and given an expiration date so to speak. I fear modern western medicine but fear even more trying to “go it alone” with a more natural approach. A massive tumor on my neck created so much pain that I could not cope and I had no idea how to handle this without radiation. So 2 weeks of radiation of radiation have shrank it, relieved my pain and once again I am thinking of stopping chemo for a more holistic approach. I only wish I could find a “Dr.” to help me with it!

Hi Doug, my husband was diagnosed with cancer in 2008 ,secondary tumours in the neck with unknown primary. In Feb 2009 he was given a similar prognosis to you.( His was, that he had months rather than years to live and was terminally ill.) He decided not to accept this prognosis and has used alternative methods to deal with his situation… an alkaline diet being the first thing he looked into and adopted, as well as stopping all sugar and drinking lots of water, in fact the only liqued he drinks is water. He has read both the books suggested above, as well as many others on the subject, and would totally support what is being suggested in this article. My understanding is that Doctors are not able to support these methods as it’s not within their current practice and training to do so. Our GP sees my husband very occasionally and just says ” whatever it is you’re doing, keep it up as it’s obviously working”, other than that he has no contact with coventional practitioners. What you put into your body is so important. Look up alkalising diets on the internet. Stop refined and sugary foods, tea coffee and alcohol and drink plenty of water. These are what I would suggest immediately as things you can take responsibility for yourself, and then read those books. I really wish you well and do understand the position you are in. I know we’re all different, but using diet, food state vitamins and Essiac ( look it up), and having belief that alternative methods will work, have reduced my husbands tumours so that he can no longer feel them and his quality of life is good.

My two cents: 17 years ago, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was suppose to live 6 month if she didn´t get chemo and radiation. Well, she didn´t. Instead she became a vegetarian and completely changed her way of seeing food. She went on a diet, took certain teas, vitamins and did certain exercises and such. The shrunk and then became encapsuled and it stayed that way for 10 years. In those ten years she lived a normal, healthy life. Until one day she took a nasty fall and hurt her arm–the same side she had the tumor. A second fall and she hit her breast. That caused the capsule to break and her cancer began to spread. Now she is on chemo. But we still treat the aftereffects naturally and it´s made a big difference.
Fortubately, because of the changes in her diet, she has none of the other problems that come with old age such as diabetes, or high blood pressure, or arthiritis etc..Why didn´t she heal? My guess is that she has been retisent in working out the psych/emotional issues of her life. She still holds years of guilt, pain, anger, hatred, fear and resentment in her. If only she´d let it go.

Dr Schreeuwer, thank you for your post today. It makes complete sense to me. I was recently diagnosed with a tumor of the pituitary gland. I have been assured that it is non-life threatening and non-cancerous, however it has absolutely terrified me, the whole process of being diagnosed etc.

For about 10 years my intuition was telling me there was something going on that was not right, however I ignored it, until one day it was screaming at me telling me to have myself checked out, so I did and this is when they found the small tumour on my pituitary.

Since then I have tried the medications the specialist was prescribing for me however they did not agree with me at all, so I have been seeing a kinesiologist and am on track to getting myself better without conventional medication. What this has taught me is that your body CAN heal itself. I truly believe this and I hope everyone out there believes it too.

Thank you for your comment Candice. What is so incredible to me about your diagnosis is that your intuition was trying to tell you for 10 years that something wasn’t right. In energetic medicine, the pituitary gland sits within an energy centre of the body called The 6th Chakra. That chakra guides and governs your intuition. It seems to me that your body was trying to tell you to pay more attention to that 6th sense. Tumours and cancers always develop in areas of the body that represent imbalances in psychology. Fear, guilt and anger tend to make them grow substantially which has been discussed by people like Louise Hay and many others.

Good for you for finally listening to your intuition and finding a kinesiologist to help you out. I suspect you are definitely getting back on the road to where your body has been trying to direct you.

Thank you for your reply!

I have a great book by Louise Hay called “You Can Heal Your Life”, which I’m sure you have already read : )

I have had quite a few relatives with cancer. I truly believe that what you put into your body and your emotional and mental state have a huge impact on your health. My mom was just diagnosed with lung and esophageal cancer a few weeks ago and begins her radiation tomorrow. I have sent her links to this site and to the Gerson Clinic and a few others but she is completely closed minded. There has to be a better way to deal with cancer than to just “treat” it. I grabbed the book “The Anti Cancer Diet” off of my bookshelf this past Sunday evening to review it again. The author was talking about Tibetan medicine and how the Tibetan people will use Western medicine for things like strep throat, but for cancers and heart disease, they treat the entire body. They compare it to a good soil. If your soil is not rich your crops will not grow correctly, same thing with our bodies. It all makes sense. I enjoyed this post quite a bit. I am loving learning so many new things about my body and how the things that I allow in it/ around it, can effect me!


My mum has esophageal cancer too. And is also not open to alternative thearapies or healing modalities. I wish your mum all the best x

This is really an interesting theory that i have recently read about and wondered about its’validity. I would like to think that it is true as my body has definitely been enabled to stop cancer from spreading through dietary intake, qigong and supplements. I thank you for your views and dont understand people who need to criticise the ideas you have put forward. There is nothing wrong with encouragement and hope and education! I know so many people who have not and will not take responsibility for their cancer and others who just want to accept it and move on. That is okay let each decide for themselves. I believe in the cancer cure there is just no recipe for it that suits everyone. Thanks again.

This is a very interesting post, I had never heard of this view of cancer before this and I am happy I have been informed of another view on cancer and the body. I like reading different ideas on how we can heal and help the Body, it makes me feel hopeful. Thank you for this and for sharing, really has me thinking… :)


I felt a lot of negativity from some of the commenters today. I can only imagine these people are hurt deeply and are lashing out at others. Please don’t let it impair your healing journey.

Thanks for adding Dr. Schreeuwer’s opinion on your blog. I appreciate Andreas Moritz’s opinion on our body and cancer. I do not have cancer but I have used his liver cleansing program for over a year and a half. My grandmother and mother (both had their gallbladders removed) are cleaning their livers as well. We have all had wonderful results. We are all experiencing greater happiness because our livers are not so taxed. A lot of people have read Moritz’s work and have attacked him and attempted to drown him. It seems to me there are a lot of people who are angry and not ready for healing information. I am happy you and Dr. S have graciously met attacks with gentle responses. Good on you. Please don’t let naysayers detract from your commitment to share your experience with others.

I recently saw an interesting documentary on epigenetics called The Ghost in Our Genes. It and several other great documentaries are available at

Keep up the good work.

Dear Kelly
The end of the post reads:

“What did you think of Dr Schreeuwer’s first post? I’d love to hear your thoughts on his insights.”

This is a pretty open invitation to say what one thinks. Some people question these insights and they have said that. If only positive comments were sought, that should’ve been specified.

