Coffee Enemas: What Can Go Wrong

Posted July 18, 2011

If you’re a regular reader of this here blog you will be well aware that I’m not shy about my obsession with coffee enemas. I talk about them freely and don’t feel like there is any reason why I shouldn’t. They are too damn good for your body and your liver to be kept all hush hush. For today’s post I’m changing my tune a little though. Instead of the usual enema praise, for which you can read plenty of here and here, today I’m going to tell you about everything that can go wrong when you finally do work up the courage to give enemas a go. I don’t want you to have your bucket all good to go, but then make one of these common mistakes and be left bare-assed and discouraged to ever face the tube again. That would be a tragedy. So, here are my top eight pitfalls when it comes to doing enemas.

1. The bucket is too high. If you have the enema bucket sitting or hanging too high, the liquid will flow into your bottom too quickly and chances are you won’t be able to hold it. It will go in, but then it may come spurting back out and back a big ol’ mess of your bathroom floor. And perhaps walls.

2. The bucket is too low. You don’t want to sit the bucket too high, but you also don’t want it too low otherwise the liquid won’t run through the tube at all. It needs to be higher than you so that gravity can do its thing.

3. The coffee is too cold. I can assure you that on a cold winter’s morning, it is not fun putting a bucket of cold coffee up your ass. If you’re like me and have the coffee made up from the night before, you may want to add boiling water to the mix so that the liquid is body temperature.

4. The coffee is too hot. Yup, I’ve done this one as well and it is even less fun than freezing your colon off. Especially because there’s not much you can do when the boiling coffee is already making your way into your bottom. I can’t express how important it is to test the temp of the fluid before sticking the tube up your bum. Make like Goldilocks and have your bucket just right.

5. The tube is not in far enough. This is another way you can create a coffee flood. You want to insert the tube at least a finger’s length.

6. The bathroom door isn’t locked. I don’t even like doing number twos when my boyfriend is in the house, so you can imagine the vile expletives that came out of my mouth when he accidentally walked in on me doing an enema. Invest in a lock, or put a “coffee break in process” sign on the door.

7. You aren’t relaxed enough. If you’re all tensed up, the coffee is going to have trouble flowing in and you won’t be able to hold the liquid. Use your breath to relax your body. Once the liquid is all in, I like to kick back with a book or watch something on my laptop.

8. The tube isn’t secure on the bucket. If you rinse your bucket and tube out with boiling water (a must if you’re doing castor oil enemas), over time the tube will start to become loose. And if you ignore this and continue to use the bucket, the tube just might detach itself and give you a lovely coffee shower – mid enema. Don’t make the same mistake I did just last week.

How to do a coffee enema:
• First step is to buy an enema kit (search online or ask at your local pharmacy or health store) and some organic ground coffee. Make it fair trade also, just to be nice.

• Boil enough coffee for two enemas just in case you can’t hold the first one and want to try again. For two enemas, bring one litre of water to the boil in a pot on the stove. Once boiling, remove from the stove and add six tablespoons of coffee. Boil for three minutes, then reduce to simmer for another 15 minutes. Remove from the stove and strain the coffee. Add eight ounces of coffee to your bucket and top it up with 16 ounces of purified water. Once you get used to this amount you can bump it up to 24 ounces of water to make the solution 32 ounces in total.

• Lay a yoga mat or towels on your bathroom floor (for padding).

• Release the clasp and let the liquid run through the tube and drip a bit into the sink. This will remove any air bubbles. Hang or sit the enema bucket on a chair.

• Lie on your right side with your legs pulled up towards your chest. Lube up the end of the tube with a bit of coconut oil and insert about two inches into your bottom.

• Let the solution flow all the way in and tighten the clamp before removing it. Then lie back and relax for 10 to 15 minutes.

Do you do enemas? Would you like to? Is there anything you are scared of? Are there any other pitfalls you have come across in your enema travels? I’d love for you to share them with me in the comments section below.

Positive affirmation for the day: Today I will take an honest inventory of my life and truthfully analyse any areas I may need to change.

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Why the right side? I always thought it was the left!

Your liver is on your right side. By Laying on your right side, the coffee can reach your liver better.

The most difficult part for me…still…is staying for 10-15 minutes. Any tips or suggestions to help are appreciated!!!

I lake to save a favorite program on my iPad as motivation to hold steady for the duration

Hi Gram,

It is your right side because the liver sits on the right side of your body, and the coffee enemas are designed to target and detox your liver.

Jess x

hi jess

yes i do coffee enemas most days. but if i use too much water (even a litre), i find that if i do two a day, my energy becomes sapped. it's like the enema takes away some of the nutrients which would normally be absorbed in the last part of the large intestine if i didn't do them. the other thing for me is because i'm so sensitive to EVERYTHING (i can't even use stainless steel cookware or cutlery without triggering terrible headpains – it has to be glass/wood etc), if i use too much coffee in the enema, i start to become quite anxious and i get a louder ringing in my head. BUT if i don't do them, i get pretty bad nausea. So, i cannot go without coffee enemas, green juices (along with no salt, sugar, fats/oils/dairy etc).

i stressed aboutnot being able to use two tablespoons of coffee in the enema alot in the beginning but as my hero mike sowerby says (from the book – surviving cancer) – i have to find my own true path instead of immitating that of others (rather take other's paths as inspiration and guidence).

you're hilarious by the way!

thanks for the post and have a nice day.


@Anonymous: The best way to be able to hold the enema for 10-15 minutes is just to be as relaxed as possible. Breathe deeply, and then once you are comfortable try reading a book or listening to music or a podcast to take your mind off the task.


One other hint. don't forget to close the clamp. I forgot and walked around my house grabbing things to take with me and 1/2 way up the stairs wondered why I was feeling wet. The catheter tube came loose from the clear tube and I was dripping coffee all over the house. The catheter tube was pinched on the side of the bucket and I didn't realize they came apart. That was a fun mess.LOL.

