Two years of Gerson Therapy suddenly becomes three

Posted June 15, 2011
My mum and dad

We are never given challenges we cannot overcome. I’m a massive believer in this statement. However, my family has been facing a bit of a doozie lately. As most of you know, I was diagnosed with cancer back in 2008. Not only was this a major shock to me, but my parents felt every ounce of my turmoil, and perhaps even more. Conventional medicine wasn’t really an option for me (which has turned out to be the biggest blessing ever), so we have been spending every waking hour dedicated to one goal – using juice, food, coffee enemas and meditation to heal my body the au natural way.

I am exactly 14 months into the Gerson Therapy and, if everything continues to go well, I will be able to start reducing the intensity of the regime in another four months. This doesn’t mean life will go back to “normal” by any means, but I will be able to start reducing the juice and enemas and start including certain Gerson forbidden foods. No meat or Moet – just foods that are still vegan and extremely healthy but that aren’t allowed while you’re on the full therapy. As you can imagine, my family and I had been really looking forward to this happening. We could finally start leaving the house a bit more, the grocery bill could be reduced slightly and we could start to make plans for a life that isn’t revolved around cancer.

Again I’ve waffled on with my intro, but I’m still getting my head around the irony of our current situation. My mum, who has been my primary carer for the past 14 months, has just been told she has breast cancer. The carer suddenly becomes the patient and the former patient is now gearing up to become the primary carer. And because I’m still on the therapy myself, my amazing dad has stepped into the carer role as well (while still working six days a week). Mum is also on the full Gerson Therapy and she will have to stay on it for the next two years. She is now drinking 13 juices per day, having five coffee enemas per day and – much to her disgust – taking castor oil every second day. We’re now in this together! Our solid routine gets us through, but it’s just days like yesterday when I was sick and mum was feeling crook from castor oil that the pressure is on my dad to care for us both.

As stressful as the idea of having to live the Gerson lifestyle for another two years is, we totally understand that we have been given this shit pickle for a reason. And it has also been kind of cool to experience two such different diagnoses. The fear that encapsulated us when I was told I have cancer just isn’t there this time around. We are so educated and have so much faith in Gerson and in the body’s ability to heal itself that we are more empowered than anything else. The only burdens we’re facing are the added financial strain and the fact that we have to keep our heads in the right frame to stick with the rigid regime for so much longer. There are obviously more lessons we need to learn, and if my experience is anything to go by, the challenges will be just as enjoyable as the highs.

Positive affirmation for the day: I look for the silver lining in any challenging situation. The universe doesn’t give me any problems I cannot solve.

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Oh Jess! As I read this about your mom, I literally gasped and then began to cry. I am so sorry. Though I do not know you, I love you and want you both to know you will have my prayers and good thoughts and wishes. I posted a pic today on my FB pg that is a beautiful flower that broke through the pavement at my sis's …against all odds. Ck it out on my pg. May it inspire and encourage you as it did me yesterday. I believe in you! I believe in this program! We are all pulling for you! Susanelizabeth

Jess, I am so sorry to hear about your mom. I am an avid reader of your blog. I am grateful for the awareness you have brought to the world about the Gerson Therapy. You are a role model, a mentor,and such a motivation. You and your family are in my prayers.

I'm sorry to hear the news Jess. At least you and your family have the best tools available to get cured and stay that way. My prayers are with you.

Jess, my heart aches for your Mum, Dad & you, yourself…I have just received my copy of Knockout today & began to read it immediately.because of you I had to buy this book. I believe God has sent you to us for a very important reason…without your blog I would not be as educated as I currently feel. Cancer has always been a great fear of mine. I watched my Dad died horribly from it when I was 15. My siblings were 9, 11, 13 & 21 at the time. It changed our lives irrevocably. Because of you, some of that fear has been reduced. I now know there are options other than conventional medicine out there. I have recommended your Blog to 2 individuals who are currently fighting cancer & I hope by reading about you & being educated by you that they can see that there is hope. Your struggle with cancer will help millions I am sure and especially your dear Mum. As a mother myself, of sons your age, you were right in saying "my parents felt every ounce of my turmoil, and perhaps even more". I believe I can speak for most mothers when I say, we would die for our children…You, Jess, have to live for yours because it will be your strength that will sustain both of you….Many blessings to all of you. You & your mother will be in my prayers nightly….
May God Bless you & your family,

Jess its amazing how you stay so positive when you and your family are fighting each day. I have said it before and I will say it again, your inspiration! I too would be looking forward to a little bit more variety with my food too :) I look forard to reading about it when the time comes.