Hi Student, I don’t filter comments to only allow positive ones through. If you scroll through this comment feed you will see many that are opposing the views in the post. I have, however, started to delete your comments because they are continuously sarcastic, rude and offer absolutely no weight to the argument. I am all for hearing different sides of the story, but I am very protective of this site and don’t want it tainted with your constant negativity. I’m really not sure why you bother to read my stuff, the only conclusion I can come to is that you come here looking for an argument.

I am sarcastic and accept that some of my comments do deserve to be deleted. I get emotional about some of these issues, especially the lack of critical thinking sometimes on display.
Some of the things Greg has stated highly are very distasteful, for example that a guy who had a motorbike accident and became a quadriplegic was to blame; and that a child caused her own brain tumour with her thoughts; and I don’t resile from that. People who call themselves ‘doctors’ and ‘healers’ and say things like that deserve to be challenged. They should especially be challenged to provide evidence, other than their own testimony based on reading books, that these statements have some basis in fact.

I fully agree that you don’t filter out contradictory comments. I was just replying to Kelly who seemed to imply that if commentators don’t agree with Greg’s views, they are attacking. Clearly you have asked for people’s thoughts, and not only positive thoughts.

I read because I am interested in the psychology of what makes people afraid of conventional medicine, and usually try to refrain from commenting but occcasionally suffer from impulsivity.

I’d like to share with you that those patients that I have worked very closely and intimately with, who have become friends, don’t blame themselves for their challenges. They understand the processes and steps they took that lead to those challenges and have been educated to look at life with a different view point than they had before.

They would not agree with you feeling my approach is distasteful. I spent hours working with that person in hospital, for free, because I believed he could help his body recover by understanding how he got there. I don’t heal people. I empower people to heal themselves. I don’t work within the medical profession that tends to tell people they have months to live without offering a solution that could potentially lead them to a point of inspiration and understanding in their lives. I offer solutions to people who want to know why they got to the place that they’re in, so they can have fulfilling lives.

I have studied for 10 years and learnt from many different disciplines so that I could help people achieve all that they want and not to remain victims of their circumstances. If you want testimonies from the patients themselves, go read some of them on my website. I don’t make idle claims.

I am happy to be challenged by people, but it is worthwhile for people who challenge to be informed about the content. I realise that in any situation there will always be support and challenge and cancer, being such a controversial issue, would always attract significant challenge. I’ve learnt, I’ve read and I’ve spent 5 years working with people in these areas. I’ve seen people have incredible results due to the work they put in to help themselves and I’ve seen others get worse because it was too hard to take control of their own lives and they relied so much on others to help them survive. My job is to help people realise what they are capable of, what they can achieve and what they can do with their lives.

Dear Student:

I choose not to participate in loaded-question-games, I do however send 1,000 positive thoughts your way. I wish you happiness and the answers to all the questions you are looking for.

In peace,


I was just wondering if you could give me your views on why children get cancer at such a young age? I am convinced of the diet and lifestyle etc for adults but these kids are so young! It is the one thing that I cannot reconcile in this whole debate. Thanks.

Hi Jenny,

It is very challenging and confronting when children have to go through and experience things like cancer. Each cancer is unique and each person is unique. I would have to answer this question more specifically.

As I mentioned earlier, signs and symptoms manifest in certain areas of the body to reveal an underlying imbalance. Cancers are an aggressive, in your face, indicator to that imbalance. One thing I also mentioned to an earlier comment is that cancer isn’t always a lesson for the one experiencing it. Sometimes or often, the lessons are for others too. Occasionally when other people develop cancer, it can be their mothers’ or fathers’ or siblings’ tragedy or crisis point too.

There is always a reason why certain things happen to certain people. Kids are largely influenced by the world around them, having to deal with injected belief systems and societal expectations. Kids who are born with cancers or other illnesses are influenced in utero by their environment, as has been documented in pre and peri-natal psychology journals. We too, as adults, deal with the same influences. Some of us can handle those and others have more a challenging time. Kids are the same. They are far more impressionable and definitely more sensitive and open to the world around them.

Hi Jess, thanks for putting out such good posts all the time…….are you listening to Kevin Gianni’s world Cancer Summit on his web sight.??…..I again tonight listened to Charlotte Gerson who was one of the first guests for today , preceded by Dr. Gpnzalez…in case you or others don’t know the daily recording are up for 24.hrs. You can hear;Charlotte right now! She was bang on as usual….I once saw her live about 30 years ago give a lecture at the University here in Winnipeg.. I just had to go and see her as I knew about her back then…through her fathers’s book. . I find it an effort to try and eat alkaline but keep on improving…..This Dr. Greg is quite intelligent and I mostly agree with his philosophy. he has stated on today’s blog…..a faithful follower of your blog……..Harvey Moberg Winnipeg

Thanks Harvey! No, I haven’t listened to Charlotte’s Cancer Summit talk yet, but I plant to tonight. She is just amazing. Thank you so much for being a faithful follower! :)

LOVE your work Dr Schreeuwer! Thank you for your well written and informative post – I look forward to the rest!
(Love your work too Jess)

What a fabulous post! Thank you Greg – I 100% agree with absolutely everything you said.

Having foolishly gone through the conventional treatment option (surgery and chemo) five years ago, I for one can tell you there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY that poisoning the body like that can possibly make you better!

Furthermore, it took me almost three years to get over the trauma of chemotherapy. What people do not seem to realise is that it is not just the chemotherapy that destroys the cells – it destroys your entire sense of being! Your cells make up who you are, and if you poison them all, you are destroying the person – and this is not only on a physical level but more importantly, on an emotional level.

I just wish that I had known about these alternatives, and not been surrounded by people who derided such methods and theories as quackery! I was actually laughed out of my surgeon’s office because I refused to have anymore mammograms!

It’s SO important to spread this information, as once you are diagnosed, it happens all too quickly that you are suddenly under the knife and hooked up to a poisonous drip.

Thanks again for your inspiring post, and wonderful blog, Jess!

I’d say that this sound very optimistic and pink-cloudy… But I just can’t agree. Cancer is not always a friendly thing… A friend of mine lost her mom to breast cancer this summer with just 5 weeks from first symptom till death. That is not “enough time to gather resources to clean up the body”. And what about small children getting cancer? Should that be seen as their bodies being extremely loving and protective of them? Ehm pleaaase… And then the fact that people can have a not too bad lifestyle (not raw vegan which by the way not all people agree are optimal for health, but still eating organic food, not smoking, exercising et.c.) still get cancer and then be living and thriving 20 years later… If the toxicity in their bodies was so bad then how come they survive at all adding chemo to the mix?

The most fact based reason why I don’t agree though is that as far as I know from research I’ve heard presented is that cells are not as stated in this post “all programmed for survival”. In fact an important mechanism in keeping cancer from developing is that cells have an inbuilt suicide mechanism. i.e. they are rather programmed to kill themselves if they get badly damaged and when cancer develops this mechanism has failed. At least that is the research they have presented on Swedish news, science programs et.c.