How can you walk around with catheter inserted? I have a picture in my head of you with a bucket of water held high above your head, with a tube inserted into your derrier, walking up stairs, leaking everywher. Why would you do that?

Try laying in a nice warm bath, instead of on the yoga mat for the 15 minutes, maybe listening to music or reading. My toilet is in the bathroom and I have a shower over my bath. So I can use the shower taps for the bucket. Hop out when the time is right, then back into the bath :-)

Oh dear, coffee enema's! The first one I did was a disaster. It took me hrs to clean up the mess. I took my husband into the bathroom when he returned home and asked him to pls look at my bathroom. He gasped and asked "What happened to the walls? And why are their spots on the walls and baseboard that no longer have paint on them???" . To which I replied(and I will give you a clean version), that's what happens when you use S*** for paint! " I even had it up my shower curtain and had to toss my toilet bowl scrubber and other items(coffee and, well, you know what, stain!).

I have major neuropathy in my intestines so control is very difficult for me. I have only managed to hold the whole thing for 15 min a few times. It seems to help if I do about a 1/3 of the bag, release it and then do the rest.

But when I do them, i do feel amazing and it helps the pain for sure.

Not that misery loves company but it helps to know that others have issues too as I thought it was just me!

Thank you Susan, that was funny and encouraging…

PS I read where the caster oil ones require someone to stir while it's going in you. Do you have help with these? I was wondering after reading your part about the locked door(which I also use!)

Great post – and since we are being completely honest and open here… I have a question, do you every have any blood evacuating into the toilet bowl? I have done a lot of different enemas but the coffee one scared me a little as I wasn't sure if having a deep red tinge to the stuff in the bowl was ok or not.. Someone said it could be ok because of the blood of the liver.. Any thoughts??

Hi Jess!

Since I started reading your blog I've become a coffee enema junkie! I love my enema time and always feel so cleaned out and fresh after I've done one. I've also got 2 of my friends onto them too!

Im just going to go boil some coffee up now….

Liz :)

Hi Jess,

I've been on what they call low dose chemotherapy for two years, even though the dose has gradually increased over time.
Since I have been reading your blog and keep hearing about these coffee hits, I'm thinking I should try it! However, as I suffer from diarrhea most nights (from the chemo), would my poor colon be under to much stress?

Very scared to start all this stuff, but would like to start thinking about more of a natural way to keep healthy and fight cancer and keep it away!

Thanks for being so informative and encouraging by the way!

have you read about the MAX GERSON THERAPY?

Hi Jess,
Great post.
What amount of coffee do you use?
What type of coffee do you use?
I personally use 1/3 of cup of coffee for each enema.
I get my coffee from out of Canada. Their coffee has a high concentration of Caffeine and Palmitic acid.

Temperature of the coffee has been an issue for me in the pass. My coffee must be 110-115F (43-46C)for me to insert it without issues and to be able to retain it for 15 minutes.

Your post are always great. Keep up the Spirit. Much Love!

I use PurEnema Coffee from

Hi Jess,
Just wondering what are great forms of calcium intake? Off diary due to sinus.

@Susanelizabeth: No I actually fill my tube with castor oil and then add the coffee and water to the bucket so that the liquid pushes the castor oil in. I'm not a fan of having someone in the room with me ha ha.

@Anonymous: I have never had any blood in the stool (back when I was drinking beetroot juice it looked like blood though). If you have blood each time it might be an idea to see an integrative doctor to have your liver and colon looked at.

@Anonymous: Coffee enemas are actually really gentle on the colon – they more target the liver, so I would say it is fine. If you are concerned though it could be a good idea to check with an integrative doctor first. It would definitely be great to help clearing out some of the toxins from the chemo though.

@Organicarian: I use 8oz of the coffee concentrate with 24oz water – so 32oz of liquid all up. We use organic ground coffee (medium grind).

@Anonymous: That's great that you're off dairy! You will get all the calcium you need from green leafy vegetables, chick peas, whole grains, nuts, seeds and seaweeds. We actually don't absorb the calcium in dairy. Check out this post I wrote about it:


Jess xx

Hi Jess – how exactly do you get the castor oil into the tube? This sounds a lot easier! Do you get to skip the ox bile and castile soap when using this method? Thanks!

Thank you for this post Jess. I have been waiting to hear all of this explained and have read your other enema posts too but as this is all completely new to me would you be kind enough to tell me exactly what coffee and where I can get it. ( I don't drink it so I know very little about coffee) Can I purchase at supermkt? also would buying the enema kit from the chemist be OK? and lastly what is the difference between distilled and purified water. Hoping to give this a go successfully soon once I get all this info right but thank you so much for todays post.


Use organic medium ground coffee. Your supermarket may have it, but if not check your health food store or an organic store. The coffee must be organic. Yep, buying an enema bucket from a chemist is fine! Distilled water is pretty much dead water, but it has also had all of the toxins and impurities removed from it. We have a purifying system called Grander, which removed toxins from the water without rendering it dead.

Good luck with the enema, and let me know if I can help with anything else!

Jess x

Our daughter got a big giggle out of your blog and so did we! Can associate with the too hot water and the too cold and, in particular, the struggle to hold on. You've got a big day tomorrow at the coast. I wish we could be there as I can imagine that it will be lots of laughs. Hope it goes well, Noelene

Awesome post Jess. I have tried these once and made a fair bit of mess :( Keep meaning to try again. Does anyone else have problems getting yourself in a good position to get the nozzle in the right place? I feel like a contortionist!

This is a great post. I used to have trouble with coffee enemas, but have gotten fairly proficient at them! :-) The relaxation point is certainly a key!

My understanding is that you lay on your right side so that the coffee stays primarily in the sigmoid colon area; by laying on your left side it could flow into the descending colon and turn into a full blown colonic. Someone correct me if this is inaccurate, but that is what I've understood from reading the Gerson book and other material.

