Kind Fashion Week – Part 2

Posted April 23, 2014
Jess_Street Shoot #3_03

Continuing on with our celebration of kind fashion, today I’m bringing you part two of the shoot my friend Amanda Rootsey and I did last week. For this to make more sense, first read yesterday’s post and check out part one of the shoot. If you’re already across it, continue on here and enjoy more of the results of our quest to bring you fashion that is not only ethical, but also looks gorgeous.

Let’s re-cap the definition of ‘kind fashion’. We looked for pieces that fit into one or more of these categories: Vegan / Organic / Locally-made / Sustainable / Eco. We wanted the clothes we chose to be kind to animals, kind to the planet, and kind to the workers who made them.

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Kind Fashion Week – Part One

Posted April 22, 2014
Jess + Amanda {Street Shoot #2}_14

As I said a little while ago in my post about why it’s okay to love green juice and nice shoes equally, most of the time I get around in a uniform of tattered denim shorts and juice stained t-shirts. However, I’m obsessed with fashion. I get my kicks from clean living, but the mag girl in me still needs her fix every now and then. However, I’ve often felt conflicted between my love of nice clothes and my desire to make the world a better place, as fashion can often come at the expense of workers, animals and the environment. The good news is though, if we’re conscious and choose kind fashion, we can actually create positive change in the industry and the world.

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Foodie Friday: Angela Liddon

Posted April 18, 2014
Angela Liddon

Angela Liddon is the creative genius behind Oh She Glows, one of our all-time favourite food blogs. A self-trained chef and food photographer (or should that be food pornographer?), Angela is a master of plant-based cooking. She has also now added cookbook author to her list of accomplishments, with The Oh She Glows Cookbook: Vegan Recipes to Glow From The Inside Out. Although it was only just released in March, Angela’s delectable cookbook has already achieved best-seller status. Let’s get to know Angela!

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Why the intention behind your healthy diet is important

Posted April 17, 2014

This is the final post in a four-part blog series written by one of my favourite spiritual teachers, Anita Moorjani. Anita is the author of the book Dying To Be Me, and her story and words have the power to transform in ways you’ll never expect. I hope you enjoy the series!

Guest post by Anita Moorjani

Food is very important to our health. I definitely don’t want to undermine the part that diet plays in our lives. But it’s also important not to be obsessive about what you eat. Let me take you back to the time before I had cancer. Before I got cancer I was absolutely obsessive about my health. I was the person who ate vegan food and would read all the labels. I insisted on organic and only ate non-GMO foods. I didn’t want to microwave my food or drink out of plastic bottles. I took wheatgrass shots. In terms of my diet, I was doing all the right things.

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Wellness Warrior TV: Carren Smith on Coping With Grief

Posted April 16, 2014
Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 7.33.31 PM

After my mum passed away, I had no idea how to function in the real world again. I’d never had to exist without her before, so doing so seemed impossible. One of the people who helped me with my grieving process was Carren Smith. Carren is my public speaking coach, but she’s also an expert on dealing with grief.

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Six Things I Learnt From Dr Brian Weiss

Posted April 14, 2014

At the beginning of this month, I spent three days being led through a past life regression workshop by the incredible Dr Brian Weiss. After reading almost all of his books, I was eager to just be in the presence of this amazing man. To soak up even more of the wisdom that soothed my soul following one of the most difficult times in my life.

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Foodie Friday: Dan Churchill

Posted April 11, 2014

If you’re a reality TV fan (like a few of us here at The Wellness Warrior HQ!) you might remember Dan Churchill as the personal trainer from Masterchef Australia last year. Since the show, Dan has gone on to release two cookbooks, Dude Food and The Healthy Cook and establish his own food blog ( where he shares deliciously clean, wholefood recipes.

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Why Focusing On Joy Doesn’t Mean We’re Ignoring The World’s Problems

Posted April 10, 2014

This is the third post in a four-part blog series written by one of my favourite spiritual teachers, Anita Moorjani. Anita is the author of the book Dying To Be Me, and her story and words have the power to transform in ways you’ll never expect. I hope you enjoy the series!

Guest post by Anita Moorjani.

A lot of people think that by focusing on what brings us joy we’re simply avoiding all the big issues like pollution or starvation. However, my response to that is by worrying about all these huge problems in the world how are we helping? When you look at it that way you can see there’s really no point.

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Wellness Warrior TV: Gabby Bernstein On Making Miracles Happen Now

Posted April 9, 2014
Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 11.22.40 AM

I’m super pumped to share this week’s Wellness Warrior TV interview with you. Gabby Bernstein is one of my favourite authors, speakers and spiritual teachers. She is a New York Times best-selling author, who has just released her fourth book, Miracles Now: 108 Life-Changing Tools for Less Stress, More Flow and Finding Your True Purpose. Gabby is also one of the most genuinely lovely people I’ve ever had the pleasure of connecting with.

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The Power of Detachment

Posted April 7, 2014

Over the last few months, I’ve experienced some massive shifts. The biggest one has been detachment. I’m less focused on rules and regimes and more about opting in to the best life possible by releasing attachment to anything that was restricting me from doing so. I’m not reverting back to being irresponsible and treating my body like a trashcan, but I’m learning more and more about the importance of looking after ourselves while having the best time ever. Not sacrificing one for the other.

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