It’s one thing to empower people to make changes in their lifestyle as that is imperative but it is not right to paint a picture of cancer as a pink, warm and fuzzy defense mechanism. I have no problem with the idea that excess stress on the body may lead to diseases like for example cancer. Nothing really strange about that – if the body is put through abnormal conditions the body might also start working abnormally. Quite reasonable. This is also empowering knowledge as that makes reversal possible and prevention key. But that is very different from the statement made in the post.

Well, that’s just how I feel about the post from the knowledge I have at the moment. :)

I too would like to know exactly what “perceptions” would have caused a child to have cancer – and how this related to what her parents had taught her???

Is it your conclusion that disease always results from “perceptions” and is always reversible? What’s your explanation to people dying from illness though confident till the end that they will recover?

Ok, last comment for the day. Just reacted to the statement “she is evidence of her own desire to survive and thrive”. Again… A LOT of people do EVERYTHING they can to get well from health problems and maintain an optimistic outlook. And still they don’t recover. What would then that be evidence of? A lack of will? What???

Not going to comment any more on this post now because the more I read the more it’s clear that I am not going to agree with this Dr!

Hi Urika,

Not everyone is supposed to survive from cancer. I am not saying that everyone is supposed to. What I’m saying is that cancer is a teacher. It is providing a lesson both to the person who has it and in some cases to the people around that person. Sometimes, the person who doesn’t survive from cancer despite every action that is taken to overcome, there is a reason for that too. I can’t speculate about all of those cases. I’d have to discuss a specific case that is presented to me.

I have lost a person I cared about who had cancer and I wondered the same thing as you have but over time I realised what the lesson was. She was helping me and her daughter and her partner. She was the biggest blessing in all our lives and she had to go through such a challenging time for all of us to see what she was trying so hard to show us. I’m grateful for her and everything I’ve learnt and been able to apply to my profession since her passing. She is my inspiration and I think of her all the time.

I’ve already discussed how we perceive our environment. The conscious brain doesn’t see the whole truth. Only 2-4% of what’s there. The rest we’re oblivious to. We only perceive what the conscious brain chooses for us to perceive. We have entrenched beliefs that we learnt through observation, mimicry and so on. There is a part of the brain, called The Reticular Activating System that processes information based on our beliefs. If you belief you’re not good enough or not smart enough, the RAS will filter information through your conscious brain, from your environment that will keep that belief alive. When you change attitudes and beliefs, the RAS will filter in all that will support and enhance the new belief or attitude.

Dude, that’s not what the Reticular Activating System does. It’s in the midbrain. It has very specific functions which are not to do with ‘beliefs’. There is no one brain structure that can be pinpointed as processing ‘beliefs’. I’m not sure where you got your info about the RAS but it’s wrong.

I would recommend reading a book called “The Answer” by John Assaraf who is leading the way in regards to neuroscience and brain function. He has been doing this work for a number of years and works quite closely with neuroscientists. It is definitely worth looking through as he explains and outlines how the RAS filters information as it is processed through the senses.

“Your reticular formation stands guard at the doorway of your mind, sorting through the torrent of incoming information and searching for those specific bits that best match those information patterns already established in your brain.” – John Assaraf, The Answer

“When you program a specific idea or goal into your RAS, no matter whether you’re asleep or awake, thinking about it or not, the RAS will do its job and sift through the entire ocean of information swirling about you at all times to find precisely what you’ve told it to find, picking out that one bit of crucial data for your awareness and editing out the other 399,999,999,999 bits of irrelevant data.” – John Assaraf, The Answer

I’m studying neuropsychology at a very reputable university. I just checked out that guy’s website. He labels himself a ‘spiritual entrepreneur’. He’s a business coach. I will probably be regarded as closed minded for saying this, but I am certain that my teachers know more about the brain than John Assaraf.
The RAS has a role in regulating attention and the sleep-wake cycle, it does nothing like what the paragraphs you’re quoting say it does.
Again, I hope readers are able to evaluate the quality of the information you’re providing to back up your claims, and make up their own mind whether such methods are worth spending money or even entrusting their health and wellbeing to.
Basically I think you should be held up to higher scrutiny than Jess, who doesn’t claim to be expert in anything, because you claim expertise through your title, qualifications and professional registration.

He doesn’t claim to be a neuroscientist because that’s not who he is or what he does yet, like many who are shifting paradigms around the world, he is achieving huge successes with his clients based on this information which I understand, from going to his seminars, is substantially scientifically validated. I am a researcher, like all of us are in our own ways, and I don’t attach myself to what’s out there unless I know or feel it’s credible and has a high degree of validity.

He states: “Through neural reconditioning, you can train your RAS to direct its amazing capacity to focus on what you do want, not what you don’t want – on the solution, not the problem.” The Answer – John Assaraf. I trust people who have been doing this work for years and been getting results. Dr John Demartini, a Human Behavioural Specialist, also discusses this concept in detail by talking about peoples values and how we filter things in and out of our lives and our minds based on that hierarchy of values. Another book I’d recommend that outlines this is called “The Breakthrough Experience” by Dr John Demartini.

I urge people to challenge me and research this themselves. That’s the point. I am not a guru or the gospel. I love empowering and inspiring people to be in control of their own lives, their own minds and their own bodies. If people agree, that’s great. If people disagree, that’s also great. I’m grateful for both because they both serve a purpose.

Jess thankyou so much for introducing Dr Greg as a contributor to your blog. His first post was great and the fact that it seems to touched a nerve with so many I think is super… Maybe this will be the catalyst for some of them to open their minds to new healing possibilites. The more people who have their blind faith in modern medicine challenged the better! It seems it is easier for people to be ignorant and fearful that to challenge themselve to take more responsibility for their own health… Thankyou so much again!

Thank you for this post Dr. Schreeuwer, I find it very empowering. What you are suggesting is very much in line with the work of Dr. Robert Young (‘The Ph Miracle’).

I was diagnosed with a grade II tumour (Astrocytoma) in my spinal cord (at the base of the brain) 6 months ago. Needless to describe the shock and the horror that followed, being 32 years old, a vegetarian of 14 years and always thought of my self as a spiritual person.

I was lucky enough to come across a wonderful book called ‘You Can Conquer Cancer’ by Ian Galwer right after diagnosis and a week later I went on a 10 day retreat at the Gawler Foundation, for people diagnosed with cancer.
Little did I know that this is going to be the best thing that ever happened to me…
I embarked on a journey of self discovery, shedding layer after layer of toxic emotions, beliefs, and cleaning my internal (and external) environment as much as I can.

My tumour is inoperable- they tried (I had a massive surgery with the top Professor in the world who operated me overseas in Brussels) but there are too many nerves and fibres running through the tumour so they couldn’t remove it. Surgery had left me with chronic pain and a lot of dysfunction in my upper limb.

The interesting thing for me was that one year prior to diagnosis, I had a very powerful dream that I am dying of cancer and the ‘message’ from the dream for me was to start practising what I preach. At that time and over the last few years I’ve felt like I’ve neglected my ‘true’ path, one of spirituality and mindfulness.
I ignored this dream (as you do…) and a year later started having strange neck and arm pain. My GP sent me to dp physio and did not share my worry that this wasn’t a ‘normal’ pain. Lucky this time I listened to my gut feeling and went an did an MRI privately. (there is only so much you can ignore your intuition and what your body is telling you).

