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Posted April 26, 2010

There’s a little game making its way around the blogosphere that’s kind of like a cross between virtual tag and virtual duck, duck, goose. The lovely Gemma Crisp over at The Showpony (your one-stop click for everything cool, current and crazy) tagged me in her post, and now it’s my turn to keep the game going.

Here are the game rules: Once you’ve been tagged you have to re-post the sixth picture ever posted on your blog (hence the totally out-of-context shot of a hose that I used to illustrate enemas a little while back). The next step is to give a shout out to three of your bloggy mates. So, now I’m handing the baton over to …

Amanda Rootsy, my fellow wellness warrior over at
A Modern Girl’s Life

The love chile herself, Faye DeLanty at Love Chile Style

Erica Bartle at one of my personal favourite blogs,
Girl With a Satchel

If you’ve been tagged, it’s now up to you to repeat the process. Or not. I won’t be offended if you choose not to participate.

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Libby says:

What a great way to spread the love! Thanks for introducing me to some great blogs just now. Much apprectiation xx

Shirley Arnold says:

Hi Jess, I have just in the last week been diagnosed with colon cancer and the surgeon wants to operate on 27th September. What other option can you offer me. Thank you