Hi Jess,

I've been doing coffee enemas for about 3 weeks now and still have not been able to do one full one correctly. By that I mean getting all 32 oz in and holding for 10-15 minutes. My best effort getting all of it in and holding for 3 minutes before having an overwhelming need to evacuate. Did you have this problem early? Is it because I have so much toxins in my body to get rid or? I've tried all your tips and read other blogs but have not been able to get it done correctly. Even still I feel much lighter and feel quite certain they are helping me. thank you.

Great post Jess. Thanks for discussing this very sensitive issue. You mentioned when you were drinking beetroot juice. Why and when did you stop drinking this? I thought beets were very effective for detoxifying your liver. Thanks. Pam

@John C: Yeah that could be just because your liver is overloaded with toxins. Stick with it – the more enemas you do, the less toxic your liver will be and the easier they will be to hold.

@Pam: Thank you! Beetroot is very cleansing, but Gerson doesn't include them in the juices because of their sugar content.


I've been taking "coffee breaks" as we call them in my house, for about 6 months now. I actually look forward to them.
Here are some of my tips. VERY comfortable. I have 3 large pillows that I wrap in a vinyl tablecloth then cover with an old blanket, plus a pillow for my neck.

#2- I lay old towels EVERYWHERE (just in case of mess). Accidents will inevitably happen. I've had several mishaps with the bucket…forgot the clamp, tube came loose, got tangled in the tube and dumped the whole bucket…so, putting the towels in the wash is a lot easier than scrubbing the floor.

#3- make the time pass quickly. I either play sudoku on my phone or bring the laptop in with me and watch netflix or a dvd. I have to set a timer, because I've ended up holding it too long when my minds on other things.

#4-get the temperature right. If you fill a large pot with the HOTTEST tap water and set the jar in it for about 15 minutes its perfect. If your tap water isn't hot enough you can heat the water (not the jar) on the stove for a few minutes and then take it off the heat, add the jar for 5 or 10 minutes, but be careful it can get too hot too quick this way. I wish someone would invent something to warm them to the perfect temp, like a baby bottle warmer. When my son was little I had a warmer that held one bottle and warmed it perfect every time.

Oh one last thing – for fair trade organic coffee. If ordering larger quantities its cheaper than the grocery store

Thanks Jess- for sharing your journey. It makes us feel less alone in all this.

Hi Jess,

I am very new to enemas, and trying to get over my aversion to talking about things of that nature so that I can work up the courage to try one ;-)

My question is that you state it helps the liver detoxify, but also say that it makes the liver produce bile (up to 5 times a day!). Isn't this making the liver work harder??

Thanks :-)

Hi Jess,

You told us that you have a Grander Purifying System… Please this is the water you use to drink and for coffee enemas as well, that's right? This system is a filter? How can I buy it?
Also please I'm a little confused about how exactly to make the enema, could you please help me with your explanation again. I think this will help not only me ( I'm a foreigner so sometimes is difficult to get it in English). So, let's make it for 1 enema: will be half a litter of water … + plus 3 tablespoons of coffee… than add at the bucket 8oz and add 16 or 24 oz of pure water, that's it? when adding the water into coffee at the bucket, do we stir the blend? Thanks a lot again!!! your work is so important to let people know about Gerson therapy. THANK YOU !!! Sarah

Hi Jess, does caffeine content matter regarding the effectiveness of the enema?

Hi, I just stumbled upon your blog and I was wondering if coffee enemas are safe to do while breastfeeding? How about while pregnant? Also, how often should they be done for optimal health?

I also am very interested in this! Did you ever get an answer??

Hi – for organic fair-trade coffee, good folks to work with! I occasionally get 'crampy' during a coffee enema; I've found adding ~50 mg B3 (niacin) and 3 teaspoons of Potassium Gluconate powder to the coffee enema water, ensuring they fully dissolve, then adding the coffee concentrate, GREATLY reduces cramping during the next coffee enema. Each subsequent coffee enema, I keep the same amount of B3 and reduce the potassium gluconate by 1/2 teaspoon until adding none (the potassium gluconate series is 3t, 2 1/2t, 2t, 1 1/2t, 1t, 1/2t, 0t and no B3), then none thereafter until the next 'crampy' time. Works well for me, never any explosive issues in my personal experience – perhaps it may assist others…

@Anonymous: The coffee stimulated the production of bile in the gall bladder, which then flows to the liver. This aids in detoxification – no need to worry about liver being over worked!

@Sarah: Yes, we use Grander water for drinking and for enemas. We bought our system online at Yes, that is how you prepare the coffee enema solution. No need to stir though – it will mix on it's own as you add the liquid to the bucket. Good luck!

@Cyndi: Yes, it must be caffeine coffee in order for the liver to be stimulated.

@Anonymous: I am pretty sure that it is safe to do enemas while pregnant and breast feeding. However, I am not 100%, so it is probably best to check with a integrative doc if you're unsure. It's hard to say how many should be done. On Gerson Therapy we do up to five per day, and as little as three per day. Some people do one a day, others do one per week. It's totally up to the individual.

@Mark: Thanks for the tips!

Jess x

Hi, I had the incident that the coffee go in, bu nothing come out again?? Maybe you can tell me why?


I’ve never in my life done a coffee enema, so I don’t know if this is an unnecessary question, but when you mix the coffee with the water, it’s liquid coffee right? Or just the ground coffee (like the powder) that you mix in and then filter out?

awesome blog btw!

I’ve been doing the coffee enemas for chronic fatigue. I can’t keep EBV under control.
So how often do you enemize? What is the caster oi3 suppose to do?

Hi Sue,

I do four enemas a day at the moment. In the beginning of my Gerson Therapy it was five a day, and when I hit the 18 month mark in a month it will go down to three per day. The castor oil is designed to provide an even more intense detoxification. It (literally!) clears all of the crap out of your small intestines and colon.