Jess, I am so sorry to hear about your Mom. I am currently on the Gerson Therapy, almost done 4 months, diagnosed with breast cancer. I am inspired by you, we all are, and just know that you are a grand example as to how our bodies heal; a perfect example to you Mom and all of us. My heart and prayers go out to your family right now, but keeping the faith and knowing that there is a cure, you are living proof. ♥ we must have courage, whatever the test, however many times we fall, stand up just once more ♥ Much Love

Jess, I do hope that you are feeling better today. Please know that you and your entire family are in my thoughts and prayers! You are all such an inspiration to us all! Pam

Hi Jess
I have just spent the weekend with my mother in law, who had her entire right leg amputated three years ago. Watching the daily struggle that is her life really put things in perspective and shows that the natural, intervention free way of dealing with illness (particularly cancer) is the way to go! This blow to your family, whilst unwelcome, is not impossible and you have the tools, the knowledge and the strength of character to pull through and be better off because of it. Not only do you empower each other, you empower all of us as well. Wishing you strength for the next part of this challenging journey, peace and blessings. xoxo

Hi Jess

I am so sorry to hear about your Mum, I follow your blog everyday and it inspires me… every day.

My little problems seem so insignificant now and the positivity and persistance you are showing with your own battles are very inspiring when I fight my own smaller battles each day.

Keep fighting, and may all these positive thoughts help you on your way.


I read & subscribe to your blog even though I am male & haven't cancer. I am just interested in health issues. Wishing your mum all the luck in the world with you & your fathers support she will conquer that mountain called "cancer"

Wow – so sorry to hear – its not cool at all! But your attitude is amazing, and its great you already have all the information on how to heal cancer.. I think we need to set up a Gerson/natural healing Clinic in Australia and spread the word big time because cancer is just far to common these days.. Wishing you both wellness

hi jess, i'm away travelling at the moment with limited access to the web, so have to be choosie about which email to read- but when i saw your post i just had to read it. i'm so sorry that this news has come to your family but at the same time i'm so blown away by your continued positivity. your family has something special that every family of australia could learn from – one team one dream!
my thoughts and best wishes are with you and i'll continue to find web access over here so i can keep getting my daily wellness warrior posts!

Jess…I am so sorry to hear about your Mum. But I have every confidence that she will beat it!! You are a wonderful testament to that. Stay positive and just do one day at a time…that's what got me through my breast cancer journey. Please pass on my thoughts and prayers to your Mum and your whole family.
Thank you for continuing on your "warrior" journey and sharing it with us xo

that sucks…
sending you and your family love, i look forward to your posts each morning, and even today you still managed to stay positive and as always inspirational, hopefully you won't have too many days when you both are feeling crapy

Dearest Jess,
My heart bleeds. Another day, another diagnosis. I too have battled breast cancer and am of the firm mindset that the best approach for the patient is the one that feels right for them. Your mum is armed with the best possible knowledge and will battle the disease with the help, grace and guidance of you. My thoughts are with you.

So sorry to hear about your Mom, but hopefully seeing how you've healed, it will give her strength. Lots of love.

So sad to read this post re your mum. She sounds like she is an amazingly positive person like you, but sometimes its ok to say gee this sucks, and this is one of those times. Your mum will be an inspiration to all those who face breast cancer and hopefully it will help others see the benefits in the treatment option she chooses. I hope you two are planning to start up a Gerson therapy centre when you have finished your treatment, looks like it is your calling.

sad news Jess. That really sucks.
Your inspiration goes a long way – and I'm sure your mum feels the same way. I'm sure there couldn't be a more supportive person in her life than you.
hope the next few months of therapy go really well for both of you x

Wow Jess – this is huge. Maybe the universe's way of putting the spotlight on your mum to car for herself for a while. We all know how brilliant she is at caring for others and being selfless.

So much love and strength to you both – and what an incredibly journey you are on together. Only makes you and your bond stronger.

Love you xx

God Bless you all!!!

I helped a friend with ALS. For 6 weeks he, his fiancee and I locked ourselves away in his cabin in Minnesota….well 5 days a week. When weekends came – he stopped everything because he was feeling so much better. It would take 3 days to get back on track – and then 2 days later — off again. So I gave moved home and went about finding a job as I quit mine to take care of him.

He called me this week – he says Gerson didn't work for him. He wanted food that tasted good (MSG, chemicals, poisons tastes that KILL). He is slipping away – and there is nothing I can do but watch.

Gerson for me restarted kidneys that were functioning at 70%…. gave me my life. Like you, I KNOW with a passion – Gerson is HOPE spelled with a smile.

The money to do the program is something that will be there everyday because you KNOW what you have in your possession…KNOWLEDGE!

Be well!

Oh I'm so sorry to hear this, but like you say your mum couldn't be in a better place to deal with this.

