In the media: Body + Soul

Posted March 27, 2011

Definitely one for the brag book, yesterday I was lucky enough to be featured in The Sunday Mail’s lift-out, Body + Soul. The story is about four women who went to extreme lengths to deal with health issues. I want to say a massive thank you to Kimberly Gillan and the team at Body + Soul for allowing me to spread the Wellness Warrior message through mainstream media. The more people I can share my story with, the more hope I can give to others who may be faced with similar decisions as I was. A few of my overseas friends have asked for a peek at the story, so I’ve posted the pages for you here. Enjoy!

Want a close look? Download the page.

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Nice work Jessica! It's good to see main stream media show some true heros xx

Great article congratulations. Cyndi

So, I read the paper tonight, took note of your blog address, and now see you like Louise Hay (whom I love too). Information is power; 'truth—in any form, heals'. Noice. :)

Hi! I was flicking through the paper, read the article on you, looked up your blog and have now spent many hours reading it completely inspired!! It came at the right time as I am trying to change my diet and lifestyle to be more natural, in a attempt to fix some annoying, thankfully not serious, ongoing health issues… you are such an inspiration, and it is so rare to find someone young (same age as me!) with such insight and dedication! Goodluck with your journey, and I look forward to spending many more hours reading about your life and wisdom :)Carlie