Hi there,
How long did you do the castor oil enema? Did you also take the castor oil by mouth, followed by a cup of coffee? Or did you just do the castor oil enema?


Hi Mindy,

I still do the castor oil enemas and take the castor oil by mouth (yep, chasing it with coffee) once a week. At the beginning of Gerson Therapy this was done every second day, then it went to twice a week, and now it’s once a week.


Hey doll,
So im going to embark on some castor oil packs and take some orally too. Thanks for the great post. Presumably you sieve your coffee for the coffee enema (you dont mention it but im guessing you do?)

How the feck do you find time for 4 enemas a day?! You are Superwoman! Loving your work xxx

Hey Polly, that’s great! Yep, we strain the coffee after it’s boiled and discard the remains. I should have mentioned that step. Ha ha yep it feels like I’m constantly in the bathroom. In the beginning of Gerson we had to do 5 enemas a day! Thanks heaps lovely. Let me know how you get on with the castor oil! xxx

Jess, I recently watched an online live event with Charlotte Gerson and she stressed that the coffee for the enemas needed to be a specific roast and specific grind, but did not specify which type of roast and what grind! :)

I also have the Gerson book, and cannot find mention of that. Do you by chance know what roast/grind is needed?

God bless and thank you for sharing your journey through Gerson!

Hi Alex,

Yes I am pretty sure it is light/medium roast and grind.

Thanks so much!

Hi Jess,

I just started doing coffee enemas last week. Because I haven’t been able to hold them in the whole time I’ve been taking about 8 oz and then releasing it and then taking 24 oz and holding it. This seems to help a little. I can usually hold most of it in for 10-12 minutes. I do notice, however, that everytime I do the enema I poop. Both with the first 8oz and again with the 24oz and without an enema. Is this normal? Would it be beneficial to do the castor oil treatments to ‘clean’ me out. I suffer from IBS and self diagnosed celiacs. I’m thinking I need a full colon cleanse. However, I am nursing still. I know the coffee enema is safe while nursing but is castor oil? I would think it would be safe since it is suggested to pregnant women as a natural way to induce labor. that leads me to believe it wouldn’t be harmful for nursing either. Any input would be great.


Anonymous » Hi there! Yes, that is totally normal to have a bowel movement when you do an enema. And as you get used to doing them, you will be able to retain more liquid – you may just need to work your way up. Yes, I think it is fine to take castor oil while nursing. If it’s safe while pregnant, I would assume it would be safe for you. Stick with it! x

Hey Jess,

How many do you “have” to do a day to be beneficial to you? Could you do one a day?



Chloe » Hi Chloe, You could do as many as you like. I know some people who do them monthly, weekly, daily – and they are all beneficial. As long as you’re putting the electrolytes back into your body through juices and a clean and healthy diet, you will be fine. The general rule is one enemas to every four juices. x

Hi Jess,
First of all, I love your blog, it is always full of great information, it is fun and at the same time inspirational. Thanks for sharing your Gerson journey with others. I live in US and came across Gerson therapy after my 46 year old cousin was diagnosed with brain and lung cancer. I send a Gerson therapy book to help her make the right decision on treatment. She lives in Mexico and ironically instead of choosing to go to the Gerson clinic she decided to undergo radiation and chemo and after 8 months of torture, they discover that the tumor shrunk at the beginning but is growing again and spreading to other parts of the lung. I am so sad for her, but this made me think twice about the food choices in my life so I recently changed my eating habits (which were horrible) and I had been thinking about enemas but was too chicken to try them. After watching one of your videos on enemas and reading the Gerson therapy book over and over I decided to give it a try. Today I did my first one with chamomile and everything went well except for the time…. I could not hold it but 3-4 minutes, the cramping was WOW. I was shocked by the amount of stuff that came out… I have questions regarding cleaning of the enema bucket and tubing… do you use your bucket and tubing over and over? any suggestions about cleaning the tip that goes inside you? If moisture stays in the tubing bacteria will start growing, how do you keep it dry? I noticed in your video a “red” tubing, is that something that you replace more often than the bucket and transparent tubing? I am just freaking out about keeping it as clean as possible…. Any thoughts will be appreciated… God bless!

Ale » Hi Ale, thanks so much! Congratulations on giving enemas a go. It’s totally normal to have cramping and trouble holding them in the beginning. This gets much easier after you’ve done a couple of them. Just remember to relax and breathe. As for cleaning, I use organic castille soap each day to clean my bucket and tube. I use both of these multiple times until they get a bit worn. Every now and then I will rinse 3% hydrogen peroxide through my bucket to give it a good clean. Hope this helps! xx

Thanks a lot!

What is the advantage of using the red rubber catheter for enemas?

Monika » That is just the type that comes with my enema kit. It is up to you whichever type suits you best. :)

Can u do coffee enemas while trying Rogers pregnant?

Sorry I was trying to say …. Trying to get….. Pregnant not rogers. Sorry my phone has auto text.

Ha ha damn auto correct! Yes, you can definitely do them while trying to get pregnant. Coffee enemas will be great for you because they detox the liver. Healthy liver = healthy fertility. x

Hi Jess,
I’ve just discovered your blog. I was wanting to know the best way to keep the enema equipment clean? And if you have had your gall bladder removed does that affect the way in which you use the coffee enemas at all?
Thanks for your time and advice.
Anna from Australia

Anna Vaschina » Hi Anna, we just wash the buckets out with castille soap and then hydrogen peroxide as well every now and then. I am not 100% sure about the gall bladder question though, I would assume it would be okay but it might be best to research that further. x

SO I just found out that I am pregnant! at 5 weeks, i was still doing coffee enemas, and I stopped as soon as I learned of the pregnancy. Do you have any knowledge about doing coffee enemas during pregnancy?