Curious though – breast cancer is very different from your diagnosis, will your mother have conventional therapy as well, for example surgery? I mean, you're not against conventional treatment if it has a good success rate, and surgery is one of these things that could help the situation but not hurt the body as much as chemo et.c. depending of course on the situation.

You mum has done a bit of the Gerson lifestyle even before the diagnosis right, so maybe this has protected her from this becoming more serious than it is?

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. <3

Love & hugs,


Thank you Jess, your mum and your dad, for sharing this personal challenge with us.

As one of my great teachers said, "Self-love gets us through the tough times."

With much gratitude and aloha,

Thank you so much guys for all of your love and support! It really means so much to me and my family. I have shown my mum your comments so she can feel all the love as well.

Ulrika: No, mum is just doing Gerson. We know enough now that we understand that cutting into the breast can cause the cancer to spread more. Because she hasn't had any kind of medical tampering, she is in a much better position to reverse it with Gerson. We all feel very confident in that. Gerson Therapy + meditation + lots of love and self care will allow her body to heal without having to have surgery. And yes, we fully believe that by doing parts of the therapy for a little while would definitely of helped slow down the spread of the disease.

Jess xx

Holy crap Jess. The news about your mum both wrenched my heart open and made it more open and loving at the same time. I had to walk away for a minute then come back to it.
I am so sorry to hear the news about your mum but I believe in my heart and soul that if any family can get through such a shockingly difficult time, you guys can. You have such amazing strength and obviously your mum does too. It is so hard to choose this path at first when the "normal" world screams drugs, chemo etc. I am facing this latter route with my aunt right now and to me it is the braver [path to take natural healing but of course, like you, I see it as the only path that will truly lead to healing long term.
I wish your family so much love and healing as you tackle this next phase together. Thank goodness for your strong family unit. I will be sending you tons of love and healing in my meditations for the next while.

WOW, Jess and your mum, I read every day your blog and look forward to it. I have been travelling breast cancer, please can you keep us informed of your mum and how she progresses. Sending healing prayers. I went to Gawler and then had small surgery(best option) for me . Be well! Take care of your dad.

I'm sorry to hear the bad news. However, you know how to handle it. That's better than 90% of the population.

Your blog has give me great insight in the last 11 months. Which i tried to pass onto my dearly departed sister.

Thanks Alls Good


Hi jess, if you have registered your business that you wrote about recently, it should be possible for you to purchase some things like flaxseed oil etc at wholesale prices (I have wholesaler details- email me if you want it) Also, have you thought about setting up a co-op to buy your vegies direct – your family would use as much as a small co-op buys, hope this info helps with the added costs you are experiencing

Hi Jess,

Good luck to you and your beautiful Mum. I hope she's doing ok and facing forward with strength and optimism. You're such an incredible source of inspiration to all of us avid readers of your blog, and I'm sure it's really helping your Mum to have you there paving the way forward.

Love and luck to you and your awesome Mum and Dad.
Trace x

Knowledge is everything- power to you and your Mum xxx

Jess you truly are amazing and so are your parents.God bless your mom also and your dad. I also love the hallelujah diet and thoroughly enjoyed reading Knockout by Suzanne Sommers. Wish i lived closer i would help you out. Love Pat from Minnesota.

I, like one of the first commenters, also gasped & then started crying. We just lost a close friend to lung cancer, and he had chemo twice, and would have had a third round, had he been "well" enough to receive it. The loss for us is huge. But in addition to the loss, there is so much bewilderment about how he went from "okay" to hospice. I believe in all my heart, that it was the repeated chemo without building his body up.

You are such an amazing person Jess. Maybe you found this way of healing because the traditional methods would not work, but now this is putting you both in a better position to "combat" your mom's illness. You have already paid the Gerson Clinic, and you already know what to do. And you don't have to "convince" her that this crazy, intense routine isn't nuts! All of these things are huge. You have a huge advantage.

I am wondering if there are specific books/places that you got about the surgery causing the cancer to spread. I always thought I would get the surgery, and then do the rest. Just curious because I really want to be more educated on these issues.

DId they stage this or say exactly what type?

We are all rooting for you and I am sure you are getting prayers & mantras from around the world. You have such a beautiful, radiant family & you will somehow have the strength to get through this.
Maybe you will put up a "Paypal" or "Chip-In" donation link.

Jess, I can’t believe this. I feel like over the past year I have really gotten to know you and you have kind of become one of my friends. I have no doubt in my mind that you and your mum have enough strength and determination to get through this.
You are an inspiration.

I'm still a bit in shock from this post ! Thank you so much for sharing your story with us and letting us into you home and your lives ! I feel like I know you and can't ya just feel the love pouring in from all your readers ??

One thing your family "pickle" illustrates is the incredible prevalence of Cancer ! 2 cases, in one family, in short succession.