I am now committed to healing myself, naturally. I am eating a plant based alkaline diet, meditating daily, doing Qi-Gong, infra red saunas, colonic irrigation, guided imagery and it goes on and on… But most importantly, I am (re) discovering my purpose in this life and I feel ‘healthier’ than I have ever felt.
If the tumour shrinks- well, that is a bonus..

Thank you again


You might find this of some interest: it is the testimony of a person who had inoperable cancer around his spine and chose to use bloodroot to get rid of it. Go to the testimonial section on the page and click on ‘Nord’s’. Caution: there are pictures of the entire process that might be a bit much for some of a more delicate nature!

I wish you all the best on your cancer journey…

Fantastic Lee! If you are looking for yet more inspiration, you MUST read ‘Dying to be me’ by Anita Moorjani. She had a near death experience whilst in a coma, at the end of a 4 year battle with Leukemia. She chose to come back to her body, knowing it would be healed after what she’d learnt. Sure enough, she healed miraculously, and quickly. I also have cancer – breast with bone & liver mets & am now healing on Gerson. A more gentle but extremely effective method to release toxins, is via coffee enemas, rather than colonic irrigation.

Hi Dr Greg, fascinating article today- I couldn’t agree with you more. How sad your not practicing anymore would love for you to have worked on/with me. It’s hard finding a quality net Chiro! Just wondering your thoughts on imbalances ie like you mentioned pancreas etc. I have lymphoma and am managing it through natural everyday living. I have done quite a bit on eft tapping over the last two months and seeing some big shifts too.

Hi Kristy,

I still practise NET but I don’t use the activator anymore. I use the pulse points to balance the charge. That way it puts control in the clients hands, which again, falls in line with my philosophy.
When I look at any sign, symptom or dis-ease state – for example your lymphoma, I always ask the question: what is the function of the lymphatics, pure and simple?
The lymphatics system has several functions which include, removing waste, cell debris, excess toxins away from tissues. It also bring nutrients, oxygen and other things too. Plus it aids the immune system.
I would pose a concept to you, which might be right or it might be wrong, based on my knowledge of that system. I would suspect that if you have a lymphoma, there could be a possibility that you may have trouble eliminating certain people or things out of your life that you don’t necessarily need and on occasion, you may even have trouble defending/protecting yourself against certain people, situations or things. The lymphatics assist you in removing excess that some of the other systems can’t do and it supports and aids the immune response.
Like I’ve said before, cancers appear in certain areas to teach you something about yourself so that you can take action and transform the symptom.
I’ve met a few people with lymphoma and they tend to have a similar back story. Absorbing too many unnecessary things into their lives, have trouble saying no or pushing away situations or people that they don’t want in their personal space and at the same time, due to that, have trouble nourishing themselves properly.
As I mentioned, I may be right but I could be wrong. It’s up to you to decide.

Hi Jess,

Thank you so much for posting these sorts of articles- I have not been affected by cancer but I truly enjoy reading about natural healing and this website just has so much positive energy!

This post offered a fantastic, insightful and thought-provoking message. We should all be wanting to know MORE, rather than attacking. I’d encourage everyone on here to remember this is a place to share ideas, learn and explore. What’s the point of being critical? At the end of the day, everyone can have a different opinion but it’s through those opinions that we can only gain more knowledge.

Let’s spread the love! x

Great post! I am very familiar with Chinese Medicine so these concepts are not as “out there” to me as they seem to be to many people. One interesting idea given to me by my practitioner who is an MD, has a master’s in public health, and is an Eastern Medicine practitioner is that when someone who is not 100% physically, emotionally, and spiritually healthy with blocked chi conceives a child, it is possible the unborn child will be affected and born into the world already lacking in some way. Unknowingly, of course. This isn’t about blame. People do the best they can with the knowledge they have at the time. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you Dr Greg and The Wellness Warrior team for sharing your knowledge and with us.

People are always defensive towards things that cause fear and misunderstanding, you are very eloquent and open.

I look forward to furture posts!!!

my husband has oral cancer- it’s in his tongue. we did the gerson therapy for a year along with intravenous vitamin c, but found it was not enough, the tumor kept growing, so have added mega-doses of enzymes these last 5 months. he has lost a lot of weight due to his inability to eat and problems with swallowing certain things- i try my best to make healthy, nutritious vegan foods for him. he has recently, finally, started spitting up tumor pieces but the pain from the tumor is immense and he is on heavy-duty pain meds. we have halfway considered chemo in order to help shrink the tumor and alleviate his pain, radiation in that particular area is just too debilitating to consider. we have never read or talked to another person who has cured their oral cancer in this way so our journey has been a long, lonely, and scary one.

Dr Greg Schreeuwer, I agree with everything you have written 100% – thank you for explaining things the way you have.

Loving the post. Hating the negativity. There are 2 distinct schools of thought when it comes to cancer treatment, and so an alternative approach will always be provocative to some. It’s interesting that many people who seem offended by your comments are involved in allopathic medicine, or don’t have cancer themselves. I’ve changed my thinking radically since being diagnosed….Dr Schreeuwer, you make perfect sense to me. What is your take on breast cancer? I have strong feelings about the purpose of my breast cancer, but for me there are almost too many possible messages.

Hi Nicola,

I’ve actually spoken to a few women about breast cancer and those who have had it in the past. In chinese medicine, the sides of the body represent different parts of you. The right side of the body represents the masculine energy inside of you. Masculine energy is typically about doing and actioning. Masculine energy also relates to extrinsic factors, things outside of you.
The left side of the body represents the feminine energy inside of you. Feminine energy is typically about receiving and nourishing. Feminine energy also relates to intrinsic factors, things going on inside of you.
When looking at the function of the breast, it’s primary purpose is to nurture new born babies. It’s used by the body for that purpose. In some cases, it could also be used for nurturing partners too. Just a joke.
Depending on the side that you have the breast cancer will depend on who is getting more of the nurturing. If your breast cancer has appeared in the left breast, that is your bodies way of indicating that you are not nurturing or nourishing yourself enough. You’re not allowing yourself to receive anything because it’s better, unconsciously to provide that to others around you. You may possibly nurture others around you more than necessary and deny yourself the nurturing that you require. It’s a very altruistic pattern.
If the cancer has appeared in the right breast, that is your bodies way of indicating to you that you aren’t nurturing others outside of you but instead over-nurturing yourself. This is more of a narcissistic pattern and there’s usually a lot of resentment and anger that will underpin this particular pattern. This could also be part of a victim mentality pattern and feeling like there’s always a need to have focus on yourself.
In order to understand dis-ease, it is so important to simplify things. We get lost in all the complication and it can become quite confusing.
I’d be interested to know if this is relevant to you. It may not be, in which case I’d probably require more information to provide a more specific answer.

that makes total sense!! my moms was on her left side and she always put herself last. My dad and other things always came first. I am starting to get tired of you Student, you are very negative and unless you can see the big picture and look outside the box you will continue to live in your narrow world and that is sad.