I have a large gallstone and was wondering if a coffee enema could do some damage with all the extra bile/toxin flow going on. Also, when I went to read other sites on the subject one said that you could die from heart complications etc. it’s all so confusing!! I want to give it a go because I know I need to make these changes. I have been juicing now for months. Adding turmeric and ginger to my juice has radically changed my life. The pain, swelling and fatigue from fybramyalgia and issues associated with sjogren’s syndrome have gone when juicing which is amazing. However I do have an erratic heart at times and gallstone issues and am scared to try the enema.

Hi Jess,

Just wanted to say Thank you for sharing your knowledge! x

Hey Jess,
After watching your Healthtalk on Coffee enemas I have decided to take the plunge :D I had a look at the ISHI website. There is a enema bucket with a tube inside & a connector. Is that all you need? Total $7 Just wondering if there is a another piece as your’s came to $11?? Also when you say you order in bulk ,how many are you ordering ?

Cheers Jess xx

GratitudeLoveEquanimity » Awesome!! You also need to order something called a “red enema tube” which is $4. If they don’t have it on the order form, I would email them and ask for it. We order about 10 buckets at a time usually. x

Jess, can a person use cold-pressed coffee? This is the method I use….

amie sue » Hi Amie Sue, the coffee needs to be boiled to the precise recipe as the boiling process releases some kind of gas in the coffee. x

ok thank you.

ooh weird how and why did that link attach to my post?! sorry about that.

Hey Jess, You have inspired me to do the enemas (after a year of saying “NO WAY”) and there’s no turning back… I’m addicted! I hate the days I cannot fit one in. I do have a couple questions though, I have read you use Castile soaps but how do you really clean and dry the tube? I’ve read that when the equipment is not properly dried that allows for bad bacteria and our gut doesn’t have the means to protect against it as does something going in orally. Should I be so concerned? Your thoughts & opinions? Also, I get a chilling “enlivening” tingling sort of feeling during and after doing the enemas and almost always in the same place (my upper left arm & shoulder area and my thighs, mostly on my right leg). It doesn’t give the sensation of anything to be worried about but honestly (this may sound so silly) I have heard of “leaky gut syndrome” …could the coffee be “leaking” and I’m getting the tingling affects of the caffeine or is this completely normal and part of the cleansing and purifying??!?

Stephanie » Hi Stephanie, that’s awesome! These questions aren’t something I would be too worried about. I just do my best to clean my bucket and tube and I’m not too pedantic about drying it. Actually, I never dry it. I haven’t had any issues as yet. I am not too sure about the tingling sensation, but I don’t think it would be from the coffee leaking into your gut. The coffee doesn’t actually reach your gut! This could definitely be party of the cleansing process. Hope this helps! xx

Hi Jess, I recently started the coffee enemas and I did everything as instructed. I even did a water enema before the coffee. I had “relief” with the water but nothing happened with the coffee. I had some cramping 5 minutes after which I held and now it has been16 hours and I still haven’t had to go to the bathroom. Is this normal?? Just wondering if you have any ideas or suggestions. Thanks!

LOL! What a great summary on what can go wrong! I’ve unfortunately experienced all of these situations and then some. It’s a bit awkward when someone walks into your bathroom and catches you in the act…I don’t know if I should feel dirty or just offer them some coffee ;)

Hi Jess from Mexico, is great your blog, i have a question, you boil a liter of water with the 6 soup spoon of coffe, and add 8 ounce (240 ml) to this for one enema, you say that make 1 lts for two enema, but you only use like half liter in two enemas, because i put my first enema yesterday and boil 2 liters of water with 6 soup spoon of coffe and put the enema direct with 1 liter, is the way that charlotte write in the book, but i can´t hold this and i think was to much coffe, thanks for your time

Jorge » Thank you! Yes, this is the way that Charlotte has explained in her book. 8oz of the coffee solutions goes in the enema bucket with 16oz of distilled water. :)

does your bowel “go” on its own after doing the enema so much?

denise » Yes, it does!

Hi Jess. I am halfway through The Gerson Therapy and am excited about trying these coffee enemas. As far as I am aware I am not suffering from any illness but would like to try these just as a liver detox. I eat a pretty healthy diet with only occasional animal products and very little junk food. My question is this. Can one do coffee enemas if you are just a normal non Gerson diet person? Thanks so much. Super impressed with your website. Felicity.

Felicity » Hi Felicity, yes absolutely! Coffee enemas are great for anyone to do – you don’t need to have an illness to benefit. Thank you! x

Hi Jess. I did my first coffee enema today. What a mess! However, I did notice it helped my pain diminish tremendously! So I’m looking forward to my next one. I wasn’t able to hold all the coffee in, but the part that scares me is that none came out in the toilet. I did have a BM though. Is there any danger to the coffee liquid not being released? Should I be concerned? Thank you so much for your advice.

HI Jess- I’m 4 months into the modified gerson therapy. My left side below my rib cage began aching early on after starting the enemas, now it is as gotten much worse extending downward to my abdomen with pressure. My GP thinks it could be an inflammed colon. More enemas make it worse/not better. The descending colon is on that side. Did you ever had issues like this? I’m on the treatment for chronic neuro lyme and gyn issues.

So great you posted this; in all my googling everyone makes it sound like a piece of cake. What a relief to know I’m not the only one who has dealt with giant icky messes from time to time. I’ve done CEs daily for 2+ mos & experienced everything from piece-of-cake to so-much-gross-mess-I’ll-never-ever-do-this-again to everything in between. Prob is, I have no clue ahead of time how my body is going to respond, so I have to make vast preps with disposable chuks every time. Jealous of ppl who say they do it in 1/2 hr & are done. When it works well, they make me healthier, tho’. They’ve definitely advanced my colon healing & reduced my overall body pain.