My other thought – every juice and good meal your mum has ingested… even before her diagnoses had healing value for her. your body keeps score so to speak. So she was learning about the therapy, caring for you and beginning her own healing journey.

It's going to really be humbling for you to step into the caregiver role and to see the strength that it requires ! I hope you will be able to continue to blog…even occasionally. to let us into your continuing journey !
You have the most amazing family !!!!!!!!!!
lucky girl !

Jess, I hope I am not prying but I was wondering if your mama had been doing some of Gerson before? I thought that possibly she and your dad were doing it but maybe not?

Anyway, I know it's wonderful to know there are so many of us out "there" who, though we haven't met you, feel a strong connection to you and your family. Pls give your mama and your daddy my love! We love you Jess.


Blessings and love surround your family. You are all so accomplished and amazing warriors on yet another challenge. Like many others here, I feel a moment of pain for your mother and you. I thought this some time ago, is it possible for you to collect donations to support you and your family? I think you give so much, why not accept a little help from your global friends?
One affirmation I say (borrowed from Louise Hay) when times are tough is… Out of this, only good will come.

Sending positive healing thoughts.

As you are so educated Jess, you know that cancer isn't as scary to someone who relies on the nutritionally, uneducated western medical field. Our bodies have the amazing ability to heal cancer. No sweat. She'll get rid of it. Period. No worries.

It's been a year since I've been diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer and still cancer free!

My love to you and your family!! XOXO

Jess, mum and Dad,
I wrote yesterday and just wanted to add on…
I am on the Gerson therapy myself and it is the most amazing, profound healing experience I have ever experienced…as you all know !
Your love and devotion as a family is so inspiring ! as is your commitment to really healing each other !!! and the wisdom to choose this path.
Now, you will have even MORE to learn, experience and share ! as your mum heals !
It IS life. even though it is a "small " life. It is full and rich.

I'm only a little worried about Dad. I think you need to bring in some of your friends to help out for the first few months…to lighten his burden. cuz everyone has his limits.
You could write a book about your experience- based on your blog. Now begins "part 2" !
l o v e and blessings !!!!

Jess and family,
I read your blog post first thing every morning and am thankful to have found you. I was not sad to hear that your mother has been diagnosed – as I truly believe that anyone over 40 – who has been subjected to the level of toxins that we have to knowingly and unkowingly edure thus far in a lifetime – if they go to a conventional doctor and enough tests are done – they will be diagnosed with some form of cancer.

I truly believe your family has a serious guardian angel taking good care of you all – for no doubt the love and care that drove you all to Gerson – the love of parents for their only child – has put your mother directly onto the right healing/cleansing path and the order of events has not been random.

You are trailblazers – you will all come through this and show us all that it can be done. Minds are shifting, people are waking up. If we treasure our health and wish for a lifetime of vitality we must all prepare now for our time on Gerson.

Thank you and your family for being such a beautiful guiding light.

Sending thoughts and love from Germany.

Oh Jess! I just read this post! I didn't read it Weds as I had dramas going on, dramas that seem so little compared to what your family has & continues to go through! All my love to you & your family honey. The love & support you all share for each other is amazing & I know will carry you all through this journey. You will all be in my prayers & thoughts, I will be sending you all love & light daily! Stay strong sweets- you have so much love all around you- draw on that! I promise I'm coming to see you soon with big hugs!! xx

I am truly sorry that such good, decent folk have been dealt another blow. And I am truly humbled to witness such a strong, collective fighting spirit emerge in the face of adversity. Here's to you, Ainscough Family. You are in our thoughts. x

Wow, thank you all for all of your kind words and support. We feel so amazingly blessed! You're all so beautiful.

@Get Skinny, Go Vegan: Charlotte Gerson is not shy about saying that surgery, biopsy and any kind of mutilation of the tumour cells can cause spreading. Ian Gawler also talks about this in his book. We think mum's cancer is in a very early stage. It looks as though it is just contained to the breast. We believe that because she has adopted much of the Gerson diet since I started it, it has slowed down the progression of the disease.

Thank you for the idea to set up a PayPal button. I feel a little strange asking people for money, but I guess it couldn't hurt to just put it up for people to donate a couple of dollars if they are able to. I'll suss it out :)

@Susanelizabeth: Mum has been doing parts of the Gerson regime since I started it, but she has still been going out for dinner here and there, having wine and coffee. She was only having a couple of juices and doing one enema per day. We definitely think this has helped slow down the disease, but it wouldn't be enough to reverse it.

I will definitely keep you all updated on Mum's progress. It is so fascinating how amazing the human body is. We have no doubts that she will be able to reverse this thing in no time.


GOD Bless You Jess!

May God Bless you and your family in your time of need. My prayers are with you and your family.