Thanks so much for replying. It does make a lot of sense. I understand how I ‘got’ cancer, and have been trying to figure out why, out of anywhere in my body, my right breast. I’ve heard this chinese theory before. Something still not intuitively quite right there, but I’m excited to explore. Clearly we are all complex and (for me) there have been years of habitual behaviour/emotional patterns, as well as the physical neglect and misunderstanding of health/diet, so I don’t expect to figure it all out immediately. I seem to have a very big onion to peel back!!!!!!!! I wonder though if my trigger was in learning that my husband and I would never conceive naturally – the first time in my life that I felt entirely out of control. I have strong masculine energy, almost to the point where I had rejected my femininity – these things I didn’t know until starting this journey. Cancer has been an enlightening experience.

Hi Jess and Greg,

Great post.

One thing that is very, very, very important and has been said here many times is to listen to your body. And when you hear warning do go and see a doctor! I lost my period 8 years ago at the age of 40 thinking I am going through menopause – but medical check (the doctor was good diagnostician) discovered I have a prolactinoma – sort of brain tumour easily managed by Dostinex. When your hair is dry or falling, when your nails have white marks or are brittle, when your muscles ache, when you have a headache – it is not normal – go and seek help (alternative or mainstream). You should feel 90-100% at all times and if you are not something is not right.

Hi Arianna

I also have been diagnosed with Prolactinoma in June this year. I ignored my body for 10 years until my period also was very late and I went to the doctor to have it investigated. Thankfully my tumor is only 5mm and like you say, it’s very treatable and non-life threatening.

My diagnosis has been a major wake up call to me. I have changed my whole life to become more healthy and in tune with how I’m feeling. In some ways it has been a blessing.

Candice : )

Thank you for your post today. I found it very interesting and I agree with just about all of it. My mom died of cancer several years ago and knowing what I know now I believe she would still be alive if we knew about Gerson and plant based diets and juicing.. I have also had 2 other aunts with cancer at 42 and I am approaching the age where I start to worry. I have started juicing 2-3 times a day, mostly a plant based diet, no boxed or crap food and I am weening myself off the dairy and my love for cheese. As someone who is trying to stay proactive and “ahead of the game” what else can I do to help keep my body in check so I can hopefully avoid what my mom and aunts have gone through?

Wow! I found this very interesting! Pity about all the negative nancies…. You do have to wonder why they continue to read this blog… Very sad indeed!

Good on you Jess for posting such an interesting view on cancer. Thought provoking indeed and many thanks to Dr Greg for sharing this information with us.
My mum has been in remission for 13 years now and it certainly been very interesting to follow the developments with cancer over this time, both scientifically and socially. I think your work is a milestone towards truly understanding and ‘curing’ cancer.

I found this post very interesting and have re-read it a few times. I don’t have cancer myself however it has inspired me to learn to treat my mind and body well to keep myself healthy (and hopefully cancer free).

Dr Greg Schreeuwer, I was wondering what Chinese Medicine says about cancer of the blood? I have a close relative with Multiple Myeloma and was wondering if there is a lesson to be learn from this sort of cancer?

I am brand new to this site, have read a little, at this point and time in my life I am an almost 2 yr cancer survivor. I have been reading where everyone has been talking about relatives or someone they know with cancer. I am that person with the cancer. At first diagnosis I was scared to death (typical), and decided to go with standard treatment, chemo, radiation, and four months later, an upper right lobectomy. Since I was fortunate enough to live through all of those toxic poisons, I am here to say, that should my cancer ever come back, yes I would consider alternative therapy. Just about four months ago, at the urging of a friend, I am currently about 90% vegetarian, and have not needed to seek help from my family Dr. for any illnesses. Yes, I watch very closely what I eat and drink. I have my downfalls, and I know my body pays for them. I also have noticed that I don’t need as much over the counter medications as I did previously even through my remission from cancer. Yes, I have aches and pains, but they make me stop and think what could I have possibly have eaten that may have caused that, or what can I take that is natural to help ease the pain from that. I am trying to not hand over my life and soul to the Big Pharma. I now have control of my mind and my body.
Looking back a few years before my diagnosis of Lung Cancer, I remember I had problems with my right shoulder, the mobility of it was very minimal. Then I had to start sleeping in a semi sitting up postion, to relieve the pressure on the right shoulder and ribcage. Guess which side the cancer showed up on ….my right side only. I had even gone to the ER at one point, from stabbing pains in the ribcage area on the right side, xrays revealed it was an “infammation” and I was told to go home and take Motrin. Looking back, my body was telling me something was wrong, very wrong! Am I completely convinced that I would take alternative medicine if the cancer came back? No, would be my honest answer, and the simple reason for that is, I need more knowledge on the entire subject. When I know better, I will do better. I will try to further educate myself for the simple reason that I have researched cancer enough to know that it is plain and simple a very lucrative business. My body is not on this earth to finance any big Pharma’s. I find the information that I’ve read intriguing and will continue to follow reading on it.

Thank you for having Greg’s perspective here and I am grateful that I could read ALL these posts and not get upset!!!
Thank you Greg for this empowering info. I have learned so much in the last 7 years particularly around “natural” healing and I love to constantly learn more.
I am dazzled by the possibilities you present to me! I actually felt very suicidal in my head today and knew it was seeing my Dad’s thinking before he committed suicide. I would not do that to my son (24yrs), so I stayed with those feelings and knew I have to make more effort to care deeply for myself and what I am here to do.
All you have shared resonates with my experiences of being responsible for what happens to me. It took me a long time to learn to not blame myself. I also know our culture teaches us that someone has to be to blame! Thank the heavens that I can choose to keep on growing , learning, changing for the better. I want to be around a long time since I am 61 and I’d like to see my son turn 60!!!!
I am so happy for that child to have you as a teacher and the parents as well. What a blessing! You and Louise can write the book, YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR MIND, (and help others to change theirs too!)!
I know I will have better thoughts tonight and listen carefully to what my body and spirit are trying to say!

Hi Marty,

thank you for your comment. I realise it’s been a while since you posted this but I wanted to acknowledge you. There is no one to blame for the challenges that we face. Those challenges occur to help us get back in flow with who we are and we tend to attract them to ourselves when we’re more polarised to one side. It’s a universal principal that we cannot avoid.

Stay tuned to Jess’s site in the coming week for a follow up to this post.

Take care.

Hi Greg, I am hoping that I am not too late.
I am so looking forward to your next post here. I really support the work you are doing and believe wholeheartedly in what you are doing. I have been reading all the comments again and I really want to know more about Chinese Medicine.
Do you have any books, or reference material you could suggest for me please?
Thank you

Hi Dr Greg Schreeuwer

I just stumbled across this post and it is very interesting. I was hoping you might be able to provide some links to research/studies in academic peer reviewed journals which might expand on this theory?