Q- I haven’t been able to do any for the last couple weeks because my severe arthritis has flared & moved I to my chest joints to the degree it’s impossible for me to get up & down off the floor. I’ve searched high & low and haven’t been able find info on whether its ok to take it in a sitting position. Not the ideal, but is it ok? The Gerson & Kelly info both say don’t do it sitting or standing, but never explain why or offer alternatives to ppl who are unable to lay down.

Hi Jess. Just a quick question about storing your coffee batches. Once made up in the flasks do they need to be kept in the fridge or any particular place? and how long can they be stored for?


Hi, I am just starting to do coffee enemas and I was wondering after the coffee enema goes in, do I continue to lay on my right side the entire time or do I lay on my back for the rest of the 12-15 minutes?

Hello – is it normal to feel cramps and gas after using the coffee enema, sort of like the side-effects of laxative use? And to need to urinate more often?

Hi Jess, Enjoyed your demo love to give the coffee Enemas a go you sound very positive & you look awesome… :)

I am doing coffee enemas for a week now. I was already a little underweight before starting with enemas. And somehow I see that I am loosing even more after enemas. Have you benefited anyway by taking enemas? I have Hashimoto’s Hypothyroid condition that I am trying to cure.

hi there,
I live in Newzealand and hardly find coffee enema powder for colon cleansing at home. I wonder if i have to buy special coffee or simply organic coffee would be good enough?



I have bought my kit for over a month, still scarred to try the first one, I do colonics regularly, and as I have just gotten back from overseas on a bad diet, I am booked in for more colonics, but want to start enemas, at home, and it will save me a fortune, tho I am sitting here, the video keeps cutting out on how to do one, but I am also just scarred to try on my own, weird, as I love colonics and the feeling is light and relief once over…. give me a kick in the bum pls…. :)

PS can you do them too much?

Hi – truly inspired by the site (and you!).

I just did my first coffee enema. All went well until my baby woke up screaming. I was only 5 minutes in, but tried to get rid of some which I did – then threw my undies on and lay next to my baby to try and sooth her back to sleep – for about 10 minutes / with a strong desire to go to toilet.. Soooo worried I was going to poop in my pants lol. But I didn’t. Went to the toilet and got relief – and have been to the toilet 3 times since in last hour. Is this normal?

Hi Jess,
Just wondering if water enema’s are safe to use daily? I suffer from chronic constipation and am on a strict elimination diet at the moment and killing off some nasty bacteria in my large intestine – ones that cause constipation – and have been doing water enema’s to go. Some days they work really well and other days I feel that the water is still trapped in there? what would this mean?

Hi Carolyn,

Yes they are totally safe to do daily. I do two per day! If the water still feels trapped, just give it a while and allow it to come out later. This is normal, but it should always come out eventually. x

For brain tumour treatment I have incorporated coffee enemas. They are awesome, I feel better after each one! For three months or so I was doing three a day, for the last couple of weeks I’ve been doing two a day and now I’m wondering if I can go on like this indefinitely or could I possible be doing damage to my bowel with such an intensive program?

I did my 4th enema today and am very worried. Everything seemed to go well but immediately after I had extreme cramping and pain and felt very nauseous. Nothing came out.
I took 2 peppermint capsules and went to bed with a hot water bottle.
8 hours later and my belly is swollen, and my entire abdomen is painful. I feel as though I have an extreme stomach bug or food poisoning and would actually love to either vomit or poop (sorry).
Have I somehow damaged myself, should I go to ER?
Feeling terrible, and very concerned :(

Hi Gee, I’ve never heard of this happening before. Yes, I would definitely got and get it checked out. x

Hi, thanks so much 4 the reply, I was so worried.
My blood pressure had shot up (usually low) and I was having heart palpitations.. Very strange and obviously from too much caffeine.
I gulped down water, had coffee smelling diarrhea and slowly felt better. This morning I feel normal. So glad I didn’t go to ER.
10 mins into my enema yesterday, just as I was finishing I was disturbed and jumped up to quickly finish off. I am wondering if this jumping caused the enema to go “too high” but what does that even mean?
Also, is it normal to have coffee smelling farts (sorry) and poop? And is it possible for coffee to get stuck?
I was so excited to start on my liver detox and felt confident having watched your video but now I am nervous about continuing. I am in a small town and my doc thinks that my liver will sort itself out and that I should just be grateful to still be here..
Thank you so much, your blog has been an inspiration.

Hi Jess, have just found your site (it absolutely rocks – your enthusiasm, passion and personality radiate from the screen) and love this idea – much more gentle than a colonic and you can do at home and it will treat my liver which is exactly what i need to do. Thx to the universe for bringing me here :-)
Question tho: You make up enough mixture for two enemas and then let it all go in. Are you using all the mixture ? And if not, do you need good visibility to the bucket so you can tell when you are half way thru the mix? Thanking you in advance, and hope you are having an awesome day. :-)

Thanks so much Georgia! I make up enough for two enemas, but I only use enough for one in each enema. I just do two so that I can do another later (or some people make up two in case they make a mess of the first one). Yep, let all of the liquid flow in – 8oz of coffee combined with 16oz water. One the tube is clear, it should all be out of the bucket. I hope this helps! xx

I misunderstood the instructions completely and ended up making 4 litres of water with 24 tbls of coffee. I took in about 3.5 litres of this (with no added water). Am lightheaded and faint today. What should I do & what impact will this have to me?

Hi Jess
If you make up enough liquid for two or more enemas does the excess need to be refrigerated and how long can it be kept?

