How your thoughts can create and cure disease

Posted October 20, 2010

Thinking is a funny little process, isn’t it? I mean, so much good can come out of it (read: problem solving, great ideas, the invention of Facebook), yet our thoughts can also cause us so much trouble. Swami Prajnanpad summed it up perfectly saying, “The mental exists in a vicious circle. It creates problems for itself and then tries to solve them.” He was such a clever chap, ol’ Swami. What I’m getting at is that our minds are incredibly powerful. They are the source of all that is good and bad. What many people don’t understand is that we have complete control over our thoughts, and therefore, we have the power to determine what happens to us. Obviously there are certain things that are out of the realm of our control. However, we do have the ability to decide how we will react to those events, and it’s these reactions that ultimately determine how our lives will pan out.

Thanks to scientists like Bruce Lipton, PhD., who is a forerunner in the field of epigenetics and The New Biology, the power of your mind is finally gaining the attention it deserves. What he has discovered, is that it is not so much our genes that controls us, but rather the expression of our genes – how our cells interpret directions from our minds. Our beliefs can change our genetic expression.

Our positive and negative beliefs are equally powerful. Our minds have the ability to both create and cure any diseases or ailments in our body. It is up to us to use our minds accordingly. The downside of giving our minds so much power is that most people tend to be caught up with their negative emotions. They allow fear, anxiety, anger, sadness, guilt or countless other negative thoughts to interfere with their outlook. Dwelling on the bad may seem harmless enough. All it can do is leave you in a shitty mood, right? Dead wrong. When our minds are constantly polluted with bad thoughts, this negativity will manifest in the body into physical disease. This is so important to understand once you have been delivered something like a cancer diagnosis. Your thoughts can have everything to do with the outcome of your disease. For example, if you believe for long enough that you are not going to survive, your body will make sure it comes true.

Have you heard about the placebo effect? Where people are healed after taking a sugar pill or some other sham treatment that they believe to be the real deal? It’s widely used in the medical industry when determining the results of certain drugs. The placebo effect has been so effective that it is also not unusual for people to experience spontaneous remissions from cancer and other diseases simply because they have had a profound change in their beliefs or outlook on life. It works both ways though. Something you may not have heard so much about is the “nocebo effect” – where negative beliefs can make you sick, or even kill you.

You may be wondering why such a scientific viable study like this is not more widely heard. It comes back to the good ol’ money incentive again, I’m afraid. Who is going to make money if we can cure ourselves with our thoughts? Dr Mercola said it himself:
“What do you think would happen if everyone started to tap into their inner ability to heal disease — and stopped relying on drugs and surgeries? Pharmaceutical companies would lose out big time, and so they would rather keep you completely in the dark.”

What are your thoughts doing for you?
Right now, right this second, your thoughts are working to promote either health or disease in your body. Which one is completely up to you. However, it is also worth noting that other people can also influence your perception and mould your beliefs. If you have people spilling their negativity in your ear, this can easily cause you to doubt your beliefs and will seriously hinder your mind’s healing power. It’s important to constantly reaffirm your beliefs. Continuously tell yourself that your body is healthy, healing and on the road to wellness. A great idea is to get into the habit of repeating healing affirmations to your self. With unwavering determination, you will have the ability to change the direction your thoughts are steering your health. Be like the Little Engine That Could and never stop believing that you can do whatever you set out to do. I’ll leave you with this awesome quote:

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.” – Henry Ford.

Positive affirmation for the day: I am healing from my own wounds. As I bring love and acceptance to myself today I can watch the pain disappear and I feel so much better about myself.

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Sharna says:

Great post, Jess. I coulnd't agree more :)

Anonymous says:

I tell friends and family if they get a sniffle — it's just a sniffle. Leave it as it is. If you get a cold, bad luck. Don't prepare yourself for one, drink honey tea, and get all snugged up and inactive…you're asking for trouble..

i enjoyed the post very much!

Jess says:

Thanks so much guys!


juangerardo10 says:

All depends how people control their emotions but the most important pint is to think positive thoughts so the body gets the sings the brain sents out to the whole body. All is in the mind what you think is what is.

Anonymous says:

Hi Jess-Thanks for all the amazing info. You truly have a gift for translating information. Sorry if you already answered this- I get stuck with my own thoughts. I try so hard to model positive thinking for my family but I myself always get stuck. While I am doing better, it seems like such a slow process. Any advice on how to keep the positive mojo flowing?

Vinay says:

Please provide a list of thoughts that are responsible for diseases.
A thought – Disease Connection List