(Please don’t take this personally, I just like to investigate everything put forward to me – I am a very frustrating patient for this exact reason as I will not just take any advice/drugs that M.D.’s hand to me)

Thanks in advance!

Hi Teli,

Thanks for commenting. Unfortunately, there is no specific high level evidence or research that has been done on this exact principle or process. There is a significant amount of clinical evidence to support this, but usually that is not considered to be useful in the fields of evidence and research. The research that does support this approach, however, comes from various different modalities and methodologies that are utilised to help towards creating and developing these ideas.

I have mentioned in the previous comments about some of the people who with their own research, in their own areas, underpin the science behind the process. There are several other key players whose research in their areas of expertise also influence the approach I’ve spoken about, such as Freud, Nietzsche, Dr John F. Demartini and many more.

I also would recommend reading a very heavily research article by Dr Tim O’Shea that I recently came across in relation to cancer, comparing conventional treatments to alternative solutions. The link is:

If you have any other questions, please send them through and I’ll do my best to answer them or I will seek out the information you require.

Jess you had another rather lengthy article on cancer and chemo and the reasonsnot to do…I must have deleted it is there a way you could send me this article

In regards to the child with the brain tumor, did she complete any form of therapy such as the Gerson therapy that Jess uses? I am trying to piece together the connection between the two different approaches. Jess removes toxins from her body that have built up over the years and follows the Gerson therapy to self cure her cancer. (Which I fully believe in!) Correct me if I’m wrong, Dr. Greg Schreeuwer had a patient who cured a brain tumor by changing the way they believed or thought. How are these two therapies connected? If cancer and tumors are self manifested due to one’s beliefs and ways of thinking, then why does the Gerson therapy cure cancer (and other diseases)? Why change diets and follow the Gerson therapy if cancer can be healed by just changing the way one thinks?

I honestly may have missed something while reading this article and all of the replies posted, so I wanted to ask to gain a better understanding of how the two approaches would work together when they almost appear to contradict each other.

Hi Hannah,

Combinations of therapy are important in terms of helping people achieve wellness. With regards to the young girl who had a brain tumour, my approach to helping her was about assisting her to recognise her own potential, change her mindset and follow her own path. That in itself, promotes healthier eating and healthier living. When people are in line with their life path, they tend to want to bring things into their lives or bodies that will continue to nurture them.

Gerson Therapy works in two ways. One is psychological and another is biochemical. The very intention to put yourself through the Gerson program takes a willingness to want to live, to change, to be who you are. It’s a definite shift in mindset to take on the Gerson program. The reason why it helps a lot of people is because of that desire to selfishly value yourself more than you ever have. The human body responds incredibly well to that shift in mindset, particularly when illnesses like Cancers are involved. At the same time, the biochemical influence of the therapy on the human body are highly effective. Detoxifying, cleansing, oxygenating and nurturing the body with healthy foods and supplemental therapies are surefire ways to assist the body of reducing the cancer cell population. The body will never get rid of cancer altogether because those cells help us reduce toxic waste internally. They only accumulate in size when our immune system can’t handle the load anymore.

Despite Jess’s journey through Gerson, there were and possibly still are challenges and hurdles she has to overcome on a mental level, in order to truly move forward from her cancer. One of those actions, which she wrote about soon after this post, was the art of saying no and becoming a little more selfish. That was something she needed to implore in her life to help her maintain balance in her mindset. Most people who develop cancer or other illnesses have extreme polarity views – always or never approaches to life. The quick the mind comes into balance, the quicker the body gets back into balance.

They are completely complimentary approaches. Gerson will assist the body to handle cancer effectively but it won’t shift mindset to the same degree is specifically working in that area. Other work needs to be done as well in order to truly help the body and mind work in synergy.

Thank you, Jess and Greg, for this meaningful conversation. What a wonderful dialogue, especially Greg’s handling of so much powerful resistance and criticism, returning only love and encouragement. That’s a true healer. Thanks for the courage and for being such great role models. I myself am developing the confidence to step into that light…and help people heal themselves. One of the things that holds me back is the negativity and resistance I see in so many people to the truth which is keeping them sick. I wonder if I can help them overcome it. I wonder if I can believe hard enough in love to hold me to this path. I wonder if I can love myself enough to inspire others to do the same. Flying in the face of that is the courage and example of people like Greg and Jess who have their eyes locked on the truth…evasive as it can be due to our own resistance. Just…thanks for you both!!

Hi Ken,

When you have certainty in what you’re doing to assist other people to grow and you hold strong to that certainty and knowing, you will definitely be willing to take on resistance and the ‘negativity’ coming back to you from people.

Remember one thing, when people react to what you tell them or say to them, that you have certainty about, you have just reflected an internal knowing to them that they don’t want to own inside of themselves. They aren’t resisting you. They are resisting their innate wisdom, because to confront it is challenging, overwhelming in some cases, scary and so much more. What they fail to realise is that by owning and confronting those parts of themselves, their growth is inevitable and their wellness becomes a reality.

When you take things personally, that’s just feedback to you that you might need to own your service or contribution to the world, a bit more than you already do. When you do, other people hardly trigger you. You just become a reflection for them and push forward to assist them to break through their own resistance.

LOVE your site and that you talk about this with such an open heart. I totally believe cancer is dis-ease, whether it’s you holding negative emotion in your body or dislike of oneself even, it is the disassociating with that part of the body that makes the ‘arm’ or ‘breast’ cell become a non-identity cell which then starts the reproduction of cells, thus cancer. I interviewed another survivor of breast cancer that talks about her journey, she is now a yoga and chinese acupunturist, her story is wonderful.

This is both interesting and dangerous. I am intrigued but not sure I agree – from first-hand experience I can tell you that such views can lead to victim-blaming which is really nasty and unhelpful. Being told that you are making yourself unwell by ‘not being positive enough’, not eating the ‘right’ foods, etc. is really unfair when you are very sick and would love nothing more than to be healthy.

I hope that people can adopt various methods to deal with illness and do not completely discount anything that appears logical and truthful. Western medicine does help many people, and other alternative therapies can help people as well. Throwing either out in favour of the other as a sole approach is narrow-minded and may result in serious consequences.

People need to do their own research, but anyone offering advice on this subject also needs to be aware that people who are ill are very vulnerable and it is cruel to either suggest that illness is their fault or that they should ignore any kind of medicine that has been proven to work in favour of other methods that may or may not work.

Any person who develops cancer or any other illness is at the cause of their crisis. That’s not victim blaming. That’s just reality. No one else made them unwell. They did – after months or years of not valuing themselves enough and honouring their innate potential. It is important for people who develop cancer or other illness, to be able to take ownership and responsibility for the situation they are in. It may appear cruel from the outside, because they’re feeling vulnerable – which actually is a victim mentality in itself – but if people want to get well, it is up to them to create their own wellness. Relying on external factors to repair an internal problem, that they created themselves over time, is disowning the problem altogether and giving all the healing power away to someone or something else.