I keep mine in a flask and use within three days. x

I did my first coffee enema last night and my stomach keepa girgling(sp?) And making weord noises all day? Is this normal after a first time?

hey jess :-) excellent page :-) i am day 4 of enema after a 3.5 days fast. Am a bit worried the water today was too hot, I tested it and thought it was fine. then when i began to use it was aware that it was really quite warm. (that feelin when you get into a hot bath). it was not painful, but definitely warmer than the previous days. I lay for maybe 5 minutes, then got paranoid it could be too hot so topped it up with cold water-I know our internal organs are a lot more sensitive than our skin. I wondered how you felt after using water that was too hot, and if you think I could have done any harm (how would i know). I read through your posts but couldnt see anyone making the same mistake as me. Thanks for your page :-)

How can someone screw up giving themselves an enema? My wife gives them to me all the time and she knows exactly what she is doing.

Hi Jess could you tell me if I should be using Gold Roast or Blonde coffee instead of normal organic coffee . Are the benefits so much greater .

I do tapwater enemas for severe constipation,my bowel is not working. Does the faeces after holding the enema for 15 minutes come away rather lliquidy,I do them every second night.i worry I am not passing enough faeces. Thankyou Sandra

This was a laugh out loud read I shall certainly be sharing this one. I have also read right side because your portal vein is on that side, but I have read of people using a stethoscope and when they layed on the left it soundes like a three ring circus :) I do 10 on right ,10 of left. Something to add that I found fantastic I use an oral thermometer to take temp I have found 100 is a good temp I did it at 94 and it was too cold I had massive cramping which I then massaged me abdomen. Which brings me to my next thing I then discovered then researched massage helps to loosen impacted poo, and colonies of parasites :(~I had since been able to fit 4 cups barely 3 before. Anyway I was wondering how long this process takes you it takes me a very very long time I do 1 tbsp to every cup should I do it stronger so I can add cooler water to get to temp, if so how much stronger? Thank you

Lay on your right side??? Surely you mean left side, descending colon is on the left hand side of your abdomen

Hi Jess, this is my first week of coffee enemas. It’s a whole new world. I’m grateful for your advice and all your information on changing my whole lifestyle. I am dealing with breast cancer and I am following your lead. However I am struggling a little with cramping and had my first spill today and couldn’t control it. Will it get less painful? And how do I control those little accidents? I look forward to hearing from you, thank you,
Kathy :)

Hi Jess
I did my first coffee enema today and experienced a lot of pelvic cramping when the liquid was going in and it was just about impossible to hold because of this. Is such extreme pelvic cramping abnormal for an enema?

Hi Jess,
Thanks so much for your informative videos and blog. :-) Sometimes when expelling the coffee I notice un-digested pills. (I think it might be my pressed powder antidepressant). By doing coffee enemas so often, do you think it could be stopping me absorb this pill, or would my bowel be doing this normally and I’ve just never noticed before? Thanks!

Hi Jess,

I have been doing enemas for about a month , and have recently managed get up to the 32oz /15min mark. Interesting note : after evacuation , while watching tv, I felt the urge to break wind (fart) ….. being a cautious guy , I decided to take my fart to the toilet …… lo and behold , several ounces of coffee came forth !!!!

Please warn our fellow enema users : sometimes not all.the liquid is evacuated at once …… be careful lest ur fart turns out to be coffee !

Cheers !

Hi Jess,

Just stumbled across your site and was reading some of the responses to your coffee enema blog. Just to add a couple of what I feel to be very important items. I have done many of these enemas over the years for health issues I had that were caused by other underlying issue that were overlooked. One is that people should never use the typical enema bags found in drug stores country wide as they are mostly now made of PVC or polyvinyl chloride which is extremely poisonous to anything alive. The thought of putting warm coffee into one of those bags and then releasing the coffee with the bags toxins into our colons doesn’t paint a pretty picture for short or long term use and of course our health. Mostly all these bags are made in China and as we know that country has high rates of cancer due to all the poisonous chemical by products as a result of poor industrialized manufacturing practices. The second thing I would like to convey is that glass should really be the only type of container that should be used because it is inert and therefore a safe alternative to plastic enema bags or metal containers that can leach metals into your body that like to take the place of minerals in your cells and therefore slowdown proper cellular uptake. I’ve had an Implant O Rama device that works fantastically that is laboratory glass and silicone tubing. You can control the flow and no additional toxins. The final thing I wanted to add is some of the girls who responded here with needing coffee enemas everyday just to feel good have bigger underlying issues and my thoughts are they may have parasites, aka worms. I had many issues with heavy metal poisoning, Lyme disease with co infections from the Lyme, and alas a couple of parasites that wrecked havock in my body. All the coffee enemas in the world will not help rid you of parasites and Lyme symptoms but can help keep things at bay without resolution. I hope that you will post this info for your readers awareness, it is also important to know that there are some real practitioners out there who can help rid a person of these nasties with both conventional and natural means so that they can get their lives back.


Nice “bucket” list. LOL! I don’t lay on the floor, I fill the tub with very nice perfect temprature water for me which is usually 104 – 115 degree same temp as my CE liquid and do the CE in the tub in the event their might be an accident. It is stress free (music, favorite podcast sermon)…until the few waves of parastalsis. The warm water also helps to soothe my stomach from the bile. I lay on my right side for liver cleansing benefits as well.

Hi Jess,
is it safe to recommend coffee enemas to someone who suffers from gallbladder stones?
Your website and all the information you give is very inspiring!
Have a great weekend ahead!

I do sea salt/baking soda warm water enemas on occasion. They seem to help with healing and detox. I can’t get into a regular habit of taking them unless I am really in need or ill. Maybe I should try doing them more often? When I do take an this type of enema, I feel better but it does not last more than a few days or so. Why is this? Sometimes I just cannot find time to do them in a busy day/week, too. It takes time to really do one right and stay relaxed and not hurry. Ideas?

My Dr. stated i should do this. Very scared I have no room in my br to lay on the floor. any ideas where i can do this?