Of course Western medicine is helpful and so are other alternatives. No one is denying their usefulness, however there are other powerful solutions to assist people overcome cancer or various illnesses. In my experience, my clients or patients who have been willing to solve their own crises or challenges are the ones who have been able to take charge and control of their lives. They have learnt to rely and depend on themselves to work through their own obstacles and don’t play the victim card, to the same degree, when they hit another road block.

Sir ! a year ago i was found to have prostrate cancer at a eraly stage with PSA 7> 8 decided to have a radical operation aproach, operation was good & PSA was at .03 but only 3mnths ago we found the PSA Kreep up to 0.94 right now i just completed a implant & medication ,my next apiontment will be on the 29th of this month to see what it is doing,i had a catscan & bone scan,bone scan is clear & no Problem with the liver functions, I have stopped work & concentrate on my health Becoming more active eating the rigth foods,my question is by becoming more active am i giving it more chances to spread,as iam supplying my body with more oxygen, Mentally i am trying to stay focust its eating away on me wondering what is coming next I am 61 yrs old & like to think that i have a few more years left in me ! thanks for listening & enjoy all the readings & commence on wellness Warrior you make me believe a bit more !!

One thing that is important to know is that the prostate gland is in an area of the body that has a lot to do with personal power. In men, when there is a reduction in masculine power or expression, the prostate will generally be affected.

When it comes to cancer, one valuable thing to be aware of is about your mindset. In my experience, people who develop cancer tend to have very polarised views or an always or never attitude. Where you develop your cancer will depend on what you’re doing and whether it’s aligned with your highest values. In your case you may have very strong views about how you distribute your personal power. In essence, you’re having to spend time on empowering yourself more right now to counteract an extreme view point you may have about how you distribute or utilise your own power as a man.

Doing exercise will not cause cancer to spread, because of oxygen increase. In actual fact, the more oxygen you can get to the tissues of the body, the greater the chance of helping your body reduce the cancer. Cancerous cells cannot survive in an oxygen rich environment.

Wow, it was so interesting going through the comments. Cancer is the most provocative subject and I’ve watched it stir up people in all sorts of way because of all the reasons you state. I think that effect in itself says a lot about what ‘Cancer’ is. Well done Greg Schreeuwer, it takes a lot to face the world about the ‘C’ word, because when you talk about Cancer, your literally taking a poking stick and prodding people about their own stuff. What I feel to be true from my own experience is, when people respond in any resistant way (and I constantly try and recognise it in myself) it is an indicator of something resonating within themselves that they don’t like. So fortunately (or unfortunately) we all have an opportunity to learn about ourselves when that triggers goes off :)

It was great to experience and observe all the interaction and also how my body, the physicality of it responded. I am just about in the clear. I meditated in silence for just under a year, this was a natural just “happened” was after this I got my message. The body is so incredibly intuitive it astounds me and often moves me to tears. If I get out of the way and listen to it…really let it guide tells me exactly to a point what is going on. My palette will guide food required and food not required to keep my body in tune and I am observing this as I go through cleansing and healing. Somedays I am not well at all, yet it fells good…I practice yoga 4 hrs a day in between juice and just sitting within nature and with myself, not controlling my body but allowing it, listening to it being so gentle with it and telling it with truth I will stand by it and I will listen to it. The cleaner I become the more sensitive I become. Yoga releases the emotional toxins and the stress…and the trick I have found is to breathe into that position. FEEL what your body is telling you…and then relax a bit more, and breathe deeper…and deeper…and deeper…..I said to my amazing body healer ( gives good rub), that the good life offers a few pearls to skid on….too much sitting and not enough forgetting…..I had seen Roslyn Uttleymore some 10 years before I came to this point of needing a good fine-tune, and even now I recall some of the things said to me…a switched on gal!.. My diet is 100% raw…mostly green….I do not eat too much…I understand the anatomy of a body and of my body my blood my mind my heart, my emotional memory….we are as astounding as a tree and no different to them.. I can feel my cancer. I know what it looks like even when it shows up on a screen. I can smell rain days before it comes, often shake with the feeling of bliss and joy…the light has changed. I have been given a choice come what may. But it is a simple simple life when you need to get rid of junk…everything falls away…especially ego…and you just support this amazing system as it protects itself. The main activity I engage in is the breathe. The whole human body is geared to protect and fight for the life of every single cell in the body….it is so humbling..My heart opens to those of you above and keep on keeping on… Love is where it takes you

Your words are so raw and beautiful, thank you for sharing yourself with others.

I am very happy and proud to see that someone is finally standing up for truth and common sense through this article!

Through eights years of hardcore first hand experience of suffering as a result of western, conventional medicine and therefore studying natural health, I have come to the realization that the only form of medicine that is based upon any common sense is natural medicine,

I have reviewed hundreds of thousands of cases where patients cured themself by taking responsibility for their illness by recognizing and correcting the mental, emotional and physical misalignments which caused them. On the other hand, almost everyone I know who chose to take no responsibility for their illness by blaming it on their genes (which have the sole purpose of ensuring survival) and falling into the belief that they are a victim of a mysterious disease are now either six feet under or are struggling for their life,

We must take a few steps back, and review the basic laws of nature, and check to see if one of these laws being broken could possibly be a causal factor. In almost every case, it is eventually realized that without a doubt, the ignorance of the laws of nature plays the primary role in the developement of the disease.

Nature is a dictatorship; we must follow it’s order .. Or we die. Without studying the natural laws of health, it is not possible to understand real medicine. We must intake and utilize sufficient amounts of what nature provides for the body and what it requires, and without knowing what those are and what their role is, it is not possible to truly understand what contributes to disease or how to cure it,

Andreas Moritz is an incredible man, he routes his practice from the foundation of truth, not opinionated, limited or financial motivations. I believe his book on cancer tells more truth than any other in the world,

To deny that Western medicine is a ruthless cartel with a sole purpose of increasing profit margins yearly is like saying that your drug dealer just wants you to be happy, and it’s not about the money. If you look behind the curtain of the FDA, FTC, AMA and ACS, you will find massive conflicts of interest. These agencies have even been caught, tried and found guilty for conspiring against alternative forms of medicine they knew damn well were effective by suppressing truth and damaging reputations for the purpose of protecting the profits of drug companies, which some coincidently are owned by some of the people who run these agencies. These agencies ignore real prevention methods, and demonize every natural therapy that will threat their financial interests,

To take on a conventional medical curriculum and believe it is the God source of health information is like saying that everything a used car salesman tells you is the absolute truth. Conventional medicine has proven itself as being unloyal, and fraudulant in too many ways to list, therefore it is only one, limited and very financially conflicted perspective on ‘health’,

If you feel it’s necessary and makes sense to fix a carcinogen-induced disease with even more carcinogens, well there is no point in even discussing any more. The intelligence of the body nor natural medicine is obviously not understood nor is common sense,

I urge everyone to deny belief systems and find proof in the putting. Natural medicine, like natural foods is way, way more powerful than you may understand, and by studying it, you will quickly come to question why any other form of medicine exists .. Then you’ll realize the reason they exists is because the only way to make money is to patent medicines, and the only way to do that is to manipulate nature into a product .. But not without the hefty price of severe ‘side effects’ as a result of being alienated from their alignment with the natural, human body,

Keep up the good work here. Cancer is certainly more meaningful and intelligent than what we have been taught to believe, and by working in partnership with it, there is no reason 90 percent of those diagnosed can fully recover!

To health and happiness,


Very interesting theory… Thank you for sharing your unique view on cancer. Also, congratulations to everyone that healed themselves naturally!

Thanks for being a voice of reason, may 7 billion more gain yourwisdom…

No. No one is blaming anyone. This isn’t a blame game. We don’t consciously do things to hurt anyone or even ourselves and no I don’t have all the answers, but I do have experience and I have worked with a child who had cancer amongst many other cases. Her perceptions created the brain tumour, the size of a tennis ball inside her brain. It was no one’s fault. Her parents taught her according to their values and beliefs but those weren’t hers and the valuable thing to know is kids don’t know any better. They only know what they’ve been taught until they’re old enough to know and realise what they value and then they rebel.

The majority if not all of the diseases we deal with are largely created as a result of what we perceive is happening in our environment, which is perceived by our conscious brain. The conscious brain only picks up 2-4% of what’s actually happening in our reality so, in essence, what we perceive and then in turn, what we create or manifest in the body, comes about as a consequence of a lie the brain feeds us. When you can show someone a clear perspective of their reality, kids included, it helps them to understand where they’re at and then they can go about transforming the challenges that they’re dealing with and achieve health and wellness.

Her perceptions created a brain tumour. I hope you passed on that gem of wisdom to her and her parents. I’m sure it would have helped them in their approach to treatment, and made them feel really positive.

In actual fact, I spoke with herself and her parents about this and she no longer has her cancer or any evidence of it coming back. Knowledge is power and to stay ignorant and unaware has never truly helped anyone.

Emotions, as I posted above, are spread throughout the entire body and are a feedback mechanism by the brain to show us where we’re out of balance. Modern neuroscience has stated that the conscious brain only filters 2000 bits of information out of the 400 million bits of information that is processed by the subconscious mind. That’s about 2-4%.

Her parents understood this as did she and thankfully she was open enough to realise how she allowed her mind to create a problem inside of her body that was only trying to show her how to self-correct. She was grateful for that knowledge and thankful for the deeper understanding that she gained and connected to, that helped her heal. It would be unwise to dismiss the power of the mind and its ability to create dis-ease, which is another feedback mechanism to help create better balance and flow.

Student – push off! Your sarcasm is not illuminating or beneficial. I wonder where it will show up in your body as dis-ease?

So you cured the cancer? Or she cured it herself by changing her thinking? That’s miraculous.

I think the old saying “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence” applies here.

I’m not talking about evidence for your theory of cancer, and yes I understand it is based on concepts derived from previous theories. I understand that if I go to your sources, I can find out the principles on which your theory is based. I understand the concept of epigenetics and understand it to mean something somewhat different from you and Bruce Lipton (who, by the way, isn’t the originator of the concept).

I’m talking about evidence for the following extraordinary claims:

1. your claim that a child’s cancer was caused by her perceptions (what test did you perform to reach that conclusion, for example? How did you rule out other causes?);

2. your claim that she shifted her perspective with your assistance (what specific intervention did you use, is it manualised as rigorous psychotherapies are, did you document it, how long did it take, etc? This information would be required in order to replicate it for the purposes of testing such a treatment) and

3. your claim that step 2. cured her cancer. How did you determine that your intervention effected her recovery and remission (did she have conventional therapy in addition to yours, how did you rule out the possibility that the cancer remitted naturally, can you explain the biological/psychological mechanisms by which her change in thinking cured her cancer, etc?)

Not that you have to prove anything to me, but unless you can provide some kind of evidence, your claims about this case are not believable to any critically-thinking reader. I don’t see this as an attack; it’s what one should ask when promised miracles.

Points 1 and 3 aren’t really addressed.

Thank you for explicating your claims and providing at least some information about the treatment. Readers may now be in a position to critically evaluate your theories and methods rather than using faith.

I didn’t cure anything. She resolved her own cancer by shifting her perspective. Yes, that is miraculous but that’s the true power of the human body and to me, that’s inspiring.

Hi student,

I have listed several resources as I have mentioned above that support and validate this post. I would recommend looking those up and informing yourself. I am not making a claim about cancer that has not been made before me by other people in the health and wellness industry. I am reaffirming them and providing my approach. If you only want evidence, then you’re missing half of the solution.

I know Bruce Lipton was not the originator of Epigenetics but is research into the field is quite profound which is why I refer to it a lot.

In regards to the child I worked with. I used a technique called N.E.T. (Neuro Emotional Technique). It is a kinesiology technique that has been in use for over 20 years. In combination with the technique, I used my knowledge around the meridian systems in the body, metaphysics and a human behaviour model that has been developed by a man called Dr John Demartini. My approach to her cancer was to look at the benefits of her having the tumour, which I went into in more detail. Then I looked at the drawbacks if she never had it at all. I used kinesiology on both the benefits and the drawbacks. I wanted her to understand the reason why it was there. Why was it there and what was it doing to help her. We spent an hour together.

I saw her several times after that session and as far as I know, without conventional treatments, she is cancer free. She cured her own cancer by balancing her own perspective on it. I only facilitated the process.

She is evidence of her own desire to survive and thrive. She did most of the work in the session, which is what leads to the results clients get. I only provide 10% of the healing through facilitating the process. The rest is up to the client and the patient.

1. She had already been tested through conventional medicine and had test results. I knew, when I first saw her what her prognosis was and what they’d done with her already. She was already diagnosed by the medical profession so there was nothing for me to rule out. I knew what I was dealing with.
As for identifying how her perceptions were leading to the cancer, I used kinesiology and components of a process called The Demartini Method to identify where she was out of balance in her psychology or her mind.

3. She did not have any other conventional therapy in addition to mine. She was dealing with a lot of fear and very slanted view of one of her parents that had a direct connection to the problem. I can’t go into further detail about that. The cells of the body have certain vibrational frequency, as do many emotional states. These can be measured and assessed with ECG’s, EKG’s etc. Fear, anger and resentment tend to vibrate at lower frequencies. Love, gratitude, thankfulness have also been measured on equipment and have a much higher vibration and frequency. When someone has a balanced perspective of life and they see the natural order in things, the biology and psychology balances out naturally and all that comes out of a person is thanks and gratitude – restorative and healing emotions.
She saw me for a few weeks after that and not only did her mother notice a significant change in her attitude to her life and her father, but so did she and the heaviness she felt inside dissipated. She attributed her recovery to the process. That was her subjective opinion.