Hello. I have a question. I’ve been doing coffee enemas for a few months. I was doing them 5 days a week at first and am now doing them once or twice a week. I have noticed roundworms in my stool which tells me I do in fact have parasites. I am now having pain in my lower intestines/colon after I do the enema as well as low back pain. Have I injured myself from doing coffee enemas. I have been told by a chiropractor that I do have a link in my lower intestine. Since I’ve noticed the parasites I’ve began a parasite cleanse (yesterday)but the pain began about 3 weeks ago. Also I get major coffee jitters after the enema. Could my colon be reacting to to much caffeine? I have just heard that it’s possible to hurt yourself doing enemas so I want to make sure I haven’t done that. Im hoping it’s the parasites dying off causing the pain!!!! For sure pain is much worse immediately after enema. I appreciate any input you can give.



Hey Jess I want to thank you for introducing me to the Gersons Therapy I have started the at home program and I am on day 2.

Hi Jess, I really want to start the coffee enigmas ( haven’t even finished your book yet but am very excited.). I was just a bit worried though as I have some issues with my liver. I see my specialist on Wednesday and will ask her, but you know how specialist can quite often poo poo these type of things. My issues are PVT whereby I had a blood clot to the portal vein going into my liver, this in turn has caused oesophageal varies ( which I have had oesophageal banding 6 times in the past 12 months) . Would it be safe to do. I have spent 12 months going from book to book trying to find a health lifestyle to follow, but everything is so contradictory at times. I’m so glad a friend suggested your book . I have read the beauty Detox book but to date have not had the energy or will power. I am finding your info so far easy to absorb ( with the terrible brain fob it have ) and so am determined to take it one step at a time.

Hey Jess,
A friend just sent me your website. Thanks for the excellent resource you have created for us like-minded folks. Your last suggestion here – to let all the coffee flow in – can lead to retaining issues for some. I always recommend a slow fill of the coffee. Also, I recommend a 2 enema cleanse before the coffee enema. What do you think about this idea? You can learn about it through my enema series and best colon cleanse pages. Let me know.

Also, it is important not to use rubber or latex enema equipment because the oils in the coffee degrade the material and some of that toxicity ends up in the body right through the coffee!


I did my first coffee enema today. Used 2 tablespoons of coffee in a litre and a bit of water. I did not feel very much whilst having the liquid in me. I did not even have to try hard to hold it in. I went for 25 minutes and then had to expel as I needed to go out. What am I doing wrong?

Does anyone ever answer these questions? I hope so as I need help. I did my first coffee enema 4 days ago as I am doing a heavy metals detox and the detox symptoms were getting too much. However since the enema – I couldn’t hold for long btw, I have had pain in my right side, all over actually, can’t tell if it is liver or kidneys or what. It is also radiating to my lower back and also lower pelvic area. I keep waiting for the pain to go away but this is day 4 after the enema and it is not getting any better. What is happening? Did I do some damage? Help please.

I have a question, I am new doing the coffee enema, I am doing them every day as I want to resolve some Gerd problems I have, so I kind following the Gerson diet. However, since then I only go to the bathroom when I do the enema, is that normal?


First of all, I want to say I found the ten things that can go wrong hilarious. Especially the part about unexpected guest dropping into the bathroom unexpected. News flash guys, there are certain things women do not want to share with you, and personal bathroom activities are one of them. I have never tried coffee enemas, but since beginning a new exercise and nutritional regiment last month and making excellent progress I have decided to get more holistic and whole body approach to wellness. A friend suggested that I add coffee enemas and i was wondering if you can enlighten me as to whether this will compliment my current regimen and assist in my weight loss goals?

Should you take 2 enemas prior to the coffee enema as some sites suggest

Hi there :) i have been doing ce for two weeks now and besides the morning ce, i do not have any bowel movements for the rest of the day. before i started doing ce i would have 2-3 bm a day. wondering if this is normal, healthy, or means i should stop? thank you for your time :)

How can poor people ever get to save their lives.
Why is there always a dollar amount that is always
Too much for us to pay.

I have ALOT of pain while trying to hold the coffee for 15 min. Really severe cramping, sweating, super uncomfortable , I could never read, …I can usually only go 7 min….
Any suggestions?

Hi, I’m wondering if after starting coffee enemas, like other enemas, you become dependent on doing them for bowel movements?

Hello my wife and I do a 2 quart coffee enema twice per week. We are both experiencing gas after which. What is happening here? How do we avoid this? Thank you

I am on day 4 of doing the coffee enemas and WOW!! Why have I never done them before? Absolutely amazing! One question…this is probably TMI but since we are kinda already dealing with that….I’ve noticed a huge increase in vaginal discharge since I started. Any thoughts or have you heard of this or experienced it? Just wondering if there is a reason for this and or if its common. Thanks for your brilliant posts and the video on how to do these amazing things!

I did a coffee enema this morning but nothing came back out (about 7 hours ago). I ‘ve been doing this once a day for about a week. Usually the coffee comes right back out but not this time. Any idea?

Hi I am currently trying to change my eating patterns. I have been Juicing and drinking smoothies. Last week i embarked on a cleanse and stopped eating all sugar,meat,dairy,corn,soy,alcohol .pot, I already don’t eat wheat and caffeine .My bowel movements are a mess as my body tries to readjust to this incredible change. I have tried to do this before and have a hard time with my bowel movements. So i have been drinking castor oil and drinking senna tea to keep things moving . I just purchased a coffee enema kit and im getting ready to try it .I’m concerned that because caffeine doesn’t agree with me it will be a huge burden does it affect you like that? Do you think it will help me bowels to start to move on there own as i would wish to eat like this all the time Any suggestion on how to keep things moving..
Thanks and Blessings
David Kuhn

Hi Jess- I’ve recently come across a lot of warnings associated with the enemas. I’ve only been doing them a short time and feel like they have been beneficial already. I hate to give them up so soon but feel things like sepsis (blood poisoning that can kill you from allowing bacteria into your bloodstream) and various other harmful warnings may force my hand. How do you ensure your tube stays sanitary inside and out?